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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #56, July 28, 2017: True Confessions…

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity.

Casualties of the Battle

Back at the Cabrera battlefield, Laura tells Ryan that Mercy is demanding to exercise her rights to keep Paloma. Mercy, still angry, ensures Laura that she will fight tooth and nail for Paloma…she can’t let her go, but Laura insists that, whether she likes it or not, no one will separate her from Paloma. Mercy responds that she’d better prepare to live in her house for the rest of her life, because Paloma will not leave there. As Joe manages to pull Mercy away and in to the house, Ryan guides Laura to go sit down so she can calm down. Laura never thought this would happen with his mother, but Ryan points out that Mercy has been spending a lot of time with Paloma and has gotten very attached to her. He reassures Laura that Joe will talk some sense into Mercy, but is also worried that his mother is very agitated. He tells Laura that he needs to go check on her, but will be back shortly. As Ryan leaves, Rosario comes to check on Laura. As she is telling Laura that she left Paloma with Rita, Laura buckles over as she starts experiencing stomach pains.

Inside the house, Joe is trying to calm Mercy who wants another anti-anxiety pill, but Joe refuses to go against the doctor’s orders…she should only have one pill per day. As Mercy assures him that she only takes as much as she needs, Joe wonders why she is being so insistent about Paloma. Ryan comes in and tells them he has talked to the doctor who confirmed that Mercy should only take one pill. He tries to make Mercy understand that Laura in Paloma’s mother…she went through so much…did so much to protect Paloma, but Mercy argues that she would have done the same thing…any mother would do the same…

Chat Between Friends

[Mexican version only] LetMe and Chava are at her table as they discuss Laura and Morgana. Chava is glad that things got cleared up for Laura, but worries because Morgana is very envious of her. LetMe agrees with and and thinks Laura and Morgana should sit down together so that they can come to an understanding. LetMe believes Morgana is really a good person…after all she already paid for all of her (LetMe’s) hospital expenses…something she would have never been able to pay off. Chava encourages LetMe and tells her she sews so well, she will probably end up like one of those high society women who drive around in their fancy cars. After Letme shares that she is worried about her kids…they have so many problems, Chava tells her she shouldn’t worry so much…she needs to take care of herself. He suggests that she just be there for her kids…listen to them and don’t judge them so that they will feel comfortable enough to confide in her. LetMe thinks Chava is a good friend.


As Danilow and Morgana are cuddle in bed, he asks her if she regrets not going with Ausencio. Morgana confesses that she was only going to do it to get away from him…she was fed up. Danilow soothingly tells Morgana that what they have is special…it’s profound…more profound than anyone else’s. Morgana smiles and says it’s not profound…it’s a sickness.

Morgana thinks they can still save themselves…by going back to Mexico and starting all over again, but Danilow is aghast that she wants him to give up everything that he has worked so hard to accomplish…in a place where he is known and respected…as El Dorado. Morgana wonders if he isn’t tired of all this, but Danilo has nothing to go back to in Mexico…just a mother that has never cared about him…like she never had a son. Morgana accepts that they will stay, but warns Danilow that she wants to be with him forever…she won’t be that easy to get rid of. They get closer as they hug and kiss.

Mercy’s Confession

Late at night, Joe and Mercy are asleep when Mercy starts tossing and turning…calling out “my baby, my baby!” Joe wakes up and calms her down telling her she was just dreaming. Once she calms down, Joe asks her, “Did you have other children…other than Ryan?” Mercy looks nervous.

Mercy confesses that she and Walter decided not to tell Ryan that their child had been stolen…they were afraid that Ryan would grow up in fear…so she never told Ryan. Joe understands why they wouldn’t tell Ryan when he was a child, but why not tell him when he was an adolescent. Mercy explains that by that time, she and Walter didn’t see a reason for it…they had searched everywhere and when they had no leads…no trace whatsoever, they figured the pain would go away. After Joe tells her he now understands her attachment to Paloma, Mercy explains that since the first time she saw Paloma, she loved her…Paloma stole her heart. Joe suggests that Mercy tell Ryan, but Mercy refuses…she never wants to talk about this again…ever since they stole her baby, she has had to take anti-anxiety medication. Joe understands, but must know one more thing…something he has been curious about since he started his own investigation…was the baby Walter’s or Pedro’s child?

Mercy is upset that Joe has been investigating her and wants to know since when. Joe admits that he started looking into it ever since he saw the article on Don Chayo that included the picture with her beside Pedro C. Mercy confesses that she was Pedro’s woman, but then she met Walter and fell in love. She gave up Pedro C. especially when she found out about him…how he was…and she never got pregnant by him. She also shares that she gave the child a medallion of the Virgen of Mercy and since, after years of searching, it never showed up, and the baby was always sickly…she was sure the baby died.

A Necklace Emerges

Genesis is at her apartment with AssBunless (leaning back on the couch) thinking that things are not right…she needs to know what happened to him. AssBunless thinks it’s better that she not know…but if she wants to terminate the relationship, he will understand. After Genesis reassures him she doesn’t because she “likes” him, he is taken aback and asks, “You only like me?” Genesis wonders what more he wants since they haven’t know each other for long…in fact she doesn’t know much about him…or his family. AssBun looks at her and tells her that his family is a forced one…she is the most interesting thing in his life...he wants to be with her day after day. Genesis is touched by this and leans on him as they kiss, but AssBunless groans in pain. As she slightly pushes away from him and apologizes for hurting him, she notices and admires the necklace he is wearing. AssBunless shares that it is the only thing left of his mother (TA-TA-TA-TUM!!!).

Next Morning

Regia Will Succeed

Paloma is finishing her breakfast with Laura and wants to go for Dusty. As she leaves, Rosario comes in and ask for Ryan, so Laura tells her he left for Furia because he had an important meeting, but she still feels he is acting odd. After Rosario tells her not to worry and not to force the issue, Laura changes the subject and shares that, for Paloma, she is going to give it her all to succeed in her career. She starts to tell her that she wants Nina to get her some show dates, but stops short when she starts to say what she wants from LetMe because her stomach pains return. Rosario suggests she go see a doctor because she remembers a girl from prison that had similar pains and the prognosis was not good.

El Dorado’s Trophy

At the carnival in East LA, Ryan sits in his car listening to the radio. Anxious, he gets out of the car and stands for a while when he hears a man call out his name.

Ryan turns around as the man tells him he is surprised to know that he listens to that type of music (playing on the car radio)…especially a song about love gone wrong. Ryan recognizes him as Horacio Palencio and quickly snaps at him assuming that he was sent there by Estela. Horacio P is taken aback that Ryan is so jumpy, but Ryan quickly apologizes and tries to make up for it by telling him that he is one of his biggest fans. As Ryan looks around suspiciously, he tells Horacio P that he should go visit him at Furia…maybe he can set up some shows for him. Horacio is pleased with the suggestion,but Ryan spots a tall lady wearing a cowboy hat walking down the sidewalk and quickly gives him his card so he can get in touch with him soon.

As Ryan is walking after the tall woman, a blond woman approaches him and tells him Estela asked her to give him “this” (a large envelope). As she walks away quickly, Ryan looks around to see if he can spot Estela. He looks at the envelope, opens it and takes out something wrapped in plastic…it’s a large knife.

Along with the knife, Ryan finds a letter from Estela. She informs him that what he has is the knife that killed Pedro C…and the police will find the prints of the person that killed him…El Dorado…who kept the knife as a trophy. He should present it as proof of his innocence…and it is also proof of her love for him.

The Stork Is on the Way

Laura and Rosario are at the doctor’s office awaiting results from the doctor. After Rosario questions Laura as to why the doctor only took a few samples instead of ordering a full analysis, Laura thinks that it’s probably all he needed. As the doctor comes in, Laura quickly asks if it’s something serious, but the doctor smiles and says, “Only if you think the arrival of a baby is serious.” Laura is stunned as she repeats, “Pregnant?” The doctor then leaves so that she and Rosario can talk. Rosario is ecstatic, but notices the look on Laura’s face and asks why she isn’t happy. Laura responds that nothing would make her happier than to have a child…but not like this…not without knowing if the father is Ryan…or Danilow.

Rosario asks Laura how she could not know who the father is…a woman knows when she gets pregnant. Laura isn’t sure because she was drugged when she was with Danilow, but thought it was Ryan. After Rosario enquires about tests to determine the baby’s paternity, Laura says it’s too early and she doesn’t want to risk hurting the baby in any way. She had not wanted to ever tell Ryan about Danilow because she is afraid of his reaction. Rosario agrees…she thinks Ryan will give Danilow a good beating (yesss, that’s what he deserves!). Laura thinks so, too…and she knows Danilow has become very dangerous…he may retaliate by shooting Ryan.

More About Mary-ugh

[Mexican version: As LetMe arrives at Maria’s high school, a student approaches her and asks if she needs something. As Letme responds that she is looking for her daughter, Maria Jimenez, she spots Maria at a distance, thanks the student, and walks toward Maria.] Maria sees LetMe and quickly goes to her asking why she is there. LetMe wonders why Maria is not happy to see her, then looks around and tells Maria her school is very nice. She tells Maria that she is there to visit her school and see how she is doing academically. As they talk, Maria’s friends come up to them and LetMe wants to be introduced. After LetMe tells the kids that she is there to inquire about a meeting, they ask if Maria’s dad, Tom has come with her to get information about the parent conference. LetMe looks confused (as always) and tells them her husband couldn’t come because he died some time ago. Maria’s friends look at her questioningly and ask her if her dad died.

After her friends leave, LetMe is shocked that Maria would say such a lie…she can just imagine what her father will say when he finds out. After she asks Maria what’s wrong, Maria tells her she embarrassed her, but LetMe scolds her saying her it’s her own fault for saying such lies. Maria, anxious to get away, tells LetMe she has to go to classes and leaves as she says, “See ya!”

As LetMe stands watching Maria walk away, the Director of the school comes to ask if she is Maria’s mother and introduces himself. He is glad she is there as this school promotes parent participation and invites her to join a parent committee they have just started. When LetMe wonders what it’s about, the Director explains that it is a group of parents that will discuss and give input for activities to address student issues…in fact, they are planning a workshop on sexuality. LetMe is shocked that they would put on that type of workshop as it will only give the students, who are still too young, ideas…Maria just doesn’t do those things (haha…she’s in for a bigger shock!). The director tries to explain that studies show it that it’s better to provide that information sooner than later, but LetMe is still dismayed and disagrees. The Director hopes she reconsiders and leaves.

The Truce

Rosario and Laura are in the Cabrera living room when Rosario offers to go get some tea so she can relax. When Paloma runs in and Laura asks her what she has been doing, Mercy responds that she has been with her. Rosario takes a cue and tells Paloma to go with her to get some tea. Once they are gone, Laura tells Mercy that they need to talk calmly…she knows that all Mercy has done is to care for and love her child…she is oh, so grateful. Mercy celebrates that she realizes that, but Laura makes it clear that she is not going to give up Paloma…even though she doesn’t have her blood, she has her heart…and she will risk her own life for her. Mercy admits that she did not react well, but she felt as if Laura was taking Paloma from her…she just wants some time to get used to the idea of not having her there. As Laura agrees to stay one more week and assures Mercy that she can visit Paloma as often as she wants, Paloma comes to Laura and tells her she does not want to leave her Mommy Mercy.

When Rosario and Laura are alone, Rosario comments that she looks much calmer and Laura notes that Paloma always makes her calmer, but she still has so many things on her mind. Rosario tells her she thinks too much. Laura remembers how she had to lie to protect her…but she doesn’t want any more lies. Rosario realizes exactly where Laura is going with that statement and hopes for the best. Laura knows she will have to accept the consequences, good or bad, for telling Ryan the truth.

Spoiled Bun

AssBunless is at Genesis’s apartment with Talisman as he talks to Genesis on the phone. She is bringing lunch so they can eat together and tells him she left an apartment key for him. As he hangs up and tells her he misses her, Talisman kids him that since Genesis spoils him so much, maybe he should just stay there because he won’t be treated as well “out there.” When AssBunless assumes he’s talking about El Dorado, but Danilow did as he pleased, Talisman reminds him how El Dorado gets when someone does things on their own. He has tried to talk to him…well, his woman, because she is the one that passes information to him…but El Dorado does not want Danilow to die…El Dorado has something worse planned for him. After AssBunless scowls, Talisman reminds him he is just following directions just as he did. Afterwards, Talisman asks how long AssBunless will stay there…he thinks he’s getting used to being spoiled.

Ryan’s Confession

Ryan and Joe are in Ryan’s office as Joe holds up the plastic bag with the knife and cannot believe all that Ryan has told him (which happened some time during commercials). Ryan was just as surprised as to hear her voice on the phone…and it is connected to EL Dorado…he is holding her hostage because of all the issues with Pedro C. Joe thinks they need to report everything to the police, but Ryan tells him that Estela asked him not to tell anyone she was alive because it may place her in more danger. Joe feels it’s clear that Estela still loves Ryan and is risking her life to help prove his innocence. When Ryan asks what they should do next, Joe suggests taking the knife to get analyzed because, for all they know, it may be a trap. When he asks Ryan how he can be so sure it’s really Estela, Ryan assures him that he will never forget her voice or her writing...but Joe wonders if that’s all he hasn’t forgotten.

Ryan tells Joe to stop looking at him so intently…he assures Joe that he loves Laura…it’s much important than what he had with Estela. Laura makes him feel at peace while with Estela, things were always intense and complicated. After Joe wonders what else there might be, Ryan confesses that he’ll never forget what he had with Estela, but when she just disappeared, he went from loving her to something more profound…he couldn’t forgive her. When he consider that he now knows she’s El Dorado’s victim, Joe realizes things have changed for his friend. Ryan knows it’s not her fault…he spent years hating her, but now doesn’t know what he feels. Joe tries to reassure Ryan and tells him that what he is feeling is natural. Ryan thinks about how Estela has been held captive and in constant harm. He hopes the phone she called from can be traced so he can go rescue her.

Mark Doesn’t Count

Maria’s friends are outside making fun of her and wondering what flavor burrito Maria likes as she walks up to them and overhears…she wonders if that is a joke, and, if it is, it’s not funny. She reminds them how they always talk about getting along with people for different countries, but her friends tell her to chill…they ask why she hadn’t told them her father had died. After Maria ignores the question and as she asks for Mark, sees her friend looking a certain direction and spots Mark making out with another girl. As she stomps toward him, her friends try to stop her, but she marches on and calls out to him. Mark takes a breather and tells the girl…that’s Maria.

After Mark’s kissing mate leaves, Mark tells Maria it’s no big deal…there’s nothing between them…they’re free. Drama Queen Maria tells Mark that she gave herself to him for love, but Mark says he did it just for fun. Maria thought he felt the same as her and wants to know how many girls he has been with…Mark doesn’t know and asks her if she really thinks he’s taking count…it they like it and I like it…no problem! Maria is fuming and tells him he is disgusting.

Bad Timing for Chava

LetMe is still adamant that she just doesn’t know what to do about Maria and Tadeo. She is pissed that Maria lied about her father and is pretending to be a “gringa” while Chave tries to calm her down. LetMe realizes that she still sees Maria and Tadeo as still very young, blah, blah, blah… She finally realizes she is griping too much and thanks Chava for being such a good friend…always there, always listening to her and giving her advice. Chava looks at her and tells her he wishes it could be more…he wants to help her with her problems…she deserves to be loved…and he goes in for a kiss…but LetMe doesn’t let him. She asks him to forgive her for letting herself be taken by the moment…it’s just not the right time for her. Chava understands.

Morgana’s Visit

Morgana visits LetMe and wonders if LetMe is happy to see her…she came by since she will be leaving soon and wanted to see how her pregnancy was going. LetMe responds that all is fine…she can’t wait to meet her baby. Morgana feels the same, but she also can’t wait to get back to singing. LetMe starts talking about how she thinks Laura will do well since she sings with such emotion, but Morgana starts cutting down Laura saying that she has such a bad reputation. LetMe tells Morgana she is grateful for everything she has done for her, but asks Morgana to not talk badly about Laura in her presence…Laura was a victim. Morgana says all is fine…she can think whatever she wants…but she doesn’t believe Laura was a victim.

As LetMe thanks Morgana for dropping by, Tadeo arrives. Morgana praises him for doing so well…with his good looks and his smile, he’ll have all the girls after him (meanwhile LetMe has a big smile thinking that there is hope for Tadeo). Morgana tells him she is planning to come back and wants him in her band…she’ll even let him sing with her.

After Morgana gets up to leave, Tadeo reaches out to shake her hand, but she laughs and gives him a kiss. After she leaves, LetMe is elated because Morgana likes him, but Tadeo is annoyed and tells her not to misinterpret things...Morgana is just like that. Tadeo does not feel like getting into a discussion about his preference; and if LetMe is going to keep bringing it up, he’ll just have to find somewhere else to live so she won’t feel uncomfortable.

The Lovers’ Confessions

Ryan greets Laura and tells her, “What a nice surprise.” Laura gets serious and tells Ryan that they had told each other there would be no more secrets…they need to talk or they may end up hurting each other. After Ryan agrees and confesses that he has been distracted lately, Laura assumes it is due to the trial. Ryan admits that it is somewhat connected, but wonders why she would think it was about the trial. She says that she knows him well, but he tells her not to get any ideas about helping him. She confesses that she already did because she needs him with her…she asked Danilow for help in getting some type of proof that El Dorado was involved in the murder. Ryan goes ballistic and demands to know what she had to do to get him to agree to that…Danilow’s only going to take advantage of her again, but Laura insists that she needs him now more than ever…since she is pregnant. Ryan is muy impactado…

Ryan is ecstatic with the news…he hasn’t had such good news in a long time and thanks Laura…but he has to be honest, he has been hiding something from her and she needs to know. Estela is alive and she is back. He tells Laura about the phone call he received at the prison. When Laura asks where she has been, Ryan responds that he doesn’t have all the details, but that El Dorado has had her sequestered as retaliation against Pedro C. Laura wonders why he hasn’t called the police, but he explains that it would only endanger her life more. He is relieved now that he has told her…there are no more secrets between them. As he looks at her, he notices Laura’s disconcerted look and asks if there is something else. Laura confesses that the baby may not be could be Danilow’s.

Gunfight at Furia Corral

Danilow is walking down the hall with Horacio discussing ways to bring in more money, when Ryan rushes toward him and points his gun at him…Danilow immediately takes his gun out and points it at Ryan...and there is a standoff...they dare each other to shoot…Ryan doesn’t care to die if it means Danilow will go to jail for the rest of his life. Laura yells at them that she is fed up with them and their manner of settling things with guns…well she doesn’t need a gun to be tough so they need to put down their guns. Ryan agrees and puts down his gun…Danilow follows, but they get into a brawl while Laura yells at them to stop and Horacio eggs them on. Laura tries to separate them only to be pushed down to the floor…which stops the fight and Ryan comes quickly to help her up asking if she is okay. Danilow notices Ryan is overly concerned.

Despicable Bun

Genesis arrives with the food and starts taking it out when the doorbell rings. When AssBun goes to open the door and Steve sees him, Steve immediately asks him what he is doing there. Genesis comes behind AssBun and asks Steve what he wants. After Steve asks again what that guy is doing there, Genesis tells him he is her boyfriend. AssBun wants to know what Steve’s problem is…Genesis has moved on just like he did. Steve directs himself to Genesis and tells her he understands, but this man is despicable… she doesn’t know who he is and demands that AssBun tell her the truth. AssBun accuses Steve of being jealous and wanting to come between them. When Genesis wonders what is going on and asks AssBun whether this has to do with what happened to him, he asks her if she doesn’t trust him. After Genesis asks Steve is there is something else he needed to say, he tells her that the cop who killed her brother has been arrested and is going to trial. Genesis is very happy to hear the news, but AssBun quickly thanks Steve and asks him to leave. Once inside, AssBun is happy for Genesis and hugs her, but Genesis does not reciprocate and looks concerned.

El Macho

Danilow is back in his office with Horacio who cannot believe he forced himself on Laura. Danilow gives his little speech that he felt he had no choice since Laura wouldn’t give him the time of day. When Horacio admits that he would probably have done the same, Danilow is surprised because he has never seen Horacio with a woman…and well, he thought he was the other type. This sets off Horacio who grabs Danilow by his shirt and tells him he won’t tolerate anyone saying those things about him…he likes to drink and he likes women…and if he ever hears Danilow say that again, he will cut his tongue out. Danilow is pleasantly surprised at Horacio’s reaction…so now he will call him “El Macho” … “El Super Macho.” Danilow is suspicious that something is going on with Ryan…and he is intent on finding out.

I’m the Dad

Ryan is back in his office with Laura mocking Danilow for not being a good fighter, but Laura warns him that he must be careful because that is why Danilow resorts to guns. Ryan understands, but he can’t stand the thought of Danilow walking around free…she needs to file charges. She is concerned that she has no real proof…she was drugged and was even a willing participant since she thought it was Ryan. She asks Ryan to promise that he will stay calm for his own good and the good of the baby. He assures her that even though the baby may not be his, he will consider the baby his…it’s not the baby’s fault. Laura thinks that, somehow, Danilow will pay for what he has done, but she wants Ryan to promise that he will not go after him.

Danilow’s Suspicion

As Laura walks down the hall, Danilow follows her and chides her for telling Ryan what he did…after she had given her word that she wouldn’t if he helped her get evidence on Pedro C’s murder. Laura felt she had to tell Ryan because she doesn’t want to keep anything from him. She tells Danilow that he can stick his help where the sun don’t shine…she and Ryan will find a way to get the information they need. As she walks away, Danilow asks, “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”


Gooood Saturday Morning Double Faithful, as we wait for a Double Delicious work of art from RGVLicious.

So who is it in the white dress? I have a highly trained eye for behinds and my bootyvision says it is not LauStela.

What I really want to complain about is the "fight" if we could even glorify it as that. It reminded me more of the fake "wrestling" where every move is rehearsed and choreographed.

A. If DaniLow had done to me what he has done to Ryan (and Laura) brother or no bastard half brother, I would plot his demise and do away with him. DaniLow already lives with one foot in the grave, either set him up, or plan his murder and do it yourself for the satisfaction of looking into his dying face.

B. But that fight. You do not punch someone, knock them down and wait for them to get up. If you are fistfighting you'd better have it in your head that you want to kill the SOB with your bare hands or you are getting your ass beat. If you can knock him down, that is your opportunity to fly onto him like a rabid dog and kick, punch, wrestle, choke, gouge his eyes, anything to inflict injury. Cowboy boots are almost lethal kickers. Don't punch the guy and then check your nails and wait for him to deliver his while you adjust your bra. If a man drugs and rapes her and gets her pregnant would you fight fair? Ha!

Steve is still laboring under the impression that being a nice guy will somehow benefit him or Genesis. Son your groveling is wasted on the Hoe. Let her figure it out alone, there are a few lessons she needs to learn and the only teacher she will listen to is in a mirror.

Good Morning! The recap has been in the should be posted soon.

Kirby, I totally agree about the fight...what a disappointment...if one of them had had to be carried out (even if still alive) it would have been more believable.

Chores and errands this morning...more later...

Oh Kirby. Loved the bird! Pink and white. Perfect. Thank you for that glorious vision.

Rgv Chick, I can't wait for your recap! I know it will be amazing. Your flower looks fresh and lovely and leaves me yearning for some myself.

The fight was not the rousing bout it should have been. I agree with you both. As Ryan is a fairly decent human being, I don't think he is rationally capable of murdering Danilo, as incensed and livid as he was. It does align with his moral character, despite our wish he beat him to a pulp.

Honesty prevailed last night between Laura and Ryan. I was glad.

Genesis looked as though she were re-evaluating her relationship. It sort of hit me that Steve is a nice looking man but seems to exude little charisma though. He looked like a little boy who had his cookie taken away by the better looking bully.

I expected badbun to be red faced and swollen. I guess the real damage was done to his internal organs. The writers decided to leave that beautiful face and mesmerizing blue eyes unscathed.

I went and stood about a foot away from the set during the credits. Bet my bottom dollar that is Laura in the white dress.

Happy Saturday all.


BootyVision has gotten me into some embarrassing situations before.......................
Though very reliable, it has not been foolproof.

Yeah...worst choreographed fight ever after the amazing brawls I have seen depicted on TV and movie screens. It looked like some kind if weird dance or a high school production of West Side Story. Very low budget. Estupido.

"decided to leave that beautiful face and mesmerizing blue eyes unscathed." It pales compared to what Geneasy will do to him when she figures out how badly she has been had. That 'Hot Blooded Cuban" thing works both ways.

Steve is a nice looking, nice acting guy, but he just doesn't leave a snail-like trail of testosterone behind. Women will put up with a helluva lot of disgusting, otherwise unacceptable behavior to get their hands on one of those dripping with testosterone. It is genetic too, it can not be learned. Admit it or not, there is still a lot of that 'Me Tarzan, You Jane' in our DNA. Otherwise six figure Electrical Engineers would be covered up in NFL cheerleaders.


Good morning yall! I received the recap and will work on it in a bit when Im hope.

Diana I think its laura also. She has a great body.

As for the fight, ehh, the fight coordinator here is no bueno. The laura-Morgana one was he only half decent fight but not great either.

We need another full on brawl ala sortilegio:

Home* lol

Now Luisa puts on a pretty believable Butt Stomping. Let her out long enough to show pretty boy A and B how it's done.

"OK Danilo, he hits you and you go down. Now while your back is to the cameras, pop this blood pill in your mouth, droozle a bit out down your chin, No, I don't know what it is going to taste like, get up, and charge David." 'Got it?'

Sara Corrales was doing something else, and when they approached her about this part, according to her, "When I met the character I dropped what I was doing and joined the production."

Kirby..I think that I read somewhere that the biological directive for females of the species is to find someone who could protect and support them and their offspring...wrestle sabertoothed tigers and spear a wooly mammoth or two for dunner. #hellomejane Nowadays, a six figure engineer could probably do more in the way of protecting and supporting ..... #letssolveproblemstogether I have taught quite a few engineers and Wantabe engineers.

Question...if Undonebun is hiding out , why did he own the door ? #silvergraypageboy

Own??? is bad.

Kirby, maybe Sara heard the rumor that the second season was going to focus more on RealStela...and she saw the $$$

saw the $$$.....................Pole Dancing getting old? :-) #handmethedoritos #IalreadyknowImgoingtohell

".wrestle sabertoothed tigers and spear a wooly mammoth or two for dunner." very true. Brain says "Do this." Hormones say "Are you cray cray, do THAT"

Recap is up! Thanks RGV and Enjoy!

The recap reminded me how awkward that whole thing with Letmebehelpful, Tadeo and Morgana was. Wow, she really misses the mark on everything. Painstakingly so.

Ha! Danilo suspected Horacio swung for the other side. LOL!!!

SusanLynn, I thought the same thing when AssBun went to open the door. He knows how the narcos have their ways of finding people and he is supposedly hiding why would he not even flinch to open the door?

Chikie she said in the interview that she would be in the second season a lot. I don't think that is a spoiler is it?

Ohhh..I just started to read the recap, but I had to comment on something . As Morg and Dannyboy are cuddling after some grappling, she tells him that they should return to Mexico. Then, Dantheman starts talking about his mother (who never wanted him) . So, are we going to meet mommy dearest in this season or next????

Does anyone know if they have started to film the second season?

P.s. Between the caray patio and my own patio(where it is sunny, breezy, 80 degrees) and the morning newspaper, I can tell that I am not going to get much done today. #ilovesummer

Listening to "Jump Around" by House of Pain in honor of last night's groovy fight\danceoff between Ry and Danny .

Kirby, no, I don't think that would be a spoiler...I've pretty much said the same thing...and no one has brought it to my attention.

Something to ponder during the week-end: Whys does Estela refer to her father as "Pedro Carrillo"...not "father. dad. jefito, etc"?

I thought that Mercy's lost bebe but had to be a female considering how Mercy is so bonded to Paloma. When the Silver Fox pulled out that necklace!!! Who is the daddy? Wow !!! So..who was Bunless raised by ? ..a pack of wolves? Fasten your seatbelts, folks.

SusanLynn, I don't know if Danilow's mother will ever come out, but that statement he made about her explains a we know why he has this dire need to be "known and respected".

SusanLynn, I was really excited when I saw the necklace...but then I started thinking how the writer's try to mislead us...what if AssBun is the son/relative of whoever stole Mercy's baby...and considered that the baby would be able to be identified by the maybe he/she put the necklace on another baby?

Chickie, yes, now we know why Dan is always trying to prove himself and is always looking for affirmation. Really sad. I have daughters, but I must say that I teach a lot of young men and I feel like a couple of them became like sons to me. Everybody needs to be loved
and wanted.

So..Ry and Debunned are brothers ( Mercy and Walter are their parents) and Dan is their half brother!! Wow. I was starting to think that the lost baby was either Luisa or Milton...I am always wrong about these things. Okay, gotta do some chores and get more coffee. Later, gators

Chickie..ohhh..Would the writers be that clever to delude us like that? I want Unbun to be the lost baby!!! #hissyfitpending

This is for our Steve B...from what I can recall...


1.) Several of the Teachers at the Foundation
2.) Racist Skinhead
3.) Pedro Carrillo
4.) Walter Cabrera
5.) Dude killed by El Dorado's Men
6.) Laustela's Tia Herminia
7.) The Prosecutor
8.) The Prosecutor's Assistant
9.) Osiel Flores
10.) Cartel Los Salgados Backup Team
11.) Lucio Galvan
12.) Porfirio Pineda
13.) Ursula Pineda
14.) The Henchmen from Cartel Los Altos
15.) Henchman from Los Altos Vehicle
16.) Trinidad Huerta (El Calao)
17.) Tomas Allen
18.) Soto, the Accountant
19.) John Blake Green


oh I just remembered Genesis's 20 in the body count...

I may not have time to read until tonight, but since I said last night that I thought I knew who el D was, I thought I'd better say that much now, even though I'm pretty sure it was wrong...

I was thinking that if El D is a woman, and if it's not Estela, it could be Mercy.

But it can't be Mercy if BunMan is her lost bebe.

So Mercy's been taking anti-anxiety drugs ever since her baby was taken away. Okay, but most doctors wouldn't be keen to prescribe drugs for that without also insisting that she have therapy.

"He (El D.) Has something worse planned for him (doomed Dan,,) . Really? worse than death? What could that be? Marrying Letme? No boots or cowboy hats for the rest of his days? Mandatory complete to the throat shirt buttoning . Proctoring detention hall at Mary's school?

I am having a real Hee Haw with you girls and your 'Bunless', DeBunned, NoBunNow, UnBunnedLuuurve, etc. etc....You'd think the fella had been neutered, ....he is just missing 1 (one) Pony-O. Hee Haa.

Julie..maybe El D is Dan's unloving mother and she killed Pedro and is holding Stelaliva captive.

Excellent recap Rgv Chick. Savored every single word.

"AssBunless shares that it is the only thing left of his mother (TA-TA-TA-TUM!!!)" said it all. I (along with others) had broached this possibility but my eyes still bugged out of my head when I saw that necklace.

Unless this is a carefully crafted elaborate hoax on the part of the writers, Mercy is bunless' mother! My thoughts are racing. So, Dan, Ryan and formerbadbun are brothers! Different mothers, fathers, but nevertheless. Aside from Cain and Able, I don't think brothers usually kill brothers, do they?

A lot of forward and mature movement last night. Ryan vowing to love the baby even if he isn't the father.

I never gave Dan credit for having any sort of intelligence but his intuition is spot on knowing Laura is pregnant. Joe may not be the best lawyer but he does think things through. Although he loves Mercy he wasn't so besotted he didn't stop from investigating her - at last she reveals her painful truth. Admitting she was Pedro's woman, she said she gave him up for Walter and never got pregnant by him. Should we believe her?

"El Dorado does not want Danilow to die…El Dorado has something worse planned for him". Ummmm, really? I was thinking the same thing Susanlynn. What on earth could that be - hurting him through someone else? The only person Dan loves is Paloma, and I would think ED doesn't know that, right??

Leticia's penchant for sticking her head in the sand is totally annoying me at this point. I'm equally perturbed Chava is still hanging around. And Maria. Did you really think it was love, you silly girl? Ack.

To be honest, I feel Laura and Ryan's storyline has a long way to go and I'm not sure I'm going to be happy with however they wrap this up (if it does end in Part 1). The real Estela isn't doing much for me. I'm mildly curious but am not exactly on the edge of my seat waiting for her to appear.

Great comments all.

Thank you again Rgv Chick - another detail oriented, clever summary.


Does anyone know how many episodes are left for them to wrap this story up? What will be revealed to us? What cliffhangers will we get? I have been waiting over a year for Outlander to return and I wonder if season two of Double is going to be another year long wait .

Diana, it's getting interesting, isn't it?

Susanlynn: Our Protagonista is PREGGERS.

Thanks, Rgv Chick. Terrific job.

I vote Mercy's lying about her missing baby being Walter's. If the baby were Walter's, he would at least have told Ryan in that DVD he made for him to view after his death.

ITA the "fight" was pitiful. DZ wearing only canary briefs did such good work with Levy in Sortilegio, that fight was epic. I'm ticked at Laura too. Telling them to put down the guns, good. But after that, she should've backed out of the way and let Ryan go to town on Danilo's narrow butt. #deeply disappointed

He has tried to talk to him…well, his woman, because she is the one that passes information to him

Hmmm, could Estela be this woman of ED's? We've mused on this before, right?

Poor Ryan lost the half-brother sweepstakes. Danilo on one side, Bunless on the other. I still get the sense though that Bunless was scamming Genesis about that necklace being the only thing his mother left him, just to tug at her heartstrings. I don't think he's sentimental about anything. Maybe it's true, but maybe he got the necklace off of somebody else. (In La pilota, the heroine's necklace gets stolen and "owned" by several folks along the way.)

Thanks, Rgv! What a jam-packed episode. I don't think they could have edited this one down if they'd wanted to (and I don't mean that as a challenge). Secrets revealed, and all that.

Chava tells LetMe, "listen to them and don’t judge them so that they will feel comfortable enough to confide in her" and all I can think is how sad that this never occurred to her before and she's incapable anyway. Chava joked about Leticia driving a fancy car; I don't want Leticia driving at all. She'll get a red light, be in denial about it, CRASH. And afterwards, she will lecture her children about traffic safety.

It's not clear, is it, whether the stolen baby was a boy or a girl? I was paying attention, and I don't think Mercy used any words that revealed or even hinted at the gender.

I am confused by Ryan's reaction to Horacio. He's met him before and knows he works for Danilo, right? So why would he think Estela sent him? I mean, he works for El D, but if Estela is El D's prisoner, she's probably not ordering his people around??

And speaking of Horacio, overcompensate much? Super Mega Macho? LOL

"Only if you think the arrival of a baby is serious" what a weird thing for a doctor to say. Creating a live human being is very serious! It's not ominous, but it is serious!

I don't know what Estela is up to, but I am skeptical that she's being held against her will. I think she's exploiting Ryan's Superman complex. She knows he can't resist an opportunity to rescue someone. If she just asked him to meet her somewhere he might refuse, but if she says she's in peril he'll jump.

Steve had a chance to tell Genesis who No-Bun was, but he didn't do it. Why??

And I'd say Talisman's remark that he only ever hears from their boss via his woman is a pretty good indicator that El D IS the woman... unless the woman is caring for a sick man or a child, in which case she could be acting as his proxy, effectively making her El D.

It's another chilly midsummer day here with a high of 64 degrees and an icy breeze. What the hell?

Diana on Mercy's claim that the baby was Walter's: "should we believe her?" I vote no. She might be deliberately lying, or she may believe she's telling the truth but not actually know for sure.

If BunMan is instead Pedro's son, then he and Ryan are brothers, but he and Danilo are not related at all.

I think El D DOES know that Danilo cares about Paloma, because TWICE he's asked BunMan for help rescuing her. So, heaven forbid, that could be a way of hurting Danilo worse than killing him.

Susanlynn, there are 71 episodes, but the last one is two hours. So that's how much time there is left.

Kirby, I missed the white dress in the credits again. But I agree Ryan's fight with Danilo was pitiful. That's not the same guy I saw fighting in an alley a few weeks ago with Steve and Emerson.

Rgv, maybe Estela refers to her father as Pedro Carrillo because of an ego thing, like she defines herself by her relationship to him? I mean, that is what I would guess if she were a real person. Of course, another possibility is that she's not really Estela, but I would think that an imposter would be even more careful to call him Daddy. Or maybe he's only her stepfather?

Or she said it that way to remind us whose daughter she is? ;-)

Thanks for the recap Rgv Chick.

As for Assbun(less)'s necklace, there are a number of questions unanswered probably due to our crack team of writers. If Mercy put a necklace with our Lady's image on a baby, perhaps the necklace grew miraculously with its current length on our hot anti-hero. Viewerville may be onto something about just the medal being transferred to another chain/person. But I vote for Assbun being the stolen child of Mercy. It's just more interesting for Mercy, Ryan and Danilo.

Ah, LetMeNotUnderstand in any language surely has some inkling of Tadeo's annoyance when LetMe brings up his 'attraction' to Morgana and by implication to women in general. Yes, Morgana is nice to him and he likes her. But I suspect the interest is fascination with her visual aspects and not related to his chemistry. Tadeo is certainly more discreet than either his mom or his sister when it comes to sex.

Sorry to say but from my perspective Danilo is a more interesting character than Ryan. Yes Danilo is a drug crazed murderer but Ryan, while being a good soul, is dull and somewhat ineffective in all he has attempted.

IS that the same necklace? I didn't get a good look at it, but I thought Mercy's baby had a flat oval medallion, and BunMan's seemed round? (Maybe I'm wrong)

I was thinking about what you wrote Julie...

I've been hoping (apparently in vain) that ED was/is Walter. I've totally discounted that theory now.

I also thought it might be badbun but his covert, respectful cell phone conversations seemed real. I can't think of anyone else to be even in the running.

But I don't think the writers would pull a character out of thin air. They might, but I think it would be a slim possibility to introduce someone out of the blue. It wouldn't make sense.

That said, I'm now leaning toward thinking ED is indeed a woman. Not sure if it's Estela or someone she is acting on behalf of. But the field is narrowing.


Good evening patio, thank you Afredo.
I was kind of surprised and really glad to see that Ryan and Laura confessed to each other, now they have no more secrets, I hope. That was a truly sorry fight. They weren't even trying hard to make it look serious, and it looks like they were having a lot of fun shooting that scene. Laura trying to get them to stop and she was trying to reason with them and horacio said "mind your business" lol,that was funny.
Now quick question, bunless said he has a Nicholas from his mother around his neck is he Mercy's kid? cuz I thought it would have been a girl,I thought it was Nina. That's going to be a disaster. For mercy. And if a Estela is still a captive of Eldorado, how did she get that knife away from him? Especially since it's supposed to be a trophy that he killed Pedro C with? So is bunless Walter's son or Pedro C's son? Mercy was a rollinstone
Rollin between wally and eddy.O mercy
You've been a bad bad girl.

So how long are they going to keep us hanging before we find out who the baby daddy is,Ryan are danidimdumb?
Ryan and bunless bros? I'd like to be at that family reunion.

Letty is either innocent or just really dumb. I like to think she still stands but really does she really think her daughter is that good. She's about to learn some painful things about the young people in this country especially those that are loose.I wish morgonnastealyourbaby will come to visit her when Chava is there cuz he can read her for what she really is, a baby stealer with crooked pillow.

So is El dorado a man or woman? Maybe
We'll find out next week. The secrets
Just keep a comin.

Julie, the sharpest eyes have already made a good case that White dress' identity is no mystery, Nonetheless I still entertain myself with guesswork.

Instructions: Usually around 9:20 to 9:23 there is a big long commercial break, much longer than the first one. I believe the one at 9:22 or so is the second one. After the commercials it goes into all the short clips and credits. We see Morgana in black skivvies behind Ryan, we see Mercy throwing something, a couple others, then right at the end, when it puts up Rosy O'Campo, the scene is of Ryan and a white dressed woman standing kissing with a backdrop of the LA skyscrapers at night. Ryan is on our left with the woman obviously, on the right. She appears to be only about 4 inches shorter than Ryan. Hmmmmmm...heels, I know so that doesn't really count. Her hair is medium blonde. Actually I have thought all along it was JoeHair's ex Lindsey, but prob not but it had me fooled for a while.

"Bunless has a necklace around his neck from his mother". Danged auto correct.
Mercy Was a Rolling Stone between Wally and "Peddy" not eddy.
I don't like makin typos when I'm typing but it happens.

And RGV I sort of thanked you at first today, but really, Thanks. What a load of work you do for us. You are quite a writer. Many people could do an antiseptic translation, but you write as though you are seeing it through our eyes. Like Yeeeeaaah ! You Think?


And who decided it was AutoCORRECT?

Yeah me too the only time typos really bother me is when I'm typing, other times I don't mind. :-)

Juiie, the Horacio Ryan bumped into is a singer...not Danilow's attorney.

Nina: "I'd like to be at that family reunion." Yeah, that's gonna be one hell of an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

Nina, I knew you meant necklace. I would love to see Bunless with a Nicholas around his neck, but I guess we're getting enough of that stuff with Horacio and Tadeo.

I'm watching #54 now (Mexican edition) and it's funny, when the women are crawling all over Horacio in that room, Horacio is staring at the back of Tadeo's head... or maybe he's staring at Tad's shoulders, that's where I would look... but he's not looking at the women.

Also in that episode, Ryan did indeed turn up the volume on Blake's music when Blake told Siri to call Johnson. This distracted Blake, and he started yelling for the remote; but I think he was mostly talking to himself. I don't know if Johnson was even heard him. I would have thought that Ryan and Steve had knocked him out so they wouldn't have to mosey right past him to get in, but maybe they went in through the Secret Intruders Service Entrance.

I have heard convincing arguments that the woman in the white dress is Laura, and equally convincing arguments that she's Estela. I doubt I can add anything of value to this debate, but I still wanna see.

Kirby: "Usually around 9:20 to 9:23 there is a big long commercial break, much longer than the first one. I believe the one at 9:22 or so is the second one" Nope, it's the first one. Unless your local channel or cable company is improperly inserting their own break, which would not be cool and possibly (?) not even legal. They can insert their own ads, but they have to be during the regular breaks, not in addition to the regular breaks.

Anyway, the first commercial break PLUS the opening credits is exactly five and a half minutes long. (My DVR remote lets me skip in increments of five minutes and one minute, and skips back in increments of 15 seconds, so I skip 5+1, then back up 15+15 seconds.) So, it's very convenient for me to miss the credits entirely. Even when I do see them, it's usually too fast/blurry/out of context to make much sense of the little clips.

The only other blondes are Maria (ew) and Lindsay and Bonita, but I happen to know of some advanced technology that can turn any woman into a blonde. There are also wigs.

Autocorrect is the devil. It is hard enough to type correctly without some smarty-pants algorithm trying to second-guess your every keystroke. It makes some online comments nearly incoherent. It is handy and can even speed things up when I'm sending a simple text to someone, but it's (IMO) unusable if I'm doing something that involves a lot of words that autocorrect doesn't know, like proper names, Spanish, my own secret language, etc.

Rgv - about the other Horacio - OH. Jeez, aren't there enough names in the world that they didn't have to have two Horacios??

You're very welcome, Kirby...and THANK YOU to everyone for the kind words.

OK, my take on Horacio and Tadeo - Tadeo willingly took off his shirt and he was making eye contact with Horacio. He didn't look away. He was nervous, but he was into it. And Horacio was looking at Tadeo like the last piece of birthday cake.

Last comment on #54: I noticed another strange object in Tomas's house - it looked like a large replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Well, let's see if this will address at least one of the controversies...check my avatar...a little fuzzy but I think it'll do...

Ooh, thanks for the picture, Rgv! I... honestly have no idea who that is. I don't think it's Laura, though. I can't tell if it's Sara Nakedlady.

Julie, those are definitely not Laura's cheeks...IMO

The reason I'm so sure that the opening credits appear around 9:22 after the FIRST commercial break... when you [try to] recap in real time, you are VERY aware of when the first commercial break is, because it is also YOUR first break. 20+ minutes is a long time without a break.

Since we can't see the face clearly, that might be NEITHER Sara Corrales nor Ariadne Diaz. They may have put the opening sequence together before Sara was even hired, and they used some generic woman to shoot that clip such that we couldn't really see her face.

Julie, you just might be right about the generic woman...that whole clip was fuzzy

Oh, Julie, about "the necklace," I had originallly used "The Necklace Emerges" for the subtitle, but then thought about it and changed it to "A Necklacd Emerges" for the same reason you question if it is the same necklace....and also because Mercy is not the only mother that gives their baby a necklace...their are many people that wear a necklace or piece of jewelry that belong to a AssBun's mother may be someone we may never see.

Anonymous .interesting comments .

Julie. "....looking at him like the last piece of birthday cake ." I did not see the scene , but I know that look. P.s. I mentioned to my daughter that I liked the song " Cake by the Ocean." She said, "You know that song is about sex on the beach, don't you!" I said, " pfff, yeah." , I did not. (I thought that was the name of a drink. )

So..two characters named this story is not confusing enough ,right?

It is sweet corn season sweet corn in the world. #supportyourlocalfarmers


Chickie, thanks for that closeup. It does not look like Laura to me. However, telenovelas often have scenes in the opening vignettes that never happen in the actual telenovela. I kept waiting for those scenes when I was watching Alborado, but they never appeared.

Good call on the necklace, Rgv. Jewelry is really portable, and many pieces look alike!

Susanlynn, can you just insist to your daughter that the song is about the drink?? LOL, maybe not. It's a good drink though.

Julie...I still think that it is about having cake at the beach which is a great idea because who does not like cake AND the beach. Daughters are okay with their mothers liking songs about cake and the ocean. I tried to look appropriately scandalized and surprised. This also happened with the same daughter and The Weeknd's "I Can,'t Feel My Face." When I told her that I liked it, she said, "You know it's about drugs, don't you! " I said, "PFF..yeah.".... No, no , I did not.

Certainly... from the title, it sounds like a dentist visit... too much Novocaine.

Thank you Ms Holmes, Sherlokalita of course. It is not my future wife either so the mystery is only partially solved

My experiences with eating anything at the beach have left me wondering how dogs eat something off the ground covered in sand. Woof

Hey, SusanLynn. Your discussion about the titles of songs having a "hidden" meaning reminds me of "The Candy Man"..: remember that one? I was sooo disappointed when I found out that the candy man was really a drug dealer.

Julie.... You get me . Now, Eric Clapton gave you a heads up when he wrote songs about drugs. Am I right? No mystery about that song.

Chickie...I did not get that one either. I thought it was about a guy who loved candy. #tooliteralformyowngood

What?? No, you take that back! The Candy Man is about candy, dammit! What are you trying to do to my childhood??

Susanlynn, I thought that one was about a beautiful, fun lady with an odd name who always told the truth.

Kirby..good point. Cake by the ocean in the abstract sounds like a good idea, but in reality...not that great an idea.

It was a great song to dance to but the lyrics are so bad....." So good, so good, so good...." What??? No!!!

Julie...yes, candy and cake. Everyone should be allowed to interpret art in his\her own way. My daughter is always telling me stuff that I don't want to\, shouldn't know. #burstingbubbles

Ms Chick I looked at uour closeup, and
Who the heck is that women Ryan is eatin up. That shot reminds me of the last scene in "Thor, the lost world" when Natalie Portman couldn't be there with that scene so they let his real wife Chris Hemsworth's real life wife be the standin for her and you couldnt tell because you just saw her from behind.but thought it was Natalie Portman.
Aaaand why is that little baby so upset? What did y'all do to him? Lol.

Nina...very interesting. I will have to rewatch Thor !!


And my favorite: Sans-a-Bun sounds like it should be on a shelf with 'personal products'.


I just remembered a song... "Lola" by the Kinks. I knew a guy who kept saying that Lola sounded cool. I said, "you know Lola is a man, right? It even says so in the song!" He insisted that I was wrong and it was impossible that anyone would write a song about "that."

Sans-a-Bun sounds like a place in the food court at the mall!

Rgv Chick, leave it to you to find the "shot" of Ryan and ...!

You've been here so short a time but have added so much!

OK, I took another look. I am more convinced than ever that the woman is Laura. No doubt. Nopis.

I'm laughing my head off at your list Kirby - everyone's ideas are great. Sans-a-bun might be my favorite.

"I would love to see Bunless with a Nicholas around his neck, but I guess we're getting enough of that stuff with Horacio and Tadeo". Ha Julie!

Cake/the beach.So many fun comments tonight. Thanks all.


Julie..yeah..those Kinks were pretty kinky back in the day...... L- o- l -a ...Lo-laaaa. Then, there was " My Angel Is a Centerfold."

I think that I actually had a Sans-a-bun at the mall last week. It was either that or Chick fil-a.


Diana, wish I had found this site many good peeps here. The camaraderie amazes's really more like a family :-)

Kirby, you crack me up...I vote Sans-a-Bun too, but I agree with Julie...sounds like something that would be at a mall...actually it kinda sounds like the bakery "Cinnabon." Do you all have those in your malls? Come to think of it, in Spanish, the word "sin" means without so "Sin-a-Bun"...LOL

Oh, win, girl. SIN-A-Bun. Tee-hee

Speaking of cake by the ocean, I just watched a video of "Cherish" by Kool and the Gang . Such a delicious song. What songs do you like to listen to ? Who is your favorite group?...singer?

Funny, I actually bought a song on Amazon today... "Love Is Thicker Than Water" by Andy Gibb. It had been stuck in my head and I couldn't get it out. It's not exactly my favorite, but it's nostalgic. I remember, back in the day, it was a big deal that he was dating Victoria Principal because she was older than him. 35+ years later, it's STILL a big deal when a woman dates a younger man.

SusanLynn, in Spanish, I luuuve Cristian Castro, Juanes and Pepe of my favorite albums is by Linda Ronstadt: "Cancioned de Mi Padre." In English, I have to admit I'm a Michael Jackson fan (the younger years)...I also like Richard Marx, the BeeGees, oh and of course..."The Boss"


Woohooo, of the BeeGees!! :-)


Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang
But you have to have a lot of Bass

CHickie..well, the one name that really jumped out at me is the Bee Gees . I also like Linda Ronstadt. I love them. One of my favorite singer is Michael Mc Donald . We saw once out an outdoor concert with Hall and them , too. Love Fleetwood Mac. We have also been them. I love music, especially R &B and rock, but I like Pitbull , too.

Of the newer stuff Ray LaMontagne has a great voice. I liked the girl we discovered in VEA too. The one with the really high pure voice.


Julie...I lurvvve Andy handsome and such a sad ending. Yes,He dated an older woman...Pam on Dallas! Love sweet Andy.

Have you ever heard any songs by Paul Davis? I always turn the radio up really loud when he comes on. Smooth. How about Sade? How about Earth, Wind, and Fire?

I believe there are more actual good singers in the Spanish world now than English Shakira can sing of course Mana, La Quinta Estacion, I like Alejandro Sanz too.

Oh, I like Pit Bull too...and Savage Garden...I really like their song "Crash and Burn"
and then there is Santana, Celine Dion, Cher, Leona Lewis...I could go on and on...SusanLynn what did you start!?

The VEA girl is Carla Morrison. Ray LaMontagne sings 'You are the best thing'(that ever happened to me) I just can not listen to these Disney packaged Auto tuned fake singers.

PitBull is a great entertainer but I have not ever seen him actually sing. And he is a Floridian. ! !

I !Ike Shakira and Iglesies. Love Parliment ( Funkadelic..not owls!!!) Donna Summer. Bruno Mars.

CHickie..We saw Celine in concert in Toronto a couple years ago .

Yeah, Kirby, I agree...Mana and Shakira are good as well as Alex Obagu, Ricardo Argona, Alejandro Sans and Gloria Estefan music was good too.

The Mana video with Shakira 'Mi Verdad' the theme for Sueno de Amor is a great song and video.

Oh wow, SusanLynn...that must have been amazing!


Kirby, do you remember Los Terricolas...and Elio Roca and Mijares? many days detention are we gonna get...SusanLynn started it 0.0

ummmmm, we are talking about the different types of music they could feature during the second season of DV, right????


Kirby..Did you watch Shakira when she was a judge on The Voice? She is such a cutie and a sweetheart.

Check out Paul Davis on YouTube. I love all his songs , but he is a very underrated singer from the 80s. I just found a photo. He is a good looking guy!

CHickie..Hubba was more impressed by Celine than I was. However, we both like Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons. Hubba has been a big fan since we saw Jersey Boys on Broadway We have seen him in concert, too.


Hey, Hon .I always start it !!!!! Ask Kirby.

Kirby, Pitbull performed at a small local club a few years ago,but my student from Colombia warned me not to go to the concert. He said, " Don't go! People get killed at his concerts!!!"

So many good artists.

One of my first concerts was Sly and the Family Stone. Aerosmith played in my college basement for $1 per person. I liked Al Green and Barry White and the late, great Michael Jackson. Peter Frampton, J. Geils and Billy Joel/Elton John were other memorable concerts.

Michael McDonald. Sigh. I also like Fleetwood Mac and the Bee Gees.

Susanlynn, I would have enjoyed seeing Celine. What a beautiful voice.

Kirby I also thought Mi Verdad was excellent - song and video.

Good night all. Sleep well.


oooh, Four Seasons were were The Stylistics and The you're talkin' my favorite era :-)

Good night, Diana...bed time for me too...G-Nite, all...thanks for the trip down memory lane :-)

Frankie Valli! Yup, saw him and the 4 seasons, many years ago! Very early 70's.


CHickie..just went back to reread the comments. Love The Boss. ..Jersey boy from down the shore at Asbury Park.

Diana...Live All Green, but I was a little disappointed when we saw him in concert a couple years ago. Love Sly, Aerosmith , Barry White , Peter Frampton (who was great in concert.

Probably one of the best concert I have ever been to was Dion. He sounded just like his records.

We have seen The Duprees, Lou Christie, The Drifters several them.

Well, shoot! haha...that's what I just did before going to bed...went out and shot at something that was coming into my backyard.

Geez...who can forget Barry White...his voice was sooo good!

ok...good night for good now :-)

You guys mentioned artist I haven't thought about in years. Memory Lane is pretty good. y'all have a good night.

Ambrosia, Orleans, Foreigner, Boz Skaggs, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Credance Clearwater.

Hey, Michael MacDonald looked a little like Marcos Mendez back in the day!!

You are so right, SusanLynn! They could be closely related...yes, still awake...I had to listen to "La Verdad" on YouTube.

Kirby, Mana and Shakira do having amazing voices...and so distinctive too!

Just listened to "Mi Verdad"... a good song to slow dance to! I liked it !

Good night...yawn!

Good morning, everybody! I see ya'll got very musical last night and I missed the fun.

My all-time faves - Prince, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Billy Joel, Sting, U2, Santana.

What I'm listening to lately: Imagine Dragon, Daddy Yankee, Pitbull (radio version only!), Don Omar (makes me get up and dance every time!), Luis Fonzi, Rihanna

First concert ever: Santana. Last concert: Santana and Rod Stewart. Next concert: Janet Jackson


Rgv Chick, Gracias for the shot of Ryan kissing white dress. After looking at that closeup, I'm officially and solidly changing my vote to Laura. At that angle you can't see Laura's prominent cheekbones, but I still believe it's her. As for the rump, I checked some internet photos and both women have junk in the trunk. Ryan wouldn't be the first guy to fall for different women with similar body types. Never expected to do "research" this morning!


Niecie: We all know Abortion Barbie is BunLess.

Niecie Good Morning. Yeah you missed a lively entertaining plundering and pillaging of music from our childhoods to present. Waaaay of topic, and of course instigated by a language teacher in a swimsuit with Electric Blue toenails. If you've ever been in detention, then you know SusanLynn,

What is really cool is that our musical preferences are all over the place from Wagner and Tchaikovski to PitBull. And believe me, on any other forum or chat room that would have degenerated quickly into a juvenile flame war, but not on OUR patio. Just relaxed, fun, and informative.

Yep Steve, we discovered some time back that hers is just plain worrn out. So young too ! That takes a LOT of Hard Work. :-)

Today's bird is saying 'I'm Walkin'

Good Morning, Kirby and Niecie, and everyone else who will drop in later...

Niecie, after looking at so many images (during my research), I'm swaying toward Laura, the mystery continues. It would really be funny if Julie's idea of a "generic woman" were really the case. the joke would be on us!

Kirby, I luuuve the colors on that bird...wish I were strolling alongside...but it kinda looks a little arrogant so it may not like to be intruded upon. Actually, it reminds me of the song "I'm Walkin' on Sunshine" but it walks in water instead :-)

Good Morning. Yeah he (bird) was walking. I was getting a little too close for comfort, but he didn't want to fly away and give up his fishing spot so he was walking.
A weak front is coming through from the NorthWest, and bringing all kinds of water with it, so I looked at Brownsville this morning, as it is already raining here, Nada for you. I had hopeoed the front would stretch over to you too, but it missed by a couple of hundred miles. You may have to go to the river if it's never going to rain again in the RGV.

"Niecie, after looking at so many images (during my research)" yeah I am S T I L L researching that Corrales chick to reach a decision. This could take a while. :-)

LOL Kirby, I figured you would be researching Sara veeery closely

Good morning ,all. Another beautiful day here...sunny, clear, low humidity, 70. Chickie..hope you get sine rain soon.

I have been thinking about Diana's theory that Walter is El Dorito. We saw Cesar E. Only once on Ry's computer screen. Would a famous actor like Cesar do a cameo like that or will we see Cesar again ? He would be protective of his sons Ry and Dan. He was Pedro's rival in love and business. He might want to keep Estela away from Ry. Would he be so brutal? Is Undonebun Walter's son? If so , who kidnapped Babybun? Who raised him ?....probably not wolves but maybe one wolf..Pedro. Did Walter convince Debunned that he was Walter's son , and did Walter or Unbun kill Pedro?

A Stork

Hey y'all and good afternoon :)

Like most of you the tastes are verified but anything by Rihanna or Pitbull or Chrisitian or Enrique Iglesias is always good. I know it's probably too modern but I'll say this, if a song speaks to me, I will listen to it and that makes youtube playlists a lot more exciting ;)

I have to say, I love this group also, you guys can talk about anything and everything, including the best theories for any novela we are watching. Despite univision's annoying editing practices, I wouldn't want to lose this because it's great. Everyone is welcome, can drop a comment, disappear for a few days, comment every hours, doesn't matter, you guys are always there and I thank you.

Sin-a-bun looks great and tastes great and Genesis can let us know if anything lol

Ryan has to pretty ladies to chose from but I prefer Ariadne. I've seen Sara in Despertar and she doesn't have that same wholesome warmth with a lot of sexy.

I was rewatching Sin Rastro de Ti and I can't believe Danilo had a beard. After so much clean shave, it was shocking.

But Alfredo, in Despertar, did she miss ANYBODY? Except, of course her Dad? She made Morgana look like a warm up act. I'd bet two patooties she will not be a Nun (None) in this show also. Girls like her and Africa don't spend all that time sweating to get on camera and count Rosaries and wear a habit.

Or maybe it is just wishful thinking?........

Good, Im not alone in Thinking that's Laura Ryan's tonguetaggin. I never thought it was anyone else but laura.
Hey what's the name of that song that
Guy that plays Ryan is singing in the closing credits? He has a very soft voice. And I like the way the band is
Swaying in rythum.

"Sin-a-bun looks great and tastes great and Genesis can let us know if anything lol".

Loved it Alfredo!

It is beautiful here so I've been relishing the sun and spent a little time outdoors.

As always, the patio has been up and about and sterling conversation has ensued.

Niecie, I forgot to add Stevie Wonder to my list. One of the greatest...

Nina, yes, that is David Zepada singing in the closing credits. He does have a very good voice and I'm sure that is why he was chosen for the lead. That said, Horacio Pancheri was supposed to be Ryan initially but it didn't work out for some reason. He and Laura had amazing chemistry in El Color so I was sorry not to see him here. David has done good though.

Susanlynn, I was also thinking that Cesar MUST be popping by at some point. Otherwise, why cast such a famous actor for only a few flashbacks? Unless of course he is an actor who works, despite it being a small part. I love those dulcet tones and hope to hear them soon...

Kirby, the bird IS beautiful. I enjoyed your comment Rgv Chick in that he does look rather arrogant! Or at least self assured. :)

I hope everyone enjoys their day.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey, All.

I was checking the TV Guide listings for the week of Aug. 7-11. There are a couple days of deviation...

Mon., Aug 7: No DV..2 hrs. of Jose
Wed., Aug 9: DV-2 hrs

The rest of the week, DV is on at the same time. Thought I'd let you all know so you can plan ahead.

Aug 9th times will be from 9:00 -11:00 PM (E)

Question for Julie:
Julie wrote: "OK, my take on Horacio and Tadeo - Tadeo willingly took off his shirt and he was making eye contact with Horacio. He didn't look away. He was nervous, but he was into it. And Horacio was looking at Tadeo like the last piece of birthday cake."

Was this something I missed in Episode #56 (US version) or the Mexican version? Or was it from Episode #54 (Mexican version)?
Is UNI cutting these scenes from the US version?

Hilarious back-and-forth among bloggers about 'last piece of birthday cake'.

Nina, the song in the closing credits is "Porque No Te Enamoras" and it's Joss Favela singing.

I thought it was Ryan too, but in taking a closer look, it's not...or maybe it is

Now we can switch from who's the lady in white to who's the singer in the closing credits LOL

Yeah Ms Chick, we've done that white
Dress to death Lol. then the artist from the past, which I didn't add mine so here goes, the Ojays, the chilites al green, temptations and whitney Houston & I loved Michael McDonald's voice.I even liked Bobby darren, that one song he sang the sea?I'll know it when I hear it.

Kirby that bird is really Steppin. Hes
Showin off his long pink legs to the
Ladies. No he don't want them hidden
By somebody walkin with him.

Thanks NiNa. That's a pretty bird and he knows it. I think the birds call that 'The Strut'. He looks like "This is MY show, ONLY !" "So keep yore distance Camera Boy."


And this...Same bird.

Kirby: How's Leticia holding up ? Did Abortion Barbie kidnap her baby yet ?

Nina ...ah, the good. Michael MacDonald is probably at the tippytop of my favorites list. Right now, I am listening to a song that I love "Steal Away" by Robbie Dupree.

How about Kool and the Gang?

The OJay and Kool and the, yep really well as Earth, Wind & Fire, the Commodores, Carol King, Diana Ross and the Supreme, Tony Orlando and Dawn, the 2 Neils (Sedaka and Young)...the memories keep a comin',

Steve, she has not had it yet, but she is just stupid enough to give it away. Sounds like you missed an episode.

Slayer and Run-DMC.
That is all.
(I mean, there's more, but I'm not going to go through my whole list!)

I forgot yesterday, when I bought that Andy Gibb song, that wasn't why I went to Amazon initially. I was going to get "Nutty" by the Ventures. That was the song that Channel 38 used as the Boston Bruins theme when I was a kid. But then I got sidetracked, forgot all about it, and got the Andy Gibb thing instead.

Funny thing, a lot of the songs I like, it's not so much because of the genre or anything like that, as much as that they remind me of a specific time or place. There are good songs that I hate for the same reason.

Other songs are like a disease. Take "96 Tears", which I can listen to over and over and over andoverandover again. Or that "Trouble" song by Shampoo, such an earworm that it's now my ringtone.

"96Tears".... By Question Mark and the Mysterians. I wonder who thought up that name.I think that we saw them perform.

{smile} Julie, " it's not so much because of the genre or anything like that, as much as that they remind me of a specific time or place. There are good songs that I hate for the same reason." you are so right! There's one song, "A Horse With No Name" by America, that I really dislike because 1) I never really listened to the whole thing because I didn't know why anyone would use a title like that; and 2) it reminded me of someone I did't want to think about. Yet there are other songs by the same group that I really like.

Julie...I loved The Ventures and Diane Eddy. Have you ever heard Santo and Johnny ? Steel guitars..haunting melodies that make you cry. "Sleepwalk."... angst set to music.

Chickie..We saw America a few months ago. They were never my favorites, but they were good..only two guys, and their story is interesting. Everyone thought they were English because their father's were stationed in England and they went to school on an American air base there. I never liked "A Horse" but they had a couple songs that I really liked. The other act that night was Christopher Cross , and he was great.

Yes, songs often remind us of people and places from the past...some good , and some not so good . When my dad got older , he used to call me on the phone and sing Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You." I think if my sweet dad every time I hear that song.


For me, there have not been that many songs that I simply heard and said, "Who, What? "
Stairway To Heaven is the first song I remember hearing that just stopped me in my tracks.

And I still enjoy it. Especially the earlier part of the song before it gets really rocking.
Another one is Whitney Houston I will always Luuurve You. But there is a tear jerker story with it.

The Beach Boys.


Rgv, I love A Horse with No Name, but there are Forbidden Songs that I won't even tell anyone what they are, if I hear them in a restaurant or something I just excuse myself and go to the ladies room and don't tell anyone why.

"Sleepwalk" depresses me for no reason I'm aware of.

BTW, tomorrow's recap will have visual aids.


The Eagles



Yeah..Free Bird...a long slow dance right before you break up.

An old local favorite: "Road Runner" by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.

Kirby, I really like "Stariway to Heaven." Is that the one you refer to as the tearjerker? because the story behind that one really is sad.

Julie, Visual aids? wow, can't wait to see your recap!

RGV no, the Whitney Houston song 'I will always love you.' A girl left that on my Voicemail after I broke up with her. I really loved her, but realized it could never work. Sometimes love just isn't enough.

Whitney, God rest her tortured soul, could sing. wowzers.! It is the soundtrack of 'The Bodyguard'.

Yes, Whitney had the most amazing voice...very tragic about her death...and, yes, sometimes, love just isn't enough...

Kirby, do you feel that way about the original Dolly Parton version? I don't think any of my Forbidden Songs have alternate versions, so I don't know if my reaction would be limited to just the one, or if it would apply to all of them.

Kirby, I was actually thinking about "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton, but I do like "Stairway to Heaven" also.

Ohhh..visual aids. Looking forward to it.

Luis Fonsi "Despacito"

Justin Timberlake " Dance," It does make you want to dance. I heard it about 145 times at my daughter's house last month.

Chickie..I love me some Eric Clapton.


I had one big heartbreak. He was a great slow dancer and a superb sweet talker. After he dumped me without one word of explanation for my friend, I played a sad song over and over again...until my mother made my friend take it and hide it. That song makes me think of him. Julie, it's my forbidden song so I can not tell you the title ! I had a bad car accident a few months later. He never called or came to see me in the hospital, but the boy I dumped him for did. Some people have a lot of heart..some do not. #thankyoujohnny

...whoops..that should say the boy I dumped to date him.

My tearjerker songs:
Ana Gabriel: "No Te Hago Falta"
Cristian Castro et al: "La Malquerida"
Rocio Dúrcal: "Amor Eterno"

Anyone watching the pilot to "Chesapeake Shores" on Hallmark? Looks pretty good...

I an going to put it on right now. Thanks. Nothing on..watching Outlander reruns. Again.

Yes, Julie, Dolly's version is just as good.

I suspect for me it is just the song, but both those women have incredible voices and range. Dolly wrote and sang that song for her long time singing partner Porter Wagner when she branched out on her own as a singer and 'dumped' him sort of. So it was originally written about platonic love.

A lot of the pop singers with all their post processing and auto tune sound like Peter Frampton with his 'Talk Box' tube in the mouth.


I like Dolly's version. Didn't she sing it to Burt Reynolds in "The Best Little Whorehouse?" Love Dolly. "Islands in the Stream."

CHickie..watching Chesapeake..just read online that the new season starts in August. I like Jesse Metcalfe.

Love Peter but sometimes that talk box thing gets a little annoying. We saw him a couple years ago. He was good..missed his long hair .

SusanLynn, yes, it starts next Sunday.

Good Monday morning all.

Ahhh, Cristian Castro et al: "La Malquerida" - great choice Rgv Chick!

And Dolly Parton, what a talented woman. Kirby, I knew Dolly wrote "I will always love you" but didn't realize she wrote it for Porter. Thank you.

Susanlynn, I saw Frampton in the mid 70's when he had long, flowing, curly hair. Things have changed a bit :)

I'm excited our show is two hours tonight! I just hope I can stay up to watch it all.

I'm wondering how fast Laura will be able to get the paternity test. I suspect Dan will be sticking to her like glue. Wait til Morgana finds out!

I'm very curious as to whether or not badbun cares for Genesis at all or if Talisman is right, he just enjoys being looked after a bit. We still have very little clue as to what he is thinking and if indeed, a real heart beats in his chest or if his heart is as cold as those icy blue eyes.


Good Monday Morning!

Looking forward to this week's whirlwind...hopeoing we don't get whiplash.

Diana, Laura may not get that paternity test...she's afraid it may hurt the baby...nonsense but the writer's have to find a way to prolong our agony. And, OMGosh, when Morgana finds out, she is not going to be a happy camper and knowing how she hates Laura...I don;t even want to imagine what she will do.

Kirby, I forgot to thank you yesterday for keeping tabs on the weather conditions. There's a 20-30% chance for rain all week, so I'm praying some will come my way. I also see there's something brewing in the tropics so...keeping fingers crossed for something...but definitely not a hurricane.

My breakfast bunch(es) back later,

Have a great day!


Rgv Chick, said a prayer some strong (without harsh) rain comes your way!

I'd forgotten that Laura didn't want to get the test. Ack. As you noted, anything to keep us fretting.

I'm hoping Morgana doesn't hurt Laura! I think Danilo would be as infuriated as we would be!


R G V Chikie...I woke this morning with Tropical Storm....yes storm Elsie or some bogus shit coming ashore at my house.! It starts with an 'E'. Just a little fart of a storm, but a TS nonedtheless. 40 or 50 mph winds, (nothing), but woohoo the rain, like we needed any more. At midnight last night it was a weak front coming from the NorthWest, this morning the weather people on TV are screeching and scratching their heads. Even the ducks are headed for higher ground.

Correction, Emily. TS Emily.

As Ryan and DaniLow are half bast...brothers, it would be easy to corrupt the DNA tests to show Ryanito(a) to actually be Ryan's offspring. That would scramble DaniMorg's plans. It is my understanding that half brothers can be differentiated in DNA tests of their children, but it is complicated. So this is a perfect opportunity to used DaniLow's own treachery against him. Since these two dildos are half brothers, a child of either has a chance of looking like either one of them, I THINK.

RGV I have been trying to wish some of our Fl. water your way, but look what happened. Hand me the Doritos.

Good morning, all. We were supposed to get another storm on Friday , so we held off fixing the farm lane which washed out the beginning of last week. However, the storm went south , and we had a gorgeous Friday and weekend. I did not know that the storm went so far south of us...Florida. We have friends in Naples. I wonder how they did in that storm.

Another beautiful day..sunny, clear, not too warm. I am trying to savor these days because it is always a long, dark winter here.

Wow, two hour show tonight. Thanks for reminding me.

Time for chores. Make it a good day.

I hate auto-tune.

AFAIK it IS risky to do a paternity test while the bun is still in the oven (at least this early in the pregnancy). (I don't know how risky.) It can wait till the baby is born. I don't know if I can wait, though.

Good Morning Everyone!

Home your Sunday was good :) Kirby, Idk there's just something about Sara that doesn't scream "emotion." Maybe she's too pretty or maybe she'll prove me wrong? We'll see.

Weather is not great here either. Overcast and threatening rain :(

I think paternity tests so early are dangerous though but I guess my timeline as to how much time had passed was also wrong. At least Ryan knows the truth and will accept the child no matter what. I doubt Danilo will try and force a paternity test because then he'd have to reveal that he's a rapist. Oh boy, this could get complicated and that's without Realestela.

Maybe the writers are more clever than we thought and Asdrubal isn't the lost baby....or maybe he's a sibling, too many questionssssss


Kirby, yes, I saw that TS hit central Floriduh, hopeo there isn't too much damage for you or anyone else...or the ducks. Gives you Doritos and Hopeos

Feast or famine.

I hope the rain stops in your neck of the woods Kirby. What a beautiful duck!

Alfredo, while I didn't watch DC, I did see a bit here and there and now realize who Sara played. Hmmm. Her character that seemed totally unlikeable (at least what I saw), so I am trying to reserve judgment until she appears here.

Julie, I can't imagine the stress Laura would be under having to wait until the baby is born to learn who the father is. I hope this isn't one of the season one cliffhangers.


Found this online...
Discovering the paternity of a baby before birth is a common wish among women. Paternity questions can add stress—but there is a safe solution. DDC’s technologically advanced Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test makes it possible to get accurate answers early in a pregnancy without risk to the baby because we only use blood collected from the mother. Cells from the developing fetus float freely in the bloodstream of the pregnant mother. These fetal cells can be found as early as the 8th week of pregnancy.

Ahh, thank you for that RGV. So there is a safe way and we should be up to 8 weeks so Laura should have an answer soon unless she doesn't want one.

I hope this isn't one of the cliffhangers, ugh, so many possible cliffhangers.

Alfredo said: " just something about Sara that doesn't scream "emotion"
Diana said: " seemed totally unlikeable (at least what I saw)"
Kirby said, There is no better proof that a HornDog can have great sex with someone he doesn't even like or know.

Ryan could eliminate all these mysteries and problems by simply killing DaniLow. Somebody is going to do it, why not just butt in to the front of the line.? Yikes power is on and off here, backup power is keeping everything but AC running. I may be typing on that stupid phone before long.

Diana and Alfredo, I was thinking about the cliffhanger thing and why they would do that to us. The only thing I could think of is that maybe Ryan won't want the paternity test...he may just want to have the baby be "his." He already told Laura it didn't matter which of the bullets hit, the baby is HIS. As far as the shares are concerned, I don't think Ryan is as interested as Mercy...he was, after all, willing to leave everything for Laura.

Kirby, please let me clarify by saying I found Sara's character totally unlikeable. Although I really didn't have a strong positive reaction to Sara, hopefully, due to that reason. I will need to wait and see.

I may be in the minority but I don't want Dan dead. Sure, I realize it will likely happen spite of everything, he has saved Paloma. More than once.

I hope your power stays on!


Rgv Chick, I totally believe everything you stated is true. Ryan likely loves the baby and will continue to do so no matter what. I don't think he cares about the shares. At all.

But could Laura do the same? Could she live without knowing who the bio father was? I know I couldn't but I have no doubt Laura is a far stronger person than I. :)


Would the paternity test help things or make things worse though? IF they love the baby without one, then it would be better, I think, than risk it by having it done and then it turning into Danilo's baby. While their feelings for the baby probably won't change, it may be worse to have confirmation it is indeed Danilo's.

I'm still hoping for the main storyline to be resolved, completely, with one cliffhanger to take us into the 2nd season. I doubt I will watch if Ariadne and Ryan are not involved, especially if RealEstela turns out to be ED. I am not up for an anti-hero novela right now.

Does this mean Danilo will survive to ruin someone else's life?

Diana let Me clarify. Her character was totally disgusting in DC, along the lines of our present DaniLow. That said, she, and her DC character, are still veeeer attractive. Maybe not in Wife/Mother kind of way, but in barnyard kind of way. :-) Woof.

Diana. if you're in the minority, I am with you. I don't want Dan dead jail, yes, with lots of rehab and psychotherapy...

I think Laura could accept not having the paternity test...that way she can deceive herself into believing it is Ryan's...and may prefer that to confirming it is the product of a rape.

Alfredo, we are the same page again...our comments crossed.

Kirby, I knew the character was bad but had no idea she was THAT bad! :o

I do believe that people can be rehabilitated. I would be cautiously optimistic in Dan's case. His biggest plus is his love for Paloma. His biggest negatives? Too many to count.

Interesting thoughts on the paternity Rgv Chick and Alfredo. Not knowing wouldn't be possible for me. I don't believe anything can break the bond of maternal love (which I believe is possible even if you don't bear children yourself). I would want to know. But if Laura can continue without knowing, God bless her.


There's also the fact that Laura hasn't dealt with the rape either. IS that going to be something for the second season? I know she's been through worse and can't remember it but she was raped and, aside from threats, will Laura ever allow herself to process what happened?


In a book that I read recently, the wife is kidnapped and raped. After the husband rescues her and kills the guys, he has sex with her so that if there is a baby, he\she could possibly be his. Ry is a galan in the true sense of the word, and he has already stated that no natter who the biological father is, he will consider this baby his. Bravo, Ry. Congratulations for being a good man.

I must say that Dan is like a lost little boy doing everything wrong while really yearning for love and affirmation. #happensinreallifetoo

Mercy hated Estela even though she never met her . I think that Ry and Laura are the love match , and Estela is going to be the troublemaker. She has the look of the bad girl troublemaker.

Kirby, I hopeo that you do not lose power. We do not realize how dependent we are on electricity until we lose it.


Woah, Susanlynn! WTH???? So instead of making sure she's okay, he has sex with her? Reminds me of this movie I saw recently where the husband saw his wife get raped and went after her attackers to kill them but never actually asked the wife if she needed help, etc. Some very disturbing things happening.

Cats kill all offspring not theirs. Loveable. Grrrrrr

Sorry MALE cats

No, no, Alfredo. This character is the hero of heroes and the King of men. He rescues her, kills the guys, takes her home, and tends to her wounds because they beat her. Then, they have the conversation about what should happen next and agree that they should have sex so that a possible baby could and WILL be his. Then, they drink a lot of whiskey. Very intense. P.s They were both being proactive in a very bad situation. This couple had a history of sometimes using sex to heal each other.

If it were me, I would never want a DNA test. I am pretty good at moving on and compartmentalizing stuff.

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