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Enamorandome de Ramon #1 8.8.17: Plane Crashes and Runaway Brides

The Medina-Fernandez family thought they had it all but their happiness was not meant to be (yet)...

At the head of this grand family is Hortensia Medina (Nuria Bages), who had three wonderful and successful children: Ricardo (Eduardo Shacklett), Julio (Marcelo Cordoba), and Margarita (Sachi Tamashiro).

Hortensia is a nightmare. She criticizes everything, hates everything and finds nothing is done right unless she has stepped all over it, made people feel bad and then done it herself.

Ricardo is married Kary Fernandez (Lupita Jones) and they have two beautiful daughters: Fabiola (Esmeralda Pimentel) and Andrea (Claudia Martin).

Fabiola is currently in a long-term relationship with Francisco (Gonzalo Pena), a dashing young man who is studying to be a doctor but has little time for her. While Andrea…well…we don’t know too much about her yet.

They have one servant, Juana (Marisol Del Olmo), who has cared for them since they were young and has grown to love them like their own even though she has a son, Ramon (Jose Ron), who is currently in Tijuana working odd jobs until his future boss gets his mechanic shop off the ground.

Julio is married to Virginia (Lisset) and they have two handsome sons: Julio (Pierre Louis) and Osvaldo (Ivan Amozurrutia). From what we know, Julio is the nicer and friendlier of the two while Osvaldo is more reserved and unpleasant of the two. Julio works at a bank but may be in deeper trouble than he led on, as the Department of Justice seems to be investigating the bank’s increasing debts.

Margarita is unmarried and lives at home with Hortensia.

Katy Fernandez has a brother, Antonio (Arturo Carmona), who owns a mechanic shop 50-50 with Ricardo. He employs plenty of mechanics but, thus far, only two seem important to our tale: Lucho (Jorge Ortin) and Raul (Alfredo Gatica).

While Lucho is hardworking and helpful, Raul seems to be a flirt who would rather spend his time romancing the shop’s secretary, Dalia (Ana Jimena Villanueva), than actually working. Dalia is the daughter of Luisa (Barbara Torres), who works as a servant in Julio and Virginia’s home.

Antonio’s time is split between the shop and family, which is currently fractured since Roxana (Luz Elena Gonzalez) and he split, leaving their son, Diego (Diego Escalona), in emotional limbo for the time being. Roxana did something that has caused the Medina family to give her the cold shoulder, except Virginia, who seems content with staying out of the matter completely and be friends with Roxana despite Julio’s reservations.

All of them came together at Fabiola and Andrea’s house to welcome their parents back home from a three-week trip in Europe with a surprise party. Much to their shock and awe, the airplane in which their parents were traveling crashed and there were no survivors. The news spreads like wildfire.

As everyone scrambled to get their bearings and deal with the tragedy, the airplane offered to take care of any funeral arrangements and pay 100,000 to the victim’s family per victim. Pedro (Carlos Bracho), the family lawyer, will make sure that everything is in order so the Medina sisters receive the money that will help them, for the time being.

Andrea, who is at first catatonic at the news, begins to cry and eventually loses her ability to speak from the stress and shock of her parent’s death. While Francisco can’t find a solution, he suggests she see a neurophysiologist but Andrea does not want to seek treatment for now.

Unknownst to all of them, Ramon becomes entwined with a crime lord’s daughter, Sofia (Fabiola Guajardo), when she runs out of her arranged marriage to her long time boyfriend, Timoteo, and into Ramon’s waiting limousine. Despite the fact that her father, Rosendo “El Bocanegra” (Benny Ibarra) will be looking for them to exact his revenge, Ramon offers to help the girl and the two of them get rid of the limo, since Rosendo will be looking for them, and ride into their destiny on a motorcycle.

Juana’s life is about to get a lot harder too because of three words: life insurance policy. Turns out the Medina parents left their daughters the apartment, the 50% of the mechanic shop, $35,000 in a bank account as well as the airline compensation money. However, the Medinas also obtained a life insurance policy, secretly, and named Juana the sole beneficiary of 1 million dollars, much to everyone’s surprise.

While Julio, who has investment experience, thinks he should manage the money, Hortensia thinks she should as the head of household. Fabiola thinks she should manage it, as she’s over 18, but she has been more of a money waster than earner through her many years of life. Hortensia rips the insurance policy but Pedro reminds her that it won’t change anything.

Seeing that the whole family now hates her or is, at the very least, annoyed by her presence because of the current situation, Juana decides to leave the house for good but refuses to turn over the 1 million dollars as the Medinas left that money to her and only she will decide what to do with it…


Wow, Alfredo, thank you for the speedy recap. You are a saint to do this . Thanks !

Oh my goodness...so many people !!! I am confused already! And why did everyone seem mad at that girl who brought the little blonde boy to the party? I guess Marcelo and the other handsome dark haired man are Hortensia's sons..right? I am going to have trouble keeping these families straight! I hopeo that mi Marcelo is a good guy, but he was not smiling much. He is turning into a silver fox , and I like the heard and mustache. I'm in.

Hey Susanlynn! You are most welcome :)

I did a family tree because that was a lot of people dropped in front of us at one party and then Ramon and Sofia off to the side.

Marcelo Cordoba, who plays Julio, is Ricardo's brother, who died in the plane crash and the other man is Antonio, Katy's brother. Katy also died in the plane crash.

The Medinas at Roxana, the women with the child, because she did something that hurt Antonio deeply.

I don't think Julio (Marcelo) is going to be good. He probably won't be bad, though he plays it well, but he is already shady.

hate Roxana*

AAA, wow! 2 recaps in one night and both full of every detail! Ditto on what SusanLynn said...you are truly a saint...and the explanation of the main characters really helped...Thank you so much!!

Susy, the girl that brought the little boy, Diego, to the party seems to be Antonio's ex-wife. Apparently she did something to Antonio (maybe cheated on him...just guessing) that the family holds against her for being such a bad woman. And yes, Marcelo is Hortencia's son, Julio, who seems to be in dept...maybe that's why he wasn't smiling too much? The dark haired man is Antonio...who needs to buy clothes a size larger.

I wonder why Ricardo left the million dollars to Juana, the maid. I was expecting Hortencia to have a heart attack!

I think I'm really going to enjoy this TN...


Alfredo, our comments crossing already :-)

Haha, always ;)

I'm hoping this novela becomes a lot lighter though because the first episode seemed heavy, a lot heavier than expected.

I wonder how much debt or what Julio did to accumulate it as the DOJ is already knowing on his door.


Thanks Alfredo, very good introduction to the characters. It is needed as there are many of them in the very first episode.

The million dollars is likely to attract many shady characters and gold diggers.

Hard to tell much about characters so early, the one thing is clear - Hortensia is obnoxious.

Thank Yoooo Alfr....Mr. Alfrredo..I tried to watch, but distracted myself recognizing all the people from other shows. Maribel the silk trapeze chik with Ana in TVA, Gabby who dated Danilow in P&P, Federicoocoo who dated Maia in Despertar Contigo. The girl in the burgundy leather jacket with 37 zippers looked familiar but I couldn't place her.

OT: I mentioned this over in DV earlier, but it is funny. Amanda, one of the FAs from La Piloto is doing commercials here in Sarasota for an attorney group of ambulance chasers.

Is this from UniMas ?

You're welcome, Kirby! Haha yeah at lot of cast members from bigger productions are here. Funny how that works. Poor Amanda from LP, she had the shortest end of the stick in that thing, but she bounced back.

Welcome, Lucio! Glad to see you here :) The million is sure to cause a lot of problems. The biggest pain will definitely be Hortensia. She will never accept someone of Juana's standing to have the money. I wonder if anyone got it but the Medina-Fernandez are not "rich" rich so what gives with Hortensia?

Steve, it's on Univision. 8 pm.

I did not know a knew TN was starting! I just happened to stop by to see if anything new was going on and there is!!!! Now I can rejoin the blog and get my TN fix!!

Thanks AA!! I will miss tonight's episode too but will set my dvr going forward!!!

I guess since Ramon's name is in the title it will primarily revolve around him.

Thanks Alfredo! You did a really excellent job at introducing this new story to us. So thank you for your hard work in getting this started. Your work is very much appreciated.

Well it's just beginning and there are already "flies" in the ointment in this TN. I knew it from the reading of the will and Juanita was asked to stay. She probably thought she was getting something sentimental or an item of jewelry she might have admired. Who knew she would be getting the bulk of the money in life insurance?

Then this runaway bride! Wow, the chase is on.

I am looking forward to tonght's episode too.

Hi to some familiar names. It looked as though thus will be a fun patio for this show!

The montage for the introduction had so many missing couples. It may be hard to remember who is kissing whom.

Cynthia..yes, Runaway Bride was a cute movie.

Not missing..kissing..forgive my haste and carelessness!!!

Alfredo, you are a one man wonder.

Doing both recaps last night was amazing!

I did not realize Andrea was rendered speechless by grief. (I do not like using the word "dumb" to refer to someone who can't speak. Ack).

Like Kirby, I was totally distracted by trying to place all the actors. What an ensemble cast this is! Wow! I was having so much fun...

That said, it takes me a while to understand who all the characters are. There were so many people last night!

I sensed a lot of chemistry between Ramon and the runaway bride. I am liking Jose Ron more each time I see him and I like him just fine here!

Marisol and Marcelo are a few favorites from Pasion and I will enjoy them here...

I have to say Arturo Carmona seems to have aged a decade from when I saw him last. And Marisol playing Ramon's mother?? Really?? Fab's doctor beau (from the Trivago ads) never gets the girl so we know he's toast already.

That aside, this looks like a lot of fun (the plane crash and deaths aside).

I'm afraid to look up who each of the actors are playing 'cause I don't want to see spoilers, but I will need to as I only know 3 or 4...

Wonderful to see friends, including Carvivlie and Cynthia again!

Alfredo, thank you for all your amazing efforts!


Welcome, Carvivlie! You've been missed! Ramon is in the title but it's about everyone falling love with him ;)

You're welcome Cynthia and Diana. I thank you wholeheartedly for your constant words of encouragement :D

Would it help, if I added the name of the actor playing the character to the recap or would that be too confusing? Let me know as there were a lot of people to account for last night.

Good work, Alfredo.

I will have to watch the opening episode again to clear up my confusion about who is who in this one; I don't usually have a problem but I'm seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces here.

$1MM US is a lot of money to leave to a servant so there has to be a serious reason for it.

BTW, I looked briefly at the Wikipedia page and warn you all not to; it seemed loaded with spoilers.

Don't know if I'm going to stick with this one although I like the A-list cast members.

Alfredo, how do you keep it together?
Wow, so many people to remember. Thank you for keepin it together in this recap. Now what's with this old broad
Tryin to control everybody? Ain't non
Of her Ol business. This is gonna be a
Good one.
I'd like to know why everybody is mad at the pretty Lady that brought Curly
Locks to the party. It'll come out in the wash with everything else.And what
A load of laundry that'll be.

Now is hose Ron gonna be with the Lady
From"color of passion"or the runnaway
Bride?From preview they be been showin
For the past week1/2 it might be the
P&P lady. Well who knows at this point it just started.
How many episodes? Anybody know? Did
Someone say awhile back they were gonna move that 10:00pm show to telemu
ndo? I didn't think it was that good anyway. Well whatever.
Thank you Alfredo, this is lookin like a fun patio.:)

Great to see you too Urban and Nina!

Alfredo, I would love it if you added the actor's names to the characters! I don't want to annoy anyone who already knows who's who, but after reading what Urban wrote, I don't think I will be checking Wikipedia.

"pretty lady that brought Curly locks to the party" - hee hee.


Diana, I added the names. Hope that helps :)

Nina, you are most welcome. I know you said you were having some trouble following with the story with no subtitles so I hope this clears some things up.

Most of the actors I have seen some place or another but the new ones seem to be Andrea, Osvaldo and Dalia though Osvaldo is related to Diego Amozurrutia who we've seen in Quiero Amarte and Mi Pecado.

Thanks, Alfredo. You are amazing.

I like Ramon and the runaway bride together, but the credits tell me he'll hook up with Esmeralda Pimentel's character. There is something about José Ron that makes me root for his characters. After all the crying Esmeralda did in El color de la pasion, I hope she catches a break here.

Don't think I'll be a regular watcher, but I will check in now and then.

You're welcome, Niecie and thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you often :)

Esmeralda is one of the best criers in the industry though lol

Good gravy this recap was a blast! Merci beaucoup Alfredo!

My silly self has a head canon that Catalina Lopezreina from Amor de Barrio and Juana the Maid from this show are sisters whom were separated at birth LOL.

My only grief with this first episode was the way it was announced Fabi's parents died; Triunfo del Amor did "death by airplane" better and that's saying a lot!

Alfredo, you're so thoughtful...always trying to make sure we understand what's going on...in this case WHO is going and coming. thanks for the added info.

I agree...Esmeralda is definitely good at crying.

You're welcome, RGV!

Anon, can you elaborate on Triunfo's announcement scene to get a clearer picture...I never let myself be tortured with it so I have no idea.

I'm happy to see another Amor de Barrio watcher though. Marisol del Olmo was amazing as Catalina, she should get more villain roles, I think.

Alfredo, THANK YOU!!!

I am so grateful you added the names! I was familiar with most and I can't tell you how much it has now added to what I know.

Yes, Esmeralda is a pretty crier and just plain pretty.

It will be interesting to see is she has the same chemistry with Ramon as Sofia.

Alfredo, again, my sincere and grateful appreciation.


Does anyone know how to get in touch with Univision? I use Closed Caption in English to understand the storyline of the novellas I watch. Last night the closed caption was sporadicly in Spanish or no CC at all, I was at complete loss. What a disappointment. Thank goodness for Caray Caray.

Daniela Romo's villainous character Bernarda AKA "Bernie-Bot 3000" died in a plane crash bien sin chiste like (there was a complaint we didn't even get a seen of her flipping out as the plane was malfunctioning,self-destructing and ultimately exploding haha.)

Bernarda seemed like such a hot mess. Im sad you guys messed that lol

You are very welcome, Diana! :D

Im sorry you are having thaf problem, Ro1947. What a pain. I googled and found this number: (212) 257-0285. Hope.it helps.

Nina, Ramon is 116 episodes.

Alfredo, you my darling are golden, I
I appreciate your thoughtfulness towards us non-Spanish speaking people. Why is uni doin this us. They
Know we the telenovas and want to know
What's being said. But bless your heart you wonderful recappers there's a special place in heaven for y'all just didn't go yet, cuz I need to know what the heck these people r saying on these Spanish speak in soaps. ;)

They know we like watching these Spanish-speaking soaps and we want to know what's being said"That what I was
Saying. I don't like missing words.

Thank you, Nina, my pleasure. Hopefully this is just some growing pains and they get their s*** togethee regardung the CCs. Something else to add to Uni's list of fouls

Alfredo: I'm assuming this TN is a Drama right ?

Steve, it's being billed as a Romantic Comedy.

Thank you Ramon for the phone number, I will call tomorrow. The same thing is happening tonight with episode 2. This is not right for all of us who like the novellas and depend on closed caption in english. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks again!

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