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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #64 8.8.17: Dead Men ("Kidnapped" Women and Helmet Heads) Tell No Tales

Danilo states that his first order of business is to kick Ryan out though he will leave Mercy in her place as Walter stipulated that she would stay there until her death. Joe goes to punch him in the face but Ryan stops him and tells Danilo that they are leaving of their own free will. Danilo warns them that they are still implicated in the money laundering at Furia, even though they don’t work there anymore, so he best be careful. Ryan would love to see him try, because he will go down with them. Either way, he will wait for El Dorado to grow tired of him and kick him to the curve. Danilo announces that he is El Dorado, so that would never happen, but Ryan states that Danilo doesn’t have enough huevos to be El Dorado and storms out. Once they’ve left, Danilo kicks back in the suddenly bigger conference room.

Later, Joe and Ryan had a few shots at a bar. Steve still doesn’t answer the phone but they need a plan to make sure Danilo goes down for the money laundering but the rest of them come out unscathed. Ryan proposes they find and talk to El Dorado, ASAP. Joe then reveals that he got the tests back for the knife and Asdrubal’s prints weren’t on it but they have no way of knowing who’s are as no hits came up in the criminal database. Ryan will force Estela to tell him who El Dorado is then because he’s tired of secrets.

At the ranch, Laura and the girls discuss the increasing amounts of likes on her video. Genesis then tells them that their sponsor got them a gig at a small venture, which they are happy about, as Regia prefers her concerts to be intimate. As they cheer, genesis receives a call from the sponsor and tells her that the venue owners cancelled their reservation and he’s scared his financial backers will get scared and withdraw their support completely. There is a moment of silence but Laura won’t let them fall and proposes they talk to the venue owners themselves. They all cheer and agree.

Ryan goes to see Estela but she’s unwilling to tell him who El Dorado is. Ryan doesn’t understand as ED hurt her for years but Estela doubts revealing his identity will help because it’s in his best interest that they continue laundering money at Furia. Estela then asks if Laura knows his plan but Ryan reveals that they are separated because she found out about their kiss.

Laura and Genesis go to the venue and demand to know why they cancelled her performance. The secretary doesn’t know but in comes the reason for the cancellation: Morgana walking arm and arm with one of the venue’s employees. Laura asks if she’s involved but Morgana feigns ignorance.

Estela confesses that she hoped to be with him again when she came back and asks if she should keep hoping that they’d be back together. Ryan tries to get her back to the issue at hand: El Dorado’s identity. Estela shakes her head and Ryan tells her that the knife she gave him was useless. She suggests he get rid of it but he will keep it close because it may be of use later. He demands to know why she won’t tell him the truth about ED but she argues that he will go directly to the police and then ED will come after him and kill him. She would die if he was hurt because of her and tells him that there are things he is better off not knowing. Frustrated, Ryan storms out.

Laura demands Morgana tell her the truth because she’s sure she had something to do with the cancellation. The employee explains that Morgana is innocent and the cancellation was because the venue would rather distance themselves from any possible scandals. Laura tells her that she has been cleared of any charges regarding her past but the employee reiterates that the owner’s decision is final. She does suggest that she call the owner of another venue, The Monarchy, where more artists in her genre perform.

Danilo walks into his office with Horacio and declares that Furia will be the most important money laundering company ever. In addition, it will be known for its narco corridos and not it’s regional music any longer. His celebration is short lived as Marcelino calls him and demands all his money back, ASAP. Horacio is worried but Danilo has a plan: rob Peter to pay Paul and go from there. He wishes Asdrubal would tell him where he hid the money but they will deal with the problem. He then asks Horacio how the upcoming show is coming so they can give Marcelino his money.

Joe goes to visit Estela, who tells him that she’s very happy to see him, and tells him what happened at Furia with Danilo and the shares. Estela thinks it’s for the best and thanks him again for his help, calling him a real gentleman. She then asks him for a favor: get the knife from Ryan as he already told her that it doesn’t prove anything. Joe reveals that he has the knife but they have no time to discuss this as there is a knock on the door. She tells Joe that she isn’t expecting anyone and pulls out her gun. Joe asks her to put it down and Estela apologizes but she’s nervous. Joe understands but goes to answer the door. There he finds a messenger, who hands him a box for Estela Carrillo and leaves. Estela asks Joe to be careful as he opens the box and finds a wine opener inside.

Laura and Genesis meet with the owner of The Monarchy, who tells them that it’s his pleasure to host Regia’s concert as she’s the artist he was looking of the venue’s inaugural concert. Laura does request that the concert dates stay the same and the owner agrees. They shake on it and he’s happy to welcome them as her concert will give his venue a spectacular reputation. Once they’ve left, the owner calls Horacio and Danilo to tell them that Laura accepted his offer. Danilo is happy to hear him and instructs him to keep their dealings a secret.

Estela reads the card from her “neighbor” and tells Joe about what happened with Milton yesterday. She now knows that he’s a reporter and wants to talk to her about her sudden reappearance but Joe doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Estela thinks it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows she’s alive and back but laments the fact that she’s not any safer even though she escaped El Dorado. She caresses his chest and tells him that she’s as much of a prisoner now as she was before. He doesn’t seem comfortable with her touch but doesn’t stop her.

Milton gets the fingerprint tests he ordered from the cup he stole form Estela. He explains to his assistant that he got Estela’s fingerprints from the DMV though he is sure it is the real Estela even without the fingerprints. His assistant asks if he has a photo but Milton doesn’t though the results prove that it is Estela. He explains that he needs to apply pressure so Estela can tell him what she knows about El Dorado. However, ED may very well be Ryan and both Estela and Regia are protecting him and he would need to talk to Regia as well. His assistant reveals that Regia has a show coming up and it would guarantee Milton the front page if she was arrested in the middle of the concert.

Ryan goes to Steve’s apartment and knocks on his door to no avail. A neighbor asks him to stop knocking because it’s obvious that he isn’t home. Ryan looks worried.

Milton goes to see Asdrubal, who makes it clear that he is El Dorado, and would like Milton to write it as such in his story. Milton nods but there is one thing he needs to know, to make sure he is El Dorado: what really happened the night Pedro Carrillo was murdered? Asdrubal will save that story for the trial though he could’ve also ordered someone else to kill him. Milton still wants to know why he insists on being called El Dorado and blamed for all his crimes. He wonders what would happen if he and Estela were face-to-face. Asdrubal explains that Estela has already suffered enough and he doesn’t want her near any cameras again. He proposes Milton report what he told him and then he will receive the thing he wants the most.

Ryan goes to Cousin Jimmy’s rehab center and talks to the nurse at the front desk. She explains that Steve was going to bring him back but he never did. Ryan asks if she knows where Jimmy’s therapist is and the nurse reveals that he has been missing for two days and is officially being looked for by the police.

Estela, with sunglasses, meets Milton at a restaurant. He apologizes for pretending to be his neighbor and Estela confesses that she almost didn’t come but decided to because it is the only way he would leave her alone. She warns him that any story he publishes about her may put her life in danger though Milton thinks she would be safer if he did unless she had something to hide like the fact that she was ED’s accomplice. Estela explains that ED kidnapped her but Milton wants to know how she escaped and asks if Asdrubal helped her. Estela is offended by the insinuation that there is something between her and Asdrubal, who, in fact, tried to kill her after she escaped. She suggests he talk to Laura and Ryan, who saved her. She goes to leave but Milton wants to know why no one has seen El Dorado. She sits back down and Milton explains that all criminals leave a trace of themselves somewhere but ED is like a ghost. Estrela suggests she ask ED himself but Milton doesn’t know which one to ask as a lot of men have been ED including Danilo and Lucio Galvan. He wonders if ED is living a double life but Estela is quiet. He suggests she reveal the truth lest everyone think she’s an accomplice but Estela decides to leave without another word.

A messenger hands Danilo, the new majority shareholder at Furia, and Danilo thanks him before ordering him to leave. He smiles and opens the box but finds Dr. Fragoso’s head inside. Danilo cringes and asks Horacio to hand him the note inside. Horacio obliges and reads the note from ED, who tells Danilo that he is close and watching him.

Estela and Ryan are at a bar because Estela called him as soon as she left Milton. She didn’t want to but she had a panic attack after her meeting with Milton. Ryan chides her for meeting with Milton and then hiding it but Estela had no other option as they were supposed to be maintaining their distance. She finally relented because she has no one else. Ryan will demand Milton if he gets close again but Estela only has two options: run or reveal herself to the work. She finally understands Laura’s words that living a double life is horrible and she’s tired of hiding. The first thing she will do is leave his apartment and go back to her apartment in Santa Monica, since only them two know about it. Ryan reveals that Laura also knows about it and Estela confesses that she doesn’t want to stay away from him but she knows she must. Just then, she stands up and caresses Ryan’s face as an unseen observer takes pictures.

Milton meets with Laura, who reminds him how bad their last meeting went, at the ranch. He apologizes for his past behavior but he wants to know if both she and Ryan rescued Estela. Laura prefers not to talk, as Estela could be in danger, but Milton is close to finding the real ED and would like her help to do so. Laura explains that the night they found Estela she was unconscious and in a freshly dug hole. She assumes Asdrubal threw her there on ED’s orders. Milton explains that the first ED decoy was Lucio Galvan and Laura confesses that she once saw a video of Lucio challenging the real ED to show himself or his business would suffer. She explains that it was shortly before Lucio’s death. Milton asks if he can talk to Ryan but Laura reveals that he no longer lives at the ranch and notes that he has another story right there. Milton is quiet and Laura then stands up and bids him goodbye. Milton now knows that she has nothing to do with ED but he will let her know about his suspicions regarding El Dorado once he investigates further. He then wishes her luck in her concert and leaves.

That night, Danilo goes to visit Milton’s office and Milton manages to hide Danilo’s picture on his cork board as Danilo reminds him that they have some pressing business: El Dorado’s woman. Milton reveals that the mystery woman is Estela Carrillo but Danilo reminds him that Estela is dead. Milton nods and tells Danilo it would’ve been easier for him to ask Ryan about ED’s woman because it’s Ryan’s ex. Danilo wonders if Milton is lying and warns him not to play with fire but Milton warns him that he will know the truth soon and then they will see who the real money launderer is. Danilo reiterates that it is Ryan and asks that he stop chasing ghosts and get him some real answers. Once he’s left, the assistant wonders why he revealed that Estela was alive. Milton explains that as Danilo chases other leads, he can focus on the real clues. His assistant reminds him that all his theories could also be wrong but Milton doesn’t say anything.

Days later, Leticia, Tadeo and Chavalin arrive at the concert hall for Regia’s concert. Tadeo sees Horacio, who pays him no attention, with venue’s owner and walks away without another word.

In his house and while getting some clothes, Ryan laments the fact that he is apart from both Laura and Estela as Estela has finally settled into her old apartment and Laura is still at the ranch. Joe warns him to decide soon or he may risk losing both women. Ryan nods and then asks about Mercy, who doesn’t seem as happy with Joe as before. Joe confesses that they are working on it and will be going out that night. Ryan nods and they go.

Laura gets ready with the girls in the dressing room but worries that they didn’t sell enough tickets to fill the stadium. Leticia tells her not to worry as they worked hard and Tadeo notes that Furia did a great job. Genesis and Nina explain that the show is independent of Furia and they worked on it all by themselves. Tadeo is surprised as he saw Horacio with another man outside. Laura comes out, as Regia, and asks Tadeo to describe the other man.

In his office, Milton’s assistant notes that nothing new has come out of Mitlon’s revelation that Estela was ED’s mistress. In fact, the only new news that came out was that Ryan has been seen with Estela even though he’s married to Laura. Milton is pissed, as that gossip rag almost destroyed his investigation, but he is only missing one clue to figure who and where he can find the real ED.

Regia confronts The Monarchy owner and accuses him of laundering dirty money through her show. She demands that he show her proof that all her tickets were sold but he asks her to calm down because she seems nervous. Regia will calm down as soon as he shows her the ticket sales. She warns him that she’s worked behind the scenes before and knows how Danilo Cabrera works. Just then, Genesis comes in and Regia announces that the show is cancelled because she refuses to have her reputation soiled by their shady dealings.

Mercy arrives home with Joe and she seems happy as does he. He gives her a kiss and she thanks him for a very romantic evening before apologizing for being distant lately. Joe notes that they were both to blame and gives her a kiss.

Outside the venue, everyone asks Regia what they are going to do now. She watches Genesis and Nina as they dance with Paloma and tells them that she has an idea: put the stage in the parking lot and do the show but without going through the venue. That way the fans get their show but Danilo doesn’t get to launder his money. She then asks Genesis if the parking lot belongs to the venue and it doesn’t. Regia smiles.

Mercy goes to her room and sees that it has been ransacked. Joe goes to look in the nightstand and finds that the knife which killed Pedro Carrillo is missing. He tells Mercy, frustrated.

Estela opens Ryan’s apartment door, hoping to see Ryan, but finds a singing Danilo instead. She asks him to leave but he won’t until she reveals where the real Dorado is. He makes his way inside and warns her that patience is not one of his virtues.

Rosario and Paloma wish Regia luck as Genesis comes and tells her that everything is ready. She smiles and makes her way to the parking lot where all her fans are waiting for her. She welcomes them and explains that the venue was too dirty and she wanted them to have a show in the best conditions before cancelling everything. She then tells them that she loves them and reminds them to love themselves first and they will be able to love others. Among immense applause, she begins to sing.

Danilo reveals that he had already seen Estela once before and never forgot her. He remembers when he saw her at the first ever Dorado party they went to but Estela doesn’t remember him at all. Just then, Ryan arrives and demands to know what Danilo is doing there. Danilo laughs and tells Ryan that he has some serious bad luck with women because Estela left him for ED and Laura…well…Ryan punches Danilo in the face and he goes down but chides Ryan for always resolving everything with violence. Estela explains that she never left Ryan for ED, in fact, ED kidnapped her and forced her to be with him. Danilo thinks that’s strange because she seemed to be quite content at the party he saw her at. She explains that she had to pretend or someone else would’ve paid her insolence. Ryan has had enough and tries to push him out but Danilo stops him.

Regia continues to sing as her fans continue to cheer. She tells them that their love has helped her be strong and she wants to show them that she still has a lot of ways to go as an artist and it’s because of them. She begins to sing again and goes over to Paloma and begins to sing for her and her friends.

Danilo will leave right now, on one condition, Estela tells him where ED is. Estela shakes her head and Ryan pushes Danilo out of the apartment. He warns them that he will find out the truth but they don’t open the door. Ryan then goes to Estela and she hugs him tight.

After another son, Regia tells the crowd that they have persevered despite all the challenges in front of them and they will continue to beat the odds. As women, they will also come out on top with or without a man. The crowd cheers and Regia smiles.

That night, Joe talks to the police and explains that the knife that was stolen was vital to an ongoing investigation. They promise to begin looking right away and leave. Joe then walks over to Mercy, who has been sulking in the corner. She chides him for hiding the knife that killed her husband in her house but she shakes her head because it’s useless. Lately she feels that Joe doesn’t listen to her suggestions and they are paying the consequences like with Steve and the Furia shares. Joe doesn’t say anything and Mercy walks away.

At the ranch, Laura, the girls, and the band celebrate her successful concert. Genesis tells her that she will set a powerful precedent now that she is self-producing and Rosario hopes that she continues to move forward. Nina then tells her that her concert was amazing and begins to sing one of the songs she loved. Ruben tells her that they must sing properly and he begins to play the guitar and sings to Nina and her to him. Genesis beings to record the song as Leticia hugs Paloma. Just then, Laura receives a call from Milton, who congratulates her for her successful concert. She goes off to the side and wonders if he’s being genuine. Milton confirms he is but wonders why she didn’t do the concert inside the venue. Laura promises to answer all his questions but it will have to be at another time because she’s celebrating right now. Milton nods and then reveals that he is close to finding out who the real ED is. Laura begs him to tell her but he prefers to do so in person and they agree to meet tomorrow.

Estela begs Ryan to keep her distance from ED because he will be in danger if he does. Either way, she doubts he will help Ryan expel the money laundering practices at Furia. Ryan reveals that ED has helped them before, and even saved his life, and demands to know who he and where he is. Estela stands up and asks Ryan how he would feel if he knew that ED was someone he knew and was close this whole time. Ryan prefers to know but Estela reminds him that she never knew his family until now and she doesn’t know his friends either so it’s possible that ED has been close to them the whole time and she didn’t know. She begs him to please let it go because she couldn’t bear to lose him. Ryan thinks about this and Estela gets close though Ryan shrinks from his touch. She apologizes and thinks it’d be best if she left but he asks her to stay, at least for a while to make sure Danilo isn’t waiting for her. She obliges.

The next day, in Danilo’s office, Danilo tells Horacio that he plans to send Natividad to watch Estela until ED comes for her. Horacio thinks this is a bad idea because Natividad is too old and scared though Danilo reminds him that Natividad is dangerous. Either way, they must think of a way to get all the information out of Estela, ASAP.

Laura is having a coffee when Milton comes and asks her to please go with him to a more private place because he doesn’t feel safe. She is taken aback but agrees and gathers her things. They both don’t notice the sniper that is getting ready on a rooftop across from them. He points the rifle at Milton’s chest and shoots. Milton falls as Laura crouches down, looks at the rooftop and sees the sniper gathers his things and leave. She looks down at Milton’s lifeless body, speechless…


Guys! Omg, is Milton dead???? After all that and he only died with a suspicion?? Wowowowowow

Ha! Regia told Danilo to go take a hike so I wonder how he's washing his money now.

Mercy is going to leave Joe for sure now. He keeps hiding things from her and that's always a recipe for disaster.

I read some of the comments but was working on the recap and couldn't say anything but, without the recap and/or Mexican episodes, viewers missed Tona and Fausto's anvils and Tadeo's roll in the hey with Horacio. Two huge developments were left on the cutting room floor for no reason. They could;ve cut the scene if it was "offensive" without chopping the whole episode.

Alfredo, great recap as always! Thank you!!

So sorry to see Milton go...que descanse en paz. That man was sweeping when he was in his office was really suspicious...could he have been the sniper too?

I think you're right, Alfredo, Mercy and Joe's future looks dim...not just because of the secrets Joe is keeping from her, but he also thinks she hasn't revealed all her secrets to him...definitely a kettle that will boil over.

EstelOverDoesIt continues to play people, especially Joe. She took out her gun and acted scared when the messenger knocked...why wasn't she scared when she was alone and opened the door for Milton without hesitating...and today she opened the door for Danilow...again without hesitation...she is a complete FAKE!!

Alfredo, I do not know how you do it...two recaps ..and delivered so quickly. Thank you.

Chickie..I thought that sweeper was going to kill poor Milton right there in the office.

Mercy is back in a hat. Weird.

Hmm..creepy Estela tells gullible Ry that El D is someone near him. Is this all going to make sense in the end, or are we all going to be saying "QTH?"

And...more girl power speeches by Laura . Was Genesis wearing a cheer leading outfit?

The Eagle said: "Excuse Me! Is that a head in that box DaniLo?"

Susy I was looking for a big 'M' or 'W' on her chest and sneakers. It looks like Nina and Guitar boy are really hitting it off.

After ALL that they just snipe Wiltin Milton off? Well, that throws in another wrinkle, like this raisin needs any more.

Thanks Alfredo. I still think you have perfected that secret Aparicio mind typing device. Does it work in Win 7 Pro 64 bit?

Arrgh! Milton was both annoying and baffling, but he was trying to answer some questions. Now how do we learn the solutions he was seeking?

Thanks, Alfredo for summarizing for us!

Thanks, Alfredo. Great work.

Poor Milton. Why plan his initial meet with Laura at such a public place? In Mexico, Russia, and other countries, investigative journalist really do run the risk of getting murdered like this.

I don't see any happiness in Ryan when he's with Estela.

Yay, Laura takes her show to a parking lot rather than deal with dirty money. She looked great in the black dress.

Susanlynn, yep, Genesis brought out her old cheerleader uniform. Made me think of Asdrubal's earlier comment that other women were kindergarten compared to Estela.

Niecie: Just like that, Milton gets whacked!

Susanlynn: Genesis used to be a cheerleader ?

Thank you, RGV, Susy, Kirby, La Paloma, and Niecie!

Regia's speeches are great because Ariadne is great. She has the power to deliver those speeches without being fake. I haven't seen a lot of actors do that on a consistent basis as she has.

THe wardrobe choses are sometimes…offf. But did anyone see sparks fly between Nina and Ruben? Does that mean Steve and Genesis are endgame? Where the hell is Steve????


Steve and Genesis may only be endgame if she wants to live 'underground', I suspect. Steve has not been seen since DaniLow got the only thing he wanted from him. I am afraid Steve is d e a d.

The dead Doctor's head delivered by FedEx was a nice touch. I hopeo we have some STD carrying unicorns gulping Viagra waiting to punish DaniLow.

Nina and Ruben are suddenly singing a duet together? OK.


Thank you, Alfredo!!

Hopefully Milton left behind a notebook full of clues, or maybe Robin knows something.

The problem I'm having with Estela: she's so obviously fake to us, why don't any of the other characters distrust her? That's the "weird" I was getting at yesterday when I asked if Sara is generally a good actress, because I can't tell whether Estela is overdoing it (in which case the characters should notice) or if Sara is overdoing it (in which case you'd think the director would tell her to dial it back). And yeah that bit with the gun in the scene with Joe and the messenger was really over the top.

I had the same reaction as the rest of you to Genesis's cheerleader outfit. Go team!

Niecie, good observation that Ryan looks unhappy when he's with Estela. She has enchanted him, but it's not a happy enchantment.

Alfredo, there were sparks between Nina and Ruben when they met for the first time last week. They both started babbling and gaping at one another. Finally, a couple we can feel good about, LOL.

Nina is prob anticipating waking up with him without an invoice taped to her butt. A new life.

Julie I cannot read Estela. She is for sure a flake, but I'm like you, wondering if she is acting a flake or a flake acting.

How did she get back that blue makeup/gun bag? The last we saw it, it was cleverly hidden on the top shelf in LaurStela's room in Mercy's house. And that frilly megagun had been stolen by DaniLow's now departed helper.

Now I'm really suspicious.

Ages ago, Rita found the gun in Laura's room and told Ryan. Ryan took it, and he brought it to Estela when she called him flipping out after Milton's corkscrew quest. Great idea, handing a gun to an untrustworthy person who seems hysterical.

Or did Paloma find the gun under Danilo's bed and that's the one Ryan took? I don't remember which gun was which any more. But whatever. Ryan gave it to her for protection and now she whips it out every time someone comes to the door... if someone's with her.

Oh sh..oot, I forgot about Ry bringing her the stupid gun. Thanks.

I am so tired of speeches and messages I am not paying attention like I should. When that bull starts, I go to the kitchen and graze.

Yeah, that gun is like plot earring over at ECDLP. I think the actress is good at faking being good while actually being bad. While novela acting doesn't tend to be the best, at times, Estela's exaggerated mannerisms are way too much, especially in this production where the acting has been top notch throughout. So she's definitely a faker.

Unless...it's a plan to throw us off. We still have so much to go until the end but as soon as they reveal Estela's true, I will be a lot more comfortable.

Good morning. Sunny day here but only 70. It would be a good Six Flags day here, Julie...notbhot..nobsign of rain, slight breeze .

It is good that we have people like Julie and Vivi here to remember stuff. Props often take on a life of their own. Case in point..that d@mn cellphone that the Vino writers made such a big deal about , and then..it evaporated. The gun in the blue tote was traveling around a lot. Then, nobody talker about but..kind of like Mercy's hat. Now, they have both resurfaced.

Will anyone find Milton's Homeland visionboard?

Good Morning, Everyone! Nice hot start to the day here in the RGV.

Kirby, "I am so tired of speeches and messages" DITTO!! I tune out when the lectures start; I just want to enjoy the last few episodes without getting my feathers ruffled...and we're in for a big roller coaster ride with everything that needs to be (hopeofully) resolved.

Julie, do you really think Milton had a notebook? His thoughts were all over that bulletin board...just as his ideas were. Laura called it when she criticized him for not being able to figure out what side of the fence she was on.

I, too, like the Ruben/Nina pairing. They really hit it off quickly and they both seem down-to-earth...unlike everyone else...

The gun path: Estela->Laura->Caloa->Danilow->Ryan->Estela

Nice pic, Kirby, looks like that bird took a peak into that package Danilow received!

oh I forgot Paloma...

The gun path: Estela->Laura->Caloa->Danilow->Paloma->Ryan->Estela

Alfredo, you conveyed all the non-stop action last night perfectly. You always set the stage, enhance the mood and deliver a stellar production (recap). Amazing.

Milton's character was rather annoying to me and he just seemed so obsessed without any real valid reason. Gone too soon.

Estela asks for the knife, it wasn't given immediately and was stolen right after. She meets with Milton and then "wham". So, it's either that Estela is ED or someone is right on her tail doing her bidding (with words barely spoken).

Joe seems to have moved front and center, hasn't he? "She caresses his chest and tells him that she’s as much of a prisoner now as she was before. He doesn’t seem comfortable with her touch but doesn’t stop her". Is he simply "researching" her, is a bit intrigued or neither? I can't tell. Joe always seems to have such an intelligent stare but it's frustrating as I can't see or "hear" what he is processing.

"Joe warns him to decide soon or he may risk losing both women. Ryan nods and then asks about Mercy, who doesn’t seem as happy with Joe as before". I agree that Joe is keeping things from Mercy. While he loves her, his feelings didn't keep him from having her investigated did they? What emotions is the man capable of? Distant to his children and devoted (partially) to Mercy. Very complex.

Niecie, Ryan doesn't seem happy with Estela, you are very right. There's worry and angst on his face, not joy.

I wondered what was in the package. Had no idea it was a head! Ack.

"Well, that throws in another wrinkle, like this raisin needs any more" had me laughing out loud Kirby.

Alfredo, you hit this out of the park! Thank you, thank you.


Susy, believe me, I am sitting here in my office, burning with awareness of what a nice Six Flags day this would be. We are going next week, and if it rains I don't know what I will do.

Yeah, Milton had the bulletin board, not a notebook. But there have to be detailed notes someplace, and I bet Robin knows where they are. If they're on Milt's computer, Robin might not be able to access them. Steve's hacker friend probably could - but they'd have to find him first, and I don't know if Ryan knows how to contact him without Steve.

Julie..deep breathing is helpful. Hope that your next Six Flags trip is on a day like today. Sunny, pleasantly warm. I have several pots boiling in my own personal telenovela and another just started up today. Deep breaths. Mindfulness. Telenovelas.

Ommm. Ommm. Ommm

Deep breaths? I will hyperventilate!!

So this episode really wasn't the edited/spliced remains of two different episodes? It jumped from one thing to another so fast that I couldn't keep up. Milton's talking with one person, I blink, he's talking to someone else, blink, someone else. He gets around! (I mean, he got around. A little too much, apparently.)

It was so sunny over here and then suddenly rain, while good for the plants, it's hard to figure out if I will need an umbrella or not. Like Milton's investigative skills, this weather is giving me whiplash.

No slicing and dicing, thank god, but the plot seems to be roaring to the end so buckle up folks.

Diana, I hope your husband's doing okay :)

Alfredo..in my experience, if I take an umbrella ,it doesn't rain , but if I don't, it does. Take the umbrella.

CHickie..hide all your unmbrellas or give them away..then maybe it will rain. This, folks, is called " magic thinking."

Was there a reason Milton was so obsessed ? Will we ever know? #probablyynot.

I think that Joe is going to get involved with Esteala. Her seductive powers seem to be working on him ,and Mercy has been pretty cold to him lately.

And when I do take one, I leave it in the car LOL!

Milton was an investigative reporter that was unhappy writing gossip rags for a moody boss. Not the best or deepest reason but it works for me.

I wonder if Laura will chase after the sniper.

Never fails. Old Native American rain ploy.
A. Wash car, leave on driveway, put windows down.
B. Hop on motorcycle,sling camera on a shoulder
C. Drive at least 25 minutes in straight as possible line away from home.
D. Enjoy shower under overpass

They just announced...Gran Finale is the 18TH...not the 17th...

Maybe DZ meant that the finale would be the 17th because it would be the first part of the finale???

I think DZ meant that Univision told him it would be the 17th, and he believed them. He wouldn't be the first person to fall for that one.

11 years I've been watching TNs on Univision, and this has been a problem the entire time. They do not stick to plans.

(Sometimes they'll also announce that a TN is "coming soon" and then end up delaying it nine months, or not showing it at all.)

Is there any way for Ryan to be happy with Estela though? She already left once, so even if she isn't evil, there is way too much bad blood between them to ever be happy.

OT Kirby...thanks for that ABCD . I appreciate the giggle it gave me.

Alfredo: Ryan hasn't been happy to see Estela ever since she reappeared in his life. If he wasn't feeling the joy of being reunited with her when she first showed up, I doubt he can be happy with her no matter what happens.

But Estela doesn't need him to be happy. She just needs him to feel obligated.

Laura is beautiful inside and out. Do not be stupid, Ry. Do not trust Esteala.

Ryan might be happy with Estela if he keeps that blindfold over his eyes so he won't see what a conniving fake she really is. My question is: if he does "choose" (I hate that word in this context) Laura, will Laura ever really be able to trust that she is the one he loves. If it were me, I think I'd always have that doubt in the back of my mind.

Kirby, washing the car is usually a rainmaker...I had been thinking about that.

This is true but he gave into her kiss so I wondered if that initial spark could ignite a whole fire but I doubt it now.

Thinking back, he was merely suprised to find her in the grave and would of course save her life but his "doubts" were always meered by the fact that he was only looking happy in Laura's presence.

I wish we could've see some flashbacks before Estela's reveal that would've shown us how Ryan fell in love but, at this point, she's the woman who disappeared and he mourned her "death" long ago.


That's another good point, RGV. I'm not sure Laura would like being second fiddle to anyone. If you have to chose in the first place then maybe you shouldn't be together.

Laura does need to come to terms with the fact that Ryan would likely not be with her if Estela would have never disappeared. If that keeps her awake at night then that's another reason not to accept him back.

I haven't seen anyone mention it today, but who burglarized Mercy and Joe's loveless nest? DaniLow or designee or Dorito/henchperson.

I suppose it was not Luisa. She must be on vacation. :-)

LooneyVision has a funny way of beginning to tie up loose ends. Is it just 'Kill them all and sort it out next season'?

Don't know what's going through Ryan's head, but I'm guessing he's realizing Estela is not the same as before and he's not the same as before. Laura has changed the equation. Even if Estela is telling the truth and is a fab person (not!), my take is he wouldn't be happy with her anymore.

And what happened to the old TN majic when two women were after the same man and they solved it with a Bunny Hopoff. ?

These modern women "Don't need no stinkin man."

Kirby, I don't think Danilow knows about the knife, so I don't think it was him; My bet would be with Dorito/Henchman...since he/she also sent the package to Danilow.

BTW, why was Milton so scared and knew that they needed to go to a more secure place? Another unsolved mystery? I thought it was strange that he looked up at the sniper...how did he know???

Kirby, that is a magnificent shot! Thank you for all the beauty you bring to us.

From Alfredo's recap: "Ryan states that Danilo doesn’t have enough huevos to be El Dorado" - another hint that El Dorado is someone with no huevos. Or, well, plenty of huevos in her ovaries.

CHickie...I thought that Milton looked down and saw a laser dot focused on his chest..or did I just imagine that?

Also: if they tested the knife for prints, aren't the prints gone now? Doesn't lifting the prints pretty much obliterate them? (My info might be a little outdated.)

The excuse for canceling La Regia's concert was pretty stupid. They don't want to be associated with her scandals? Really? Then why did they book her in the first place? The scandals are already ancient history.

Why does Estela want the knife back? I almost think that Joe "stole" it so that no one will look for it. Maybe the knife does prove something, or he thinks it will prove something, but isn't sure whom to trust. (Or else HE killed Pedro Carrillo.)

I know I saw the laser dot on Milty's chest - not sure if Milton did though.

Julie, secret clue ;) but are the writers that smart?

RGV and Susanlynm, Milton saw the piinter and thwn looked up at thw sniper. Laura saw him too so i wonder if shell say something.

Morgana probably told the venue something worse to cancel the concert and force her to go to thw Monarchy. That or thwy paid them.

Even if Estela is eD why would she give him the knife and then try and take it back? Is someone else involved?

Susanlynn, I think Milton did see the laser dot right before he was shot. And what a lovely description of Laura "beautiful inside and out". So true...

Alfredo, excellent point in that Ryan would not have been with Laura (ever) had Estela not left. If I were Laura in the present and he decided to stay with me, I'm not sure I would ever stop wondering if I was "the one" and if he ever regretted not choosing or missing Estela. Rgv Chick, you said the same thing, only far more poignantly.

I think Este had Joe and Mercy's place ransacked.

Julie, I thought surely last night was edited as they were flashing from scene to scene. It seemed really disjointed.

Kirby, I'm in awe of the eagle. And of your skills.


Maybe Estela gave Ryan the knife because she knew the prints on it couldn't be traced? And maybe she took it back because it's El D's trophy?

I don't think Laura will talk to the police...based on her history..

Honestly, I am also kind of ticked that the main "love" has become a love triangle. Danilo and Morgana were never even on the radar and now Estela appears and shes accomplished a separation faster than SkullJacket and Queen Pillowtop.

Ahh yes, RGV. Hadnt thought of that. Im with Julie she has to be ED or a deep in the trenches accomplice. No way she was a trophy wife herself.

Susanlynn said exactly why were would miss Laura if she were gone.


OMG the maid from the Fur Familia Lurchy is on Luuurvin Ramiton too.

Thanks RGV and Diana, you are too kind. Glad I can fill in the boring times. Like 3 day weekends. That bird didn't catch a fish to tell his buddies about it.

Still on the fence with Estela and whoisdorito. The woman we are seeing is just not on the ball enough to have been El D for three years or is expertly playing dumb.

Trump's spokeschick KellyAnne is on there with straight hair looks like. ? ? ? At the roulette table.

That fence I was on about Estela? It seems they finally got the power hooked up. An ELECTRIC FENCE it turns out.

Alfredo as usual you always bring it.
Ya know? I think Estella is as crooked
As a snake on a straight street.I also think she's El D. Could be wrong, but she did ask Ryan" what if Eldorado was someone close that he never thought possible could be El Dorado Im kind of paraphrasing but the question was some what like that, and I'm wondering why is she asking him something like that? Because I think she's ED. I can't think of anybody else it could be,I even thought it could have been Mercy at one point. I'm still not far from that point.

Danilowererer is dirt.

Who ordered the hit? Estella or Danilo
ererer? Or assdrubal?Well we might not
Find that out tonight either.

Ryan has been eatin stupid biscuits &
He's spending waaay to much time with

Thank Alfredo.

I hadnt thoughr of Danilo TBH but it couldvery well be. Does Asdrubal still have contacts outside of jail or is ED leaving him there to rot?

Kirby, Estelas fence ia bound to electrocute more than one ;)

Another thing, why would the original venue owner believe Morgana about anything? She publicly admitted that she had lied about the pregnancy. That's a RECENT scandal!

Oh hey, there's a show on now.

I love Genesis :-)

"Estela hold my drink!" Lol

As soon as Genesis grabbed that glass and made a beeline for Esteala, I know what was going to happen.

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