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Enamorandome de Ramon #2 8.9.17: Potential Millionaires and Gambling Addicts

Juana storms out and Virginia urges Julio to do something or they will lose the money. He chases after Juana with Antonio as Andrea leaves the table with Julio in tow.

Outside, Juana tries to hail a cab but he’s going the wrong way. Julio and Antonio come and she chides them for doubting her and not defending her. She thinks it’s ridiculous that Hortensia would think she’s a thief but Antonio begs her to come with them so they can talk it over. Juana shakes her head, hails another cab, and leaves.

Pedro leaves the family to talk things over. Virginia and Osvaldo think they should be nicer to Juana, to ensure the money stays in the family, but Hortensia doesn’t care and insists she manage the money. Fabiola reminds her that her parents didn’t leave the money to her and they should get the money. Hortensia won’t allow Fabiola to insult her in that matter and leaves with Margarita.

Later, Hortensia arrives home and stews in her anger about the recent events. She is shocked that her son would leave the money to Juana but Margarita thinks she’s just mad because Ricardo didn’t leave the money to her. Hortensia doesn’t care, she will make sure Juana doesn’t receive the money and will need Margarita’s help since she’s a lawyer but Margarita reminds her that she can’t challenge an insurance policy like a will. If she does, then they risk losing the money. Hortensia orders to find a solution regardless.

In her room, Andrea and Julio talk about the situation. Julio is okay with the decision but Andrea worries that Juana has left and will never come back.

Pedro explains how life insurance policies work and makes it clear that the insurance company doesn’t care who the beneficiary is, just that it has to pay them out if the policy holder passes away. Julio and Antonio worry about how the money will be managed but all they agree that they will keep a close watch on Juana to make sure the money is not mismanaged. Pedro leaves and Julio thinks that Pedro wants the money so they have to make sure they control it before him.

While wondering the streets, Juana calls Luisa and begs her to give her asylum in her home. Luisa agrees and Juana explains the situation, which sends Luisa jumping up and down at the thought of 1 million dollars. They agree to meet later but Virginia has heard the whole conversation and warns Luisa that the money is not Juana’s and it will never be.

Roxana meets with her current beau, Augustin, at her apartment. She warns him that Diego is in the home because Antonio is at the will reading for his sister and brother-in-law. Augustin laments it and then goes to leave but Roxana thinks they should cohabitate with Diego. Augustin is unsure, in fact, he proposes they move away, as previously discussed, and then bring Diego to live with them. Roxana doesn’t want to leave Diego but will think about it. Diego then comes and she asks him if he will play with Augustin but Diego doesn’t want to and leaves.

Juana arrives at Luisa’s and lets herself in. She tries to call Ramon but he doesn’t answer.

Fabiola storms into Andrea’s room. She thinks they should convince Juana to cash the policy and deposit it in a bank account for them but Andrea urges her to trust Juana. Fabiola shakes her head and storms out.

That night, Luisa arrives home and finds Juana sitting in the dark. She has been thinking about why the Medinas left the money to her. Dalia comes and wonders why Juana is there. Luisa tells her about the policy and Dalia is excited though Juana asks them to calm down because it’s not hers.

Roxana asks Diego why he won’t play with Augustin but the child didn’t feel like it. Roxana nods and then asks if he has a better time with his father or her and he has a better time when they are all together. She asks if he would be okay living with Antonio full time while she went on a trip. Diego would be happy to.

Juana tells Dalia that it’s 1 million dollars but they want to look to see how much it is in pesos. Dalia suggests she cash the policy, because she’s been working hard for years, and thinks about all the things she will buy if she had money. Luisa would redo her whole body but Juana doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

Julio tells Virginia that he has to go meet a client but Virginia thinks it’s too late to go out, especially after the plane crash. She reveals that she can’t sleep if he’s not with her and he tells her he will be back soon. Once he’s left, Osvaldo comes and asks about Julio since he needed money to go to a bar. Virginia chides him since they are grieving and decides to not give him any money. Osvaldo storms off.

Fabiola tells Francisco what happened with Juana and he is shocked. Fabiola is unsure about Juana’s intentions but Francisco is worried about the fact that Juana has left because she may not come back.

Juana settles into her room and Luisa asks her to think things over before leaving her to sleep. She remembers when Ricardo and Katy left and left her in charge of the girls. She remembers the will reading and cries.

Julio enters a casino and changes some cash into coins.

Ramon and Sofia arrive at a hotel and he tells her that it’s the most modest thing he could afford but she thinks it’s better than the wedding night she thought she would have. He offers to carry her and she accepts. They begin to dance but he trips over the bed and falls, hurting his ribs in the process. She apologizes but Ramon begins to laugh.

Julio continues to bet and drink and lose more money. He curses his luck as the winner grabs his earnings and leaves. He then makes another bet as a blond woman next to him observes. He finally gets a winning number and leaves after wishing the blond woman good luck.

Sofia takes off Ramon’s shirt and confirms that his rib isn’t broken. He then puts a pillow down on the floor so she can take the bed but she won’t have it. She proposes they both sleep on the floor then.

After Francisco has left, Fabiola goes to Andrea’s room and tells her that Juana has not appeared and she doubts she will. Andrea wonders what they will do and Fabiola is unsure. She hugs Andrea, tightly.

Juana dreams about being a rich woman with Luisa and seeing the Medina sisters as homeless beggars. She throws them a quarter and wakes up with a start, scared.

Having decided on sleeping on the bed together, Sofia and Ramon can’t sleep. She reveals that she can’t, not because of what happened at the wedding, but because it’s the first time she’s alone with a man that is not Timoteo or her father. She asks him to tell her about himself and he does.

The next morning, Fabiola and Andrea wake up to Juana’s voice. They hug her fiercely and she chides them for thinking the worse of her but she’s back now, for good. They smile and kiss her.

Ramon wakes up cuddling with Sofia. She wakes up then and apologizes but he thinks doesn’t mind. She wishes she could’ve met him first but Ramon doesn’t think it matters because the past is the past. He offers to help her find her way but he needs to go to his job first and tell his boss what happened. She decides to take a shower first.

Juana serves the girls breakfast and Fabiola laments what happened with her parents, in an instant. Andrea begins to cry and Fabiola asks about the money. Juana is tired of talking about it but she won’t deposit the money in Fabiola’s account, especially because her parents left it to her for a reason, and she will manage it but not give them direct access to it. Fabiola doesn’t believe her but Juana urges her to because she will help them as her parents would’ve wanted. Juana asks if she’s thought of them or just the money and Fabiola storms off. Juana then asks Andrea if she believes in her and Andrea nods.

Ramon goes to make a call and finds that the line is dead. Sofia comes out of the bathroom and tells him goodbye before leaving but Ramon doesn’t want her to. She hugs him and then they decide to go to Sofia’s friend’s house but they need money so Ramon will go to the lobby and call Valente so he can go get the money he has at home.

Moments later, Ramon calls Valente, who reveals that two men stormed limousine shop yesterday and are threatening to kill them if he doesn’t turn over Sofia by midnight. A sicario grabs the phone and warns Ramon not to play with him before hanging up.

Sofia paces up and down in the room as Ramon comes in and tells her what happened with her father. She begs him not to go but Ramon can’t leave them. He suggests she cross the border into San Diego but Sofia knows they won’t believe him because she doesn’t have her passport. He will do something else then but she begs him to let her stay.

Julio arrives at Fabiola’s house, happy to see Juana. She chides him for doubting her but he tells her he didn’t and asks about Andrea. Juana is going to call Francisco to get the number for his neurophysiologist to see if he could help Andrea but he can go see her in the meantime. Once he’s left, Juana makes the call.

Sofia apologizes for getting him involved in this mess but Ramon shakes his head and then hands her the last bit of cash he has left. She gives him her earrings as prove that she paid him to leave her at the bus stop. He accepts them and she kisses him. He is taken aback but she tells him it’s for good luck. He tells her he will need more than that and kisses her, deeply, before leaving.

Virginia asks Julio when he got in and he explains that she was asleep and didn’t hear him. He goes to shower as he receives a text and Virginia sees it. It’s from Emilia, who asks if he is going tonight. He comes, sees Virginia, and explains that Emilia is a client though Virginia thinks it was a very intimate message. She warns him that they almost lost everything before so she hopes he’s telling her the truth and isn’t gambling again. He reminds her that she can’t live without him, and thus will forgive him for anything he does.

Margarita goes to Fabiola’s house too and is shocked to find Juana. She explains that she thought she wouldn’t come back but Juana vows to never leave Fabiola or Andrea. Antonio then knocks and is also shocked to see Juana. Based on what she said, he thought she wouldn’t come back. He then asks about the girls and Juana calls them. They hug them both and ask about Juana and the money. Fabiola explains that she came back early that morning but she won’t give them the money though she thinks Juana should since she never had a formal education and is inexperienced. Juana hears this and reiterates that she will manage the money with her limited education. Antonio and Margarita then decide to leave, as the tension is too much, and Fabiola storms off to her room. Juana begs for patience.

In the hallway, Margarita thinks Juana is doing the best she can, given the situation, though Antonio wonders if she only cares about the money. Margarita thinks she’s the least interested and Ricardo and Katy trusted her with the money so that speaks volumes. Either way, they don’t know much about the girls’ other than that Andrea is studying to be an architect and Fabiola changed majors and is going to marry Francisco. She thinks Juana knows them the best and is confident about her good intentions but Antonio is unsure. He proposes they have a coffee and discuss the matter further.

Jorge promises to ask Andrea’s classmates about her schoolwork so she can stay up-to-date since she has been going to class. He then gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves but Andrea secretly smiles.

In the kitchen, Juana calls Ramon again to no avail. She worries that he hasn’t answered and then calls his job. The sicarios pass the phone to Valente, who explains that Ramon didn’t come to work because their boss sent him out on a job. Juana explains that he hasn’t been answering and asks Valente to tell Ramon to call her ASAP. She hangs up and the sicario asks him where Ramon’s mother lives, in case he goes there. Valente reveals that she doesn’t live in Tijuana but in Mexico City. The sicario nods and tells him it’s good information to have, just in case.

Julio goes over to Fabiola’s house but isn’t surprised to see Juana there because he always knew she would come back because she loves the girls. He tells her that she has a friend in him and Juana thanks him as she’s not having the best time with everything. He then tells her that she has a good instinct and will know what to do when the time comes. Juana begins to cry and thanks him for his kind words. She reiterates that she will take care of the girls with that money and then goes to get Fabiola and Andrea so they can see him.

Antonio welcomes Margarita to his apartment and she’s surprised to see the apartment so clean as most of her male friends aren’t. He goes to get the coffee while Margarita looks at a picture of Antonio, Roxana and Diego. He comes back and tells her that he’s always admired her bright outlook about life while he has become more bitter throughout the years. She thinks that life is already a bitter pill and it’s better to be happy. She proposes he tell her a joke so they can laugh and he obliges. She smiles as the door rings and it’s Roxana, who is shocked to see him happy and laughing after Ricardo and Katy. She tells him that she’s dropping off Diego until tomorrow, says a cold goodbye to Margarita and leaves.

Pedro calls Juana and asks her to meet with him, ASAP, and she obliges. She says goodbye to the girls and Julio and leaves. Julio then reiterates that he’s there to help them and asks Andrea how she’s doing with her stress problem. Fabiola explains that she will go see a specialist soon.

Margarita says goodbye to Antonio but Diego comes and tells them that he needs help with his sweater. She offers to help and then Antonio invites her to go eat with them. She accepts, with a smile, and will meet them soon.

Ramon arrives at the limousine shop and begins to knock on the door. No one answers but they suddenly hear a motorcycle accelerating and go to open the door. The guard waits for Ramon to get off his bike before pointing a gun at him. He takes him to the other sicario, who asks about Sofia. He confesses that he left her at the bus stop and the sicario warns him that they already started on the wrong foot and punches him in the stomach. Ramon looks at his boss and Valente, worried.

Juana meets with Pedro, who asks her how she’s doing. Juana confesses that it has been very hard to deal with the Medinas after the will reading. Pedro nods and tells her not to share the news with anyone but he spoke with the insurance company and they will be giving her the money next week…


Thank you,Alfredo, for another detailed recap quickly delivered. I appreciate your time and effort many many people .I am trying to sort everyone out.

Mi Marcelo seems to have some bad habits, but he is kind to Juana and his nieces. I forgive him.

It looks as though Margarita and Antonio are interested in each other. Was her brother married to his sister?

You're welcome, Susanlynn! Yes, Antonio was Katy's brother and Margarita was Ricardo's.

Julio seem interesting. He is definitely a liar and possible scoundrel but he's not evil and seems to care for his nieces though his own wife and son is another story. THere is a scene in the credits that worry me, though I won't discuss it here, just in case.

Osvaldo is a brat. Julio, I know it's her cousin, seems to be interested in Andrea and she in him. That is very weird so I wonder if an when they'll explain that closeness because they both light up when the other is in the room.

Ramon sure knows how to get himself in a pickle and no one even knows where he is. He should've let Sofia go with him, for the time being, and then formulate a better plan.

Thanks, Alfredo.

There were several scenes cut from this episode. One was the discussion at the table after Juana left. The other was when Fabiola stormed into Andrea's room talking about Juana and the money and Andrea tells her to trust Juana.

Fabiola is annoying. She acts like a child. Although Andrea is younger than Fabiola, she is more reasonable.

Sofia and Ramon seem good for each other. Too bad Sofia has her father after her.

Alfredo, I haven't read the recap yet, but I just wanted you to know I called the number, but the line was busy. So
Maybe other folks is callin tryin to find out why they don't the have the closed caption on this.I'm callin them again tomorrow. If I get some answers I'll let you know what's up. If I can find out anything that is.

Thank you love.

You're welcome, Nina, and sorry that's happening still.

You're welcome, Lucio. Wow, cutting even now! I get that some scenes aren't as important but they help illustrate the characters and motivations more clearly. You're right about, Fabiola, and I'm sure Ramon will have to do with helping her change for the better.

Fabiola also seems to be fumbling in life. While Andrea has a clear goal of becoming an architect, Fabiola changed her major and seems content with marrying Francisco.

Witty and wry as always Alfredo!

Terrific recap! How wonderful to see everything in print, filling in the (plentiful) gaps for me and doing it so expertly!

"Later, Hortensia arrives home and shews in the recent events" was my favorite of many.

"She apologizes but Ramon begins to laugh". OK. Sofia and Ramon might as well have been igniting fireworks. Their chemistry is combustible. I'm not sure how Fab is going to compete with her heat, but I'm very intrigued...

"Juana dreams about being a rich woman with Luisa and seeing the Fabiola sisters as homeless beggars". Yup, even enjoyed that scene.

Can't think of anything I'm not liking right now.

Antonia and Margarita also held my attention.

"Julio seem interesting. He is definitely a liar and possible scoundrel but he's not evil and seems to care for his nieces though his own wife and son is another story". Yes, that is a bit disturbing (rather echoes Joe in Estela, doesn't it)?

Like Susanlynn, I don't have all the characters names and relationships down yet. Tonight, I am going to make a list using the actors and characters names, adding comments you've made in your recap and comment.

Lucio, I can't fathom why scenes are being cut in the first two episodes. Any ideas?

Nina, thank heavens Alfredo is here to interpret for us (I don't have CC's either)...

Alfredo, kudos and many, many thanks.


Diana, my theory about why they cut some scenes is that this episode is a little longer than normal. It is 46:30 minutes, normal is 43:00. The commercials time is sacred. The content time has to give.

Thank you so much Lucio!

I hope this was just a fluke as everything that happens initially is important (especially to those of us who don't speak Spanish!)


Thank you for that, Lucio. Did you notice any cut scenes from the first episode? Now I worry there were as that one was even longer. Grr!

Diana, I am loving Antonio and Margarita. He needs a free spirit like her to stave off the doom and gloom.

I wonder who mystery blond is and what she is trying to do?

"He needs a free spirit like her to stave off the doom and gloom". perfect Alfredo - perfect.

Lila, are you out there? You would really enjoy this...


Alfredo, thank you for another spectacular recap. It's disappointing that they are cutting scenes so early on.

That mystery blonde looked very suspicious...maybe she's one those watchamecallem's that target naive gamblers.

Fabiola needs to come around and trust Juana before she loses points.

Roman needs to get away from Sofia; she, or rather her father, is bad news.

Alfredo, Nina and others, I too called the phone number many times yesterday and today and all I get is a busy signal. Last night I found an email address that deals with closes caption at Univision so I sent them a note. I haven't heard back from them yet. The email address is, it would be great if they received other complaints. I will post if I hear back from them. Thanks

Alfredo, there were cuts in the first episode too. On Blim (Mx) it was 44:40 on Sling (US) it was 43:10, about 1:30 minutes. The scene where Rulo was hitting on Dalia was cut, some more scenes. For episode 2, Blim has 46:30, Sling 43:15 - about 3 minutes cut. For episode 3, Blim has 43:20, so I expect no cuts from Uni next episode.

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