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La Candidata 08/03/2017, Capítulo 38; Nayeli leads Ximena to a Trap

Regina and Gerardo go on with their conversation on whether or not they want to be together. Regina thinks they have everything against them. He moves in for the kiss, but she pulls back…

At the San Roman-Barcenas house, Cecelia debriefs the remaining two “girls” telling them that none of that has happened and sends them off. Emiliano is crying like a baby in the corner. Cecelia tells him, “Do you know what you did? Do you know what happened?” Emiliano says, “Another girl has died because of me.” Cecelia tells him that this is not like what happened with Florencia. Emi says, “But I was really just trying to be cool. I never thought anything like this would happen,” Emi cries. “Well it did happen”, says Cecelia. “And now we have Alma who is dead now. But now, what we have to do is get rid of her body.” Emi looks up at her in disbelief. Cecelia says she is going to call his father and pulls out her phone. “No!” says Emi. “You can’t do that!”
Cecelia says, “I don’t think you understand! This horrific thing has just happened in the Governor’s home…no…the home of the next President of Mexico!” She slaps him and calls Alonso. Alonso says to her, “So did you finally get rid of the prostitutes?” Then Cecelia tells him that there was an “accident” and one of them died at his house.

Alonso is angry and tells her that he sent her there to fix things up. Cecelia says that they were all taking drugs and this girl died from a drug overdose. Alonso puts down the phone, looking shocked.  

Teresa tells the doctor not possible and absurd she is pregnant, but the doctor says that it’s always good news when you find out you are having a child. She says she doesn’t want to be a boring cow.

At the Barcenas home, the conversation continues: “So you have another family?” says Noemi. “I had one, but not anymore.” says Mario. “But Cecelia is almost Regina’s age,” says Noemi. Mario then says, “Oh please, don’t tell me you didn’t know or were suspicious, as paranoid as you are. But you chose to live with your eyes closed. You know that if you opened your eyes to all this that you would lose the good life you have had. I am tired of your suspicions and now that you know the truth, you’ll have to keep your mouth shut. Remember, nothing has happened.” Noemi cries.

Noemi says, “I don’t know who you are anymore.” “Oh stop with that, it’s now all in the past.” says Mario. “We have bigger problems on our hands like that imbecilic Martinez guy with our daughter Regina. I don’t know how Alonso keeps it all together.” Noemi then says, “I want nothing to do with your business or your prostitutes!” But Mario reminds her that her good life was a part of all that “business” and she enjoyed spending the money he made from it. He goes on to tell her, “If you report any of this to anyone, we will BOTH be going to prison.” He violently grabs her face and kisses her forcefully, telling her they are partners in all this. Noemi cries some more.

At Regina’s office, Teresa walks in without knocking. “Hello love!” she says. Regina asks what she is doing there. Teresa says, “I’m looking for my husband. I thought I could find him here.” Daniela tells her, “Look you can see he is not here, so why don’t you just leave.” But Teresa says to Regina, “Hey, I would just LOVE to talk to you.” Regina and Daniela just look at each other knowingly and Daniela leaves the office in search of Gerardo. Teresa smiles at Regina and says, “It’s very important and you are just going to LOVE it.” Daniela finds Gerardo to give him the heads up. “Your mujer is over in Regina’s office. Go do something.”

Regina looks at Teresa and tells her she has nothing to discuss with her. But a smiling Teresa tells her, “Oh we have a lot in common, kind of like business partners. We are involved with the same man.” Regina asks her to leave. Then Gerardo comes in and asks what she is doing there. Teresa says, “It’s because I want to discuss with your lover my great news.” Gerardo pulls her out of the office. “Enough Teresa! Let’s go!”

At Natalia’s cabin, José brings in some groceries. Then suddenly, José’s phone rings and it’s his mother. She sounds worried and tells him to come over right away. Natalia tells him to go take care of his mother.

When José gets to his mother’s place, Omar is there waiting for him. His mother was nice enough to fix Omar a cup of coffee. She wants to know what is going on. José tells her to wait in the bedroom he will explain soon. Omar motions for him to come sit down. “And what are you doing with my wife?” says Omar.
“Loving her, like you asked me to.” says José
“And why haven’t you told me anything? You work for me you know and you have to tell me everything. But let’s get to part two of my plan. I want you to tell Natalia that you are only with her for her money.”
“Sure I’ll tell her that, sir.”
“Tell your mother thank you for the coffee.”

In Alonso’s office, he and Mauro talk about what happened. Mauro announces he sent the HazMat team to clean up the evidence. He tells Mauro he doesn’t want any loose ends in this situation. Meanwhile we see men in hazmat suits cleaning up everything and zipping up the body bag with Alma in it.

Emi is doing the “boo-hoo, I don’t know what to do now.” But Cecelia is firm with him, telling him that this is the result of all his game playing. He says, “Please Cecelia, don’t leave!” But she responds, “Look I don’t have time for this. I can’t stay around to babysit you and change your diapers!”

Hector tells Emiliano to get some rest, handing him a plastic bag full of something illegal looking. (This did not look like your run of the mill OTC help you fall asleep pill.)

At the elder San Roman home, Marcia comes in and offers Omar’s lawyers something. Omar comes in and Marcia goes around the corner listening to all they are talking about. They inform Omar that Natalia’s legal team is having him investigated and have found out about his financial activities in other places. But Omar is not worried, he is not going to give Natalia one red cent! He is going to see to it that she comes back crawling on her knees, begging to come back to this house. Marcia looks somewhat disconcerted at all this. She must know she is being used and is not going to get Omar to marry her.

Mario goes to see Lorena Sanchez and tells her that Larreta is going to cooperate with him and she should be very grateful. Mario’s phone rings and it’s Larreta. He tells Larreta that he’s with Lorena and she is very interested in his answer.

Alonso leaves his office while Mauro is telling him that there is going to be an interview for Regina in the morning. But Alonso tells Mauro to have Cecelia handle it. He’s going home to his son. A character whose name I forgot comes over to tell Mauro that it isn’t over yet. They have to deal with Emiliano’s friends who were there.

Cecelia is at the Caberet having a double whiskey when Isela comes over.  As I said earlier, Isela is very angry and tells Cecelia to talk to her “governor” because he is going to have pay dearly for this.

Gerardo has Teresa in the car as he has driven her home, but she is acting like a giddy girl at first. “What is it Teresa?” “Oh I just want your attention” says Teresa. She puts her hands on him and literally grabs him by the balls, hurting him. “These are mine, and no one else’s!” Finally Gerardo orders her out of the car. “Good night, get out and I’m not playing your game!”

Andrés drops by (not knocking of course!) to see Daniela. “Am I not welcome?” “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you, and it just wasn’t a very good day.” says Daniela. “I don’t know what is worse, working here, or working with my corrupt co-workers” says Andrés. He goes on, “I don’t know what I’m going to do if you reject me.” He puts his arms around her starts kissing her and she says she can leave the work for another day. While embraced, he reaches into his pocket and sticks some sort of device (I assume for recording) underneath the table. They look really into making out, but Hernán barges in. He is coming to discuss the interview with Regina. But he says he will be back in 10 minutes.

Larreta arrives over with where Mario is and Mario asks if he has done his part. Larreta says it wasn’t easy because Omar is well connected politically. He wants to know how Lorena is. Mario says she is fine, but cannot convince her to go back to him.

Iggy and his ex are waiting out to find out where Nayeli is. Iggy is drunk and they are blaming each other. She says she is going to bring charges against him for negligence.

Regina arrives home and finds out Emi is in bed early. She is suspicious and wants to know if everything is alright. She finds Emi in bed fast asleep, and tenderly lies down next to him. Alonso arrives too after a few minutes as Regina is lying there. At first he is nice and says he wants to make amends to save their marriage. She tells him she wants nothing to do with him because he is the kind of man who sleeps around with every woman he wants to. And with Cecelia, his actions with her make Regina want to puke. Alonso is angry, leaves the room and Regina follows him. He goes into some tirade about her and then tells her she’s spending time with a clown. He violently grabs her and kisses Regina. But she pulls away and angrily tells him, “Don’t touch me!” and walks off.

Gerardo keeps calling Ximena but she doesn’t answer. Nayeli arrives where Ximena is at and Ximena tells Nayeli that everyone is looking for her and wants to know what happened. She says she is staying with a friend, no not someone from school. She offers to take Ximena over there. At first Ximena declines but changes her mind. They arrive at El Chivo’s place and Nayeli introduces her to him. “Oh I didn’t know you had such beautiful friends,” says El Chivo. Nayeli tells him to put a sock in it and gets down to business. She says she wants to move to Barcelona so she can go stay with her aunt. But getting the papers is very expensive and she needs Ximena to get the money for her. (Don’t fall for it Ximena!) Ximena says she will try but she will need time.

José arrives back at the cabin with Natalia. She has a gift for him but he tells her that he’s there for her, not for her money. (Exactly the opposite of what Omar told him to say.) Jose says, “I’m going to stay her for you and take care of you always.” He takes her hand.

Noemi pour herself a glass of whiskey. (Nice mix with the painkillers!) Mario walks in and asks her why she is drinking. Noemi says it’s because she can’t handle all this truth. “How was it that I was so blind until now that I find out you have another daughter?” Mario says, “Why is it that you have to make everything into a melodrama?” Noemi then tells him, “That woman is sleeping with her own nephew!” Mario just sighs while Noemi says, “I hate you.” But Mario tells her that he does love her. (This is what kind of love?) “I don’t think you know how to love anyone”, says Noemi. Mario says he made his choice. “Yes, I made a mistake with that woman, but I can’t say that about my daughter Cecelia because I do love her. I already know that I hurt you, but if you could only understand and forgive me, not just for me, but for yourself too. If you continue to harbor this grudge, you are only going to destroy yourself.”  (So what, is Mario playing the good and wise therapist now?) “I’m already destroyed, Mario.” She puts her glass down. Mario comes over and tells her that he loves her, but she spits in his face.

Ximena gets home and Gerardo wants to know where she was at. He tells her he was worried and doesn’t want anything like what has happened with Nayeli to happen to her. “By the way, have you heard from her?”

Next morning Hernán encounters Carlos, the man who is about to interview Regina. Then Cecelia shows up with a file to give to him and leaves.

Mario and Almirón talk about Nayeli’s and Ximena’s activities and how they went to El Chivo’s place. Mario says that this is not going to end well for these girls, but it will work to their advantage.

Carlos starts the video interview with Regina and asks if she and the governor are getting a divorce. Regina says she does not discuss her personal life. Carlos the interviewer presses on by saying, “But you are running for President, your life is no longer private.” Regina says that her marriage is like many others with problems, but they are trying to decide what to do. Then he says that the ex-wife of Senator Martinez says that Gerardo and Regina are having an affair and were recently in a hotel together. Regina responds by saying, “A lot of people say things without any evidence.  Then he presents her with photos of herself with Gerardo in the restaurant kissing. “So aren’t these photographs sufficient evidence?”


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Thank you so much, Cynthia! Well this just went from bad to worse.

I knew those pictures were going to come back to haunt Regina! High five, Urban! It took a couple of months but sure enough, there goes Cecelia to use them at the worst (best) moment.

I am kind of disappointed that Mario hasn’t confronted Cecelia yet but I will sit back and watch the fireworks because they are going to be great.

Jose sure knows how to think on his feet. Even if he wants to play with Natalia’s feelings, he will fall in love, and hopefully they can take down Omar once and for all. Speaking of Omar, will he kill Marcia when he ultimately finds out the truth about her’s and Mario’s long con?

Ximena, Nayeli and Emiliano are grating my nerves…I have never seen three people get into as much trouble as these people. “They fight, they break up, the (almost kiss), they make up…” I know it’s bad to leave a friend who’s struggling but Ximena knows Nayeli is bad news, yet, she continues to cover for her.

Gerardo should’ve also let Ignacio go a long time ago. Now, his Nayeli drama will likely put a damper on everything.

I don’t know why Andres put a listening device in Regina’s office. I remember his talking to one of the “bad” guys but can’t remember if it was Mario or Alonso or Omar or Mauro? Someone help!

Thanks, Cynthia. The recap is excellent.

Regina's "No me toques." was one of the best I have seen delivered in a long time as well as Noemí's spitting in Mario's face was one of the best "spits" I have seen in a long time and as for Teresa's grab and squeeze all I could think was poor Gerardo!

Oh, good, now Héctor is giving Emiliano drugs to sleep and Ximena has to end up at creepy El Chivo's place with Nayeli.

The best interchange last night was Alonso telling Regina she was ungrateful just after she reminded him that he and her son are both sleeping with Cecilia. Something is not clicking in Alonso's noggin.


Teresa scene with Gerardo ws aamzing. I had never seen a scene in a such a way and it was hilarious to boot.

Sometimes I wonder if Alonso hears people when they talk to him. Probably not.

What's Nayeli's endgame here in all of this ?

Great work, Cynthia.

Teresa couldn't have done anything worse to shove Gerardo away. She never had his heart in the first place and she lost his hormones a long time ago. That one time was him going through the motions with closed eyes thinking of Regina.

Nayeli is too young to have thought of an endgame. She hasn't finished school, appears to have no career ambition, and doesn't think past her next fix or next meal. Her association with Chivo is going to cost her dearly.

Thank you Cynthia. I have satellite TV and the reception was interrupted just when La Candidata came on. As soon as it was over the reception came back on. As always, the kids were really irritating. Regina doesn't know why Emiliano is sleeping. He still hasn't learned that his actions have consequences. He is capitalizing on being the son of the future president like when he bought the bracelet for Cecelia. Did she return it? I wonder what Regina is going to say about the photos of her and Gerardo that surfaced. Mario knows his grandson is sleeping with Cecelia. Naomi is too weak to handle the truth and is likely going to land up as an alcoholic.

Nayeli's end game is probably revenge. Revenge on her father, mother, Ximena and Emiliano. She thinks they "ruined" her life and will make them pay. She's not a criminal mastermind though soo....Unless Mario secretly ordered her to ruin Gerardo's career in exchange for her freedom and she's doing so by involving Ximena in a drug deal?


For me, Nayeli's endgame is as simple as getting her next drug fix.

Cecelia had some bloody nerve the other day accusing Alonso and Regina of wanting to hurt Emiliano. That boy has done nothing but hurt himself.

As for Nayeli obeying orders from Mario? He's certainly not above that but wouldn't that plan involve risk to himself that he doesn't need?

Great recap, Cynthia! If candidates for Mexican presidency really were rapists and corpse concealers, I'd say that the whole political system should start over from scratch! There's something almost attractive about Mario's honesty to Noemí. At least now they are partners. And Noemí has been an alcoholic for quite a while. Good thing that José's loyalty really does seem to be to Natalia. Maybe they can bring Omar down--if Marcia doesn't do it first.

Yeah, Noemi has used alcohol to deal. It's so strange to see she doesn't rebel against Mario, before she knew the extent of his evil, and support Regina. Noemi doesn't seem like a puppet or usual high class woman who only cares about luxury but some of her actions say otherwise.

Maybe Ignacio will see the birth of a second child as a chance to raise one offspring correctly. (I'm assuming that if Teresa doesn't miscarry she won't survive).

Thank you for a great recap Cynthia.

Loved Teresa last night puttin the squeeze on. More!

Thanks for the Recap Cynthia.

As much as I dislike Tere, I have to hand it to the actress, she sure does a great job making us dislike her.

Noemi is absolutely week, hence her addiction to alcohol, and her inability to defend her daughter, and herself against Mario.

I think Nayeli is just wanting to help Chivo, in order to help herself, and this will be at Ximena's demise.

I am completely disappointed in Andres, I thought he was a good guy. Don't know what he needs to do this to Daniela/Regina for.


I remember what I was trying to remember about Andres. ignacio asked for his help finding Nayeli but I thought it was either Mario or Almiron. Nevermind...that being said, has Andres been leading us on the whole time and he's secretly evil?

Will Daniela or Regina suspect since he helped them before? How long till the microphone is discovered.

Thank you everyone for your comments, it was a good episode. Now on to Friday's episode. Comments are closed now.

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