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La candidata Friday 8/4/17 Chapter 39: Teresa Will Ruin Gerardo's Life--OR--Isela Fights for Her Own--OR--Ximena Confronts "No Exit"

Regina's office-- The interview from hell goes on. Regina takes and explains the photos by saying that it is common for senators to get together to discuss policy issues. Regina sees the real problem being the interviewer's intention with asking about the photos. The next thing she knows the interviewer is asking about the relationship Regina had with Gerardo way back in college. At this point, Gerardo is watching the interview in his office and Teresa is watching and even baiting Regina as she sits in her kitchen. Regina considers Gerardo a friend and a person with whom she shares the same political values. The next tactic the interviewer uses is saying that Regina had presented herself as a defender of women along with the support of her husband and son until this change. "What change?" asks Regina. She goes on about being a dedicated mother always concerned about her son. Whoopsie: She hasn't mentioned her husband. The next question is if Regina is getting a divorce. Regina tries to skirt the issue saying that that is her private life. The interviewer explains that when she is running for president that is no longer true. The people want to know. A very tired but still pleasant Regina explains that divorce is an option for couples that cannot find another way to solve their problems. Cecilia is watching, too, and smiles at that comment. Regina continues that before getting to that decision, couples must exhaust all possibilities to try to solve their problems. The final question is if she Regina is personally in favor of divorce as a last resort. Regina answers that she is. Alonso is watching in his car and tells his driver that his wife just sunk herself all on her own.

At Alonso's house--Alonso is giving Emiliano the lecture he should have given him at least ten years ago. First, Alonso wants the names and addresses of all of the boys who were at the party. Emiliano is crying and whining that he does not understand why Alonso is doing this to him. That sets Alonso off. Emiliano brought prostitutes into his home. They all took drugs and they killed one of the girls. Emiliano whines it was an accident. That does not fly with Alonso. I was not "mischief". They cannot leave any traces of what happened. Does Emiliano want to go to jail? Emiliano whines "No." and starts to leave. Alonso is not finished with him yet and follows him. Alonso explains he manages the city and pretty soon he will manage the country and nobody is going to impede him on his road to the presidency not even his son. Emiliano apologizes. Alonso keeps going. Does Emiliano think he is always going to be solving "life's" problems for him? By the way, he tells Emiliano, he just got him reinstated at his school. Emiliano tries to take refuge in an ignorance defense. It was only a party. He didn't know it was going to get out of control. He was thinking . . . Alonso cuts him off. No, he wasn't thinking and that is the problem. People who think do not bring prostitutes into their home. This is Emiliano's last warning. If he keeps complicating his life, Alonso will send him off to Europe and he can forget about Alonso's money, Cecilia, his car, everything. Now, Alonso needs the name of the brat who gave the girl the drugs. Emiliano wants to know what is going to happen to him. Alonso says he is going to teach him a lesson. Alonso wants Emiliano to make sure that they other boys who were at the party do not talk. From this moment on, if Emiliano continues to do whatever he feels like, he will be assuming the consequences. Alonso tells him to quit bawling already and show him just for once that he is capable of resolving one of the stupid things he has done.

Lorena's apartment--Larreta has just finished putting on his tie and is still straightening it when Lorena informs him this is the last time he will see her or touch her. (Guess the "freedom" sex was better for him than her) She is saying goodbye to him and the whole mess. It cost he dearly but she has learned her lesson. Larreta apologizes. He tells her he told her so by telling her he warned her. She tells him to go. He finally leaves.

Magda's apartment--It is morning and Magda is up, dressed for work and tending to Israel's grandchild. (It seems the mother is still sleeping.) Israel comes in (where is that big breakfast he was promising her every single day?) Magda notices a coat on the couch. She wants to know where it came from. Israel spins a tale of working side jobs in the building for tenants and using that money to buy the coat for her. It is second-hand bought at a garage sale but he promises the next one will be new. She has to leave for work, hands over the baby and takes the coat. After she leaves, Israel's "daughter-in-law" (do we really know who these people are?) comes out and moans about Israel giving the coat away because she wanted to sell it. What was Israel supposed to do? Tell Magda they stole things to sell them later? Israel wants her to bring home better quality merchandise tonight.

Gerardo's office--Hernán is in Gerardo's office with his secretary. Hernán is denying being complicit with the interviewer saying that he had told the interviewer to ask about what they had agreed on: the political alliance between Gerardo and Regina. Gerardo wants to know then how the interview ended up being only about his relationship with Regina. Gerardo's secretary reminds them about Teresa and her statements to the press. Gerardo thinks the reason for the topic change must have come from somewhere else. Gerardo gets a call from a group from his "ex-party". He will meet them in a half hour. First, he is going to talk to Regina.

Noemí's bedroom--Rita the nurse is taking Noemí's blood pressure as Noemí wonders why Regina decided to run and how they are going to destroy her. Rita offers a helpful note that Noemí is never going to fully recuperate if she does not stop drinking. Noemí does not care and hopes it is all over soon. Rita launches into the lecture that Noemí should have gotten maybe sixty years ago. Rita sees her as somebody who does not value what she has. Noemí has no idea about the necessities of life. Her problem is that she is bored. Why doesn't she do something with her life? Noemí tells her she has gone over the line with her comments. Why? Noemí's husband pays her so Noemí should not complain. Rita surely would respect Noemí if she actually worked and was the one who was paying her.

The government building--Alonso has been approached by a group of reporters. One asks him about Regina's comments about divorce. Alonso acts surprised since he and Regina have always believed in marriage and have been against divorce. Divorce is just too easy. He has always believed in the institution of marriage and the fundamental values of a family and children. He also believes you can forgive your partner if the reason is for betting on love. Does that mean he still loves his wife? Of course! Gerardo, Daniela and Regina are all watching. Regina turns the interview off and asks Daniela and Gerardo to leave her. She wants to be alone.

On the street--Emiliano meets up with his friend Axel under the watchful eye of Héctor. Axel is high. He laughingly asks Emiliano what happened with the slut. Emiliano refuses to shake his hand and asks him what the drug was that he gave her. Axel has no idea it was just bad quality cheap stuff. Emiliano calls him on his thinking this all could be funny. No, Axel does not think it is funny but nothing is happening to them because of it. Emiliano informs him that something is indeed happening. A black van pulls up and some goons in suits grab Axel and take him for a ride.

El Chivo's place--It looks like Ximena is being pressured into the fake document business by El Chivo and Nayeli. Nayeli needs Ximena to take an envelope to a forger because she needed her name and date of birth changed on her passport and documents. Ximena is reluctant to do it. No, Nayeli cannot do it herself. The cops are looking for her. Why can't El Chivo do it? He is not a seventeen year old girl! El Chivo tells Nayeli he knew Ximena wouldn't do it. Nayeli ends up "guilting" Ximena into doing it by saying she would do it for her.

A car--Almirón finishes up a phone call and tells Mario that he has just found Nayeli and that Ximena is with her at El Chivo's place. Mario wants to be kept up to date on anything new but no matter what happens Almirón and his crew are not to get involved.

Regina's office--Regina is angrily complaining to Daniela about the interview being a trap. Th questions they asked were not the ones that Daniela gave her. She thought it was supposed to be for a magazine and not something that would be transmitted live. Regina is angry she ever trusted Hernán. Daniela does not think that Hernán was out to get her. As a matter of fact that is how many magazine interviews are being handled these days: a live transmission first followed by the publication. Daniela thinks that they should find a way out of it. Regina cannot see how since what she said was true. Daniela gives her a lecture (that she probably should have heard twenty years ago) about Regina just going out there and telling her story: Alonso used her. He mistreated her. Does not Regina realize how many women will be able to identify with her? Regina is authentic! She needs to tell about the hell she has been living in. Regina leaves to answer a phone call in her private office. It is Alonso who wants to talk to her. She has nothing to talk to him about. Not even if it is about a serious problem her son is having? She agrees to meet him at home at dinner time.

Alonso's office--Alonso tells Cecilia to go pick up Emiliano and take him to her apartment. Cecilia wants to know what he plans on doing with Regina. Alonso looks curiously at Cecilia and asks her if she is jealous. "Of course!" she answers. Alonso chuckles. He loves it when she is jealous! By the way, he is just dying to go to bed with Regina! Cecilia has nothing to say as tears well up in her eyes.

An alley--Alonso's goons stop the van in an alley. One of the goons ask Axel if he likes to kill prostitutes and take cheap drugs Axl realizing he may be in danger promises he is done with prostitutes and drugs. Can't they just let him go. Well, they are going to give him some drugs. Axel screams and struggles as they inject hum with a syringe full of something.

Omar's bedroom--Marcia is on the bed inviting her mother to come for a visit. She just loves Omar! He is an incredible man! The"real" Omar walks in and his reaction proves him to be quite the opposite. Omar makes her hang up on her mother. Omar is angry. Who does she think she is that she can just go and invite her mother without consulting him? That she can just go running his life? She is not bringing anyone over to the house least of all people he does not know or has any interest in knowing. She says "they" talked about getting married. "NO!" Omar corrects her: "she" talked about getting married. He gives the orders in this house. Is he clear?

Outside the car--Almirón informs Mario that the girls have been located and that they are in El Gringo's zone. Mario does not look pleased. Isn't that the guy who supplies the girls for the cabaret? In their investigations they found out that El Chivo was working for El Gringo. They conclude it is drugs. Mario knew sooner or later Nayeli would fall into that mess. Almirón reminds him how dangerous these people are. He is going to meet with Ignacio in a short time but does not know what to tell him. Mario leaves him. He has to take care of something important. He will call him in a few minutes. Mario drives off.

Teresa's house--Teresa is on her couch thinking about the small beast in her body that will put an end to her figure. She will be vomiting for months and then when its born she will be driven mad by its tantrums. She thinks about having the baby just to ruin Gerardo's life.

Natalia's country cabin--Natalia gets a phone call about a meeting that has been scheduled with the lawyers for the divorce proceedings prior to going to court. José is concerned she is going up against Omar. He is dangerous. Why does she not just walk away from him and his money? She is going against Omar to show him he is not going to direct her life or distribute her possessions. Nobody has ever confronted him because they all have been afraid of him. She is not afraid anymore. Omar will not be laying a hand on another woman if she has a anything to say about it. He has to pay for everything he did.

The cabaret--Mario visits with Isela at the cabaret at a small table right next to the pole dancer. Isela wants to know if Mario is up to date. The world is collapsing under his feet and he has no idea! Does he or does he not know that they killed one of her girls? Mario is shocked. His grandson is out of control. And who got killed? It just happens that it was Alma the girl who went to talk to Senator Martínez. One thing Isela is sure of is that they will be coming for her. Does Mario know what this means? Either he makes things right or she will turn his grandson in. Alonso has to pay. Mario says that Alonso will pay in due time but he cannot hurt him now because Alonso has to be president. Isela asks "Why?" If Alonso does not win then his daughter will. Why isn't he supporting his daughter Regina??? Mario goes ballistic and tells her not to be stupid. He physically drags her to a hallway in full view of the patrons for more privacy. He tells her that she can't make an enemy out of Alonso. She asks if he is going to leave things just as they are. Someone has to take charge. He asks her how much (blood money?) she wants to cover the whole mess. She asks "What about Cecilia?" He does not understand what Cecilia has to do with any of this. She has every right jus as his daughter has. He still does not get what she is talking about. Well, if they are talking about money and compensation they are going to talk about her daughter. Why now? Well,it is because she and he, as he says, are old and are involved in all of this garbage. She wants him to take charge of Cecilia's future. Mario asks if she wants Cecilia to have her inheritance from him before he dies??? As forcefully as she can Isela declares that yes!!!! she wants Cecilia to get everything that she is rightly entitled to ending the sentence with a strong stomp for emphasis. Mario is speechless.

Regina's house--Regina meets Alonso and wonders why he suddenly needs all of his bodyguards to talk to his wife. He answers with he thought she was in a better mood than yesterday. If it was supposed to be funny, Regina does not find the humor. She dismisses them. The conversation goes the way one would expect. It is the same old same old. Alonso never really says what is going on (Emiliano's party with drugs and the dead hooker) except that Emiliano is ignoring his studies and complaining to him and blaming him for everything. Alonso has been doing the best he can to take care of him. He and Regina really need to be working together. Regina wants him to fire Cecilia. Alonso laughs and asks "Why?". Because Cecilia is using them. Doesn't he get it? Everything bad that is happening to the family is his responsibility! He then brings up her having sex with Gerardo, Teresa's outburst and he being seen as a cuckold one more time. Regina finally asks if he is going to have his revenge by destroying his son. Alonso says he did not come to fight. He wants to talk. Regina has one stipulation: Get that prostitute out of her son's life. Alonso agrees to let Cecilia go but he adds that Emiliano will realize what is going on. He wants to fix their marriage. He wants Regina to keep living there. He and Emiliano both need her. The boy is not well. Regina wants him to admit that he has been turning Emiliano against her. He admits that he has put Emiliano in the middle. He wants another chance. He moves closer to Regina. She tells him to back off. Alonso asks if she does not realize that her resentment is keeping her from seeing the big picture. Does she not realize that divorce is going to hurt her politically? He doesn't want to see her destroy her home, her family, her career and everything she has fought for. Will she just think about it?

Emiliano's school--Emiliano sees the other two guys that were at the party. They ask if the girl is okay. They talk how the party got crazy. Emiliano puts on the stupid act and says he does not know what party they are talking about. Another student comes over to let them know the latest. He just found out that their friend Axel was found dead in the street. It looks like it was an overdose. Emiliano makes a smart ass comment about it being bound to happen. The student calls him an idiot and leaves. After that student leaves, Emiliano asks his two friends about a party at his house. Suddenly they know nothing about any party. Emiliano tells them that now they know what could happen to them and walks away.

Gerardo's office--A group of senators are delivering the bad news to Gerardo. They cannot give support to his alliance with Regina. Poll numbers are falling. It was a great strategy while it lasted but sexual scandals scare people. If he wants a career in politics, Gerardo needs to distance himself from Regina.

The street--Ximena is on the street and supposedly Mario's people are observing her and photographing her. She looks suspicious just walking along since she is so nervous. She finally goes around a corner and knocks on a door. She hands Nayeli's brown envelope to a hand that appears. She tells the hidden person that she is coming on behalf of El Chivo. He hands her something back but it is no envelope with documents. It is a brick of drugs in an envelope. She tells the hidden person that this is not what she was expecting. She says there must be a mistake but the door has closed. She puts the block in her purse and out of nowhere Nayeli has appeared. She asks if she has it and hurries Ximena along.

A coffee shop--Almirón meets with Ignacio. He tells "Nachito" that they have found Nayeli but he is not going to tell him where she is. She is with some dangerous people who are drug dealers. Ignacio asks somewhat "innocently" if he mean his daughter Nayeli is involved. Ignacio cuts him off mid-sentence. He cannot be surprised. He knows his daughter has been playing with fire but this time she can get burned. Ignacio is desperate. Ignacio tells him that Mario wants him to calm down and they will get his daughter back in a short time. He also tells Ignacio to stop pressuring him and that it's time for them both to get back to work.

Outside Regina's and Alonso's house--When Alonso and Regina go to leave, the press has gathered outside the gate. Alonso lets them in and addresses them. The topic has changed to one of Emiliano's friends being found dead from a supposed drug overdose. Alonso extends his sympathy to the parents of the poor boy and takes the opportunity to launch into an anti-drug campaign message. Next they ask about Regina and him getting a divorce. Alonso and Regina are doing all they can to resolve their differences and he is doing all he can to win back his wife's heart. More family values blah blah. A stone-faced Regina has no comment and cannot get out of there fast enough.

Mauro's office--Mauro is talking with Magda. Mauro is happy and can rest because Alonso's plan worked. His interview is on almost all media. It turns out that the reporters at his house were not there by chance. This was an example of Alonso's typical political strategy. Alonso always makes a comeback. Alonso will be back in first place in the polls. Alonso is going to be president. Magda smiles.

Noemí's house--Noemí is dressed and is out of bed. She is sick of Rita's damn advice. She tells Rita she is going out with or without her. She is willing to pay Rita double or whatever Mario is paying her. Rita tries to talk some sense into her but it does not work.

Cecilia's apartment--Cecilia is talking to a blubbering Emiliano trying to calm him down. It was him or Axel. He had no other choice. Axl was his friend.Cecilia is surprisingly cut and dried. (she is doing both evil Isela and evil Mario proud) Cecilia thinks not. Axel was just some idiot who brought contaminated drugs. Emiliano is just like a little boy. As she is sniffing some coke, she tells him she wants to see a man. Emiliano says she sounds just like Alonso. She reminds him his parents do not want them to be together. Only she and Emiliano can protect what they have. She offers him some coke repeating about how she wanrs a man and not a crying little boy. Emiliano sees himself as a destroyed man. Cecilia tells him that the first time (that you are responsible for killing someone?) is hard but that he will get over it. (Same thing that Héctor told him the night before when he gave him some drugs to help him sleep) He joins her in the coke and soon she is straddling his legs and they are kissing.

El Chivo's place--El chivo tells Nayeli she did a good job and takes the brick of drugs to another room to cut. Ximena is upset that she was fooled. Nayeli said she had to lie to her or else she would not have done it and Nayeli needs the money. Nayeli tells her she takes everything too seriously. Does Ximena want to try some of the drugs? No, Ximena just wants to leave. That is not happening. Nayeli stands in front of the door and pushes Ximena back when she tries to leave.

Teresa's home--Teresa is on her couch again but this time she is taking selfies playing with baby shoes. She loves how easy it is to spread news on the social networks.

Regina's office-- Daniela tells Regina it looks like the support for her alliance is breaking up.

Alonso's office--Alonso is signing a pile of papers for Magda. What is she thinking? Magda congratulates him on his excellent press interview strategy. Mauro comes in with something Alonso just has to see. Mauro doesn't get it. There is a bill for some jewelry that has been billed to one of their government accounts. Jewelry? A diamond bracelet worth 400,000 pesos (about $22,400 US dollars) Alonso looks perplexed.

Regina's office--Gerardo arrives to talk to Regina about news of their relationship that is all over the press and how everyone wants to keep them apart. They only want to be with each other. They love each other. Nothing will ruin what they have. They kiss with the blinds open. Blah! Blah! Blah! Daniela comes in to tell Gerardo that Teresa is waiting in his office.

Lawyer's office--Omar shows up at the meeting with Marcia on his arm saying that he has to be divorced from Natalia to have a relationship with Marcia. Natalia comes in with José. Omar with a smile announces how modern this all is! They are all their including their lovers.

The cabaret--Isela is told that a woman has come looking for her. Noemí greets her with: "And so, you are Isela."

Gerardo's office--Teresa is literally all over Gerardo. She is all happy. If he had been on social media he would know the news already. Waving the baby shoes, she tells him she is pregnant.


Due to the subject matter of this novela there will be strict moderation of the comments. Anything about current or past real-world political situations will be removed. Discussion will be limited to the story, the production values, and the actors' performances. Also, episode discussions will be closed one the next episode's recap is posted.

For me the best scenes of the night were those with Mario and Isela where the topic of compensation for the death of her poor dead prostitute comes up and Isela makes it into an opportunity to get Cecilia her due from her father. Her final sentence punctuated by the stomp at the end was the highlight of the whole episode. What a performance!

Thank you ao much, Jarifa! Excellent recap.

Uh oh! Emiliano has got some explaining to do…I am so looking forward to Alonso blowing a gasket and shipping him off to military school. He will probably be better off either way.

Is Gerardo getting super-duper clingy or is it just me? She is trying to get her political career off the ground and you keep ruining it. Of course, those passionate kisses don’t help dissuade him but still….Also, in the office, again!

Teresa and social media drama bombs. Hilarious! Oh Gerardo, you are so screwed.

Poor Natalia, Regina and Noemi, they all have leeches on them and they keep get them off fast enough.

Ximena and Nayeli….dumb! Is Ignacio truly surprised that Nayeli is a black sheep? She has no regard for anyone but there is Ximena again, falling for her traps. She deserves what she gets because there’s only so many times someone can f- you over before you have to distance yourself.

Is Isela not long for this world? She keeps demanding Mario give Cecelia her place but is Mario going to give in or get rid of the problem? Or does he fear Cecelia would retaliate? They have the best dynamic. Of course, will Noemi now work in secret against Mario with Isela? Now that’s something I would love to see!

Excellent recap, Jarifa! Both Alonso and Emiliano are now complicit in the murder of Emi's friend Axel, and despite his blubbering to Cecilia, Emi doesn't seem to mind that much--at least not when he's interacting with his other 2 guests. Alonso is a very shrewd and hypocritical politician; he certainly manipulates the marriage questions. 1 group even Mario is afraid of is drug dealers. What will happen with Ximena since Nayeli won't let her leave? Doesn't El Chivo realize that it's not wise to kidnap a senator's daughter?

Its surprising how easily these peiole find murder as the best solution and hey dont even flinch.

Is Emiliano headed for death or complete evil? How does he come back from this? He has been involved in three murders/deaths? How much therapy will he need?

Chivo has a one track mind. He wasnts his drugs or money. Ximena fell for it and now she will destroy her fathers career on top of being in danger.

Gracias, Jarifa.

Is Mexico that out of date that divorce is still such a poison pill? There is nothing to be gained from the continuation of the San Roman marriage. The only one who could benefit is Alonso for that it would torture Regina. This is beyond being a poor example for Emiliano.

Also, considering what the media can do now, there is no way in hell that a false front of household harmony could be maintained. It would all be out in the open very quickly. I'll bet that if the women of Mexico became aware of how badly Regina is treated by Alonso they would lose all respect for her for not leaving him.

I think the topic of marriage is very much still outdated. And it's not so much a single man or single woman but the fact that politicians have to be perfect in every way and that perfection starts with a stable family unit.

Women, of course, would route for Regina, but would men? THey hold the power, in a lot of ways, and they will see Regina as a two-timer instead of a dutiful wife and what would that mean in votes? Sometimes women vote as their husbands do so there's also that.

I was always shocked as to how deeply vetted politicians were but, as I grew up, I realized that they will always be held to a higher standard than any normal human being.

And it's not just Regina, Gerardo needs to decide what to do as well. Will he recover if he leaves a pregnant wife in the lurch?

If anything, I have to hand it to Alonso. He has bobbed and weaved through every scandal and managed to come out on top. As a divorced man, he still has more chances of winning than Regina.

I am angry that this double standard would mean that Regina would end up being punished for refusing to be a doormat to an adulterous, abusive husband who is no father to their son. What kind of a leader would she make to accept that?

And if it should come out that Alonso cheated on her not only with multiple women but with one of them being her own sister?

This guilt-by-association stuff would then theoretically mean that Regina's entire public career is down the crapper if Cecelia's incestuous relations with Emiliano and any of Mario's activities become known.

Alonso, great description of Alonso and his "bobbing and weaving." I now have a great visual of Alonso in the ring with his gloves on.

SpanProf, I, also, was surprised that Mario was hesitant to move in El Gringo's territory. I hope we meet El Gringo so we see who Mario us being so leery of.

Urban, it really is obnoxious but your supposition is correct. It is 2017 and it is still the same old same old.


One more thing: I really cannot wait until Alonso finds out that Emiliano bought the bracelet. Will this be the final strike that sends the brat abroad or will Alonso count it as prior to his "last warning"? I am betting on the latter. : (

Not shocked both Alma & Axel got whacked.

Who's the next to join the Body Count ?

Isela or Daniela ?

Of course Alonso's adulteries are the least of his crimes. What if the public found out that he'd been involved in at least a couple of murders and their cover ups?

Span Prof-

That would be a trip! OT: El bienamado: do ypu think the delfines are going to come to the rescue?

How interesting that Isela was willing to settle for blood money if Alonso could not be touched. I bet Mario curses the day he met Isela except for Cecilia.

Jarifa: Of course the delfines are going to rescue Liborio. There's a lot of maritime folklore about that very thing. Not to mention--no way that Odorico is going to get a corpse for his cemetery. He's tried to hurry along so many deaths--without actually killing anyone, of course--that he doesn't deserve one.

OT: SpanProf--would it not be poetic justice in the end if Odi turned out to be the first corpse in his own cemetery . . . Yes, I love the magical tales of delfines!

Jarifa: :)

Span Prof: Looks like this TN will likely end bloody & there's a 50-50% chance there will NOT be a happy ending!

Steve: Well, so many people have been involved in horrible crimes, that I don't see how they can escape punishment in Telenovelaland.

Not just thar but have we thought about the possibility that the wnding may very well be Regina dying and her image will continue on as an inspiration? That would be right up his storys alley, no mattee how tragic.

I doubt it will end in a wedding though, that would be a disservice.

I'd like to see Regina win the election, but I have also realized that the credits sequence was done prior to shooting anything real, as none of those scenes has actually occurred in the series. It could end with Regina deciding that politics is a dirty game she doesn't want to play anymore and find another way to be helpful to people.

What I don't want is an ending that is tragic or ambiguous. The ending scenes of YNCELH made me wonder for a while about what happened to Max and we all decided we had to believe that he was alive and well.

Alfredo, a tragic ending would not surprise me with the characters being involved in such a morally corrupt and vicious world with the women in particular never being able to rise above being victimized by the men in their lives or the system. I don't see any happy weddings here.

Urban, I think an ambiguous ending would be the worst for me because one more time I would have to write my own ending in my head to end the novela/tv series "properly". I have had to do it one too many times as shows get cancelled with no thought of ending the story for the viewer and just providing a set up for the next season even if there is not going to be one.

Thank you Jarifa for the excellent recap. Thank you to the commentators for interesting and thoughtful comments. In my opinion, politicians are held to a different standard and are supposed to have a perfect marriage and family life. Even if politicians are initially attracted by altruism (hope to save the world), I think that in time power goes to their head. In the end survival becomes the motivating factor for most politicians. Alonso fits this analysis completely. He is a superb at playing the game and comes out with the perfect statements. This is why Regina has such an uphill battle. Alonso and his cronies have said that he can easily destroy her with his rhetoric. Regina will have to learn quickly how to outsmart Alonso when it comes to dealing with the press. In addition, she has her own problems with Gerardo and Emiliano.

I hate ambiguous. I dealt with in in YoNo because the story was amazing! I hope LC doesn't follow suit and ends the story. If Regina is elected, maybe a sequel could be her administration? It's ever made.

Your're welcome, everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Thank you Jarifa! Loved your recap. I had to miss a few minutes of the show on Friday because someone came to my door and I didn't get to catch up. Thanks for filling in the blanks about what happened. It was interesting about Noemi coming to Isela face to face. Now what will happen tonight?

Omar is sure nutso. In the lawyer's office with Marcia and he refers to their "amantes" or lovers being all together. I am hoping Marcia realizes what a monster he truly is.

Alonso is sure skilled with political manuvering. He knows just what to say and how to spin things to make himself look good. He could smell like dog $hi&& and say he was helping poor, sick, homeless animals and people would just say...."awwwwww....."

Your'e welcome, Cynthia. Omar is really crazy. I hope Marcia gets out before he treats her like Natalia because somehow I get a feeling that he is going to find some excuse to do exactly that. He is too much of a sadist not to.

Since tonight is episode 40 there isn't much time left. He has to be found out soon.

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