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La Candidata Martes 8/8/17 Chapter 41: Mario Explodes In Front of Cecelia

Chapter 41: Mario Explodes In Front of Cecelia

The world has very little love to offer. I often think that some people actively avoid it because they see weakness in it. The weakness is in their inability to be strong in the face of real adversity, when those they love are threatened. They push them away in the name of power or social position. The smart ones who make this mistake live to regret this while the others are content with shallow satisfactions achieved through nefarious plots. The political forum is the main arena for this.

Omar entered the bedroom suddenly, catching Marcia on her cell phone. She ended the call quickly and told him she was talking to her mother. She sarcastically asked whether that was forbidden. Strangely, he did not snatch the phone out of her hand to examine it. She left the room.

Gerardo was determined not to lose Regina again. Regina told Gerardo they could not be together because of how their relationship was hurting others. Neither of them seemed to have ever asked themselves whether the people in their lives were choosing to be hurt by something that was none of their business, including a public whose well-being they concerned themselves with.

Emiliano argued with his father and refused to obey him regarding Cecelia. Alonso told him off about the prostitutes, the sex and the drugs, then said he was stupid, which was unlikely to be effective. He emphasized that if he wanted to resolve this problem he had to do as he was told.

Jessica was experiencing a similar communication difficulty with Nayeli, who did not want to comply. She wanted Nayeli to tell her what was wrong, but Nayeli did not want to. She said she had tried to be a good mother. However, she managed to control her temper much better than Alonso, but only up to a point. Nayeli told her mother that she felt alone when she was with her. While Jessica was the attractive gringa she was only a lowly Mexican without friends. Jessica was unaware of this. Nayeli then confessed that she was in love with her stepfather; also, that she had had relations with him many times and that he loved her more than he did Jessica. This earned her a slap. Jessica then cried and left Ignacio's house.

Ximena looked at her cell phone and saw a message telling her that she was being watched. There were photos attached of her in the midst of Chivo's drug deal.

Mauro got Ochoa's report, then spoke to Magda about Israel. He had known about the man's proclivities for a while. Magda told him that Israel had broken her heart. This was such an understatement for such a desperate woman.

Mario confronted Noemi about her meeting with Isela. Noemi stood up for her right to know the truth of the situation. She wanted to know why he looked elsewhere when he had everything. Mario avoided answering this. He told her he had not planned on having a child with Isela but that he loved Cecelia from the beginning, so he provided for her to the best of his ability. Nothing in his list of excuses made Noemi lose her resolve in this discussion. She then informed him that he was never to touch her again. In exchange for her silence she demanded to know all about his businesses and to receive a major share of his future income.

Natalia went to José's home to learn more about him. He said that was no place for her, but she said that if it was a place for him, it was also a place for her. They joined hands.

Gerardo went to the police station at a call from Andres, who told him that Alma was dead. She had been the prostitute who came to them with information. Gerardo asked whether she had been murdered. He told him that Emiliano was involved somehow and that two other girls who had been there had talked. There had been a party with drugs. Hernán was there taking notes. He appeared to be the only journalist present.

All the others were the gauntlet through which Alonso and Emiliano had to pass to get into the office. Alonso shoved him inside when they got past the front door.

Mario went to see Cecelia in her office.
What happened?” she asked. He hit her hard enough to almost knock her over.
You forgot that Emiliano is my grandson. He has your blood.”
You're forgetting something. That you put me here to –”
I didn't put you here to do this... aberration,” he said.
What about the relationship with Regina's husband? That's an aberration, too. For Alonso I'm only an object. You served me up to him on a platter. This was all about controlling him.”
Why didn't you leave him alone?”
Because I didn't think. But, he's in love with me.”
So who's fault is it?”
So it's my fault? The only thing I've ever done is to systematically obey you. About Alonso. You are my father; you're supposed to protect me. All you have done is ruin my life every single day.Look at what you've done.”
Mario looked a little pensive.

At that moment Alonso and Emiliano were waiting in a corridor for Regina. When she arrived and kissed her son Alonso said they needed to discuss something that affected all of them.

Mario talked about how long it took to have any peace with Isela.
But your wife hates her.”
Nobody else knows, but there is something else. I confronted Omar San Roman. This was very dangerous.”
You have to be careful because that man will kill whom he wants to kill.”
He's tried several times but he doesn't have the power. Right now I'm more worried about Emiliano. Daughter, you must prepare for this. As soon as Emiliano knows who you are he will lose his mind. We are on the verge of getting what we want but you need to be cool and collected. And alert.”
There is something else you need to know,” she told him. She then related accounts of the deaths of Alma and that of Emiliano's friend who had supplied the drugs.
Mario promised to protect her along with Emiliano and Alonso.

Gerardo refused to believe that Regina had anything to do with Alma's death. He wanted media silence on this but Hernán told him that this was nearly impossible. Gerardo insisted that he say nothing about this until there was evidence that would stand up to close inspection and Hernán agreed to this because Gerardo was a true human being.

José's mother brewed tea for Natalia while her son went to change clothes. She told Natalia about Omar's visit and the fear she felt in his presence. He had told her that he was José's boss and would dismiss him if he was dissatisfied.

Marcia sat in the dining room with Omar, but lost her appetite. When he tried to question her attitude she said he was never satisfied. If she talked he was bothered, if she didn't it bothered him. He said he had here with him to please himself. He was trying to provoke her. Finally he started saying some truly vile things to her, saying she was short, ugly, and uncultured. He got angry with her and ordered her to leave. She complied without argument, as she could not tolerate his presence.

Alonso got Regina and Emiliano in his office where he acknowledged his mistake in not telling Regina about Emiliano's relations with his press secretary.
What are you trying to do, crucify me?” the boy asked.
See how he talks back to me?” Alonso said to Regina. He then turned to his son. “Tell your mother what you told me.”
I need you to be home, Mama. I need you to come back.”
See, your son needs you. Do you think I'm deaf to all this and that is isn't important to me?”
I don't need you to tell me what has to be said.”
You have a child. Do you want to lose him? Or doesn't that matter?”
Emiliano is the most important thing in my life. Excuse me, but can you say the same?”
Regina, I hope that one day you hear others' criticisms and take charge of your life, your family. I hope. I'll leave you alone.” Alonso left the room. She tried to get Emiliano to talk to her. He resisted.

Mario played Marcia's voicemail for Mauro, advising him to bring Alonso's attention to this.
Talk to your boss. Tell him that his father is out of control and he needs to take precautions.”

Ximena was asleep on the couch when Teresa returned to the apartment where she was not welcome. She walked in deliberately and frightened her daughter to wakefulness. She then laughed at Ximena's expression. The girl sat up.
Mother, what are you doing here? How did you get in?” she asked.
Teresa flashed the keys that Gerardo should have confiscated.
I have keys. Why are you looking at me like that? You think I'm horrible?”
I don't know what you're talking about. I don't care.” She got up from the couch to leave the room.
You don't know you're going to have a new baby brother or sister,” she told her.
Don't play games with me, alright?” Ximena replied.
It's the truth. I don't have to invent this. I decided I didn't want to live alone so I came here to live with you instead.”
But my father doesn't want that.”
Which is why you have to help me.”
No. I will not help you.”
Are you saying you're against me?”
I'm not in the mood to deal with you.”
She tried to leave the room but Teresa grabbed her and pulled her back.
You will listen and you will respect me,” she said.
You will never touch me again for the rest of your life,” Ximena said.
Here's what the doctor said: I can't experience strong emotions because if anything happens to the baby –”
What? What, Mama? Will that be my fault, like everything else is my fault? Leave me alone. Please, Mother, leave me alone.”
She walked out of the room.

Mauro filled Alonso in on Israel's arrest and his list of crimes. Alonso asked him to get Magda and Cecelia into his office. He chewed Magda out about this situation and further retaliated by insulting both women.

At the same time Emiliano was working at brainwashing or gaslighting Regina into staying at home for him and Alonso, saying that they both needed her. Her cell phone began ringing and she ignored it. She told her son they would have a long talk out in the garden about everything, beginning with Cecelia.
Cecelia is not the problem,” he said. “I am. It's I who fell in love and need to fight for what I could lose.”
[Couldn't make out her reply]
What is it, Mother?”
What's wrong is that I wasn't with you when –”
Mother, I don't want to look for guilt. I want solutions.”
You are something. You are smart, very good-looking. You are generous. You are incredible. You are part of me. As I cared for you in my womb, Emi, I will take care of you forever. Always.”
She took his hands in hers. She probably did not realize what she was actually committing to.
And I, too. I need you. Dad and I both need you.”
They walked out of the Senate house together. He started home first. Her cell phone kept ringing. She checked the caller ID and looked sad, even doomed.

Natalia asked José why he hadn't told her about Omar's visit. She was sure Omar had threatened him because that is what he does. She warned him that it was a threat ad his problems were also now hers. She wanted every detail of that incident.

Mauro gave Alonso the bad news about Omar. Alonso looked annoyed and a little weary, then said he needed to talk to Ochoa. He needed to protect Mario. He next objective was to ruin Gerardo Martínez in order to get Regina back. He was too full of himself to realize that this would not even begin to achieve such an impossible goal.

A black station wagon pulled into a disreputable area as a pewter-colored car parked behind it. Mario and Almirón talked about meeting there to avoid Omar. Mario refused to be afraid of “that decrepit old man.” Mauro called Mario to tell him that Alonso arranged protection for him. He was directed to dig up whatever dirt he could on Gerardo. Mario mentioned Teresa's pregnancy, but Mauro told him that would not be sufficient. It needed to be something much worse and much bigger to get him permanently out of Regina's life.
He wants that much to see her suffer?”
Yes, so she will reconcile with him.”
Alright; I'll see what I can do.” He ended the call and addressed Almirón. “Did you take photos of Martínez' daughter? It's time to use that little girl to get revenge on that imbecile Gerardo to get Regina's eyes off him and back to Alonso.”
How little all these men really knew about women.

Emiliano went to see Cecelia who rushed him into a hallway to tell him his father ordered her not to see him anymore. She was not interested in losing her job and Alonso had been furious. Emiliano did not take this seriously and eventually their voices were sufficiently raised to bring Mauro out of his office. Emiliano sassed Mauro about him also wanting to keep him and Cecelia apart. Cecelia told Emiliano to leave because she didn't want to see him anymore and wanted him to leave. He turned around and left. Hector appeared to prevent Cecelia from following him.
Emiliano went to his father's office to confront him about this. Alonso told him “This is over; get that slut out of your head.” He then sent for Hector and ordered him to take Emiliano home and lock him in his room. “If he sets foot on the street you will pay the consequences.”
Hector tried to turn Emiliano toward the door but the boy flinched violently.
Don't touch me!” He then looked at his father and said – sotto voce – “I hate you” before leaving the office.

Nayeli left a recording on a cell phone confessing to her father about her recent activities, saying she could not face him or her mother. At the same time, as she collected the false identity documents she had ordered on the black market Chivo pulled up, got out of his car, and grabbed her. He knew she had stolen the money. He dragged her into the car, pinned her down along the front seat with her head over the edge of the driver's seat. She fought back, but he choked her to death.

Regina drove to a cabin in the woods where Gerardo was waiting for her.
This is our farewell, isn't it?” he asked.
She nodded. She looked sad, as though she were about to cry.
We can't be together. You know that.”
This will be our last time together. I love you, Regina.”

They slowly embraced and kissed before going inside where they consummated their passion on the floor before a roaring fire. Regina's look of ecstasy was mixed with the tragic truth of their situation as she savored the passion she had never known with Alonso. Had Tristan and Isolde been able to watch them, they would not have hesitated to prefer togetherness in life rather than in death.


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Thank you Urban - as usual love your photo. I almost .. well almost .. felt sorry for Alonso having to tick off Cecelia and Magda in his office. He looked really tired. He is trying to run a presidential campaign and they are only causing him problems. He also has to deal with Emiliano and his father who is trying to have his father-in-law assassinated. I don't know if Alonso really wants Regina back or if it is just for political reasons - likely that. I wonder if anyone will be able to keep Emiliano away from Cecelia. She showed Mauro her bruises. Do these come from Alonso. She should never have come back to Mexico.

Thank you, Urban, for the great recap.

Surprises: Mario actually slapped Cecilia/Nayeli got murdere/Natalia had a taste for José's mother's tepache. : )

Good episode!

Yes, Alonso gave her those bruises.

Alonso certainly considers Regina to be a political asset. He knows she is a better person than he is. However, you can't fool all the people all of the time and you can't do it forever. I'm not sure he knows that.

Will anyone ever find the photo of Ignacio and Teresa that Nayeli took? Now that Nayeli is dead it could be lost as evidence against Teresa.

Will Regina become pregnant as a result of the farewell sex? If so she can't say that Alonso is the father and should anticipate that Gerardo will be in her life forever. I dearly hope that the network didn't censor this scene.

Teresa really doesn't love Ximena and she is very unlikely to love the foetus she has no matter what the outcome. I wanted to give Ximena a high five for telling Teresa never to touch her again.

UA: Who was Nayeli ?

Jarifa: So this is like the 17th death on this TN ?

Lynette: Something tells me Cecilia will NOT be among the living when all is said & done!

Thank you so much, Urban. Another crackling episode.

I was surprised that Nayeli was killed off so early. Hopefully Jessica ransacks her room and find her phone and takes it to the appropriate parties. That or Nayeli mailed it to Ximena. Fingers crossed!

So Omar is now the persona non grata? After all he has done they are edging him out like yesterday's news. Hopefully they remember that a man who has nothing to lose is the most dangerous of all.

I think Unimas cut the ending sex scene…can anyone confirm? I like the sex scenes in this thing, they are superbly edited and filmed. Sexy yet tasteful.

Alonso scolding Magda and Cecelia like children was sad and hilarious. A grown men telling two grown women how their actions make him look bad…is heading a political office like controlling children?

Alfredo, I don't know about this sex scene because I missed the Uni episode last night, but Uni did cut almost all the raunchy sex scene between Cecilia and Alonso in Monday's episode.

Urban, I sure hope that Regina does not become pregnant as a result of the "farewell" sex. That would cheapen the whole plot somehow for me

Since we keep on hearing that Teresa's pregnancy is "high risk", I am thinking she will miscarry which would free up the plot line by lessening her grip on Gerardo..

Finally Nayeli and her plot are dead and gone. Next, Alonso needs to send Emiliano off to Europe.

Steve, Nayeli was Ignacio's daughter who made a pass at her friend Ximena last week.

If Uni cut the sex scene or even shaved a few seconds they're idiots. As it was I had two complaints about it:

1. Victor Gonzales has a gorgeous chest and we didn't get to see enough of it.
2. This scene deserved better music.

It would be far too risky for Regina to become pregnant because Alonso would know he didn't do it. It's been too long since their last sex. This would also be a problem for her political career.

The writers seem to be flip-flopping a bit on whether Gerardo is divorced or not. the character list we got at the outset said he wasn't but the writers seemed to have changed their minds about it within the first two weeks.

Teresa needs to be in a manicomio.

Urban, the whole status of the "divorce" with Gerardo and Teresa makes me shake my head since the rest of the plot seems so carefully crafted. Sometimes they use "separated" sometimes "divorced" but they have been apart long enough (I seem to remember 2 years somewhere) to have separate residences. They need to clean up this plot point already! : )

Yeah, the problem was that they first started with separated then actually uttered divorce. Since then the terms have been interchangable so I just take it as they mean the same thing in this context and there won't be an extensive divorce battle later. Just a crazy pregnancy.

Regina also needs to wake up about her son. She is a doting mother but now aware of everything that he is doing. Alonso is playing on her maternal feelings to get her to return. He put Emiliano up to telling her that he needed her but she does not know everything that he has done.

Excellent recap as usual, Urban! Also great analysis of Regina and Gerardo's relationship. Strangely enough, it reminds me of an episode of Cheers, in which the spouses of 2 of the barfly characters fell in love with each other but did nothing about it for fear of hurting the spouse, family, etc. In the final scene, we realize that the barfly spouses weren't the least bit worth sacrificing for. Btw, Uni did cut out the final sex scene. Whoa! Noemí turns out to be very hard-nosed! Could Mario actually be coming to some kind of self-realization after his talk with Cecilia? Oh ho! It was Mario who arranged the spying on Ximena. Good analysis throughout!

Thanks Urban, you always do such an amazing job. So thank you for your analysis of the story.

I did not, however, see any lovemaking scene between Gerardo and Regina. It seemed to end with their embracing in front of the cabin. I was working on some financial stuff at the time, but I don't think I would have missed a hot scene between Regina and Gerardo.

As for Emiliano, I don't know how his moral values have gotten so corrupt this young. Does he know that both his grandfathers and his father are serial philanderers and run with prostitutes? I am having trouble putting this altogether for a kid this young to be into prostitution. Maybe it's a way different world there in Mexico City with all the mafia and prostitution rings going on.

I've had enough of Omar. He's just the epitome of evil.

I've also had enough of Teresa. Seeing Teresa is as pleasant as someone scratching their fingernails across a chalkboard. The way she walked into the house and woke up her sleeping daughter on the sofa was awful.

Oh I forgot to mention about Gerardo and Teresa's "marriage". He keeps calling her his "ex-esposa" but she keeps calling him her "marido" as though they are still married.

He has said on several occasions that they are divorced.

Maybe it's to reiterate that Teresa is under some insane delusion that they are still married while Gerardo is trying to free himself of her tentacles?

OKAY.... We now know what the casualties will be when a series is moved to a pre-9PM EST time slot. This is criminal.

As to Emiliano's morals, I have no answer for this. It has been a standard cliche of US life that a teen in a disadvantaged household is likely to be exposed to morally questionable or deficient behavior, but his family includes narcissists and sociopaths and they have no boundaries.

We don't know when he ceased to be a virgin, but I'm betting it was before he boinked Florencia in the video he was watching in the opening episode. As to whether he knew she was a prostitute I don't remember. I also don't have a really good sense of how much time has passed since her murder.

Alfredo, I think you're right about Teresa being delusional. I wish we knew more about her parents, but since they have never been mentioned by anyone I'm sure they died long before the curtain went up and there have been no flashbacks to any time before that.

Emiliano has definitely learned all his behavior from his parents, especially Alonso, but he has the ability to be good like Regina but he doesn't let himself be that way often. You see sparks of it, like during Alma's death or Florencia's or when he admitted to Natalia that he feels lonely because no one is ever at home. When this started, I felt for Emiliano, but he has shown the worse of himself. Maybe there is a way back but if Alonso is always a constant presence in his life, that will never happen.

And of course Emiliano did help finger his friend Axel, who was murdered. He can't escape punishment for that.

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