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La candidata Friday 8/11/17 Capítulo 44: Emiliano Against Alonso--OR--Regina Has A Real Bad Idea--OR--Alonso and Mario Tap Dance Well When They Have To

Regina's house--Regina is with Gerardo and suddenly Emiliano cannot be found. Nobody saw him leave. Gerardo will help her look but where? Regina decides to go to Cecilia's.

Ceciia's apartment--Emiliano has gone indeed to Cecilia's and he walks in on Cecilia and his father having sex. (Unimás censors cut this scene that was pretty tame and only a few seconds long) Alonso is oblivious to Emiliano's presence but it seems that Cecilia might have caught a glimpse of him before he bolts down the stairs and out of the apartment. The slam of the door distracts Alonso and he wonders what that noise was. Cecilia asks Alonso if he left the door open. No, he doesn't think so. Cecilia quickly runs down the stairs but sees nothing.

At the hospital--Mario comments to Hernán that he didn't know that he had changed professions. Besides being a mediocre journalist, he is trying to be a policeman. Mario has no reason to answer Hernán. Hernán wonders if Mario will feel the same way after Almirón gives his statement to the police about all of the crimes he has committed. Suddenly the elevator doors open and a couple of detectives arrive with a few uniformed police officers. A couple of doctors immediately start talking to them. Hernán walks over to join the crowd as Mario stands alone. (sort of like the cheese stands alone??)

In Gerardo's car-- As they are driving, Regina is going on about how worried she is about Emiliano but is also concerned because here she is with Gerardo again. He assures her as soon as they find Emiliano he will be on his way. Regina directs him to where Cecilia lives in the Roma neighborhood. Regina asks why Gerardo came to her house anyway. He needed to talk to Alonso. He also has news for her that Almirón her ex-chief of security had been shot. What happened? Gerardo says that Ignacio thinks her father and Almirón were covering for Nayeli's murderers. Regina asks if Gerardo thinks her father is really involved in all of this. An exasperated Gerardo does not know. Her father went to Almirón to get help to find Nayeli. Everything is really confusing. Regina wants to know what Gerardo needs Alonso for. Tomorrow they are releasing Nayeli's body and Ignacio wants to be able to say goodbye to his daughter as is his right. Only Alonso can help him get out of jail to be able to do this.

Cecilia's apartment--Alonso is getting dressed and yelling angrily at someone on the phone asking why they did not stop Emiliano. They are to find him. Cecilia has come back from checking the door and Alonso tells her it must have been Emiliano and he must have seen them together. He is up and moving getting ready to leave. Cecilia checks for an extra apartment key in the nightstand and it is missing. Cecilia tells him that now Emiliano knows about the two of them. It was going to happen sooner or later. Alonso is peeved that it happened right now. Cecilia does not understand why that would matter unless Alonso is trying to get back with Regina. Cecilia gets a reaction she did not see coming. "Yes, he is and what is it to her (Cecilia) anyway?" Alonso leaves.

The street--A dejected and depressed Emiliano is wandering aimlessly and finally sits down next to a stoplight amid the trash cans.

The hospital--Mario is paying a little visit to "his friend" Almirón who is in real bad shape and has an oxygen mask on. Mario informs him that he doesn't have much time left and for that Mario is sorry. A judge has also ordered that Almirón's statement be taken. Almirón has two choices: he can believe in the stupidity of an "eternal life" or realize it is all over for him but that his family's necessities can be taken care of for the rest of their lives. How does that work for Almirón?

Omar's house--Omar is quickly getting to the point with Marcia and is not buying her story that it was just business at the beginning of their relationship but that she ended up falling in love with him. His hands quickly travel from seemingly caressing her shoulders to her throat. He gave her everything. She betrayed him. As he chokes her he adds that she deserves to be hurt. She is lying. He only wants the truth. She tries to spin her story the best she can and tries to scream while he continues choking her. Omar says she needs to take the consequences of her actions. If she really had fallen in love with him, why had she not told him? He finally stops choking her and proclaims he is going to have to think about what he is going to do with her. He tells her to get over here and orders her to take off her clothes and starts to undress himself.

Alonso's car--Alonso asks the driver if he did not see Emiliano go into Cecilia's while he was waiting for Alonso outside of Cecilia's building. No, the driver did not see a thing because he was off getting gas for the SUV. Alonso calls home and finds out that Regina is out looking for Emiliano.

Cecilia's apartment--Regina pushes her way past Cecilia at the door calling Emiliano's name. Cecilia tells her that Emiliano is not there. She starts to lecture Regina on how the poor boy needs attention from his mother. Regina asks is that what Cecilia is planning on giving him and accuses her of taking advantage of him. Is Cecilia is trying to "take care of him?" Cecilia says Emiliano doesn't feel like he has to "escape" from her and must be with her for some reason. Before she leaves, Regina tells Cecilia that she is the most undignified human being she has ever met in her life. Alone, Cecilia shakes her head and breaks down.

Alonso's house--Emiliano gets home and is rude to the maid Celina. She calls Alonso who calls Regina.

Outside of Cecilia's--Regina tells Gerardo she will not let Cecilia manipulate her son like she is doing. Gerardo is surprised he got involved with her in the first place but sees Emiliano as being smart enough to figure it all out. Regina gets Alonso's phone call. Just when it looks like Gerardo is going to take Regina home, Regina announces she has a bone to pick with Gerardo. She is sick of all of his investigations always ending up implicating her father. She wants it to end. Since they are close to her parents' home, why don't they go over there and have it all out with her father once and for all and get to the truth. (Sure)

The hospital--Mario is back out in the hall and is being approached by a detective who wants to talk to him about the statement Almirón made before he died.

Alonso's house--Alonso arrives home to find Emiliano in his room.

The casino--One of Mario's guys Lorenzo tells Teresa there will be no more money for her from Mario right in the middle of her gambling action. It also would be better if she didn't cause a scandal. Teresa is not a happy camper.

Emiliano's room--Alonso forces himself into Emiliano's room. Emiliano wants to know if Alonso is going to kill him like he did Axel. He calls him a murderer. Why did Alonso do this to him? Alonso has a simple answer. He did it to prove to Emiliano that Cecilia is a slut and that she will sleep with any one. Emiliano loves her. Alonso wants Emiliano to see that she is not in love with him. Doesn't he get it? Emiliano insists that they both love each other. Alonso is still talking. Cecilia just used Emiliano to get to him. Emiliano threatens to tell Regina everything. Alonso asks if Emiliano thinks he can do what he wants when Alonso did this to save him?? Emiliano brings up Axel next saying that he knows Alonso had him killed. Alonso asks him if he would rather be in jail. He wouldn't last. Emiliano needs to remember that he was the one who brought the prostitutes into the governor's house. He filled his home with drugs. That brat Axel killed one of the prostitutes. Emiliano tries to protest saying he never thought that Axel would hurt her. Alonso says that is the problem: Emiliano never thinks! (he said the same thing to him in an earlier episode about the same event) Emiliano threatens that if he ends up in jail, he will be sure to take Alonso with him. That does not sit well with Alonso. Nobody defies Alonso. He proves this point by socking Emiliano in the face so hard he ends up on his butt on the floor. If Emiliano wants to keep on sleeping with that slut, that's okay but he is advising him to end his stupid romance. Also, if Regina finds out about Alonso and Cecilia, Emiliano will end up in jail and Alonso will do nothing to help him. Alonso gives his son one final warning about not telling Regina. He then explains to Emiliano that he does everything for him, his son, because Emiliano is the only person that he really loves. He leaves.

Mario's House--Regina arrives at Mario's house with Gerardo in tow thinking that her father and Mario can have a civilized discussion and clear things up. Mario wonders if Gerardo will say the same lies he tells behind his back about him to his face. Gerardo says he is just there doing this for Regina. Regina tries to keep it polite and under control. Gerardo wants to know what Mario's role was in looking for Nayeli. Mario was trying to help a desperate man. Mario gives his "story" about what he knew about Nayeli's death and Almirón. Nayeli worked for drug dealers that were protected by Almirón. That is exactly what Almirón said in his statement to police. Mario didn't know that Almirón was working for the drug dealers when he tried to help Ignacio. Gerardo calls him a liar and Regina calms both men down before they come to blows. Noemí has suddenly turned into a staunch defender of her husband in the face of Gerardo's attacks. She wants to know why he keeps discrediting her family and by extension hurting Regina. Does he think he is protecting society or is this just his way of winning the election at Regina's cost? Gerardo can't even control his own wife. Regina ends up taking her father's part. They all agree it is better for Gerardo to just leave. Mario reminds Gerardo that another scandal could hurt Gerardo's image. As he exits, Gerardo tells Regina her father is impossible to believe. Regina finds the fact that Gerardo can't believe him impossible. Gerardo is out of there.

Gerardo's car--Gerardo gets a phone call from Hernán at the police station. They just arrested Nayeli's murderer who said he killed her out of revenge for her stealing money from him. Gerardo concludes that Almirón's statement that Nayeli was working for drug dealers that Almirón was protecting is evidently false and was just created to protect Mario. Hernán agrees that there is more going on but this is all they have now.

Mario's house--Now Noemí backs up Mario and defends him to his own daughter. Regina sees it all as a very confusing puzzle. Noemí warns her that Gerardo is using her for political purposes. Regina knows that is not true. Noemí insists Gerardo was only romancing her to boost his own poll numbers. He was a nobody before Regina. He is trying to ruin her now by making these false statements. Regina needs to open her eyes. Reina is clearly aggravated and is leaving when Mario chimes in with him knowing nothing about Almirón. He asked him for help in spite of knowing he was working for a criminal organization. He only wanted to save he girl. The only thing Mario is guilty of, according to Noemí, was trusting Almirón. Noemí always knew there was something odd about Almiron. . . Not fully convinced, Regina leaves.

Cecilia's apartment--Isela got a call from Cecilia so she has come over to see what kind of mess her daughter has gotten herself in now. Cecilia tells her that she let Emiliano see her and Alonso making love. Isela asks what the purpose was for doing that. Cecilia says it was to try to get Emiliano off her back. Isela sees it as going right along with Cecilia's plan for revenge on Regina. Cecilia is concerned because Alonso went crazy like a mad man. Why tell Isela? She won't ever being helping Cecilia out again. She has caused her enough problems. What Isela is concerned about is Hernán nosing around the cabaret. So now Cecilia is going to have to help HER and control Hernán.

Regina's house--Regina comes in and Alonso is sitting in the living room. He asks why Gerardo was there earlier. Regina explains he had come by to see if Alonso could help get Ignacio some time out of the jail to say goodbye to Nayeli since her body is being released tomorrow. She then goes through the Almirón "story". Alonso asks her to sit down. He gives her some unexpected advice. She needs to get away from everyone. She does not need Gerardo. She does not need him. She needs to write her own story. She can do it all on her own. He is talking about her political career, "them", their son, their family, all of it. She asks about Emiliano. Alonso knows he left but not where he went. Regina wants to know about Cecilia. Alonso asks her if maybe the worst thing they could do is banning him from seeing her. Anyway, he has talked to Cecilia and is willing to fire her if that moment arrives. Alonso is still not done with his conversation. He wants to talk to Regina about something else. He admits he has been so wrong about everything including her, Emiliano, he political career. He wants his family back. Is it too late for them? Before she can answer, he stops her. He says he hopes it is not too late and gets up to leave. Regina is left suddenly with tears in her eyes.

Mario's house--Mario wants to know why Noemí covered for him. It was because she wanted to get the "don Nadie" Gerardo out of Regina's head. Noemí does have something to ask of Mario: to get that bastard Cecilia out of Regina's life and out of Emiliano's life or she will not be covering for him again.

Emiliano's room--Emiliano, of course, is lying on his bed as usual. Regina asks surly Emiliano where he was and he tells her not to bother him. He wants to know if Héctor got into trouble because of him. No, because she had given him the night off. Regina says she went looking for him. No, Emiliano does not want to talk about Cecilia or anything, doesn't she get it?

Gerardo's office--Andrés, Almirón and Gerardo are together. The conclusion is that Mario ended up winning again. El Chivo said Nayeli worked for him and that Almirón was not involved. Nayeli sold drugs. She was never kidnapped. They had a relationship. She gave him money. According to Ignacio's lawyer, Almirón knew where Nayeli was but would not give up the info. Since it seems that Mario knew that but did not come forward with that information would make him an accomplice if there were an investigation but there isn't. The case is closed as far as Mario's involvement is concerned. Thinking back about Alma's death at the Governor's house, they have two dead girls with two dead investigations. Right now they have a more pressing issue: Making sure Ignacio has a chance to say goodbye to his daughter.

Omar's house--Omar is seated at his desk looking at a photo of him and Natalia. One of his goon-guards comes in. They have found José's mother. Omar tells him they know what to do.

Emiliano's room--The brat is still in his room when Natalia stops by to ask him where he went. He went to see the "love of his life" which turned out not to be the best thing he could have done. He found her in bed with another guy. Natalia asks if Emiliano knows him. He sure does. Everyone knows him. The whole family knows him. It was his father. His father and Cecilia are lovers.

Alonso's office--Mauro stops by with some things to use against Regina in an interview that is coming up but Alonso has changed his mind. He is going to talk well about Regina. He is going to try to get his wife back. Mauro is more than surprised.

Regina's office--Fernando Escalante stops by Regina's office to tell her how impressed he is with her and how he is offering her his full support if she runs for president.

Outside--Natalia tells José she is ready to leave with José and his mother. She does not want to waste more time in starting a new life with him.

In a hallway--Ignacio's lawyer has arranged for Ignacio to get out of jail due to Almirón's statement which has now exonerated Ignacio by classifying Almirón's shooting by Ignacio as self-defense. Gerardo is with him. Things should be okay between the two friends but they are not. Ignacio has a confession to make to Gerardo. He had negotiated with Almirón for help in finding Nayeli. He was ready to betray Gerardo, do anything since he could only think of getting Nacely back. He also found out that Mario was behind it all. He apologizes and also warns Gerardo that Mario hates him and he hates that he is with Regina.

Alonso's office--Natalia drops on by to let Alonso know that Emiliano told her all about his affair with Cecilia. He is just like his father. He has no morals. Alonso tries to fight back saying she is nobody to talk since she has a lover. Natalia is not swayed. All she knows if that he will be sorry for destroying his family and his son. He will have nothing left. She leaves.

Cecilia's office-- Hernán visits Cecilia in her office. She called him. She suddenly needs his help. Things have been going really bad for her. She is hooked on drugs. She is destroying herself. Isela has convinced her that Hernán is the "only one" who really cares for her. Hernán isn't taking the bait and goes to leave but she stops him. Little do they know that Mauro is watching them via live video in his office. She is asking for Hernán to get her out of the mess she is in. She wants to go far away.

Alonso's office--There is an interview going on. A reporter asks Alonso about the reforms he would make as president. Surprise! Alonso insists on talking about Regina's legislative record and the reforms and social issues she has worked on. He ends by saying that if there were more people like his wife in the country there would be hope that Mexico was on the right track. Regina and Daniela are listening. Daniela asks Regina if it is only her, but isn't Alonso "gifting" her the election?

José and Natalia walk into his mother's house and find her "sleeping" on the couch. When José is unable to awaken her, it becomes clear that Omar's goons made it there first. José's mother has been murdered.


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What an episode!

A criticism:. The whole "Regina wanting Gerardo to talk to her father" sub-plot I found to be very artificial. No surprises there. Since Gerardo and Regina are not together, why should it matter?

I am tired of Regina putting up with spoiled Emiliano's rudeness and continually scurrying after him. He is seventeen years old. She evidently feels guilty but putting up with his verbal mistreatment does neither he or she any good. He needs to be sent abroad.

Never ever will I understand the Univision censors.

Lately, I love any scene with Isela in it.


Gracias, Jarifa.

I don't get that subplot either. Something needs to happen now.

Emiliano telling Natalia about Alonso boinking his "ladylove" could be the key. If Natalia and Noemi talk about this the fuse will be lit on this time bomb. This could destroy Noemi. It will not destroy Regina, who knows that Cecelia is garbage.

Natalia is a fairly strong woman who is coming back from having been abused by Omar. All through that final scene I kept expecting Jose to turn back that blanket and find a serious blood stain. Since that didn't happen she must have been murdered by some other method.

Does anyone else think that Mario had something to do with Almiron's death?

Urban, at first I thought Mario might have helped Almirón on his way but when I watched it again I don't think so. Almirón was dying anyway and Mario made his trusted employee a deal.

Jarifa: Not shocked Omar had Jose's Mommy whacked!

"Game of Thrones Mexico"!

Me either. Omar is pretty consistent.

Excellent recap, Jarifa! I especially appreciated your thorough recap of Alonso's conversation with Emiliano, because just at that point my former aerobics instructor dropped by to give me some coupons for afree week at the gym where she works now. :) Mario is absolutely disgusting. However, he prolongs the tn for the requisite # of episodes. And for whatever reason, it was decent of Almiraon to exonerate Ignacio. How long, Omar, till you get what's coming to you?! Another nice save, Alonso! Neither we nor (probably) Emiliano believe you, but nice try! Good plot insights, Urban.

Maybe it will be Jose who does Omar in--if Marcia or Natalia don't beat him to it!

Or Mario. So many "candidates!"

You said it, Jarifa--an episode not to be missed. You did it justice, even though there is no justice in LaLaLand yet. Thank you. The whole thing just rolled out of you with such ease and finally made sense to me. (The whole Almiron/Ignacio/Mario thing.)

I did chuckle that both Alonso and Cecelia invented similar stories about "letting" Emiliano see them together so he would be persuaded to discontinuing their sexual relationship.

Of all people, why would Emi tell his grandmother Natalia who the "perpetrator" was, other than it is her son. I just can't see my grandson telling me about a transgression committed by his father. Not that I'm glad it happened. Sooner or later, unless Natalia disappears or dies before she can tell Regina, Regina will find out. Ooooh, can't wait.

My prognostication from yesterday was so took me by surprise when Noemi came out supporting and defending Mario to Regina, but then satisfied that she gave him an ultimatum on the next caper. She's still out for vengeance. Unfortunately this does not help resolve the issue between Gerardo and Regina. So there WAS something that is going to separate them.

I don't think Alonso's public praise of Regina was intended to hand her the presidency. It was more like, what a GREAT first lady she'd be. I do think he blundered. Daniela and Regina should take advantage of it, especially now that they know F. Escalante is going to be on their side, something Alonso doesn't know.

I don't think Mario "helped" Almiron out of this world. He just gave him the choice of taking the blame and assuring the financial security of his family, or be a hero and his family suffers. He was going to die anyway. It looked pretty clear the detectives who came to get his statement got it after Mario's little visit.

P.S. R&G--"separated" was meant emotionally. They already decided to separate physically--except Gerardo wants to keep her aware of his presence, i.e. at the gala.

Oh, Tere's histrionics are side-splitting.

I went back and >ff through several episodes, just to watch Alonso. He is a terrific actor and so right for this part. He plays the part of a crooked politician so realistically! Smooth and clean on the outside, calculating, dirty rotten to the core and a-moral on the inside.

Thanks Jarifa. Your description of Emiliano as a "brat" is most appropriate. The actor who is playing Alonso is indeed terrific but I was wondering if he really wanted to get back with Regina. He did tell Emi that he loved him - well as far as Alonso could go without manipulating someone. Emi cannot help him politically except by keeping his mouth shut around Regina. I wonder if Hernan will let Cecelia manipulate him - and how did Mauro manage to bug Cecelia's apartment - but then it seems that this is standard operating practice in this novela.

Thank you so much, Jarifa! I wholeheartedly agree about Isela, btw, the actress was great in the small role she had in Hotel but she has really sunk her teeth into this character. I love her scenes with Mario and Noemi, heck, even Cecelia, though I hate the way she psychologically tortures her like no tomorrow. For all the sick things Cecelia has done and is doing and will plan on doing, she is still the product of two sick parents and has sadly found no escape.

Ximena and Emiliano still have time though but they have to 1) be honest with the "good" parent, 2) stop making excuses for the "bad" parent and 3) get out of their current living situation. Both should leave to the US or Europe to study but never come back.

Noemi made me sick. The way she defended Mario was disgusting.

Regina really had some nerve to ask Gerardo to confront her father and then believe nothing he said. Regina, wake up!!!!!, Mario is evil. You're husband and father-in-law are evil, why can't your father? Did you forget all the people have have conveniently disappeared, investigate???

I also thought I saw flicker of good in Alonso in his recent scenes with Regina and his I love you to Emiliano but I can't forget how he has manipulated them in the past. I can't believe anything he says anymore.

I suspect that if Mario had leveled with Noemi about his activities years ago, she would have been his partner in crime and probably good at it.

Noemi is confusing. Am I the only one who feels betrayed by her? She went to great lengths to expose Mario to Regina and now defends him?

Nothing to be confused about at this point.

Noemi wanted to expose Mario initially because of how he had used her as a respectable front all these years. Regina would have the power to deal with Mario in a public way, power that Noemi might envy. Now Noemi has found a new form of payback in forcing Mario to share the illegal fruits of his dirty business with her. She could simultaneously be gathering evidence to use against him in a legal matter such as a divorce or leading to an arrest if she ever discovers evidence of murder.

The beautiful irony of all this is that this puts her in no position to snub Gerardo. He may have come from humble parents but he is honest, respectable, and self-made. Many people from "old money" fear people like him and mask it with snobbery.

You're welcome and thanks for the kind comments:

SpanProf, ITA Alonso can just spin and spin . . .

Anita, yes, the actor playing Alonso is doing a fantastic job. Interesting that most of the cast seems to be middle aged or older.

Lynette, I cannot keep up with the bugs either or who they belong to.

Alfredo, Noemí for me is just a pragmatist. She likes her lifestyle and will deal to keep it.

Just because Noemí is so pragmatic I think she and Isela could have made/make great business partners.

Jarifa thank you for the thorough recap.
It was an episode not to be missed with so many reveals. The Alonso/Cecilia reveal to Emi should have ended his desire to be with her but he is as sick as his father and wants to continue with her.

The scene with Emi and Alonso was so intense, and I completely agree the actor playing Alonso is doing an excellent Job.

Urban and Alfredo I completely agree about Noemi, I was disappointed that she is standing by Mario, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will be his doom and that she is just in it to gather intel.

Thank you Jarifa, I just LOVED the title of your recap. Excellent job as always. I am just having a chance to comment now (so late) as I've had a very busy weekend.

This story keeps getting more and more complicated with all its twists and turns. Another casualty with Jose's mother. Poor woman, in the wrong place at the wrong time and just happens to be the mother of the man Omar hates. But does Omar really care for anyone except himself? I am sure he is on his way to a horrific death. People like him just don't deserve to live.

Regina should know better by now to not trust her own father. She should take off her rose colored "daddy" glasses and look at him for what he really is.

Alonso's scene with Emi was very good. I can't say enough good things about the acting in this story.

Looking forward to tonight's episode!

Thanks, Sandie! Yes, we have quite a group of twisted individuals here. I would like to think there is hope for the young ones, but so far it isn't looking very good.

Cynthia, thank you! I agree about Regina and her father. It is hard to believe that things were just "ducky" growing up and until now so that this is the first time she has had any inking that he was/is not on the up and up. Mario is good but not that good.

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