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La Candidata Thursday 8/10/17 Chapter 43: Ignacio attacks Almirón...and...the truth is closing in on Mario...and...Emi is in for a surprise

Omar is having breakfast alone, weighing his options. He’s decided to have Marcia brought upstairs from her Motel-7, dungeon suite when he’s interrupted by the arrival of Natalia—alone. Change of plans. He tells Ochoa to leave Marcia downstairs and let Nat in. Natalia walks in clutching her purse. Omar wants to know why she’s come.
Regina, dressed in a classy white dress is ready to leave for work. Emi is still asleep and she calls for Héctor. Alonso joins her, coffee cup in hand. She informs Héctor she’s going to wake Emi and Heck is to take him to school. He’s to be watched carefully—Alonso is all in agreement. He tells Heck that Emi’s only to go back and forth to school. Anything else, Heck is to call Al immediately. After Regina is out of earshot, Al tells Heck that Emi is not to see Cecelia. After school is out, Emi finds out from Héctor all his privileges have been withdrawn. He has to go straight home—no car, no Cecelia.

Natalia confronts Omar about his arrangement with José just to humiliate her. What if that didn’t work, she asks him. She begs him to leave her alone in exchange for her leaving him with everything. Omar scoffs at the idea someone like José would be in love with her, let alone want to touch her. And what would she do without any money? She would have to continue to pay for sex, he chuckles. At a loss to get her way, Nat pulls out a revolver, but hesitates to use it. He mocks her weakness and urges her to use it. If it had been he, he would have used it right away. If she wants peace, she should just come back to him and all will be forgotten. Humiliated once again, Natalia retreats. [If Omar didn’t pee in his pants, his face indicates he almost did.]
Mauro shows Cecelia the invitation to a fancy reception for Fernando Escalante, an ex-pat millionaire who has returned to Mexico after making a bundle. Mauro hears from Cece that Escalante is back officially to make some investments, but in what is yet to be determined. Cece invites herself. Mauro is not overjoyed, but goes along with it, even trying to dissuade her by saying that the guests are not “her kind of people.”
Andrés has come to talk to Isela at the Cabaret, introducing himself as the chief of security for Gerardo Martinez. He explains they know the dead girl worked in Isela’s cabaret and the deceased and two other girls were at a party at the governor’s house. He is there to ask what she knows.
Delusional (or very clever) Teresa has returned from a budget-busting baby buying spree to Gerardo’s and Ximena’s  disgust. She happily ignores Gerardo’s demands for an explanation.
Omar has Ochoa go get Marcia. He meanly teases her with the invitation to the same high society reception that Mauro got. He tells her if she’d only been a little nicer, she would have gone. Then he tells her he’s sending her on a long journey so she should go pack her things. Ochoa roughs her up as he takes her upstairs, despite her protestations that she fell in love with Omar—over and above having met him through Mario. Omar sneers and tells her not to say stupidities.
Omar is satisfied with his decision. Then Alonso comes waltzing in and lets Omar have it. This silly vendetta with Mario has to stop. Omar says no. Alonso tells him he’s going crazy with this competition. Meanwhile, he continues, his mother is divorcing him and he’s messing with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. Omar gives him a ‘so what’ look. Alonso lays down the terms—he’s to quit meddling in his life or he’s going to move him out of the way. That changes Omar’s attitude—he protests that he’s Alonso’s father. Al says it’s not personal, it’s political. He’s putting Omar on notice and waltzes back out. After Alonso leaves, Omar rethinks his options—again. He tells Ochoa he’s not sending Marcia away after all. [I fear for Marcia.]
Isela is complaining to Mario that the vultures are already circling. Andrés knows about Alma. Mario doesn’t seem particularly upset. He’s sure he can still keep things under control. He’s counting on Alonso not to let it get to the press. Isela is not so sure. She warns Mario that if anything happens to her, she has taken certain precautions and the whole world will find out.
Regina returns home. Héctor tells Regina Emi is in his room, pretty angry. The doorbell rings and Regie is quizzical. Héctor says it’s only a pizza delivery. Ah, well, in that case, Regie will be in her room. Héctor, looking guilty, runs to get the outer door. Someone knocks on Emi’s bedroom door, several times. He finally opens. Héctor shows Cece in and gives them 30 minutes—he’s putting his job at risk; then leaves them alone.
Ignacio buys a gun off a thug in some rough neighborhood back street.
Alonso quizzes Mauro about this Escalante reception, how important can it be. Mauro tells him all the nation’s movers and shakers will be there—Alonso should decide how important it can be. Al tells Mauro to make all the arrangements. He’s going home.
Andrés reports to Gerardo what he found out about Alma from one of the girls who was at that party at the governor’s house. Gerardo is saddened to learn Emi is implicated. Ger wants Hernán to follow up for proof. Andrés assures him they will be discrete so as not to rope Regina into the affair. He thanks Andrés for that, as Andrés reminds him that Regina’s son may be the one responsible for the tragedy. Gerardo is left with that thought.
Noemi has shown up at the cabaret, to Isela’s consternation. Noemi is ready to start work as the new working partner—er, non-working associate.
Ignacio calls Almirón and tells him he needs to meet with him—it’s urgent. Almirón puts him off for the time being. Mario tells him to keep stringing him along until they think of something else. Almirón reminds him that El Chivo killed Ignacio’s daughter; El Chivo worked with El Gringo and the latter knows how the cabaret operates, fleecing their clients—and he knows who Mario and Almirón are. Perdón, says Mario, El Gringo only knows Almirón’s name. Mario has never been involved. Mario tells Almirón to calm down Ignacio first, then “take care” of El Chivo. What about Omar, Almirón asks. Mario says Alonso is taking care of that end and the two of them will keep Gerardo from further investigation into Alma’s death by showing him photos of his daughter Ximena dealing drugs.
Post-coitus, Emi has had a workout and is whipped. He got the feeling this was like their last time together. Cecelia says he got that right. They have to stop seeing each other or she’ll lose her job [as if that has kept her OR him from doing the horizontal mambo]. If she does, Emi says he’ll take care of her. With what, wonders Cece, his allowance? Before they can escalate into a serious argument, there is a knock at the door. It’s Regina and she has found the door locked. She calls for Héctor to give her his key [And no one else has a key?] Alonso appears and tells Héctor to give her his key. Héctor looks like he might soil his pants, but they finally get in and the parental unit finds Emi completely naked. Al throws him a pillow to cover his nether regions and Regina apologizes. He is pissed. The parents agree to go downstairs and wait for him to get dressed. Emi goes to Cece who has been hiding in plain sight around the corner of his slatted room divider and tells her Heck will get her out. He apologizes and says he has to leave.
Alonso and Regina go around about the situation. When Emi arrives Regie tells him that tomorrow they are making an appointment with a psychologist. Emi is ok with that. They end up agreeing to go out to dinner, all three of them.
Mario arrives at the cabaret and asks one of the employees if he’s taken care of  “the girls.” Before he can answer, Isela shows up and sarcastically thanks Mario for caring about her girls and the cabaret. She tells him about Noemi’s visit. Mario says they have a bigger problem. Gerardo’s people already know about the party at the governor’s house. Isela is pissed that one by one her stable of girls is being reduced. Mario says in this case it won’t be necessary if they keep a close watch on the two so they can’t talk to anyone else and become witnesses.
Meanwhile, he needs her for a little job. The daughter of Senador Martinez made a blunder and they have pictures, but she needs to be frightened a little more. Isela wants to know what it is he’s aiming to get out of all this intrigue. He answers: everything.
Alonso, Regina and Emiliano have a good time at the restaurant. Alonso excuses himself to go get something. As Alonso is walking back to the restaurant with two bodyguards in tow (oh, goodie, one of them is José), he calls Mauro and asks him to convince Natalia to go to the fancy reception, in order to show that his whole family is with him. Then he asks to check and see if Mario has done anything about Gerardo Martinez. Actually he would rather leave that to Cecelia.
Alonso is back at the restaurant and ruins Regina’s current state of mind by handing her a huge bouquet, saying the flowers are for his beloved. Then he gives Emi [a far more expensive] gift of a pair of virtual reality goggles. He’s thrilled. Regina isn’t, but she puts on a great act. Emi takes photos.
Ignacio finally gets his meet-up with Almirón. Almi doesn’t want to give up the name of the person(s) who killed Nayeli. One thing leads to another when Almi steps out of the car and Iggy pulls a gun on him. [Again we have someone who stops to think first and doesn’t pull the trigger.] Almi of course wrenches it away from Iggy and in the ensuing struggle someone gets shot. Almirón is loaded into an ambulance and Ignacio is loaded into a patrol car.
Tere appears before Gerardo [in a tux and looking delicious]. She’s all dressed up and ready to accompany him to the reception. She asks, “Como me parezco?” in English. Gerardo has no words. Ximena looks disgusted.
The hoity-toity crowd is arriving at the fancy dress reception. Noemi actually came with Mario. No sign of Omar and Natalia. Whoops, there’s Omar, but there is a beautiful young girl on his arm. Why, it’s Marcia, looking quite beautifu with her hair up, but also looking very unhappy. Alonso steps between the two rivals, looks at Omar and accuses him of starting a scandal, which he promptly does all by himself asking what “she” is doing there. Omar says this is his woman—no need for introductions, as Mario already knows her. He continues, raising his eyebrows at Mario, that Marcia told him everything.
Andrés and Hernan catch each other up on Almirón’s condition and note that Gerardo is at some fancy event. If Almirón dies, Ignacio will be charged with homicide.
Back at the reception, Mario wants Noemi to try and find out what’s troubling Marcia. Oh, and why is Mario so interested, muses Noemi, is she another one of his daughters? Ha! Mario gets a call informing him that Almirón is in critical condition. On his way out he stops by Omar and tells him they need to talk. Omar sends Marcia to the car saying she doesn’t belong and his son was correct to call her a slut, while Mario and Noemi listen behind him. Mario and Omar discuss Almirón. Their talk heats up and Omar brings Marcia into the conversation. Poor thing, he says, she caved so easily. Neither one is giving an inch.
Regina, in a different white gown, form fitting and one bare shoulder is on the phone in the balcony of the hall making sure Emi can’t leave the house. Gerardo approaches her and tells her how beautiful she looks. Regie says he’s pretty handsome himself. Before their billing and cooing can get them in trouble, from out of nowhere Tere sweeps in to claim Gerardo. She pointedly tells her it’s improper for Regina to be talking to her husband. Gerardo asks her to stop but Tere keeps getting louder that Regina isn’t respecting her pregnancy. Regina leaves and heads down the hall while Tere shouts after her that she’s hurting her—does Regina want her to lose her baby?
Someone announces that Fernando Escalante is about to be introduced. A tall, grey-haired, grey bearded, well put-together man, obviously successful and confident in himself approaches the podium. The sign on the podium says, “Fernando Escalante Foundation/Helping children in all parts in all moments.” While he’s talking about how he’s going to give something back to his country, Cecelia and Mauro arrive. Cecelia separates and goes to greet some people. Alonso is furious at Mauro for bringing Cece—she doesn’t belong to their social class. Meanwhile, Cece, in a low-cut black gown is catching glances. Gerardo, on the other hand, is catching glances from Regina. [I’m surprised Alonso couldn’t see that.] Mauro changes the subject. He tells Al about photos they have of Gerardo’s daughter and the impact they will have on him. Al is now furious that Gerardo is attending the reception and wants to know if Regina knew he was coming.
Escalante is introduced to Mario and Noemi. He congratulates them on their daughter who is doing wonderful things.
Noemi tells Mario she didn’t have a chance to talk to Marcia, but she could see she was terrified and had covered up some bruises. From the way Omar spoke to her earlier, she’s convinced she’s been assaulted. They leave, as Mario must go see Almirón.
Meanwhile, Escalante is making the rounds and is introduced to Alonso and Regina. He calls them the presidential couple and Alonso laughs and says that is yet to be determined. Apparently Fernando Escalante has done his homework because he congratulates Regina for her work on getting the universal child welfare law passed, just as Alonso takes the credit for working for women’s shelter projects. Directing his remarks to Regina, Escalante says he’d like to meet with her to discuss some help. She agrees gladly.
Emi misses Cecelia and is leaving her a sexy phone message. He wants to see her again.
Back at the reception, it’s Gerardo and Teresa’s turn to be introduced to Escalante. Gerardo is called the not quite yet declared candidate for president from the labour party. Tere introduces herself as Gerardo’s wife [although we and she KNOW they are divorced]. And, she makes sure he knows she is pregnant and happy.
Escalante continues to make the round and is now introduced to Mauro and Cecelia. He tells her how lovely she is. Alonso observes from a distance. [If jealousy were a real color, Alonso would be turning green right now.] Regina announces she’s going home – alone and leaves Alonso. Al turns back toward Mauro and Cecelia as Escalante accidentally overhears Alonso repeat to Cece the classist remark he made earlier to Mauro—she doesn’t belong here, she doesn’t belong to this class of society. Holding her head high, Cece says maybe not, but she is every bit well turned out as, say, Al’s wife. Just take a look at her and tell her, does he prefer the way she looks or how his wife looks? Mauro mutely stands by while Al grabs Cece and hauls her away.
Escalante catches Regina on the stairs and ask her to wait up. He wants to set up a meeting with her. And yes, he already knew she was planning to go up against Alonso for the presidency, but felt it wasn’t prudent to mention it in front of him. She thanks him for that. He’s looking forward to working with her for whatever her project needs. Regina continues down the stairs. Tere and Gerardo are also leaving and as she descends the stairs Tere warns Escalante that that woman steals husbands. Gerardo excuses her behavior and steers her out.
Alonso has dragged Cecelia into a bathroom. He wants to know why she came. She gives it to him straight—well, she heard Fernando Escalante is single and so is she—with no commitments—so who knows, the might end up together. She is very aware she is getting a rise out of Alonso and not just his ire. Does he want to do it right here? She wants to know who does it better, she or his wife. He grabs her for some rough sex and Cece gets as excited as Alonso and responds in kind.
The surgeon tells Mario that Almirón lost a lot of blood and probably won’t live. Hernan approaches him in the waiting room to ask Mario a few questions regarding Almirón. He heard he was in the secret intelligence service. Mario says Almirón was merely his daughter’s body guard and that’s why he’s here. Hernan says he has people who will contradict him. That stops Mario and tells Hernan to go ahead. Of course,  what Hernan really wants to know is what his relationship was to Alma, the dead girl.
Gerardo has run into Andrés at the police station. They won’t let Ignacio go, even though his daughter’s burial is the next day. Gerardo says it’s time to go talk to the real governor, Alonso. They hurry out.
Tere calls her casino “banker” from home. She needs money. Ximena is stretched out in bed, dressed, mumbling to herself.
Regina has arrived home and the doorbell rings. It’s Gerardo at the gate. She tells them to let him in. Meanwhile, the maid goes up to roust Emi. Gerardo apologizes for the visit at such a late hour, but he’s desperate about Ignacio’s plight and wants to talk to Alonso. Al isn’t at home and will be upset to find Gerardo there when he does. At that very moment the maid comes back to tell Regie that Emi is not in his room. Regie goes after the maid and leaves Gerardo standing there.
Emi lets himself into Cece’s apartment-house and heads upstairs. [Viewerville sees Cece’s bed and the bedding moving around in a suggestive manner.] Emi is stunned as he turns the corner and sees….what…who? It doesn’t really matter what or who, Emi’s world has just crashed and trashed by Cecelia.


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"Budget-busting baby buying spree" ! "". . . Getting a rise out Alonso and not just his ire." Wow! Thanks, Anita, you have me laughing this morning!

Héctor needs to be fired. He is part of Emiliano's problem. Emiliano is not paying his check.

At least Noemí noticed that Marcia was covered in bruises covered in makeup for all the goid that will do.

Cecilia seems to be losing it more and more in some inopportune places.

Why does not Emiliano have a girlfriend and always ends up with prostitutes in this story?

I am so glad that Emiliano got an eyeful of something I get to tell you about!

Great work, Anita.

If Teresa's pregnancy is high-risk, what the hell is she doing traipsing around malls and off to a high-society function she has no business being at? If anything she should be Nurse Rita Ratched's new prisoner now that Noemi is on her feet.

I hope Ignacio survives.

Can't wait to see how the discovery of Cecelia and Alonso affects Emiliano. This will be outrageous.

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Thanks Anita, your heading says it all. Now we have a new character, Fernando Escalante. For a viewer, Teresa is amusing but must be most irritating to everyone else in her life. I don't think she cares a hoot about the child. Initially she was upset as it would ruin her figure. The only reason she wants it is so that she can make Gerardo and Regina's life difficult. Surprise, surprise for Emi - he is in competition for Cecelia. She knows where her bread is buttered but continues to play Emi. Don't people get diseases by this reckless behavior? I suppose Isela has it figured out.

Yay! Anita, you're back and all caught up! Thank you so much for the recap as this episode was killer (in a good way)!

I like that Regina is not hiding her plans anymore. She is going to run for President and that is final. Go, girl!

Hector should definitely get fired. If anything, because he has seen Emiliano out of control even longer and more often than his own parents, yet he continues to help him. No.

Ignacio sure knows how to make things worse, right? While I am glad Almiron is getting some comeuppance, that was definitely not the way.

Another shock was how comfortable Noemi seems to be with being a "partner" at the brothel. She has really come into her own and it's great.

Isela is definitely sweating now ;)

Alfredo: Praying hard Regina gets elected President of the United Mexican States!

Steve--I had to delete your earlier comment because what you alluded to did not happen in this episode, or at least not in my broadcast version.

Sometimes, I have to let even what I have written digest a bit before I can reflect.

Thank you for the added insight into Hector's role. Yes, he needs to be fired, but by whom? Alonso has no idea that he continues to enable Emi and Regina is completely clueless. Well, now she knows about Emi and the cocaine and Alonso certainly knows about "the party," but as far as he knows, Hector is following orders--no car, no Cecelia, hehe.

Thinking of Gerardo and Regina-- Although Gerardo was a bit hang-dog panting after Regina at the beginning, once she declared her undying love for him, they have both been steadfast in their feelings for each other. There hasn't been any misunderstanding or betrayal (yet) that has driven them apart. Yes, they are apart physically (well for just one episode) but not emotionally. I admire that in this particular tn since they are surrounded by everyone trying to drive them apart.

Excellent recap, Anita! "Motel-7"! Very funny! Fernando Escalante seems like a great guy.

Another victim is all lined up and ready to go (in addition to Marcia) - by her own hand or otherwise ... Ximena has been lost in the shuffle. She was nearly catatonic throughout this episode, eyes full of tears and silently screaming for help, but her clueless parents are so engrossed in their respective messes that they are totally missing the fact that she needs professional help, like, yesterday! From Teresa it's understandable, but there's no excuse for Gerardo's neglect ... especially since Ignacio just told him to take good care of her in light of what happened to Nayeli AAND ... he and Regina just had a long conversation about how much care, love and supervision their kids need!

Thank you Anita, you have a way with words makes reading your recap quite enjoyable.

Cecilia is sick, sick. She knows Emi IS HER NEPHEW, what part of that is she confused about. Whatever Emi saw will continue to damage him, if that's even possible. He is already so disturbed.

"I Fear for Marcia" is right Anita, she is going to suffer the consequences of her greed and naiveté.

Noemi is up to something I think, I hope. Why is she OK with Mario, and even being his spy? I hope she is planning something, otherwise I will be disappointed in the way ALL women, except for Regina and Natalia(although Natalia is still not portrayed as a strong woman), are portrayed in this TN. Even the good ones like Ximena are portrayed as weak, in need of psychiatric help. Isela appears to be strong, but with no scruples. And yes the men are no better, but they are the one getting away with everything. Omar does whatever to whomever and no one dares to stop him. Mario, he seems to be in control at all times. Even when his right-hand man is down, he does not appear to be panicking. This is a good TN but man, when are the good guys catching a break.


Anon at 12:13 - You are so right. Ximena has been lost in the shuffle. Gerardo needs to take a page out of Regina's book and step up to the plate. First he needs to defend her from Tere and keep Tere away from her. How he will manage that with Tere's maniacal ups and downs and a high risk pregnancy is another story. It doesn't matter what happens to her or the baby, it will always be Regina's fault.

Sandie--Very perceptive regarding Noemi and the way the other women are portrayed. I think Noemi is out to bring Mario down. If she does, it's at a great risk to herself. Mario told her if he goes down, she goes down. If she tries to protest her innocence, who is going to believe an old drunk, no matter what her social position is.

I can't wait to find out what part Escalante will play in the future of Alonso, Regina and Gerardo--and Cecelia. He has lots of money to spend but I think he's already onto what kind of president Alonso would make.

Oh, and I didn't like the cavalier way Mario washed his hands of Marcia and left her to her own fate and then was ready to "disappear" the other two girls, who might have been able to talk to the authorities.

I didn't cover the conversation Alonso and Cecelia had in the bathroom (I was tired by that scene). Something Cecelia said rang so true about her self-image and self-respect. She told him he's bad, she's bad and that's why they are so good for each other. Blech. Still, can't wait to find out what Alonso will say when he finds out she's also been boinking Emi. So that's 3 that we know of in this tn: Hernan, Alonso and Emi. Will Fernando be next on her list (or was she just lying to Alonso to get him "back in line." She knows what sexual power she has over him, despite how he mistreats her.

Might Fernando go after Regina and merely create another reason for Cecelia to hate Regina?

Anita: Alonso knows that she has been boinking Emi. Remember that scene when he asked her who was better, Emi or him. Sick, sick!

Yes I can't wait to see what happens with this new character, he seems to be interested in Regina's campaign.


Anita, Alonso already knows that Cecilia has been messing with Emiliano ... but wait until he finds out Emi is her NEPHEW!

Ah, you are both correcto. It's the NEPHEW part he doesn't know about. Well, just one more f-bomb to wait for.

Mario would kill his own mother if she no longer served his purposes. He is unstoppable, yet, he barely flinched when he found about Cecelia and Emiliano. I am hoping Alonso has a more "accurate" response to incest than his father-in-law.

Marcia also let money blind her when she knew well enough that Omar was a ticking time bomb.

Sandie, even Isela and Regina are not the most admirable in some aspects. Isela is a complete harpy, evil, repulsive woman and Regina is a blind dove with vultures circling her every minute.

Only the men, and evil at that, are winning, and that is a horrible thought indeed.

Teresa raised Ximena to be weak. She is comparable to a friend of mine who kept on trying to please the narcissists in her life (mother and two older brothers) and still feels like a nobody because she couldn't do that. This is in spite of having done extensive reading on the subject.

Gerardo needs to get Teresa out of his home and into a situation where she can be controlled. She has terrorized Ximena and is behaving in public in a manner that will ultimately guarantee damage to Gerardo's career. Since her pregnancy is high-risk, she should be housebound and on bed rest, but we know that she really doesn't want to have a baby unless she can use it as a weapon against Regina. She doesn't give a flying damn about anyone else but herself.

Ximena is also in deep trouble over the drug dealing situation that she hadn't realized she walked into. I don't see a way out of that for her. This will also hurt Gerardo in every way possible and Teresa will blame Regina for it. She would blame an earthquake on her.

I have been wondering whether Alonso has any limits. When it comes to light that Cecelia is Regina's half-sister I suspect he will freak out at the possibility that this could lead to full public exposure. The blood tie is now only known to:


Noemi is the weak link. All that needs to happen is for her to find out about Cecelia and Emiliano and she will go off the deep end. Mario may make that happen in order to avoid handing over any of his money to her. Cecelia might tell her so that her guaranteed self-destruction would hurt Regina. Cecelia is garbage and this particular transgression will guarantee her a serious Karmageddon unless this novela breaks more rules than others have before it.

You bring up very valid points, Urban. The thing that irks me about Teresa, especially now that she's pregnant, is that no one calls her out on her bs. Ignacio can say the baby his is, Gerardo can have her on forced bed rest or call her bluff about it being a high risk pregnancy. Teresa should not be allowed to be a mother in the first place lest of all twice.

Noemi should've told Regina as soon as she found out. She's not any better for keeping the secret than Mario.

I thought that Mauro somehow or other also knew about Cecelia being Mario's daughter. Is this correct? Unfortunately I don't think anyone can control Teresa. Gerardo just looks helpless when she tags along and insults Regina.

Except that Noemi doesn't know that Cecelia is boinking Emiliano. She might think she is protecting Regina from an ugly truth about Mario; lots of women of her generation would do that by not revealing this.

As I wrote that it occurred to me that Mario's disclosure to Noemi is the set-up for her being the one to give Regina the bad news. Her state of inebriation won't matter when she does. Regina may not be ready for what Gerardo is trying to get her to understand about Mario because he has no definitive material proof, but since Mario was the one to get Cecelia into Alonso's office and Regina knows that it should make her wonder what else Mario is capable of.

Mario did react upon hearing that Cecelia was boinking Emiliano, but this didn't make him take any drastic action. He probably couldn't think of any in the moment other than slapping Cecelia almost hard enough to knock her down. He doesn't yet know the depth of Emiliano's mental distress over everything that's going on in that house. This may be willful ignorance on his part as much as it is on Alonso's part.

Mauro doesn't know that Mario is Cecelia's sperm donor. I don't think Mario trusts anyone who doesn't already know.

The confusion with Mauro stemmed from that one scene he told Cecelia that she shouldn't forget who Emiliano is a few episodes back. Now I realize that he meant Emiliano was Alonso's son but at the time I thought that he knew the truth.

Mario's lack of drastic action is inaction for me. I was honestly shocked that he wasn't more surprised and angry and ballistic at the news. Not only that, but Isela and Cecelia were working behind his back. A slap to the face is not what I was expecting TBH. And the slap happened 3 or 4 episodes later when he went to go see Alonso about Omar and saw Cecelia in passing. I expected an immediate reaction. This is incest, a whole other level of urgency should be applied, though we now see it won't be until Regina finds out. Judging by the pacing that will probably be saved for the final week.

Noemi's reaction is in tune with women of her generation but she was the first one who urged Regina to look into Mario's possible affairs. I would think she would tell Regina that she found out the truth and urge her to confront her father with the information.

Considering how Mario is, we can't be sure that Regina confronting him will do anything. Particularly since Mario would prefer Alonso to become President because that will benefit him in ways that Regina achieving this will not.

Noemi really gets on my last nerve with her snobbery about Gerardo being a Don Nadie. He isn't; he was the opposition party leader in the Senate. You can't be a nobody and get there.

Wow, more good comments to take in. UA--Noemi said those things whilst she was under orders to separate Regina from Gerardo and send her back into the arms of her "loving" husband (who needs her merely for ornamentation as the Pres.' first lady and not because he loves or respects her).

That said, she does come from a high social class that would think anyone not of her class is not worth a copper penny. That's why I suspect that her dealings with Isela is out of curiosity of who Isela is and vengeance against Mario. She looked awfully cozy on that bar stool, and not drunk at all--although alcoholics hide their fog very well.

We had a head of a legal division who was a knows alcoholic and most of the attorneys made sure they got any important business to him before lunch. I didn't know for years that he was any different before lunch as after lunch!

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