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Caer en Tentacion #40, 12/15/17: Mia says “me first, me first”

Present time

Bebo offers to "take care" of Juan if he continues bothering Lola, she does not understand what he is referring to. At that moment, Juan attempts to kill Bebo by running him over with his car. Lola goes to him and asks if he is ok. He is fine but is worried about Lola because Juan is crazy, and he may kill her. They hug each other.
Alina and Santiago discuss Nacho. Santi says that Nacho is his friend but he has doubts because he knew that Damian and Carol with lovers. He says he is confused, doesn’t know what to think, he even doubts himself too. “I don’t know what I would have done if I had seen them in bed.” He Asks Alina to tell him everything she knows about Nacho. So Alina explains that Nacho hired her to help Bebo get out of his problems with the law. As they are talking Nico sees them and is not happy but just leaves.  Santi says “what is wrong with my son?”
In jail Nacho asks Antonio and Godoy why he is being held, “how is this possible?” He asks if Nacho was in town when Carol was murdered, “yes I was”, and “did you know about the affair” “yes I knew” and Antonio asks why does the shovel that was found near the accident have his DNA. “This is a trap I will not say anything until I talk to my attorney.” 

Raquel is on the phone giving Dr. Altuve good news that she will again be able to help foundation. 
Azucena comes to Raquel and gives her accounting reports the same that she gave Godoy during the investigation, also tells her of missing money. Before the accident we were analyzing why there was money missing, but after the accident no one has continued investigating about the missing money. Andres said it was Damian because Dam can’t defend himself. Be careful with Andres she tells Raquel. Raquel then asks Azucena if she knew about Azucena dies not say anything but her face and demeanor answer Raquel’s question.
Alina tells Santi about Nico, he feels pressured because it’s his first job. She gets a call from jail that Nacho is in Jail. Santi asks for her to help nacho because he is his friend and he is a good person, “he did not kill his wife”
Azucena. Wants to fix relationship with the employees because Andres and Miriam did not do a good job with the employees such as Damian had. Raquel finds Fede in the production line and wonders why she is there, Azucena says that it was Andres’ decision, but Fede is such a good kid he has adapted to the position. Raquel begins to call Fede, but Andres interrupts her he comes to tell her that Nacho has been arrested and wants to make sure she sees what kind of bad people Damian brought to the company. Case is solved Nacho killed Carol and attempted to kill Damian.
At jail Nico and Santi discuss that Lola is coming over with Bebo. Nico apologizes for how he behaved at Alina’s office but Santi says they will talk about that later.
Alina is at the jail and Nacho tells Antonio that “I was not there I was home I’m innocent.” Alina says that he may have worked with that shovel before and that explains why his DNA may be on the shovel. “Nacho had the motive, opportunity and now the shovel” Antonio asks if there are any witnesses to him being at home, but there were no witness. Alina says that there may be some witnesses that have not surfaced. He will have to remain in jail while they do an investigation.
Bebo and Lola ask. What happened? Santi says Alina will take care of it; he will have to stay in jail because he is accused of murdering Carol Bebo says he will find money to hire Alina, just take care of proving his innocence.
At Legatti some workers are talking about how the new boss is cheating on her husband, and how she left him in a comma to keep the factory. Fede hears this and tells them to shut up and to stop saying stupidities. Someone says “I guess you also go to bed with her” Fede explodes and a Fight ensues in the production line.   
Alina still in jail when her crazy ex Sammy comes and tells her “I want you” but Alina assured him that it’s over. He continues to insist says he can’t live without her. She says “I am not interested in having you near me leave me alone”
Laura is giving a news break where she announces Nacho’s arrest because of shovel evidence. She also says that Santi is Nacho’s friend and he could have had something to do with it.

Carol on phone telling Damian to talk to his kids, to prevent them from talking to Raquel. “Oh you don’t care what happens to me?” (Oh poor baby, nobody cares about you)
Christian asks what happened, Damian tells him that Mia saw Gabriela and assumes that Gabriela and Damian are having an affair and is going to tell Raquel about it. Christian thinks it’s great because this way they don’t know that he is really having an affair with Carol. “Take advantage of this confusion” he tells Damian.
Damian wonders how he can live a lie.
Dam and Christian are having a heart to heart Christian tells Dan that it is
Logical what is going on because when he and Gabriela chose the swinger life style they knew the risks, he asks Damian if Gabriela had asked him to go to bed with him. Damian nods, and Christian says he knew it. But knowing it is Damian it makes sense.  Gabby and I may or may not survive this but we are good for each other he surmised.  He will go apologize to Gabriela.
Raquel tells Andres that he knows but won’t tell Raquel who Dam is cheating with. Andres will not say anything; she needs to do her research. Miriam shows up and wonders what they are talking about. “Is my son here, oh no he left you right?” she then says “Damian has finally figured out the error of his marriage to her”
Fede tells Mia talk to Dad first before she makes a mess of things.  Mia agrees to talk to her dad first.
Nico is there and Fede complains about Mia. He then says if he had Gabriela in front of him he would kill her. 
Miriam asks Andres what he told Raquel, he said nothing. She says ok good keep your mouth shut and she will eventually fall in your arms you were made for each other Miriam says.
Santi drives Raquel home, she complains about Andres, but tells Santi it’s no big deal. Then she says “I feel Dam is going to leave me” at that moment Dam shows up. Raquel gets off the car and talks to Dam.
Juan and Lola argue about what Andres had done to her. He assumes she slept with someone, “who touched you, I will kill him”.
Damian and Mia I want you to be good.  I saw you with Gabriela don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me” “you are going to tell me you never cheated on my mom?” Damian says “no” as Raquel walks in. Mia sees her and goes off on her and tells her that” not everything is about you”. “He will talk to me first” When Raquel leaves, Mia says “She controls me in sick of it”.  Damian tells her that Raquel loves her, Mia says if you leave I want to go with you. “Are you abandoning me Dad? I know you are cheating on mom I feel it Dad.” “Treat your mom better” she asks to go live with him, but he is still deciding. “I promise everything will be fine”
Santi gets home. He tells her he took Raquel home and Damian was there. Carol asks he is back with her.  He does not know, Santi says “I feel bad for Raquel. But we need to stay out of it. “Then he brings up Andres he treats Lola bad. I’m going to go beat him Carol says calm down. How do you know so much about what is going at the factory, she says “Raquel tells me.” Then says that Damian will handle it when he finds out. This irks Santi and says “But I’m Lola’s Dad.” I will handle Lola’s problems.” 
Nico and Fede go to visit Gabriela.  Fede says “Why did you sleep with my dad?” she gets upset at this insinuation.
Carol tries to fix things with Santi and asks Santi what is wrong.  Santi gets upset. And says he does not want to talk, he wants her to feel how he feels when she does not talk to him and walks away. 
Gabriela says that Fede is wrong, and should look somewhere else and stares at Nico. 
Dam goes to bedroom to talk to Raquel. Asks if he can come in, Raquel says why do you have to ask permission to come into your bedroom? I don’t understand. They continue to have a conversation and the coward uses Mia’s problems as the excuse as to why he is having issues. Raquel asks him to tell her the truth. ”Tell me you are with another woman”
Santi cries to nacho losing control of family. I don’t know what to do Nico is with his guitar, Lola at work and carol banquets. But the main thing is that I know what the problem is “Carol does not love me”
Present time. 
Nico with Alina. She tells him “You are confusing. Everything you are jealous of your dad.” He says “You mean a lot to me.” “I drive you crazy?” he shows her that yes she drives him crazy. They begin to make out.
Cynthia. Freaking out tells. Godoy “Rafael. Was here. I don’t want to hurt you. Rafael wants to kill you.” Godoy says “You have to control your life. You have to do something good with your life. Do you want to continue to be afraid? I will protect you” she then says “No man has talked to me like that” Godoy tells her that she matters to him.”
Raquel goes to Santi’s. “I found out about Nacho” Santi explains about shovel. She says “Do you think he did it?” “I don’t know what to think” he says “He knew about the affair” “I can’t trust anyone”
“You can trust me” she says and kisses him, he kisses her back passionately.


Thanks Sandie!

Nico and Sammy are a lot alike: immature, naive etc. No wonder Alina was able to seduce them. She obviously still has Sammy under her spell.

I'm glad Santi stood his ground with Caro when she said that Damian would handle the situation with Andres and Lola. He's right. He is Lola's father, not Damian. Just because Damian is Lola's boss doesn't necessarily mean it's his responsibility to fix the problem.

I noted a hint of jealousy on Santi's face when Raq got out of his car to go with Damian. At least that's how I interpreted it. Maybe Santi was already starting to have feelings for Raq before the accident.

Nice to see Fede defend his mom. But no surprise that those rumors are going around.

No surprise that the kids won't approve of Santi and Raq's relationship.

Thanks Sandie, ditto. This was quite a roller-coaster ride episode. So glad you were able to stay in your seat and deliver a whale of a recap.

I wonder how they are going to keep this story going strong for 62 more episodes. It already feels as though it ought to be rapping up--not that I'm complaining. Surely they will jail all the potential suspects and Santi will be one of them, keeping him and Raq apart.

GG has me going back and forth on whether it was Santi or Raq, or both. Santi's reaction at the scene of the burning mattress and other scenes where he has said he had no idea Caro had been cheating on him ring true. That goes for Raq's falling apart saying she also didn't know ahead of time [I went back and watched their two visits to the cabana.]

So, where to now to look for suspects. I still don't let Fernando off the hook. He's hiding something.

TF-There has been a growing confidence between Raq and Santi ever since he finished the kitchen reno. She has been so open and chatty with him all that time and he finally began to trust her and talk about himself and his relationship with Caro, which was beginning to be strained.

That closeness in the car can be interpreted easily as his concern for a friend he cares for in a painful marital situation AND feelings of attraction. Still, he has been committed to Carolina all that time in the past. I don't think he turned away from his marriage until later. We just saw him confess to Nacho (three years ago) that he doesn't think Caro loves him any more.

Poor Fede, to have to hear his mother talked about that way.

I wish the Juan thing would get resolved soon. Every time he comes on screen, I applaud GG for casting him. He's giving the performance of his life as an angry, creepy, dangerous stalker. But I can't stand him.

I wish Rafael would be taken care of soon.

Anita--- With that many episodes left I doubt the writers will keep Damian in a coma for much longer. He's gonna have to wake up. As for a full recovery, that remains to be seen. With Caro out of the picture, that's a good love triangle for this story.

I agree that Santi is a suspect and will likely have to serve time even if he's innocent.

Thanks Sandie. Short and bidder. The
Story not the recap. You got all the bidderless covered.

Somebody knows that nacho knew about the affair so they set him up to take
The blame for offing caro? Or he knew
Her back when and she rejected him so
He go ticked off about her having an
Affair, but she rejected him. Just a guess. Probably wrong too.Whatever so
Screwed up a of them.
They can send Mia away, I'm tired of
Lookin at her angry, confused,twisted
Face. I wish they could finish this before the Year is over.But no...not a chance. We have to have something to
Watch that's as equally depressing as the evening News. But there is laura.

The twisted storyline of nico and his
Nympho maniac boss.Everybody is twiste
d and just messed up in this show.

Damian "how do I live a lie"really? He
Been Livin a lie for 3 years, and he asked that question with a straight face. His dead coma butt need to wake up.

Miriam is a horrible person.That's one
Reason to stay in a coma, to ascape a
Mean Ol momma.

Poor santi and Raquel. They can't catch a brake. Maybe they'll have a
Merry christmas.loooong time this is over. I think we'll be shocked to see who really did the deed.

Gracias, Sandie.

I have been wondering for a while how Damian endured Miriam all this time. I dearly hope that the writers haven't planned to put her in the right about Raquel. I'm guessing so far that Raquel didn't have a charmed life with a drug-addicted sister and all the stress that goes with that only to leave that and end up with the suegra from hell.

It would be easy to believe that Cinthia has previously tried to seduce Damian; she certainly has a lot of resentment in her.

But I'm even sicker of Mia's resentment.

Thanks, Sandie.

I've nothing new to add. But I do like that Alina, when she's not driving young men wild, is a good defense attorney. The police look stupid not thinking about the fact that Nacho could've handled the shovel in his regular work.

Niecie: We'll find if the law enforcement authorities figure that out!

Thank you Sandie for this recap. And to all recappers because although I have not commented, I have been enjoying reading the recaps as time allows.

Since writers have us guessing who the murderer is. I wonder if anyone else saw the big red flag when Fede said that he could kill Gabriella if she was in front if him.
Can you imagine his fury if he found out that it was his mom's best friend, Caro, who was really the woman his dad was cheating on his dad with. He had much more access to company car than Nacho ever did. He is strong enough to have dragged Caro. Most of all, nobody has suspected him. I only did as I read the recap about how he could kill Gabrielle. I missed that part on tv. He is the last person anyone suspects, even Mia will be surprised. She is the one who wants revenge, but inho, I feel he acted alone.

I cant stand seeing Juan either. I think Bebo is hot. Not like Damien, but sexy in his own way.

Lets see what the end brings.

Happy holidays to all!



Question, My posts are taking because I check after I hit publish and rhey are rhere. Then rhey disappear. Can you please advise why my posts are being removed?
Thank you,

Leticia: Sometimes it just happens. Other times it seems as though if you haven't posted in a long time there will be a delay. Let me check and see if it's in the buffer.

Leticia--I found it. It has now been posted. Please comment again--and often.

Thanks Anita. I had reposted twice, but thanks for rechecking my problem. I appreciate that and am glad I wasnt politely
being banned because I enjoy this site.

99% of Mia's problems & depression is because Mia is self centered. The world does not revolve around you and your tantrums and your drama. Mia whines that no man is going to love her but that's because she scares people off. No man wants to deal with some chick constantly blowing up his phone 10 minutes after they've had sex* (or some girl jamming a ballpoint pen in his hand saying he needs to feel the pain to be with her).

Fede shouldn't have shown up at Gabriela's house like that. But Damian is the one who is in the wrong because now the children are involved and the kids shouldn't be mixed up in a drama like this. That's 100% Damian's fault.

Alina gets off on driving little boys crazy for her sex and if she's not careful, one of those little boys will kill her.

*Nico is doing to Alina what Mia is doing to him.


Thank you Patio Peeps for stopping by. The recap made it late this week, later then normal. With the busy season and all, I was out Friday night.

Leticia: Your comment about Fede is very possible, he seems very subdued but anyone can have a breakdown and with a sister like Mia and a father like Damian I would not put it past him. Even Raquel could drive him bonkers. And Miriam absolutely. So yes Leticia this is something to consider.

I know that Juan and Rafa need to be taken care off, but they add to the drama and frustration. I am very afraid for Lola and for Cynthia. when Rafa finds out that she is working with Godoy he will not hesitate to kill her.

The one I can't stand is Alina and Nico's relationship, Nico sure has bad luck when it comes to women. Alina is a sick sex addicted manipulator and Nico is just an immature lost puppy in her hands.


Anon 207 good to hear from you our comments crossed, yes Nico is the whinny child to Alina, that Mia is to him.

Cinthia is garbage. She is skating on thin ice with Rafael and that is likely to come back and bite her on the arse.

Alina, too. I hope Nicolas survives this tale and gets a good shrink.

Anita that's happened to me that happened to Leticia. I commented and when I went to publish it was there but then it came back with me to publish again and I did it again then just disappeared,and I do my comments on my phone so I was just wondering maybe the ones I did is ina buffer too Of course that was like some weeks back but still its very frustrating when it happens. And I comment often.

Lil trick I started ....I copy and paste to my notepad, just in case it disappears i just redo. i didnt used to do that before, but I would get upset and woulnt even try redoing. But "copying" my comment is insurance.

Ms Leticia that sounds like a good idea. Think I might try that. I hate putting a lot of work in time into a really good comment and then have it disappear just bypushing a button, the right button too, and then it still disappears. Well at least I think it's a good comment, Lol.

I love your comments. i have replied to your comments saying you tell it like it is. No mincing of words. And
Always makes me laugh outloud.

I think they are good comments too. I replied saying you sure do tell it like it is. Always makes me laugh, I love Roseanna Danna from 70's SNL. Your comments are very similar to what she would say. I hope you dont mind the comparison, I mean it in very good way.

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