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Caer en Tentación #38, 12/13/17: Accusation and Revelation

Chapter 38: Accusation and Revelation

Once again, just the facts tonight.

Mia was eavesdropping at the door as Federico entered the corridor. She told him that their father was going to leave. He leaned in and listened as Damián told Raquel that this is better for him. Mia was smug in her “I told you the truth” statement.

Carolina was trying to leave the house on the pretext of getting supplies for her business when Santiago stopped her, reminding her that the doctor had wanted her to be on bed rest. She finally gave in to his reasons although she clearly didn't want to.

Raquel was upset at Damián saying he was unhappy. She started to cry, took his bag and put it on the floor, telling him he was confused. She asked whether there was another woman and he evaded this question for the nth time. He kept talking about needing his space while saying that his children were the most important things in his life or the boilerplate speech of every errant husband. Finally he picked up the bag, gave a bland apology, and walked out of the bedroom. Raquel fell to her knees on the floor and cried.
Downstairs, Mia yelled to Federico that their father had left.
What about Mother?”
It's Mother's fault,” she said.
How can Mother be at fault!”
She doesn't take care of him!”
You always defend our father.”
You're always defending our Mother!”
I'm not defending anyone –”
Mia turned away and left the room, ignoring Federico's urgent requeset to listen.

Raquel called Carolina to tell her about this. Carolina told her to calm down. Santiago appeared behind her, overhearing her end of the conversation. She offered to come over.
No; you need your rest. But you are my best friend and I needed to talk to somebody.”
All Raquel wanted was for Damián to come home. The call ended there. Santiago asked what happened.
Damián has left home.”
I don't know.” She started to leave the room, saying she was going to the bathroom. Once inside behind the closed door she called Damián but got his voicemail. She left the message that Raquel called and that he was not to contact her or do anything crazy. She ended the call just as Santiago knocked on the door. She told him she was alright, then flushed the toilet, which she had not used. She was anything but alright.

Federico went into Raquel's room to find her crying and hugging a pillow. He told her he had overheard and he hugged her as she cried.

Damián had drinks with Christian, who had also left his marital home. He told him that he could no longer stand his way of living. At Christian's questions he also told him that his “other woman” also thinks he is deceiving her. He said he still felt love for Raquel. Christian said he understood.... and yet didn't understand.

Carolina arrived at the Becker house, Santiago having driven her there. Federico went downstairs to join him, leaving the women alone. Raquel wondered whether Damián had confided in Santiago and whether Carolina knew about this. “Do you know who it was?” she asked, taking Carolina's hands. Carolina looked as though she wished she were anywhere else.
Federico and Santiago talked. When Santiago said that he didn't know what Damián's problem was Federico said “Another woman. That's my father's problem.”
Carolina tried to convince Raquel that there was something else behind this, like business problems. Raquel could not see how that would precipitate the end of her marriage. Carolina – who was by then sporting crocodile tears – told her that this had to be an impulse. Raquel told her she had been trying to talk to Damián about Mia's problems and she didn't want Mia to feel guilty about any of this. She went on about not knowing how to live with Damián. Both sets of tears continued; Raquel tried to get Carolina to stop crying for her baby's sake. Carolina at least seemed to have enough decency left to feel guilty about this as she embraced Raquel, looking as thought she wished this all over.

Damián tried to call Mia but got only her voicemail. He told her he wanted to talk to her and explain things. He said to call him. As soon as he ended the call he called Federico, who said he felt very deceived by him.
During their conversation Mia was upstairs on the floor in her room, cutting herself. She made several cuts on her left inner thigh, longer cuts than she had made previously. Her face was almost blank and there were no tears.

The following morning as she was brushing her hair, Carolina and Santiago talked about the night before. She wondered whether Raquel had gotten any sleep. Santiago said he couldn't stop thinking about what Federico told him.
He said there was another woman.”
Carolina stopped dead still for about two seconds. She stared into the mirror into her own eyes.
How did anything like that occur to him?” she asked.
He discovered it. He answered his father's phone.”
Carolina had no reply.

Raquel looked as though she had not slept the night before. When she told Federico to get Mia so she could drive them to school he told her she should not be driving on no sleep. She asked whether his father had called and Federico told her that he had called him because Mia didn't answer. “What was I going to tell him?” he asked. “That she was hurting? That we're hurting?”
Mia came downstairs. She must have overheard some of this because she was in her usual accusatory mood, demanding to know why her mother didn't ask her directly about this. “Are you saying that all this is my fault?” Mia asked.
No, love, no,” Raquel said. “Here the guilty one is –”
You,” said Mia.
Mia, what's going on with you?” asked Federico. “Are you sick?” He pointed to his head.
Raquel started to reproach him but Mia got hers in first.
Yes. I'm sick, and I'm crazy. If my father left it's because of you, Mother!”
She was out the door before either Raquel or Federico could react. Federico stopped his mother following her, saying he would take care of this. He kissed her and left. Raquel was uneasy.

Christian knocked on Damián's hotel room; they were staying in the same place. After a weak joke about that Damián prepared some coffee and asked what the time was. Christian didn't care but Damián did, saying he had work to do.
The only important thing you have to do is get your life resolved,” Christian said.
I don't know what to do.”
For the moment you need to be alone, take your time, think calmly. What do you want to do?”
That's the problem, Christian. I don't know.”
Do you want to continue with both of them, so to speak or.... you will have to make a decision.”

Raquel, you have to be strong,” Jovita said. “You can't drop now. Your children need you.”
Raquel put something medicinal in her coffee.
What did I do wrong?”
What did I say that was wrong?”
Raquel, relationships are hard, marriage is hard, but you're young and –”
I must have done something; I saw nothing. I don't know. Help me understand what I did wrong –”
Don't fill yourself up with guilt. You have to fix this together.”
A minute later Santiago arrived, saying he was in the neighborhood and thought he would stop by. Raquel thanked him. She hugged him and he told her he would always be there for her.

Damián called Carolina, telling her he needed to see her, could not stop thinking about her, can't look at Raquel, and all the rest. She told him that this was crazy and that he needed to go back to his house. He insisted that she come to see him.

Raquel told Santiago she concluded that Damián was seeing another woman. She could think of no other explanation for how distant she and Damián had become. Santiago became increasingly ill at ease, thinking about the past few months when Carolina became more distant from him. Raquel was becoming increasingly afraid of what else there was to know.

At the hospital Federico asked Mia if she remembered the night Damián left the house. When she answered yes he said that it seemed now that he was leaving forever. Mia reminded him that the operation was not yet over. He talked about how their father had promised they would spend more time together and this ended up in an argument during which Mia called him a coward. Raquel reproached her for starting this fight in a public place. Nicolás escorted Mia away to get coffee and Raquel tried to assure her son that his father would survive this.

Andres and Rueda were in Miriam's room. The lawyer did not have good news for her.
What you did is very serious. The doctor is required to report this to the authorities.”
Can you offer this doctor enough money?” asked the old battleax.
Listen to Rueda, Aunt,” Andres said.
Miriam, this refutation was serious. Your son is in surgery. There is a risk of death and in this situation the way out will not please you. You will have to say that you had taken leave of your senses.”
No way will I do that. I'm not crazy.”
Everyone knows that, but there are only two ways out of this situation. Either you stay in this hospital and receive treatment or face charges of attempting homicide.”
I'm not a killer either.”
Rueda is right, Aunt. You can't ignore it.”
Señora --”
Very well. I'll stay in the hospital and take any treatment the doctor says.”
Is that all?”
No, there is something else. You must step down from the presidency of the company for a few months.”
Of course not! Never.”
Aunt, it's for your good. I'll be here to help you. Calm down.”
Miriam could only huff and puff in frustration.

Santiago was outside the gate at his home, getting some fresh air as he thought about Damián's situation. Lola and Bebo came outside; she asked her father if he would like to go to Raquel to be of help. He told her he shouldn't and that he didn't want to leave Benjamin. Bebo offered to help. Santiago thanked him and went for his car keys.

Rafael arrived at Raquel's door wanting to talk to her, but Jovita said she was not available. Cinthia came in to deal with it, telling Rafael she needed to get out because things were not going well between her and her sister so she would have to look for an apartment. He picked up her bag and asked about Godoy. She told him he could trust her and they left. Jovita was nearby and obviously heard something.

When Santiago came back out Alina arrived before he reached his car. She was wearing a black dress that looked more like a negligee under a red jacket, the same dress she had worn when she had last used Nicolás sexually. She came to invite him to dinner to discuss his case. He told her he had to go to the hospital to check up on Damián and just in case Raquel needed help. She advised him that this would be looked at with jaundiced eyes. People – and the police – might think that suspicious. He conceded the possibility, especially since Raquel had told him they needed to separate from her children, then decided to go back inside the house. She pressed her invitation so they could discuss her defense of him. Her facial expression, however, said something very different.

The doctor came out of the operating room, saying that the surgery was successful but they need to determine how much bleeding there was on the brain. They would need to keep Damián under observation in Intensive Care until he wakes up because only they would they be able to determine the degree of brain damage. Raquel asked about visiting him and the doctor said that would not be possible as Damián needed a chance to recover first. He then walked away. Andres then arrived and asked what the latest information was. Raquel turned away from him.

There were wineglasses and candles on the table as Alina looked over the menu. Santiago was checking his cell phone for any messages about Damián. She asked him whether he was going to call Nicolás.
If my son knew anything, he would call,” Santiago said.
Therefore you are going out with Raquel.”
No, I'm not.”
But you are.”
Alina, we were going to talk about the case, weren't we? First of all, I'm very grateful.”
That's what we're supposed to be doing. You've made your declaration and we need to look at the suspects.”
But things aren't clear; there is nothing else to declare.”
They went through the suspects. The first names he thought of were Andres and Vicente, although he could not imagine him killing his own sister. Or why anyone would think he would kill his own wife. Alina raised Nacho's name and they argued a little about this. Santiago would not accept the idea that Nacho had done it. Alina pointed out that the Becker family is against him and asked whether he knew anything about them that could be useful.
Santiago mentioned the thefts, but didn't have all the details. He wasn't sure what else to say since he and Damián hadn't been friends after all. She was not pleased.

Cinthia was making coffee when Fernando came in. She told him that Rafael tried to find out about his cases, but that was all. He decided to go home but their conversation caused her to conclude that he didn't really want to go home. She knew there was trouble there. He commented that she knew about married people and she replied that she knew only about the men. He asked her to tell him about herself and her sister.
Our story is one of terror,” she said, as she poured him coffee. “In that story I was the monster and if I tell you I lied to her you can't suppose that she was the perfect sister, the successful one. And because of that I ruined her life.”
What did you say to her?”
That I boinked Damián. It was a lie.”
But that was not too much –”
But, yes. In the beginning I enjoyed doing that. Then I was confessing a fantasy. But when I wanted to tell her it was a lie I didn't know how so I didn't. You want to know more about me?”
Yes. I want to know everything about you.” This was in a proper detective's tone of voice.
That will take more time. Then why don't you sleep over?”

Alina went back to Santiago's house with him and the conversation continued. She asked where the bathroom was and he gave her directions. She was out of the room when Raquel arrived and put down her purse. However, when Alina returned Raquel decided to leave. Santiago asked her not to, asking about Damián. She told him that the operation was over and Damián was alright; he was not to worry. In a low voice she told him they should not be meeting like this.

The following morning Federico saw Mia standing alone staring into the athletic field. She told him that they needed to find out who the other woman was. “We have to know if it's Gabriela or Carolina.”
Lola saw him with Gabriela.”
Don't be an idiot. She'd lie to cover up for her mother. If you won't help me I'll do this alone.”
The argument ended with Mia throwing her backpack on the floor and walking away. Nicolás arrived and asked what was wrong.

Gabriela went into her kitchen as Nacho and Augustin were putting on the finishing touches. She insisted that they talk about what had happened the previous day between her husband and Santiago. Nacho was not eager to talk about this, only mentioning that there was a difference of opinion and that he can't work under these conditions. He then excused himself to finish what he was doing. She insisted that they would talk afterward and her demeanor told Nacho that this would be a hellish finish to his day. He and Augustin looked at each other for a moment, each wishing that they were anywhere else.

Azucena was on the phone with Damián, telling him that she had cancelled all his appointments for the day. Mia entered from behind her so she didn't see her. Another employee came in from the other side and called for Azucena to accompany her. Mia looked at her father's appointment book.

Carolina went to Damián's hotel room to tell him that the madness had to end. They were surrounded by people who could discover them. He told her he was madly in love with her, went on about how they needed to start fresh. She tried to get away but he caught her against the closed door and kissed her.
Neither knew that Mia was downstairs in the lobby asking for his room number and telling the desk clerk who she was.


UA: Nacho is also on my Suspect List!

Urban, we thank you. This is way more than facts.

Damian walking out was a big surprise for me. His excuses were thin and he made Raq feel worse. His words about his children being the most important things in his life had a hollow ring. Maybe he was talking about that future child with Caro.

This was the first time I ever heard Dam actually say he was desperately in love with Caro. He was a coward not to tell Raq there was another woman, especially after Mia suggested she knew he was cheating. He's trying to set himself above all the rest of the world's cheaters.

Where does Mia come off blaming her mother for her dad leaving--saying Raq hadn't taken care of Dam's needs sufficiently. What does she know? And Raq thought she was taking care of all his needs. She was completely in the dark and all Dam could say is that they've been pulling apart for a long time. She was correct--she had been telling him the whole time.

Wow--Is Cynthia really lying or does she want to become the "good" girl in Fernando's eyes. I like him, but not with Laura and not with SinCin.

Again, thanks, Urban. You just made my day!

Jar--Hope all goes well with your husband's surgery tomorrow. I will watch the episode tonight, but I can't write anything until Friday afternoon, if then. If we're left with a blank, I'll fill in later.

hanks, Juju for filling in! I was unable to connect to the network yesterday-hubby had to get a new router and setup and do the whole number, so even though I had the recap done I couldn't upload it to the blog. I thought the email notification to Urban might have gotten through but it didn't. Sorry for the upsets at caray end. But now you know the rest of the story as the old dude used to say...........


I haven't seen the episodio yet, but thanks to Urban for taking last night's episodio.

It's a mess here at home and now my hubby's got surgery tomorrow early AM so I won't be able to post. If anyone has highlights posted I'll gladly set them up and give credit. I don't want to ask another team member to do a 3rd epi this week. I'll set up a discussion page tonight and publish it for tomorrow am.


Jardinera, don't worry about posting. Your husband needs you now.

I think Cinthia lied to Raquel. It's what drug addicts do. Many if not most addicts become that due to some low self-esteem issue. If Cinthia was less academically gifted than Raquel (I'm betting on this) she was behind the 8-Ball if the parents made a big deal of it. All it would have taken then was to fall in with a bad crowd and she was on her way to a drug addict's Skid Row. By lying to Raquel when she did she hit Raquel when she (R) was down. That was the only way to score a victory over her.

I do not think that Fernando is sexually interested in Cinthia. He's a cop trying to do his job.

As for Alina, she is a predator. She may have issues with men going back to her youth or something but she is dangerous because the consequences of her actions would be farther-reaching than the consequences of Gabriela's actions. Both of these women are bad news but at least Gabriela isn't going after borderline jailbait.... yet.

Thanks UA! Still a thorough recap.

So it looks like Mia is gonna think that Gabriela is her father's lover but doesn't know that Carolina is the one inside his hotel room. I thought it was pretty hypocritical of Caro to be comforting Raquel. Santiago, however, was sincere and genuinely cares for Raquel.

My blood was boiling when Alina referred to Raquel as "la viuda". Damian is in a coma, he's not dead. I do hope Santiago puts Alina in her place.

Cinthia is very calculated. I don't know what to think about her. While I do think Damian was capable of betraying his wife with her sister, I still don't trust Cin.

If Miriam steps down from the company then that means Andres is next in line.

Thanks UA! Still a very thorough recap.

Looks like Mia is gonna think that Gabriela is her father's lover without knowing Carolina is inside his hotel room. She had no right to blame her mother for everything. Damian made that choice on his own.

Cin is very calculated. I'm not sure what to believe. Maybe in her mind she was once attracted to Damian. It's certainly possible that Damian had multiple affairs besides Gabriela and Caro but is he that horrible to cheat on his wife with her sister?

I couldn't believe my ears when Alina referred to Raq as "la viuda". Santiago needs to get as far away as possible from Alina. Damian is in a coma. Despite what Miriam did, he's not dead.

With Miriam stepping down for the company and Damian comatose, Andres is next in line. No doubt exactly what he wants.

Caro has no right to be comforting Raq. And she doesn't want to be Damian's excuse for leaving. Santiago, however, genuinely cares for Raquel and is there for her.

When Cinthia was describing Damian's alleged seduction of her it sounded like what Andres did when he discovered her in the rehab center. I almost lost my lunch over that.

Mia is a brat and deserves a bloody good hiding. If she stops seeing the therapist I will hold out no hope for her, especially if she ever catches Nico in flagrante delicto with Alina.

A lot of people blame the person who's been cheated on for why the cheater cheated on them. They weren't pretty enough, or smart enough or sexy enough or didn't take care of their needs or give them what they want etc.

And this is almost always directed at the WOMEN in this situation, very rarely the men. I don't think we've seen any of the characters (yet) tell Santiago he's to blame for why Carolina cheated on him, but we've seen 2 characters blame Raquel for why Damian cheated on HER. And usually people are projecting THEIR dislikes of the betrayed person onto the cheater.

Raquel herself is feeling deficient, as in what could she have done to prevent Damian from cheating on her. And the answer is nothing. Damian cheated on Raquel because he could, because he wanted to and because he felt entitled to.

Mia feels that Raquel deserves/deserved to be cheated on because Raquel neglected Damian's needs, when the reality is Mia feels that Raquel is neglecting MIA's needs. Mia feels that SHE needs to be the center of Raquel's world and because Raquel is not/did not center her, that's why Mia is so miserable. But she's projecting it onto Damian as Raquel didn't make Damian the center of her world, Raquel didn't center DAMIAN's needs, so obviously Damian felt hurt & neglected and this is why he HAD to cheat on Raquel. Damian is doing to Raquel what Mia wishes SHE could do to Raquel.

Federico isn't self-centered like Mia is so he sees Damian's sneaking around, being distant, possibly cheating as something DAMIAN is doing. Mia sees Damian's sneaking around, being distant & possibly cheating as something RAQUEL caused Damian to do.


UA: Cinthia & Mia are Mini-Dani Montenegro types: druggies, who scheme & LIE!


Actually, Steve, Mia is far more lethal than Daniela ever was.

Daniela was her mother's Mini-Me in that she was frivolous, superficial, and uninterested in anything beyond fashion and gossip. Both were selfish narcissists but neither was into cutting herself and Daniela was not a killer.

Mia has the potential to kill. I'm not sure Cinthia does, but she does seem to get off on hurting her sister emotionally.

Than you Urban. Looks like things are about to explode.
I don't trust that twisted lawyer lady alina She's a slimy she is.She got a nasty sucubuses. Shes dangerous. Santi is abit To easy going.Does he not see that this woman Is trouble?

Damian is Loosing what's left of his
Small mind. Why don't he just go ahead and dive into that black hole hes been circling, And grab Caro on the way down.

Mia,what can I say?That girl has flown
Over the kookoo and crashed into the nest.

I think before this is all over with everybody will know these two were going at Hot and heavey. If twisted little Mia Is pickkin up on it every One else will Too. And I'm thinkin santi and Raquel Kinda figured things out. Just didn't Want to admit it to themselves. Could Be In for a big surprise.

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