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Enamorandome De Ramon #96/#97: 12/19/17: Ramon never, ever learns!!!

Repeated scene:
Sofia informs Frank that Fabiola is not at Maggie’s house. Frank says “how do you know?” Sofia tells them that Ramon was there earlier and mentioned Fabi. “I guess that means she is with him”. He thanks Sofia and she says as long as you keep them apart I will be satisfied, and then Frank says “count on it” and smirks his extremely annoying smirk.

New scenes:
Juana and Julio show up at the farm and bring Jorge and Andrea a cake. Julio gives Jorge a business card from the lab that can test the earth to check toxicity levels. Then Julio asks if they have made up their mind about the franchise. Andrea says that they have agreed to get the franchise but they want Julio to administer it because they don’t know anything about franchises. Julio is excited about their decision.

 Marta is on the phone arguing with Daniel, she tells him that she just wanted to warn him about Roxy but she does not want him calling her for any reason. He tells her that he needs help. He wants $100,000 pesos to go to Colombia. She does not have that kind of money but agrees to meet him the next day at 10. Roxy overhears the conversation and backs away unseen by Marta.
Porfi and Maggie on their way to the naturalist and Porfirio discusses the fact that Nature is so beautiful and if it wasn’t because they were looking for the Naturalists he would still be in the concrete jungle. He then tells Maggie that he made a bucket list, and describes how he would have like to learn to   Ice skate, sing in an opera, learn French perfectly , learn to swim be  in a dance competition. Maggie tells him that some of those think he can still do especially to learn to swim, he should take swimming lessons and she will join too because she does not know how to swim.
Francisco driving around looking for the shop where Ramon works, he is near the farm so assumes it is nearby.
Fredesvina comes to warn Luisa to stay away from Benito and to tell finite to stay away from Adalgisa. Why because he looks at her with desire, and she is with Benito. Luisa tells her to leave or else she will be force to be disrespectful. Fredes spews her venom before leaving but has one of her visions and sees Luisa in a wedding dress with a knife and panics assuming the knife is for her.  She then leaves and tells her to not hurt her.
Frank just happens to be standing around when he hears Ramon come out of the shop. He follows him.
Ramon gets to the apartment with Fabiola; she has prepared a romantic dinner consisting of sandwiches. He thanks her but worries that she went out; Fabi explains that Andrea brought her the food. He tells her that he could not find Maggie, but he will look for her tomorrow. He then kisses her stomach and tells their son/daughter that they are anxiously waiting for him/her. They kiss and have a very tender moment while Frank is peeping from the window.
Profi and Maggie are having breakfast. Ramon shows up and explains the situation that Fabi is in. He explains that the baby is his and that Frank has threatened to have Fabi arrested for adultery. Maggie says that they need to file a claim against Frank for domestic violence before he can accuse Fabi.

In the meantime Fabi and Andrea are having breakfast when they hear a knock on the door and unfortunately it is Frank and a couple of police officers, Frank points to Fabi and tells the officers that Fabi is the one and that they should arrest her. Since the police officers are not very well trained they arrest Fabi, without reading her any rights, and just follow Franks’ instructions. Andrea is devastated and yells at frank, then Jorge shows up and asks what is going on, and tells the officers they are making a mistake and that they should not take Fabi. The officers tell him to back off and they put Fabi in the back of the squad car and drive off with Fabi in the back sea looking very concerned.
Andrea calls Ramon while he and Maggie and Porfirio are on the way to the apartment. She explains what happened and Porfirio asks "where did they take her?" Then they head on over to that station.
Marta meets Daniel to give him the money she was able to get, which is nowhere near the $100K that he needs. Roxy is nearby and sees them, she calls 911 and tells them that the drug dealer Daniel Ruiz that the police is looking for. She tells them to hurry.
At the station the cops take Fabi in and for some strange reason allow Frank to talk to her, insult her and simply be an ass to her. He tells her that her bastard will be born in jail. The cops just tell him they need to take her in and he needs to go in to give his statement.
Roxy PI sees Daniel get into a taxi and takes pictures of the license plate and swears that he will pay what he did to her.
Frank is giving his statement and blah, blah blah. (Sorry patio, I am just sick of this guy)
Ramon, Porfi and Maggie show up to station and confirm that Fabi is indeed detained there. He asks to see her and the officer tells him what he needs to do to see her. He goes in to see her while Porfi and Magi talk to the detective in charge of the case.
Ramon tries to comfort Fabiola, but she is devastated and says the only thing allowing her to withstand the situation is knowing that they are together. Ramon promises to do everything to get her out of jail. They kiss and then a police officer tells them that his visiting time is up. Fabi breaks down despite his reassurance that he is there for her.
Porfirio tells Ramon that the only way to get Fabi out of there is if Frank recants his accusation. But he won’t do it.
Maggie goes to see Fabi and tells her that Frank has asked for a DNA test to prove that the baby is not his.
Frank is relishing over his triumph. He says that Fabi will give him anything he wants, now that she is in jail, but first he wants to see her suffer.
Dario pays frank a visit and punches him a couple of times, until Frank begins to fight back, the neighbors in the apartment below hear the commotion and call the police. Frank manages to run away from Dario into his room and grabs the gun, Dario runs in and overtakes frank (not surprisingly because he is such a wimp) Dario takes the gun and it accidentally goes off, he continues to pummel frank and then leaves, as he is walking out of the complex we see a taxi approaching and of all the people in the world that should come visit frank “RAMON” gets out of the taxi (this is the third time Ramon is at the wrong place and wrong time it is now chronic). He goes into see Frank, and even though we hear police sirens in the background he chooses to go in and help Francisco, the police officers walk in and catch Ramon trying to lift Frank, it looks very incriminating, and arrest Ramon. Ramon claims innocence, but I don’t even believe him.
Ramon is at the station trying to explain the unexplainable. The Detective tells him no one will believe you because the victim just today accused you of being his wives lover. Porfirio is there to tell him not to feel pressure just say what happened. Well he can say what happened until he is blue in the face, but he should not have been there period.
Sofia and Dalia discuss Ramon; Dalia has the pleasure to tell Sofia that Ramon is probably at the police station trying to get Fabi out from jail. Sofia is intrigued, and Dalia tells her that Frank accused her of adultery. Sofia is delighted and Dalia scores a point.
At the station Fabi is taken to the women’s prison where she will continue to be processed.
Fabi sees Ramon in jail, and she cries that she is afraid; he is helpless and can’t do anything for her as they take her away.
Porfirio and Maggie discuss how Frank is able to declare about Ramon now. And hope that he will tell the truth. (very, very low chance of that IMHO)
At the jail Julio, Juana and Ant see when Fabi is taken to the prison. Fabiola restates that she is afraid and that she needs them to call Maggie, Juana says she will and reassures her that they will not leave her alone.
Juana goes to talk to Ramon and they discuss how maybe frank can drop the charges so that they release Fabi. (Fat Chance)
Fabi arrives at the prison where Maggie sees her ant tells her to stay calm because they will be helping her out of there.
Roxy hears Marta complaining to Daniel about not being able to sell car for the money that he needs. He is upset and tells her she better get the money for her own sake. Roxy comes over when Marta hangs up and asks why she is selling her new car, Marta lies that it’s messing up. Rosy knows better and assumes that it’s money for Daniel, and then assumes correctly that he must still be in town.
Officers are station outside Sofia’s shop, when she drives off they begin to follow her.

At prison, the leader of the pack comes to tell Fabi that she needs to understand that she is the one in charge and that she is the one that she has to pay her quota to. Fabi panics and wonders how she will be able to do that. Her cell mate tells her that she will have to ask Maggie for money to be able to survive in jail.
 Maggie asks Pedro to help in Fabi and Ramon’s defense. Pedro agrees to join the defense team and begins to work on case immediately
Frank in bed at hospital does not even know why he is there, Dario did a good number on him, Yay Dario too bad that Ramon is and will continue to take the fall.
Sofia notices that she is being followed and calls her dad to make sure he is the one following her; he says "no it’s not him". So he correctly assumes it is the police officers and tells her not to go visit him at the moment.
Maggie gets a call informing her that frank is awake and will render his statement soon.

Frank is making his statement to the detective, and says the man who beat him up was Ramon Lopez and that he had told him that he was going to kill him. (So predictable, loser, loser, loser).


Thank You Sandie, for making The Dumbest episode fun to read. I might note, that as Fab was arrested, in jail, etc. etc. I didn't see ONE single cow fly. Hmmmmm.

I can see the mailbox now: "Mr & Mrs. Dumb and Dumber Lopez"
If this brat RaMoon is gushing over already winds up with two brain cells to keep each other company I will be shocked.

We finally got to see the Cyst have his near death experience, but not near enough to not be able to wheez 'Ramon Lopez' (who is forking my WIFE) into Barney Fife's pocket recorder. Shoulda peeped in, told him 'Sucks to be you', and got out of Dodge. When cows fly, right?


I didn't see a MARRIED, adulterous flying cow either. :-)
Coffee time

Oh my, missed this again last night and just as well, since it sounds like it was a super-annoying episode. Beautiful Fabiola and hunky Ramon seriously need some remedial classes in cognitive functioning.

But enjoyed the recap right from the title to the last word. "Francisco give his statement and blah, blah, blah." Perfect! And Ramon is at the wrong place at the wrong time and it is now chronic." Oh yeah. As Carlos used to say, "Their kids (Fabiola and Ramon's) are going to be riding the little bus to school."

Guess we'll have to sit back and suffer through another multitude of bad decisions before this one goes up in flames, but thanks for the snappy, sassy recap Sandie.

Oh and enjoying the new bird avatar Kirby.

Yes, NudyB, when they led Fab out in handcuffs (Not those furry cozycuffs) I decided that checking on my laundry was actually more entertaining than watching what was coming. So I missed big portions of last night. Kinda like having to answer the door just as Wiley coyote pushes a monster anvil off a cliff to fall on an unsuspecting roadrunner below. You don't actually SEE it, but you know what happens before it does.

And I am still convinced that tattoo ink somehow causes brain damage. Watch the news, E V E R Y one of these loonies who rapes, robs, or drinks their way into the news on TV has a few. Just saying...Ramoon


Thank you, Sandie.

News! News! The dangerous criminal Fabiola Medina is behind bars! She is off the streets! The citizens of CDMX can breathe a sigh of relief!

NudyB, AARP Centerfold checking in here. I predict we will have one more coma before this hot mess ends. Hasn't there been a hospitalization every week? Anyway, alas, it will be the noble Porfirio and we'll have a lot of tears, and everybody dressed in black, including the men wearing black shirts with their suits which seems so depressing. Wish people would go back to wearing white for mourning.

Not a spoiler, just a telenovela-weary granny talking. Heading off to rock the baby now. Rotten job, LOL, but somebody has to do it.

One more thought before I go. Porphyria is a disease. Who would name their kid Porfirio knowing that? Seems like a curse.

Good morning Patio! Good morning beautiful woodpecker.

Sandie, I have to say that your "Ramon gets to the apartment with Fabiola; she has prepared a romantic dinner consisting of sandwiches" had me grinning right out of the gate. When I saw the meager fare I truly understood what it must mean to live by love alone :)

Yes, Ramon doesn't seem too quick on the uptake does he? Judy already mentioned my other favorite lines so I'll simply nod my head in vigorous agreement.

At least someone is thinking. Blaming Ramon for his beat down has Fran staying one short step ahead. Too bad the jails aren't coed, otherwise, Fab and Ram could share a cell.

I'm (rather reluctantly) getting it into my head that Fab and Ramon are end game but have to laughingly agree they "...seriously need some remedial classes in cognitive functioning" Judy! :)

"Sofia is intrigued, and Dalia tells her that Frank accused her of adultery. Sofia is delighted and Dalia scores a point". Dalia is still a nasty little twit and does not deserve Valente.

At least Fran at least had the insight to blame Ramon for his beating. The fact that Rulo and his cronies are the only ones besides Fran who knows Dario is slinking around will hopefully mean Dario can continue to stalk and haunt Fran anytime he chooses.

"I didn't see a MARRIED, adulterous flying cow either" - most excellent Kirby.

Does anyone else think Roxie attempting to play Nancy Drew will not end well?

Early on I stated that Marg seemed happiest with Porfirio. I still feel that way. Her smile lights up the room. They have so much in common and get along so well. I think Ant is jealous and joyless. It is Diego who shines. I am hoping for a reprieve for Porf but now that Diego has accepted Marg, that hope has also dimmed.

Sandie, this was great! Thank you so much.


Sandie: Sofia is still WINNING!

Good Morning, Evreyone!

Sandy, great recap! I too liked the ""Francisco give his statement and blah, blah, blah." I'm sick of him too!

Lots of great comments already and I am in total agreement with everything from dumb episode (Kirby) to "The fact that Rulo and his cronies are the only ones besides Fran who knows Dario is slinking around will hopefully mean Dario can continue to stalk and haunt Fran anytime he chooses." (Diana) Make the Cyst suffer and beat him to a pulp, then let him burn!

JudyB, "NudyB, AARP Centerfold checking in here." had me laughing, thanks! And thank for the info on Porphyria...never heard of if, but the name Porfirio is quite common. It amazes me how parents choose names for their children, I had two students (brothers) whose names were Jack Daniels and Jim Beam....poor babies!

Rgv Chick, been delayed heading down to babysit--scheduling change. Isabel Allende's daughter died of porphyria. She wrote a beautiful, but very sad book about it called Paula. First book I ever read in Spanish.

Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. Indeed, poor babies. Probably both whiskeys had something to do with their conception! My Kentucky mama had some colorful relatives named Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond Jim. So glad she named me Judy!

Snow on the roof
Still a fire in the fireplace.

The scene when Ramon visited Fabiola behind bars was touching. How at seeing him Fabi moved close showing her fear on her face, sobbing. And his words of encouragement and hope so fitting. And then when the guard told Ramon to leave, how terrified Fabi was to be separated from Ramon and be left alone in that cell. And again Ramon's words of encoragement, saying that his heart, his soul and his whole being is staying there with her. Fabi just not able to contain her fear and hurt, breaking down and crying. Very well acted.

It reminded me of a scene when parents leave their child in a preschool for the first time. How painful is that separation. And appropriate here too, as Fabi's maturity level is comparable to that of a preschooler.

"How painful is that separation. And appropriate here too, as Fabi's maturity level is comparable to that of a preschooler". Perfect Lucio!


Lucio, what a nice description of that scene! I'm with Diana, that last sentence is puurfect!!

Thank you so much , Sandie.

We were out with a friend for dinner last night followed by last minute gift shopping, so I only saw the last few minutes. I did get to see somebody with two black eyes and a wrapped head and figured ( hoped ) it was Fran. ;-)
I also saw Fabu in jail.

Well, gotta run. Things will slow down fir me after the holidays.

Today's holiday selection is Hubba's fav groove "Carol of the Bells " by GRand Siberian. YouTube it..and enjoy a moment.



Thank you Sandy for the recap of a very annoying episode.

I guess the writers just want to test how much we need to tighten our TN beanies for this story to work.

Fab is pathetic. The portrayal of getting arrested by the police on a verbal accusation of "adultery" by your abusive husband is a stretch. I just hope this scenario is not really happening in Mexico.

Ramon's inability to sense danger may be related to his tattoos!

Francisco needs to be arrested soon.

At least RaMoon didn't mention to Fab that she pretty much brought all this onto herself with very little help from him.

I just can't get it out of my mind how she was when Ramoon finally escaped and tried to tell her what hell he had been through. Much Mucho...worse than what she was going through in her antiseptic little jail cell.

I just have a good memory I suppose.

That's what I'm saying. I saw young Marines go get some garish tattoos and then go bite the heads off live chickens to remove any doubt about their manliness. Me, I just hoped there was no chicken in our next few meals.

I could not help but wonder last night, if we are to go with the adultery a crime story, do they verify that?

All this is just not plausible on so many points.

Like one of my little young secretaries years ago got caught sleeping with her brother-in-law. Her husband was devastated, but in trying to forgive and salvage his marriage, he asked her, "Well Sarah,you WERE drunk when it happened, weren't you?"

And she said, "Yeah Honey, the first time."

It didn't work out.

Kirby, you are on fire today. "...antiseptic little jail cell" was great. And Fabi has already found a friend...

I may be able to overcome the fact Ramon is no longer with Sophia, but only because they transformed her into a jealous, obsessed stalker. But no, Sophia never believed Ramon was kidnapped and that really rankles.

"It didn't work out" had me smiling away.


I meant Fabi never believed Ramon was kidnapped. Sophia was right there, struggling to escape along with him. Ack.


I knew what you meant. :-)

Judynudyb...Paula was the first book I read by Allende. Very sad . one of my daughters brought it home from college.

Is that a grandbaby you are rocking? You rick, nudyb !!!!😀

Awesome comments Patio, and I agree Kirby your comments are on fire today a lot more interesting then the merry-go-round from hell these writers have put us on. When I finally think Ramon will not step on doo-doo anymore he goes and does it all over again. Been here done that writers!!! As far as Frank he irks me to the nth degree and can't wait to see what's in store for him. Sofia and Dalia too, I don't want a happily ever after for Dalia she has been a chismosa, metiche all throughout the TN I am in complete agreement with you Diana, that she does not deserve Valente.

The only bit of good news is that we are getting close to the Gran Final.

Sandie Sandie Sandie,finally a episode
Worthy of your recapping skills. And U
Done a good job girl. Thank you.

Talkin about, yeah our boy Ramon.When
Will he learn.Don't he know or is even
Swear that frankfarter hates him&fabi?
Any hurt he can cause them he will.And
He went to see him for what? get
Him to drop the charges? How dumb is he? Being nice is good, but don't be dumb with it. He wanted to help after seeing him bloody. He Does know that
Jackass raped fabi, don't he? I don't
Think so. He just know the baby is his
But he'd still try and help him,O well
He's a nice guy.Right.

Fabiola is kickin herself, good she shot herself in the ass when she married Jackass.But now she knows that that,so Im Pullin her.She is in a sour pickle. And he Layin his beatup butt up in the hospital lying on dumb ramon .That poor Baby better have some smarts,cuz mom And dad are notsharpest knives in the Drawer. Either fabi will
Tuffin up in jail or get beatup by the
Queen bitch.But shes pregnant,how much
Fighting can she do?I hope her and ram
Get outta jail soon.

The bitches have a laugh"Sofia is deli
ghted, and dalia scores a point". Iam
Going to enjoy watchin these 2magpies
Get there very heavey anvils.

Julio is happy that Andrea wants him
To be in charge of the business side of the franchise.He'll be in cbarge of
The money. Well he'll probably run it
Into the ground like he did virginia's

One more thing,fabi's situation is out
Of her Controll like ramons was when he was kidnapped. She kinda feels like
He did, only worst. She knows who did it to her. He didn't and still don't.
But alotta stuff will most likely come
To light now.

I hope Porfi don't die.He's the nicest guy in this story.Well theres velenta.
Maybe the writers will create a story-line for him to find some happiness with somebody.Hey how bout fabi's cell mate? I'll wait on that one,we don't
Know what kind of person she is,don't want Somebody that will make him sicker than he already is. Ok then.

THANK you Sandie.

Thank you Sandie, you are a trooper because this one was very hard to watch. But you did a very fine job reviewing all the silly stuff going on with Fabi and Ramon. Never in my life have I ever heard of anyone in any country (except Islamic) being arrested, put in handcuffs, and sent to jail for adultery. Then the silly part of Ramon going to Franc's place and finding him all beat up and trying to "help" him was just over the top silly. All the cops would have to do to figure out that Ramon was not the culprit would be to look at his hands, arms, and body for evidence that he has defensive wounds. He would have a lot more blood splatter on him too, not just the stain for trying to help up "poor Franc". This episode was just DUMB!! The police is are so dumb, they didn't even notice Dario walking out of the apartment building looking like he was up to no good.

Of course Franc blames his injuries on Ramon....

Roxy is sure treading on thin ice there. She is going to get into trouble very quickly and get caught by the wrong people, I fear. She should be hiring a private detective, not put herself into the midst of this trash because it can turn very ugly very quickly.

RaMoon is quickly turning into Forest Gump with some bad tattoos.

Run! Forest Run!

Back from babyrocking time. Had to cut it short so husband could get car vetted before big trip to Charlotte. Yes, Susanlynn, it's a grandbaby. Little fella, Baby Will, born Oct. 5. Had his mama when I was 40 and she was hellonwheels but it's all worth it now. And she's a wonderful mom.

Bizzarro World, "Oooh, Francisco, I know we have been at odds, but you are leaking pretty badly from the head, let me try to save you."

Real World, "Yikes Dickface, looks like somebody got to you before me, Sucks to be you.!" Pulls the door shut on his way out, whips out his Ryobi and puts four or five extra long lag bolts through the door and frame.

There are good guys, Poorfi,
And stoopid-good guys Ramoon.

Congratulations, judyb. We have a new grandgirl..Andrea..4 months old.

Aaawwww congrats Judy, you're probably
A terrific grandma too.

Cynthia I agree about the cops being dumb. I was lookin at ramon's hands &
Nuckles when he was explaining to the
Chief about what happened and his hand
Was clean,no blood.And the police dont
Ask questions they just listen and if
It don't sound right they throw you in
The clink. And why are they in such a
Hurry to put fabi in prison? And these
Writers sure know how piss off the viewers. And right off the bat some bossy bully.

Nina, these Mexico City police need to be sent to CSI school!

Looks like there is never the Holidays for Honey Bees.

Working Hard pollinating WEEDS!

Kirby...thank you for telling us about the birds...and the bees.

You are so welcome.
I'd rather sneak up on a HoneyBee or PeckerWood than watch Fab and/or RaMoon boohooing.

Or kissing through the jail bars.


Kirby, Susanlynn's comment is so smart, I think I will just thank you for the beautiful avatar.

The world needs more bees and certainly more flowers. Thanks for sharing yours with us.


Susanlynn...Congrats on new granddaughter. Four months is a lovely age. Six months is my favorite! But babies are wonderful from the get-go.

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