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Premios TVyNovelas 2017: Stevey's Follow-up on the Winners and Losers


Hi everybody!! 

I’m sorry that my follow-up for the big TVyNovelas awards show is so late (better late than never!, I hope!), but I did want to do a follow-up for anybody States-side who might be interested as to who was lauded as the best of their bunch this past year.  Without any further ado (and recognizing my own penchant for… uh, ‘loquaciousness’ (to put it kindly, it sounds nicer than ‘eye-strain and migraine inducing…), here we go!!

We’ll start with the biggie…
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Mujeres de Negro Chapter 51 4.21.17: The End (FIN)

Well, we've reached the end of the line for our Black Widows and it's been an absolute blast! Pun intended ;)

Thank you, Urban, for getting the ball rolling and letting me be a part of this team. Thank you  for your help, Sandie, and for keeping us on track with Unimas' crazy schedule. And Anita, thank you for a wonderful guest recap. You've all been great and see you all in La Candidata!

Finally, thank you to our loyal patio and regular commentors. We do this for you and you made this experience a lot more fun. See you all soon! 

Diego starts to freak out about the fact that his mother, Jackie and Katia tried to kill his dad by putting a bomb on the yacht. Isabella tries to calm him down to no avail.

Jose arrives at the station and sees Bernal. He begs Bernal to tell him what the news said about Jackie isn’t true. Bernal tells him it is and Jose begins to cry, incredulous to the fact that Jackie kill Lorenzo, despite all he did. Bernal hugs him, fiercely, and asks him to be strong. He also admits to Jose that he still loves Jackie and turning her in was the hardest thing he had to do.

Sandro calls Arturo and asks him if he will have time to handle the case against the Black Widows. Arturo assures him he will as Giovanna listens, surprised that Arturo is willing to stake his reputation on protecting three guilty women. Arturo doesn’t care what she has to say and walks off.

In their office, Lascurain confesses to Kuri and Bernal that the yacht explosion case has been tiring and suggests they all take a break, especially Bernal. Bernal thinks he will, after the case against Borgetti and the Widows is done with and supposes they will get a new commander. Kuri reminds him that those things will take a while and he should take a couple of days to think it through. Bernal agrees but reiterates that he would like to wait.

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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 4/20/17--Chapter #50: Black is going to be the new Orange

Countdown to El Final
I’m substituting for Urban tonight. I wish my hearing and comprehension were better. What I need is one of those magic see-thru boards that Horatio or Patricio have to stick up all the characters’ names and sort out how they are interwoven with each other. It’s rather late for that, unfortunately. This was such a good “series,” that I wouldn’t mind watching it again soon and figure out who knew what, when, where and how.
I’ve been warned that this episode may have been squished with part of Epi #51, to make room in tomorrow’s schedule for a regular episode, rather than the original 90 min. final episode in Mexico. If that is true, the full version will be later. Alfredo has volunteered to help with deleted scenes.
On we go. Ok, where were we….
Miriam has been dragged into the Women’s Prison Director’s office. Borgetti is there to hear what she has to say about having lied about her inability to walk. Miriam begins to explain that she had been divorced from Benjamin for a few years when her brother and sister were killed in an accident and she stepped forward to care for her orphaned niece, Alexa. She loved her more than anything in the world. Aha, says Borgetti in an accusatory tone—she had a niece and never told him?
As Miriam reminisces, we see the hazy image of a young girl running down the steps of a nice-looking house, chasing her ball. It bounces into the street; she follows it and is hit by a car. The driver stops, gets out, sees what he’s done and is momentarily dazed and confused. In Miriam’s retelling, we are privileged to see the driver was Bruno Borgetti. The coward looks around, gets back in his car, backs up over the body and peels out of there as Miriam comes flying down the steps, only to cradle the lifeless body of her niece.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 4/19/17 Chapter 48 & 49

As Friday is the finale, this is my last recap for this series.  This is now complete.  This has been a top-notch story and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Chapter 48: Watched

Giovanna was not happy at losing the competition to Eddy, who was apparently new to it. She was less than pleased when Arturo told her he wanted a divorce. At her question he admitted that Vanessa was the reason.

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Mujeres de Negro Martes 4/18/17, Chapters 46 & 47

The following two episodes are provided in full by Sandie; deleted scenes in blue.
Episode 46 – The Great Truth
Katia and Sandro are in bed looking at traveling destinations for their honeymoon.
Bernal and Jackie are also in bed in at Jackie’s place. Jackie says wouldn’t it be great if we lived together. Bernal thinks about it and says that yes as soon as they can come out in the open about their relationship it would be great to live together. At that moment he gets a phone call from a penitentiary about his mother. The person on the other end says she is very ill and doesn’t have much time and has asked to see him. Bernal becomes engrossed in thought, Jackie asks what is wrong but Bernal says nothing.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mujeres de Negro Chapter 44 & 45 4.17.17

Sliced and diced but still incredibly delicious!

Chapter 44: Conflict of Interest

Eddy and Rebecca meet in a café to negotiate Danna’s custody. He warns that no matter how good a lie she cooked up regarding her illness, the truth always comes out but he is willing to negotiate because he’s always been upfront. He even has the money he promised for her interests in the house but Rebecca tells him she doesn’t need it anymore. Eddy is aware she doesn’t because Gustavo is rich but he would rather come to an agreement soon for Danna’s sake. She asks what he would do if she refused to negotiate and Eddy explains that it would take him a while to find the truth about her illness but he would though that route would hurt Danna a lot more in the long run. Rebecca admires how good of a father he is but reminds him that she would most likely win either way. Eddy knows she would but he wouldn’t rest until he the truth came out and then she would likely go to jail for perjury. Rebecca is quiet and then asks what his negotiation would consist of; Eddy asks that they let Danna decide whom she stays with and whom she spends the holidays with.

Katia blindfolds Sandro, who is anxious to receive his surprise, and places a ring box in his hands. He takes off the blindfold and asks if the ring inside is for him because he won’t reject her proposal. Katia asks him to let her finish and sits down in front of him. She asks him if he wants to marry her and Sandro kneels in front of her and accepts. She tells him that she wants to be the mother of his children and they kiss.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 4/13/17 Capitulos 42 & 43

Again the cutting room floor eats up parts of our story. Now complete!

Chapter 42: For the Beyond

Eddie talked with Roberta about his problems with the custody battle over Danna. Rebeca lied about having been ill and was going to do whatever it took to take Danna away from him. He needed to prove that she had presented false documentation. He needed a better lawyer. Roberta suggested Arturo Castellanos. He remembered that Vanessa knew him.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mujeres de Negro Chapter 40 (Untitled) & Chapter 41 (Reliving Death) (Uni #40) 4.12.17

Cut scenes are in blue and italicized. 

Memories are italicized only.

(------------) Unedited as my DVR started recording 5 minutes late. 

Episode 40: Untitled

In Miriam’s office, Irene confirms that she gave Miriam everything and is leaving the company if she needs nothing else from her. Miriam asks her what she is going to do now and Irene confirms that she has no idea, but she will be around for a long time. Miriam wishes her luck and Irene does too, not just with Farmateca, but also because of the scandal with Borgetti and Kuri. Miriam tells her not to worry but Irene laughs and reminds her that the only one who should be worried is her because Borgetti may have had other affairs and children. Miriam reminds Irene that she was one of those women and Irene is floored. Miriam asks if she thought she didn’t know about the affair and reminds her that she have her plenty of opportunities to confess the truth but she didn’t. Irene asks her why she didn’t come out and tell her she knew but Miriam explains that she is aware of her limitations as a woman and knows Borgetti has needs that he satisfied with Irene. Irene assures her that Borgetti is only using her too and the only thing he cares about is her money. Miriam wishes her a good afternoon and asks her to leave. Irene asks her to please not get up to walk her out and leaves, laughing.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mujeres de Negro Martes 4/11/17 Capitulo 38: The Resignation; #39: Another Attempt

Tonight's episode is from Sandie; disfrutala!
(deleted scenes in blue; episode 39 added at 8AM 4/13/17)
Jackie and Jose walk into Natalia’s hospital room. Jose is saying that Eddy’s proposal sounds ok to him. Jackie says me too, any way you see it it’s a good proposal.
Jose goes over to Natalia and asks her how she feels; she says she feels dizzy, Jackie tells her it must be the anesthesia. Jackie gets ready to leave and tells Jose “Call me if you need anything”.
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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mujeres de Negro Chapter 37 4.7.17: Tattoos

In a restaurant, Eddy discusses his separation from Rebecca and the upcoming custody battle for Danna. The lawyer thinks Eddy can realistically win but the justice system typically side with mothers and money can sometimes skew things. Eddy reminds him that Rebecca abandoned Danna and Danna told already told him she wants to live with him but the girl’s psychological stability is what’s most important. The lawyer reminds him to consider what Danna will go through throughout the trial and, while Eddy laments it, he is willing to do it so that Danna stays with him.

At the same, Rebecca and Gustavo confer with their lawyer about the situation. The lawyer can’t guarantee she will win the custody battle but he will try. Gustavo reiterates that Rebecca must win the trial and cost is not a factor. The lawyer nods and smiles.

Katia meets with Arturo and gives him a check for his help with her case. He thanks her and explains that a lawyer from his office will contact and help her with her case against Jimena. Katia thanks him and asks if she feels okay and Katia admits that she barely slept last night because of what happened with Julio and Diego. Arturo asks her what happened and Katia reveals that they had a car accident and Vanessa may not go to Argentina anymore.

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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 4/6/17 Chapter 36: Old Acquaintances

Katia volunteered to surrender the disc. Vanessa thought she was out of her mind. Katia argued that nobody would suspect her. Jackie was convinced and Vanessa decided there was no alternative. She left the other two.

Danna and Eddy talked while he chopped tomatoes for the evening meal. She asked to take a bath and he let her go. The doorbell rang; Jimena had come over to talk to him.
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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 4/5/17 Chapter 35: We Need Katia

Diego was still missing. Bernal said he could not have gone far and possibly was looking for help. There were fingerprints on the car so one of the Villa Bravo cops thought that would be the case. They told Vanessa they would contact other police, hospitals, etc. A gun was found near the car and they asked Vanessa whether it belonged to Julio. She didn't know and mentioned that they were separated. The investigation went on.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Martes 4/4/17, Chapter 34: Disappearance

This episode brought to you by Sandie.
Irene continues talking to her mother about Victor. Irene blames her because she was never able to tell Victor she was his mother. Her mom had their maid raise Victor.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mujeres de Negro Chapter #33 4.3.17: Breakup

Vanessa doesn’t believe a word Jimena says but Jimena tells her it’s the truth and she can ask Katia. She then dares Katia to deny it and Katia warns her that she will have her revenge. Jimena tells her that she’s sure her friendship with Vanessa will never be the same because Vanessa now knows the kind of woman she is. Katia tries to leave but Jimena stops her and asks that she explain to everything to Vanessa. Vanessa asks Katia why she doesn’t defend herself but Katia prefers to talk when Jimena has left them alone. Jimena tells Vanessa that she should investigate if Katia denies everything because she has been leaving with her worst enemy. Jimena leaves and Vanessa asks if it’s true what Jimena said. Katia stays quiet but doesn’t deny it and Vanessa reminds her that she’s her best friend and the godmother of her child. Katia covers her face and shakes her head and Vanessa chides her for sleeping with Julio while she entrusted her family’s future to her. Katia begins to cry and defend herself but Vanessa slaps her and tells her that she doesn’t want to hear any excuses or explanations; she and Julio disgust her. Katia begs Vanessa for an opportunity to talk but Vanessa leaves.

Moments later, Vanessa walks down the street as Katia chases her. She explains that Julio instigated everything and she tried to resist but couldn’t. Vanessa wants to know how long she maintained the affair and Katia confesses that it was before she married Nicolas. Vanessa is shocked at how long they were together but Katia reminds her that she and Julio were going through a crisis because Diego was small and needed her. Katia explains that Julio felt alone and came to her for comfort. Vanessa laughs and thanks her for taking care of her husband but reminds her that no reason is strong enough to have betrayed their friendship. Katia tells her that falling in love with Julio was a punishment for her but Vanessa doesn’t care; Julio was her husband and he was married and Katia stepped all over their friendship. Katia finally relents and admits that she wasn’t right to do what she did but she’s paying for her mistakes. She promises Vanessa that she will never betray her again and begs Vanessa to forgive her like she forgave Jackie. Vanessa reminds her that what Jackie did was child’s play compared to her and she won’t betray her again because she is dead to her. Katia tries to stop her from leaving but Vanessa asks that she never looks for her again and storms off. Katia cries on the street.

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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Mujeres de Negro 3.31.17 Chapter #32: Targeted

The police take away Tomas’ body to the morgue for the autopsy, per Borgetti’s orders. Ramirez asks Rico what is wrong, because he has a sourpuss face, but Rico asks him to be quiet. Borgetti turns his attention to them and commends Rico’s pursuit skills, which allowed Borgetti to capture Tomas. Borgetti thinks it’s a shame he had to kill him but that’s how the cookie crumbles. He shakes both their hands and thanks them. Rico tries to leave but Borgetti needs their help to search through Tomas’ room.

Sometime later, they all search the room and Borgetti orders the men to tag and catalog all the evidence they find. He tells Rico that he is the in charge and leaves. Ramirez announces that another case has been solved by Borgetti and he should get a promotion soon. Rico tells Ramirez that Tomas shouldn’t have died but Ramirez reminds him that he had no other choice.

In the parking garage, Borgetti takes out Tomas phone, wipes his prints, smashes it, and throws it in a nearby trash can. He then receives a call and chides the man on the other end for taking so long in getting back to him. The man tells him that he was on vacation with the money Borgetti gave after the last job he did and Borgetti tells him he has another job and needs his undivided attention.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/30/17 Chapter 31: New Plans

Sorry this is a little late, but it takes me about two hours to type this after having to take handwritten notes due to playback issues.  However, there's nothing like some Handel to help that process!  Enjoy this exciting episode.

Bernal was at Jackie's house and despite not being on the force he couldn't stop thinking like a detective.
Victor Martinez wanted to kill you. What was his motive? You weren't an enemy.”
No, no, the only time I met him was when I had an appointment at Farmateca and refused their offer for ZZ.”
To refuse a deal isn't sufficient motive. There had to be something else, Jackie. Think.”
I don't understand why he shot me.”
Bernal was determined to get to the bottom of that situation even if he investigated it from a different precinct. He kissed her, saying “Te amo.” before leaving. He had fallen in love with Jackie.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/29/17 Chapter 30: Super Experience

Kuri stopped by the cells occupied by Bernal and Jackie. He asked her to stop by the ballistics department to compare Victor's gun to the bullet that hit Jackie. He looked suspiciously at Victor, who began feeling fear. He tried to hide this.

Julio got to a hotel and paid cash for a room for the night. The desk clerk noticed the blood stain on his shirt and asked if he was injured. “Just an accident; nothing serious,” Julio replied. The clerk handed him his key, but stared suspiciously at the blood stains. Julio looked out the door before going to the elevator to his room. He got into the shower and began washing the shirt while he still wore it, all the while thinking of how the blood got there. He laughed ironically at the situation as he sat under the running showerhead fully dressed.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Martes 3/28/17 The Threat

Tonight we welcome a new team member, Sandra.  Please give her a gran bienvenido and dig in.

The Threat

Kuri and Bernal are talking near the station (away from the cameras). He tells her that he will follow Borgetti everywhere he goes. Conversation than turns to Jackie, Kuri presses Bernal and he confesses that they are together, he does not know how he fell for her but he is happy he did. Kuri’s face shows her disappointment, and says that it’s curious how the cop fell for a woman who used to be a murder suspect. Bernal asks Kuri to keep him informed if any information regarding Jackie’s assault surfaces. She will. They say good bye and Bernal kisses Kuri on the forehead, as an older brother would.
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Mujeres de Negro 3.27.17 Chapter 28: The Alibi

Irene chides her mother for negating her responsibility to always protect her. Her mother tells her that she paid her debt and gave her all her money so she could buy the shares but Irene reminds her that it’s the least she could do. Her mother wants Irene to stop hating her though but Irene doesn’t want to. She reminds her mother that she taught her that all that matters is power and respect so they will go to the notary and transfer the shares into her name immediately. Her mother agrees if it’s the only thing that will makes her happy; Irene confirms it is.

Outside the station, Kuri chides Eric for coming to see her at the station. She asks that he let her know if he’s coming beforehand because her boss does not allow personal visits. Eric noticed Borgetti’s face when he told her he was her son and then proposes that she buy him a cell like Borgetti’s so he’s not bored enough to drop by. She will buy the cell that her budget allows and then asks him to go home. He asks if she will be home early today or go off with another one of her men and she goes to hit him but stops when Miriam comes with Borgetti and says hello. Eric says hello back and Kuri asks Miriam if she’s Borgetti’s wife. Miriam introduces herself and Kuri introduces her son. Miriam calls him cute and tells her it’s a blessing to be a mother and she’s lucky to have such a beautiful child.

Moments later, Kuri walks back to her desk with Borgetti in tow. Rico stops Borgetti and tells him that he was able to trace all the calls made by Emma Diaz, the prostitute that was murdered, and the last calls she received or were to Patricio Bernal. Kuri pretends to make a call from her call from her desk but hears everything.

Bernal is in his apartment hitting his punching bag while looking at his makeshift investigation board, which now includes Emma. The doorbell rings and he takes everything down. It’s Rico and Ramirez, who arrest him for being the prime suspect in the murder of Emma Diaz. They read him his rights and Ramirez laments that they must do this. He hesitates for a moment but opens the door and Rico escorts Bernal out in handcuffs.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/23/17 Chapter 27: Last Opportunity

The former girlfriend told Borgetti that Señora Zaldiviar suffered from dementia. She was trying to explain that her son was not an evil person. Borgetti told them the problem was that Julio Zamora has disappeared right after the fire at ZZ. The department doesn't have sufficient reason to search for him. Therefore the case was closed unless someone can present adequate proof.
Señora Zaldiviar continued to insist that Zacarías was innocent. Borgetti understood this but said that the department couldn't help her for the moment. The lady then said she would investigate this herself to get proof. Borgetti sent Kuri out of the room. Señora Zaldiviar started talking again but Borgetti left the office. She was still talking all the way out of the building.

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