Thursday, March 23, 2017

We have any blog / google experts here? A new problem has arisen with the site

Perhaps one of our bloggers did something odd a couple weeks ago that broke the blog - I just got a notification from google that we have a skyrocketing number of broken links. In the old days I would have asked Kat but I hope we have somebody else who understands this and what to do about it! Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

PREMIOS TVyNOVELAS 2017: Stevey's Thoughts on the Upcoming March 26th Awards Show



Hi everybody, Stevey here!!       
Recently, while I was enjoying a martini over on the ECDLP patio, mention was made of the 'awards' that it had (or had not) won.  This led me to reflect that a lot of people up in the ‘Northern Parts’ might not have any idea what everybody was talking about.  Seeing as they are, sort of, a 'big thing' (like Mexico’s answer to the Emmy Awards), that this year’s awards ceremony is coming up on Sunday, March 26th, AND that you guys are just as much a part of this delightfully idiosyncratic Latin American television entertainment drama known as the telenovelas… I thought I'd do a little posting as to what’s going on, and about the nominees for this year’s big event.  I hope that you guys enjoy it, find it useful and/or interesting… and I really look forward to whatever discussion, conversation, supposition, or hypothesizing might result of it between everybody!!  Here goes...
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Monday, March 06, 2017

El Color de la Pasión, Episode #121, Finale Part II (Uni/Hulu #121), 3/6/17: Shadows of the Past/Rays of Hope for the Future

Many thanks to all of you who joined us for this intense and eventful jaunt through lovely Puebla. I very much enjoyed the great conversations we had on this Patio. A thousand thanks to my recapping team members who never let us down, and graced us with their talent and wit—Nandicta, Cathyx, dy77, Alfredo, Jardinera, and Delilah. I hope to see you all on another Caray Caray patio soon! -Vivi

Scenes cut by Uni in blue…

Rebeca inflicts her final soul-crushing blow on Lucia, who the day before witnessed the suicide of her sister Nora, and has just come back to the Gaxiola Mansion of Horrors after burying her. Plot Gun has its last hurrah as Rebeca cradles it and spews her hateful venom.
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Sunday, March 05, 2017

La Piloto: Main Characters

[The screen caps are poor, but it's all I had to work with for now.--ed.]

Livia Brito es Yolanda,

a very lovely young woman, a native of Tepic, whose great dream was always piloting planes.  She possesses a great deal of charm and a magnetic personality, qualities which nobody could ignore.  She is courageous, straight forward and full speed ahead, hot-headed but not violent.  Too honest, she always says what she thinks--even though at times she sticks her foot in it.  She is very loyal with her friends,  Because of her beauty men always have wanted to take advantage of her.  In fact, her own step-father, Ernesto, raped her on her eighteenth birthday, marking her for life.  Because of this she is very distrustful of men; she will not hand over her heart easily. However, she still takes falling hopelessly in love as part of her future plans and to experience a love like in the movies.

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La Piloto: Still Looking for More Recappers 3/7/17 Estreno 10 EST

 Hi All!

Please note Alfredo and I will be taking up the reins on this one but if anybody would like to join the crew, please let Anita or Melinama at Caray or me know.  M,T,W,Th are open.  There will eventually be only 2 telenovelas per night for the foreseeable future once the others end.

I can be reached by clicking on the icon next to my username.


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Saturday, March 04, 2017

El Color de la Pasion #121 (Hulu/Uni #120), Friday, March 3, 2017: The End of the Road

Before we begin the two-part Gran Final (thanks, Uni for splitting it up and not chopping it? We shall see), I just want to thank everyone for their nice comments on my recaps and also thank and give a shout out to all fellow Color recappers. You all did a fabulous job! 

For me, this show started off strong, but it's not ending there (although the story of Nora was fabulously told and acted). The middle of the show (both episodes and overall) was especially snoozy and for me, the lead couple was kind of a dud. I found that surprising since the writing and most of the acting was overall well done, and the visuals were striking. Plus it was overall dark and gloomy-themed, and I am finding those just aren't my kind of shows; I think I will stick to recapping the more light and fun fare from now on. I know, however, that many of you really love this show, so I'll try to do it justice with my final recap of it!

And here's what happened in the first part of the finale...
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Friday, March 03, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #120 (Hulu #119) 3.2.17: Forgiving and Forgetting Is Hard to Do...

Hello everybody! This will be my final recap for Color and what a doozy it was. Thank you to my fellow recappers Nandicta, Jardinera, Delilah, Dy77, my Friday co-pilot, Cathyx and of course our fearless leader, Vivi. I came late to this one but was welcomed with open arms and it was a wonderful experience all the same. Thank you to all the regular and new commenters as well. You guys make our recaps so much richer with your insight. Hope to see you all soon :) and without further ado…

Nora runs upstairs and proclaims to Rebeca that she hates her and SHE no longer wants to be her daughter. Rebeca runs after her and stops at the other side of the stairs while Lucia looks up at Nora and Rebeca from the landing below. Nora looks at Rebeca with pure hatred then looks at Lucia with eyes that say “I’m Sorry” and climbs over the railing. She extends her hands and finally, slowly, lets go…She falls as Rebeca and Lucia scream and lands on the floor below, Alonso’s picture frame smashed below her.

Lucia is the first to react and goes to see if Nora’s alive. She is…barely and Lucia whispers why did she do it. Lucia steps aside as Rebeca comes and asks her to call the doctor. Lucia obliges and Rebeca begs Nora not to leave her, please. Nora looks at Rebeca as blood spills from her mouth and she proclaims, once again, that she hates her. Rebeca begins to cry but Nora is gone…Rebeca hugs her corpse as Lucia breaks down by the phone.
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Thursday, March 02, 2017

New Telenovela: La Piloto, March 7th on Univision

Univision will replace El Color de la Pasión with La Piloto in the 10pm slot, starting Tuesday, March 7th. Jardinera has said she might be interested in recapping this new series, and so I figured it would be worth reposting this synopsis to see if anyone else is interested in joining her. Please let Jane or Anita know if you’re interested in recapping this series, or drop a note in the comments.

Plot Summary:
Yolanda Cadena (Livia Brito, Triunfo de Amor, Abismo de Pasión, De Que Te Quiero, Muchacha Italiana…) is a flight attendant, who has always dreamed of being a pilot.
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El Color De La Pasión #119 Wednesday 3/1/17-- Rebecca pays the ultimate price!

This is my final recap for this tn and I want to thank you all for allowing me to share some snark and humor with you all.   I  appreciate your very kind comments and support.  I hope to see you on another 

Brigi has no idea where Amadiva is because she swears he was just here.   As the police search the entire house, Brigi who is beyond shocked to learn that her husband is even more sinister than she originally thought; asks Detective J if it's true that her husband is responsible for Trini's death.  Yes ma'am, we have the person he hired and they've confessed everything!   The police confirm that there is no sign of Amadiva in the house, but there is a back door service entrance and that must be how he got away.   Meanwhile we see that indeed Amadiva is on the run by foot, hiding out in what appears to be a nearby park.    Rod gets a frantic call from his mother who doesn't give him details only that something bad has happened.  He and Sergio head over to the Zuniga compound.
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

El Color De La Pasión (ECDLP) #118. Tuesday February 28, 2017. A Whoras' Fallout And A Drunken Houdini

Full disclosure: I couldn't get the video to load on my phone so I "watched" this on an old Mac with all the plugins out of date and a defective mouse pad. As a result, the video of this episode was a black screen with audio only and no option to rewind. I typed notes on my phone and went back to add snark, speculation and imagined details later. Not exactly how I had hoped to take a bow from this show but this should be "interesting". Enjoy!

At Casa Zúñiga, Brígida catches her husband sucking face with her frenemy houseguest and decides to throw Rebeca out. Rebe proclaims her innocence: I wasn't the kisser, I was the kissee! You can't kick me out, we're besties! Brígida disdainfully replies: "As you said before, you and I have never been friends." Now get your skanky behind out my house before I smack your face clear off your face! Ever the slimy spinner, Amador tries to spin his way out of this one: "This has an explanation." He explains that the fábrica is going through a rough patch and he was trying to comfort Rebe. "I'm not as stupid as you think I am and I don't give a rat's patootie about your bleedin' fábrica!" How about this: I tripped and my tongue landed down Rebeca's throat? No? You don't buy that one either? OK, you should calm down and we'll talk later. This was the last straw for Brígida: "There's not gonna be anymore talking between us! This is over! I swear on my son's life!" Whoa! Check out the new pair of ovaries on Brí! You go, girl!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #117 (Hulu #116) 2.27.17: Rebeca Can't Catch a Break…Good.

Lucia grabs Rebeca by the back of the neck and pushes her out the fence, screaming that she’s leaving with nothing. Lucia closes it behind her as Rebeca comes back and gives her a death stare. Lucia screams that Rebeca probably thought she was going to die with Adriana but it didn’t happen and she’s going to make sure she pays for all she did. Rebeca pushes her way back inside and manages to loosen herself from Lucia’s grasp. Lucia grabs Rebeca’s car keys, which she dropped in the struggle, and announces that she’s going to wait until Nora gets home so that she can personally kick her out because she’s not going to be quiet any longer. She’s going to tell Nora everything including that she let Alonso die but she’s not waiting for Nora on her property. Lucia grabs Rebeca and pushes her outside again, screaming that she’s not going to set foot inside her mother’s house ever again. Rebeca opens the gate again but Lucia has already run inside the house with the car keys and locked the door behind her. Rebeca knocks on the door like a madwoman but Lucia doesn’t open it.

Inside the house, Lucia sits down on the steps and breaks down crying, looking at the banister her mother fell through and thinking about how her aunt killed both her mother and father…Outside, Rebeca breaks down crying as well, remembering when Alonso told her the same thing…”this house was build for Adriana and it will always be her house”. Rebeca repeats that it’s her house as well over and over. She goes down the front steps and out the gate, closing it behind her, defeated.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

El Color de la Pasión #116 (Hulu #115) The Truth Is Finally Out

I want to say adios, it's been a pleasure recapping this telenovela and with such a great team too.

Here we go.
Magdalena: Sara was right, you killed Adriana. Of course Rebeca denies it, Clara is lying and she made it all up. Madgalena asks Clara to leave, who was only too happy to oblige, and then hauls off and slaps Rebeca, backhanded at that, saying just yesterday, right here in this same spot, you were so indignant that I would accuse you of killing her. Ricardo was right, Adriana knew that you were the reason that he left me at the altar, and she told you that and in order to keep her quiet, and be able to have Alonso, so you killed her. Rebeca is still denying it, saying she never touched her, the railing did just break. Well, says Magda, if it was not your fault, why did you stay quiet all these years? Why did you pretend to know nothing about it?
Because she was afraid, she said. She didn’t want Alonso to think she was at fault. Mags tells her the cold hard truth, it didn’t serve her well anyway. Alonso died thinking very ill of her. And in pure Rebeca form, she artfully turns it around so that she’s once again the victim, asking Magda if she knows how hard this was living with the weight of this on her shoulders all these years? Mags tells her that she’s going to suffer even more now, going forward because she’s not going to care about Rebeca ever again.
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Discussion: Recap Authors' Update on our Favorites and our Greatest challenges

About 14 months ago we had this discussion on the subject of our greatest challenges in recapping and how we do this sometimes thankless job.  Now that we have some newbies -- both recap writers and readers --  on board I think we're due for a new forum on this subject.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #115 Wednesday 2/22/17 - Oh Mommie Dearest

Magda confides in Sara that she's suggested to Mario that maybe they can consider adopting, though he didn't seem too keen on the idea.  Sara tells her to chill out, maybe she's misunderstanding Mario's non-reaction to the idea.   Sara tells Magda about Benny's slow progress.  Magda wonders if Clara will be able to handle the financial strain of his therapy and medications.  Sara tells her that Clara is receiving assistance from a relative. 

At the clinic Benny is not very happy with his lying mother.  He wants to know why she lied to Lucia and where she's getting the money to pay for his treatment.  Clara admits she lied but for a good reason.  Benny tells his mother he doesn't want her doing bad things to get the money, he'd rather stay the way he is.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

El Color #114:Of Continuing Pursuits, Conniving Brutes and Capstone Lawsuits

 Parte 1~~

Speaking of Milagros, Doña Millie gets one-miracles, that is-- cuz Rafaela turns out to be a bit grazed and dazed, but breathing.   By the time Marcelo arrives breathless and panting, the EMT’s are there tending to her.  Mama Millie avoids the truth behind Rafi’s rather inelegant header down the stairs.

Brigida pays a late-night visit to Rodrigo.  She explains she’s finally figured out she has been living all these years with a violent man.  The parental unit is now in halves.  She refuses to let Rod speak to him or he’ll realize she’s there with him and for now she has nowhere else to go.  Why not move in with Mama someplace new?  (What and leave his new found independence as Man-maid in Puebla City?  What will poor Sergio do for decent help?)  He seems to give this idea some thought.  (Woe is we in Viewerville.)

Meanwhile, Papi Amador takes a brief trot over to the police department to ask the chief detective there what clues, if any, he’s gotten on Benny’s whereabouts.  Chief Detective asks why the great interest.  Amador comes up with some lame nothing excuse which doesn’t do much to convince Chief Detective.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

El Color de la Pasión #113 (Hulu/Uni #112), 2/20/17: Beware the Momster!

Milagros takes aim at the woman she believes killed her favorite son, Federico, using the gun he used to take his own life. “Go to hell, b*tch!” Rebeca is frozen in fright on the front steps, and can’t even get a word out from her agape crimson lips. Neither woman notices Nora approach the foot of the other side of the staircase, from the garden. Milagros tries to steady her shaky aim with both hands, dropping her purse to the ground. She fires off a shot. BAM! Nora screams bloody murder, while Rebeca falls into a protective stance, squatting low while clutching her left arm which was grazed by the bullet.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #112 (Hulu #111) 2.17.17: What Goes Around Comes Around...

Marcelo goes out into the hall way of city hall as he receives a call from Lucia. He asks her where she is but Lucia wants him to forgive her because she can’t marry him today because of Nora. She doesn’t know exactly what’s going on but she needs to be with her and support her. She will call him later to explain but she begs him to forgive her again and hangs up.

The witnesses are waiting and Magdalena hopes Lucia gets there soon as the judge has only given them 10 more minutes. Marcelo comes in and announces that the wedding is cancelled because Lucia isn’t coming. Everyone wants to know why but even he doesn’t know. He thanks everyone and leaves.

Rebeca goes to Gloria’s house to see if Nora is there with her. Gloria tells her she isn’t and she hasn’t seen Nora in days. Rebeca tries to leave and Gloria asks if everything is okay. Rebeca explains that she left the house in a hurry and forgot her phone. She thought she heard her mention Gloria’s name so she went to see. Gloria tells her that if she sees or hears from Nora, she will let her know. Rebeca thanks her and leaves.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

El Color de la Pasion #111 (Hulu/Uni #110), February 16, 2017: Tha Crossroads

In this episode, it's wedding day! Maybe. It's fighting day! Definitely. It's going crazy day! Oh yes. And even Nora realizes how crazy she is after she receives a special delivery package. If only medical professionals and her mother did. Things are coming to a crossroads as we go through ultimas semanas...

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #110 Wednesday 2/15/17 - DNA aka in Puebla as Do Not Admit anything test!

As Aida's friend Rosaura prods her to tell Marcelo the truth, he begs her to tell him no matter what it is. Marcelo tells Aida that he's suspected for a very long time that there was something strange regarding his father's death; something his mother has been hiding and now he's certain Aida is too.  She says she doesn't know anything, all she knows is that his father died of a heart attack.  Well then what does my mother's second husband have to do with all of this?  Aida tells him his mother's second husband was a doctor who proclaimed the cause of death and signed the certificate.   Aida insists again that this is all she knows, but Marcelo says no because a short time later that man married his mother. Rosaura still not content with how much tea has been spilled decides to pour a bit more:  Aida forgot to tell you that  Ramiro Valdivia was also your father's best friend, isn't that strange?  Aida tells her to shut it and tells Marcelo to scram.  He tries again to get more but Aida is firm,  she's very busy and has a lot of work to do.  He will not be getting any more information from her or her big mouthed friend Rosaura who is also very busy.  Please leave!   Aida walks away and Rosaura shrugs helplessly.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #109 (Hulu #108) 2.14.2017: Who's Left and What Will Become of Them?

Rebeca tries to justify her actions by telling Alfredo that it would be what any parent would do for a child. Alfredo makes it clear that he’s not covering Ricardo’s murder because Nora is not his child but wait…Rebeca reveals that Nora is Alfredo’s child! Alfredo doesn’t believe her because Rebeca is a liar but Rebeca wants Alfredo to do a bit of mental math. Alfredo doesn’t care. He claims that she’s just trying to guilt him into not going to the police. Rebeca asks that he take a paternity test because Nora is his daughter and she needs his health. She argues that Ricardo’s murder was accidental and she’s doesn’t want to see Nora in jail, especially not because father. She leaves it up to his conscience and asks that he leave.

Lucia goes to visit Roman, who is most unhappy to see her since he’s supposed to be forgetting her. Lucia didn’t want to come but Nora tried to take her life again and she needs help. He starts to say that he’s not the family shrink anymore but Lucia just wants some guidance as to what to do to help Nora. Roman doesn’t think she’s the best person but Lucia insists that she trusts him and he will tell her how to help Nora. Roman thanks her but reiterates that Nora will only help herself when she wants to. Lucia agrees and Roman makes it clear that he doesn’t want to see her again. Lucia promises not to, apologizes and leaves.

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