Thursday, February 23, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #115 Wednesday 2/22/17 - Oh Mommie Dearest

Magda confides in Sara that she's suggested to Mario that maybe they can consider adopting, though he didn't seem too keen on the idea.  Sara tells her to chill out, maybe she's misunderstanding Mario's non-reaction to the idea.   Sara tells Magda about Benny's slow progress.  Magda wonders if Clara will be able to handle the financial strain of his therapy and medications.  Sara tells her that Clara is receiving assistance from a relative. 

At the clinic Benny is not very happy with his lying mother.  He wants to know why she lied to Lucia and where she's getting the money to pay for his treatment.  Clara admits she lied but for a good reason.  Benny tells his mother he doesn't want her doing bad things to get the money, he'd rather stay the way he is.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

El Color #114:Of Continuing Pursuits, Conniving Brutes and Capstone Lawsuits

 Parte 1~~

Speaking of Milagros, Doña Millie gets one-miracles, that is-- cuz Rafaela turns out to be a bit grazed and dazed, but breathing.   By the time Marcelo arrives breathless and panting, the EMT’s are there tending to her.  Mama Millie avoids the truth behind Rafi’s rather inelegant header down the stairs.

Brigida pays a late-night visit to Rodrigo.  She explains she’s finally figured out she has been living all these years with a violent man.  The parental unit is now in halves.  She refuses to let Rod speak to him or he’ll realize she’s there with him and for now she has nowhere else to go.  Why not move in with Mama someplace new?  (What and leave his new found independence as Man-maid in Puebla City?  What will poor Sergio do for decent help?)  He seems to give this idea some thought.  (Woe is we in Viewerville.)

Meanwhile, Papi Amador takes a brief trot over to the police department to ask the chief detective there what clues, if any, he’s gotten on Benny’s whereabouts.  Chief Detective asks why the great interest.  Amador comes up with some lame nothing excuse which doesn’t do much to convince Chief Detective.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

El Color de la Pasión #113 (Hulu/Uni #112), 2/20/17: Beware the Momster!

Milagros takes aim at the woman she believes killed her favorite son, Federico, using the gun he used to take his own life. “Go to hell, b*tch!” Rebeca is frozen in fright on the front steps, and can’t even get a word out from her agape crimson lips. Neither woman notices Nora approach the foot of the other side of the staircase, from the garden. Milagros tries to steady her shaky aim with both hands, dropping her purse to the ground. She fires off a shot. BAM! Nora screams bloody murder, while Rebeca falls into a protective stance, squatting low while clutching her left arm which was grazed by the bullet.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #112 (Hulu #111) 2.17.17: What Goes Around Comes Around...

Marcelo goes out into the hall way of city hall as he receives a call from Lucia. He asks her where she is but Lucia wants him to forgive her because she can’t marry him today because of Nora. She doesn’t know exactly what’s going on but she needs to be with her and support her. She will call him later to explain but she begs him to forgive her again and hangs up.

The witnesses are waiting and Magdalena hopes Lucia gets there soon as the judge has only given them 10 more minutes. Marcelo comes in and announces that the wedding is cancelled because Lucia isn’t coming. Everyone wants to know why but even he doesn’t know. He thanks everyone and leaves.

Rebeca goes to Gloria’s house to see if Nora is there with her. Gloria tells her she isn’t and she hasn’t seen Nora in days. Rebeca tries to leave and Gloria asks if everything is okay. Rebeca explains that she left the house in a hurry and forgot her phone. She thought she heard her mention Gloria’s name so she went to see. Gloria tells her that if she sees or hears from Nora, she will let her know. Rebeca thanks her and leaves.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

El Color de la Pasion #111 (Hulu/Uni #110), February 16, 2017: Tha Crossroads

In this episode, it's wedding day! Maybe. It's fighting day! Definitely. It's going crazy day! Oh yes. And even Nora realizes how crazy she is after she receives a special delivery package. If only medical professionals and her mother did. Things are coming to a crossroads as we go through ultimas semanas...

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #110 Wednesday 2/15/17 - DNA aka in Puebla as Do Not Admit anything test!

As Aida's friend Rosaura prods her to tell Marcelo the truth, he begs her to tell him no matter what it is. Marcelo tells Aida that he's suspected for a very long time that there was something strange regarding his father's death; something his mother has been hiding and now he's certain Aida is too.  She says she doesn't know anything, all she knows is that his father died of a heart attack.  Well then what does my mother's second husband have to do with all of this?  Aida tells him his mother's second husband was a doctor who proclaimed the cause of death and signed the certificate.   Aida insists again that this is all she knows, but Marcelo says no because a short time later that man married his mother. Rosaura still not content with how much tea has been spilled decides to pour a bit more:  Aida forgot to tell you that  Ramiro Valdivia was also your father's best friend, isn't that strange?  Aida tells her to shut it and tells Marcelo to scram.  He tries again to get more but Aida is firm,  she's very busy and has a lot of work to do.  He will not be getting any more information from her or her big mouthed friend Rosaura who is also very busy.  Please leave!   Aida walks away and Rosaura shrugs helplessly.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #109 (Hulu #108) 2.14.2017: Who's Left and What Will Become of Them?

Rebeca tries to justify her actions by telling Alfredo that it would be what any parent would do for a child. Alfredo makes it clear that he’s not covering Ricardo’s murder because Nora is not his child but wait…Rebeca reveals that Nora is Alfredo’s child! Alfredo doesn’t believe her because Rebeca is a liar but Rebeca wants Alfredo to do a bit of mental math. Alfredo doesn’t care. He claims that she’s just trying to guilt him into not going to the police. Rebeca asks that he take a paternity test because Nora is his daughter and she needs his health. She argues that Ricardo’s murder was accidental and she’s doesn’t want to see Nora in jail, especially not because father. She leaves it up to his conscience and asks that he leave.

Lucia goes to visit Roman, who is most unhappy to see her since he’s supposed to be forgetting her. Lucia didn’t want to come but Nora tried to take her life again and she needs help. He starts to say that he’s not the family shrink anymore but Lucia just wants some guidance as to what to do to help Nora. Roman doesn’t think she’s the best person but Lucia insists that she trusts him and he will tell her how to help Nora. Roman thanks her but reiterates that Nora will only help herself when she wants to. Lucia agrees and Roman makes it clear that he doesn’t want to see her again. Lucia promises not to, apologizes and leaves.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

El Color de la Pasión, #108 (Uni/Hulu #107), 2/13/17: Congratulations! It’s Another (Crazy, Bratty) Girl!

The Old:
-Nora remembers Ricardo’s insinuations about her mother.
-Sara tells Alfredo to speak to Ric if he wants to learn more about Rebeca.
-Marcelo and Lucia catch each other up on Vinicio’s and Daniela’s shenanigans.
-Nora goes to Ric’s place to find out more about her mama, and freaks out when Ric implies her mother is a murderer. She smashes the wine glass in his hand with her purse, and Ric gets a shard to the jugular. He pulls the shard from his neck and swiftly begins to bleed out. With his last bit of strength, he grabs on to Nora, leaving bloody streaks down the front of her grey silk dress, before he drops dead to the hardwood floor.

The New:
Nora screams, and then runs to the door, forgetting her purse as she does. Alfredo is just about to knock on Ricardo’s door, when a blood-soaked Nora opens the door. Alfie is horrified by her state and asks what she’s doing there, but Nora is shaking like a leaf, still in shock. “I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything! I swear!”
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey Tells Us What’s Happening in Mexico

The following post is from Commenter Stevey, who shares all he knows about the new telenovelas in the works in Mexico, that we may or may not see eventually in the U.S.

Hi everybody!!  In the past, I've tried to put together a little 'fact sheet' for you guys in regards to what's going on telenovela-wise 'South of the Border', in the land where they come from!   As I realize that whatever it is the staggeringly disgraceful boobs at Univision decide on by way of programming, will ultimately entail just what it is that YOU guys get to watch up yonder, America-way.  Some will make it, some will not... and god knows which will be which (hell, with the Univision execs being what they are, I doubt even HE knows!).  But, that being said, I wanted to come up with a post that hopefully you will find informative, enlightening, useful, entertaining, or any combination therein!  I apologize for its stupefying length, but it's a labor of love to be sure (I just hope it isn't as such reading it!)  To avoid editorializing (I unfortunately do that enough once I get going, for which I apologize... FWIW, I'm writing this paragraph last, so I know what I'm talking about here...), I'm just going to get right in on things, and on the projects that we've got on hand right now, or are already actively in preparation in some way...
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E; Color de la Pasion #107 (Hulu #106) Another death in the family

Let's get right to it.

Lalo sees the cross on the wall and realizes that Vinicio killed Trini, except he says it out loud while Vini is holding the bat. But fortunately for Lalo, Vini just knocks him unconscious and runs out the door.

Back at the hospital after making a deal with the devil, Clara is checking in on Benito. Benito asks about Lalo, is he going to come visit, but Clara lies and tells him that Lalo is very busy with work and won’t be able to come.
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Discussion 2/10/17: Karmageddon – El Color de la Pasión

Puebla is the site of the next round of Karmageddon. We have some excellent prospects for a very hot place. The Master awaits!  As usual we will ask the following two questions:

What do you think the writers will do to them?
What do you think they really deserve?
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El Color de la Pasion #106 (Uni/Hulu 105), February 9, 2017: Flava in Ya Ear

When the screencap above is the least of the plot developments, you know it was quite the eventful episode! A lot of serious stuff happened.

The recap is up now!
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Thursday, February 09, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #105 Wednesday 2/8/17 --When the devil comes knocking, don't let her in.

As Lucia happily agrees to marry Marcelo,  a depressed sNora sleeps.  Rebecca checks in on her daughter and then makes a tearful call to her lover, Alfedo who is drinking and obviously worrying about his own head case daughter.  He quickly answers his cell most likely hoping it's Whinenelia.  " I'm desperate" Rebecca says as soon as his "hello" is barely out.   Why?  She tells him when she arrived home her daughter was very ill.  Alfredo assumes it's physical but Rebecca tells him her daughter is a very emotionally fragile girl.  Alfredo wonders if she's sought professional help for her daughter.  Rebecca says yes but it's not helping.  She doesn't know why she called, except perhaps just to talk to someone, because she feels so alone and it's painful to see her daughter this way.  Alfredo offers to come over, but Rebecca says it would only make things worse.  He muses that it's odd that though their daughters are going through different things,  they are both having trouble with their girls  He tells Rebecca he doesn't even know where his daughter is and she won't answer her cell. 

I wish I didn't know where she was Alfredo, but I do.  She's at Rod's assaulting him with her guppy mouth.  It looks like things are going to progress further with Rod and the rod.   Man how far you have sunk Rodrigo.  
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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

El Color: Love Springs Eternal For More Than A Few; For A Couple It’s Still Boo-Hoo

Daniela does the unbearably uncouth and barges in on Daddy in flagrante delicto with Rebeca.  ¡Qué horror!  He races out of the bedroom after her but rather than questioning why she’s forgotten what a door is there for, he starts begging her to stop and tell him what's the big deal, anyway? “--She’s a widow and I’m not married…..”  Well, it’s a matter of any woman but her.  This is the woman who murdered Marcello’s brother.  Daddy defends Becky which angers Dani even more.  Is he in luhhhhhv with her?  She’s very important to him, he deftly sidesteps when answering.  Oh, and Papi finally thinks to ask why she’s suddenly walking instead of heading to therapy.  “--Later, Pops.  It turns my stomach seeing you in bed with that …..woman!”

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

El Color de la Pasión, #103 (Uni/Hulu #102), 2/6/17: From Here to Eternity…or the Next Breakup

The flames of passion are burning high and hot, in Roman’s cabin in the woods with Lucia, and Marcelo’s apartment in D.F. with Daniela. Lucia gives it the old college try, and Marcelo closes his eyes and thinks of Puebla, but neither one of them can seal the deal. Lucia rolls over and starts crying, and even dense Roman realizes that’s NOT the response you should get while getting jiggy with your new lady on your first romantic weekend away. Marcelo jumps all the way out of the bed, almost as far as he can get from Dani’s octopus arms and guppy kisses. Both Lucia and Marcelo ask their respective jilted lovers for forgiveness, and begin a version of the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech.
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Saturday, February 04, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #102 (Hulu #101): Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places...

Milagros calls Daniela a great actress and cynic and demands to know why she lied to everyone about not being able to walk. Daniela explains that she couldn’t walk in the hospital but she started to have feeling in her legs later but didn’t say anything because she was scared Marcelo would leave her. Milagros warns her that Marcelo isn’t dumb and when he realizes that she lied about being able to walk, he’ll leave her again so she better stops doing stupid things. Daniela shrinks away from Milagros and asks if she’s going to say anything. Milagros tells her that she won’t but she better finds a way to end her charade before Marcelo finds out the truth. She then asks Daniela to never lie to her again, not if she wants her as an ally, and leaves.

Nazario receives a call and tells the other person on the line that he will be there immediately.

Amador walks into his bedroom and asks Brigida what her second condition is but Brigida will tell him when she gets back as she has some errands to run. Amador tells her to not play with him but Brigida has had it. She tells that the one making the rules now is her and they will talk when she gets back. Amador agrees and then Brigida explains that she told Esperanza to move his stuff to the guest room. Downstairs, Esperanza tells him that someone came to ask for him: Vinicio. He asks that she change the sheets in Rodrigo’s room and goes outside to meet Vinicio, who explains that Lucia fired him from the factory because he had a fight with Lalo. Amador tells him that he will try to fix it and Vinicio reminds him of all he’s done for him. Amador asks him to leave and repeats that he’ll take care of it.

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Friday, February 03, 2017

El Color de la Pasion, #101 (#100 Uni/Hulu), Thursday, February 2, 2017: I'll Stand By You

In this episode, some characters stand their ground, some stand by each other, some characters stand up for themselves and someone just gets caught standing around!

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Thursday, February 02, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #100 Wednesday 2/1/2017- Ricardo drops a truth bomb. Will it explode?

We pick up this episode with the annoying insufferable Whinenelia discovering that Rebecca Murillo was the woman that caused Fede to commit suicide.  She demands to know why he has the photos and Alfredo explains to her that Milagros had requested him to find out what he could. Whiney wants to know why he hasn't told Mili the truth. Alfredo says because Marcelo told him not to; out of fear that his mother would do something reckless after she found out.  Whinenelia says she won't keep quiet, Mili deserves to know the truth.  Alfredo says fine..go ahead and then you'll lose Marcelo when you've just gotten him back!  I wish her jaw had been broken in that crash.  It would have been wired shut for at least six weeks to heal. 
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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

El Color De La Pasion #99 (Hulu #98): Crazy is as Crazy Does...

Hey all! Covering for Nandicta today because she needs a well deserved break! :D Let's get to the crazies...

Milagros confesses to Father Samuel that she hasn’t been a good mother to her oldest son because she deprived him of a father at a young age. Father Samuel asks her why she says this and is received by silence. He looks and sets out of confession to find Milagros gone.

Leti tells Lucia about her trouble with Sergio. She doesn’t think it’s going to work out because first Gloria and now Nora are after him. Lucia asks Leti if she’s sure it was Nora who called and Leti confirms that it was because she called her back. Lucia tells her that just because she called Sergio doesn’t mean she wants to get back with him but Leti reminds her that Nora doesn’t respect any boundaries. Lucia confirms that this is true but Nora is still obsessed with Marcelo. Thankfully, he’s leaving soon. Leti then asks about Roman and while Lucia confirms that she doesn’t love him yet, she will eventually forget Marcelo and love Roman like it happened with Rodrigo. Leti reminds her that Rodrigo gave her a motive to hate him, when Marcelo didn’t, so it’ll be harder. Lucia asks her to drop this conversation but asks that she please give Sergio another chance.

Mario, with a long face, goes to visit Father Samuel. Mario asks him for some time to talk and Father Samuel obliges.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

El Color de la Pasion #98 (#97 Hulu/Uni), January 30, 2017: Sin Wagon

To quote Rafiella, from this episode: "La vida nos cobras nuestros pecados" - "Life charges us our sins." (Thank you Daniel!) In this episode, we find that some of the characters are about to have some secrets come home to roost...

(By the way, Vivi swapped with me for last Thursday's show - Thank you Vivi!)
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