Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Martes 3/21/17 Chapter 25: The Trap

My apologies for this bare bones approach; I'm having a crazy week.

Vanessa and Giovanna worked together on her book project by cooking as Vanessa translated. Giovanna liked what she saw on the computer screen and told her hers was the first good job on it and she was hired. They shook hands on it and talked about the confidentiality contract. Giovanna' lawyer arrived and she told him to prepare the paperwork. Tomorrow would be Vaness'a first day.
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Mujeres de Negro 3.20.17 Chapter 24: Discoveries

Danna is playing with Rebecca and getting along fabulously. Danna wants to dance another song but Eddy tells her that she needs to shower and so they can eat. Rebecca asks her to listen to her and she goes off but not before giving Rebecca a hug and telling her she loves her. Eddy is not too happy to hear this.

Julio has fallen a sleep in the warehouse but Borgetti comes and drags him into a sitting position. Borgetti tells him that the letter worked so he brought him more food. Julio asks what else he needs to do to regain his freedom and Borgetti tells him he needs more information. For example, why the widows tried to kill him and their husbands. Julio doesn’t know but Borgetti wonders if he does and is unwilling to tell him. Julio confesses that he wanted to tell the police everything when he first found out about the attempt on his life but that’s when Borgetti kidnapped him and burned down ZZ. Borgetti asks if he already knows what he’s capable of, why doesn’t he cooperate.

Eddy tells Rebecca that he is asking for a loan to buy her out of the house since half of it is hers. Rebecca doesn’t want to and asks that he put the house in Danna’s name. She knows it won’t make up for all the time she spent away from her but it will help. Eddy agrees and offers to take care of her expenses for the time being so she can stay at a hotel. Rebecca asks if it is that much of a bother to have her there and Eddy confesses he doesn’t like that he blackmailed him with Danna. Rebecca asks if he’s ever seen her so happy and Eddy confesses he has not and Rebecca reminds him that he used to laugh with her too. Eddy confesses that he loved her free spirit, once, but then that same free spirit caused him plenty of pain. He cell phone rings and it is Vanessa, who asks him if everything is going food. He confirms it is and invites her for coffee tomorrow after she drops off Diego. Vanessa agrees and they hang up. Rebecca thought Vanessa was married but Eddy explains that she’s not with Julio so there’s nothing wrong with them seeing each other. He then goes to check on Danna as Rebecca sets the table.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

PREMIOS TVyNOVELAS 2017: Stevey's Thoughts on the Upcoming March 26th Awards Show



Hi everybody, Stevey here!!       
Recently, while I was enjoying a martini over on the ECDLP patio, mention was made of the 'awards' that it had (or had not) won.  This led me to reflect that a lot of people up in the ‘Northern Parts’ might not have any idea what everybody was talking about.  Seeing as they are, sort of, a 'big thing' (like Mexico’s answer to the Emmy Awards), that this year’s awards ceremony is coming up on Sunday, March 26th, AND that you guys are just as much a part of this delightfully idiosyncratic Latin American television entertainment drama known as the telenovelas… I thought I'd do a little posting as to what’s going on, and about the nominees for this year’s big event.  I hope that you guys enjoy it, find it useful and/or interesting… and I really look forward to whatever discussion, conversation, supposition, or hypothesizing might result of it between everybody!!  Here goes...
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Mujeres de Negro 3.17.17 Chapter 23: Reconciliations

Vanessa meets with her boss, Lourdes, to ask if she has any translation jobs lined up. Lourdes didn’t think she’d have time with all that is happening but she tells that she has a cook book translation lined. She had already given it to someone else but Chef Barbosa didn’t like that the translator knew nothing of cooking. She asks Vanessa to call the chef herself and it will be up to her. Vanessa thanks her.

Sometime later, Vanessa arrives home with groceries when she hears a knock on the door. It’s Isabela, who has not heard from Julio and is getting nervous. Vanessa thought he had left her a letter like he did with her but he did not. She asks her for some time to put away the groceries and she’ll explain.

In school, Danna tells Diego that her that is going to let her see her mother. She wishes she could come back and they could be a family again. Diego hopes his own father comes back soon; he even came back from the dead. Danna asks if he pretended to be dead and Diego confirms he did but they would talk. She finally understands why he said Julio wasn’t dead when everyone said he was. Diego explains that he’s hiding from some bad people and he’s scared they have taken him. Danna hugs him.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/16/17 Chapter 22: Farewell Note

My apologies for this being late.  This is now complete.

Vanessa brought the children home from school. They were agitated and and Vanessa told Danna that she would stay with them until her father picked her up. Eddy arrived right on cue and asked about ZZ as soon as he came in. Vanessa said the police and insurance company were investigating the fire and would call her when they knew something. She then invited him and Danna to stay for dinner, which she would have to order because she had had no time to prepare anything. The children began campaigning for pizza.
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/15/17 Chapter 21: Black Beginning

My apologies for this being late.

The three widows sat in Vanessa's living room talking about their current situation. They had agreed to keep the secret among the three of them. Jackie got nervous at the prospect of the three of them ending up in prison. Katia had the nerve to ask who could have told Julio that they set the bomb. Jackie began thinking.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Martes 3/14/17 Chapter 20: Out of Control

This is rather rough due to time constraints.

Bernal and Rico made an arrest. The suspect, Rigoberto Guzman, was implicated in a murder and two million pesos were involved. Kuri said that Bernal had bagged him. Borgetti congratulated him and told the others to get back to work. When Borgetti left the squad room Bernal texted Soto in forensics to tell him that for the moment there wasn't enough money to pay the fees to analyze the bomb pieces. When he looked up Kuri said she missed him. Her son was home and she was looking for a new school for him. Bernal said she could count on him if she needed any help. She smiled.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mujeres de Negro 3.13.17 Chapter 19: Revenge

Memories are in italics

Alma, Borgetti’s servant, brings Miriam her monthly single red rose from Borgetti. Miriam thanks her and praises Borgetti for always remembering giving her a single red rose every month on the day of their anniversary. Alma supposes that he must be hard on his employees but with Miriam he’s wonderful. Miriam explains that all of his co-workers are shocked to see how he treats her because he is precisely so hard on them at work. She pricks herself with a thorn… (never a good sign).

Katia brings Jackie a bouquet of white roses. Jackie never thought anything would ruin their friendship but it has. Katia offers to talk to Vanessa but Jackie shakes her head. Vanessa made it clear that she doesn’t want to see her again. Katia wonders if the stress of the situation got to her and she’s overreacting. Either way, she was shocked to learn that she forgave and got back with Julio. Jackie understands her action to a certain degree but she knows Vanessa is acting out of guilt and remorse over what they did. Katia tells her that she is leaving Vanessa’s house because she can’t stand to be with them but Jackie tells her to only leave if she wants to and not because of her. After all, she came to Encino Blanco because of Vanessa and Julio since they have always been best friends. Katia reminds her that things have changed and Jackie agrees. She then offers Katia her house in the meantime and Katia thanks her. Jackie thanks Katia for her friendship and for not judging her so harshly as Vanessa has done. Katia confesses that they’ve all made mistakes and she’s no one to judge her.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mujeres de Negro 3.10.17 Chapter 18: Starting Over

Katia tells Vanessa that she thinks there’s a big reason why Jackie hid the video but Vanessa doesn’t think so. She doesn’t want an explanation because she put everyone she loves in danger and them as well.

Katia goes to visit Jackie in intensive care and asks her how she feels. Jackie barely nods and Katia asks if she saw her shooter. Jackie shakes her head but admits she knows who it might be: Irene Parazuelos. Katia wonders it’s because she knows she has the video, that’s the only thing that would explain that they were all attacked. Jackie is shocked to learn that they cut Vanessa’s break too. Katia confesses that Jose went to go get everything form the deposit box, though he doesn’t know what the video contained, and they now know everything she did. Katia also admits that the best think for Julio would be to disappear and wants to know why she told Irene. Jackie tells her that she had to get ZZ’s clients back and asks Katia to talk to Vanessa as she needs to see her before Vanessa tells Julio she has the tape.

Bernal and Kuri are on route to Ciudad Real when they receive a call from Jose, who informs them that Jackie woke up. They are happy and Kuri wants to send someone to get her statement but Bernal wants to do it personally. Jose asks if they have any suspects but there isn’t and Bernal thanks him and hangs up. Kuri doesn’t think he should spread himself so thin but Bernal wants to handle it personally. Kuri finds it strange that he gets so flustered when they mention Jackie but Bernal explains that he’s a professional.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/9/17 Chapter 17: Broken Friendships

Bernal left the station doing a “Calling all cars” alert to others for the arrest of Victor Martinez. He got to his car and sped off.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/8/17 Chapter 16: The Attack

Bernal asked Rico if he knew who Borgetti was with. Rico told him it was someone from Ciudad Real. It looked like a joint investigation. He then tried to get himself assigned to the Ciudad Real case about the dead bodies, but Borgetti declined to do so, saying that since it may have international implications he preferred to handle it himself. He was the sole decision maker on this and would not entertain any more conversation about it. Borgetti then went into his office.
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Mujeres de Negro 3.6.17 Chapter 15: Strategy

Flashbacks are in italics

Jackie is in her house on Julio’s computer when she receives Vanessa’s voicemail asking her when she’s dropping off the computer. She listens to and hangs up as Jose announces that he’s leaving to work. Jackie thought he would be staying with Katia from now on but Jose explains that Katia has been acting weird lately. He proposed that they rent something together but she didn’t accept. Jackie asks that he give her some time since she has a lot on her plate and Jose agrees but he thinks she either misses Nicolas or there’s someone else in her life. Jackie laughs off both suggestions and assures him there is no one on her mind but him. He agrees but he will look for an apartment either way since this is Jackie’s house and he wants to give her back her space. Jackie tells him that he’s welcome any time because his presence has been a welcomed change and she will miss him. Jose will miss her too but her financial situation is not the same as when he first came. Jackie reiterates that he can come back if he doesn’t find anything suitable. Jose thanks her and they say goodbye for the night. Jackie grabs her phone and begins to type a message.

Katia is making a sandwich with Julio. He asks her for a favor: to convince Vanessa to give him another opportunity and forget the idea that he disappear and live her and their son behind. Julio confesses that he feels horrible about the situation and asks if he knows how she feels. She thinks they should talk before she does him any favors, declares she isn’t hungry anymore and storms out.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

La Piloto: Main Characters

[The screen caps are poor, but it's all I had to work with for now.--ed.]

Livia Brito es Yolanda,

a very lovely young woman, a native of Tepic, whose great dream was always piloting planes.  She possesses a great deal of charm and a magnetic personality, qualities which nobody could ignore.  She is courageous, straight forward and full speed ahead, hot-headed but not violent.  Too honest, she always says what she thinks--even though at times she sticks her foot in it.  She is very loyal with her friends,  Because of her beauty men always have wanted to take advantage of her.  In fact, her own step-father, Ernesto, raped her on her eighteenth birthday, marking her for life.  Because of this she is very distrustful of men; she will not hand over her heart easily. However, she still takes falling hopelessly in love as part of her future plans and to experience a love like in the movies.

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La Piloto: Still Looking for More Recappers 3/7/17 Estreno 10 EST

 Hi All!

Please note Alfredo and I will be taking up the reins on this one but if anybody would like to join the crew, please let Anita or Melinama at Caray or me know.  M,T,W,Th are open.  There will eventually be only 2 telenovelas per night for the foreseeable future once the others end.

I can be reached by clicking on the icon next to my username.


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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mujeres de Negro 3.3.17 Chapter 14: Conflicting Emotions

Julio's letter in bold

Memories in italics

Vanessa fills in Jackie on her recent discovery: the video Julio has been looking for has been at the police station all along. She wonders why they haven’t said anything yet and Jackie assumes that since they closed the case they found no need to look in the box Tania gave them. Vanessa then asks Jackie to help her and go see Bernal under any pretense and locate the box with the video inside. Jackie doesn’t want to but Vanessa reminds her that she’s the only one who can see him without raising suspicions.

Irene gets up on the podium and begins her presentation on Dietrix. She thanks everyone for being there, especially the majority shareholder, Miriam Del Villar. She goes on to present the new Farmateca product, Dietrix, which will ensure that obesity is a thing of the past as it removes fat and toxins from the body...

Bernal asks Kuri what they should do with Zacharia’s “treasure” because they’ve run out of space for it in the evidence room. Kuri doesn’t know but they should wait for Borgetti to come back and tell them what he wants to do. Bernal hopes that the product launch is successful and Miriam makes a lot of money so she can take Borgetti away from the station since it would run smoother without him. Kuri reminds him that Miriam only gives Borgetti money and his position as commander gives him power. Bernal agrees that all he wants is power.

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Friday, March 03, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/2/17 Chapter 13: Collateral Damage

Vanessa spoke sotto voce to her friends though Julio was in the next room. The reminded her “We're in this together” and she told them that they were in equal danger. They couldn't tell anyone that Julio was alive because if Irene found out their remaining time on earth would be limited. She would kill Julio first then come after them. They had to remain calm. Jackie was foolish enough to say that Julio returning from the dead was their worst possible nightmare. They didn't seem to worry whether he could hear them clearly from half a room away.
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/1/17 Chapter 12: Eternal Silence

Victor cleaned up some of the dirt and retrieved a CD that had been taped under a desk. He looked at it on the computer. It was a copy of the discussion between Irene and Julio regarding the dead test subjects, the same video that Borgetti erased from Zacarías' laptop.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Martes 2/28/17 Chapter 11: The Naked Truth

Julio told Vanessa he loved her with his whole soul. This was why he did what he had done. He appeared to be in pain, both physical and emotional. She demanded to know why he never told her what he had done which endangered her life and Diego's.
To give you the lifestyle you deserved,” he said. “When I knew what we were really doing I tried to get out but Zacharias was obsessed with the damned money and kept looking for more.”
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Mujeres De Negro 2.27.17 Chapter 10: Something Sinister This Way Comes...

Memories are in italics.

Jackie meets with Vanessa and Katia in Vanessa’s house to discuss her meeting with Irene at Farmateca. Jackie can’t understand why Irene is offering more than Transportadora ZZ is worth. Katia suggests that that’s it’s true value in the market but Jackie is sure she’s offering more than it’s worth because she checked the company’s price through various sources. She’s also sure she found their husband’s accomplice in all their shady business dealings. Vanessa is nervous about the whole thing so Katia suggests she sell immediately. Jackie isn’t too sure though.

Bernal is working at his computer when Kuri comes in and suggests they go out to get some food but Bernal is too busy. Kuri mentions that Borgetti praised his detective skills and Bernal is happy to at least receive some praise from the man. Kuri laughs and agrees and tells him that they should watch La Abuela’s lover more closely. She leaves to get food and Bernal looks over more ZZ documents and statements, not imagining that all the proof he needs is right in the box Zacaria’s mother left at the station.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Viernes 2/24/17 Chapter 9: Devil in a Red Dress

Vanessa opened the door to the social worker and the psychologist's assistant. She called to Diego, who was supposed to be in his room playing. Vanessa encouraged the two women to sit down and she went up to Diego's room to get him. The TV set was on to a cartoon, but the boy wasn't there. Instead he was sitting on a park bench.. Eddy found him and brought him home, which did not look good in front of the social workers.

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