Thursday, March 23, 2017

We have any blog / google experts here? A new problem has arisen with the site

Perhaps one of our bloggers did something odd a couple weeks ago that broke the blog - I just got a notification from google that we have a skyrocketing number of broken links. In the old days I would have asked Kat but I hope we have somebody else who understands this and what to do about it! Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A plea from your blog mom: support the Dream Act

Hello friends,

I am still waiting for a good comedy to come along to get back into the fray here at Caray Caray but meanwhile I have a plea...

I don't ask you for much, do I? You get this blog for free, right? So give me a hand here.

I read this article:

Whatever Trump does, Dreamers likely to be deported soon

and I wept. I am close to the Hispanic community here in Chapel Hill, NC. I have been mentoring a Dreamer since she was just a tiny, frightened undocumented child brought here by her parents when she was one year old. As a nine year old she knew she had to keep this terrible secret or her family could lose their tiny foothold in this country. I saw pictures of where she came from. It was a barren desert.

She is now just one year away from getting a good nursing degree. Does the US need kind, intelligent, bilingual nurses? You bet it does. She is a rock of a person, she'll do this world a lot of good. But if she gets deported it's all for nothing.

I hate to think that the Dreamers' registry could end up being an easy way for legislators to pick out and throw away the young people who had enough faith to apply.

PLEASE write, tweet, facebook your senators about the Dream Act. I've been told there's a huge fight brewing and we should be in it.

Click below to find your senators and their contact information. Tell your friends! Thanks.

Senators of the 115th congress

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

All bloggers! Please read!

I notice that many posts are being written in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. This can break the blog. Below, see what you get when you don't use PLAIN TEXT - please compose in Notepad or equivalent, or type directly into the HTML tab at blogger (NOT the compose tab) or save your file as plain text if you use Microsoft etc. stuff like what you see below is NOT good for the blog. (click for a larger view)

Nandicta: in order to do bullet points without cruft, do this:

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La verdad oculta - starting Monday, November 7

Anybody interested in recapping contact your blog mom at - thanks! Synopsis is on the way.

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Vino el Amor 10/26/16 Chapter 2: More Snakes in the Grass

Bullet points (some combined)
  • Lisa tried to comfort Marta. She knew that Lillian has bothered her.
  • Juan arrived at La Migra to tell Gutierrez that Marcos' papers are pending. They go into an office to discuss this. Gutierrez didn't give a damn, saying that this is trumped by Marcos hitting him. Juan started backing off and got a call from David. When David got there Juan said to leave it all to him. However, he caved on the issue and Gutierrez laughed. Later at home David explained that Marcos was defending his daughter. He then told Juan he needs a lawyer who specializes in these cases. Lillian must have been silently gloating, as she was in the room.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vino el Amor -- Gran Estreno 10/25/2016 Chapter 1: Divide and Destroy

Chapter 1: Divide and Destroy

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in the vast wine country that is southern California two kids raced through the paths of the vineyard, promising that the later one at the finish line buys the candy. At another spot in the vineyard the girl's father stacked boxes of red grapes while her mother and brother came out to talk to him about going somewhere the next afternoon.

Marcos was a tall man in his forties with a direct and honest face. His fair complexion and dark hair insured his attractiveness and complemented his ease with people. His wife Marta was fairer still, with dark golden hair. They were a happy couple and good parents to Luciana and León. The boy was about eight years old, playful and intelligent.

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