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A que no me dejas Episode 142 (3.31.17) No grand finale should come without a grand web of lies.

This grand finale took me by surprise, because I thought the tn would end yesterday, after the unnecessary musical number with Alejandro Sánz. Juaréver, this is over and I thank everyone for sticking with me and my crazy recaps. Today is taco day in México and back up day in the rest of the world and these people didn't have a back up plan even knowing that Julieta was on the loose. And she was dangerous. And crazy. Let's start.

Truth is in the mind of the beholder, so I only believe what I see
We start this episode with Osvaldo on the phone asking about Angélica's status after the suicidal jump she took just to get away from Clemente's boat, who went in a literally crash and burn race against the rocks. After Gonzalo assured him she was alright, he thanks him and then tells Fernanda the good and the bad news, or in this case the good and the better news: 

"The Coast guard said Angélica is safe, Fernanda" says Osvaldo.
"Oh, thanks!"
"On the other hand, this time we actually saw your father Clemente dying, so I am sure he won't come back so easily"
(I wouldn't be so sure, since the explosion took place behind the rocks and I didn't see the actual boat crashing, but, juaréver, I take his word)

Valentina and Adriana also rejoice that everyone is fine, except Maite and Clemente.
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A Que No Me Dejas #141 3/30/17--Grand love and a grand woman, Raquel.

I believe this will be my last recap  for this little  tn and I thank you all for being part of this fun patio and allowing me to be part of your recapping team.  This tn surprised me and  it's been a blast and one I won't forget.   Thanks to my fellow recappers Princess Juju, Alfredo ,Pablo and of course our leader Nandicta for pulling this little patio together.

Here we go!

It's father son talk time and this one happens in a prison cell, between Gonzo and Rene.
Rene ever the brat, whines to Gonzo that he regrets ever getting involved with Leo but he also regrets having Gonzo as his father.  He despises him.  Waaaah! 
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A Que No Me Dejas #140 3.29.17: The Beginning of the End...

Hello everyone! This is going to be my final recap for this tn but I wanted to thank my fellow recappers, Princess Juju, Deliah, Pablo and of course, Nandicta, who not only got this patio going but let me jump into the deep end of the recapping pool for the first time ever! They say you always remember your first and I definitely will. A big thank you also to the patio that faithfully followed through this journey. I thank you all for reading and commenting and hope to see you all soon :)

Without further ado…A Que No Me Dejas, the Beginning of the End!

Rene finally wins at poker but not without cheating. His poker partner realizes this when Rene drops the card he was hiding in his lap. Poker partner takes out a gun and calls him a cheater but Rene tells him he’s not and tries to grab the gun. They fall on the poker table and a shot rings out…

In her seedy motel, Julieta watches the news about the manhunt to find her after it was revealed that she killed Silvia. Julieta shakes her head and then looks up when she hears that the Hotel Mauva is re-launching it’s campaign for a Bluer World this upcoming Sunday after it was interrupted last week when the guests were intoxicated. She hears when Valentina and Mauricio are announced as the hosts of the event and tells Valentina to start saying her goodbyes because she will pay for all of the Murat’s misdeeds against her.

Rene moves away from the body as his partner in the clandestine poker business comes and sees everything. He asks him what he did but Rene explains that the man took out the gun and wanted to shoot him and he only defended himself. The partner realizes the man is alive and asks Rene to call an ambulance but Rene is too busy watching his bloody hands in a nearby ice bucket. Rene gasps and runs away as his partner asks him to come back. Two waiters come and he asks them to help him clean everything up before the police come. They don’t notice Rene’s phone on the poker table…

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Ileana has a really bad day A Que no me Dejas #139 03/28/17

Hi Patio Peeps-

 I write to you from death's door. I have a bacterial infection that has knocked me out. It started with infected tonsils and now I have a cough and pink eye. Yep, pink eye! Bellow is the recap. I want to thank everyone on the patio, thank you for taking the time to comment and for reading!

Carolina finds redemption:

 Carolina comes home from the hospital and Ileana won't let up, she keeps trying to get Carolina to use the baby in order to get money out of Gonzalo but Carolina is not having it. She informs her mother that she will not have the DNA test that Rene has requested and that she will work to support herself and the baby. If Ileana can't support her then she will have to move out. Ileana screams at Carolina that she has no where else to go and will soon find herself without a job, so she better just do as mommy says. Ileana then leaves. A few minutes later there's a knock on the door and Carolina finds herself face to face with Monica.

Gonzalo briefed Monica on Rene's situation and she is there to offer Carolina her support, Carolina breaks down when she realizes that she has someone in her corner, and Monica tells her she won't judge her as she also made many mistakes but her kids were always her priority, just as Carolina's baby is hers and that shows her that Carolina is a good person. Carolina says she's not a good person but that she wants to be so that her baby will be proud of her, the two women embrace.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #138. Monday March 27, 2017. "Les Cousins Dangereux" (Dangerous Cousins), Cancún Edition.

After getting stood up by her mystery cyber-stalker, Valentina musters the courage to confess the silent forbidden love that she feels towards her ex-adoptive-brother-slash-distant-cousin. Fernanda encourages her bestie to pursue this risqué endeavor, before admitting that she and Alexis sealed their noviazgo with a seaside snog.

Ileana rats René out to The Gonz for denying his paternity of Carolina's baby. The Gonz promises that he'll make his rascal son face up to his fatherly responsibilities. Ileana informs Carolina of her masterful maneuver, relishing the fact that The Gonz is now wealthier than before and unequivocally committed to looking after Carolina's Murat baby. Carolina is appalled at her mother's selfishness, greediness, skankiness and disgustingness. She orders her out of the hospital room and vows to take care of her baby all on her own.

Angélica gets Cuddle Bear all hot and bothered, then she snatches the honey pot away just as he's ready to dive in muzzle first. She says she is no longer confused about her feelings towards him. That great love they once shared is gone. All she feels for him now is affection and she can't bring herself to fake. Osito is hurt but he understands and respects her feelings. Later on, Angélica confesses to Mónica that Fuzzy Ozzy is her past and that Fonzi Gonzi is her future.
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Friday, March 24, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 137 (3.24.17) Lies and roll over lies from the previous episode that we watched again almost in its entirety!

Gisela comes into the hospital and sees Almudena in the waiting area.  Gisela what are you doing here?   No..that's what I'm asking you!  What are you and Jaime doing here?!   Almudena plays dumb.  What makes you think I'm here with Jaime?  Stop playing dumb, I saw you two arrive here.  Answer me!   Tell me where he is!   Almudena realizes it's time to come clean and she attempts to get Gisela to sit down, but Gisela pulls away.  Don't touch me!  Almudena says it's time for her to tell Gisela the truth even if Jaime didn't want her to.  Tell me what?  That you and Jaime are lovers?   Almudena tells Gisela she's wrong.  She and Jaime aren't lovers; she's been supporting him ever since he found out he has a cancerous tumor in the brain.    Cara impactada! 

Chelo and Vale come down the stairs and discuss the deterioration of Raq when Adri comes in followed by Beto.  She tells Vale that Juliet contacted her by cell phone and wants to go to Spain right now.  What did you tell her?  Nothing she hung up but not before she told me she would be waiting for me on the corner of the house.  I just looked and she's not there.  Right then town crier Mica comes running it to tell them she just saw on the news that they found a body at the apartment where Julieta lives.  They think Julieta killed her and that it's the ex prison director that took Julieta to live with her.   Adri is horrified and Vale realizes that's why Julieta wants to get out of town and go to Spain right now.   Adri's cell phone rings and it's Julieta.  Vale tells her to answer it and put her on speaker.   Corazon!  I'm here on the corner…don't be late and don't tell anyone where we're going.  Don't forget your passport!    Adri is visibly shaken.  She's realized she unleashed a can of crazy on everyone and especially herself.  What do we do?  Oh now it's …we.  Dumb chick wants help putting pandora back in the box.  I say buy another freezer and give it to Julieta when they march Adri out to the corner.   Vale barks off orders.  Beto go with us and Chelo you call the cops and tell them Julieta Olmedo is outside our house on the corner.  Mica starts telling them to wait inside.   I say make it two freezers and march this old biddy out there too!  Vale tells her no they have to go out there because she might escape.  Beto says not to worry, he'll protect them with his life if he has to.  Alright three freezers!    Chelo goes to call the police and Beto grabs a big old candle holder…you know just in case.    Outside a taxi waits with Julieta inside.  She jumps out as soon as she sees her corazon coming.   Adri stiffens as Julieta hugs her.  Are you ready?  Do you have your passport?   Where's your suitcase? Vale shows up like wonder woman and tells Julieta that Adri isn't going anywhere with her.  Paulina!   Adri tells her that this is not Paulina it's Vale, you murdered Paulina the way you killed my father.  Julieta tries to get Adri to go with her but Adri says she's not going anywhere with her aunt.  You betrayed me and said you wouldn't kill anyone again and you did. You killed that ex prison director and you were probably the one who tortured Nuria.  Beto tells the taxi cab to scram so Julieta has no escape.     Vale asks Julieta if it's true she was the one who tortured Nuria and Julieta admits to it.  Nuria had to pay for what she did to me.   Adri tells Julieta she never wants to see her again and to get out of her life. can't do this to me corazon.   Vale tells Julieta to forget about Adriana, because you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison.    Watch out ya'll…Loonieta is about to go full on postal!   

Well dear amigowz, this is no déjà vu, is actually Delilah's second half of yesterday's recap that we saw again today, so I thought, why bother? Let me just copy and paste. LOL!! 
If you don't feel like reading it again, from my POV, just skip and jump to "The wife is always the last to know"
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A Que No Me Dejas #136 --Thursday 3/23/17- Crazy is around the corner!

Tobias reflects on his adoptive parents and the relationship he has with them.  It's not looking so bad now, even if it they were firm.  At least they cared about him, as his Grandfather Gonzo once told him.   He finally gets a all from his absentee bio dad Leo who is just to busy creating drama and criminal acts in the name of ambition to bother with Tobias .  After Tobias vents to his father, Leo reminds his junior that he answers to no one, but hey we're about to be the sole owners of hotel Mauva!   Leo gets another scolding from the Ileana who can't decide what animal print she wants to wear today. Geez what a fugly wonder she's in a bad mood.  She might stay broke and with a bad wardrobe!  She doesn't like being played by Leo.  She was told to be a high priced call girl so she could end up rich and now it seems she's just a call girl, but with no money!   She threatens Leo that she better not be left broke, nor her daughter either who is expecting a kid with RuNe.   She'll be Leo's most dangerous enemy!   

Mau questions Grandpa Gonzo about his "amor" Illeana, but Gonzo plays it off.  He's been hones with Ileana and while he's attracted to her, he's got feelings for only one woman,  in his heart and in his mind it's Angelica.   Mau says he gets it perfectly,  when a certain woman opens the door to your heart,  another woman can't just walk in.   Gonzo realizes that his grandson understands him perfectly…so perfectly that he realizes Mau is in love.   He prompts his grandson to admit it, but Mau is saved by an email that is delivered to Gonzo.  It's Deborah's sworn declaration against Leo.   
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We have any blog / google experts here? A new problem has arisen with the site

Perhaps one of our bloggers did something odd a couple weeks ago that broke the blog - I just got a notification from google that we have a skyrocketing number of broken links. In the old days I would have asked Kat but I hope we have somebody else who understands this and what to do about it! Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

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A Que No Me Dejas #135 3.22.17: The Calm After the Pukestorm

Gonzalo reminds Juan, the husband of Celeste who is in critical condition because of the ammonia poisoning, that Alan is also grave danger but Juan doesn’t care; he will demand the hotel for damages. Juan then asks the doctor to take him to his wife but the doctor explains that his wife will be out for the next few hours. Juan reiterates that he will destroy Gonzalo and leaves. Leonel takes the opportunity to pour salt in the wound by reminding them that they will lose everything with Juan’s lawsuit. Valentina tells him that it isn’t the best time to talk about this and Mauricio declares that what Juan does is their problem, not his. Ileana hadn’t thought of the consequences but Leonel is right. Gonzalo doesn’t want to talk about that now and Monica agrees. Leonel is not giving up though: he explains that everything will go to crap but Valentina proposes that they talk to Juan when he’s calmer and offer to pay everything. Leonel reminds her that they are not in LA and their decision will affect everyone involved. Gaston thinks Juan spoke out of anger but Leonel doesn’t think so. He declares that he has the best solution for the Murats.

In the pier, Rene contemplates his life decisions and how they have led him to where he is now. He declares that he doesn’t want Alan to die even though their lives have taken different turns. He cries and thinks about when he and Alan were younger and the best of friends. Rene knows Alan was always a better and more noble person than he was and is sad that this is the price he may have to pay.

Leonel explains that he can prevent Alan going to jail and the Mauva Hotel going to bankruptcy but the price will be all the shares of the hotel. Monica doesn’t think Alan will go to jail but Leonel reminds them that Almudena and Alan were responsible for the food that was contaminated; the first ones that will be demanded will be them. He then tells Gonzalo that he has the power and money to fix things but Gonzalo grabs him by the suit and Gaston and Mauricio try to separate them. Leonel tells them that he can fix everything but if they don’t want his help, oh well! He leaves and Gonzalo begs Mauricio and Gaston to let them punch Leonel, just once. All the women shake their heads at this obvious show of machismo.

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A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #133. Monday March 20, 2017. The Calm Before The Pukestorm

The human popsicle stashed in Julieta's freezer has begun to thaw, unbeknownst to our obsessive loon who was too consumed by debilitating angst over the prospect of losing her Corazón 2.0. Here's a preemptive toast to the "unintentional" bullet that will get that skanky brat right between her lying horse teeth! ¡Salud!

Carolina puts her foot down as regards her accidental pregnancy: She will raise her baby as a single mother with dignity. As much as she loves René, she refuses to use her child as a bargaining chip to force a romantic commitment. She also threatens her mother that she would cut all ties with her if any blabbing about the baby to Gonzalo takes place. Carolina doesn't consider her baby a meal ticket to live off the Murats' wealth.

René loses a fortune (un dineral) at the illegal poker table. He retires to the bar to lick his wounds and freak out over his unwanted paternity.
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A que no me dejas Episode 132 (3.17.17) Angelique et Monique went to see Débora at the clinique

Didn't see that coming!
We start this episode with Leonel showing surprise before Gonzalo's fair way to see things. Leonel adds that it will be a pleasure not to see anybody from the Murat family again and Gonzalo says that he is actually happier because now that the 100% of the shares are his, with just a signature he can withdraw all charges against Osvaldo and get him off jail.

"But why, why would you do such a thing" asks Leonel "We are ending on a high note here (cerrar con broche de oro), why spoil it?"
-I will because you're the one who should be behind bars, not him".

Empacho con patas
"René", says Carolina "we have a bun in the oven".
"I think you're mistaking me for my brother Alan", replies René, "who is the cook and baker. Maybe you have indigestion?"
"Maybe, the kind that will use a diaper..."
"Well, if that happen to be true, I am sure is not mine"
"Yes it is, I haven't been with anybody else"
"I wouldn't be too sure (No me consta), but anyway, that is your problem not mine"
"I am not carrying this alone, mister!" 
"You don't have to, its easy, abort it" René keeps saying "now go tell the real dad about it"
"I will have a DNA test to prove it! At least your mother didn't aborted you when your father decided he was not marrying her"
"Don't talk about my mother like this"

And things were escalating but thanks to Mauricio and Alexis, who intervene, they didn't get physical.

"Why are you crying?" asks Alexis
"What's going on here" asks Mauricio
"This is a private conversation" yells René, "Leave us alone, damn mute!"
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A Que No Me Dejas #131-- Thursday 3/16/17- Surprise..we're going to have a baby!

Osvaldo's attorney thinks he may have found a loophole to get Os out of the slammer. 

Deborah was able to be revived, but she's barely hanging on to life.  The doc wants Angelica and Monica to stop being pushy broads and scram, but Angie says no way Jose.  We're here so get used to it!

Gonzo gets the word from his banker that the bank has approved him and  he phones Leo.   I've got the money to buy you out slimeball!

Mau and Vale discuss how bad Raq is.  Mau says he always knew this day would come but he wasn't expecting it like this.  He's seen her lose sense of time and memories over the years and bounce back, but this time is severe.   Mica comes in and tells them that the Women's prison where Nuria is incarcerated is calling for their grandfather.  She informs them, that he was up very early, showering and then out the door and so did ILLeana.   Vale says she'll take the call.    She's shocked to hear that Nuria tried to commit suicide! 
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #130: Don't Forget I Love(d) You...

Leonel meets Mirna, Almudena’s assistant, in the parking garage and offers her a deal: pour a bottle of ammonia into the food that will be served in Mauricio’s presentation and he gives her the money she needs for her mother’s bone marrow transplant. She’s hesitant but he tells her that with the money he will give her she can relocate to the US permanently. It’s up to her but he answers an answer now.

Angelica calls Gisela and tells her that Deborah refused to exonerate Osvaldo. She apologizes but she must stay a couple of more days to try again. Gisela tells her not to worry, she understands, but asks her to do her best to save Osvaldo. When she comes back, they will get everything up to speed. Angelica then asks her about Jaime and Gisela reveals that she asked him for a divorce because she caught Jaime making plans to go away with Almudena. She told Jaime she didn’t love him anymore and doesn’t care about their marriage but she would rather he believe that. Either way, she has her dignity and she’d rather be divorced than stay in a loveless marriage.

At the hotel, Almudena suggests that Gisela wants a divorce because she thinks there’s something between them but Jaime knows her, she would’ve told him if she thought that. Almudena thinks it’s strangely that she would suddenly ask for a divorce though but Jaime thinks it’s logical because of all the times he acted strange. He asked for some time though and he will use that time to see if his new treatment works. If it doesn’t, he’d rather let her go and leave things as they are. Almudena hugs him and Alan sees them.

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A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #128. Monday March 13, 2017. The Devil Wears Tacky Animal Print And Cheap Extensions

It’s hay-hitting time at Casa Córdova and the growing unease between Gisela and Jaime is palpable. After he heads to the bathroom, a text message pings on his cellphone and Gisela takes a peek. It’s Almudena confirming their breakfast plans for tomorrow morning. Jaime had told his wife he was going to meet up with Mauricio. Gisela's eyes start shooting sparks of fury. On a brighter note, strangulation by an irate wife is a quicker death than a long painful agony brought on by brain cancer.

At the hospital, the guy who played the doctor in the last four novelas I watched gives the Murats et al. the prognosis we all knew. Tobías is missing a kidney (riñón) and two dozen brain cells. If he doesn’t quit drinking, his next night on the town will be his last.

Almudena and Alexis discuss their respective silent loves and ways to avoid them until the gran final.
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A que no me dejas Episode 127 (3.10.17) Ok, ok. I am a schizophrenic, a killer, an ex convict, jealous, possesive, a revengeful torturer and I also lie. Happy? -Julieta

Observing International woman's day, Nuria took the day off. 

We start this episode with Osvaldo in jail asking himself why is all this happening to him.

Then we reprise Alexis and Leonel talk about the mute's sunday event and the tickets that Leonel need. 

"I don't know if it's possible" said Alexis "such a short notice"
"Impossible is not in my vocabulary" replied Leonel, "Now go get them and don't come back without them!!"

Once alone, his thoughts define evil as his first instinct. "Finally my master plan will start. I will destroy you Gonzalo, you and your whole family. I will humiliate you as you did to me in the past, only this time I will prove I am better"

After that, somewhere else, Valentina hugs Gastón happy to see him after about 20 years. Mauricio says he has been looking for her but she was not there in her office.
Valentina is amazed how good Gastón looks despite his age.

"You look exactly the same, with a little gray, of course, but still very handsome" she says.
"I wanted to come early so we could talk" replies the handsome doctor.
"How about the three of us dining together?" asks Mauricio. 
"Perfect, what time?" adds Valentina.
"Is 9 o'clock good?" asks Gastón.
"Perfect!" Valentina and Mauricio say showing synchronicity.
"Thanks! very much for being here" 
"Nothing to thank here!"
"See you tonight"
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A Que No Me Dejas: Karmageddon Comes to Cancún 3/10/17

This is by far the longest list of people who deserve comeuppance and therefore the longest article so far on this subject. Due to time constraints at the time I did not post at the halfway mark to list those who had already met their ends, but they are here so we can remember them and ponder their fates. For the rest the standard questions apply:
  1. What do you think the writers did to these characters?
  2. If different from the above, what would you have done instead?
Fire away, amigos. This should be fun.
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A Que No Me Dejas #126 Thursday 3/9/17 -- The Anony-MAU-s Blog

Deb has a serious downer when she realizes that some things regarding her health have been kept from her and she presses the doctor to come clean with her. 

Meanwhile the detective tells Gonzo about Deb's condition and that eventually she will lose her ability to talk or think clearly so  without her there's no other way to help Osvaldo.  The fraud was a clean job and there are no traces.  Os feels compassion for Deb and it seems everyone around him is losing their minds, their hands and their voices!   But he's all about helping his buddy Os and it's urgent they get the dirt on Leo!   Monica who has been creeping behind them, hears everything!
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Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #125: The Sea Was Made for You and Me

Almudena chases Alan around the kitchen, offering coffee or trying to make small talk but he’s being distant. She asks him what is wrong since he was fine a few hours ago, and he confesses that he saw her and Jaime hugging in a cafeteria. He thought she was a different type of girl, honest and ethical, but he’s extremely disappointed to know he was wrong and wants nothing to do with her. He leaves and she chases him down the hallway. She screams that he’s wrong and her and Jaime are just friends but Alan reminds her that she goes running every time he calls. He also knows he shouldn’t tell her what to do but his mother did the same thing and it marked him and Rene as well as the Murat family. Almudena swears that she’s telling the truth but he doesn’t want to hear it. He suggests Jaime get divorced so they could be together the right way, not like his mother, who hid in the shadows. He leaves Almudena crying.

The commander announces to Gonzalo, Valentina, Mauricio, Tobias, and Leonel that Nuria will be transferred to the hospital wing of the prison as she awaits her trial. Mauricio wants to know how many years she can possibly receive and the commander confirms that it could be a lot as she has homicide, kidnapping and potential homicide charges against her. Leonel suggests a life sentence and the commander bids them goodbye. Leonel then reminds Tobias of their dinner later that night and Gonzalo asks that he not bring him back too late.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #123. Monday March 6, 2017. Julieta Justiciera, A Principled Psycho

Here is a quick review of the main headlines that gripped Dejaslandia yesterday:

• Maimed Murderess Found Near Park Dumpster. Or as our patio regular Lila aptly named this gruesome news item: Payback's a vitch, VIAAATCH! Julieta fed Nuria a soup laced with sulfuric acid AND made her unsuspecting captive thank her for the toxic meal, before burning her hands with a highly corrosive substance and tossing her on a heap of garbage near a public park. Julieta then called the police from a nearby pay phone to anonymously tip them to the whereabouts of famous fugitive Nuria Murat. As she stood over the horrendously deformed body of an unconscious Nuria, Julieta declares with a triumphant smirk that she kept her end of the bargain as promised: "I fulfilled your wish. You are now a free woman, Nuria." When Adriana later calls her aunt to let her know that the Murats appointed a bodyguard to protect her from Nuria, Julieta assures her that Nuria is no longer a threat. I out-villana'd the villana, corazón!
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Sunday, March 05, 2017

La Piloto: Main Characters

[The screen caps are poor, but it's all I had to work with for now.--ed.]

Livia Brito es Yolanda,

a very lovely young woman, a native of Tepic, whose great dream was always piloting planes.  She possesses a great deal of charm and a magnetic personality, qualities which nobody could ignore.  She is courageous, straight forward and full speed ahead, hot-headed but not violent.  Too honest, she always says what she thinks--even though at times she sticks her foot in it.  She is very loyal with her friends,  Because of her beauty men always have wanted to take advantage of her.  In fact, her own step-father, Ernesto, raped her on her eighteenth birthday, marking her for life.  Because of this she is very distrustful of men; she will not hand over her heart easily. However, she still takes falling hopelessly in love as part of her future plans and to experience a love like in the movies.

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