Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #115 2.22.17: If You Can't Kill Them, Kidnap Them

Mauricio and Gonzalo locate Valentina’s abandoned car and Mauricio is sure Nuria kidnapped Valentina. He suggests that they call the police but Gonzalo wants to call Dec. Guerrero because he’s sure Nuria is going to use Valentina as a bargaining chip to get out of the country. Gonzalo calls Guerrero and asks him to go to his house as they may be dealing with a possible kidnapping.

Alexis can’t locate Mauricio on his cell phone and hangs up as Leonel walks in and Alexis asks him about Tobias, who just started working at the hotel as a bellhop yesterday. Leonel is shocked to learn they have him working as a simple bellhop especially since he’s his son and Gonzalo’s grandson. Alexis is surprised to learn Tobias was telling the truth and Leonel ask that they remove him from the lowly position and let everyone at the hotel know Tobias is a Madrigal Murat. Alexis obliges.

Chelo is unpacking Tobias’ room when she sees a box of clothes on the sofa. She wonders if all his clothes are going to end up in the garbage since now he’s going to be rich. She wonders how money will change him since he was already greedy without having money and now he will have all the money and luxury he will want. She misses when Tobias was a child; how different he was from what he is now. Chelo laughs at the fact that everyone told her he didn’t look like her or anyone in her family but she didn’t pay attention the truth that was right in front of her. She hopes one day he comes back and tells her he loves her as much as she loves him.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentina gets kidnapped A Que no me dejas #114

  • Leonel tries to win over Tobias by telling him that he will give him everything he has always dreamed of having, he even gets him to admit that he has never been proud of being the son of mere servants. Ugh.
  • Gonzalo puts his foot down and tells Leo that Tobias will continue to live under his roof as a Murat and that Chelo and Beto will continue to be his legal guardians, si me entiendes, verdad?
  • Gonzalo tries to get Tobias to agree to a private tutor so that he can finish school, but Tobi does not want to go to school, especially now that he has money. Gonzalo argues that now more than ever he needs an education, in order to avoid getting ripped off he needs to learn how to manage his wealth, and if he does not want to go to college he can at least learn a trade, Tobias agrees to think about it.
  • Nuria and Felix bring Valentina back to their lair, Nuria taunts Valentina and tells her once she gets the ransom money from her dad she will be sending Valentina to the other world to be with her parents.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #113 2.20.17: Who Wants A Shiny, Bratty, New Teenager?

Valentina wants to know who is the mystery woman that Mauricio is in love with but Mauricio wants to wait until he is sure he has her heart. He promises that as soon as he’s sure, she will know. Valentina agrees and they smile at each other and go off to breakfast.

Policemen ask Nuria’s superintendent to open the door to her apartment but he’s wry since she is not in and hasn’t been back since yesterday. They show him the search warrant and explain that this gives them the right to search the apartment top to bottom. The superintendent gives in, opens the door and they begin their search.

Chelo is packing her packs because she’s moving into Tobias’ room now that he will have a room upstairs. Beto doesn’t want her to go but Chelo reiterates that everything between them is over. Beto begs her not to leave him and remembers their whole love story: from the time she and Mauricio first stayed in the Murat house to their wedding. This doesn’t faze Chelo who confesses that she’s not sure if she loves Beto anymore and doesn’t know if she can forgive for hiding the truth about Tobias. She leaves.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 112 (2.17.17) In Lie Lie Land, with truths as horrible as this one, lies are more than justified...

Losing is winning
Consuelo doesn't see the silver lining and is still crying over the fact that she could be losing Tobías to Nuria, who will be probably very happy to have him. Or at least that's what she thinks.
Dear, Tobías has been lost all this time (at least to you). Remember. If you love something set it free... and if it doesn't come back, GO GET IT!!

For the whole family Micaela's revelation has been a shock and now we only need to see what will be Nuria's reaction when she finds out Tobías is her son.

Gonzalo, keeping his hand by his stomach, probably blocking his sphincter of oddi with his fingers, instructs Valentina to fetch Tobías and take him to his office. 

Let's be a trouple

Me, you and Gonzalo. Meanwhile, Osvaldo and Angélica talk about themselves + Gonzalo, who at least listened to what he had to tell him after the "Leonel" incident.

-I am very concerned, his life is in danger- she says- I wish he gave me also the opportunity to clear things up.
-I was surprised with what Fernanda told me.
-Yes, I liked it very much, she forgave you... 
-And that's another chance for us. 
-No, no more chances for us. Please Osvaldo, understand that I need time... 
-Why, I am not with Maite anymore, there's no walls between us. 
-I feel terrible, above all, with Gonzalo, I wanna take my time, let's leave it this way, ok?
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A Que No Me Dejas #111 Thursday 2/16/17 Leo you are NOT the father, but you still have a kid somewhere!

Nuria panics and decides she can't risk her father turning her in.  She decides to flee!

Mau and Vale go check out the turtles who are about to give birth.  The births will be filmed and share via the internet to get the message of Mau's campaign across the globe.  They feed the turtles!  The marine workers tell Val that she must be very special to Mau because he never brings anyone down to this place. She tells them and Mau that he's very special to her too.

Gonzo grapples with the knowledge that Nuria is a killer and is responsible for the death of his friend Alfonso.  He vows to Alfonso's memory and Camilo and all of his loved ones that Nuria will pay for what she's done
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #110 2.15.2017: The Truth Shall Set You Free Or Get You a Vase to the Head

Gonzalo’s PI leaves but not before telling him that Osvaldo is right and someone is trying to kill him…someone close to him. Gonzalo breathes heavily.

Mauricio meets Valentina outside and tells her he agrees with the PI: Gonzalo doesn’t want the PI to continue investigating because he’s scared of what he might find. Valentina wonders whom he may be covering up for and why.

Osvaldo agrees that it may be horrible to think that Nuria is involved in all that has happened lately and possibly Alfonso’s death but they can’t ignore the truth anymore, especially after what happened today. Gonzalo doesn’t want to talk about it right now because he has a lot on his mind, namely, his relationship with Angelica. Osvaldo confesses that he came to talk to him about it because Angelica told him what happened. Gonzalo wants to know why he hid it and let him hope and Osvaldo explains that at first he didn’t know but then he didn’t say anything when he found out because Gonzalo was already interested in her and he didn’t want to ruin the relationship. Gonzalo explains that he could’ve understood because they all past. Osvaldo apologizes.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A que no me dejas #109 Discussion

You guys, I'm so behind and I apologize for not having recaps for you th last few weeks. I'm dealing with a lot right now, please use this space to discuss yesterday's episode!


Monday, February 13, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 108 (2.13.17) In Dejaland nothing is true or false, depending how you look at it...

Happy Valentines!
Since you barely see them in the scene, here they are: 
Natillas con Merengue a la española, y olé! Enjoy!

Birds of a feather pluck together
Carolina and René have been dancin' the horizontal tango all through the weekend. They started on Friday and it is time that they haven't finished yet.
Anyway, as all in life, even youngsters get tired, and Carolina finally breaks the embrace saying:
-I am exhausted, René... you're terrific! 
-Do you think you would have felt the same with the little mute (sordito)? I doubt it.
- Well, I guess I will never know- sighs Carolina- But enough about him. I was sure you and me could hit it off. Since we met there was chemistry between us. I felt the sparks!
-But you went to Mauricio because his wallet was heavier, right? (Flashbacking when she openly rejected him to be with Mauricio saying: I won't risk juaréver I can have with Mauricio, not for you or anybody) Carolina, never say never!
-We are birds of a feather! I left Mauricio he rejected me so he can be with Valentina, see how generous I am? She did the same to you, because she dumped you to be with Mauricio.
-She doesn't want him neither because of his money nor as a man- adds René.
-I am going to keep rocking your world until you fall in love with me...
-No mamacita, I will never do that. You're not the type I'd introduce to my mother.
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Friday, February 10, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 107 (2.10.17) A lie, by any other name, is still a lie...

Take me to the end of love
Tobías finally has the time in his tight schedule between jail and his parents to call Julieta. She is happy she can give Adriana the new disposable cell phone, through him.
After Tobías calls Fabricio, him and Adriana, who are alone in the house, comment on that to then start hugging and kissing and squeezing and loving until they end up IN BED!!! Adriana's mouth full of teeth is not impediment to do what comes naturally... 
After hanging up, Tobías and Valentina talk about Adriana. She is upset because, first he covered for a criminal and then he helped her sister get together with a killer.

Bouncing is what tiggers do best
Outside Notaría #45, Mauricio bounces on René. SuperAlan, who is on the side of justice, thinks his brother is disgusting and that he won't get anything from anybody he tried to take advantage of. To start, Mauricio broke the deal off tearing the contract and willing to take this matter to trial.
When Mauricio agree to give René 20% of his shares, he thought René was only blackmailing him, but when he found out René was also doing it with Valentina for another 20%, that was the straw that broke the camel's back and now he will litigate.
René demands his rights and will have his revenge. He didn't give his precious blood for shares in vain. 
-We are not afraid- said Mauralan.
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A Que No Me Dejas #106 Thursday 2/9/17--Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family - Chris Diaz

Monica's feelings and memories of Gonzo are reawakened and she remembers all of the happy moments she shared with Gonzo which turned out to be lies.  He caused her so much pain and she wishes she could get over it and thought with time she would, but it's impossible.
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Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #105: Everything's Coming Up Tobias...

Leonel calls Nuria an idiot because she could not kill her father and then she didn’t donate her blood to save Gonzalo and now Rene is the hero and him and Alan are now closer to Gonzalo than ever. Nuria wants Leonel to get out but he wants to savor her tragedy a little bit more. He berates for their sham of a marriage and thinks she should thank him because she’d be a spinster with a limp without him. Just then Felix arrives and Leonel laughs at them both. Felix wants Leonel to know that Nuria already has a new beau but Leonel could care less.

In Casa Murat, Valentina calls the family lawyer and asks that he go assist Tobias at the police station. Mauricio goes to help Tobias while Valentina offers to stay with Gonzalo. When he’s gone, Micaela confesses that Julieta is out of jail and the icing on the cake is that Adriana has been in contact with her the whole time.

Leonel continues to laugh at Nuria’s situation. She always told Leonel that she had plenty of suitors and hated nacos, ended up with a naco like Felix. Felix asks him to shut up but Leonel can’t pass up the opportunity to point out the irony of the situation: she laughed at her mother for being with Gaston but looked how she ended. He tells her that her apartment and her boyfriend remind him of his mother and reminds that if Felix is there with her it’s because she’s paying him and he’s sure one of the things she paid is for is Gonzalo’s murder. He tells her to shallow her words and walks out as Felix slams the door.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #104 Discussion Post 02/07/2017

Guys, I'm still trying to watch the episode but for now please feel free to discuss!


Monday, February 06, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #103: Rene's a Scumbag...But We Already Knew That

Valentina asks the doctor what time frame they have regarding Gonzalo’s blood transfusion and he answers that they have less than 2 hours as Gonzalo is in a coma. They might have located another donor in a nearby hospital so there is that sliver of hope. Everyone is shocked, angry, surprised (except Valentina who just looks bored).

Rene is practicing his pool table skills and remembering when Grandma Elisa died and made him promise to avenge them…he then remembers when he was 16 and Gonzalo along with Paulina went to visit him and he sent them away…He smiles at himself and then calls a friend to put him in contact with a lawyer who can legalize blood/shares exchange.

Ileana goes to visit Raquel at Casa Murat since everyone is at the hospital and she must be lonely. Micaela tells her that they’ve been praying for a miracle and Ileana tells her she’s prayed too. Just then Raquel comes and Ileana tells her that she has brought cards to play games with her and Raquel proposes they go to the terrace to enjoy the day. When they’ve gone, Micaela tells Chelo that she doesn’t trust Ileana, there’s something off about her. Chelo tells her that Raquel is always happy to see her and she brings her joy but Micaela knows better: “the devil knows more because he’s old, not because he’s the devil.”

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Friday, February 03, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 102 (2.03.17) It's easy to lie when you don't know the truth. And when you do is even easier!!

"I met Ms Silvia from prison about twenty years ago
and she told me she could help me get out early 
so we hit it off right away.
After she retired I got free and we started living together.
She'd go to the doctor, she'd come home, I'd clean the whole 
house with a toothbrush. We'd have dinner.
And then I found out,
"She had her own money" she told me?
Money, my @$$. Not only was she broke
...oh, no, she was stealing what my "corazón" left me,
falsifying my signature and lying to me.
One of those leeches, you know. So one day
when she tried to stop me from seeing my niece, 
I hugged her neck with my hands and squeezed.
You know, some people just can't hold choking".

She had it coming
Ms Silvia tried to separate Julieta from Adriana so Julieta killed her. Accidentally.
Of course she didn't mean it. She just can not control the strength of her hands! wink!

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door followed by more. Quick Julieta think! Do something! Not just bite your fingernails! Use your crazy powers! Open the door and kill whoever is disrupting your accidental murders. Where you can bury one, two fit too.

The one who's knocking is Jaime, looking for Ms Silvia. He wants to know if she has seen Adriana, who is missing since yesterday. Gisela and Fabricio, at home, look very worried.
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A Que No Me Dejas #101 Thursday 2/2/2017 --Tainted Blood

Nuria doing what she always does, begins to lie to Tobias.  Why would I want to pull out a gun at a wedding and shoot Alfonso, my godfather? Tobias tells her that she was trying to kill Valentina and Mauricio.  Nuria says why that's crazy!  I may not like those two annoying brats but not enough to kill them.  They were children what could they have done to me?  Well Raquel said she saw you.  Well Raquel is also ill in the head.  She never remembers things correctly.  Tobias can't argue against that.  Nuria says yeah and she also can't stand me, so she wants to blame me, since she needs to blame someone.   What really hurts is that you'd believe her.  Don't you know me?  Tobias head is spinning from everything and what strikes him most odd is that Nuria keeps telling him that Felix and Hector just wanted to rob her father, but he saw Felix actually try to kill him.  Nuria says no he didn’t, he was just trying to defend himself and that's why Tobias needs to keep his mouth shut.  If he says what he saw they'll go to jail..that is if her father dies.  Tobias says no matter what she says, Felix is a murderer.  Nuria tells him to shut it.  Why do you believe him over me?  You just met him and you've known me forever, and I've stood by you unconditionally.  Because Felix and I love each other, he's my boyfriend!   Whaaaa?  Tobias looks repulsed.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #99 Discussion & #100 Recap: Everyone's Lying to Someone Except Raquel...

Episode #99: This is going to be quick! (Please feel free to add any other info as the most crucial things that happened were:
  • Felix and Hector went to rob Casa Murat and Tobias caught them. In the struggle, Gonzalo was shot in the heart and took a tumble down the stairs. 
  • Mauricio went to LA to bring Valentina back and are on their way back to Cancun having heard the news about Gonzalo. 
Episode #100 (Full Recap):

Valentina informs Mauricio that they’re on the waiting list for boarding tickets to Cancun. Mauricio asks, with tears in his eyes, what he will do if Gonzalo dies. Valentina tells him he won’t die because he’s strong. Mauricio tells her that he knows she doesn’t feel the same about Gonzalo and Valentina stops him right there: she’s still worried about him. Just then the airline calls their names and inform them that they’re tickets are ready. Valentina grabs Mauricio and they go.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 98 (1.30.17) In Dejaland, lies are blatantly suffocating any remaining hint of a speck of precious scarce truth.

"Between yesterday and tomorrow there is more than a day,
between truth and lies, between true and false, there is also the "alternative facts" 


Valentina has been flashbacking for the whole weekend. She thinks about serial liar René and all their memories together rush back to her head. Oh, if she could turn back time!

Meanwhile, in the Murat residence, Micaela helps Raquel getting dressed to go to the foundation and Raquel wants her gray tahitian pearls but the little red jewelry box, along with all the other jewel boxes, are completely empty. Alzheimer is probably making her forget that she has forgotten where she put them last time she used them, or maybe Mr. Gonzalo have them in the safe- Anyway. 
-Tomorrow we can ask Florencia the nurse- says Mica. 
-Yes. In this house nobody steals. 
-No, no that I know of.

By the fountain, Nuria and Chelo argue about Tobías. Nuria came to get some documents and didn't miss the chance to hurt Consuelo emotionally. Chelo only wants her to leave her boy alone. Nuria blackmails her throwing half of Schrodinger's cat out of the box.

-If you convince Micaela to tell me what I want, what a really really want, to know, I will leave your son alone!
-And what is that you want to know so badly? -asks the maid.
-Find out! Tell me and I will do as you wish. I swear!
I didn't get to see her fingers, but I am sure she had them crossed.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #97. Friday January 27, 2017. My Action Jackson Is Out Of Action And You Deserve A Real Man. 'K? See Ya!

At Hotel Mauva, René rages in his room about the punch Mau gave him, but he vows to pay the “maldito sordo” back by “destroying his little sister’s heart”. As if invoked by this cruel threat, Valentina sends a text inviting Eugenio to dinner tonight at Casa Murat to meet Fernanda’s boyfriend, Alan. Citing a splitting migraine, he declines Vale’s invitation but keeps blowing smoke up her proverbial: Mi amor this, Te amo that. René is incensed that his younger brother has betrayed him by siding with their father. In any event, he’s intent on hiding out in his room until he hears back from The Gonz regarding the shares. This little love game with his niece is going to prove very profitable and René relishes that thought.

Mau is back in his office with Alexis. He is so overwhelmed by fury and indignation, he can’t bring himself to stand still. Alexis tells him he must calm down if he doesn’t want Valentina to find out the awful truth about Eugenio. This remark seems to conjure up Valentina who wonders why both guys are soaking wet and what happened to Mau’s face. Mau says he slipped (resbalarse) on the boat and hit his jaw. Vale announces she has a surprise for him: It’s your childhood buddy, Alan! Mau greets him with a wide grin and a giant bearhug that lifts him off the floor. Cue the happy flashbacks of their time together as kids.
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #96: Children Will Always Pay for the Sins of Their (Grand)Fathers

***This episode was pre-empted by the orange dream machine (-.-) for the east and central coast but not the west coast. Hulu has posted the episode so I assume that means it aired as scheduled in all time zones as scheduled afterwards. I watched this episode online though because I didn’t want to run the risk of not being able to do the recap on my usual day. Please fill in any blanks/scenes I may have missed as the video was skipping. Thanks and enjoy!***

Gonzalo tells Rene that he’s the scum of the earth and grabs his neck. He throws him against the counter and calls him Rene for the first time since he was a child. Reguenio is obviously shocked but Gonzalo is not going to stop. He asks him if he thought he wouldn’t discover his lies. He asks him how he dared to lie to him and wants him out of his life and Valentina’s and slaps him across his smug face. Reugenio calls him father and Gonzalo is taken aback. Reguenio wonders how he found out because it’s not easy pretending to be someone else and it’s very tiring but he had a good teacher in him nonetheless. He remembers when Gonzalo used to lie to them about his business trips and how he lied to him when Reguenio found out he was married, how he pretended to be divorced and then married Monica. Gonzalo pleads for him to stop but Reguenio is done pretending. He tells Gonzalo that he was able to lie because he learned it all from him and how dare he be disappointed in him when the student has clearly surpassed the master. Gonzalo sits down and begins to breathe heavily; he can’t take all this truth at once.

Tobias strolls into the kitchen and the kitchen trio rips into him as well. They want to know where h was all day and Tobias is honest for once: he was with Nuria all day. Chelo reminds him that they didn’t want him near her but Tobias tells them that he doesn’t care; he loves her and wants to spend time with her. Beto warns him to go to his room and not come out. Tobias tells him that he’s glad he’s grounded, that way he doesn’t have to go on their fishing trip but Beto will not allow him to get out of it. He’s going to that trip whether he likes it or not. Tobias storms out and Chelo wonders what Nuria tells him so he loves her so much. Just then the phone rings and Micaela answers. It’s Nuria, who warns Micaela that she will make sure Tobias doesn’t return home next time if she doesn’t tell her where she left her child. She then hangs up and Micaela tells Beto and Chelo that it was a wrong number.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas #95 - A tale of two sons 01/24/17

Work is killing me, please discuss while i work on a recap!



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