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Plot summary of Corazon Salvaje in English

Filmed in natural settings of beautiful provincial Mexico, "Wild Heart" arrives to make us vibrate with all the force and ardent passion of a story of unforgettable love.

A story that begins with María del Rosario y Juan de Dios, two beings who love each other, separated by societal differences. She, a young woman of Veracruz high society; he, a humble fisherman. Rodrigo, a powerful man in the port, is furious when he finds out Maria plans to marry Juan. He sends the fisherman to prizon and with the help of Leonarda, Maria's sister, he locks the young woman in a hacienda, where she gives birth to the son who is fruit of her forbidden love.

Juan escapes from jail and, pursued by Rodrigo, he falls off a cliff into the ocean. Leonarda causes the baby to disappear and locks Maria in the dungeon in the basement of the country estate, telling Rodrigo that she has died.

Rodrigo, desperate, disregarding Leonarda's confession of love, leaves for Europe, from which he will return married to Constanza. Leonarda marries Noel, the family notary, and gives birth to Renato.

Juan survives and discovers his son was rescued from the mountains by Remigio and adopted by Remigio's mother, Aurora, who has given him the name found in the note hidden in his clothes: Juan de Dios (Juan of God). Years later, the dying fisherman searches for his son, tells him his story and asks that he punish Rodrigo. At his father's grave, the young man swears vengeance and changes his name to Juan del Diablo (Juan of the Devil). Nevertheless, when he meets Rodrigo's twin daughters, Aimée y Regina, an uncontrollable passion for Aimee invades him. [Oh NOES! Not more twins!!! -Ed.]

Regina ama a Renato, pero cuando éste se enamora de Aimée, Regina decide irse de monja. Aimée se casa con Renato pero sigue viendo a Juan. Cuando está a punto de huir con él y Renato los descubre, Regina la protege diciendo que es ella quien se iba a fugar con Juan. Renato los obliga a casarse y Juan accede con la intención de vengarse en ella de todo el daño que Rodrigo hizo sus padres. Sin embargo, al irse conociendo, ambos descubrirán que nacieron el uno para el otro, y que su amor será más fuerte que el odio y la venganza, un amor profundo e indomable como el mar.

Regina loves Renato, but when he falls in love with Aimee, Regina decides to become a nun. Aimee marries Renato but continues to see Juan. When she's on point of fleeing with him and Renato discovers them, Regina tries to protect Aimee, saing it is she (Regina) who was going to escape with Juan.

Renato forces them to marry and Juan agrees, with the intent of getting revenge on her for all the damage Rodrigo did to his (Juan's) parents. Nevertheless, as they get to know each other, they discover they were born for each other, and that their love will be stronger than hate and vengeance, a love as deep and indomitable as the sea.

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I don't know how you do all of this. You are amazing! I know I'm being redundant, but am salivating over this. What's better than pirates?


Thanks, CHF. I am ready to ''vibrate with force and passion.'' Who writes these summaries ? They are greatttttttt. ~~~~Susanlynn, getting ready for her date with destiny...''It was a dark, and stormy night.....''

Margarita here!

Sorry I've been out of touch, motherhood is even more demanding than I thought!

Anywhoo, off topic comment here. For all our fellow period piece lovers, Telemundo is doing a rebroadcast of Zorro. Figured those of us that missed the first few weeks (myself included) could catch this go round. It starts this Monday the 8th and will air at 1 PM EST, replacing La Tormenta. Gotta say, these period pieces are either feast or famine!

I was so hoping CS09 would be a Carla Estrada production as once rumored. Maybe she'll do the sequel that was once planned for Edith Gonzalez and Eduardo Palomo (Yanez would actually be the right age for it, LOL). Still I'm a sucker for pirates and will be watching. Happy viewing =)

Thanks for the synopsis Melinama. My schedule only allows one novela at a time so this will be my next choice. I'm not crazy about Yañez but I like pirates and I like the setting.

I am not familiar with any of the other characters besides Yañez. Where can I get a list of other characters?

Oops please ignore my last post. If the list that I requested had been a snake, I'm afraid I wouldn't have a nose. Sorry!!

this is cool men.

OH! Juan and Regina's love is unbeatable lyk mine

oh! juan and regina's love is unbeatable lyk mine

I am really really in love wit Juan and Regina.

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