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Friday July 30, 2010 Mi Pecado - #104 - Countdown to Carmelo’s Comeuppance - His World Begins to Unravel

Dear Amigos/as – A week from today is the Gran Final of Mi Pecado, and it’s a two-hour special. That means I will be posting several times on the weekend; don’t be anxious, not to worry, we'll git 'r done!

It's ALL up now!

Rod and Irene walk arm in arm through the streets of San Pedro, talking about the charges she brought against Simón. Rod thinks that will help her rest easy. She clearly has mixed emotions. She wonders why the doofus detectives are looking for him. Rod’s sure he’s mixed up in some mess. [Very intuitive.] Rod thinks Irene is defending Simón too much, especially knowing what a lowlife Simón is. Irene thinks it would be awful for Rocio to know her father is a delinquent. Rod tries to reassure her, but Irene pragmatically points out that sooner or later Rocio will know. She reminds him that Simón will always be Rocio’s father, like it or not. He admits that’s true, and reassures her that now the charge is pending, she’ll feel more secure. They stop in the middle of a downtown street to kiss passionately. Irene hopes God hears Rod. They walk on, beaming, Rod’s arms locked around Irene in a wrestling hold that should make it impossible to move.

Delfina takes Rosario on, fussing at how she dared to tell Lu to get rid of the baby. Rosario in all her righteous indignation declares this baby should not be born. She fingers her rosary, kneeling at the altar in her room. [Jarocha, does EVERYONE in Mexico have an altar in the bedroom? Or is that reserved for lousy parents and guardians like Carlota and Rosario?] Delfina tells her she can’t say that and Rosi retorts she knows what it’s like to bring an unwanted child into the world. [Folks, it’s a wonder that Lu survived past six weeks.] Delfina protests that Lu wants the baby and Julián is willing to marry her and raise the child without knowing who’s the daddy. Rosi’s rant begins again-she’s never going to marry this b*****rd. Delfina spits back that Rosi knows deep down there’s no reason to harbor something against that poor [“poor” is a matter of perspective, he owns Rosi and Lu, but Rosi will never see it that way] boy, but Rosi just can’t let go after all these years. They fuss some more and Delfina tells Rosi her pride won’t let her admit her mistakes. Rosi deflects the truths by snarking that now Delfina is a fortune teller (pitonisa)/prophetess (adivina). Delfina proudly retorts that she’s a humble person, not too highly educated, who loves Rosi a lot. She’d love to help Rosi, too. Rosi whines that she’ll never have peace if her daughter [the unwanted one, let’s not forget that] marries this scumbag. And she’s not going to have any peace, because Carmelo and the [other] lowlife are both murderers. [Well, that about neatly wraps up all the relationships with son-in-law candidates and daughter, doesn’t it? Lucrecia’s unworthy, the son-in-law aspirants (current/recent past and future) are unworthy….gee, Rosario, it sucks to be you. Plus, you have an insolent servant. How much worse could it get?] Delfina takes another tack. “Didn’t you always say you were dying to have a grandchild? It’s on the way, so you should be waiting with pleasure!” [Apparently not.] The child Lu is expecting isn’t a child. It’s a freak. Delfina wonders if Rosi is capable of doing harm to Lu and the child. Rosi hisses that if she’s wondering if Rosi is capable of giving Lu a little nudge down the stairs the way Lu did to her years ago, no problem. Rosi is sure that God is on her side and He’ll simply solve the problem for her. She straightens Delfina’s clothing. Delfina is impactada at the lunatic talk. She knows Rosi doesn’t understand what she’s saying. Rosi strokes her rosary lovingly. [shiver]

Tere’s hospital stay is not going well. Her head hurts. She feels weird. Asunción and Manuel prod to get info. She’s about to tell them what happened when Smarmy Carme slithers in. Tere gets hysterical and wants him thrown out. She doesn’t want them to let him near her. She accuses him of pushing her on the ladder. [Not to put too fine a point on it, but he shook the ladder back and forth until it fell from the pendulum swing effect. But if that’s a push, we’ll go with the program.] Asunción and Manuel look accusingly at Carm, who of course denies that he tried to kill her. It was an accident. [Poor Carm, he has Such Bad Luck, folks! He’s like Joe Bltzpfk in L’il Abner cartoons. The black cloud hangs over him and all these accidents just happen when he’s around. What’s a guy to do?] He didn’t want to hurt her. Right, just like he didn’t want to hurt Lu’s father, or Julián? Tere is in a fine rage. [It’s about time.] Carm nervously notes to all who will listen that it’s clear the head blow really did her a bunch of damage. He tells her to calm down. He’ll come back later. What a lovely show of concern. [Not.] Carm beats a hasty path for the door as Tere continues to wail and rant.

Tere doesn’t relax with her loony tunes criminal brother gone. Asunción and Manuel try to calm her, but she is still plenty agitated as she tells how Carm shook the ladder until she fell, nearly hyperventilating as she gets it all out. Asunción leaves the room, and Tere begs Manuel to get her out of there. She doesn’t want to be there when Carm returns. She grabs Manuel’s shirt in a death grip and slides her claws down his head and cheek as she begs like a broken record. Manuel desperately tries to calm her.

Now we see where Asunción rushed off to—she’s trailing Carm and yelling at him until he stops when she grabs him from behind, and turns around like she’s bothering the heck out of him. His truck is parked right in front of the hospital, no doubt in the designated space for individuals with disabilities so he won’t have to walk too far out of his way. She demands to know how he could have done that to his sister. He claims again it was an accident. Asunción astutely points out that if it were, he would have stayed by Tere’s side. Instead he got the heck out and ran home to hide, no doubt because he was sure Tere was dead. Carm does his best impression of disgusted at such obvious stupidity. Asunción tells him it’s exactly how it was with his father. That gets Carm’s attention and he tries to shut her up. Asunción’s on a roll, though, and nothing’s stopping her now. That train is gone. She takes a breath and points out that Carm told her what happened to Gabino was an accident, too. That he didn’t want to hurt his father. Carm shouts at her to shut up. She tells him she won’t, and faces his outstretched hand of vengeance. Asunción tells him to go ahead. Kill her right away. A passerby might be what has caused him to lower his hand, or it might be the thought of killing the one who has been like a real mother to him. Nah, probably the passerby. Carm doesn’t like having witnesses. Asunción really blasts it at him—kill me like you killed your father. A couple of women assemble close behind her, listening intently. Carm keeps his mouth firmly shut, thin lips, gel and beady eyes with menacing brows making him look the vampire he is. He looks around at the crowd that’s gathering; two more women are at Asunción’s right, also listening intently. They all stare at Carm, shaking their heads. [No doubt he’s made himself more friends in San Pedro than we know.] He knows enough to back off to his car, saying nothing more incriminating. The women move along, leaving Asunción in the street, quivering and crying softly, shaking her head at the enormity of it all. She wipes her eyes as Carm starts his monster vehicle and glares back at her.

Manuel comes out of Tere’s room looking exhausted by it all, and pensively stroking the back of his neck like he has an annoying tension headache. He sees Asunción coming into the hall from her confrontation outside with Carm. He tells Asunción that Tere doesn’t want to stay in the hospital for anything in the world. Asunción doesn’t think they have a say in it, and Manuel agrees, but he thinks if Tere stays she’ll only get worse. Tere’s looking pretty bad. Asunción wonders where they would take her, since it couldn’t be back where her bro is. Manuel knows that. He’s eager to find if she can leave, though. Asunción urges him to go off and ask the doc if she can go. So, dutiful boy that he is, he does. Asunción goes back to see Tere.

The bartender at the local cantina tells our favorite doofus detectives [who are looking more competent, although the jury’s not in yet] that he’s seen the guy in the photo. The guy in the photo talked once with Fidel Cruz. You know, that guy who was killed a few weeks ago just outside. [The bartender sounds like it must not be a big deal for folks to get offed on his doorstep.] “You mean the one who worked with Carmelo Roura?” “The very same!” The bartender affirms it emphatically. One of the cops tells the bartender if the guy in the photo darkens his door again, the bartender needs to give then a call ASAP. He hands the bartender a card. “Sure thing.” Speaking of the King of Rome, Carm comes to start the binge-of-the-day, practically brushing the cops as they leave. The bartender comments on the early hour. Carm retorts sharply and the bartender makes small talk, giving him the double he wanted. Carm downs half and self-talks. “Calm, Carmelo. Nothing happened.” [Nice try, but no cigar, Carm. Won’t work.]

Padre Matías hears a knock and rushes to answer, astounded to see Tere with her neck brace and clearly distraught accompanied by a worried Manuel and Asunción. He utters “My God,” and wants to know what’s up. Manuel does the talking—sorry to be a bother, but we need a big favor. He asks if Tere and his godmother can stay in the Parish house. “Sure, but what’s the problem?” Manuel replies that he’s going to let Asunción tell the Padre all about it when Tere is ready. Padre starts to rush Tere off to Blanca’s room. Manuel’s got to go and take a bath and rest for a while. He asks Tere if she’ll be okay, and she nods anxiously, fear written all over her. Manuel will be back in while. Padre M is impactado by everything that’s happening.

Gee, Lu has a monstrous white vehicle a lot like Carm’s. I thought for a minute it was Carm, coming to the orchard. Lu pulls up, looks somberly around at the orchard for a few seconds, hops out and comes to talk to Modesto, who has been gazing in concern at her. She looks around a little more as she gets out. She remarks to him that she hadn’t dared up to now to come since her father died. He acknowledges her angst about it. Lu wonders where everyone is; there seems to be only one worker. Modesto resignedly reports that Doña Rosario gave them all walking papers. “She fired them?” Not quite, she just ordered that they suspend the work until further notice. “What? Why?” “Since when would your mother be one to give explanations?” Lu knows he’s right. What the heck could Rosi be thinking? Lu sighs.

Speaking of the Queen of Rome, she’s meeting with Julián at the local café. Gentleman that he is, he jumps up and pulls out the chair next to him, which she pointedly ignores as she pulls out the chair across from him to seat herself. He greets her, which she also ignores. Julián asks if she’d like something to drink. She just points to his seat for him to sit down. She announces that she wants him to be clear; this isn’t a social visit. Okay, then why would she want to talk to him? Surely not to tell him again something he already knows. Rosi sneers and calls him an arrogant little boy. No, she’s here about business, which should be obvious. She doesn’t want to continue the business relationship he had with Paulino. Julián politely but firmly points out there’s a contract. Rosi doesn’t give a rip about any contract. She just doesn’t feel like dealing with him. Julián dryly muses. “I can imagine.” He points out she shouldn’t worry, since that will all end soon when this contract is done. That would be when the season is over. Rosi insists that it’s ending NOW. She’s not giving him one single apple from the Milagro so he can just sell it to who knows whom. [Who gives a flip where it goes if there’s a profit? I’m just saying.] Julián is getting a little hot under the collar with her sneering. “Señora, do you realize that you, as much as I, lost a chunk of change with the robbery of the trailer and with the fire? And if we don’t recoup some of it, we’re both going to the devil?” Rosi doesn’t care. Julián DOES. He’d like to at least recoup what he initially invested. “Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter to you to stay out of bankruptcy.” “I couldn’t be any worse off than I am having to talk to someone like you.” [Sheesh, what a STUPID thing for a so-called businesswoman to say.] Fortunately, it will be the first and the last time she has to do it, as he knows, since from this moment on—the Milagro will have no business dealings with him, and if he wants to due Rosi and her daughter, he can go for it. She leaves Julián irritated, impactado, and wondering what to do next.

Padre M clears the table in the Parish house. Asunción and asks permission to get Tere a drink. Padre M assures that of course she can, as she pours. He puts down the plates and insists on details about what happened to Tere. “Carmelo provoked a very serious blow to her head.” She explains they spent the entire night in the hospital. Padre Matías is impactado. Asunción explains nervously that the reason they ended up here is that Tere is scared to death to stay in the house. “Carmelo literally hit her?” “Yes, Carm says it was an accident, but his sister tells a different story.” “I’m telling you, and I just finished telling you, that this boy has to be stopped to prevent another tragedy.” He yells in irritation. Asunción whines and wrings her hands. “You don’t have to tell me. Accident or not, he could have killed her. Just like he did with his father!” Of course, telenovela rules apply here. Tere comes out of the bedroom just in time to hear enough of that to rush at Asunción, and ask what was that she just heard? What’s Asunción talking about? She wants to know what happened to her father and begins to attack Asunción in rage. Padre Matías holds Tere back as she yells at Asunción. “Nothing, daughter.” Asunción’s face has “busted” written all over it. “Don’t think I’m a fool, I heard what you said. What HAPPENED with my father?” She turns and begs Padre M to tell her what happened, for the love of Pete. Padre responds that he can’t tell her anything. She turns back to Asunción, who by now has her back to them, not making eye contact. Tere hisses at Asunción to stop sniveling (crying) and tell her. Finally, Asunción fesses up. “Carmelo….killed your father.” Tere is paralyzed for a second, and breathing hard, she denies what she heard. “That’s not true. It can’t be. Tell me the truth, because my brother could NOT have done that!” Her voice gets louder and she bares her fangs at Asunción. “He told me it was an accident, but he did it! He did it!” Asunción breaks down in tears. Padre M moves Tere past Asunción, who is calling Asunción a traitor, as bad a Carmelo. Padre seats her forcefully in a straight-back chair, holding her by the forearms like a straitjacket to calm her. Tere grits her teeth and screams at Asunción repeatedly, then pants in exhaustion as Asunción sinks into a chair, also exhausted. Padre Matías just looks grim and holds onto Tere, who breaks into tears.

Josué has found a peaceful spot to work on a book that appears to be a ledger. Well, so much for the peaceful spot in his bedroom, because Justina feels free to barge in whenever. She does knock, however. Josué keeps working and doesn’t look up as she asks what he’s doing closed up in here. [Not to put too fine a point on it, but the door was open.] Josué resignedly tells her he didn’t feel like running into Renta-ta. “What a fool (majadero),” Justina snarks. “I mean, since the poor girl’s all worked up about you.” Josué looks pretty disgusted at the idea. He says he wouldn’t know why. Justina simpers [Ew, at her son!], let’s not play dumb here. She tells him he’s given Renta-ta reasons. She breathes around his ear, giggling about the reasons. “Yeah, yeah. The goof-ups one makes.” Josué glares up at his mother. Justina laughs that the only real goof up he’s made is to think he would be a priest, but thanks be to God he’s forgotten about that. She’s jubilant in her own disgusting sort of way for a mother. Josué jumps up and gets his coat. “Sure, which gave you a whole lot of pleasure, right?” “That’s obvious!” She chuckles again, not picking up on a single one of his signals to back the heck off. They move on to another subject—she tells him it’s a shame that HER Paulino couldn’t have known Josué better. Justina wants him to just imagine that he’ll be taking over all those lands and stuff. Josué faces off with her and tells her that now that she mentions it, Paulino mentioned him in the will. Justina is impactada. She wants details. Josué looks around like he’s trying to remember. “Hmmm. I renounced all of it.” He smiles a little smugly at her. “So, I don’t have the faintest idea.” Justina is more impactada. “What? Why? You are his son! You have every right…..” “No, no, no, Mamá.” He tells Justina that having Paulino’s blood doesn’t give him the right to anything. “Why not?” Justina is truly mystified…and horrified at her son’s stupidity (in her eyes.) “No, because I have never known him as a real father. I didn’t even have any affection for him. The only thing I have to keep is one good memory. That’ll be enough for me.” Justina starts to protest and sputter. “Don’t you realize?” “That’s how things are,” he firmly tells her. “No matter what you say, you won’t change my mind.” Justina zips her lip.

Julián comes in to see if Josué is ready. Justina is surprised and wonders what Josué should be ready for. Where are they going? Josué puts his arm around his brother’s shoulder. Julián beams at Josué, replying that they’re going to Los Alamos. Josué is going to work with him. “TO WORK??” Justina is horrified again. Then she snarks that now Josué wants to be a peon employee. He’s going to work for his brother instead of running his own business. [Lessee, now. That would be his Milagro business, right? The one that is ¾ in the hands of Rosario and Lucrecia and ¼ in Josué’s?] Julián sighs and gives his mother a glare of disgust. Josué smiles tightly and strides out after Julián, leaving Justina stewing over this fine kettle of fish. Or apples. Her eye gaze tells us she’s going to hatch a new plan any time now.

Back at the Parish house, Tere hasn’t quit wailing. She yells that she doesn’t want to see Asunción again as long as she lives. Padre Matías tries to get her to see she’s being pretty hard on Asunción. Tere can’t believe that Asunción has been hanging on to all this for so many years. How could she have this mess on her conscience? She touches her neck brace to remind us a) she’s in pain, and b) Carmelo is a scumbag. Padre kneels near Tere as Tere sits on the end of the bed, and he tries to persuade Tere to give Asunción a break. Tere and Carmelo are her life, and she sees them like her own children. That’s why Asunción never had the courage to turn Carm in. She would have done the same for Tere. Tere angrily points out she’s never killed anyone in her life, so it’s different, and especially someone in her own family! Padre M knows that what Tere just heard was very painful. But he’s confident that little by little she’ll see it differently. As he stands and turns again, he adds “And I am not talking about your brother, but this poor woman whose only sin was to have loved him so much.” Tere gets up, too. She doesn’t know why he’s so empathetic with Asunción—she’s Carmelo’s accomplice! Padre M tells Tere not to be confused. Asunción didn’t go with Carmelo when he did that. He turns to go. He doesn’t want to leave her alone, but has to go to the church. Padre M suggests she should try to rest, and Asunción won’t be long in returning. That sets Tere off again. She does NOT want to see that woman! Asunción should stay with Carmelo and leave Tere alone! She shouts at Padre Matías again. Padre pats her hair. “You keep insisting on this same thing. We both know you’re not saying that from your heart.” Padre Matías strokes her hair, kisses her forehead, and tells her “God be with you, my child.” Then he goes, leaving Tere crying. Her world is crumbling apart (except for Manuel, lucky girl).

Here’s the second half!

Asunción pulls a little suitcase through the house, wistfully looking around the only home she has known for decades. Carmelo arrives through the open door to the courtyard, and notices the suitcase. Asunción turns to him. “What do you have there?” [Duh, Carm.] “Your sister’s stuff.” The disappointment in her face for him is keen. “She doesn’t want to live her any more.” Carmelo grunts. “So, is she going to live in the hospital?” He gives Asunción a flippant shrug. “Of course not,” she retorts with annoyance. “She’s at the Padre’s house.” The hesitation makes us wonder if she’s afraid of Carm going there to do Tere harm. [Good bet, Asunción.] “Well, that would mean she’s better, or no?” Carm gives her an innocent-and-concerned look. Asunción can’t be fooled. “Her body, yes. Her about the rest, I don’t know.” She shakes her head sadly and moves to pass him, finding herself held back by his forearm. With a threat in his voice, Carm tells Asunción to tell his sister to bring him back what she took from him. Asunción asks what that is. Carm responds that it’s his business, and Asunción should just say it, because Tere will understand. Carm’s look as Asunción heads out tells us that his brain is trying to get engaged again. [Good luck with that, Carmelo].

Lu stands in the living room, hands on hips and trying to talk sense into Rosario. She should know by now that is futile, but whatever. “You shouldn’t be stopping all the work just because you feel like it!” Rosi sits on her throne and decrees that she’s going to keep it suspended the amount of time she feels is suitable. “Understand?” “Honestly, no. I DON’T understand why.” Lu’s frustration is showing, which is guaranteed to make Rosario dig in her heels more. “So I can undo the business relationship with Julián Huerta. That’s why. What’s more, he’s aware.” Rosario gives her a smug look. “You talked with him?” “I had no other choice.” Lu thinks Rosi should have let him know they’ve stopped bringing in the crop and there’s nothing to take to market. Rosi tells her not to worry her pretty little head. She’ll find a better buyer than this b****rd Devil. She gets up and faces off with Lucrecia, hands on her hips. And even if Lu doesn’t buy it, Rosi is no fool, and she’s not put herself into a position to end up ruined. Lu points out that Rosi can’t decide this alone. “And why not?” Rosi gives her that “Excuuuuuse me?” look. “That’s why I’m the owner of all this!” Lu reminds Rosi that Lu is one of the owners, too. “But a much smaller percentage, eh?” Rosi is the master of the smug, snide look. “Because if you like it or not, what the b****rd rejected will pass into my hands.” Lu tells her not to worry, because Lu doesn’t plan to stay with Rosario for the money, the lands, nothing. She counts those benefits off on her hand and stares Rosario down. And that would be because they’re getting along so poorly that there’s no reason hanging out with that burden over their heads for something that’s completely not worth the trouble. “If you say so.” Rosi shrugs. Lu insists that if they don’t get into the fields soon and get the crop in, they’ll be in equal or worse shape than when she was forced to marry Carm. Rosi chin-grabs and asks “I didn’t force you to do anything, eh?” “Puh-leeze, don’t play dumb!” Lu retorts that Rosi put her back against the wall and these are the consequences. Rosi sighs in irritation as Lucrecia stalks off, also irritated.

The house at Los Alamos is looking good. Josué had thought it was abandoned. Julián tells Josué it was, but Tere got it rehabbed. Doesn’t it look like they could live there? Josué is impactado. “What, you and me? Live here?” “Uh-huh. In my opinion, it’s not very comfy living with Mami and we need our independence. This would suit us perfectly.” Josué gives a little nervous laugh. “What’s going to happen when you marry Lucrecia?” He doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Julián sighs. That….who knows if that will happen. “Why?” “Because Lucrecia is pregnant and doesn’t know if the child’s mine or Carmelo’s.” Josué knows that’s not too good. Julián goes on that Lucrecia thinks if the child is Carmelo’s, Julián couldn’t live with it. “Isn’t she right? Could you really live with the child of someone you….hate?” Julián insists that the child would be Lucrecia’s too, and that changes everything. What’s more, Julián feels that the child is his own. Josué smiles gently. He hopes for that, too. The brothers pat each other on the shoulders and Julián strides off ahead to the door, ready to show Josué where he’s going to work.

When Asunción arrives at the Parish house with the suitcase, she finds the doofus detectives with Tere. Whoops, they’re waiting for Asunción. They greet her and indicate that Tere says Asunción has some information about that cold case: the murder of Gabino Roura. “True?” Tere demands that Asunción goes ahead and tells them what she knows—tell them who killed her father. Asunción, squirming, tells them hesitantly that it was Carmelo Roura. His son. Of course, they want proof to confirm it. Does she have proof? Yes. The pistol, the one he shot Gabino with, and the shirt stained with his father’s blood. Her voice breaks and gets fainter as she speaks. The detectives look at each other. One asks why she kept quiet. Asunción protests that Carmelo swore to her it was an accident, that he never wanted to kill his father. And Asunción never had the courage to betray him (echar de cabeza). They demand that Asunción turn the proof over to them. Tere tersely asks where she has the shirt and the pistol. “At the house.” “Well, you’ll have to go for them,” the detective directs her. Asunción tells them she can’t give them to the detectives right now because Carmelo must surely be there. She looks at Tere begging her to be supportive. The detectives think that’s all the better, to find him there. They motion Asunción to the door, but she looks back to Tere wildly, entreatingly. Tere stands silent. As they go to leave, Padre Matías enters, with Manuel bearing a large bouquet of red flowers. The detectives excuse themselves and Asunción. Padre Matías asks Tere where they are taking Asunción. “The house, to get what she has hidden,” Tere sobs out. “Well, she finally decided, then.” “Not exactly. Let’s say I had to give her a little nudge.” Padre Matías thinks it must be God’s will. Manuel is mystified and wants an explanation. Tere goes to him and he holds her, stroking her head as she cries against him. He looks questioningly over her at Padre Matías.

Lucrecia works on papers at Paulino’s desk, with Blanca helping her from across the desk. Lucrecia looks away at something on the computer and exclaims that she cannot find an explanation for why her mother wants to dissolve the partnership with Julián. She and Blanca discuss it—and she decides to call Julián. His cell is off or out of area. She calls his home. Josué answers. She tells him she’s looking for Julián. Josué reports that he left a while ago. He thinks Julián went to see his father. Lu asks that Josué tell him to call when he sees Julián. “Sure.” Lu starts to tell him thanks, and he starts to talk. He tells her that he hopes from the bottom of his heart that everything goes well with her pregnancy. Lu sighs. [The coconut wireless is working in San Pedro.] “Many thanks, Josué, I hope so, too. Be seeing you.” They hang up and of course, Renta-Busybody is right there to get the scoop. She asks incredulously if Lu is pregnant. Josué is distinctly uncomfortable as he mutters an “uh-huh.” “And… it your brother’s?” Josué retorts that of course it’s Julián’s, whose else could it be? Renasty [thanks, Julia, I think, for that one] chuckles evilly. “And does Carmelo know yet?” Her pearly whites glitter like a sword. “I don’t have the faintest idea.” “I can just imagine the face on that poor imbecile!” She grins and chuckles again.

Toña dashes into the Milagro office/den and finds Lucrecia and Blanca still hard at work. She smacks her forehead [what, it’s not a product placement for V8? They sure missed a good opportunity.] She forgot to mention that Manuel let them know that Tere is at the Padre’s house. Lucrecia cleverly deduces Tere’s out of the hospital. Toña somberly says she guesses that’s true, because she couldn’t be in both places at the same time. The desk jockeys ignore that. Blanca wants to know why she was in the hospital and Lu is surprised she hasn’t heard. Lu responds that if she wants to know, she’ll give Blanca a ride back to her uncle’s and tell her on the way. Blanca asks Toña if they said why Tere’s at Blanca’s uncle’s house. Nope, they didn’t tell Toña anything about that. Lu strides out and Blanca follows, with Toña looking like she feels abandoned. “Well, hope all goes well with you,” she says to their shadows. Poor Toña, nobody ever pays much attention to her.

Irene works on fixing dinner with Rod providing technical support from the other side of the pass-through counter. The bell rings and he goes for it. It’s Julián, and Rod’s surprised to see him. Julián asks how he’s doing. “Better than ever!” Rod beams. Rod wonders how Julián knew where to find him. Julián sheepishly admits that Josué gave him Irene’s full name, and Rod knows how it goes in town—it wasn’t hard to find them. Julián’s brought some of Rod’s things in a suitcase. [It never ceases to amaze me that these folks can carry their lives in one small suitcase. When I go anywhere for three days, I have trunks full of stuff.] Julián notes that he was pretty sure that Rod didn’t have the slightest interest in going to get his stuff at the house. They pat each other on the shoulder as Rod thanks him. Irene comes in and gets introduced to Julián. She’s a little timid, but Julián puts her at ease with his ready smile and warmth. He’s so pleased to meet her. Rod suggests that she should bring Rocío to meet Julián. Irene runs off to get Rocío. Rod indicates a seat at the table for Julián. Julián beams at his father. He’s so pleased to see his father happy. Rod replies that he’s sorry not to be able to say the same about Julián. Julián sighs. There’s nothing he can do about it. All these years he’s fought for Lucrecia, and there seems to be no way to resolve it. Rod observes that no matter what he says, the problems they’re having now are nothing compared to the problems they had in years gone by. Like when they accused him of killing Gabino, or when Lorena…..Julián throws up his hands. No, enough! No need to spoil the night! They both smile broadly at each other and laughing, acknowledging silently the truth of Rod’s words.

Lorena’s three world-class witch amigas peruse the menus at a really pricey little place and hand them back to the waiter. Lorena makes her grand entrance, breezing in to the seat they’ve saved for her. She’s gotten out of bed and all cleaned up since we last saw her. “Hi, all.” She kisses them one by one, making the goofy small talk that spoiled, rich telenovela chicas make. “Oh, you’ve finally deigned to see us!” “Oh, I’ve been crazy with Daddy’s work.” “Oh, we suppose you really feel more like working now that you’ve had to cancel your wedding.” [Gotcha!] Lorena flips her head of hair back and laughs with a scoff. “No, honestly, it’s no big deal.” “Well, then, explain to us what happened with that.” Lorena sits and tightly explains “What can I tell you? I simply realized that Julián wasn’t the man I had imagined.” “You figured that out on your own?” “Yeeess…” Lorena is getting wind that there could be more here than meets the eye. She explains that she spent a few days in Julián’s boring little home town with his low class family, and realized they had nothing in common. The chica in the middle, resplendent in an expensive red dress that’s designed to look like everyday chic, tells Lorena she heard it all differently. Her eyes get wide with fake wonder. She heard that is was Julián who gave her the boot because he found the love of his life. That Lucrecia that Lorena had talked about all the time. Lorena fakes incredulousness—she doesn’t know where her buddy came up with that. The buddy snarks that she’s just repeating what they told her. The first chica smiles sweetly and tells the bigmouth that she must have misunderstood. No, no, she understood perfectly. Why doesn’t Lorena tell them the truth, she asks. After all, they ARE her friends. [There’s that worn-out old saying, with friends like that….] She thinks Lorena should be trusting them. Lorena smiles smugly. “I repeat, what you heard is a lie. I don’t know where you got that all from, but….” A little bird told the chica. Well, also there’s more. The little bird said Lorena was pregnant, she lost the baby, and um…it wasn’t exactly Julián’s. [I never thought I’d feel sorry for Lorena. Right now, I almost do.] Lorena gets up, throws her napkin across at the chismosa and tells her to go to h***, which is partially bleeped. They give their best impression of righteously indignant. [We note that Lorena seems to have a heavy silver zipper from the hem to the strapless top of her purple Band-Aid dress. Must be a pain to sit on it. That would hurry me right out of restaurant, too.] The bigmouth does a new impression—puzzlement at the looks she’s getting form her buds. “Why are you looking at me like that for? I was just telling the truth!” [On second thought, if anyone deserved a dressing down for manipulation and ugliness to someone, it’s Lorena. If this is the worst that happens to her for what she did to Julián, it’s probably appropriate Karma.]

The doofus detectives and Asunción come into a darkened Roura home. “Surely Carm is gone, since everything is turned off.” She turns lights on. The doofus detectives tell her to stay put and they go off in different directions to search every room thoroughly. [Not.] In a matter of seconds they return to the living room to report that the house is empty. [Well, it’s all relative. Carmelo’s not here, but there’s nothing empty about this house. It’s full of stuff and the three of them.] They ask for the evidence. She nods; she’ll give it to them. One stays back in the living room. She cries in fear and sadness as she silently leads one of them to her room, turns on the light, and leads him to her big armoire. He helps her move it. She thanks him and goes to the hole in the wall behind it. [We fully expect Carm to come in shooting the whole time, because the music is that intense. Have we ever noticed that this is the only spot in the entire room that isn’t painted and has bricks instead of plaster?] Asunción pulls out the Hefty bag with the pistol and bloody shirt. “Here it is,” she tells the detective and reluctantly hands it over. He’s developing better and better judgment by the second—he actually pulls out a latex glove and puts it on before he messes with evidence. AND he has tweezers to pull the stuff out and look at it in the other hand. Asunción shivers silently until the cop questions her. “Does Carmelo Roura know you’ve been hiding this?” “No, I led him to think I had burned the shirt and gotten rid of the pistol.” “Why’d you keep them?” “Because I thought that one day, they might be needed.” She nods through her tears. “I suppose that you know you’re involved in a mess now, Sra.?” “Yes, sir.” Asunción nods, ashamed.

Miguel answers a knock at his apartment door to be greeted by a sound slap. Lorena storms in and calls him a little man for talking about her private life to the world. He claims he never said a word about her. “Sure you did! You told my girlfriends all about what happened in San Pedro, with all the tidbits.” Miguel denies it. That surely had to be Julián. Why would Miguel have done that? Because he’s resentful, she never loved him and he’s never meant anything to her. He’s real clear on that, and even if she deserved it, but he’d never dare to talk badly of her. They fuss at each other and Lorena confronts him that she knows perfectly well all he’s interested in is her money. She adds that he is, just like his idiot aunt. He thinks she must think very little of herself to think that anyone could value her more just because of her money. He bitterly adds that maybe she’s right and that’s all that’s worth the trouble about her. Lorena hisses that she hopes he’ll die. [Only a week left, but Miguel may be another goner after this.] She pushes him as she storms out and he slams the door in frustration.

Padre Matías greets Lu as she drops Blanca off at home. “How’s things?” “Well, let’s say more or less. I heard Tere is here?” “Yes. She’s in Blanca’s room—hooope you don’t mind, Blanquita.” Blanca doesn’t mind at all, of course, and wants to know what happened to Tere and Padre Matías sends Lu off to see Tere while he talks to Blanca. Once Lu has gone to see Tere, Padre Matías tells Blanca to sit for the little chat.

Lu knocks and goes into the room to find Manuel reclining on the bed, caressing Tere’s arm as she rests on top of the bed. [Hard to imagine in a Parish house, but it’s telenovelaland.] Tere sits up abruptly after asking who it is and getting Lu’s response accompanied by Lu’s self. Lu goes to greet Tere, asking her pardon for waking her. Manuel smiles indulgently. He greets her, too. After the small talk greetings, Lu wants to know how Tere is. “Bad.” “Well, if they let you out of the hospital so soon, you must be much better.” Lu smiles encouragingly. “What I have is not of the body.” “What is it?” Lu‘s concern shows. Manuel replies. “She knows now who it was who killed her father.” His arm around Tere, he sits close in comfort. “Really? Who was it?” Tere is in misery. “My brother.” Lu is impactadísima. “Oh, my goodness. I don’t know what to tell you.” Tere collapses on Manuel’s shoulder and he draws her close in a tight hug as she cries.

Speaking of the King of Rome, he arrives at the Parish house as Lu is leaving. Of course, he grabs her by the arm and manhandles her. “What’s the rush? I need to talk to you. When, Lucrecia, when were you thinking to tell me that you’re going to have my child?” “This child is not yours.” Carmelo is impactado but recovers swiftly and sneers. “Well, fancy that! Now it turns out that I wasn’t the only one during our marriage who was unfaithful. It’s a real shame I didn’t know when we were with the judge.” Lucrecia asserts that it wouldn’t have changed a thing; she was going to get the divorce regardless. Nothing in the world would have kept her married to a murderer. Carmelo assumes the voice that one uses with a preschooler. “I didn’t murder your father, Lucrecia.” “I’m not saying it because of that.” “Ah. Then, I suppose that my sister told you about what happened.” “Among many other things,” Lucrecia tells him with disdain showing clearly in her expression. “Listen up. This child you have inside—if it’s mine, I’m getting it back. I’m going to snatch it away from you and you’re going to be tied to me for the rest of your life. He manhandles her a little more and she protests for him to let her GO.

Avances: We’re going into la Última Semana, with the two hour Gran Final next week on Friday, August 6. It might take me all weekend, but I’ll post parts as quickly as I can, dear friends!

On Monday, Asunción sits in the living room wringing her hands. Carm strides into the house to find the doofus detectives waiting. He bolts, and they run after him, shooting.



STuD, 7/30/10: Ivana Keeps Spinning Her Spiderwebs, Rosendo Gets The Boot, and Val Gives JM An Eyeful

Capitulo 45

First a quick redux of the last scene from the night before: Jose Miguel is anxious to make a success of the hacienda before his daddy dies. Since he’s spent his last centavo on the cattle he doesn’t have enough cash to buy a couple of horses to herd the cattle with. (I hear the dog pound might have a couple of good dogs they’d like to get rid of.) Sabino tells him all in good time. The place was abandoned for years so it’s not like he can change everything overnight. Anyway, he believes it’s more JM’s need to impress VV that’s got JM in such a rush. JM admits that’s part of it, too. “She’s pricked [picar] your pride.” JM admits it and says she’s done more than that. She’s latched onto his heart and soul. He’s got it bad for VV and he doesn’t want advice from Sabino this time around. “Nothing will be able to take Valentina out of my mind or out of my heart.” (Try telling that to Mama. I want a ringside seat for that blowout!) Poor old Sabino clams shut and stands there scratching his whiskers.

Val, meanwhile, is spending her day at the lettuce packing plant discussing the why’s and wherefores with the workers as Rosendo observes approvingly and we in Viewerville begin to nod off. FF>>

At the same time, across the way at Hacienda Montecinos, the harridan and the ho’ –Leonor and Ivana—are having a chat over coffee. Leonor tells Vana that she spoke with her son and she’s sure that he doesn’t think as badly of her as Vana fears. She advises her to seek him out and convince him what a nice girl she really is. Vana asks why Leonor is so certain JM would ever pay attention to her. Leonor tells her because she’s the right match for JM and he only needs to be made to realize it is all. Vana asks why Leonor thinks that of her. “--Because you’re pretty, likeable, obliging, and submissive.” Vana bites her tongue at that last adjective. She smiles sweetly back while thinking to herself, “in your dreams, you old witch!” Leonor beams as she blabbers on about how much the two of them have in common, in particular, the desire to move back to civilization and the city. “You marry him and I’m sure you’ll convince Jose Miguel to sell this decrepit old place and we’ll all move back to the city. We women have a way of influencing a man.” Vana gushes bogusly and leads the old bat on, telling Leonor how much she’d enjoy being a part of her family [emparentar]. (Viewerville does an eye roll and fights back another communal gag.) Talk turns to whether Isabel will approve and how long she’s been widowed. Ivana mentions that although her mother’s never remarried she has a suitor, Ernesto Galeana, who Vana has no use for. Leonor admits knowing him for years and never having liked him much, either. That’s another thing the two have in common, says Leonor with a sh!t-eating, self-serving grin. Vana’s matching smile stretches from ear to ear. Leonor pats her bouffant tresses and Vana does a monkey-see, monkey-do with hers.

Back at VV’s, Don Ernie surprises Tizzy with a gift. (Question: What was he thinking putting it into a tacky candy tin? They don’t have boxes, bows, or wrapping paper in those parts?) Ernie excuses himself and explains that he has to leave to start the paperwork involved in the construction of the new school that Val has decided to build for the farm workers’ kids. (Yawn.) FF>>

Somewhere in the back forty, Val shows Rosendo the spot she’s decided to build the school for her employees’ kids. He mentions it’s out of character for her to do something like this. Val snaps at him for it. She doesn’t appreciate his opinions. It’s important for her that her workers’ kids get educated. He says she’s in for problems because once she starts this the workers will make more and more demands on her and she’ll lose control of the situation. Val says she thinks it’s actually Ros who’s afraid of losing control over the workers. She abruptly changes the subject and wants to go pick up the children from school. Ros suggests having a couple of the workmen go for them instead. She makes it clear that when she wants his advice, she’ll ask for it. They head back for the vans.

In town, Sandy tries to pay a social visit at the clinic to see Felipe. The nurse says take a number like the rest of the people there. Sandy isn’t used to being made to wait. “Don’t you know who I am?” She’s the local bank manager’s daughter! The nurse doesn’t give a rat’s patooty who she is. So, hot under the collar, Miss Frills chills and hangs with the hoi polloi.

Federico, meanwhile, has walked over to visit with Tizzy. They flirt a bit with each other and remember old times. FF>>

In town, Val tries to buy some apples but is rudely refused. The whole crowd there follows the fruit seller’s lead and jeers at La Vibora till eventually they run VV out of the market.

Don Ernie returns to the hacienda, meanwhile, and finds Tizzy yukking it up with Federico. He is not a happy camper seeing the two of them together. It’s obvious Tizzy is a totally different person with Fed. Tizzy notices the possessive look on Ernie’s face and gets embarrassed. Fed excuses himself and says he’s just leaving. He suddenly becomes ill and Tizzy asks Ernie to give Fed a lift back to his place so he won’t have to walk all that way. Ernie obliges, but it’s clear he doesn’t like it.

Sandy finally sees Flippy come out of a room and tries to get him to give her a few minutes. She says she has been waiting two hours to see him and explain things, but Flippy blows her off. He’s got patients to see. Come back later. Sandy throws a tantrum and stomps out.

Outside the school, things aren’t much better for Val. She can’t get the kids to ride in her van. They’re all afraid of her. Unfortunately for JM, he picks that time to flirt with her. He greets her and says that Chuy mentioned seeing her at the playhouse. JM flirtatiously teases and wants to know why she went there. She snips at him. “What do you want to hear?” “—I’d love to hear that it was because it was filled with beautiful memories.” She ignores him and starts putting some kids into the van. JM’s totally confounded at the unexpected change in her. He grabs her arm and asks what her problem is. “--Why have you turned back into that snooty, authoritarian Valentina from before?” She hisses because she feels like it! He says he doesn’t think he deserves that kind of treatment. She loses it and spits out a retort about what he thinks a jerk like him, who it turns out finds it so easy to play with other people’s feelings, should deserve? Just then Chuy and his sister run over to greet her. Chuy mentions the playhouse and asks when she’s planning to visit it again. She looks pointedly over at JM and answers never then gets into the van and drives off. Chuy tells JM it looks like he’s in the dog house again. JM frowns and says it seems that way.

Iluminada is quiet for once when Benita comes in asking her to finish setting the table. Beni asks if she’s upset with her for telling her mother about the business with Rosendo. Lumi says she isn’t. In fact, she’s relieved somebody told her the truth, since her mother would never have believed it if Lumi had told her. Beni says it’s best she knows now so she can dump the dirt-wad and finally be shed of him. Lumi tearfully explains that her mother would like to, but probably won’t be able to since she’s expecting his baby. Beni is upset at the news and hopes her mother will try to get Ros to accept responsibility for it. Lumi breaks down and says she knows her mother will try because she doesn’t believe in raising a child without its father, the same way she was forced to raise Lumi. Beni gives Lumi a sympathetic hug.

Crisanta, meanwhile, is waiting for Ros when he comes back for lunch. He notices the packed satchel on the floor and asks where she’s going. Cris is ready for him this time. “—No, you’re the one leaving. I want you out of my house! I could have overlooked most anything except your trying to rape my daughter!” He grabs her arm roughly and tries to make her believe that she fell for one of Lumi’s lies. She threatens him with going to VV to confirm it. He backs down immediately and agrees to go. Before he does though, he throws her roughly back onto the couch out of spite and tells her she can do what she wants about the baby. “I’m not even sure it’s mine, anyway!” She has the good sense and the strength of character in the end to wait till he’s gone to cry. (Good riddanceto the rottenest of male rubbish!)

Ernie lets Fed out of the car and Fed thanks him for the lift. Ernie mentions that it surprised him that Fed and Tizzy were such “close” friends. Fed chuckles good-naturedly and explains they’ve known each other for years. He thought he’d never ever see her again, but he’s happy as a clam now that he has after such a long time. Fed asks Ernie how long he’s known Tizzy. Ernie says they met right after she was widowed and he never knew her husband. Why? Fed says Lord knows why she never remarried in all this time. Ernie, a bit snappy, says maybe it’s because she loved her husband so much she couldn’t forget him. Fed seems to sense he’s stepped into a dung heap of some sort and backs off a bit. He smiles jovially and agrees. “You’re right, I’m sure.”

Back at Val’s, Tizzy tells Beni how guilty she felt with Fed there when Ernie showed up. It’s an uncomfortable situation and she can’t stand being in the middle of these two men like that. Just then Val walks in demanding to know where Don Ernesto is. Beni accidentally lets it slip that he took Don Federico home. Val wants to know what Fed was doing there. Beni nervously reminds her that he’s an old friend of Tizzy’s. Val doesn’t mince words and warns her aunt to be careful around him because the last thing they need is his wife complaining about her husband getting a little “too friendly” [tener attenciones con] with her aunt. After Val leaves, Tizzy whines that Val is right and she’s going to have to avoid Fed now also. Beni defends Tizzy saying she’s done nothing wrong. “I know, but nobody else understands that! Not Leonor, not Ernesto, not Valentina, and least of all Ivana!”

JM gets back home with the kids, and once he’s alone, thinks back to that afternoon and what Val said to him about playing with other people’s feelings. He asks himself why Val would think he’s playing with her feelings. The “answer” to that riddle ambushes him as he walks towards the entrance. Vana, pretty in sweet-as-pie-pink, asks to speak with him a minute. Vana has obviously picked up on Leonor’s description of the docile female as being JM’s “perfect type” and she plays it to the hilt. She says she’s been waiting to speak to him about what Flippy told him. It hurts her to know that he has such a bad impression of her now. He replies gallantly that it’s really none of his business. He wonders, though, why it’s so important what he thinks of her anyway. She lets a tender crocodile tear run down her cheek, and, with a plaintive, sorrowful look in her eyes, says sweetly that it’s because she is in love with him. (This is too much for the hubster. He wants to retch.) JM is give-me-a-moment-to-process-impactado.

Back at Los Crackerbells, Val is trying to work but gets distracted thinking back to the incident with JM and him asking her why she’s turned bitchy again. She thinks he’s a shameless hypocrite asking that. Didn’t he realize she’d find out about that damned bet? [dichosa = damned or lucky, depending on context] “—Why did you ever have to cross my path, Jose Miguel? Why? Why??!!”

Across the way at JM’s, Vana, still in melancholy mode, tearfully asks JM if it surprises him to know that she loves him like she’s never loved anyone before. He looks unsympathetically at her and says yes, it does--a lot. (Even JM looks like he’s in need of a beanie adjustment.) A meek “Why?” comes from Vana. JM says because he knows she’s got another man she’s interested in. “--Alonso?” No, Horacio, he says. Vana passively admits to seeing Horny for a bit, but says it’s over between them. “Yes, it’s true. I ended it with him because I discovered I was in love with you.” (Good thing we have more than one bathroom so hubby and I don’t have to take turns upchucking through this scene.) JM shrewdly shakes it off and says it seems she falls in love pretty fast. (Translation: You change men as often as most people change their underwear--emphasis on most.) She tries the whisper approach next and circles around behind him, getting close enough to breathe onto his neck. “--I repeat that what I feel for you I’ve never felt for anyone.” He’s wise to this female tactic and turns around to face her. He answers matter-of-factly. “--I appreciate the sentiment, but unfortunately I don’t feel the same way.” “—I am not asking anything in exchange. Just let me keep our friendship.” He says sure thing. She acts most humbly grateful and says the only thing she wants is for things to go back to the way they were before. He says no problem and carefully extracts himself from her tentacles. “--I have to go. I’ve got a few things to do still.” Vana waits till he’s gone and giggles to herself at how easy it was to persuade the dunce.

Inside, JM sees his daddy and they have a man-to-man chat. JM says he’s surprised because for the first time in his life a woman openly declared her love to him. Fed guesses right. “Ivana!” Not difficult since there are only two women around there he knows, says his daddy, and cuz if it were Val he’d be jumping for joy. “--Had to be Ivana.” Fed advises him to treat her tactfully from here on out because if he gives Vana any kind of encouragement, she’ll end up hopeful and will come out getting hurt. (A normal female would. Not this sociopathic maneater!) JM says he won’t be encouraging her or getting her hopes up. Fed says a woman in love doesn’t need encouragement. JM asks, well, then, what do I do? “--Just avoid the two of you getting hurt in the end, is all.” JM asks if he really believes that could happen. Fed answers by telling him a little about his own past love-life. “—Yes. The same thing happened to me. I was in love with another woman when I was engaged to your mother. I had to give up the woman I loved to marry your mother.” JM is fascinated and asks if he ever saw her again. “—Yes, a little while ago. Now we’re very good friends.” Just then Leonor comes in and remarks how he’s come back so soon. “--I suppose you went to Los Cascabeles?” JM notes the snide air in his mother’s tone. “—Los Cascabeles?” Mama says of course, didn’t you know your daddy has a ve-r-r-r-r-y good friend over at that hacienda? A look of recognition passes between JM and his daddy. Fed scowls and makes a quick exit, stage left. Mama smiles back at JM like she just ate the plumpest of canaries.

At the ranch office, Filadelfo comes in to say he found out Crisanta ran Ros off. Ros says yeah, but she did him a big favor because he couldn’t stand her anymore. Fil offers to let Ros stay at his place. Ros accepts till he can find somewhere else to live. Vana storms in demanding to speak to Ros and runs Fil off. She has a plan and wants Ros in on it. Vana wants Ros to help her spread a rumor around town that Hornacio and Jose Miguel have a bet going to see who wins VV first. (Translation: who gets her in bed first.) This appeals to Ros and he asks where she got the idea. Vana says she invented the lie and has already told her cousin. She just needs Val to start hearing it from other people now. He says fine, but JM will tell her it’s a lie if she asks. Vana says Val won’t believe JM. She’ll make sure of that! (Retch alert!) Vana moves in on Ros and sensually rubs his cheek. “—It’s good that we understand each other so well, Rosendo.”

We beam back to the woods somewhere. JM is taking Chuy for a ride on back of Cucuyo. The deal is Chuy goes to school and JM takes him riding if he wants. Suddenly they hear gunshots nearby and think somebody might be out hunting. JM and Chuy spy Val practicing with her revolver. Val’s (unbelievably) shooting the huge thing one-handed and looks to be a dead shot now. Pleased with herself, she decides to take a break and go for a swim. They secretly follow her and watch as she starts to take off her boots. JM asks Chuy to take the horse for a walk. Chuy asks if JM shouldn’t look the other way. JM tells him to hurry up with the horse already. Chuy obeys. JM watches silently as Val takes the rest of her clothes off. (Sorry, JM. No skinny-dipping this time around.) Val has on her bikini and dives in. JM is mesmerized. Will he race back to the ranch for his trunks and join her? Stay tuned.


Corazon Salvaje Episode #115, Ren is raped, Leo gets a dosage of her own medicine, Gabe and Jime profess their love for eac

Aimee is helping Renie to bed. I don't think how she pretends to do it with him. He is almost unconscious.

Serv is with the dress maker. The dressmaker gives him Elo's letter and he gives her a little bag of money.

Salma is thinking about what Jime told her about love being the most important thing in the world. Salma's "abuelos walk in the room and apologize to her for delaying the trip and thank her for her understanding. Los abuelos think Salma is doing this out of the goodness of her hart. Abuelo gives her a brazalette that was Mari's at her age. Salma, says no, no I can't. They insist and also give her some money. Salma can not resist.

Aimee is having sex with Renato's corpse, eeer, body. Aimee is really sick. Renato's sees a distorted image of her. Aime keep asking him where is his will and he belongs to her.

Salma is paying up Serv. Lulu is hot on her heels. Lulu sees how Salma gives Serv more money for Intel on Branco. Serv tells her Branco is in someplace called Costa Esmeralda.

Remi is back with the fish folk. They happy about him being back. The big guy asks Remi if he made his peace with Lulu. Remi tells him not to mention Lulu to him anymore. Remi is going to get some water, Eusebio is going to help him, but Remi gives Eus a look of "don't you dare". Poor Eusebio steps back. Pedro asks Remi why didn't he wait to be pick up by them. Coli says, yes we would've picked you up. Remi tells them listen, unfortunately I am the bearer of bad news. Remi tells them about MDR illness and the Juan needs now more than ever.

MDR is taking a ride around town. Juan and Reggie promised her from now on they'll do whatever she wants.

It seems the love potion only renders Renato limp for love making. Renie is back on his feet getting dressed. Aimee is asking him giggling (I can not stand her giggles) if he liked it. That woman has no shame. Renato is not a happy camper. Renato tells her she disgust him and tells her to go away. Renato tells her he'll pay her to go away. Renato leaves the room and Aimee tells herself, the money she paid the witch was a good investment.

Salma is thinking about the generosity of the abuelos, then she thinks about Serv giving her Barnco's location, then she thinks when Branco telling her to go to hell. Salma is convinced that she is a bad person.

Juan and Reggie have taken MDR shopping. They are treating her like a spoilled child buying for her everything she put her eyes on. Fully comes to talk to Juan about the trial. Fully tells Juan that his testimony, Fully, at the trial was neutral. He wants to become friends agian with Juan. Fully invites Juan for the soiree at his house tonight. Juan declines the invitation, but has second thoughts when Fully tells him that Renie is going to be there also. Juan joins the girls back. MDR gives him a taste of something she is eating. Juan takes it and gives her a hug.

Renie is taking a bath thinking about what happened to him. It seems he is not using any soap. Renato is thinking about Aimee and she gave him something to make him lose his will. He's pretty upset he says "maldita sea" and goes underwater. Renato if you could do every one a favor and stay down. sigh a gal can only wish.

Fully is someplace I don't know where. It doesn't look like home. He signals someone to join him, me thinks is Serv. Yep, is him and Serv gives him the letter Elo left for Fed with the dressmaker as a toke of his loyalty. Fully is very surprised about the content of the letter. it really sucks now to be Fed or Elo. At the same time Fed is thinking about how pretty soon he'll everything that is Fully's, his money, his wifey, and power. I thought Fed had Fully's wife already. Back to Fully, he instructs Sev to have the letter delivered to the intended recipient. Sev try to protest but Fully orders him to do as he is told. Good move by Fully. It seems he does not want to arouse any suspicion. Serv leaves. Fully is still not believing what the letter says.

Juan and Renie arrive home with their child. Juan just bought the whole store. They are overwhelming her, I think. MDR wants to have some alone time with Clemencia. Juan asks Reggie that he some alone time. Reggie understands his ply. Juan leaves the cottage for a walk. MDR tells Clemencia about how she is trying to hide her illness because she doesn't want them to find out about her. But they do not fool her. MDR know they know. MDR doesn't want them to suffer on her account. She is happy she is going to see JD soon. MDR has a cough attack and we see blood on her hanky again. MDR want to be hugged by Clem the same Clem hugged her when MDR was a youngster. Clem hugs her and MDR talks about wanting to be with JD. JD is outside the window waiting for her.

Juan is ridding on the beach. MDR and Clem continue their crying fest. Clem asks her about the letter. MDR tells that Arca had the letter. Clem asks her about her content. MDR tells her the letter said that Constance suspected Leo poisoning her.
Clem asks MDR if she sure. MDR tells her she read the letter more than once. MDR didn't who Constanza was but she knew the mentioned in the letter was Leo her sister. Clem I didn't know Leo's evilness would go this far. God forgive her.

Juan is walking on the beach blaming Leo and Rod for what is happening to him. Juan is also thinking about the promise he made his mom and that he won't break it. Then Juan thinks about Fully invite to play cards and that Ren is going to be there. I see Renie losing everything tonight at Fully's house.

Celia knocks in Renato's door. she brings the invite to the poker game.

The dressmaker gives Fed the letter Elo left for him. Fed talks to himself, since the casino was closed there's nothing to entertain a man other than banging his best friend's wife in this town. Now that Elo is not coming there's nothing to do, unless I go to her house and play cards with the cuckold of her husband as if nothing is happening.

Jeeez, the weather and tine in this TN changes so rapidly. I thought when Aimee and Ren where doing the deed was night, well it seems it was the middle of the day. It was nice and sunny. As it was just seconds ago when Juan was taking his stroll on the beach. Now is pitch dark at the finca. Leo is thinking how alone she is now. Then she takes a sip of cognac, uh oh. MDR is in Leo's room. Is Leo hallucinating? MDR startles Leo. Leo drops the glass, which probably is a good thing knowing what we know about the cognac in that house, and asks MDR What are you doing here. Leo tells MDR you have nothing to do in this house and tells her to leave. Leo tries to drag MDR and force her to leave. MDR tells her I'll leave but first you have to accompany me. MDR tells Leo how a bad cat she has been. MDR wants to take Leo to the dungeons. Leo of course doesn't want to go there. MDR drags her. Wow! MDR is very strong. Hard to believe that sickly woman would be able to drag strong Leo as if she was a kid. She drags Leo. I hope MDR know what she is doing. What about if Orca is down there.

Jim is contemplating her engagement ring. Gabe approaches her and cover her eyes. Jime recognizes his hands. Gabe asks her,where she's been. She said she wanted to be alone. They profess their love for eac other. Jime is concern about heir marriage because of her being a gitana and he being white. Gabe placates all her concerns and to seal the deal gives a kiss. I've noticed since Jimena was sold to the tavern guy, she doesn't dress like a gitana any more. She is fully dressed now. She is looks prettier. Gabe just has have and idea to proof his love for Jime.

The sisters are in the dungeon. MDR takes Leo to the room where she had her prisoner. MDR throws in Leo's face that all Leo did to MDR was for Rod's love. But nothing worked because Rod is still in love with MDR. Take that Leo hateful cow. Leo can't believe her ears. Rod still in love with MDR? MDR my poor sister, the only thing you accomplished was the destruction of your family. But Juan and Reggie are going to be happy the same way JD and I are going to be in eternity. MDR tells her how Arca tried to rape her and how poor Mirta saved her. MDR tells Leo that was the day when all her suffering ended. MDR tells Leo who she trusted her and how much che loved. But Leo only did bad things to MDR. MDR forgives her and pities her because Leo is going to end up alone. MDR leaves her in the room. Leo cries out to MDR not to leave her alone. Leo just sits in bed begging MDR no to leave her alone there.

Gabe put a crown made of flowers on Jime's head. They are inside a hart made of candles near the water falls. Gabe profess their love for each other. Too sweet for my taste. Yeah, yeash, yeah we get it you guys love each other. I think Gabe is getting lucky tonight. they are in the water now. Seriously?

That's all for tonight.


El Clon Friday July 30: Summary for Discussion

Tonight, in Fez, Ali is profoundly troubled by Albieri’s science project; Jade loses her faith in Lucas; and a cup shatters. And in Miami, Lucas proves to be a well-meaning but largely clueless father.

We are back in the ruins with Albieri, Ali and Daniel. Daniel plays while the grown-ups talk.

Albieri tries to defend his science against Ali’s faith. Cloning is a way of overcoming death, claims Albieri. But every living soul must experience death, says Ali. And besides, Daniel is neither a young Lucas nor a Diego brought back to life. He is simply a man without the bonds of family (lazos familiares). Who, after all, is his father? Lucas? Lucas’s father? Worse still he doesn’t even have a mother. (Nisiquiera tiene madre).

Does he know yet? asks Ali. No, says Albieri. That’s why I’m here, so you can be there when I tell him. Albieri is afraid of Daniel’s reaction to the truth, but perhaps even more afraid of the world’s reaction. At the same time, he is anxious to hear what the world has to say. That need to know has kept him from suicide in his most desperate hours.

Albieri has committed a grave sin, believes Ali. It is a sin that might cause Allah to remove the pillars that support the world. Just as Adam’s sin drove all of humanity from paradise, so will the whole world pay for Albieri’s sin.

Abrupt segue to the Casa Ferrer in Miami, where the unwitting clone progenitor, Lucas, continues his conversation with his presumably (although not obviously) ensouled daughter. He talks optimistically about her future, reminding her that drugs are harmful. The two of them can use the bad experiences and learn from them, says Lucas earnestly. We’ll try to listen to each other… I need things for the house, Nati says flatly. And I’d like you to find a place closer to home, says her father. Fine, says Nati. [Are these two listening to each other right now? I think not]

Lucas comes back downstairs where Marisa is still posing in the same white broccoli band. [This is one loooooong day]. She thinks they should demand explanations from Natalia, but Lucas says they should simply be supportive. And lay off Alejandro, okay? (No hostigues más a Alejandro.)

In Ali’s house in Fez, a euphoric Jade is looking forward to being with Lucas. But when she phones him, her joy quickly turns to despair and anger. He says he won’t be there for her when she gets to Miami:
Se me presentó un problema en la casa.
I have a problem at home. (Literally, A problem at home presented itself to me.)
She rages against him, reminding him that she also has complications in her life, and a daughter to think about, and she has sacrificed everything to be with him. My uncle never believed in you, she tells him, and now I understand he was right. I never want to see you again.
Zoraida then tells Jade that Said will never take her back. Estoy perdida, laments Jade. (I’m lost)

In a church in Miami, Dora is praying to the virgin to spare her life. Her friend Miguel happens to be there (he prays there every day, he says). He sees how distressed she is and asks if he can help her. He invites her to the bar for some distraction. No thanks, says Dora (but nicely).

In the Casa Ferrer, Nati is frantically pawing through her stuff, apparently looking for drugs or money or both, but when she hears her father coming, she quickly takes her seat at a small table. Tell me what you need, he says. She gives him a list: air conditioner, fridge, tv, washer.

Alej has a chance to buy a good used car from Pedro’s aunt with the money he earned at his last fight. But he decides that Nati’s needs are more important. He’ll hold off on the car. But a car’s not a luxury in Miami, Gloria reminds him.

Hilda and Karla sit at a table at Gloria’s and discuss the best way to part fools from their money. Ramoncito listens eagerly. Somehow he has gleaned from their conversation that Miss K is with child and the baby’s father is filthy rich (literally, swimming in money) (El padre está nadando en dinero.) He runs to Gloria with the chisme but she shuts him down quickly: ¡A trabajar! (get to work!)

Roberto and Andrea get to observe a group session at a public drug rehab clinic. One by one, the participants describe the banal horrors of their lives on drugs. The conclusion: if you’re in trouble with drugs, get help! (Pide ayuda!) [I thought they did a good job here and the stories rang true.]

Nati joins Alej at their new apartment. He’s excited about the surprise he has waiting for her. With the money from his fight, he’s filled her wish list, starting with the most important thing, the air conditioner. Weren’t you going to buy a car? she asks. Yeah, but it was more important to do this for you. So… you spent the money? she asks. Alejandro is chattering happily about brownies and ice cream and freezers. He proudly brings a gloppy whipped cream creation to the table – where Nati has fallen into a very druggy looking sleep.

In the hotel room, Malicia is hard at work at her laptop, plagiarizing Cristina’s report. Escobarde gives her the good news: they can move into their apartment. Don’t you think we should wait until it’s furnished? she asks. But Raulito doesn’t want to pay rent on two places. Oh and by the way, I’m going to put the apartment in my name, you know, for Fernando’s sake…

Luisa and Cris are walking through the medina trying to track down the slippery Albieri. Cristina is talking on her cell to Rogelio, telling him she can’t understand why Malicia can’t find her report, that she should keep looking for it because it’s there.

And we are back in the ruins. Daniel tells Ali how he has dreamed of this place and he has dreamed of a woman with a veil, although he could never quite see her face. Albieri asks Ali if he thinks Daniel’s experience is una manifestación de la memoria genética. The most important question for Ali is whether Daniel can be said to have a soul. He has feelings, Albieri tells him. No sé, no lo sé, says Ali.

Leo, now left alone in the resort, remembers Amalia’s accusation that he was comparing her to Cristina. Then an image of a dancing Cristina flits across his mind. No, he tells himself sternly: Cristina está fuera de mi vida. (she’s out of my life).

In a gorgeously posed scene in Ali’s house, a disconsolate Jade sits on the floor with her head in Zoraida’s lap, while the women of the house stand by like a silent Greek chorus. Zoraida is telling her that el amor es una serpiente (love is a snake) that wraps itself around you like a necklace and then, when you’re not paying attention, it bites you. (cuando no te das cuenta, te muerda.) Lucas, says Jade, is going to pay for this. [Maybe Zoraida should be giving this lesson to Zein.]

Our grumpy family group is sitting in the airport in Fez -- perhaps their Aeronovela flight is delayed -- doing their best to keep the foul mood going. You better not tell anyone in Miami about this novio stuff, Samira warns Jadiya. Me, I’d love it if Tio Ali got me a novio, answers Jadiya. Prince Amin is caught mid-ogle by his sister and cousin. The Naz is so annoyed, she is actually silent. Amina is still looking for excuses to interact with Mohamed and drive Latifa crazy. And of course Said is still bemoaning his loss of Jade:
Arrojé a Jade al viento pero con ella arrojé mi corazón también.
I cast Jade to the wind but I cast out my own heart with her.
Rania is still jealous of Jade and Amina is still telling her: You’re Number One!

When Fernando shows up late at Empresa Ferrer, Clara tries unsuccessfully to make him take responsibility for his actions. Enrique tells her that after his recent relapse, he doesn’t feel he has the moral standing to talk to Fernando. That’s ok, says Clara, it’s something Escobar and I have to do.

Lucas is at home with Mama Rosa. He opens up to her, tells her he would love to fly to Morocco to explain to Jade that nothing has changed between them, but he simply can’t leave Nati right now. He wonders if:
por haber estado pendiente de Jade, descuidé a mi hija.
...because of being so concerned with Jade, I neglected my daughter.
Reluctantly, he concludes:
No me voy a reunir con ella hasta que me hija esté bien.
I’m not going to get back together with her until my daughter is well. [And that's not looking like it's going to happen any time soon!]

Tonight’s final scenes: Ali leads Daniel into his house in Fez. Esta es mi casa, muchacho, he says. Daniel scratches his head, looks around wonderingly. Meanwhile, in another part of the house where Zoraida and Jade are sitting quietly, a coffee cup (the coffee cup?) falls to the floor and breaks.
¿Cómo se rompió esta taza si nadie la tocó?
How did this cup break when nobody touched it? Zoraida wants to know.
Déjala, ya no tiene importancia. Lo que está escrito ya ahí se cumplió.
Let it be, it’s not important anymore. What is written has already been fulfilled/come to fruition here.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Dinero #165, 7/30/10: Marian makes a desperate plea and Susana plans revenge with glee.

Susana interrupts the daily meeting to tell Rafa that Marian and her posse have arrived to speak with him. The employees hoot and holler while Ale looks sour. Rafa is hesitant to leave the meeting but Ale prods him into going.

While Julieta primps for a night on the town, Jaime pours his heart out to a portrait of Jesus. He knows what he is doing is wrong and begs for forgiveness. Suddenly Jaime has an epiphany and knows what he has to do.

Jorge and Rosario have a pleasant breakfast at the apartment. Rosario is still shaken up over the ghost at the hacienda. Jorge assures her Marco will handle it as well as he has all of their other affairs.

Rafa sits down in his office with Marian and an engineer named Abelardo Mendoza Torres-Mocha. Rafa offers Mocha a deal on the used trucks that he readily accepts. (I missed the particulars; the subtitles were way off tonight.) Later, the engineer shakes Rafa’s hand and leaves with a smile. Marian asks Rafa to lunch to celebrate their good luck and he excitedly accepts.

Ale unsuccessfully tries to convince the employees that she isn’t bothered by the relationship between Rafa and Marian. She cuts the meeting short when it gets too uncomfortable for her. Ale tells Susana she heard Rafa and his boys club talking about Rafa’s bachelor party. Rosaura, Claudia, and Generala can’t help but butt in and offer to throw a bachelorette party for Ale. After all, she’s getting married too. Ale wants to turn them down but has to give in once the girls put a hard sell on her. (If only they could sell cars as well as they sold the party idea.)

Ramirez agrees to put in a good word for Marino to Beltran and Arcadia. Secretly, Ramirez dreads the day Marino finds out about his relationship with Marino’s ex wife. He’s sure Marino will kill him.

Marco tells Chavez about the horrible time Rosario and Jorge had at the hacienda. Chavez is unnerved when Marco tells him they saw two headless ghosts. Now Marco has to have El Gran Brujo perform an exorcism to get things back to normal.

Meanwhile, Quintana is discussing the ghosts with his business partner Rendon. One of the ghosts was a fake but both guys are frightened when they can’t figure out who the second ghost could have been. Quintana snaps out of it and vows to find out what’s really going on.

Jaime arrives at Rafa’s with bags full of goodies for the bachelor party. He promises Leonor the party will be good, clean fun. Julieta warns Jaime that it better be. VVV calls and screeches at Leonor about not being able to talk to Rafa. Leonor tells Vicky Rafa is going to be busy since tonight is his bachelor party. “QUÉ?!

Marian and Rafa order lunch but the fun deflates when Marian places her hand on Rafa’s. Rafa gently pulls his hand away and tells Marian he is getting married. Marian bursts into tears which makes Rafa feel horrible. Marian is crushed she lost Rafa to Ale. Rafa tries to correct her but her sobs drown out his explanation.

Susana tries to snap Ale out of her blue mood over Rafa. She’s depressed that Rafa is out having a good time with Marian. Susana wonders if Marian would be invited to Rafa’s wedding then comes up with a devious idea. “What if Marian received an anonymous invitation to Rafa’s wedding? Rafa destroyed both our lives so why shouldn’t we play dirty?” (Bad karma for you, Susana!! I’m so disappointed.) Ale is impressed at Susana’s underhanded plan.

VVV paces and screams herself into a frenzy over the bachelor party. She will not allow it!! Vicky calls Jamie but he lets it ring. Julieta is tired of VVV’s constant calls and makes Jaime answer. Vicky demands Jaime tell her where the party is going to be but Jaime truly doesn’t know.

Rafa paces around the table trying to think of something to make Marian stops crying. Marian stops sobbing but still begs Rafa to break off his engagement and come work for her.

Azucena gets back from a visit to the del Castillo house and gives Rosario a package of paperwork the neighbor collected. The information is from Ginebra, Suiza, which confuses Jorge because he can’t think of anyone he knows there. (I couldn’t piece this together very well. Can anyone clarify?)

Marian apologizes for making a scene. She thought Rafa knew the depth of her feelings for him. Marian loved Rafa from the moment she met him. But she was constantly in Ale’s shadow and had to fight for Rafa’s affection. Now Marian is upset that Rafa has been so unfaithful to his girlfriend. “You can’t love your novia. You love Alejandra.”

Jaime calls Pepeto to ask where they should have the bachelor party. Pepeto agrees to figure it out and later they’ll plan the, ahem, entertainment.

Ale is still kicking herself over believing Rafa’s lies. She’s still going to marry Marco even though she loves Rafa. She can’t think of anything else to do.

Marian demands to know why Rafa isn’t with Ale when he obviously loves her so much. Rafa flatly replies that they both have their own lives, families, and significant others. Marian says it isn’t fair for Rafa to marry Vicky when he does not love her. “Your relationship with Ale is impossible and your relationship with Vicky is going to fail. Leave the both of them and come work for me. I can make you the director of corporate sales. You could be happy by my side.” Rafa’s reply will have to wait until Monday.

Avances: Susana enacts her evil plan. It's too ugly, I can't look.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

El Clon Thursday July 29: Summary for Discussion

In tonight’s episode, Amalia and Leo call it quits; Lucas agrees to unite forces with Marisa for Nati’s sake; Malicia takes credit for Cristina’s work and gets ready to elbow her out; and Ali comes face to face with Albieri’s handiwork.

We are back on the street with Lucas and a flat, numbed-out looking Natalia. He is desperate to know that she is okay. She is desperate to get money. They head back to the Casa Ferrer.

At her gynecologic visit, the doctor asks Dora to describe her symptoms. Then we’ll do the exam and Pap smear, she says, and you can come back in a few days for the results. For now: No nos adelantemos todavía. (Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet.)

Luisa catches up with Cristina at the hotel in Fez. Cris tries to prepare Luisa for the possiblity that Albieri may indeed have a lover but if he does, it’s meaningless. One may be dazzled momentarily (dejar deslumbrar)… We’re not like that, says Luisa. (But you have to forgive her, Luisa. Being in Fez and remembering her fateful dalliance with Diego has distorted her perspective a bit.) Hmm, on second thought, says Cris, if he were here for a honeymoon, why would he take Daniel with him?

Today you get to meet my friend, Ali, says Albieri to Daniel as they wander through the medina together. Daniel is glad to hear it although he admits that what Albieri has said so far about the mother who died me tienes muy confundido. (has me very confused). He loves his mother Dora, she’s the only mother he’s known, she raised him and:
Yo no quiero que mi madre Dora salga lastimada.
I don’t want my mother Dora to end up getting hurt.

Lucas brings Nati home and asks Rosa to fix a meal for her. I’m not hungry, says Nati. She never eats anymore, offers Rosa. The girls these days think it’s beautiful ser hueso y pellejo (to be skin and bones, or literally ‘bone and hide’) she says indulgently. When Lucas asks Nati about her arrest, she denies any responsibility. The drugs weren’t hers, someone put them in her bag (morral). The only one who heard the policeman say she was drugged was her mother and she’s a liar…

Marisa comes downstairs and tells them Andrea heard what the policeman said as well. Nati repeats her litany of abuses suffered at Marisa’s hands. (Interestingly, on repetition, it loses force and Nati just sounds like a drugged out, spoiled brat while Marisa can play the injured party.) Rosa slips away and calls Enrique. Nati is possessed by a demon, she tells him, and you are the only one who understands about spirits. One Ghostbuster on the way, he assures her.

Clara is trying to find Fernando. He hasn’t shown up at work and no one answers the phone at home. She calls Andrea who tells her she hasn’t seen him, but tries to cover without exactly lying, saying they just have different schedules.

Clara tells her friend Carolina how worried she is about her son and Caro confesses that indeed she has noticed he’s been very distracted lately (está muy disperso) and she’s concerned about his behavior too. She suggests finding professional help for him.

Nati’s argument with her parents is becoming increasingly shrill. I want money, you make me crazy (me sacan de quicio), I’m tired of your stupidity… Enrique walks in on this sorry performance and Lucas asks him if he knows anyone who can help them.
No me van a mandar a ningún loquero!
You’re not sending me to any shrink! screams Nati.
Enrique tells them she is high on cocaine (está llena de cocaína). He is sure because looking at Nati is like looking in a mirror. Parents always want to hide the truth at first because of shame and guilt…
It’s true, says Marisa, I do feel guilty. Did you hear what my daughter said to me? Enrique tells her she shouldn’t feel guilty [Excuse me? Yes, she should feel guilty, even if Nati is ultimately responsible for the course of her life!]
In his case, he says:
El único responsible de haber entrado en las drogas era yo; y el único responsable de salir de las drogas era yo también.
I was the only one responsible for getting into drugs; and I was also the only one responsible for getting away from drugs.
But, he adds:
No hacemos nada lanzándole una cuerda a Natalia si ella no se quiere.
We accomplish nothing throwing a lifeline to Natalia if she doesn’t want it.

It’s time for family farewells at Ali’s house. Poor deluded Mohamed says they’ll be back soon for the weddings of the children to the novios selected by Abdul. The Naz repeats that she’d prefer to die barren (seca) than married to a mummy. When the group has left, Ali tells Zoraida that he is worried about Jade. He is troubled by Said’s plan to keep her from seeing Jadiya. He doesn’t trust Zein, calls him un aventurero, and says he’s only interesting in seducing women. Asking Zoraida not to say anything to Jade about Said’s threats, he heads off for a walk in the ruins to think.

And of course at that moment, Daniel is telling Albieri, as they walk through the ruins, that he feels as if he has been here many times before. [Of course we’ve seen him there before at least once.]

The turtledoves Amalia and Leo have stopped cooing. Amalia is on her way back to Miami. Leo accuses her of behaving like a spoiled brat (malcriada) and she tells him it’s clear he isn’t over Cristina. The engagement is toast.

Escobarde phones Fernando for a man-to-man conversation. Fer hangs up on him. Then the moronic Escobarde turns to Anita and complains that Clara is behaving badly and Malicia is sweet, good and honest. (Anita must have taken an anti-emetic before coming to work because she manages to listen to this without puking.)

That sweet Malicia has just assured Cristina, on the phone, that she has a Very Important Report (VIR) in hand that Cristina prepared before she left. To Rogelio, however, she says the VIR is nowhere to be found. She will do her best to write it tonight. But that is weeks of work, he says. Hey, if you have that VIR for me tomorrow, I’ll give you a promotion! (So is Rogelio a sly fox or a fool?)

At the gym, Alej confides to Pablo that he is getting distracted by Natalia’s problems. He’s afraid Rudy (I suppose the new trainer) will notice and tell Michael Gonzales.

And in Fez, Albieri is giving Daniel a history lesson about the ruins, originally a kasbah or fortress. Who should come walking along but Ali…

Jade bounces happily into Ali’s house and tells Zoraida all about her plan to get together with Lucas in Miami. She confesses she hasn’t told Zein about Lucas for fear he would return her to Said. Soon Lucas and I will be together forever! (Oh Jade!)

While Jade is in Fez dreaming of her happy ever after with Lucas, Lucas is in Miami with Marisa proposing that they join forces for the sake of their daughter. Does that include forgetting about Jade? she wants to know. Whatever it takes, he says.

This is the day for the fieldtrip to the rehab facility. As Roberto stands by, Andrea calls the Casa Ferrer looking for Natalia. Rosa tells her she’s sleeping. Fernando is sleeping in today as well. Why did you want Natalia to come? asks Roberto. Is she using drugs too. [Looks like the only one who’s getting the lesson today is the one who doesn’t need it!]

Back in the ruins, it finally happens! A wandering Ali encounters the clone! As he stares at Daniel, Ali’s face is a study in bewilderment, disbelief and vague displeasure. Lucas? he asks uncertainly. Daniel turns to Albieri and asks why this man is calling him Lucas, says he’s the second person to do so. What did you do Albieri? says a horrified Ali. You defied Allah! Why is he looking at me like that? asks Daniel. He’s not looking at you, Albieri says, he’s looking at me. To Ali he says: Now you know!

Jade and Zoraida continue their conversation. Jade is sure that Lucas loves her. He has proven that to her. She was afraid he wouldn’t have the courage, that there would be problems keeping them apart as in the past. She is convinced that this time it is different. She knows Said will try to pressure her with Jadiya’s custody, but she’s confident she can prevail. She believes that Allah has sent Zein to her in order to reunite her with Lucas.

In Miami, Lucas is telling Rosa that although Jade is very important to him, Natalia is his priority right now. He’ll have to postpone his plans with Jade but he’s sure she’ll understand. He knows Natalia has emotional problems and her behavior has been difficult, but now he is there to take care of her. [It sounds as if he is at Step One in Enrique’s Parental Reaction Manual – he is minimizing the extent of Natalia’s problems and what it will take to deal with them.]

Marisa, meanwhile, seems to have rebounded nicely from her momentary bout of self-doubt and guilt. She tells Rosa that Lucas should feel guilty because he knows he is responsible for Nati’s problems.

Lucas goes up to Nati’s room and offers to set things straight with Alej if she will promise not to take drugs anymore. You know I’d do anything for you, he says.

And the final scene belongs to those who have met at the Kasbah:
Ali: ¿Es tu ahijado, Albieri? (Is this your godson, Albieri?)
Albieri: Daniel es el clon de Lucas (Daniel is Lucas’s clone.)


Corazon Salvaje 7/29/10 Time is Running Short for Everyone

Ep. 114

We start with Aimee putting the luuuuuv potion in the liquor decantor and glass. She looks very pleased with herself.

Juan and MdR are out in a boat. You couldn’t pay me enough to get out in that little boat. MdR is telling Juan that the sea was the beginning of her happiness. She remembers back to getting her shoe stuck and toppling over into the ocean. JDD was her savior. They have a conversation but I can’t hear it over the waves.

Clemencia and Reggie are in the hut on the beach. Clemencia thinks the story of MdR and Juan De Dios is a very sad story of love. Reggie agrees. When JDD comes for her they will be eternally happy.

Back on the little boat MdR tells Juan that she needs to be beside his father JDD. Juan tells her not to say such things. Juan cries.

Back in the hut Regina is happy to be in love. Clemencia is very happy for her. Reggie says sit down. I have something very important to tell you. MdR told me about a letter. A very important letter from my mother. Remember you were looking for it? But that’s impossible MdR didn’t know about it. Clemencia remembers back to when Constanza gave her the letter and made Clem promise she would give it to her children. Clemencia tells Reggie yes, there was a letter. Your mother told me to give it to you when the time was right. It contains a terrible truth. Reggie is on the edge of her seat as is Viewerville.

Juan is back and talking about his mother. Clemencia thinks they need to get Doctorcito to come by and see her.

Abuelo is telling Fake Angela and Abuela that he’s got some business with Noel. Mari says ok if you say so. Fake Angela says there is no hurry. Man, I hate her.

MdR is over at the doctors talking to Remi. He’s still wallowing in whatever emotion he’s wallowing in. She tells him that he is young and strong. She knows it was he who saved Juan from the jungle that night. Thank you. Thank you so much. Look at me. Look at me Remigio. He starts to cry. She wants to give him a prayer. He gets down on his knees and cries. She gives him a big hug.

Mari is over at Noel’s office. She thinks its just super that her father is going to spend more time in Veracruz thanks to Noel. He’s happy that she gave Lulu a job. She thinks Remi is a good man. Noel agrees. (Will there be some hot monkey love in their future? Hmmmm…) Noel thinks it is a shame that there had to be a deception. Noel gets all tongue tied as he tries to say something. Mariella interrupts him and moves closer. She thinks love is the most marvelous emotion that ever existed. And she has no doubt about it.

Juan is pacing. Reggie wants him to calm down. Pablo comes out and Juan wants to know the truth. What is wrong with my mother? Her condition comes from being in the dungeon so long. Her condition is very grave. She doesn’t have much time. Juan is shocked to hear that. There’s got to be something that can be done. We’ll do whatever we have to to save her. Pablo understands his desperation and he can get a second opinion but that doesn’t really change anything. Juan begs Pablo to save her. To do whatever he can. Reggie tries to calm him down. How’s that for a kick in the head? You just find your mom after all these years and then learn she’s going to die. Reggie says he’s got to accept what is happening. He’s like--NOT. Reggie keeps trying to console him which only makes him more agitated. You have to be strong and enjoy her. Enjoy what little time she has left. Regina is going to help him.

Back in Veracruz Noel is walking with Mariella. She asks if it is ok to use the familiar with him and takes his arm. He stammers and stutters like a dork as he says oh sure. I think we know who Noel is going to end up with. Whoopie! They both deserve some happiness. She says something about Leo and we cut to said harpy.

She thinking to herself what will happen to her if they find out the truth about MdR. Frankly Viewerville doesn’t care what happens to you. We’d prefer that your fate be, well, uh--painful.

Back to Mari and Noel. He’s sure that he is destined to live without love. Mari thinks they are alike. Waiting for something that never happens.

At the jail the sheriff is pulling out bags of coins. It looks like he’s been saving for a rainy day and the weatherman is calling for rain.

Over at Pablo’s MdR looks concerned that Juan and Reggie look so worried. It sounds like they are so busted for talking to the doctorcito. Juan stammers that they uh, just came over to talk to Remi. MdR using her finly tuned mom lie detector skills knows that Juan is, well, lying. She says she just finished talking to, uh, Remi. She was thanking him for taking care of Juan all those years and she wanted to be there for Remi also like his mother was for Juan. She wants Juan to be happy and she is so glad that Reggie is there for Juan also. Pablo looks like he’s going to cry.

Jimena is running through town when she runs into (literally) Fake Angela. I personally would have like to see Jimena give her a gold old fashioned body-slam right there in the street. They insult each other and Jimena says she is happy because she has love. What does Fake Angela have? Money and things. Gabriel asked me to marry him and I accepted. See my engagement ring? For Jimena the only thing important is love. Fake Angela thinks to herself that for Branco’s love she would give all this up.

Back to Noel and Mari. Noel is telling her that she is a good person and very pretty. He’s sure that she will find a good man. She says the same about him. She gets a little flustered.

Juan is still hugging his mother. Regina says she and MdR need some girl time so she says she’ll see them later and leaves. After the girls are gone Juan looks really bummed. He jumps up and tells Remi that he needs him to be strong. He needs his help right now. Remi swears that he will be there for Juan and nothing and nobody can stop him. Juan is upset that he just found his mom and now he’s going to lose her again. I’m sad too. I hate it when he cries. Remi swears by his mother that he will be by Juan’s side.

Noel and Mari are still talking. She wants to confess something to him. It’s about Jimena. She feels something strange inside when she is with her. (Too much noise in the background. Reminds me of when my boss dictates a tape while floating in his pool and tells me he‘s at a meeting.) But I digress. He wants to ask her a question. How much do you remember about your daughter? She remembers a song that she used to sing to her. (Could this be our magical link to Jimena and Mari?)

Jimena is on the beach singing the same song. Well, I guess that answered that question. Jimena finishes singing that song and wonders why she remembers that song. More song singing. FF>>

Fake Angela arrives home and shouts at Lulu. Lulu stands up to her and says that if she is pretending to be someone she isn’t, she will burn in her own little special place in hell. We can only hope. Fake Angela glares at her.

Noel is meeting with the judge who says that there are rumors going around town that the Sheriff has committed many injustices and was bought off by the rich families in town. Noel tells him for sure that is true. He thinks the captain will help them. The Judge says he will think about it.

Reggie and MdR are walking along the water. Rod comes up and calls Maria’s name. Reggie and MdR turn and look. Dun, dun, dun.

Juan is still trying to figure out how they can help his mother. Pablo doesn’t have much hope. Such is life. Remi wants to thank Juan for all he does for him. Juan says no thank you for all you have done for me. FF>>

Rod approaches MdR and wants to know what happened. MdR says it is all his fault because he couldn’t stand her loving JDD and the the son she was carrying. Rod says he loved her with all his heart. Too bad, so sad for you Rod. She scoffs at that. She says to him love is possessing someone. He tells her it was all Arcadio’s fault. Leo had nothing to do with it. Ha! Tell me the truth right now. Dude, you can’t handle the truth.

Meanwhile, Leo is at the finca all alone. Sitting on the couch thinking to herself that everything is lost. Damn straight it is. There is no salvation for me. That’s right sister. I’ll spend the rest of my life in jail. Maybe you should just off yourself right now and be done with it. I’m sure no one in Viewerville would stop you. Anyone? No? Good. There is a loud knock at the door. It’s Renato. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk to anyone for the rest of her life. I’m sure everyone would be happy with that situation. My father abandoned you but I’m still here. You have enough to worry about without worrying about me. Your skanky wife for one. Tell me everything but don’t mention Aimee. Speak of the devil in walks said Skank.

Eloisa is handing an envelope to the dressmaker. She wants her to give it to Fed. She won’t be able to meet him tonight. She’s hosting friends of her husband to play cards. If I was the dressmaker I’d be sick and tired of those two doing the wild thing in my bed.

Two guys are walking along talking about being free when they are ambushed by some soldiers. Are we supposed to know who they are?

Back at the finca Her Royal Skankness says she can see by their faces that she is not welcome. Ya think? Renato says he’s just worried about his mother. Leo tells her to go to her room she doesn’t want to see her face. And frankly, we don’t either. She says she found an invitation to play cards at Don Fully’s house. She laughs as she swishes out of the room. Leo can hardly stand it. She doesn’t wait for the door to close to start blasting Aimee.

Rod is still trying to convince MdR that Leo had nothing to do with her disappearance. It was all Arcadio. Whatever! She doesn’t bother trying to convince him. She really doesn’t even want to talk to him. He wants to make it up to her but she’s not having any of that. She and Regina leave his happy ass standing in the street. He looks like he’s been sucker punched and he starts to cry. Awwwww-NOT!

Leo asks Renato if he’s going to accept the invitation to play cards tonight. He doesn’t think so. He doesn’t really feel like being around people. He thinks he’s going to stay home and go to bed early. Aimee is waiting for him with a glass in her hand. She still trying to get him to drink the luuuuuv potion. They bicker and he takes a drink. More bickering, another drink. She convinces him to go up and look at baby stuff. His glass is empty. Uh oh. He doesn’t feel good. He sits down on the couch. Aimee tries to get him to get into bed. She starts kissing him and undressing him. He keeps saying he feels bad. She gets his shirt off and goes for the pants. End. No!


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