Monday, July 17, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #49, Mon Jul 17 2017: Throwing in the Towel

Alt title: Snake Bites Snake

Danilo is getting nervous, because BunMan's phone has been disconnected, and Marcelino's going to want his money soon. Horacio says it's time for Plan B, but Danilo protests that he never even had a Plan A. Then Dani comes up with a plan right on the spot: since El Dorado isn't watching, Dani will just take on more clients and he'll get the money that way. (There's a flaw in his logic, but I won't be a buzzkill.) Horacio says that more clients means more problems.

Genesis interrupts Danilo and Horacio's meeting to tell them that Soto died overnight. Danilo shoots a disbelieving look at Horacio, who replies with an ever-so-slight headshake.

Ryan calls Laura, who has apparently finished her cigarette over the weekend. Ryan is worried about her, and Chayo is beside herself. Laura reminds Ryan that scaring Chayo could put her health at risk, but Chayo was apparently just as scared when she didn't know what Laura was up to. Chayo doesn't approve of what Laura's doing. Laura's disappointed that Chayo isn't supporting her, knowing all that Laura's been through. Chayo yells some more until Laura hangs up.

Then Chayo argues with Ryan. Apparently, although it's okay for Chayo to disapprove of Laura's reckless behavior, it's not okay with Chayo if Ryan disapproves too! Seriously, I just got whiplash. She says that they have to have faith that when Laura cools off, she'll think with her head.

At school, Maria says that Tadeo thinks she's a slut. Kim says that Tad is a "drama queen," and she is under the impression that Maria had sex with Mark. Kim thinks this is a great achievement, because everyone wants to have sex with Mark. (Something tells me it's not that difficult to get in his pants.) Maria doesn't contradict Kim. Kim wants deets. She yells down to Mark, who is playing basketball, but he ignores them. Kim asks, is he ignoring you because you had sex with him, or because you didn't?

Maria admits that she didn't have sex with Mark, and if he won't talk to her now, oh well, some other time. Kim says no, he won't be back. Maria will have to approach him and show him that she's horny! That's the only way to be, around here. Kim will help her.

Fausto and La Toña are looking tired, but still fairly fresh in the back of that truck. They should be red-faced and panting. Fausto begs for water. Toña says they'll die, and Laura will rot in prison. Laura goes back there with, I can't tell what, something wrapped in foil? and something yellow, like a lemon? She says that's all there is. Toña won't eat it, though Fausto doesn't hesitate to dig in. Laura says that Toña forced her to live on only water, and Laura had to eat bugs to survive. Otherwise, she'd have ended up like that other girl she was with, who died right in front of her. So Toña can eat that stuff or die, it's up to her.

Fausto asks why Laura is doing this to him. He never starved her! (I want someone to kick him in the head.) Laura says she trusted him, and he took her into hell. Laura slams the door and locks it. Then Toña starts making pathetic sounds, and Fausto cries that she's dying. Laura looks at her gun, walks to the back of the van in slow motion, turns the key...

Milton asks about Soto at Furia. Genesis says he had a heart attack and had been sick lately. Milton thought he looked fine the other day. Danilo and Horacio see Milton and go on the offensive. Milton makes himself out to be a mild-mannered showbiz reporter. Genesis says that La Regia gave him permission to do a story on her. Milton agrees and says he was researching the ban on her song. Danilo says La Regia isn't here. She's dealing with a problem. Milton surmises that it must be a personal problem. Danilo says that La Regia and her daughter (who nobody mentioned!) are fine. He takes away Milton's visitor badge and kicks him out.

Ryan and Steve try to figure out what to do. Steve mentions that he's in trouble (presumably with Genesis), but declines to go into details just now. Steve has a friend who should be able to find the location of Laura's phone, even with the GPS turned off, by identifying the nearest cell towers.

Laura is just about to open up the van when she sees a rattlesnake. She says she'll open the door slowly, and I think she wants to say more, but Fausto pops out and tries to attack her. Laura jumps out of the way, and the snake gets to him first. Toña doesn't see this, though, and yells for him to kill Laura. Laura notes that Toña looks pretty good for someone who was just in the clutches of death. (Is it really so shocking that La Toña lied?) Laura guides them both back into the van at gunpoint and tells Fausto to use his belt to slow the venom.

Then she gives the rattlesnake a hug and a kiss and takes him to the vet to make sure that Fausto's blood doesn't make him sick. Not really. But she does look at the snake like it just saved her life.

Tadeo runs into Danilo and Horacio. Apparently, Tad made such a good impression at Morgana's show that they're going to give him a contract this week. Tadeo walks away, grateful. Horacio observes to Danilo that the young'uns are the most profitable because they'll work for peanuts.

In the van, Laura remembers the early days with Fausto, when he charmed her naive young self and said he couldn't wait for her to meet Ozzy (Ociel). He promises they'll travel the world; Laura's aunt doesn't trust him; Fausto promises they'll come back to visit Auntie at least once a month; next thing she knows, Laura's at the brothel and Blake is drooling over the new butterfly.

In Laura's flashback, people point and laugh at her. Fausto blocks the exit and pours booze down her throat. Then time passes in a flash; Laura is locked in a room, holding a baby in one hand and a gun in the other as Blake bangs on the door and tells her to open up. "You said you'd do anything for her." "Whatever you ask," Laura replies. "Even your own life?" he asks.

Now Laura is crossing the desert with Paloma in her flashback. (Is someone else with them?) And then watching Ryan hand Paloma over to the social worker.

Ryan calls. She doesn't want to talk to him, but she lets him gab about their happy future for a while as Steve's friend hurries to locate her phone. But Fausto's and Toña's screams start getting on her nerves, and she hangs up on Ryan.

Luisa informs Blake that Isidro appears to have returned to Mexico without Paloma, so Paloma will soon be put up for adoption. Blake says that could take up to two years. He wants to be sure that his lawyers are on it.

Joe and Mercy go to the social worker to ask if they can take Paloma home. It will be less traumatizing for her. The social worker agrees and says that Isidro appears to have gone back to Mexico, and his phone is disconnected. She mentions that there was another candidate who was interested in Paloma, but Mercy was the better choice. But, she reminds Mercy, this arrangement is only temporary; and they need to keep her away from her "mother" (I'm surprised they're referring to Laura that way) and Chayo.

Someone opens the door, and Paloma runs in to greet Mercy as "Abuelita."

Toña reports that Fausto's leg is turning black. I'm thinking they're lucky Laura didn't throw the snake in there with them. Fausto begs to be taken to a hospital. He tells Laura that her passport is in the glove box. He says Laura's not an evil person and remembers when she lived with her aunt Hermione. (Hermania? Hernia?) Yeah, he shouldn't have mentioned Auntie, because that really pisses Laura off. Thanks to Fausto, Aunt H. died thinking Laura was an awful person.

Fausto says that's not true. Aunt H knew he was no good; she even reported him to the police. She was sick, which made it easier to get rid of her; he swears she died peacefully. Laura points the gun at the back door of the van.

Steve's friend wasn't able to pinpoint Laura, but he did manage to identify the general area. Ryan takes off to look for her.

BunMan looks at the grill marks on his left hand. Talisman asks what the "patrón" said. BunMan says he doesn't like them being unable to move, but they have to sit tight. Talisman says they caught another one of our guys - that's the third one. BunMan isn't worried that the guy will talk, but he is worried about Danilo. They don't know what he might do. Talisman says that if they don't give Danilo the money he needs (to cover what Tomas stole), Marcelino will kill Danilo. BunMan is down with that. He wants to keep an eye on Furia, too.

At Mercy's house, Paloma is told that she can't see her mother or Chayo yet. Joe says this is a grownup matter and he doesn't even understand it himself. Rita comes in with the mail, including a magazine with Mercy's interview about Don Chayo (remember him?).

Mercy takes Paloma to the kitchen for breakfast, and Joe looks at the magazine. Rita points out a photo of Mercy when she was much younger, alongside Don Chayo and another man who Rita saw in another photo before, but when Mercy saw it she got upset. (Rita doesn't want Joe to mention it to Mercy, though I'm thinking Mercy's going to notice when she sees the article!)

Joe sits down with the magazine and looks at the photo, which is awkwardly Photoshopped to show Young Mercy, Young Don Chayo, and Young Pedro Carrillo together. (We know it's Pedro because Joe says "Pedro Carrillo" aloud.)

Laura has returned to the front of the van. She tells Ryan on the phone that she's made a decision. Since she can't have Paloma, she has nothing to lose. She hangs up. Then Mercy calls Ryan to tell him that Paloma is with them and they're going to arrange the adoption. Ryan calls Laura back, but gets the buzón. Then Steve calls to say that Laura (or her phone) is heading back to LA.

Laura abandons the van in an empty parking lot at a hospital (there's no such thing as an empty parking lot at a hospital), leaving the driver's door open and the key on the bumper. Fausto and Toña are still howling. Laura goes to a police station and says there's an abandoned van at the hospital with people trapped inside. She's turning herself in. She's been living a double life with a false identity, her real name is Laura Oviedo, and she killed a man three years ago. And no, she's not joking.

The cop gets flustered and calls for a doctor. He thinks she's having a nervous breakdown, but she shows him her passport and says those people in the van are in danger. The cop warns that he'll have to arrest her. "I'm turning myself in to pay for my crimes," she affirms. She's sure. "Arrest me," she pleads.

At school, Maria flings herself at Mark while he's on his way to anatomy class. She invites him to study her anatomy instead. He gets right to it - in the restroom, while everyone else is in class. That's how every girl dreams about her first time!

He must be faster than a speeding bullet. Afterwards, he kind of slams her against the lockers, kisses her, and says "we'll have to do this again" and she's like "see you later, Mark" as he rushes off to class. Kim comes around the corner and for a second, I think she looks like that girl from Beverly Hills 90210. She wants to hear all about it, but how much can there be to tell? (Has anyone seen the Mexican version of this? I feel like something is missing. But then, I think Maria feels the same way.) Maria isn't happy. Kim is impatient.

The police open up the van. La Toña gets out quickly and isn't wobbly on her feet at all, but Fausto has to be carried to the ambulance. (That's not how they do it... there should be a stretcher... where's my beanie....) Ryan sees the ruckus and asks what's happening. The police tell him to move along, nothing to see here.

On the phone, Danilo tells Marcelino that he's got the money, but he'd like a couple more days so that he can run it through another spin cycle or something. Marcelino agrees, but hangs up on him. Horacio is nervous about BunMan. Danilo coke-ily informs Horacio that he, the new El Dorado, is much badder than the previous one.

On her break at the coffee shop, Genesis bumps into BunMan - bodily. (He has cleverly disguised himself with a pair of eyeglasses, a la Clark Kent, but still has the bun.) He flirts with her a little, and she seems to find him charming.

They sit down together for coffee and he "finds out" that she works nearby at Furia. He takes off his glasses and says he's a writer, and he bets that place is full of stories, plus it would be an excuse to see her. She says she just ended a relationship and isn't ready for another one yet. He thinks that's quite the coincidence, because he's in the same position, and what are the odds that they'd bump into one another? What are the odds, indeed.

Genesis goes back to work just in time to answer a call from the LAPD reporting that they've arrested La Regia. Danilo, who is patrolling the lobby as usual, overhears. Genesis hangs up and tells him everything that Laura confessed to the police earlier, which is funny because she wasn't on the phone long enough to hear all of that. Danilo takes off. Genesis calls Ryan and tells him what's happening.

Maria is still recovering in the hallway at school when Leticia calls. Maria feels like she's getting busted, but Leticia just wants to know what Maria's been up to. ("Mary - " Kim starts, but Maria shushes her and runs outside.) Leticia says she's wrapping things up and will be home tomorrow.

While Paloma drinks some OJ, Mercy takes Joe aside to tell him that Ryan, Laura, and Chayo need to know that they can't be seen coming near Paloma. (Joe already knows this, and so do we.) If CPS catches them with her, they could take her away. Joe says that Paloma is in good hands here, because Mercy is such an honorable woman. (Like that time she hired Rita's boyfriend to steal a bundle of cash from Laura on her first day at Furia.) (Or the time she fired Rita for not asking her boyfriend to do some other dirty deed to harm Danilo.) (Or the time she cheated on her husband with her husband's married friend.)

Joe mentions the four-page article about her and Don Chayo. She notices that he's giving her a lot of compliments. Then he asks if there was ever someone who didn't quite fit among all her other respectable friends. She is mystified by the question. Joe says that this would be a bad time for a secret to come out, when she's trying to adopt Paloma. Then he gets a phone call, apparently from Ryan.

Blake is angry that he didn't get Paloma. Luisa tells him he can pull some strings. He gloats that when he gets Paloma, he will change her name to "Brittany," his own daughter's name, and see how Laura likes that. She'll be sorry for ruining his life! (His life seems pretty cushy to me, aside from the blindness. I'd love to have a killing machine as a personal assistant.) Luisa's face is inscrutable as always.

Ryan and Joe go to the police station to see Laura. Danilo shows up a moment later. They argue over who will get to see Laura first. Joe is going to try to get her out on bail.

Chayo is visiting with Paloma... so much for worrying about getting caught by CPS. Paloma wants Chayo and Mommy to be with her forever.

Mercy tells Genesis on the phone to send flowers to Soto's wife. Paloma is playing happily by herself. Chayo thinks she should leave, but Mercy says she should stay a little longer because she might not get to see Paloma again for a while. Chayo promises to be very discreet. Then she tells Mercy that Ryan told her that Laura turned herself in to the police. (Why didn't Joe tell Mercy that before he left?)

Danilo tells the cop at the desk that he's been waiting for hours to see Laura. The cop says he'll check. Then Danilo is surrounded by frenzied reporters wanting to know who La Regia killed. Danilo says she's not even being detained. Then he says that he came here for the same reason as the reporters, to check out the rumor. Danilo leads all of the reporters outside. Then we see Milton in the police station, all by himself, and he looks like he's up to no good! That scamp!

Laura's glad that Paloma is living with Mercy. She tells Ryan that she turned herself in because it's hard to always be hiding or running away, living someone else's life and shouldering all of RealStela's troubles as well. She apologizes to Ryan because they're going to know that she gave false testimony at his trial. He doesn't care. He just wants her to think about the future, when he and she and Paloma will be together.

But Laura doesn't think that will ever happen. She doesn't even want Paloma to know where she is. "Please," she pleads.

Next time: Will Genesis jump BunMan's bones and then tell Steve, "but we were on a break!"?


Thanks, Julie! I haven't seen the episode yet but you had me scared as Uni is prone to editing. The episode itself is 49 though I don't doubt some stuff may be missing at least it's not two episodes sandwiched together.

I don't mean lots of stuff, Alfredo. I think the most we've ever noticed missing has added up to less than a minute per episode. Closer to 30 seconds.

I think That they cut a scene of Tona and Fausto where he gets a bit mad at her.

Thanks, Marla. That wouldn't surprise me. I also thought there might have been something missing with Maria and Mark.

Remember Dr. Cesar from VEA? Now he's a lawyer!

Recap's all done. Good night.

Tona made Fausto think That she was feeling very bad but then she was telling him a plan to escape and Wanted him to kill Laura.

Oh, that's not such a bad edit, then. The "sick prisoner" routine is such a cliche that I can't believe Laura fell for it. ANd we knew Toña wanted him to kill Laura because she told him to after the snake bit him. So, as edits go, that's not the worst they could have done.

Thanks, Marla!

Wonder if Fausto will die, or if he'll have a bionic leg next time we see him.

Oh Julie that would be a perfect punishment for Fausto who basically has lived of his body which he uses to seduce innocent girls.

Thank You Sir. Slight correction. Mark takes Maria to the restroom for the deflowering. That was completely missing. Then zippoooo they are back at the locker as if nothing happened.

Glad Laura is ready to stop lying and face her life. She has been a dummy since her teens with Fausto. It is time for her to live life in reality now and let little Paloma start a normal life.

Good Morning!

Julie, thanks for the quick many details and people talking so fast, but you got it covered!

Kirby, yep, Maria allowed herself to get deflowered in the restoom. I guess she didn't register Kim telling her that Mark was ignoring because she either had done it with him or she didn't.

The snake venom must have gone right to Fausto's brain...did he really think he was going to get Laura's sympathy by telling her that her Tia Herminia was so sick he just helped her die faster?

Mercy really surprised me when she risked allowing Rosario to go see Paloma. Joe must have blinders to think she is such an honorable woman...or he is in denial...

More laters...


Alfredo what I tried to say above is the bathroom scene was missing from the show. He just made one brief mention of it then they are back at the lockers having a smoke. :-)

Julie, perfect recap.

"Snake Bites Snake", "There's a flaw in his logic, but I won't be a buzzkill" were great but "Then she gives the rattlesnake a hug and a kiss and takes him to the vet to make sure that Fausto's blood doesn't make him sick" had me laughing out loud.

This was a totally mesmerizing episode - and the recap matched it step by step.

I had to smile that Danilo manages to stay one sweet step ahead of Ryan. He has a penchant for being at the right place at the right time. Ryan isn't quite quick enough and is not yet up to galan speed.

Laura's flashbacks were painful to watch. Remembrances of her being tricked by Fauto in the most hurtful way imaginable and learning "Toña once made live on only water, and Laura had to eat bugs to survive" made me realize what a strong person she was to survive. I watched Tona and Fausto with only a cursory passing interest as to whether or not they would live. Their cries were false as the depths of their depravity was almost unimaginable. Are they even human?

We know little as to what badbun is thinking and we've been shown nothing of his past or even, who he is in the present. Ruthless, unfeeling machine? Is there anything beneath the robotic surface? Too bad Genesis is so vulnerable right now. I sense under ordinary circumstances, she might not have been so quick to strike up this new acquaintance.

“Kim thinks this is a great achievement, because everyone wants to have sex with Mark”. Granted, it’s hard for me to step WAYYY back in time to when I was 15, but I see nothing whatsoever appealing about him. At all. Smarmy, cocky, need I go on? This Maria/Mark storyline is a waste of time and is detracting precious minutes from the storylines that matter here.

Laura keeps impressing me. She's stripped her conscience and soul bare. Her life is exposed and those who hate her, Blake, Luisa et al will be fighting over the spoils of her defeat. What miracle can save her now?

Thanks for the fantastic shot Kirby. I think we all need that today.

Julie, incredible. Thank you.


Thank you - I missed the part about the restroom. Fixed now. :-)

Diana, the sad thing is that Fausto and La Tona are human (though fictional), and we all breathe the same air. It is difficult to reconcile the way some people grow up to be, with the fact that they once were innocent children.

As for BunMan, maybe his story will be the subject of Season 2? I'd be up for that.

I see what's appealing about Mark. Teenagers are gullible. They think Mark is hot because he acts like he's hot. He is plainly a big jerk, but he gets away with it because of his pretty face. I guess there isn't a girl at Abraham Lincoln High School who can beat him at his own game.

What is with Kim? Why does Maria seem to be her only friend? And why have no Latina girls befriended Maria?

It was nice of Laura to turn herself in, but she did not do society any favors by turning Fausto and La Tona loose unless they're wanted for crimes or can be promptly deported. (I doubt that Mexico wants them back.)

Julie: Are they're planning on extending this TN ?

Julie, I've often wondered if truly evil people are born that way, made that way or if there is a mixture where a "bad seed" (so to speak) germinates and possesses them. I have a hard time reconciling that Fausto and Tona were ever innocent, but perhaps that is a disservice as we don't know what they endured. But I think some people have overcome horrendous, heartbreaking beginnings. To me, Fausto and Tona are bad to the bone.

I really hope Fausto and Tona don't slither back to their holes. Because they are the "victims" here, I did wonder if the police were going to even look into their background. It's likely Fausto will escape death. Again. This makes the second time. I hope the third time is the charm.


Steve, yes, there is a second part to this series. I believe it was discussed yesterday and it may be shown later this year.


Julie. Now that I am awake, I will try to correct my sleep typing. Thank YOU Julie. How I read your recap and thanked Alfredo..who knows...Trying to squeeze in Caray before dashing off to the airport..ugh.

Diana there is a line of thought, even among psychiatrists, Scott Peck in particular, who believe some people are evil from the beginning and are not 'fixable'.

Dr. Feathers

So did I miss something? What in blue blazes is BunFlirt trying to do besides make SusanLynn and Diana jealous?

And By The Way, Genesis better behave or my opinion of her could fall, sexy Bun or no sexy Bun.

Eagles were getting stale

Kirby, in the discussion between Talsiman and AssBun, AssBun tells Talisman that El D is skeptical about what Danilow is doing, so El D ordered him to find out. AssBun's plan is to get into Furia without Danilow finding out. I guess Genesis was the first sitting duck he could find.

Pretty parrot!!

Thanks Chikie, as Sue calls you. So he is going in bun and all, with a pair of Dollar Store readers as a disguise?

He better watch or Genesis will 'blow' his cover. I am sure that little ball of fire is still pissed off enough at Steve to prove it. That 'undercover' work has messed up many a fledgling spy.

Kirby, yes, sometimes you can't fix "broken".

Rgv Chick, ED has been more than tolerant of Danilo since day 1. I still think he's his father or at the least, a sibling. Danilo would not have lasted 5 minutes, let alone 49 episodes if he clearly wasn't "protective". I think badbun would like to put an end to Dan personally (Talisman even more).

Kirby, I can't say I'm jealous. Smoldering good looks aside, badbun is still too much of an enigma for me to fawn over. He's too mechanical and there's no personality.

Love the parrot's coloring!


There is a group of five of these Monk Parrots who roam our neighborhood. I have a Silk Oak out back and it was flowering when I took that shot. The parrots were eating something up there. Noisy ! Yikes makes the same number of 6 year olds sound demure.

Diana, you are on to something about BadBun. Wonder how he tells a girlfriend he has lost interest in 'Goodbye'?

Probably something less kind than "Your hubby can have you back now." :-)

A mini-lesson in psychology...

In addition to the line of thought Kirby mentions, there is also the theory of "Tabula Rasa" whose origins can be traced back to Aristotle. John Locke developed the modern theory that at birth the (human) mind is a "blank slate" without rules for processing data, and that data is added and rules for processing are formed solely by one's sensory experiences. Even Freud features the concept of "tabula rasa" in his theory that personality traits are formed by family dynamic. There are also several theories that hold that if a child/person experiences a traumatic event during one of the psychological developmental stages, they get "stuck" in that stage. Later in life, the person will react to situations as they would have in the stage they are stuck in.

I, however, do agree that some people are just plain mean! How or why they became that way is no excuse for their actions.

Kirby,"Genesis will 'blow' his cover" LOL I'm sure she will!

Question: If Laura killed Osiel in Mexico, "took" Paloma from Mexico, and crossed over illegally, should she be deported and tried in Mexico?

Rgv Chick, I completely agree that family dynamics are certainly crucial to the question but are only part of the equation. I'm not sufficiently versed on the subject to offer an opinion on the other theories.

I've always said there is a fine line between insanity and evil. I do not believe all those who are evil are insane. Those who knowingly and willingly choose evil are never justified in making that decision.


Diana, interesting that you mention a fine line between insanity and evil; there is also a fine line between insanity and genius. In this TN, however, there are no geniuses (well, except for Paloma based on her ability to draw so well at such a young age) so we'll just go with your fine line :-)

Ha, Kirby, Alfredo always deserves a random thank you! Thank you, Alfredo. :-)

I think BunMan is trying to keep eyes on Furia because he doesn't trust Danilo. So either he's trying to get himself in there (without Dani knowing) or recruit a spy. I'm not sure how he zeroed in on Genesis. I'm also not sure what's up with the glasses, unless he thinks they make him look smarter. I still think the white hair in a bun makes him look like a samurai ghost.

RgvChick, I've been wondering the same thing about jurisdiction - if Laura Oviedo is wanted for killing Ozzy, I'd expect her to be deported/extradited posthaste - unless the US feds now want her for something equally or more compelling, which I doubt.

I believe that being evil and being insane are two separate things. I don't think there is a line. Sometimes there is overlap, of course. But most insane people are harmless and vulnerable. Other insane people may hurt themselves or others due to their illness, but don't want to, and even seek help to avoid doing so. (About a year ago near here, a man checked himself into a hospital because he was afraid he would hurt people. They discharged him prematurely due to a very stupid clerical error. Then he went on a stabbing spree at the mall and killed someone.)

But I've known people who were rotten clean to the bone. Whether or not they were also insane is irrelevant, in my opinion. If anything, the mental illness interfered with their efficiency in messing with people.

Then look at people who were raised by wolves. I turned out alright!

As long as you don't claim to have danced with wolves...

Maybe Samurai Goat?

White guys can't dance. Shoot a mean bird though. Much quieter.

If Laura can show what her situation was which caused a poor young sex slave girl in the worlds worst circumstances to kill someone, she might get justice with a jury trial. (and a million dollar attorney)

Where the hell is Vivi?

Thinking further, (struggling), and if it comes out that the driving force was the salvation of an infant Paloma, rather than simply her freedom, a jury would be hard pressed to convict her, but rather buy her a house and give her citizenship. Especially if they pick the jury on Caray and let Paloma speak in 'Mommy's' defense. :-)

"rather than simply her (Laura's) freedom"

I think AssBun wore the glasses to go along with is lie that he is a writer...trying to look smart. How is targeted Genesis is a mystery...maybe he look online to see staff members at Furia...oh, he probably remembers her from Regia's shows that he attended.

Kirby, now I know why you always "woof!" LOL

Kirby, "and a million dollar attorney" that reminds me...why the heck would anyone get a corporate lawyer to handle a criminal case??

Waging tail, knocks over camera.


It seems that TNs have generic attorneys like a General Practitioner Doctor. You know, the family Doctor. It seems any calamity which can not be handled by humans requires an attorney. ANY attorney.

Why NOT target Genesis. Woof !

Maybe AssBun knows she's Geneseasy...

Down, boy, down...

Wowee wow. Thank you, Julie. What an episode. I tried to think of an adjective to describe the episode.....but I couldn't ..and I know a lot of adjectives.

That whole scene of Laura opening the van door and the snake biting the other snake was very odd.

Also. .complete waste of time spent in high school halls listening to horny teeny boppers. Wow..remember when the conversation involve sentences like, "Gee, I hope Bobby asks me to the prom!" Having taught in a senior high, I realize that virginity is now a badge of derision , and guys are still anxious to take care of that. However, your first time a quickie in the restroom...I cannot even..... so sad. This would make a great romance novel title ...."Deflowered in the Bathroom,.,"

And then, Badtothebun dons his glasses and his Superman persona. Superbun !!!! What is up with that.

I enjoy all the interesting things that I learn here on the patio! I an interested in psychology , especially having lived for awhile and run into the path of a couple people with various problems who are not very nice. I had never heard the term tabula rasa. The one person I know who exhibited lots of awful behavior was one of 8 kids and supposedly was not cared for as a child.

I need things resolved soon because call this stuff is getting me down .


"samurai ghost" Ha Julie! Perfect.

I don't know why but the glasses make me think Sherman (of Sherman and Mr. Peabody from many years ago). If they could make a dog look studious...:)


I don't think that Badbun needs to search for easy girls as long as he hides his occupation. He is verra , verra fine looking. I think that his hair is going to turn completely white by the time this tn ends.

No jury trial if Laura is tried in Mexico for crimes she committed in Mexico. But maybe the judge will be a fan of La Regia. Paloma should definitely be the star witness.

Diana... Sherman and Mr Peabody! Boris and Natasha! Rocky and Bullwinkle! Oh, the nostalgia! It makes me want to go and and buy Pixie Stix.

Mark will probably grow up to be a high school guidance counselor. When it's discovered that he never outgrew his fondness for 16-year-old girls, he'll lose his job, do a couple of years in jail, and live the rest of his life earning money by picking up empty cans on the side of the road and redeeming them for the 5 cents.

Where is Chavalin?

Diana...I loved Sherman and Mr. Peabody. Hey, why did I never name one of my dogs Mr. Peabody? # missedopportunity

P.s. How is the recovery going?

Wow, Julie...I know several guidance counselors...some them need guidance themselves. Also, I taught with a lot of male High school teachers and some of them got themselves in trouble.


Did anyone tell Steve about adding Soto to his list?

I am still trying to figure out if Horacio shaking his head was a sign to Danilow that he didn't do it or was he signaling Danilow not to open his mouth? Probably the latter, right? So how did Horacio get Soto to get a heart attack?

OK. How in the devil is BadBun going to infiltrate Furry via Genny with the one person he is spying on being Boss Hog right now? DaniLowDown even beat Clark Kent to the Popo station when Laura finally turned herself in.

Oh sheeze, Sue your bathroom talk makes me think it would make a number of good shows. "Smoking in the Boys Room" "Behind closed (stall) doors." "Love on a Toilet", and of course a country song "I luuurved her on the Sink, But then she flushed my Heart."

Wasn't a fan of pixie stix. Sky bars. Hershey bars.

Kirby, I think that Vivi has been trying to take a break from tns. Anita or Judyb might know. However, I have not seen them here lately. I have noticed that through the years,people seem to drift in and out of the Caray patio.

I think Horace has already told DaniLow that murder is above his pay grade, and I think he was just thinking it was a lucky break for him.

Kirby, bathrooms are nefarious places in High schools. I witnessed drug deals there but , luckily, never a deflowering. I thought the first time was supposed to be a big, life changing ,romantic moment ...not so much anymore evidently..just get it over with and move on to chemistry class. So sad. We were not even allowed to hold hands in my high school ! The girls couldn't wear pants or shorts and the boys couldn't wear skirts or shorts. Nobody could wear jeans. I think that I need a Hershey bar now. #disillusioned

It was thanks to my high school counselor that I found out what whiskey breath smells like.

I thought that if I started meeting with him before lunch, that would get rid of that problem. But nope.

Rgv, I was wondering the same about Soto. I think Horacio's head-shake was both to say hush, and as a denial. Maybe they actually lucked out, and Soto died all by himself.

But Danilo's face at that moment was priceless. If it hadn't been so late already, I would have taken a screenshot of that.

(Said high school guidance counselor thought that I should try to get into West Point or the USAF academy. We met a few times about that. I really wasn't interested, but it took a couple of meetings before he gave up.)

Sue this is Flor-I-Duh so everything is on steroids, IE we gave you Brittney Spears, Ariana Grande, and hordes of similar creeps, but I inadverenttly drove by one of the High Schools a few months ago and wondered where all these hookers were going, until I came to a stop sign and had time to see that a few were carrying books!

Even in middle school when I go to pick up Her Highness, the Queen of Cheer, some of those girls are almost downright vulgar looking. And then the cat eye makeup, right out of one of our TNs on a twelve year old.


Diana: OMG! Which means more chaos, which will NEVER end.

I'm wondering if Univision is pulling a Super Series for future Seasons.

At the time, I liked Bit O'Honeys. Hard as a rock with a taste that was nothing like honey. And Chuckles! :)

We didn't have guidance counselors per say. Or perhaps we did but the nuns were totally preoccupied with other important details. Ensuring our shirts had the mandatory Peter Pan collars, checking to verify we weren't wearing pullover sweaters (a senior privilege) and measuring our skirts with yardstick rulers to be sure they weren't too short.

Thanks for the Soto explanation. He was sort of a non character, on the periphery but not really a part of the story.


There was a book called "When Bad Things Happen to Good People." I always think that a good title for a telenovela would be "When Bad People Happen to Good People.," As in life, some bad things that happen are acts of nature , but a lot of problems are caused by other people in telenovelas ..and in real life. When you send your children out into the world, they may bump into a bad person. Contact with such a person will affect not only your child but perhaps in turn the whole family. The ripple effect is staggering and can last a lifetime. Look at all the people affected by Fausto selling Laura into sex slavery.

Diesntbit seem that

Whoops..I was distracted ... That last sentence was supposed to be...Doesn't it seem as though Ry has spent half of his time cruising around in his car looking for Lauralestela?

Diana. I remember the principal looking at me suspiciously because he thought my skirt was culottes. Later, when he came to observe a student teacher at the high school where I was teaching, he told me to call him Jim. Couldn't do it.

Kirby, it is very difficult to have dress codes in schools as in the past these days . One local public school district has gone to school uniforms to solve the problem of inappropriate clothes on girls and boys.

" Ry has spent half of his time cruising around in his car looking for Lauralestela?" Yes yes yes yes

A smart guy would have bailed long ago.

Thanks, Julie. I liked both titles. Laura abandons the van in an empty parking lot at a hospital (there's no such thing as an empty parking lot at a hospital) – so true!

On the phone, Danilo tells Marcelino that he's got the money, but he'd like a couple more days so that he can run it through another spin cycle or something - lol! Love the way you spin this tale.

No idea where this is going, but it seems to me that others forced to work at the brothel could come forward and help if the Regia story gets all over the news. No doubt in my mind that Laura killed in self-defense.

Paloma sure is resilient. First, separated from her mother in a dank room. Later, hauled off with strangers to child protective services. She must’ve met some nice kids there and had a good time playing with them, cause here she is happy and peppy as ever running to Mercy. Unbelievable.

Anybody thinking Fausto offed Laura’s auntie after she called the police?

He gets right to it - in the restroom, while everyone else is in class. That's how every girl dreams about her first time!

Although I hate this storyline, it is a good PSA for young girls. My sister teaches at a mostly Latin middle school. There was a scandal at another local school with a girl and two boys in the restroom. The girls discussed it at my sister's school and all thought it was ridiculous on the girl's part. But still the double standard about the boys.

Diana, to this day, Peter Pan collars make me sad. For years, I dreamed of being able to wear regular stuff to school. Now I'm a grownup and I almost wish I had a uniform so that I didn't have to think about what to wear every day.

Kirby, I have seen the girls' clothes in the stores, and I don't know how they are supposed to dress themselves for school. Some of the things are really gross, and I can't believe that most of this stuff conforms to the schools' dress codes. Oh, Susanlynn said the same thing. Who is buying these things?

Yes, Susanlynn, Ryan spends way too much time looking for Laura. Funny thing is, he never did find her. He could have saved some gas, stayed at home and waited for the police to call.

Anybody thinking Fausto offed Laura’s auntie after she called the police?

Oh yes. Absolutely Niecie! I agree with the earlier comment in wondering how on earth he would garner any sympathy from Laura when he confides he killed her adored aunt!! She went "peacefully"? Huh???

Thank you for reminding us about the bright spot in all of this - Paloma. She's endured so much but hasn't lost a bit of her sunny, sweet self. A ray of sunshine and a delight.

And Susanlynn and Julie, yes, Ryan is spinning in circles, isn't he? Just can't get it right :)


Niecie, Fausto pretty much admitted to killing Laura's aunt. He told her her tia was so sick, he just helped her go faster. Then he assured her she went peacefully.

Speaking of "vulgar" :), I have to smile thinking about what I occasionally wore AWAY from school long, long ago.

Hot pants, go go boots, fishnets. Gulp. When I see the pictures I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I wasn't bad way back in the day but where in heaven's name was my taste? :o


Julie.. I know you mean about uniforms sounding good. I kind of do have a uniform. When I teach and the weather is warm, I wear dresses, skirts and tops, and sandals. In the cold weather, I wear black slacks , a top, and a cardigan to work. In the summer, I wear tees and capris . I never wear anything uncomfortable to anything anymore.

I went to public school, but I had a lot of blouses with Peter Pan collars. #peteractuallyneverworethatcollar

Diana... Yes, I look at mini dresses that I wore to teach, and I think..what was I thinking? It was all you could buy...that and maxi dresses .

Chickie...I wish someone would help Fausto "go faster" ..but not peacefully. I want him not to go gently into that dark night and to that special place in hell for people like him. *goggle Hieronymous Bosch..that's where I want Fausto.

SusanLynn, I googled Bosch...which painting depicts the place?

Grody thought for the day:

Maria gets pregnant. Morgana gets REALLY involved in Leticia's personal life and convinces Leticia to give up her baby, then when Maria's baby is born, Leticia pretends that it's hers, to spare Maria the shame of being a teenage mother.

"#peteractuallyneverworethatcollar". Hee hee Susanlynn...might I add peterpanwouldneverbecaughtdeadinthatcollar?

Thank you Kirby, Rgv Chick, Julie, Susanlynn, Niecie, Alfredo, Steve, (and anyone else I might have missed).

This has been a very fun day on the patio. thank you!


Chickie. .. The one about hell. I remember seeing those painting in college art classes. They gave me nightmares . Bosch would scare the evil out of most people.

Julie, I can't see Leticia giving up her baby. BUT, I think you are onto something. Leticia may help persuade Maria that Morgana would be a good mother. GULP...and convince Maria to give Morgana her baby. Very possible.


Julie..did you ever see the movie "Beyond the Sea?" Bobby Darin sang a song with that title. It is his story. He grew up thinking that his grandma was his bio mother and his bio mother was his sister. I think that he never found out the truth until he was an adult! #truthisstrangerthanfiction

Maria is a very annoying kid.

And then , we now have Tadeo Bieber ? Justin Timbertad?


Yeah Diana it is just about the most fun you can have without breaking the law.


Ambushing a peanut.....Shhhhhhh

Justin Timbertad??

That's one happy-looking squirrel.

That's all we need...Maria pregnant. Geez, poor baby. So..everyone is possibly pregnant by some despicable male..Lauralestela, Maria, Genesis? #babiesareus

Why did the writers decide to kill off Soto? Did that popular actor get a better job offer? He was great in Amor Real and Sobra!

P.s. I am starting to miss the vineyards, vests, paint, and clunky shoes .

Yes, this is a very fun place, but I get nothing done because I am afraid of missing some "bon mots." #idonothaveacleaninglady thosebltswillnotmakethemselves

Julie good and funny.So funny that he
Thinks mercy so upstanding, even with
The torrid affair she had with him. O
Yeah she's as clean as the driven snow
After its been piled up. But at least
She's letting Chayo see paloma, that
Surpprised me.She has a heart afterall

I was thinkin why didnt Ryan tell the popo who t and fausto are,but he don't
Know that fausto is the one that force
Recriuted Laura into prostitution yet
Does he? And Why didn't she leave a
Note taped to the van tellin that they
Are into sex trafficing? I would have.
As po'ed as she is with them, she should have made sure they didn't get away after they leave the hospital.

Maria Maria Maria. What can we sassy about maria a a a? This poor girl. I
Get pissed when I here about these lil
Bobbleheaded girls throwin their pure jewels To the swine because"everybodys doin it". Can't cry over spilled milk, it's Gone. Well Movin on. Let's hope she's Not pregnant.Cuz then morgana'd
Have her pick of which baby to steal.
Now y'all know they'd reconfigure the
Time to make that work. Morgy should
Be showin now, but ain't no baby bump
No where in sight.

Still can't stand blake and lu. Evil jerks snakes that they Are.

Bunguy looks good in eyeglasses too.
Better than miltin.Whose startin seem
To be more than what he says he is.
What if paloma is related to him? All
These "what ifs',cuz rosy won't let that cat outta the bag.

And look whose back, cesar!! Not the ape,David's friend, from the wine of love.
Tonight another mess. Thanks Julie.


SusanLynn, I thought I was the only one that got behind on chores due to spending time on the patio...this is definitely much more fun!! Always a joy to read and join in the the commentary...and to see Kirby's pics :-)

I have a soft spot for squirrels Kirby. Adorable.

Sadly, I must leave for now. Lots of work to finish before I go home.

Have a great evening all.


Diana, your idea about Morgana going straight for Maria's baby is much more practical (and plausible) than mine. I should have eaten a more inspiring lunch.

Except for one thing: Leticia and Morgana are both at least six weeks along, right? So the timing could be a problem.

I had to think for a long time about what "blts" meant. Belts? Bolts? Is Susanlynn making bullets? I stopped short of having to Google it. I was still thinking about lunch. I especially like blts with cheese.

I am not missing the vineyard and the vests. I need more wine, though. (Wine goes great with blts.)

Sue Since it seems my whole life has to do with outdoors and good weather, when it rains three times like today, I sit inside and blabber away about our favorite TN misfits, or vintage fashion, or makin' Babies in Bathrooms.

SusanLynn, now that you can view these, check out this one. A young Eagle strayed too close to an Osprey nest which had chicks. To drive another predator like itself away the Osprey attacked by diving onto the Eagle from above. The Eagle flipped upside down in midflight to attempt to grab the attacker with it's talons. Both birds are using their feet as weapons.

Thank you so much, Julie, spectacular as always! :)

Ugh, I saw the Mexican version and the Maria/Mark hookup was nonexistant. Not even the show took the time with it and that further shows how cheap and meaningless it all was. Maria is going to feel terrible because that was as far from even adequate as one could get. Mark is also gross. Plot twist: from from DV is actually Mark from VEA 20 years in the past! lol

As for Laustela, I think it was the wrong move but it may open up the door for a better future though ED is still around and that may cause even more trouble than anything else.

I lol'ed when Fausto tried to attack Laustela and then got bit. #fail!

Asdrubal with glasses was also a fail. He is charming but will Genesis fall for the fake glasses act? Please be smarter, Genesis!

Alfredo I was wondering if Assdribble would fall for the Genesis act ! ! ?

Kirby, you never cease to amaze...what a spectacular shot!

Blush. Thanks. It is not focused that well. I was running around on the ground trying to stay under these two and not trip over anything lethal. Great fight.

Julie..I did have friends in high school who reloaded bullets, but I do not have that skill set! Yes, we are at this very minute making BLTs for dinner. Hubba is in charge of toast and bacon ,and my job is a slicing the tomatoes and washing the lettuce and then the assembly. We have not made these in a long time . #yogurtforlunch

I can not wait to see what happens tonight. Will Gen ask for first date sex with Superbun like she did with Steve? I am sure this guy will not demure like Steve did.

I hope that some huge jock that Mark has ticked off shoves him in a locker tonight.

Kirby...your photos are unbelievable. I am amazed at the variety of large birds you have in Florida.

Julie.. My fav part of your recap was your account of the deflowering of Maria. Mark = faster than a speeding bullet. Ha "I feel like something's missing" ...and so does Maria . yeah..I am sure that her reaction was...." Wait? What?" Mark does not seem like a guy who would be a generous and giving partner. #notmakingamemory

Hey julie, this was a good and funny
Recap.laura is really hittin therocky bottom. No wonder she just wants to
Throw in the towel. Shes at the end of her rope.But why didnt she leave a
Note sayin these two dogs are into
Sex trafficking.Thats what I would have Done. With better spelling. And
Wraped it around that key and taped it to the door. And that would have been two dogs off her trail.But now It look looks like they'll probably get out of the hospital and come after her again. And it will be easy going to get to her cuz shes going to be in jail, if she doesn't get out on bail.

Mercy with her upstanding self.Shes as
Pure as the driven snow.After the snow shovels are done pushin it into dirty
Pile. I'm surprised she let Chayo see
Paloma, she's got a heart after all.
Good for you mercy. Now keep it goin.

Picture the nuns singing that song about mariaaaaa.I can't get mad with her. The girl just didn't know you don't Throw yourself at some sorry boy cuz Your empty headed socalled friend said "Everybody's doin it". Not. Poor thing.
Shes thrown her jewels to the swine, &
Got nothin for it. I hope he didn't give her crabs or some other STD.Poor
Assbun guy looks good in eyeglasses. As A matter of fact he looks better than Milton. Who is looking more and more like something else or somebody else other than what he's claiming to be.
Why did he latch on to Laura? I wonder if the mother of paloma is related to him?
Did they give soto some drug to make it look like a heart attack? Or was it
Actually an attack of the heart caused by the stress of washin the dirty $$$?
Mercy sent flowers.
If Maria gets pregnant Morgana could have her pick of either of the babys. And its probably kind of late with Maria but this is a tn they can rig up the timing. they do it all the time in soaps. Tns too I imagine.

Well looks who's back! Not the ape,
David's bff. From the wine country. Is
He's going to be an annoying DA in laura's trial? I hope he's not on somebody's payroll, like blake. Yuck!

Thank you Julie:)

Poor snake. Bit a snake more evil than it was.

Nina, I remember on General Hospital maybe 13 years ago or so, someone really was pregnant for a year. She joked about it when she went into labor, even though it was supposed to be only nine months.

Since this was #49 and we're only going to 71 (or 72 depending on how you count them), I don't think Leticia will be pregnant for a year. I sure hope not.

Nina and Chickie..Did you ladies tell us that you watch the Hallmark channel? If so, have you noticed that the channel is showing Christmas movies? Christmas in July!!!!

Julie, I have a friend who was pregnant for 10 months with both her pregnancies. She is almost 6feet tall and her husband is over six foot. Her sons are now about 6',5" .

SusanLynn, yes, it's Christmas in July at Hallmark, so I'm not Christmas spirit is just not here yet. This is the second year they do that #nosantayet

Ten months... and the babies just kept growing and growing and growing... wow.

I know the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Say no to Christmas in July! of ho ho ho, you are saying no no no !!! ;-) #justboughtanewwreath

And.....100 !!!!

One last question before this starts up again. Is Laura going to tell all about Faucet and Tona or just go to jail like a flipping martyr and keep her mouth shu?. Sheemidie if she were going to jail anyway she should have made it worthwhile and tortured and maimed and disfigured those two and then a field lobotomy.

Love and kisses,

Holy smokes. I just got home and I cannot believe what I saw in the last minute of the next episode. Agree with Kirby's last comment. Smoke 'em while you got 'em. Good night for today.

Yeah, I do not know what was said, but I could not believe that those awful people are testifying that they are the victims of Laura . The judge looks familiar. I am ticked at Cesar for going after Laura. I noticed Dan giving LA Tona the stink eye when she was testifying. Yeah, LA Tona, Dan has you in his sights and Dan does not play and has zero scruples about shooting people . #sayhelloinhelltohatcreepyhusband

OK, I lied. One more comment (at least)... I love the silent expressions that people exchange in this thing. Last night, Danilo and Horacio. Tonight, Tadeo and Maria.

But no more comments tonight, unless. I'll be sure to take a look at the judge.

WHERE is Danilo buying those jackets???

He was Laura Zaparas husband in La Gata. He was in Hotel and Camino but I cant remember who he was for the life of me.

I only remember the bad I guess ;)

I don't remember the judge. If he was in Hotel, he must have been someone pretty inconsequential... or else he played another judge. I don't have a great memory for any judges more recent than on "Perry Mason."

Alfredo..I think that I remember the judge from LA Gata. The last time L. was in court to testify\lie (testilie) for Ry, the judge was Hot Tio from Three Faces.

The Courtroom Cameos I guess as Amador/Ceaar is now a prosecutoe too lol

Yeah Alfredo - they didn't even bother combing Caesar's hair differently.

Yes I watch hallmark Christmas in July
Not all of them. Just I like watchin.
But it is stange. It's just to hot for
Fa la la la la'in in July. But That's hallmarks way of cool in us off?!?!

I'm good nite

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