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Caer en Tentación #32, 12/4/17, Lunes: Illicit Relations and Their Price Tags

Chapter 32: Illicit Relations and Their Price Tags

Mia listened to a message from Julieta on her voice mail about the conversation with Raquel. When Raquel came into her room to talk to her she was not willing. Raquel did not allow her to put her off this time. She sat down and asked her whether she did it. Mia finally showed her mother the cut marks on her inner thighs. Raquel told her she loved her and they would get help for her. She cried as she told Mia she loved her with all her heart and that she was not alone. They finally hugged, both crying.

Carolina sat up in her bed and thought about Damián's statement that the situation was now out of their hands and that they should end their affair. She started getting sad. She may or may not have remembered that she tried ending it numerous times already. She laid on her side and pretended to be asleep. Santiago thought her asleep as he went to their children's rooms to check up on them.

Damián spoke on the phone to Vicente and tried to arrange a meeting in a public place. Vicente wasn't going to allow that, insisting that it be in Damián's office. Rather than argue about this all day, Damián agreed.
The following morning Damián's secretary informed him that a very “disagreeable” man was waiting to see him. Andres was in his office when Vicente arrived. He pretended not to know who he was but Damián didn't identify him as he dismissed Andres. Then he had Vicente enter. Vicente's mocking manner annoyed Damián, but he withheld his temper. Ever exercising his sense of entitlement, Vicente asked for something to drink, then as Damián called a secretary for coffee, changed his mind and asked for tequila. Damián said he didn't keep it in the office. He then got to the point and asked Vicente to state his demands.
Accordding to Carolina, I'm the least ambitious of the family. What would you say to a monthly payment?”
A monthly payment?”
What's up, Blondie? You never heard of a monthly payment? I'll explain. It means that every month on the same day you'll give me the same amount of money.” He winked. “That's what I mean by a monthly payment. How does that sound?”
If he could have bottled his gall he would have been a millionaire.

Lola and Nicolás found their father asleep in the master bedroom. Carolina told them that all was well, but they didn't believe her. She told them to go to school with peace of mind. Vicente sent Carolina a text saying

I'm with your lover; don't know how the negotiations will go.

Santiago woke up and told Carolina that he didn't want things to continue as they had been.
What do you want? Do you want me to leave the house? Do you want us to separate?”

Lola held Benjamín as Mia arrived looking for Nicolás. She asked where he was.

Nicolás was at Alina's house, where they were kissing heatedly. She pushed him back with a “Not so fast! I'm not playing with you. I want to enjoy you.” whereupon she ordered him to strip. “First the shirt.” He obeyed. She paused a second or two. “Now the pants. Slowly.” He obeyed; although he was horny he was somewhat confused. She looked below his waist as she closed the distance and took control of the situation with a kiss.

Santiago told Raquel he missed her. He wanted to kiss, embrace, and be with her all the time. She also wanted this but said they could not do so because of their children.
Raquel, we are free. We can do what we want.”
Damián is alive,” she said.
No, we are alive!” he responded.
She explained that Andres had paid all of her debts and had done so behind her back. Santiago wanted to give her the money to pay Andres back. She declined it, saying she didn't want to get Andres against her because it would be dangerous. Santiago didn't agree and Raquel told him that the money was her due. They started arguing about it. Santiago's cell phone rang. It was Antonio, telling him that they had identified the car that was in the suveillance video prior to the “accident.”

Lola told Mia that Nico was out picking up medications for Benjamín. Mia realized that Nico didn't have to stay with his sister to look after the child. She handed the baby to Mia as she took the cell phone away from him, saying she needed to go to the bathroom.

Santiago told Antonio that he knew no one with a car like the one in the video. Antonio told him that the car belongs either to the Legato company or to a member of the Becker family. Santiago was relieved that this would relieve Nacho of suspicion, but Antonio told him to be careful when driving that night to make sure he wasn't being followed. Santiago told Raquel this and asked if she really wanted to accept Andres' money.

Lola called Nico and left him a voicemail that Mia was at their house and what she had told her. She also warned him that this was the last time she was covering up for him.

Nicolás and Alina were crossing the finish line at that moment. He was enjoying himself a little too much. “You're in debt to me,” Alina said. “Thanks to me you were free.”
His phone signalled that he had a voice mail and Alina grabbed his phone and played it back. “Is Mia your girlfriend?” she asked.
Well..... more or less.”
Good! What are you going to do? Are you going to see her?”
No,” he said, hastily. “I want to be here with you.”
She stopped him momentarily as he tried to kiss her again.
I want you to see your girlfriend.”
What?” Now he was truly confused.
You know what I want most? That you fuck her tonight.”
You're joking.”
No, no, no. I'm serious. And tomorrow you tell me who is better.”
She got up to put on her robe.
Are you nuts?” he asked, almost not believing his ears. “You want me to be with someone else?”
Aren't you going to do it? Don't lie to me. I don't like liars. Get going. And don't forget to stop by the pharmacy so you don't go home empty-handed. What are you waiting for?” then kissed him and sent him on his way. As he left his predecessor stepped out of the shadows, pounded on Alina's gate, then rang the bell. When she came out she brutally rejected him and told him to leave immediately or she would call the police.

Fernando had just congressed with Laura when his phone rang. He told Antonio he would be right in. As he got up he told Laura that there was a break in the case. After he asked her not to tell anyone she promised she would not and he told her that the car in the tollbooth video was identified as belonging to Damián's company. She reasoned that this meant that either one of the Beckers or an employee of the company is Carolina's killer. She mentioned Andres. Fernando was sure that Andres would be driving his own car and their recent investigation had not made a suspect of him. He made her promise not to say anything on the news. Her facial expression, which he did not see, said that his trust would be misplaced. After he kissed her goodbye she took out her cell phone and looked at the nude photo of Juan. She must have enjoyed the wild side a great deal.

Raquel downed two chots of tequila as she and Santiago talked again about Andres while. Santiago questioned Andres' motives for paying off Raquel's debts. “Why do you think he would help you? Out of guilt? Why do you want to be close to him?”
Why are you worried? The car belonging to Legato gets Nacho off the hook.”
Why do you think I'm worried? This investigation is pointing at you! To you not want to know that?”
The only thing I want to know is the truth.”
Andres is a suspect. Why don't you want to know that?”
Andres is a coward. He can't do this.”
Didn't he try to kiss you? Dear God –”
You're exaggerating. He wouldn't do this.”
What is it?”
He could have ordered someone.”
You know the business perfectly, right?. All the employees. Internal operations, movements.”
And those cars are always there for employee use. Nacho could have used one.”

Santiago and Carolina continued to talk about separation. Santiago felt rejected and that Carolina was far away from them.
I'm patient but I have my limits,” he said. “What do you want me to do? What do you need?”
For you to understand me,” she said. “I don't know what I want.” She ran through her list of their problems ending it with her pregnancy and her fear. She started crying. She avoided his eyes until the end of this when she talked about being confused, claiming to feel disconnected from herself.

Damián argued with Andres at the office, telling him that he has had it with his ways, reiterating his accusations about embezzlement. Andres tried to justify his actions by saying that the company was broke when Damián called him into the it, then didn't give him a rightful share when it became profitable. He claimed that Damián took credit for everything he had done, then paraded his whore in front of him. Damián told him “Stop interfering in my life!”
Therefore you stop interfering in what I do or not do. If you want to go on hurting your family do it with a better class of woman. We have a deal and I'm making good on it. Everything has a price and you're paying it, cousin.”
He walked out of Damián's office.

Federico and Nicolás were sitting on the steps of the school building talking. They talked briefly about Mia. Nico then pointed out an attractive girl named Sabrina to Federico, saying she was crazy about him. Federico looked as though he wasn't ready or truly interested.

Mia and Raquel went to see a psychologist. The doctor tried to get Mia to talk, also telling her she had to stop hurting herself because it was violent and destructive. “Are you ready to stop?” is where this went. Sheemphaized that there was no easy way to end this habit, then told Mia that if she continued in it it would end very badly. Therefore if she continued in therapy she had to stay away from everything that hurts her, including friends and other people.

Later in the bedroom Santiago tried to talk to Carolina, saying she could not consider the possibility of not having the baby. She told him she didn't feel well, but a little rest would help. She laid down on the bed, turning away from him. He told her he wanted the baby, wanted for it to be born healthy, then promised that everything would be alright, then rose to answer the knock on the door.

Miriam went to the office and told Damián she was worried about “everything that's been going on. Especially your strange behavior and your absences.”
I was working.”
You've been traveling for alleged business that isn't confirmed. Besides, you're arguing with Andres all the time and I'm tired of that. What happened?”
Nothing, Mother.”
You don't want to tell me?”
I know it looks a little strange, but that's all over.” He sat down.
Judging by your face it ended badly.”
It's alright. And I don't really want to talk about this again. Everything's alright, OK?.”
She hugged him and asked no more questions. She did not see his sad face. He own still held questions.

Vicente showed up at Carolina's house and made nice with her and Santiago about the new baby. Santiago's cell rang; it was Augustin with a work problem, mnamely an hysterical client. After ending the call Santiago kissed Carolina goodbye and left. He did not realize in that moment that Vicente was out for blood.

Raquel told Mia that she needed to listen to the doctor and get rid of harmful influences.
You're talking about Julieta, Mama. Why can't you say so directly?”
Raquel agreed. Mia talked about Julieta having problems, etc., saying that this was a cruel request. Raquel tried to explain why this was necessary.
Nicolás, too?” Mia asked.

Vicente pretended nice for a minute before Carolina cut to the chase, asking whether he had spoken with Damián.
Just like that? You're not going to ask how I am, nothing? How badly raised you are.”
You know that extortion is a crime. You could go to prison.”
To prison? No, never. That idiot has enough money to pay for luxuries, including to pay for having sex with my sister.” He watched for her reaction and when he didn't get it he baited her some more. “I have to ask you something. That baby you're expecting, is it his?”
Get out of here. Get out, Vicente!”
She opened the door, but he did not leave. He got into her face.
I'm not going to help you. I will move in here and take the prize. You are in no position to make demands of me, Carolina. You have conductedd yourself as a bad mother, a bad wife, and a bad sister. Over all you are a bad woman and you know what the saddest part is? This guy doesn't love you. He's using you. You're a new toy, a prostitute –”
She tried to shove him, but he fought back.
Don't you try it. Don't you try that! You will pay, Carolina. You have just begun to pay. Is that clear?”
After he finally left Carolina called Damián to tell him about this.

Gabriela gave Santiago hell for for not being there to supervise his workers. She complained about them being sloppy and leaving the kitchen dirty at the end of the workday. Her real motive for demanding his presence was so she could continue to make passes at him...or torment him for his rejection. On the assumption that he did not realize this she threatened to sue him for breach of contract if he wasn't there daily to supervise his workers and take him for every centavo he had.

Nico approached Sabrina to set her up with Federico. He said Federico was dying of love for her. She seemed very interested, so he called Federico over and told him that Sabrina was having a problem with math and since he was a genius at it they should make a date. Sabrina suggested that they do this at his place and she would call him the next day.

Damián told Carolina that he spoke with Vicente and all was well. He spologised, saying he respected her decision. This was after he thought about what she said at the cabana. He said he'd give his life for her and... more of the same hypocrisy from both about not hurting their families. He left but not until after a long kiss goodbye.


Just had to go back and fill in the most perverse dialogue in the episode. This gets more insane by the minute.

Poor Nico will need a shrink, too, if this keeps going on in the same vein.

Thank you Urban for the recap. Really the characters are getting more twisted than I could image.

I am confused. You wrote right after Nico left: "As he left his predecessor stepped out of the shadows, pounded on Alina's gate, then rang the bell. When she came out she brutally rejected him and told him to leave immediately or she would call the police." Is Nico's 'predecessor' Frederico? I may have been confused but I thought the person ringing Alina's bell was Frederico. And from your comment, did Frederico have any prior relationship with Alina? Frederico seemed smitten with Lola. So any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

The boy at the gate wasn't Federico. I never caught the character's name and since I've never seen the actor before I can't ID the character from IMDB. Federico (who is Mia's twin) is a little younger than Nicolas who might be a little younger than this boy.

The only connexion between Alina and Federico is through two other people. Before she went to bat for Santiago she mentioned knowing Miriam's lawyer so she knew all his tricks. She walked into the police station knowing what to expect from Rueda's tactics and thus having coached Santiago in how to conduct himself and was therefore able to get Santiago off the hook for anything Miriam wanted him charged for.

I like the recent trend in novelas to have psychology professionals rather than priests. I wonder whether this is reflecting a more secular outlook in Mexican life.

Although Nico is over the age of consent (15 in Mexico) Alina could be disbarred for how she got him into her bed, or -- more accurately -- on the couch. This qualifies as extortion but I'm sure Nico won't report this. The other boy might, though, out of spite.

Lola is in no position to judge her brother over this, either. Both are now involved with mentally ill adults who are in authority positions over them. Santiago doesn't know the half of what Juan is about and the revelation of Nico and his Mrs Robinson could really send him over the edge.

Excellent title Urban. The recap was excellent.

"If he could have bottled his gall he would have been a millionaire" and "He did not realize in that moment that Vicente was out for blood" were among my favorite of many.

While it is likely nothing here should surprise, I was dismayed at Laura's lingering look at Juan. Though she obviously has no scruples in stealing information for her "news" reports, that is certainly not her only fault.

There are so many predators. Andres, Alina, Juan, Vincente. And, as Laura has preyed upon Lola with little regard for her well being or safety (in pushing the envelope with Juan), can/should we include her here?

I suspect there are evil, dark secrets in Vincente and Caro's upbringing. Why does he hate his sister with such vehemence?

Yes, Carolina is a cheater and an adulterer. But I've still not seen anything to garner the hatred that so many harbor for her.

I'm very uneasy with Raq and Santi together. Uncomfortable is not a strong enough word.

Urban, thank you.


Laura is definitely a predator. I seriously think she married Fernando to be able to get police info to stay ahead of her competition. He's attractive, but that was not his prime asset in her book.

As to the comments about Carolina and Vicente's childhoods, one of the things that is irritating me about novelas in recent years is the omission of backstory information about the mature characters. This series is worse than PyP for that. In both examples we have only one of the four mature characters with a living parent, but here we have three who have living contemporaries: Damian, Raquel, and Carolina. Yet we have no information about what kind of people most of their parents were.

Based on the knowledge that Damian's father started the factory but ended up bankrupt we can conclude that he was either unprepared or feckless. Miriam made one comment that points to the latter but since I don't remember it it may have been rather vague. We know that Santiago's father was a cop and was a good friend of Antonio's. Beyond these two things we know nothing about the deceased parents of any of the four. None of them have ever spoken of them.

Urban, Yes, I've believe we've been lamenting background information on quite a few recent TNs.

Your comment about Laura "seriously think she married Fernando to be able to get police info to stay ahead of her competition. He's attractive, but that was not his prime asset in her book" was shrewd and spot on.


Thanks UA. A lot to digest from this episode.

I agree that it'd be useful to know more of the backgrounds of the four main characters. All of their kids, expect Fede (possibly until now), have their own unique storyline. I say Fede has a storyline now because he is either not interested in that Sabrina chick or not interested in girls in general. Him being the normal one of the four kids makes him the odd one out.

Alina and Laura are very much alike: using men to their advantage instead of the other way around. They are proving that they won't allow themselves to be manipulated by a man, Laura in particular. We know Alina and Rueda have some sort of rivalry, but why? Maybe Nico's predecessor will provide more clues.

I still don't believe Nacho is a suspect. Andres at the top of my list.

Thanks, UA. Your recap and commentary are spot-on. Dang, this TN is chockfull of twisted people.

Sure hope Fede and this new girl Nico introduced him to hit it off. Fede could use a healthy friendship, after dealing with his sister's problems.

Even before her affair, Vicente has alluded that Caro "owes" him for leaving him behind to live the good life with Santi. My theory is that Vicente and Caro's father was a brute. Maybe Vicente got the bulk of the brutality, maybe he even protected Caro at some point.

”What do you want? Do you want me to leave the house? Do you want us to separate?”

Caro had an excellent opening to leave Santi and end his misery, but she didn’t take it.

“Are you nuts?” he asked, almost not believing his ears.

Nico, when Little Nico is back in his place, think clearly and you'll realize, yes, she's as mad as a hatter.

Laura is a disappointment. I knew all she wanted was the story, but to be turned on by crazy, violent Juan when her own husband is so much better is downright stupid.

Niecie, I've speculated before that Vicente may have done prison time. His ex-wife has said he's a brute and she's afraid of him. Carolina may or may not have had a lot of contact with him since marrying Santiago. Her children aren't comfortable around Vicente. He doesn't appear to have a regular job and he lives in a shack that hillbillies would be ashamed of. We don't yet know if he is an alcoholic, which would be a comparison to Cinthia being a drug addict.

Whether Carolina's father was a violent brute or a simple working-class man, Carolina had what it took to at least improve her life. She had enough beauty to attract Santiago who had enough ambition to start his own business, even if his real ambition was derailed by her first pregnancy. Was she an unemotional mother with Lola because of that? Possibly. They must have been doing well enough when Nico was born since their house is spacious enough and is surrounded by hedges and a fence with a gate (although we haven't seen the full exterior).

We don't know how or when Carolina's parents died. She seems to have sold their house and taken all the money for it, which is what also prompts me to wonder whether Vicente was in prison or was completely disinherited for some other reason.

He is extremely resentful of whatever financial and social advantages she had, which isn't entirely about his own failure. He may be expressing some serious reverse-snobbery that I have seen in the real world. Whether their parents felt this way I don't know. We don't even know if they were still alive when she married Santiago. I'm wondering whether the writers even thought about this.

Thanks, UA. Thought-provoking title. I see a possible suicide-murder in Alina's future.

If she suicides I hope it's Juan she takes with her and not Nico. He's a good kid in a bad situation.

Right now the Becker and Alvarado children seem to hold their own in terms of pushing the storyline along.
Let’s take just the boys. Where they are in the present versus where they were in the past, make it more difficult to get a read on Frederico’s likes than for Nicolas (Nico). For example, earlier TF posted: “I say Fede has a storyline now because he is either not interested in that Sabrina chick or not interested in girls in general. Him being the normal one of the four kids makes him the odd one out.” Well all four of them are odd. But it is especially difficult to figure out Fredo given the jumble of the past versus the present. In the past he seemed to be interested in Lola, Nico’s sister; in the flashback in this episode we have Nico trying to set him up with Sabrina without much enthusiasm on his part. This might be explained because he is interested in Lola and thus not interested in anyone else. Lola does not seem to have given him much encouragement since she’s besotted with Juan. So we really do not know much about Fredo except (a) he had an interest in Lola and (b) he thinks Nico should stay away from his sister, Mia. He apparently is aware of how twisted his sister is with the self-mutilation.
Not much of a clue I suspect of his present feelings for Lola, and even perhaps, Mia.
As for Nico, well he had it for Mia until she cut him and suggested the only way a relationship would work if he joined her in the mutilation. At one point he called her ‘loco’. But now his hot ‘abuser’ Alina has made an even more crazy suggestion (order): go sleep with Mia tonight and let me know who you like better tomorrow! Nico better tell Santiago of his trouble with women since his dad can certainly give him some pointers. Actually Damian, if he ever wakes up, could give him the best advice: stay celibate.

Urban,another good recap,of an ever sad story. Nothing comes of cheating but heartache.In this instance murder.
And all for 3 years of Rollin in the gay. I agree with vinny,I dont believe
He love her. She an exciting date. And
They dated to sex right up under their
Spouses noses. And neither one of em
Have a dam about their families. I bet
The Ol lady did it.As for somebody out
Of the ordinary, I choose her. That Ol
Girl has alot of hate in her. What if
Damian's dad did to her what he's done
To raq, tho she don't care about raq,
She just hate the women the men cheat
With. And if raw can be blamed for it
Thats kill In two birds with one stone
.It's just a what if thing I was think
in about.
Those kids are so Messed up.And the poor Child with that grownass lawyer freek, Yeah Greek.She couldbe arrested for Statutory rape or sexualabuse.Shes a nutJob.
Ok going home from work.

Thank you Urban.

Anon @ 5:05. I thought I saw pleasant surprise on Fede's face when Nico told him the pretty girl was looking at him. I think Fede is shy and insecure, but smart. Smart enough to realize Lola was just teasing and not into him "that" way.

I agree that Fede is a bit shy considering his sheltered childhood that's somewhat understandable.

How much does he know about Lola getting her freak on with her gym teacher?

The ages assigned to the four "kids" indicate that none of this is stat rape by Mexican standards. If three of them were 15 in the 3 years ago and the other (Lola) 17 per this page they are all over the minimum age of consent. However, the law regarding estupro allows sexual relations with someone under 18 but above the minimum age of consent to be prosecuted under certain conditions.

This means that if Nicolas is 18 now Alina can get away with this unless Nicolas is willing to say that she extorted sex from him for representing his father.

UA: Lola was banging the gym teacher ?

How old is she ?

Lola is around 20 years old now, but she was in high school when she started having sex with Juan, the gym teacher.

He definitely could have been brought up on charges back in the day, but I'm not sure that Mexican law would allow that to happen now. At the very least the school administration would review the situation and possibly fire him. He could lose his teaching license over this.

Gabriela is another predator. Damian was her original target and now Santiago. This has to be about her trying to stick it to Raquel since she associates both men with her.

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