Friday, March 24, 2017

La Piloto #13 3.23.17: In Which Yolanda Finds Solutions to Her Problems...

• John comes and asks Oscar to lower the gun. Oscar obliges and John asks Yolanda to lower her gun. Yolanda screams at Oscar to shoot her and asks John if he knows what his brother did, how he killed all her friends at the police station. John confirms that everything got out of hand and Yolanda realizes that John knew about the car bomb. She tells him he’s the same or worse than his brother and asks if that’s what he meant when he said he will help them. John tries to explain but Yolanda storms out. John turns to Oscar and tells him that he will have to learn to respect his woman but Oscar reminds him that Yolanda has to learn how to respect family. He storms out as well.
• In the hotel hallway, john finds Yolanda and begs her to listen to him. She knows all she needs to know but John confirms that her friends are okay and vows to protect her and her friends, not matter what, always. He then tells her that she can’t go and point a gun at Oscar whenever she wants; if she is going to be his right hand and his woman she is going to have to learn to get along with Oscar and begs her not to make him chose. Yolanda would never ask him to but Oscar ha to learn to respect her people. John agrees and they kiss.
• At home, Dave showers and remembers trying to save Becker in vain, making love to Yolanda and his fight with her and John in the forest. He curses his luck.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

We have any blog / google experts here? A new problem has arisen with the site

Perhaps one of our bloggers did something odd a couple weeks ago that broke the blog - I just got a notification from google that we have a skyrocketing number of broken links. In the old days I would have asked Kat but I hope we have somebody else who understands this and what to do about it! Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

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La Piloto #12 3.22.17: In Which Yolanda Continues to Learn Harsh Life Lessons...

• The DEA helicopter lands in Mexico and the news spreads that the police have found 5 survivors of the plane crash after Zeki hijacked the plane. They hypothesize that he did this to escape the DEA because they found out that CAA was actually owned by John Lucio. In the helipad, Ortega helps Dave out of the helicopter as the paramedics come and ask if he’s okay. Ortega runs after Zulima and tells her that she’s not going anywhere because they know she also has ties to the Lucios. Zulima tells them that she’s hurt and wants to go home but hauls her off to jail.
• In the Lucio airstrip, Oscar finds out that that the survivors, including Zulima, have landed in Mexico. He warns her to not say anything or she’s dead and shoots the TV in anger.
• Amanda is handcuffed and taken to the jail cell where Lizbeth and Olivia are pacing. They wonder if Amanda talked when Amanda is brought in. They ask her who the man she was talking to was and she explains that it was a prosecutor and he tried to persuade her to say all she knew about the Lucios and Zeki in exchange for a lower sentence. They asks her if she took the deal but Amanda points out that she’s still in jail with them so obviously she didn’t. Just then, they bring in Zulima and all the girls go in for a hug. They ask her if she’s okay and Zulima confirms she is despite the fact that she almost died. They then ask about Yolanda and Zulima confirms that she heard she was okay and that John rescued her in the forest. A policeman comes in and tells the girls that Olivia has a visitor.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

La Piloto #11 3.21.17: In Which Yolanda Lands in Costa Rica and (Possibly) Loses Someone Else...

• At the airstrip, John goes into his office and tries to radio into the plane Zeki has hijacked. Oscar tells him that they need to go because the DEA is coming but John wants to find out if Yolanda is safe first. Oscar tells him that they are in this mess because of her but John doesn’t believe she had anything to do with it. Oscar asks him if he’s sure but John is silent and Oscar remind him that he has doubts and that’s the problem. John confesses that he has one doubt: why did Zeki hijack the plane after leaving the warehouse if he was with the DEA?
• On the plane, Zeki tells the co-pilot that they need to reach Panama ASAP but the co-pilot warns him that they don’t have enough fuel and to fly lower so the radar does not detect them. John’s voice finally comes through and Zeki answers. John warns him that if anything happens to his plane or Yolanda, he will regret it but Zeki tells him to forget about both and hangs up.
• Yolanda asks Zulima if she knows what is going on with Zeki but she shakes her head. Yolanda wonders where they will go as they barely have enough fuel to even make it to Costa Rica. Zulima then asks what happened with Dalberto and Yolanda confesses that he’s a rat that works with the DEA and even lied about his name. Zulima is shocked to hear the news.
• Outside the airport, Olivia, Amanda and Lizbeth are arrested. The DEA find the bag with the cash in their possession.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

La Piloto #10, 3-20-2017: Taking A Flier Or From The Frying Pan Into The Fire

Parte 1 ~

Yolanda makes her escape from the restaurant in back of the druggies’ car, the money bag in tow.  “--Keep your head down!!” Dave/Alberto is chasing them but loses them along the way.

Yoli calls John to let him know the score and the problem: Dave done us in.  He’s working for the DEA!  He’s a federale!”  He’s another jerkwad, like all the other men in my life.   My choice of men sucks—and I wanted to help him through!  John tells her to get back to the airport and get on the flight back to Mexico.  Trust in a guy named Pincheros (Good enough).   Don’t get caught by the Feds in the U.S., cuz he cannot help her there.

The driver says he’s got some merchandise to deliver and he’ll take her back to the airport. (I think.)

Zeki meanwhile, gets lose from the ropes, finds a gun and knocks Oscar over the head when his back is turned.  Zulima manages to make it to her car and is ready to start the car when Zeki puts a gun in her face.  He gets in and forces her to drive.

Becker’s Amerian Counterpart at the airport or the mission com room tells Dave, El Duro, to pack it in.  The mission’s been a total failure.  The Lucio’s are going underground and Yolanda with them.  Duro says nope.  He’s certain JL will move heaven and earth to get Yolanda back there today.

Duro learns about the shootout at the Lucio’s Miami warehouse and that Monica’s there in the middle of it.  Oscar and Mena Arley escape on the back of a motor cycle.

Druggie gets back to the airport and meets up with Bald Dude – Pineros.  He hides her in a huge cinch bag.

On the Centroamerica plane, the stewardesses are muy impactado to see Alberto show a DEA badge and demand to speak to the pilot of the plane, which he plans to search.  Of course, the agents find nothing, not even in the baggage area.  The gals’ flight documents are in order.  Duro wants to know where Yoli is. He tells the other agents he’ll take it from there.  He sits down and looks out the window while the luggage for the flight back is being loaded.  He sees the huge cinch bag move and he orders to pilots to open up the baggage area.  CoPiloto bangs him over the head and lets him drop in.  JL will reward him handily for capturing the DEA agent.  They take off immediately and without permission to escape the Feds and get back to Mexico.
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

La Piloto #9 3.17.17: In Which Yolanda Finds Out The Truth...

• Zulima goes to answer the door as John hides in the bedroom. Yolanda is sorry that she came unannounced but she needs a favor. She notices that Zulima is nervous and asks if she has someone there. Zulima tells her it’s no one she knows and Yolanda asks if she can take Miami shipment. Zulima asks that they talk about it on the way over to the airline and Yolanda agrees and goes to wait outside. Zulima goes to her room and gives John the keys to her apartment and asks her to lock up. John asks her what Yolanda is doing there but Zulima will update him later. She leaves and John calls his men to asks them why they didn’t call when they saw Yolanda. They tell him they thought he had invited her,
• In the car, Zulima explains that the Miami shipment is special and Yolanda confirms that it’s a lot of money and wants to do it. Zulima makes her promise that if something goes wrong, she will take full responsibility. Yolanda asks her why she thinks something will but Zulima makes her promise either way.
• Dalberto wakes up from his alarm and looks for Yolanda but finds his apartment empty. He then receives a call from John, who wants him at the airline in 40 minutes so Zeki can give him instructions. He asks Dalberto to be on his toes since this is his test run. Dalberto agrees and hangs up.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

PREMIOS TVyNOVELAS 2017: Stevey's Thoughts on the Upcoming March 26th Awards Show



Hi everybody, Stevey here!!       
Recently, while I was enjoying a martini over on the ECDLP patio, mention was made of the 'awards' that it had (or had not) won.  This led me to reflect that a lot of people up in the ‘Northern Parts’ might not have any idea what everybody was talking about.  Seeing as they are, sort of, a 'big thing' (like Mexico’s answer to the Emmy Awards), that this year’s awards ceremony is coming up on Sunday, March 26th, AND that you guys are just as much a part of this delightfully idiosyncratic Latin American television entertainment drama known as the telenovelas… I thought I'd do a little posting as to what’s going on, and about the nominees for this year’s big event.  I hope that you guys enjoy it, find it useful and/or interesting… and I really look forward to whatever discussion, conversation, supposition, or hypothesizing might result of it between everybody!!  Here goes...
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Friday, March 17, 2017

La Piloto #8 3.16.17: In Which Yolanda Gives Into Her Desires...

• Yolanda, dressed as a flight attendant, lies back in bed and thinks about all that happened with Ernesto. She signs and then leaves. Outside, she receives a call from John but ignores it.
• In the airline, Yolanda calls Estela looking for Ernesto but she has no idea where he is. She calls her daughter but Yolanda tells her to never call her that again because she doesn’t have a daughter since she turned her back on her. Zulima comes and quietly stands behind Yolanda as she tells Estela that she will find Ernesto and make him pay for what he did. This time it won’t be a cut across his face, this time she’s going to kill him. Yolanda hangs up and Zulima touches her shoulder. Yolanda jumps and asks her how long she has been standing there. Zulima confirms that she came for coffee and heard everything. Yolanda confirms that Ernesto left her with nothing but she will deal with it. Zulima offers her support as Yolanda receives a call and goes off to answer it. Zulima keeps her eye on Yolanda as she walks off and pulls out Ernesto’s card with his number on it.
• At the same time, Yolanda answers John’s call and tells him she doesn’t feel like talking right now. He backs off but offers to take her to dinner. She accepts but tells him it can’t be tonight because she has something to do. He reminds her that Dalberto is alive because of him and Yolanda chides him for always seemingly doing her favors but still asking her to pay for them. John reminds her that nothing is free in this world and hangs up.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

La Piloto #7 3.15.17: In Which Yolanda Gets A Surprise Visitor...

• John sees Dalberto and Yolanda and demands to know what she’s doing there. He berates Dalberto for lying to him and begins to beat him. Yolanda tries to intercede for Dalberto but John pushes her away.
• Ortega and the police are at a stale mate in the stairs. She and her men try to get closer but John’s men keep firing at them.
• At the ranch, Zeki, Oscar and Zulima discuss the mole. Zeki explains that he still doesn’t know and Zulima tells Oscar that she may know who it is: it’s someone who’s been acting strange as of late….
• John receives a call from Oscar who tells him that he may know who the mole is but John has bigger problems. He tells Oscar that the DEA has him trapped and he needs his help to escape. Yolanda tells him that they can escape through the roof and John agrees. He asks his men to take Dalberto with them.
• Oscar is barking at his men to get a move on when he passes by a stable where Arley and Amanda are getting it on. He has that Arley get dressed and follow him. He does and they race off.
• The police finally shot the last of John’s men and race up the stairs. They storm the apartment but there is no one to found.
• Yolanda, et al. have made their way to the roof and are racing to catch the helicopter waiting for them on the ground. The DEA keeps shooting at them but they manage to hide behind some vents. Dalberto tries to help Yolanda move faster but John warns him to keep his hands off the merchandise.
• Outside the ranch, Zulima and Zeki load the girls into the car and Zulima warns Zeki that he’s being an idiot. For all he knows, the Lucios have made a deal with the mole and they’re leaving him out of the game. She asks that he think about it.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

La Piloto #6 3.14.17: In Which Yolanda Goes on a Date...

• At the ranch, Zeki is walking to his car, cursing Zulima, when Oscar comes and reminds him that he told him working with women would be hard. Zeki agrees, gets in his car and drives away. Oscar laughs.
• The next day, Yolanda fills in Amanda and Lizbeth on what happened at the clinic. Lizbeth reminds her that she told Yolanda the Lucios were dangerous but Yolanda tells her that she’s not going to see them anymore. Amanda doesn’t think it will be so easy since 1) John is her boss and 2) John likes her. Amanda explains that it doesn’t take a genius to see she likes him too. Yolanda disagrees and tells them that everything will be done through Zeki from now on until she can make enough money to move elsewhere with her aunt, where no one could find them. Lizbeth thinks it’s a good idea but wonders how hard it will be to free. Yolanda then asks her how it went with the NY pickup and Lizbeth confesses she was nervous but she made it.
• Just then, Ortega comes into the airline with an arrest warrant and an army of agents. She goes to Zeki’s office and asks that he let them do their job and search everything on the premises.
• At the same time, DEA agents also raid warehouses affiliated the Central American market that use double accounting books.
• Zeki gives a press conference and explains that CAA has nothing to do with drug trafficking and asks that the DEA let CAA work until anything concrete shows up.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

La Piloto #5 3.13.17: In Which Yolanda Lands a Plane...

• Yolanda showers and thinks about flying with John and her potential dinner date with Dalberto. Dolores knocks on the door and tells her to get out ASAP and Yolanda obliges.
• In the men’s locker room, Dalberto give Hector, the security guard, the watch he stole from Ines’ office. Hector is bothered by the fact that he only stole a watch but Dalberto reminds him it’s a good watch. He suggests that Hector give him the keys to Zequi’s office so that they can steal a lot more valuable merchandise and split it 50/50. Hector agrees. That night, Dalberto bugs the phone in Zequi’s office and takes pictures of some invoices.
• Arley is in the waiting area for Centro America Air when Amanda walks by and he stops her. He compliments her looks and invites her for coffee but she has to go. He wants to talk to her a little more and tells her that he works for a security company. She’s impressed but insists she has to go so he asks for her number. She hesitates so he gives her his phone and asks that she keep it so he can call her. Olivia then comes and takes her away but not before Amanda agrees and smiles at Arley.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

La Piloto #4 3-10-2017: Lift Off!

As we drop into our comfy couches this evening, Monica leads a team to examine the taxi that was used as a decoy and abandoned.  She is curses-foiled-again-impactada.

John and Yolanda finish the flight in his Red Baron (Cesna?) special.  She was loving it.  He offers to teach her to fly – all she’s got to do is say the word.  She asks what’s he want in exchange?  Growing up, she realized early on, men always want something in exchange with a woman. He had to work hard and scrabble for all he has.  A smile from her is enough.  Actually, he’s trying to do right by her for saving his life and risking her own at the same time.  She answers she would have done that for anyone.  (I kind of doubt it.)  So, consider them even now.  Just to be totally honest, though, it bugs her; she doesn’t appreciate being in gunfights or having the police hounding her all the time.  And, so, she’s heading home.

Dave is upset that the Lucios are always a step ahead of him and Monica.  They cannot keep this up or it’s watching over the drug inventory in the medicine closet of the DEA office in Barrow, Alaska for him.  Moni says they captured a phone call between Zeki and Zulima last night telling her there’s been a hit ordered on Lisbet.  (Ms. Blonde Ambition).  Dave remembers that Yoli is supposed to be with her this evening and so her life’s in danger also.  He tries calling but there’s no answer.  They can’t get there in time.  They form plan.  Outside the house, Oscar’s two goons are watching the girls enter.  They call him for directions considering there’s a second girl with Blonde Bette.  Oscar has them describe her and thinks about it.  He tells them to kill her also.  (Viewerville gasps a communal breath of angst.)
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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas: Karmageddon Comes to Cancún 3/10/17

This is by far the longest list of people who deserve comeuppance and therefore the longest article so far on this subject. Due to time constraints at the time I did not post at the halfway mark to list those who had already met their ends, but they are here so we can remember them and ponder their fates. For the rest the standard questions apply:
  1. What do you think the writers did to these characters?
  2. If different from the above, what would you have done instead?
Fire away, amigos. This should be fun.
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La Piloto #3 3-9-2017: With More Lives Than A Herd Of Cats

[My apologies, but I am living the recapper’s nightmare with only a poor quality video, bad audio, machine gun Spanish, and no CC’s. On Demand and Hulu+ are a bit behind.  But who’s complaining? –ed.]

(And this is just in the first ten minutes.....)

Viewerville is at the edge of their seats as Yolanda, John, and Zulima take an unexpected air born detour to the creek bed hundreds of feet below in the red bug. Dave/Arturo and Monica look on in horror.  Dave thinks on his feet and immediately grabs a rope; he then heads down the branch-filled  cliff side.  Suddenly there’s an explosion.  More horror as we learn Dave’s knocked cold—but only momentarily.  He heads back down and another policeman comes down with a fire extinguisher.  They see all have escaped into the deep-forested hillsides.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

La Piloto #2 3.8.17: In Which Yolanda Is In Three Shootouts

• The police knock on the bathroom door as Yolanda silently freaks out. Think quickly, she hides the suitcase under one of the ceiling tiles as a female military officer opens the locked door and asks her to step into the hallway so the officers can search the bathroom with the dog.
• In the hallway, the officer body searches her and asks her where she comes from, when she got to Colombia and how many bags is she carrying. Yolanda came from Mexico today and she only has her purse and one suitcase with clothes. The officer tells her that she can’t lock a public bathroom and search her bags. They find exactly what she told them and assume the dogs made a mistake. They apologize for their mistake and let her go.
• Yolanda goes back into the bathroom and retrieves the money from the ceiling tile. She opens up the bag, sees that the money is gone and calls Zulima to ask her why she never told her there was money in the bag. Zulima lies says she didn’t know about the money or whom it was for. Yolanda admits that she was robbed and Zulima freaks out, confessing that they are going to kill them both if she doesn’t show up with the money. Yolanda offers to go to the hotel and explain what happened but Zulima tells her that she has no idea who she’s dealing with and hangs up.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

La Piloto #1 (Premiere) 3.7.17: In Which We Meet Yolanda, A Woman With Dreams of Being a Pilot

Colombia. 2016.

• A small airplane flies through Colombian air space with unknown cargo. The military chases in their own plane but the small plane gets too close to the trees, in a effort to escape, than is safe for any pilot. Military officers also chase it on land and one officer manages to shoot it down. The small airplane crashes into the forest and the officers go to see if there are any survivors. By the river they find an unconscious woman.

• Some time later, the woman is asleep in a tent with the head commander watching her. She wakes up and he introduces himself as Arnoldo. The woman wants to change into her own clothes but the commander has some questions: is she Mexican? Why is she flying a plane in Colombian air space and so close to the ground? The woman explains that she was taking a flying course and because it’s her last day the school let her fly by herself. The commander doesn’t buy the story and asks if there were drugs on the plane.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

La Piloto: Main Characters

[The screen caps are poor, but it's all I had to work with for now.--ed.]

Livia Brito es Yolanda,

a very lovely young woman, a native of Tepic, whose great dream was always piloting planes.  She possesses a great deal of charm and a magnetic personality, qualities which nobody could ignore.  She is courageous, straight forward and full speed ahead, hot-headed but not violent.  Too honest, she always says what she thinks--even though at times she sticks her foot in it.  She is very loyal with her friends,  Because of her beauty men always have wanted to take advantage of her.  In fact, her own step-father, Ernesto, raped her on her eighteenth birthday, marking her for life.  Because of this she is very distrustful of men; she will not hand over her heart easily. However, she still takes falling hopelessly in love as part of her future plans and to experience a love like in the movies.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

La Piloto - index

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