Saturday, March 18, 2017

PREMIOS TVyNOVELAS 2017: Stevey's Thoughts on the Upcoming March 26th Awards Show



Hi everybody, Stevey here!!       
Recently, while I was enjoying a martini over on the ECDLP patio, mention was made of the 'awards' that it had (or had not) won.  This led me to reflect that a lot of people up in the ‘Northern Parts’ might not have any idea what everybody was talking about.  Seeing as they are, sort of, a 'big thing' (like Mexico’s answer to the Emmy Awards), that this year’s awards ceremony is coming up on Sunday, March 26th, AND that you guys are just as much a part of this delightfully idiosyncratic Latin American television entertainment drama known as the telenovelas… I thought I'd do a little posting as to what’s going on, and about the nominees for this year’s big event.  I hope that you guys enjoy it, find it useful and/or interesting… and I really look forward to whatever discussion, conversation, supposition, or hypothesizing might result of it between everybody!!  Here goes...
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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Que No Me Dejas: Karmageddon Comes to Cancún 3/10/17

This is by far the longest list of people who deserve comeuppance and therefore the longest article so far on this subject. Due to time constraints at the time I did not post at the halfway mark to list those who had already met their ends, but they are here so we can remember them and ponder their fates. For the rest the standard questions apply:
  1. What do you think the writers did to these characters?
  2. If different from the above, what would you have done instead?
Fire away, amigos. This should be fun.
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Discussion: Recap Authors' Update on our Favorites and our Greatest challenges

About 14 months ago we had this discussion on the subject of our greatest challenges in recapping and how we do this sometimes thankless job.  Now that we have some newbies -- both recap writers and readers --  on board I think we're due for a new forum on this subject.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey Tells Us What’s Happening in Mexico

The following post is from Commenter Stevey, who shares all he knows about the new telenovelas in the works in Mexico, that we may or may not see eventually in the U.S.

Hi everybody!!  In the past, I've tried to put together a little 'fact sheet' for you guys in regards to what's going on telenovela-wise 'South of the Border', in the land where they come from!   As I realize that whatever it is the staggeringly disgraceful boobs at Univision decide on by way of programming, will ultimately entail just what it is that YOU guys get to watch up yonder, America-way.  Some will make it, some will not... and god knows which will be which (hell, with the Univision execs being what they are, I doubt even HE knows!).  But, that being said, I wanted to come up with a post that hopefully you will find informative, enlightening, useful, entertaining, or any combination therein!  I apologize for its stupefying length, but it's a labor of love to be sure (I just hope it isn't as such reading it!)  To avoid editorializing (I unfortunately do that enough once I get going, for which I apologize... FWIW, I'm writing this paragraph last, so I know what I'm talking about here...), I'm just going to get right in on things, and on the projects that we've got on hand right now, or are already actively in preparation in some way...
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Discussion 2/10/17: Karmageddon – El Color de la Pasión

Puebla is the site of the next round of Karmageddon. We have some excellent prospects for a very hot place. The Master awaits!  As usual we will ask the following two questions:

What do you think the writers will do to them?
What do you think they really deserve?
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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Weekend Discussion: Your Favorite Novela Wedding

For a long time most novelas ended with a beautiful wedding right out of a bridal magazine.  All the bridal designers in Mexico must compete to get their latest gowns on the screen for those finale episodes with all the fancy frills of a royal wedding, but wedding episodes in the middle of a series are often more interesting because the wedding itself becomes an issue rather than a reward.

I don't have a single favorite but there are different reasons for the ones I do love.  What are your favorite novela weddings?  And yes, you can include the Bodas Interrumpi as well.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, 6th Edition

Good day to all my readers!  Since it's fairly obvious that someone's going down in flames soon -- and it's long overdue -- we will need to say adios to her Best Ramerawear of 2016.  I doubt that her sisters will keep her wardrobe for her as she will not need it wherever she is going.  Here is hoping that her potential successors learn the error of their ways before too much longer.  We'll start with them:

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Tres Veces Ana: Karmageddon Awaits!

It's time for Karmageddon to strike and this is probably the longest list of the deserving. So let's not waste any time. The same two questions:

  • What do you think the writers will do to them?
  • What do you think they deserve?
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, Fifth Edition

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to point out severe fashion felonies, you can always count on the staff of your established fashion -- and gossip -- magazines to point fingers and name names.  

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend Activity: The Televisa Remake Game (Classic Movies Edition)

In the last week I've been watching some great classic movies, so I've decided to revive something we had fun with in the past, The Televisa Remake Game. The rules:

  • Pick a classic movie, any genre.  Title translation optional.
  • Give your dream cast for the Televisa Remake you would produce.  Actors currently under contract to Telemundo are also invited to the casting call.  Although most or all character names would be changed into Spanish ones, use the original character names for clarity.
  • Make note of any minor changes to setting, character relationships, etc.
  • Comment on any previously posted project.
  • Have fun!
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Friday, April 08, 2016

Karmageddon for the Rich and Shameless: Pasión y Poder 4/8/16

I have always loved the concept of poetic justice, of people getting the fate they deserve. This does not often happen among those who can buy their way out of it or get someone else to do it for them. Many – if not most – who can do this have no conscience about it. Few feel any regret for their actions or remorse for the consequences; most that do are too late to do more than pick up the pieces.

Human crime is not limited to things subject to legal judgment. Many crimes are social, familial, or both. Most of these are behind closed doors and at least half will hurt the perpetrator as much as the victim. All they can do at that point is close ranks to save face if they can manage to avoid the paparrazzi who – for this crowd – is Dante's Inferno. – D.D.
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, 4th Edition 3/25/16

There is so much Stürm und Drang among the denizens of the DF upper crust that it seemed appropriate to understand why these emotional conflicts exist. A few of the women in the midst of this conflict might have made their lives better – in their own minds – with better fashion choices. It was only the sudden death of Monserrat Moret that made Nina Perez de Montenegro the main focus of this latest edition. She is no Ann Grenville in money matters and even now still has much to learn of fashion in the world she hopes to stay in.

Thanks to Soledad Romero-Vargas, our fashion critic here at Vanidades, we bring you these fashion felonies. Enjoy.

  • D.D.  

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, 3rd Edition 2/19/16

It's time once again to pause from the scandalous behavior and outrageous fortunes among those with both to look once again at what they often don't see: Fashion Felonies. Many people look in the mirror and don't see the big picture. For the rich and shameless this results in gossip that some choose to ignore at their social peril. Public image once meant something to these people. Don't they care anymore? I suppose only if they have political ambitions does it matter.

Thanks to Soledad Romero-Vargas, our fashion critic here at Vanidades, we bring you these disasters.                        -- D.D. 
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Friday, January 29, 2016

Karmageddon Discussion: Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse 11/26/16

Let's make pasta primavera and open some vino for this one because we deserve it.

It's time to figure out what tricks the Televisa writers will pull on us this time. After what happened with Mi Corazón es Tuyo I am seriously concerned that most of the nasties of this series will get off without any relevant punishment, but we can at least vent here about what should happen to them. Let's start with the queen of the lot:
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Yo No Creo en los Hombres -- Karmageddon!

Karmageddon comes to DF this time for the devil's own in Yo No Creo en los Hombres. We've had a very interesting collection of villains and top performances by the actors. Due to the nature and pace of this story, I've delayed this until today and this is updated through last evening's episode. As usual, we ask two questions:
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Friday, December 11, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Recap Authors, What Series Was Your Biggest Challenge?

This is also a forum for recap authors to talk about how we go about what we do.

I'm going into my fifth year of writing for this blog and most of it has been fun and interesting.  My first series was La Fuerza del Destino in 2011 where I caught most of the juicy episodes about the character we called Merry Piece and I felt privileged for that.  There were a few truly great performances in that series and some wooden ones and we all take the good with the bad.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, 2nd Edition

It is my information from colleagues (including the late Richard Blackwell) that fashion felonies are the cocktail enjoyed prior to the aperitif of society peccadilloes and the entrée of scandal and murder. It is always satisfying to know that the moneyed classes are as human – or inhuman – as anyone else in their roles in their own downfalls. To this end, the paparazzi at Vanidades have provided me with these sometimes hilarious and otherwise frightening examples of questionable taste. My colleague, fashion critic Soledad Romero-Vargas, provides the captions.

Enjoy and provide your comments. And please, if you have any excellent candids for a future edition send me an e-mail with the files attached. I do protect my sources. – D.D.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Novela Cliche Directory

I decided once upon a time to compile these and here is what I've collected so far.  What can you add to this?

Most are self-explanatory.

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Friday, October 02, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Viva Italia!

Italian Culture, Cinema, and Cuisine

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse is creating such lively discussions lately I thought it appropriate to have a weekend topic devoted to all things Italian. This is such a big topic that detail will be impossible, so I'll just bring up the main points and let the rest of you contribute. What Italian things do you love?
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Your Favorite Movies

What movies do you love?  Classics?  Trendy new?  Epics?  Horror?  Film Noir?  Enquiring minds want to know!



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