Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fuego 1-27: The next in a series of bitter pills, and vengeance galore.

This is the third of my four recaps for Cheryl, and the subtitles are still dead. I'm going to wait till the switchover to digital signal and then complain. In the meantime...

From yesterday: Franco would give Sara up out of respect for Sarita's devotion to her awful mother, but Oscar points out the mother is a ghastly witch and Franco shouldn't yield. Darth, drunk as a skunk, comes to the hacienda and shouts for Gab's sympathy: their spouses did it together! Dismayed, Furd leaps up the stairs to reassure Gab he has tender love for her and never strays. She falls down the Staircase of Death but, as Julie sadly reported, does not die.

Juan appears, scoops Gab up in his Manly Arms, and puts her to bed while Sofia and Sara fuss around. Sofia's ruffled satin blouse is exceptionally hideous.

Root scolds Darth as he lounges against the would-be Stairs of Death: "Daddy, shame! You're the one who told ME to act only in cold blood!" "I was mad." Root's angst-bubble: "Will Furd tell Mommy I boinked him?"

Soledad tells the Bouffy Padre she feels guilty that Raquel went to confront Darth and now she's gone. Helpfully the Padre consoles her: "Each of us has a destiny that can't be evaded." Soledad wants to report Raquel's absence to the authorities. Hey, good idea!

To compress all these bed scenes: Gab doesn't want to see the good daughters and says so clearly, over and over and over. She only wants to see Ruth and Furd. However, she doesn't trust them. Though Furd swears he loves only her and that Darth is lying, Gab heard differently from Raquel herself. She also knows or intuits that Furd's boots have been under Ruth's bed...

...Furd and Ruth give each other hateful looks, but jointly assure Gab that they, and only they, love her with a deep, disinterested love (ie nothing to do with her moolah, though Furd casts speculative glances at her jewelry.)

Furd thinks Root will have to help him hustle Gab along towards the Pearly (or not) Gates. That's because he thinks he still has, in his safe, the paper she signed giving him half of Gab's fortune. However, Juan gives the paper to Root (in exchange for her having revealed to Sofia the drugged sex caper), so she's free of that particular blackmail, and she is not exactly with Furd's Pearly-Gates program. She is searching, searching: for love, for a way out of her life of hatred... She feels emptiness; Furd says she's weak.

The Doctor comes (probably on a donkey). He inspects Gab and tells her - and then the others - that she hasn't done any of the things he told her to. She drinks and doesn't watch her diet and is surrounded by stress (is this a Public Service Announcement?) and so she's much sicker and if she doesn't mend her ways she could die of a heart attack at any moment. He leaves.

Quintina and her solterona friends (a soltera is a single woman; a solterona is a big hunk of hopelessly pathetic single woman. Like me for instance...) are sewing rhinestones on things and preparing for some dumb ceremony, Quintina will be M.C. and she picks up her skirt and shows her red underpants.

The moon is still full.

Eva appears several times, futilely telling Root not to be so bitter, that real love is giving so others can be happy. She tells the Good Daughters she is there for them like a mother. It makes me want to puke.

Coyote (aka Ricardo Uribe Jr.) comes to pay his respects to Gab and hears that the Stairway of Death almost killed her. He and Juan have important discussions...

...Coyote reveals his true identity and his desire for vengeance against his father (Darth) and Gabriela. Juan remembers he promised Soledad to take care of her son, to dissuade him from his fatalistic path of vengeance. He sort of tries to, yelling that retaliation doesn't work very well and that Soledad doesn't deserve to suffer this way and she won't like it if her son falls off a cliff while trying to avenge her.

"Thank God you have a mother - I'd love to be able to talk to mine -" Juan gets so wrapped up in flashing back his own tale of vengeance, he gets all excited and sort of ends up encouraging the whole idea.

They both wonder, meanwhile, where Raquel is. Then, Coyote says: "Many unexpected things happen on rainy nights like the one during which Libia died. Maybe you should investigate further." "Hmm, maybe I should investigate further," our sharp-witted hero replies.

And Juan vengeance-bubbles: "My heart tells me the people responsible for my parents' deaths are very nearby..."

Simultaneously, Darth remembers Raquel falling off the cliff and seems a little remorseful. "I've killed twice, FIRST THOSE REYES and now my own wife! Gabriela is to blame!" He winces, ugh, Raquel gloating about Furd's superior amatory ability... "I have to get vengeance on him..."

He realizes Soledad must be the mother of his mystery son. He rides all over asking peasants if they've seen a scarfaced woman. He finally gets pointed to her house. Juan, also on horseback, is close on his tail.

Furd goes off to fill Gab's prescriptions and comes home with poison polvo. "Here, take this." Gab watches him with haunted eyes and swallows the bitter pill.

Finally: Oscar is out of the wheelchair and onto crutches. The Reyes brothers rejoice hugely. I'm kind of uncomfortable with the idea that only on legs can Oscar really be part of the action, but I guess that's too politically correct for Mexidoon.

Tomorrow: Sofia pardons Juan (yawn); Gabriela is not doing so well on her Furd-administered medical regimen...


Tontas- Tuesday January 27, '09 "Now We're Getting Down To The Raisins"

Hi folks. This is me taking a break from shoveling snow (8 to 12 inches more expected tonight) and my title comes from a phrase a crusty old newspaper editor of mine used to use when we really got down to the action. It stemmed from a stomach-pumping incident and you really don't want to know any more than that. But my goodness, we ARE getting down to the raisins in this one...things are happening....and happening fast.

We also have a quartet of broken hearts. Chayo alone at the Institute. Hortensia in a humiliating brushoff with Patricio. Lulu being rebuffed by Meño. And Marissa as she overhears Santiago's confession of love...for Candy, not her. But all that comes later, and we can wait, can't we?

First our sad little rehash. Chayo is preparing to bunk at the Institute rather than going home to her unfaithful husband. Lulu invites her to come along to the restaurant with her but Chayo declines, preferring to meditate on her heartbreak all alone. In another scene, Santiago refuses to look at his mama's will and Alicia taunts Candy and demands to know the father of her child (while dramatic music plays in the background).

New stuff: Chava overhears the question and says, Want to know who my dad is?...Santiago. My friend Beto has a new dad and so do I. And who are you? he asks Alicia. A woman in a hurry...who's just about to leave, snaps Candy.

No, she's your aunt, declares Gregoria, spilling the beans big-time.

And boom! we switch back to Santiago, also spilling the beans in a way. Mama Isabella correctly intuits that her great big son is afraid to even contemplate the fact that she could die. Evidently when her husband passed away, Santiago made her promise that she would NEVER die and, as he adds, You promised! And promises must be kept! Well, mom wants him to have her will and she also wants to got to Puerto Vallarte with Jaime. And betray Dad? Santiago, your dad died a long time ago, Isabella answers quietly.

So...decisions are being made...and reluctantly accepted.

Meanwhile Alicia and Candy have taken their fight outside, engaging in a little mutual threatening. Candy still holds the trump card. Don't threaten me Alicia or I may decide to let Patricio know I'm still alive and I still love him. And who do you think he would choose, hmmm?
Back in the house, Chava has developed a bloody nose (a reaction to the dramatic tension?) and while Granny cleans him up he naturally asks Why haven't I ever seen this aunt before? Well you never heard of me before and look, now I live with you, answers Gregoria. And will she live with us too? "Dios nos libre" (God forbid!)

Alright, first humiliation. Lord, I hate these scenes. Hortensia arrives, all hot, bothered and hopeful. Patricio quickly hides the rose, she spots it anyway and thinks it's as beautiful as he is. He starts talking bathroom, she's ready to take a bath with him, why not? Uh, no...I have to go...and go at home...and it's far away...and I have these big mean dogs who won't let any woman in...but hey, maybe I'll have a party and we can get together then. Bye.

I'm batting zero, and 20 have left me, sighs Hortensia. As the waiter quickly exits, she ups that number to 21.
Romantic comedy? NOT.

Now we have Candy and Chaya having a conversation with that creepy little cat puppet she carries around. He tells her about Rocio calling him a liar because he said Santiago loves Candy, he heard it. In typical fashion, she avoids the topic, tells him to go to sleep and "sueña con los angelitos".

Now it's the next day and Meño and Candy are talking about her goof, imagining that Cece was Eduardo's secret lover. Meño tries to make her understand that Cece is gay and is the one leaving the roses on her desk. Candy, typically, doesn't listen and Meño swishes off, taking the tea he brought with him. Fix your own tea if you won't listen to me! No problem, Candy's in a hurry to get started on this week's column anyway. All about women who will put up with anything just to keep their man.

Once it's written, she persuades Hortensia to put it in with Eduardo's papers so he'll be sure and read it.

Well, now it's Lulu's turn to be rebuffed but gotta say that the actress does a great job of humorously vamping Meño. First the lights dim. Then Lulu slithers around the corner, sexy black dress and her usual headgear but woo! the bandanna is flung. (Will more follow?) She opens a fridge door and seductively presses herself against the glass. " Eat me", her eyes seem to be saying. Just in case he didn't get the hint, she dips into some whipped cream and starts licking it. Then sits back on the table flashing a very shapely leg and adding a nice juicy apple to the whipped cream concoction. Yowsa...she's offering "pasión y amor" for the menu and Meño's response? He's on a diet.

Meanwhile, Eduardo's getting set up to read the column. Hortensia hands him some papers with the article on top. Rushes off to get him coffee when he wants to know what it is. He reads it and has an instantaneous illumination. This is about his wife. What is he doing to her?
Well, Eduardo gets it....finally. But Lulu...nope, she's still nursing her illusions. Confess your love, she begs Meño. Hush Lulu, I'm gay...and don't laugh, I'm not joking. Do you care for me? Of course I do. But only as a very dear friend. No problem. You care for me... I'll cure you and we'll have lots of children.

Alright, we leave that tender scene for another consultation with the most neurotic counselor on earth...Miss Candy. However she seems to be giving Isabella good advice. Issy's nervous about making love at her age. And it's been so long! Years since her husband passed away. Candy skips the advice about K2R jelly (although that would have been useful) and just advises Issy to not be afraid of love. Go ahead. Sure it's normal to be afraid...but go for it.

Well, it wouldn't be a good episode without a plug for Guadalajara and it's artisanry, right? Consider it done. Patricio's on the phone setting up an order with someone in Santa Monica. The type of ceramic that he's promoting is called Betus...from the word betun (concrete) Had enough? Okay, prelude to Alicia bopping in the door, all smothery kisses and shrieks and the announcement she wants to start treatment...for having a baby! Patricio's on board and is ready to get started on the groundwork immediately. Right now? Here? Sure. Give him props for being quick on the draw.

More counseling by our plucky (but neurotic) heroine. This time it's a couple at the restaurant arguing...as evidently they always do when they go out to eat. Madam picks a fight and exits. Husband, a rather wet looking sop if you asks me, is downcast and asks for the bill. He gets it, plus Candy sitting down at his table to hand out some unasked for advice. (Remember how Paula taught you "metiche" in Monday's recap? Well, she's going all "metiche" again on this poor dude). She wants him to talk about his feelings....wah wah wah feeeeelings....Supply the music here, will you?
He can't...and won't...stand up for himself that is. He's afraid that if he really gets in touch with his feelings he'll lose control. Get in a fight. He admits he's a hen-pecked husband ("mandilón"). No problem, Candy invites him to come to the Institute...they'll fix him up. (Guess this makes him the second male client, after Santiago). Meño's reaction is to stroke his eyebrow sceptically. We shall see.

Whoa...not everybody's getting rebuffed tonight. Charly and Lucia arrive at Meño's house to find everybody gone. Let's just compress these scenes. He carries her off to bed. She hesitates...but no, she wants to stay. They're both scared but....yes, passion reigns. Alas, protection does not. When she worries later about not using a condom, he reassures her that nobody gets pregnant the first time. (Alas, they do, not only in real life but ALWAYS in telenovelas where all young heroines are fertile as the Nile). More drama ahead no doubt.

Candy and Hortensia are chatting, the latter, decked out in platinum wig and sunglasses, bemoaning her latest romantic disappointment. Candy advises losing the wig and glasses, scrubbing off a lot of the makeup and having another go. Hortensia trots off to the ladies' room to do just that, leaving Candy in charge of the phones while she's gone. But don't touch the computer. Doctor is very" quisquilloso"( touchy, picky) about his stuff, she pleads.

Quick switch to the airport. Another disappointed lover? Jaime slowly starts to board the plane alone when Issy arrives, catches his arm and asks if there's room for her on the plane. Turns out there's room not only on the plane, but in his heart and in his life. Awwwww.
And eeeeewwwww...that was my reaction to the bathroom scene where the psychologist discovers Marissa's pregnancy test kit. I'll say no more, but it's followed up by Marissa's confirmation of the pregnancy at the doctor's. She's about 6 weeks along, he figures. Good news for Marissa. Bad news for Santiago and Candy. Who are now at the office with Patricio. Will he discover who Candy is? Well, she's in Hortensia's blonde wig and sunglasses and plopped down on the floor with her rear in the air (I would imagine that might bring back memories for Pato) but no, he's intrigued but doesn't know why. We have some pseudo-scenes where Candy imagines confessing and kissing him and also belting the two of them (Santi and Pato) but finally, when Patricio asks for her phone number, she shouts, You're a married man! and heads for the elevator. May I go down with you? Don't you think we have some kind of connection? he adds. Take the stairs, she shouts, kicking him in the shins. Ah Candy, Candy, evidently you're
irresistable, under any and all circumstances.

Meanwhile, Marissa is sharing the good news first (first!!!!) with her brother. (Don't you think that's weird?) Well, okay, he's excited about being an uncle; she's excited about finally having the "goods" to nail down Santiago for sure. But the pregnancy might be a little complicated. (foreshadowing? I certainly hope so.)
A brief scene with the kids, the majordomo and the dog making poop which believe it or not was shaded out on the TV. What is it with animal excrement and the censors? We're showing women with decolletage down to their navels but poop is off-limits? Give me a break.
A conversation at cross-purposes now takes place between Santiago and Eduardo. The latter is stressing over losing (possibly) his wife. Santiago is stressing about losing (possibly) Candy. They each follow their respective paths until Eduardo finally demands some attention. Santi assures him he's lost a woman who's worth her weight in gold. But will she give him a second chance? And will Candy do likewise?
Another brief scene with the majordomo and Tina. He's talking to the vegetables, trying to compose an ode to his love. She's not charmed. But I'd say the situation looks hopeful...on all fronts.
Another "raisin" scene. A biggie. Santiago's at the Institute and he's not there to see Candy (and certainly not Marissa). He's there for a heart to heart with Meño. He's in love. It's not just a crush and it's not just about sex. It's something deeper, finer, it's spiritual, it's LOVE dang it! Meño reminds him that he has a fiancée. Yes, but it's not true love. We were lovers, colleagues, there are lawyers involved, it's complicated, but it's not love. You have a serious problem, concludes Meño.
Her ear pressed against the door, a sticken Marissa hears all this and wonders how she'll ever be able to forgive Santiago. Indeed.
A jump to the beachside hotel and a very nervous Isabella who's spending a long time in the bathroom. (A friend of mine spent so much time in the bathroom on her wedding night, her tipsy groom fell sound asleep before she finally came out.) Jaime however is wide awake and gently insistent that she quit running away from him.
And another exercise video with Alicia. Have to say, this woman looks great in her workout togs and performs the various moves extremely well. However she's thinking back on her confrontation with Candy and imagining how she'll deal with little sis. If you approach my husband, I'll make sure Patricio takes your son away from you. Yep, that should work.

Now we find Candy and Santiago in another elevator confrontation. The other people in the building have seen so many of these, they all immediately exit, leaving our two confused lovers all alone. He denies having " betrayed" her by offering to give Pato Chivi-Chivi's number. You're the friend I love most in the world, he pleads...er... after Rocio and Lucia. Ah, but what matters here is not what's said, but what's done. She gently straightens his collar and touchs his hair (mmmmm...and wouldn't a lot of us like to do that, sigh) and he gently returns the touch, calls her "mi amor" and gives her a chaste good-bye kiss "he's off to work" just the way a husband would. She's bewitched bothered and bewildered as she remembers his words. But anvils are coming baby, anvils are coming.

Alicia has barged into Meño's house again, demanding to see her nephew, putting her feet up on the couch (cheeky wench), declaring she KNOWS Chava is Patricio's son, seducing the little fella with a new soccer ball and promising to get him autographs from all the big soccer players. Looks like the battle is on. Marissa, meanwhile, is desecrating Santiago's photo and one can hardly blame her. As she decorates him with diabolic details, she weeps that she's put up with so much. She's tried so hard to be a good fiancée and a mother to Rocio. And now with the wedding date set and a baby on the way, he betrays her with Candy. How could he?

Well maybe he can't. Because here's what the previews show: Candy's ready to confess to Santiago that she's in love....with him. But before she can get the words out, clever Marissa arrives to share the news that she and Santiago are expecting. Marissa triumphant. Santiago stricken. Candy impactada. And so it goes.

mandilón = hen-pecked
quisquilloso, quisquillosa = touchy, picky
agenda = appointment book
perorata = lecture
metiche = meddler (just in case you forgot)
betun = concrete


El Cuerpo del Deseo, Mon. & Tues., Jan. 26 & 27- Uh oh! The PJ isn't in Salvador any more.


Simón tells Ángela about PJ/S and Valeria. Ángela confronts Isabel and tells her that she has no right to interfere in Valeria's life and that PJ/S can fall in love with whomever he wants. Isabel replies that she was just preventing Valeria from making a terrible mistake and that Ángela doesn't really know PJ/S.

Felipe tells Cantalicia that Andrés drowned under mysterious circumstances and that she should stay away from the Donoso house.

PJ/S tells Gaetana that he is going to see Valeria. He needs to be persistent.

PJ/S sneaks into the house through the basement as usual and into Valeria's room. She reacts badly on seeing him. He tells her that he didn't know she was ill and asks what is the matter. She says that she hates him.

Gaetana's landlord come to say that he has sold her house to a local thug. Gaetana tells the thug that he has to speak to PJ/S.

Isabel comes into Valeria's room. Isabel says that she needs to speak to PJ/S.

Isabel tells PJ/S that he has made fun of her. She kept her promise (killing Andrés) while he plotted to run away with Valeria and jilt her. She says that she should have killed PJ/S like she did Andrés. "And Pedro José Donoso," says PJ/S. Isabel tells him not to mention PJ's name. PJ/S says that Valeria will never forgive him and he is not the man for her. He was made for a woman like Isabel. PJ/S says that he will comply with her demands. Isabel replies that she isn't the only one in this relationship. PJ/S tried to escape from her with Valeria but no one can take him away from her or erase her from his mind.

The psychic wind sounds and PJ/S flinches in pain.

PJ/S admits that if he came back, it was for her, just for her. He says that he has to complete his mission if it's the last thing he does and he shouldn't hurt innocent people. He kisses her.He swears by all that is holy that if she has completed her promise, he will complete his.

During the night, PJ/S wakes up and calls Cantalicia as Salvador. She hears his call. He falls back asleep wondering what is happening to him.

The next morning PJ/S is dressed to go to work but he has lost his table manners and is not interested in Gaetana's problem with her new landlord.

Outside, more psychic wind sound, PJ/S has some kind of a seizure, turns around... and a pugnacious expression and some more eye makeup indicates that PJ isn't in Salvador's body anymore.

The thug landlord and his thug employees show up and since Salvador doesn't have PJ's martial arts skill, they beat the snot out of him. When he wakes up, he says that he doesn't know who they are or where he is.

Gaetana figures out what has happened and tries to keep Salvador under control with drugs.

She tries a seance with Camilo to contact PJ.

But Matilda breaks the spell and Salvador escapes from Gaetana' house.


Doña Bárbara - Mon., Jan. 26 - Antonio and María Nieves are workin' on the chain gang; if Santos won't come to DB, she will come to him

Well, the plot takes a big turn in tonight's episode.
Santos falls to his knees as he watches the boat carrying Marisela disappear. Watching with binoculars, DB wonders why Santos is on his knees if he is her man. She tells Melquíades to follow Marisela's party and make sure that they cross the frontier.

On the boat, Marisela tells Gonzalo that she is leaving her past behind. From now on, everything will be different. She will be a different Marisela Barquero.

DB is impatiently waiting for Santos to return to El Miedo. She tells Eustaquia that Santos didn't care about Marisela, she was only a little child that he liked to teach.

Santos returns to Altamira and starts drinking, smoking and moping around.

Everyone manages to get across the frontier except Antonio and María Nieves who are arrested by a midget and taken to the capital on the charge of aiding enemies of the state to cross the border.

DB comes to Altamira looking for Santos and he tells her that he wants to be alone at Altamira. DB says that she is his woman and will come to Altamira. Cecilia overhears.

Pernalete comes looking for Danger at his hut and BP tells him that Danger hasn't come back.

Cecilia tells Santos that she has decided to move out of Altamira. She doesn't want to be at Altamira with DB. Santos tells her that he doesn't understand or agree with her decision but it is her life and she can do what she wants.

BP comes to remind DB that she promised to let him participate in whatever Danger was into at La Chusmita. DB is not encouraging. Melquíades reports on what happened at the border.

Cecilia tells Santos that she has found a little house in Progresso and intends to start a school there.

Melesio gets notification from the authorities that Antonio has been arrested.

Santos, Melesia and Cecilia go to the capital to see what they can do for Antonio and María Nieves.

DB is pacing around furiously at El Miedo. Patience and being understanding of other is not her strong suit. She finds out from Juan Primito that Santos has gone to the capital.

Lucía finds out about Antonio.

Antonio and MN are in orange suits at hard labor. MN says that the only luck he has is bad luck and the rest is stupidity. If he hadn't decided to teach Altagracia a lesson, he wouldn't be here. Antonio says that at least they are alive. They could have been shot at the border.

Santos demands that Guerrero release Antonio and MN. Guerrero says that Antonio and MN helped dissidents cross the border and he has witnesses. Santos says that it is their word against that of his friends. Guerrero replies that the investigation is continuing and that it would be easy to get the truth out of Antonio and MN with the methods he has. Santos warns Guerrero not to torture Antonio and MN. Guerrero tells Santos not to threaten him. Santos is under suspicion also ("lo tengo en remojo", literally, "I have you underwater or all wet"). Guerrero tells Santos that if he can prove that Santos hid the rebels, he and his friends will rot in prison.

Melesio and Cecilia come to visit Antonio in prison. Cecilia assures Antonio that Santos is a good lawyer and that he will get them out of prison. Melesio goes to see MN and Cecilia tells Antonio to do what he is told and not to get angry and do anything crazy. He tells her to take care of their baby and that he loves her.

Guerrero refuses to release Antonio and MN on bail. Santos says that Antonio and MN are just campesinos. Guerrero says that people like Gonzalo put ideas in the heads of campesinos and cause trouble. Santos says that what Guerrero is doing in unjust. Guerrero admits that is so but he says that the law is on his side. Santos says that the laws in the country need to be changed. He asks to see Antonio and MN as their lawyer.

Santos tells Antonio and MN that he will get them out of prison very soon. He admits that he hasn't made any headway with the Captain but he will go over his head.

Santos, Cecilia and Melesio return to Progresso.

Antonio is told has a pretty visitor. He thinks it is Cecilia but it is Lucía.

Cecilia goes to her house and unpacking with Casilda when she has cramping and bleeding.

Santos returns to Altamira to find DB and all her stuff. He asks what is doing there. She says that Santos told her that she was his woman and would be the mistress of Altamira so here she is to take her rightful place. Santos looks stupified.


Las tontas no van #37, Mon 1/26, Bruja-ja in Guadalajara-ja

Isabel is trying to explain to her beloved that her son will always consider their relationship as infidelity to his father. In other words, Jaime won’t accept Jaime because of Jaime.* Isabel confesses that she is full of questions herself, but before she can elaborate, Donato interrupts with an important call from Candy. Isabel assures Candy that she can come and stay at the house; no one will know. When she turns around, Jaime the timid and insecure has left.

*The portrait in the parlor is Jaime Camil’s real-life father, also named Jaime.

Alicia’s chickens are coming home to roost, and she’s scared of chickens. She warns her mama that Candy had better not mess with her husband or she’ll be sorry. No way will she let Candy destroy her life. Gregoria points out the irony: Alicia destroyed Candy’s life. Besides, Candy doesn’t want anything to do with them.

Candy shows up at Isabel’s and apologizes profusely for the intrusion. She explains that she is hiding from Chava’s father, and Santiago knows all about it. As Candy darts off, wise Isabel muses that her son needs to open his eyes.

Santi comes into the institute under the pretext of looking for Marissa, knowing full well she’s not there. Meño walks in and introduces his friend Jorge Flores (aka Psychic Guy from Fea). Lulu sees him and can’t contain herself. She stammers, “You.. you.. you’re.. Jorge Flores. You were in La fea más bella! (Why do Santiago and Candy both look each other up and down when Lulu says that? This scene is PACKED with little jokes; I think this one is a joke I don’t understand.)

Meño interrupts; Jorge needs to talk to Candy. Santi embarrasses him by looking at his uneven ears. We are left with only Lulu and Santiago, and she’s still bursting with excitement.
Lu: That was Jorge Flores!
Santi: What? From Beauty and the Beast?
Lu: No. He’s from La fea más bella.
Santi: Huh? What’s that?
Lu: It had this muchacho guapisimo! Named Don Fernando!
Santi: That guy was Don Fernando?
Lu: No Don Fer…
Santi (interrupting): Oh, what do I care? I never watch those telenovelas.
Santiago kisses Lulu’s hand as he leaves, and she gazes at her hand, thinking “Tan divino!”

Jorge commends Candy on the important work her institute is doing. He tells her, “Wonderful things will come into your life.” He gives her a necklace and explains that when she finds the other half of the medallion, she will have found the true love of her life. Candy likes the sound of that.

Meño suggests Candy tell Chayo who they think is dating Ed. Candy says first she has to be sure. Meño will go upstairs and find out when Ed leaves work. Candy will detain Ceci so Ed can’t go out with her. When Ed goes home early for once, they’ll have their proof because Ceci was with Candy instead of Ed. Meño goes upstairs and discovers Ed has already left for the day. Meño flatters Hortensia that she has “ojos de chinicuil.” Today’s zoology lesson: chinicuil is the maguey worm, a worm that infests agave (tequila) and maguey plants. It’s the worm they put into bottles of mezcal. But not tequila – regulations prohibit adding insects or larvae to tequila. Oh, the things we learn on Caray!

Today’s vocabulary lesson. Have you ever wondered about the word “metiche” and wondered why it’s such a negative thing? It’s one who butts in where she doesn’t belong. Candy tells Chayo that she thinks she knows who Ed’s amante is but she won’t say anything without evidence. Um, excuse me, she just did say something. Whatever. She continues that she is going to intercept the amante, so Ed will be home early tonight. Our metiche is very proud of herself. I guess compared to Candy’s normal behavior, this almost qualifies as a good deed. I’m too sickened to rant; I’ll leave that to you readers.

Don confides in Isabel that he’s worried Tina may have cancer. She reminds him that she had cancer and survived. She suggests that this is a good time for Donato to tell Tina how he feels about her.

Candy hears Ceci make a date to meet someone and assumes she’s meeting with Ed. Candy invites Ceci to the movies to keep her from meeting with Ed. Ceci is thrilled. Meanwhile Chayo has prepared a lovely dinner and is waiting for Ed to get home early as Candy said he would. And waiting and waiting. She ought to know by now, to not light any candles until he actually walks through the door. She must waste lots and lots of candles on that loser.

Lounging in the parlor, Santiago hears someone in the hall, perks up his ears, and even though his back is turned, he knows it’s Candy, whom he didn’t know was staying there. (That’s not as incredible as it seems. Once I was outside at night, felt a bug walking on my arm, and although I couldn’t see it, I knew instinctively it was a tick. But ticks turn my thoughts to Marissa rather than Candy. Candy more resembles a wolverine.) He throws a pillow at her to make sure she’s not a ghost.

She explains that Isabel let her stay there. For rats? No, for Pats. She mentions she just came from a horror movie, and she wonders why they don’t make romantic comedies anymore. Well, I know of a certain telenovela… She asks what Santiago is reading. It’s a magazine article about his mother and her paintings. Not Isabel, but Jaime Camil’s mother Cecilia de Gama, with a full-page picture. Not wanting to lose the moment, Santiago invites Candy for TV and popcorn like before. Candy says she’d love to, but now he’s an engaged man.

Candy is about to climb into bed when Santiago comes to her door to ask an important question. “If I weren’t engaged, would you marry me?” She’s not willing to answer and tries to brush him off, but he says, “I love you.” She refuses to hear him, so Santiago’s good buddy Chava relays it for him, “He said he loves you, Mama.”

Alicia has a rerun of her nightmare with Pat and Candy trading lamprey kisses. Alicia turns away in disgust. So do I. She wakes up alone in bed; Pat has fallen asleep in a bedroom chair.

Chayo has packed a small suitcase and she is writing a note for Ed. She needs to be alone for a few days to sort things out. She considers staying with Soledad, but instead decides she’ll be more at peace at the institute.

Rocío is ready for school, and Abuela and Papa remember when she was little, and the difficulties Santiago had as an abandoned father, learning to fix his daughter’s hair. He says Rocío was so scared of the barrettes, they were more like little piranhas to her (pienetas parecen como pirañitas). Isabel says that for all his skill as a surgeon, he never learned to comb little girls’ hair. Personally, I think he believes hair is supposed to look like a wild mop. I enjoyed this useless scene because my three favorite characters are playing together. The cameraman falls asleep at the end of the scene, and Camil chuckles because he has to fill in until they remember to call “Cut.” Or maybe the director is just enjoying his trim figure in that shirt, and doesn’t want the scene to end.

Isabel has Donato take Tina to her doctor’s appointment for testing because of the lump she found.

Meño sees Patricio at an outdoor sculpture gallery. Meño teases that Pat’s friends might see them together and draw certain conclusions. Pat tries to explain that he has nothing against Meño, but he needs to take care of his son. In Pat’s defense, he didn’t object before, not when Meño made moves on him, not even when he thought Meño was entertaining his 17-year-old friend upstairs (which is extremely creepy regardless of gender), only when Meño was cross-dressing in front of the boys. Pat advises him, “I know the truth about Chava’s mother.” Pat expands, that he knows she was in prison and escaped.

Santiago finds Psychic Guy in his office but can’t quite remember who he is. “Oh, yeah, you’re from Beauty and the Beast.” Jorge corrects him, La fea más bella. (Personally, I think Santiago’s title is pretty accurate. And to those of us who were disgusted after a certain Cristina show, take note. With this line Jaime Camil has redeemed himself, at least in my book.) Santi answers, “Yeah, whatever it is. I don’t watch telenovelas; they’re all the same.” Still, he sings a little of the Fea theme song, prompting Jorge to ask if he watched it. “Oh, a little. Who didn’t?” Jorge gives Santi a different medallion but the same explanation, that when he finds the other half of the medallion, he will have found the true love of his life. Santiago tries to decline because he doesn’t believe in witchcraft, but Jorge says neither does he, and leaves Santi with the medallion. Santi may not believe in witchcraft, but he does believe in ghosts; he throws pillows at them!

Candy walks into the institute as Alicia is walking out. No near-miss this time! It’s the Bruja-ja in Guadalajara-ja! Alicia, the shorter bruja, gets in the first punch. “Don’t you care how much your lie hurt my mother and father?” Candy comes back with a left hook, “Did you enjoy stealing my husband?” Ali ducks out of the way, “I didn’t make him marry me.” Candy’s cross, “He married you because he couldn’t have me. You picked up the crumbs of love.” Then she throws right jab, “It all started because you slept with him the night before my wedding.” Bruja Baja throws a one-two punch, “That’s when he decided he wanted me, not you. And I’m going to tell him you’re alive.” Bruja Alta blocks and lands a powerful right uppercut to the chin, “Give me his phone number. I’ll call him myself.” Knock-down!

Alicia digs up her bitterness from its very shallow grave. She found Pat first, and things could’ve worked, until Candy showed up and took him. Candy rightly states that Alicia is terrified that Pat will find out she’s alive and leave Ali. Alicia rightly states that Candy is terrified that Pat will take her son; Alicia has figured out the Chava is Patricio’s. They debate whether or not that’s true. Candy claims that Chava is the son of one of the wedding guests. Ali doesn’t buy it. Little Miss Perfect wouldn’t sleep with the first chavo who comes along. They agree that they both want to stay away from the other. Candy reminds Ali, if she ever does tell Pat, he’ll drop her for Candy because he hasn‘t forgotten her. Alicia pretends that she’s not worried because Pat doesn’t love Candy any more, but Candy knows better because of Santiago’s reports. Ali leaves, and Candy goes into her office to scream.

I know I devoted several column-inches to that encounter, but this was the first time Candy and Alicia met, and they covered all the major points. If telenovelas are predictable (Is the pope Catholic? Is Colunga guapo?), we will hear these same arguments countless times. So here is the list in review. Heck! I can even refer to future conversations by item number instead of rehashing!
A1 You lied and your lie hurt our parents.
A2 Pat wants me, not you.
A3 I got to Pat first, and you stole him from me.
A4 You’re Little Miss Perfect who everyone adores.
A5 Threat: If Pat finds out you’re alive, he’ll take Chava.
A6 Don’t mess with me or else.

C1 You stole my husband and you betrayed me the night before my wedding.
C2 Pat only married you because he couldn’t have me.
C3 Threat: If Pat finds out I’m alive, he’ll leave you for me.
C4 Don’t mess with me or else.

Pat doubts Soledad’s story that Chava’s mom is a fugitive, since Meño was surprised when he heard it. Sol says Meño was simply surprised that Pat knew. He’s about to leave, fed up that Sol is hiding something from him, but the urge to kiss starts and the urge to leave stops.

Santiago watches his girls playing on the lawn. He remembers when Lucía came to live with them, and he promised that he‘d be like a father to her. He talks to the memory of his brother; if only he could see how pretty she is now. But she’s just like her mother; she won’t take any lip from anyone. (Correct me if I got that wrong.) He jokes that Rocío is the prettier one, but admits they’re both pretty. Post-mortem sibling rivalry?

At the hospital, Tina thanks Don for bringing her, so she didn’t have to be alone. He assures her that with him around, she never has to be alone. Tina tells him she never got married because her father betrayed her mother and all men are alike.

Candy calls Santiago in tears; she wants to see him. Ed is talking to Santiago and he’s a wreck because Chayo left him. He claims he loves her, but Santi points out that he chases anything with a pulse and a skirt. Ed tries to say that Santi is the same way, but Santi wasn’t like that when he was married. He uses a little reverse psychology on Ed, telling him, “You’re free! Here’s you chance to have all the women you want without troubling your conscience. That is, if you ever had a conscience.” It’s working; Ed’s thinking he doesn’t want to be free of Chayo.

Pat is getting dressed, showing off his furry abs. As Alicia walks in, they trade potshots at each other, and he hides his shirt with the lipstick stain. Women, have any of you ever kissed a man’s collar enough to leave a clear lipstick impression?

Candy arrives at Santiago’s and she’s in a panic, terrified that now that Alicia knows she’s alive, Pat will soon take Chava from her. Santiago commits to help her. “We won’t let that happen. Of course I’ll help defend you, Candy. I’m here for you, wherever, whenever, however you need me. You know I’m crazy about you, don’t you?” Santi says Pat is a decent guy and wouldn’t take Chava, but Candy thinks he’d do it for spite. I’m struck by how rational Santiago is, in contrast to what a basket case Candy is, not just in this particular panic, but in all of her life. He sits her down on the couch just like he does when he counsels his daughter. He tells her she has to accept that she needs help from other people: her family, or a man, or a friend. He assures her, “I offer you my shoulder so you can rest, I offer you my arms so you can feel the support, and I offer you my heart to be a home for you and your son. That is, if you want that.”

Funny he should mention that. On the lawn, Chava tells Rocío that her papa likes his mama. Rocío calls him a liar because her papa likes Marissa, and she refuses to play with him.

In Santiago’s office, Pat asks for Chivi-Chivi’s phone number. Somehow he just can’t get her out of his head, and he wants to call her. Unless of course she sits on Santiago’s team bench. Santi gives him the phone number. Let’s see, Pat has been steered toward Lulu, Soledad, and Meño so far. What other singles are left?

At the restaurant, Meño reminds Candy that Ali won’t tell Pat she’s alive; Rehash #C3, and a bit of Rehash #C1. He says she turns into Dr. Jekyl any time anyone mentions Pat. He didn’t hide the truth about Ali from Candy; he just put it away because he was afraid she’d do something irrational. Gee, why should he think that? She complains that nobody tells her what’s going on and they treat her like a little girl. Gee, why should they think that?

Pat calls the number he got from Santiago, and asks for a date with someone who is muy, pero muy eager to meet him. On the other end of the line, we see Hortensia ready to name their first child after the man of her dreams, except that she doesn’t know what his name is. No matter. He met the important criteria: he talked to her.

Isabel counsels Tina about her fears of cancer and gives her support and encouragement.

Candy and Chava move their suitcases back into their own house. She tells him not to worry about Rocío being angry at him because it’ll blow over. (After all, how long can a person stay angry? Don’t answer that.) He’s upset because she called him a liar when he told the truth – Santiago really does like his mama. He runs upstairs and she thinks to herself, “We needed to come back here. Some things worry me more than Alicia. I can’t stay in Santiago’s house. It’s too much temptation for both of us.”

Isabel brings papers to Santiago in his study, papers he doesn’t want to see. It’s her will, and he tells her, “I don’t want to think about a time when you won’t be with me. Take your papers somewhere else, but not here.” She reminds him that one day she will die, like it or not.

Alicia walks into Candy’s house and asks her point blank, “Who is your son’s father?” just as loose-lipped Chava walks into the room.

Tomorrow: Marissa's Doctor says she pregnant. Candy confronts Pat face to face, in a wig and huge sunglasses.

Closing thoughts. Do you remember that I said that plot progression in Tontas is less like a continuous train ride and more like a grand tour? You stay in London exploring everything for a week or several, then you move to Paris and stay there exploring, until it’s time to move on to Rome. Well, friends, in the past few days, what have we have seen?

  • Meño told Santiago to dump his novia and don’t lose Candy.
  • Santiago is changing. He’s working on getting Candy into his life instead of into his bed.
  • Santiago raised the marriage question much more seriously and told Candy he loves her.
  • Candy admitted to herself that her attraction to Santiago is strong.
  • Psychic Guy gave Candy & Santiago their medallions of media naranja (half orange).
  • Alicia found out Candy is alive, and Pat encountered Candy face-to-painted-face.
  • Marissa is starting to get ugly, and in her doctor tells her she's pregnant.

    Friends, I think Big Ben’s chimes say it’s time to pack our suitcases. Anyone for a croissant?


  • Fuego, Monday 1/26 (#183): Teetering anvils, tottering soulmates

    Tonight's episode is brought to you by the Fateful Falls Tourist Commission of Mexidoon in conjunction with the Rape Forest Appreciation Society and the Dry Ice Woods Preservation Agency.

    We rewind so far back that Raquel is still at the bungalow. She knees Darth Ricardo in the nuts and runs in the dumbest direction possible, towards a cliff rather than the hacienda or a road. He backs her up to the edge. She tells Darth that Feo was her lover, and he was hotter in bed than Darth ever was. Holding onto him for dear life, she also surprises him with the news that he has a son named after him (Darthito?), but leaves out that he's AKA Coyote, and also refuses to tell Darth who the son's mother is. She laughs like a maniac, but then loses her footing and falls from his grasp. She plummets to her death clutching a piece of snakeskin from Darth's jacket.

    Darth screams at her to rot in hell. He is impactado... not because of his wife dead on the ground below, but because he has a son. "Where is my son?" he howls. The coyotes shout their reply, but their subtle hints float right over Darth's clueless head. (My question: will the coyotes feast on Raquel's corpse, or will her body remain undisturbed until it's discovered?)

    Oscar gets the safe open. The first thing they notice is a big envelope full of cash, proving that Feo isn't as poor as he claims. Next, they look at the documents. Franco grabs for the little box that carries the nuclear anvil payload, i.e. Libia's necklace, but gets distracted when Juan finds the papers Ruth signed offering half of her inheritance from Gabi to Feo. This puts Gabriela's accident with the out-of-control car in a whole new light.

    Franco disagrees; it was Ruth herself who saved Gabi's life. (Eh, isn't Juan the one who pulled Gabi out of the car? Never mind.) Juan says if Gabi dies, then according to this document, everything goes to Ruth AND FEO. Juan isn't crazy about getting in the middle of this mess, but he and Oscar agree that the document can help them.

    They are not paying attention to Franco, who is opening the little box. However, even as he is opening the lid, Oh no! Hide everything! Rosendo's approaching voice sends them all into a panic. He slams it shut and gives it to Oscar, who stashes almost everything (including the little box) back in the safe and closes it, and hides Ruth's contract (and the envelope it was in) under his lap-blanket while Franco and Juan rush Rosendo and sing loudly so that Rosendo can't see or hear what Oscar's doing.

    Rosendo is going into town and offers a ride. I think Oscar says he needs underwear (yes, that's one meaning of calzones; think about that next time you order dinner). Franco offers to go with, too. (I think the main thing is that Oscar probably needs a ride home.) Rosendo tries to wheel Oscar to the door. Franco somehow manages to ward Rosendo off for a moment so that Oscar can give the papers to Juan behind his back.

    Juan brings the papers to Ruth and threatens to show them to Gabriela. Ruth claims that Gabi won't be interested in anything he has to say. He scratches at some invisible fleas and says okay, Gabi doesn't have to see them... he can take them to the comisario instead; maybe he'll open an investigation into Gabi's accident.

    Ruth apparently hasn't been in this town long enough to realize that such an investigation would be way beyond the comisario's skills, so she agrees (reluctantly) to Juan's demands: she must tell Sofía the truth, that nothing ever went on between them.

    Sofi and Eva are reviewing new Crap from Afar. Eva feels that Sofi is being too rough on Juan. Sofía is confused. Eva tries to explain to her that Juan was tricked. Sofi promises to think about it, but first she needs to deal with Ricardo, Ruth, and Fernando to protect her mother even though she doesn't want to be protected.

    Eva is in favor of Gabi leaving for a while. Sofía is worried that Gabi will be in danger if she's with Feo. "Doña Gabriela knows how to take care of herself," Eva says. "She's very sharp and always turns a situation to her advantage."

    Sarita tries to get her mother to stop drinking and go to bed. Gabi lays on the guilt trip so thick that I expect even gullible Sarita to see through it, but no. Gabi just piles on more verbal abuse. "I always believed that you were like me, but you fooled me. You've become a cheap imitation of your sister Sofía. I used to care very specially for you, Sarita, but that's all done." Sarita weakly protests. Gabi's lines ("you and your sisters are always against me"), Sarita's lines ("wee wee wee"). She wants her humble and obedient daughter back. Then she gets up, all feeble and weepy, and says that if Sarita wants to be forgiven, she must prove her love, come back to Mommy, and become obedient again and forget about her stupid love story with that baker Franco Reyes.

    Ricardo is drinking and yammering to himself in the bungalow, amazed that he has a son, and delighted (in a crazed, drunken way) that no one will find out that he killed Raquel.

    Coyote wonders where Raquel is. "Something tells me Ricardo Uribe found her."

    Ruth is waiting sullenly in Sofía's bedroom with Juan. In fact, they're actually sitting together on the bed, much to Sofía's annoyance when she finally shows up with Eva. Ruth confesses all (she needs some prompting from Juan). She drugged him and put him in the bed, and then she got in the bed, and that's it.

    Eva is so happy that Ruth has done this wonderful thing, admitting the truth. Ruth is repulsed by her display of motherly pride. Sofía is confused as to why Ruth is admitting it now. Ruth says it's because her plan failed. Sofía wants to know who helped her. Ruth refuses to say, and Eva is still so over the moon with joy about Ruth's confession that she feels that nothing more needs to be said. Sofía seems a little miffed by Eva's dismissal of her concerns, but Juan also seems to feel that the case is closed. Ruth mutters about their mushy displays and spits. Classy!

    Eva follows her into the hallway. Ruth begs Eva to leave her alone. She doesn't want to yell at her or be mean to her, but she doesn't want to be around her, either. "The day you become a mother, you'll understand," Eva says. A mother must fight for her children and never give up.

    Struggling, Ruth starts, "It's that you're not..." but Eva interrupts, yeah I know you can never see me as your mother, but I still have hope in my heart that someday the time will come when you call me "Mama."

    Ruth hesitates, but prudence wins out and she denies Eva again. More Eva's lines. Ruth struggles to keep her secret and avoid being hateful - you can see the strain in her face and posture - and says there's no reason for Eva to feel badly on her account. Eva says a mother will give her life for her children, so if Ruth ever needs her or decides to forgive her, she'll be there to give her the love that she didn't have before. She'll save it for Ruth.

    Coyote watches through the window while Ricardo drinks and broods silently. He muses that he doesn't feel anything for his father and wonders where Ruth is.

    Juan asks Sofía what he has to do to get her to forgive him. She wants more time. She's not satisfied with Ruth's bizarre and sudden explanation. Juan says, "Okay, fine. When your mother and Feo leave here, I'm gone too. You and your sisters don't need me for anything, so there it is. But think it over, because if you don't forgive me, then Ruth and her accomplice will have gotten their way. Don't you see?"

    Franco's in Sarita's room. Sarita is crying her head off over the things Gabi said to her. Franco says Gabi is very selfish. Sarita struggles - she has to choose between her mother and Franco. He says it's not fair that she thinks more about her mother's whims than about him. She's the one who has to understand! He loves her with all his heart, with all his blood and fire. But if she's going to sacrifice their love, then it's best that they separate forever.

    He kisses her and exits via the balcony. Have we ever seen these guys get in or out of a motor vehicle? Something tells me that they'd hop in over the open window, Dukes of Hazzard Style, rather than use the door.

    Coyote asks Gabi's maid if she's seen Raquel. Fatima hasn't seen her in ages and doesn't know where she might be. She runs off to find Gabi.

    Gabi strong-arms a helpless painting while Feo watches. It's a one-fisted fight, because Gabi is still holding hands with Brandy. She's drunk and grumpy. Feo says he can't go on putting up with her mood swings. "You don't have to put up with anything if you don't want to," she informs him. "I told you I've got enough money to get out of here and live ALONE if that's what I choose. Don't think I'm going to die if I don't have you at my side."

    Feo asks her to either tell him what's going on, or he'll leave. She looks as though she's about to dare him to go, when Fatima announces that Coyote's here. Gabi smirks and tells Feo that Coyote's always been sweet with her; perhaps she'll ask him to go away with her.

    She staggers down to the parlor. Coyote is just as suave and gallant as ever. Gabi woozily confides that she's fixing to take off for a while. Her kids have betrayed her and she doesn't trust anyone. She pours drinks and tells him she doesn't even trust Feo. This brings a big smile to Coyote's face.

    Upstairs in the hallway, Feo tells himself that Gabi's mistaken if she thinks she'll be free of him, but she won't see him until he relieves her of the rest of her fortune.

    He goes to his old bedroom, but it's locked. Juan pretends not to know who's at the door. ("Feo who?") Feo tries to put him on the defensive, asking why did he lock the door. Juan says it's to keep out the icky creeping animals that they both know could come in.

    Feo says he needs to pack because he and Gabi are leaving tomorrow. Feo is surprised that the wardrobe is locked too. "I told you I'm distrustful," Juan jokes (and adds a crack about them not liking each others' clothes). He drops the keys on the floor. Feo warily picks them up, being careful not to turn his back. He keeps an eye on Juan in the mirror as he unlocks the wardrobe.

    Coyote says he can't bear the thought that Gabi might have left without saying goodbye to him. He asks if Ricardo is going with. Gabi laughs; no, it's just her. And Feo? Haha! Hellz no, he doesn't deserve it. Coyote is glad she has finally realized that she deserves someone better than Feo - "Someone like, say, me." She gives him a happy drunken smile.

    Jimena shows up in Oscar's bedroom. Unfortunately, the Reyes do not seem to have balconies outside their bedrooms, so she had to come through the door. She's glad that he'll be walking soon, and she needs hugs. Oscar is happy; he missed her so much. He asks her to stay the night - he's scared and needs her to protect him. Smoochisimos!

    With trembling hands, Quintina and the grownup Marias are measuring the dancers' inseams and chests. The meager appeal of this scene is mostly visual (it's at 8:00 in this clip).

    Soledad wonders where Raquel and Coyote are. She's getting worried that she shouldn't have told Raquel to put her fear aside. She'll never forgive herself if something happened to her.

    Coyote comes home and reports that he didn't find Raquel. He promises to find her if it's the last thing he does. (¡Últimas palabras famosas!)

    Feo's still packing his bags. Juan encourages him to pack everything, including the contents of that safe. "What have you got in there? Lots of money, jewels, important documents?" Feo says no, he's totally broke, he has nothing. Juan asks, "then why do you want a safe?" "I told you, I'm broke!" He leaves without touching the safe. Juan wishes him bon voyage.

    Coyote hands out guns to his posse and tells them to find Raquel. "Don't come back without her!"

    Ruth comes home to find her dad quite drunk. "Something happened that I didn't want to happen," he explains. (To his credit, at least she didn't become invisible to him the moment he found out he had a son.) He got Raquel to sign the papers. Ruth doesn't get why he's so out of sorts. He tells her about Ricardo Uribe Jr. Ruth wants to know who/where he is. Raquel wasn't able to tell him who/where the son is because she's dead. Ruth puts her wrist to her mouth, horrified. Ricardo covers his mouth too, but I think it's either because he's giggling or he's going to barf.

    Ruth accuses him of killing Raquel and pummels him with little girly punches and slaps. He says it was an accident. She confessed to being Feo's lover, too. (Ruth is having multiple impactadas tonight.) "Always Fernando Escandón," Darth mutters as he staggers out the door. She follows him outside.

    Sofía stands in front of a stage fan and remembers all of her lines and Juan's lines. "I can't lose Juan!" she concludes.

    Guess what phase of the moon it is?

    Juan tells himself that Sofía doesn't love him as much as he thought. He decides he's going to leave the hacienda forever tomorrow morning.

    Drunk Darth Ricardo confronts Feo, who is lurking on the lawn for a smoke. Darth wants Feo to pay for messin' with Mrs. Darth. Feo isn't interested, but Darth throws both of his guns on the ground and waves his nasty knife at Feo. Feo easily dodges a few wild swings and disarms him. Then he threatens to kill Ricardo "for what you did to my family." But first, he wants to know who was Darth's accomplice. Ruth tries to intervene, but Feo really wants an answer from Darth. "Tell me or die!" Ruth picks up one of the guns. Feo protests that she can't do this to him - they're accomplices! Darth Rico hits him from behind. Feo hits him. Ruth hits Feo. Rico threatens to tell Gabi about Feo's affair with Raquel and runs toward the hacienda.

    Feo gets the gun away from Ruth and warns that if Rico tells Gabriela then their own little games will be revealed as well, so she'd better go and shut him up. She takes this advice to heart and goes running for the hacienda. Feo has a weird anguished fit.

    Oscar and Franco talk. (Wait, where'd Jimena go?) Franco is ready to break up, so as not to get between Sarita and her mother. Oscar disagrees. Since when do the Reyes have to ask permission for what they want? He tells Franco to fight and win, and show Sarita how much he loves and respects her. "If you don't want to do it for yourselves, the do it for me, for Juan, and for the whole pueblo!"

    Ricardo comes into the hacienda screaming for Gabi. "She has to know everything!" Ruth tries to shush him. He tells Gabi (also still drunk, calls him "Ricardito") about Raquel and Feo. "Don't pay any attention to that guy, he's drunk," Feo offers.

    "Drunk, but not stupid," Ricardo replies. Sofía reminds her mother that she warned her that he was cheating on her, "and not only with Raquel." Gabi isn't interested in S's testimony. Feo goes up the stairs and tries to reassure Gabi. She tries to shake loose from him and falls down the stairs.

    Unfortunately, she does not die. Not yet, anyway. Of course not. Nobody ever dies on my night. I mean, there was Raquel tonight, but that was a rerun. And there was that head of the guard that El Chino killed in Pasión. That's it for me and fond farewells. Oh well. I've still got a few more weeks.

    Mexico airdate: 1 de octubre
    Next time: No more avances, now that we're in últimos capitulos! Waaah!


    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Cuidado con el Angel - Monday, Jan. 26, 2009

    Episode 86:
    * With JM Jr in the carry seat, MC and Cande discuss being together as a family. A knock at the door - they hesitate answering it.

    * Leo argues with Padre in the church office - Leo wants to see MC and find out from her directly why she left him and his house like she did, right before they were to be married. Padre finally gives in and agrees to take Leo to MC.

    * MC opens the apartment door. Amador waltzes inside and makes nice pleasantries to Cande and MC, and reminds MC of all the wonderful things he will do for her and her career. Cande doesn't trust the 'wolf king' one bit.

    * Video loop - Cande and MC and Amador are packing up and preparing for their move to another place.

    * MC, still with JM Jr in the carry seat around her front, Cande and Amador carry out everything and leave the old apartment again.

    * At the new building, MC and Cande scrunch in the elevator as Amador pushes everything including MC's bike in the elevator and then himself as the door closes. Going Up!

    * JM meets with his attorney in the castle office. They discuss the defense strategy for Blanca's case. JM needs to be on the witness list, as expert to testify about Blanca's mental disorder. They argue over finding other witnesses to back up the claim.

    * Finally at the apartment, Amador plays welcoming host as Cande pushes the basket into the living area. Amador brings in everything else as MC holds the sleeping JM Jr. Amador points out where Cande and MC's rooms are. Cande goes to check them out. Amador talks with MC and assures her that no one knows where she is.

    * Balbina interrupts JM and his attorney to tell them Lic. Villar is there. JM gives her a message. Lic. Villar enters the office. Balbina leaves.

    * In hallway, Balbina tells Nellie that JM doesn't want to be disturbed, he is in a meeting with both his attorney and Lic. Villar. Nellie is impactado.

    * In the office, the lawyers are discussing the case as Nellie enters and scolds Lic. Villar for agreeing to this meeting without her knowledge. JM's lawyer explains the reason.

    * Padre and Leo walk to the apartment building and up to MC and Cande's apartment door. Padre knocks. No one answers. They look at each other, intrigued.

    ***** UNIVISION PROMO - MANANA ES PARA SIEMPRE, MUY PRONTO ON UNIVISION -- This one was all about opposites, like good and evil, love and hate, friendship and vengeance. With video clips of Lucero, Dominika Paleta and Fernando Colunga. ******

    * In the office, Nellie is still irate and adamant in prosecuting MC; Villar and JM's lawyer convince her that pursing this is a waste of time because MC hasn't been in town for months. Nellie shocks all three men with the news that MC is back in Mexico City.

    * Padre continues knocking with Leo at his side. Olga comes over to the stairs. She tells them that MC and Cande left awhile ago.

    * Nellie explains to JM and the lawyers that she is going to continue with her charges against MC and is convinced that she will win, despite Villar's objections.

    * Cande and MC talk at the sidewalk taco stand, as MC holds JM Jr.

    * Nellie and Villar grumble together in front of JM and his lawyer - they discuss MC. Nellie goes melodramatic about MC and her problems with MC over the years and blames MC for defending JM and therefore foiling her attempt at getting custody of Mayita. JM snaps back.

    * At the church, Padre tries to assure Leo about the frustration of MC and Cande disappearing again. Leo will be staying in the city and continuing his search for Liria and Lala. Leo leaves.

    * JM argues with Nellie. Nellie turns to grumble with Villar again, then excuses herself, her nerves are really acting up and she can't deal with the discussion anymore. Before she leaves, she tells Villar that she to never permit MC to testify in this trial. She leaves the room. Villar soon follows her out of the room. JM and his lawyer discuss JM's worries and desperation to find MC, where is she? where in the city could she be?

    * Cande and MC, with JM Jr, are at the sidewalk taco stand eating and talking - MC is convinced that she can give her son whatever he needs and won't depend on anyone else to help. (little miss independent)

    * Ed and JM sit at a local cafe and Ed tells JM that Viviana was never pregnant. Apparently there was a mix-up at the lab and Viv's test results were switched with another lady's. Viv was never pregnant - the other lady was. JM is very relieved, especially after what Nellie told him about MC at the custody hearing. JM then tells Ed that MC is back in the city.

    * At the grand jury hearing, the judge starts the proceedings and the lawyers continue their cross-examinations of Nellie's declarations against Blanca. Villar starts first.

    * JM talks with Ed about his never-ending love for MC. JM wants desperately to find her, but is also worried about the trial and the problems he has in his life right now.

    * MC calls Padre to assure him that she, JM Jr. and Cande are fine - she will go to the church soon, she promises; she assures him that she is being a good mother to her son. Padre talks with her. She gives him her new address. He knows where it is and will be there ASAP, they need to talk.

    * JM's lawyer starts with his counter-arguments. Nellie snaps - she stands up and yells at the judge "THAT'S A LIE!"

    * Cande, MC and JM Jr. are wearing paper hats made from the newspaper. MC and Cande are redecorating Amador's apartment as they discuss the articles that MC has been reading in the paper about JM and Blanca's court trials. MC is on the side of JM and Cande is intrigued by Blanca and Ivette. Cande then mentions Leo and what he might've thought to return to the hacienda and find them gone. The doorbell rings. Cande goes to answer it. Cande startles MC with her shouts of welcome to the visitor. Padre enters with Cande and immediately scolds MC for leaving the hacienda without notice to him and then to move out of the apartment without telling him ahead of time. MC apologizes. Padre asks whose apartment is this? MC says it's Amador's. Padre isn't too happy.

    * Blanca stands behind bars and listens to the proceedings. Nellie argues with JM's lawyer. Villar's associate stands and asks about new witness. Lawyer says the expert's name is Dr. Juan Miguel San Roman. Nellie can't believe it.

    * Padre talks with MC, as she holds JM Jr. in his carry seat. They discuss her life and choices she's making. They discuss JM and Blanca's trial, and Padre wonders about MC's love for JM, her son and her decision to marry Leo and then abandon him to return to the city. MC explains her reasons for returning and hopes that Leo can forgive and forget her. Padre says that won't happen, Leo is in town now.

    * The hearing continues - They debate JM being added as an expert witness.

    * Padre continues to talk with MC.

    * Judge tells the lawyers that he will allow JM to be added to the witness list then they mention MC's name on the list.

    * Padre and MC finish their talk and start to play with JM Jr.

    * Olga enters the apartment and talks with Purita - Adrian hasn't been by in several days, what happened, daughter? Purita explains that it was her decision to break up with Adrian.

    * Steffie meets with Amador in a local sidewalk cafe. Amador smokes his pipe as they discuss MC; Steffie hopes MC would just disappear forever. Amador questions why Steffie wants MC to disappear? Steffie explains and says that Ceci is still searching for MC and may just return to the hacienda to look again. Amador assures Steffie that MC won't go back there. Steffie asks why is that? Amador then tells her that MC is staying at Amador's apartment right now.


    * Villar explains to the judge his problems and objections to MC being on the list of witnesses. Nellie agrees that MC doesn't have anything to do with this case. Judge permits MC's name to being struck off the list. Villar sits down and mumbles to his associate about MC.

    * MC is at the local store alone, buying groceries and milk.

    * JM is sitting alone in his office at the castle - praying, crying and remembering MC. He wonders where she is. FLASHBACKS of MC wandering and riding her bike around the streets and meeting her with Padre. JM cries and mumbles that he really misses her.

    ADVANCE: Padre takes Leo to an alleyway to meet MC. MC is waiting in the church rectory hall. Amador tries to keep MC with him. JM prays to be with MC again.


    Cuidado: Friday 1/23/09 "Where Amador plays the part of Ol' King Cole and Leopardo practices his Jedi Mind tricks"

    Marichuy has gone to the television studio and is looking for Amador. He’s a little surprised to see her there, and even more so when she asks him to take her back as an actress. She’s willing to work for him again, if he’ll accept her.

    Mayita seeks comfort from her abuelita in fantasyland. She cries about her mother and how she thinks she won’t be coming back this time. She cries about how she can’t tell her father about Marichuy returning because Rocío had her promise and she’s worried that Marichuy won’t keep her promise about bringing her a little sibling (that’s a lot for a child her age to deal with, thank goodness she’s got at least one sane grandparent to talk to, even if she’s just a ghost/apparition). Abuelita tells her that Rocío has her reasons and that Mayita must keep her promise, just as she is sure that Marichuy, who is honest, will keep her word to Mayita. Mayita it very happy to hear this and gives her abuelita a hug. She promises that she’ll guard the secret that Rocío wants her to keep until Rocío says it is okay to talk.

    Padre Anselmo asks Ceci how she knew where to find MC and Ceci admits that she snooped a little and saw the telegram that PA got from Marichuy. She goes on to tell PA how when she got the hacienda she found out that MC had just left. This news shocks the priest and he asks for a little clarification. Ceci tells him how Mica told her that MC had just packed up and left, and Ceci doesn’t know where she could be and it is like she’s losing her all over again. Padre Anselmo questions if MC will return to the hacienda and Ceci indicates that she thinks it isn’t likely, based upon what Mica said. Ceci thinks that MC might have taken off for the US. PA says he doesn’t believe that for a second. Ceci tells PA that she needs to find MC, to get her forgiveness. She gets the priest to promise that if he finds out anything about Marichuy he’ll tell her.

    Marichuy tells Amador that she didn’t marry Leo and that she came back to D.F. to find Juan Miguel. He scoffs a little at this news and she tells him that it didn’t go as planned. He asks about the baby and she says that the baby is in town with her and that’s why she’s come to see him about a job. She wants to provide for her son, she needs to work for him, to fight for him. Amador asks who all knows that MC is back in town. MC says that Rocío knows and she assumes by now that Juanmi’s been told. Amador asks if Rocío knows about the baby and that it’s JM’s son. Marichuy tells him she’s not said a word about the baby. Amador asks about Stefi and MC says she’s told no one and Amador says he’s not said a word either. Throughout this scene Amador demands his pages to bring them coffee and chairs—perhaps he does this to remind Marichuy how verrry important he is at the studio.

    In the courtroom, Onelia is giving a total tell-all on the dirty secrets of the San Roman family (or at least her version of the dirty little secrets, lets face it, she's got to put her spin on it in order to get them to lock Juanmi up and to keep Blanca behind bars). She says that JM wanted to end the marriage, and that Viviana did not want a divorce. She wanted to keep the family intact for their daughter. She says that JM was upset when Viv got preggers and that’s why he most likely killed her, because he didn’t want that baby. Blanca is shocked to hear that Viv was expecting. The prosecutor asks all about the events that occurred the night of Viv’s murder. He tries to get the time line sorted out and Onelia says that she heard shouting while she was downstairs with Balbina. The shouts were between Viv and Blanca and came from the governess’s room. When Onelia went to find out what was going on, Rocío appeared agitated and upset, but wouldn’t let Onelia into the room. She says that the three of them – Rocío, Blanca and Juanmi--were hiding Viv’s dead body from her. She didn’t find out till much later that her daughter was dead.

    Padre Anselmo questions what would cause Marichuy to leave the hacienda and Leopardo, when she was planning on marrying him. He leaves the church and runs into Casilda, curlers and all. Casilda is quick to let PA know that his little “angel” is back in town. PA lets Casilda know that his not appreciating her gossiping and he ends up walking away as Casilda says that PA needs to put a stop to MC’s wanton behavior.

    Marichuy says that she and Cande are back living in the barrio. Amador is upset to hear this and says that he’s moving them out of there ASAP. Marichuy agrees to leave her neighborhood and heads out to get ready for the move. Amador hollers for his pipe like Ol’ King Cole.

    Back at Cande’s, Olga admires the soft skin and sweet smell of the baby. Cande warns her to keep the existence of the baby a secret. Just then PA arrives and demands to know why MC left the hacienda and Leo. Cande says he knows how MC is, once she gets a bee in her bonnet. She lets him know that there was no wedding and that MC headed back to the capital because she heard about what was happening with Juan Miguel. Then Cande fills the priest in on what MC learned when she went to the San Roman home, that JM is planning on marrying the governess. Olga is still holding the baby, taking in all of this information.

    Blanca’s attorney starts to question Onelia and he wants to know what she thinks of Juanmi. He asks her if she thinks of JM as a violent man. Onelia says no not violent, rather he’s a very cold person. The lawyer asks if JM is so cold, why is it she thinks he is capable of succumbing to his passions. Onelia says she can’t answer that, but perhaps Marichuy is the person they should speak to about this matter. Who is MC, the judge asks. Onelia fills the court in on how MC is JM’s wife. The judge asks questions to clear up the matter—JM’s a bigamist?-- and Onelia gives them a brief run down on the marriage and how it was annulled when Viv came back from the dead. Why would MC be someone to whom they should speak? Onelia says because JM hurt her when she was a young woman, when he tried to seduce her. Blanca’s lawyer objects, this has nothing to do with the case. The judge differs and thinks that Marichuy should be brought forth as a witness.

    Ceci prays to the Virgin Mother for help in finding Marichuy.

    MC returns and finds out from Cande that PA was there for a visit. They discuss how Olga and PA know that she is back and soon others in the neighborhood will find out too. MC tells Cande that they are leaving. Cande starts to do a happy dance, she thinks they are headed back to the hacienda. MC quickly lets her know that’s not her plan, but doesn’t launch into details. Instead she says they need to get ready and that she needs to talk to Padre Anselmo. Marichuy and Cande start to pack for their move.

    Blanca’s attorney tells JM that the judge wants to hear testimony from Marichuy. Juanmi is muy impactado.

    Leo finds PA and asks him where is MC/Lirio?

    MC leaves the baby with Cande and heads out to find PA to talk to him. She wants to bring flowers for the Virgin’s altar. She struggles with the idea of stealing them from Casilda’s garden, but she ends up resisting the temptation and goes and purchases some flowers.

    Padre Anselmo tells Leo that he had just learned that Marichuy left the hacienda. Leo says that he needs an explanation and he wants to hear it from Lirio’s lips. He demands that the priest help him find where Lirio went. PA says he hasn’t seen her (which is technically true). Leo says that he doesn’t believe the priest (doubting the honesty of a priest, that’s got to be some sort of sin, I’m sure it is written in the books somewhere). Leo is insistent, he needs to see her, they were going to get married and he needs to know why she left.

    Casilda checks her flowers and warns them that MC is back in town.

    MC makes it to the church, but when the bells chime, she realizes the time and that she needs to get home. Amador will be there soon for the big move. She gets home and fills Cande in on Amador being the person helping them move and find a new place to live. Cande’s facial expression indicates she’s none too happy to hear this. She questions why MC is accepting help from Amador and MC tells her that she’s going back to work at the television studio.

    Leo tells PA he thinks that Lirio planned on leaving all along. PA says he’s sure that’s not the case. Leo asks for details, but PA says he can’t tell him what happened. Leo asks if she returned to her husband. PA says yes (so much for not telling him what happened). Leo goes on about how he needs to see her, how he was going to marry her and become a father to her child and she just up and left him. He at least deserves some answers. PA agrees. Leo asks if PA will take him to her, because he’s not leaving D.F. until he sees her. PA says you are right, “These aren’t the droids you are looking for and I’ll take you to see Jabba now”. (Because it’s obvious that Leo is using some sort of Jedi Mind trick on Padre Anselmo, why else would he cave so easily?).

    Amador shows up and helps the women remove their meager belongings. He tells Marichuy that he’s there to help change her life. END OF EPISODE


    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    El Cuerpo del Deseo, - Jan. 19-23- PJ/S plans for future happiness go terribly wrong

    Sorry, sorry, sorry that I've gotten so far behind on Cuerpo. Fortunately, this is a novela where not that much happens.

    Once Andrés is buried, the main thing that happens is that Simón finds out about PJ/S and Valeria and naturally he is very upset.

    Isabel tells Walter that she doesn't need his services now that Andrés is dead and he should resign or she will fire him.

    PJ/S comes to speak with Simón. He tries to tell him that he didn't know that Simón was also in love with Valeria. He convinces Simón to go back to work but Simón says that their friendship is over.

    PJ/S tells Gaetana that he wants to leave as mysteriously as he arrived but with Valeria.

    Walter threatens Isabel with going to the authorities with the truth about their 'happy' marriage if she fires him.

    Walter opens his 'private collection' of stolen stuff and says that if he has to leave the Donoso house, he can sell some of it to live on. Isabel capitulates to his blackmail.

    Isabel is told that the police are opening an investigation into Andrés' death. She tells Valeria that she has to back her up and goes over their story again and adds more lies. Valeria says that she will try but she doesn't want to lie to the police.

    Valeria calls PJ/S and arranges to meet him but Rebeca is listening.

    At a restaurant, Valeria agrees to run off and marry PJ/S without telling anyone.

    Rebeca, in a ridiculous disguise, watches them and is devastated.

    PJ/S drops broad hints to all and sundry that he is taking off. Here, he is talking to Antonio and drinking a toast to his grandchild.

    Rebeca goes postal on Valeria.

    When Isabel finds out that Valeria and PJ/S are planning to run away, she tells Valeria that she and PJ/S are lovers.

    Gratuitious shower scene as PJ/S prepares to meet Valeria.

    When PJ/S comes for Valeria, he is confronted by Isabel. They meet in the attic to talk but PJ/S doesn't know that Valeria is listening.

    Isabel asks if PJ/S feels anything for her. He says that he does love her but he's giving her up because he will end up getting hurt.

    Isabel shows PJ/S that Valeria has heard the whole thing.

    PJ/S is impactado. Valeria says that she hates PJ/S.

    Valeria collapses.

    PJ/S gets Excedrin headache #20 - too many women! and passes out while driving, which nearly causes an accident.

    Gaetana advises PJ/S to forget about Valeria and move on with his life. PJ/S tells Gaetana that Isabel called him a coward but he swears that he will show Isabel that she was wrong. He won't give up on having Valeria.

    Isabel tells the delirious Valeria that PJ/S never loved her and that she should die.

    Both PJ/S and Cantalicia have the same dream. PJ/S doesn't seem to remember that this is what happened to him before he got Salvador's body.


    Doña Bárbara - Thurs. & Fri, Jan. 22 & 23- Marisela and Antonio leave Altamira; DB believes that she has won


    Cecilia has to tell Marisela that Lorenzo is dead. She is devastated. She calls him over and over asking him to wake up and not leave her alone. Melesio is bidding farewell to the two terneras who are leaving with the rebels when Casilda comes running up with the news about Lorenzo.

    At El Miedo, Santos, DB and the rebels are waiting impatiently for Antonio to come so that they can leave. Pajarote arrives with the news. All Santos can say is, "My God, Marisela." He leaves immediately telling the rebels to stay at El Miedo.

    DB tells the ghost of Lorenzo that he had no power over her living and has none now when he is dead. Eustaquia thinks that Lorenzo came to say goodbye to DB. DB replies that Lorenzo's ghost came to threaten her. She won't tell Eustaquia what Lorenzo said, however, because she says that she doesn't believe a word of it. She won't suffer more than she already has and she won't lose what she wants so much. Eustaquia says that poor Marisela is alone now - what will she do? DB says that only one road is open to Marisela now and she will help her take it.

    At El Miedo, Gonzalo wants to go to Marisela but the other rebels are in agreement that they should follow Santos' instructions. DB comes in and holds out a big wad of money to Gonzalo and tells him to take it. She says that it will make life easier for Marisela when he takes her away from here.

    "You knew, right?" says Marisela to Lorenzo's body, "You knew you were going to die, Papa. That's why you wanted me to have my birthday. You waited for me to have my birthday before you left. Now what is going to become of me? You wanted me to be a woman before leaving me but it seems that I am not one yet because I still need you. I don't want you to leave, Papa. I don't want you to leave." Santos comes in. "He is gone," says Marisela, "He is gone and I am alone in the world.
    "Don't say that, Sunshine," says Santos, "Listen to me. You will never be alone. You will always have me. I will always be here for you."
    "That's a lie," says Marisela, "because you are with her and not with me. I'm not important to you."
    "Yes you are," says Santos, "Marisela, don't you realize that you are the most important thing in my life. I think about you all the time. You are in my heart and mind every second."
    M: Is that true?
    S: Yes, I swear to you that right now I feel your pain as if it were my own. I am so sorry about your father, Marisela.
    M: He loved me, Santos. He loved me a lot.
    S: A lot, a lot and I love you too. I love you very much, Sunshine.

    Gonzalo tells DB that he won't need the money because Marisela won't go away with him. DB says that she will make sure that Marisela does leave with him.

    Santos leaves Marisela with Cecilia while he goes to make the arrangements for Lorenzo's funeral. Santos tells the Altamira vaqueros and Antonio that he thinks a wake (velorio) would be too hard on Marisela with everyone coming and payting their condolences. He decides that Lorenzo will be buried today. He sends Antonio to town for the priest, a coffin and a gravestone. He tells the other vaqueros to dig a grave next to where his father and brother Felix are buried. Antonio asks Santos how he is doing. Santos says that he is reliving the deaths of his father and brother. Lorenzo's death has affected him and Marisela greatly.

    Casilda tells Cecilia that Lorenzo had a hard life and suffered a lot. She replies that is true but he died surrounded with love from everyone at Altamira and respect from the rebels. Casilda notes how handsome he is and Cecilia remembers how she fell in love with him the minute that she first saw him.

    Cecilia has left Marisela alone to get Lorenzo ready to be buried and who should come in but DB.
    DB: Daughter, I am very sorry.
    M: Don't be a hypocrite. I know that you wished for the death of my father many times.
    DB: Don't say that at this moment.
    M: That is the truth. Now it has happened. What you wished for has come true. Why are you here? To make fun of him or me?
    DB: No, I haven't come for that. I've come to give you some that advice that you should take. You don't want to take my advice or even listen to it.
    M: What I want is for you to leave me in peace. Respect my grief and let me bury my father in peace.
    DB: That's exactly what I want. My advice will let you have a tranquil life without more problems. Go with Gonzalo. Go. There is nothing tying you here. You are as free as the wind and can go where you want. I'm saying this for your own good.
    M: The only 'good' you are interested in is yours. You're not doing this for me but for you. You want me away from here. I just lost my father and you want to separate me from my family and everyone. Don't you have any compassion? I just lost the only person who really cared about me in this world. Here you are pushing me to leave. What is inside you - a heart or something dirty, disgusting and rotting? Get out and leave me in peace!
    DB leaves and ends up in Lorenzo's room where she hears him tell her that he forgives her.

    Santos comes in and tells Marisela about the arrangements he has made. She agrees to whatever he says. She says that it doesn't matter. Lorenzo isn't in his body anymore; he is resting in a nice place. She asks Santos to confirm that Lorenzo can still hear her because she needs to talk to him every day. Santos replies that of course he can hear her and will guide her steps from heaven.

    Preparing for the funeral, everybody in Altamira remembers Lorenzo's last words to him or her. DB comes to the funeral. Marisela tells Santos to tell DB to leave immediately.
    S: Bárbara, I think it would be better if you left.
    DB: I have the right to be here.
    Cecilia: Excuse me, you don't have any rights here.
    Eustaquia: Barbarita, child, Marisela is suffering terribly. Don't make her pain any worse. You know that she doesn't like you.
    DB: (to Santos) You should defend me instead of taking her side.
    S: Respect Marisela's pain. Her father just died. I will defend you when you are in the right. You aren't now. Leave, please.
    DB leaves.

    Marisela says goodbye to her father saying that he was the best of all fathers and the most loving. Antonio notices that Pernalete has arrived and signals to the rebels, who are at the funeral to leave.

    DB tries some witchcraft to get rid of Lorenzo's ghost.

    Sobbing, Cecilia asks Lorenzo to forgive her for not loving him like he deserved. Antonio comes in behind her. She continues to speak to Lorenzo asking him to forgive the ugly things she said to him.
    "You loved him," says Antonio, "Now I realized how much you loved him."
    "I cared about him a lot," replies Cecilia, "and I loved him a lot before I met you. I loved him now, too."
    "So I see," says Antonio.
    "No, my love, you don't see," says Cecilia, "because you only know of one kind of love. What I felt for Lorenzo is very different. It's a pure love that is mixed with many years of pain, solitude and hope. And the happiness of finding him again. Lorenzo was the best and the saddest of men." Antonio holds her.

    Alone at Lorenzo's grave after the funeral, Marisela says, "Papa, I tried not to hurt you but you left me anyway. I know that you wanted me to have accepted La Barquereña and it would have made made you a little happy but I couldn't. Now I can tell you why I refused it. It was because of her. It was because of Bárbara Guaimarán. You remember when she came to talk to me. That day, she came to collect a debt."
    Marisela flashes back to her conversation with DB. DB tells her that when she is offered the hacienda, she will refuse it in front of everyone, especially Santos. Marisela tells DB that she should accept the hacienda, it belongs to her and her father. DB says that Marisela doesn't want to go to jail for killing Colonel Meléndez. Marisela replies that she killed him without intending to do so to save DB's life. DB says that she still killed a Colonel of the Republic, an important functionary and would have to serve at least 20 years in jail. Marisela says that she is willing to pay for her crime. DB says that Marisela might be willing to go to jail but that her being arrested would kill Lorenzo and she would be responsible for two deaths.

    "I did it for you, Papa," says Marisela, "I did it so that you wouldn't have a killer for a daughter. But my own mother blackmailed me. She made me give up the hacienda. Forgive me, Papa. Forgive me for not telling you. I didn't want, I couldn't let you suffer for me because of that woman. It's always that woman. That woman was capable of mocking me, pretending that she was doing it for my own good.
    (flashback) DB: Let's consider things without sentimentality. Your father was a terrible administrator. If he got La Barquereña back, he would start drinking again and lose it. And you, you still have a lot to learn about managing land and men. Who knows, if I leave it to you when I die, I am just increasing your profits.
    Marisela: I have never wanted anything of yours and I don't want it now.
    DB: How nice. The girl is dignified and you know the saying, "You can't eat dignity" ("Con dignidad, no se come.")
    Marisela tells DB not to mock her. DB says that this is only a little sacrifice for her happiness and that of her mother.
    "That's the woman you gave me for a mother, Papa. I don't understand her. Sometimes it seems like she cares about me and that she is going to make sacrifices for me and then it's the same as always. I don't want anything to do with her. Help me, Papa, not to hate her because I don't want to be bad.

    A ghostly wind blows out the candles DB lit at El Miedo. Lorenzo appears to DB and says that he will appear to her day and night. She tells him to be quiet, that he is dead. Lorenzo says that she is dead too, dead in life (muerta en vida), which is worse. She tells him to leave but he says that this is his house and it is she who will leave. Again, he says that she will die alone.

    At Lorenzo's grave, Marisela says that she doesn't know how she will be able to live without this sky and landscape but she will go far away. She doesn't want to stay here when Santos marries DB. It hurts her to see them together. She can't keep living like this way. It will make her bad and envious because she doesn't want to see them happy and even less does she want to see DB destroy Santos' life and make him suffer. She says that the only thing that tied her to this place, this life was him. Now she alone and she is leaving.
    "I don't matter to you?" says Santos from behind her, "Didn't you say that you cared about me? Don't I don't tie you to this place? Marisela, wouldn't you stay for me?"


    Marisela tells Santos that it is DB or her and he won't leave DB so Marisela will leave Altamira.

    DB tells Lorenzo's ghost that she will never be alone because Santos is hers. Lorenzo says that she will pay for what she has done. He will torment her day and night. He says that it's his turn. He will take vengeance for the living and the dead. DB screams at him to be quiet and go away.

    Santos tries to tell Marisela that she is confused but she says that it is he who is confused. He is confused and afraid. She says that she knows that he feels the same for her as she does for him but he doesn't have the courage to accept it. Santos says that some times he is stupid and egotistical [You got that right, Santos!] but he says that she shouldn't leave. Marisela says that tomorrow she is leaving with Gonzalo and he can't stop her. Santos says that he will go too. "Don't you dare follow me," says Marisela, "I just buried my father who I loved more than anyone in this world. Now leave me because I am going to bury the love I have for you."

    Cecilia tells Gonzalo that Lorenzo was her first love and he abandoned her. But the hate that she had for him was transformed into a pure love. Gonzalo is not really interested in Cecilia's feelings. He wants her to do him a favor and convince Marisela to leave with him. He is sure that he can make her happy and that Lorenzo wanted this too. Cecilia tells Gonzalo that when she was a little younger than Marisela, her family convinced her to leave Altamira and it was the worst decision she made in her life. She asks him to let Marisela make her own decisions without pressure so that she doesn't have anything to regret like Cecilia does.

    Marisela goes to the pozo and recalls seeing Santos for the first time there and seeing him make love to DB for the first time. She is going to bury her love in the place she first recognized it. She throws some pebbles into the water and says, "Goodbye, goodbye forever, my love."

    Santos tries to get Cecilia to convince Marisela to stay but Cecilia says that Marisela deserves to be happy and her chance of happiness is far from Altamira.

    Marisela goes to La Chusmita and has more memories. She says that she is leaving behind her two loves: her father and Santos. She will never forget them.

    DB wants Eustaquia to go to Altamira and find out what is going on. Sarcastically, she says that Marisela will take advantage of the situation to be play the victim because Santos loves to comfort women. Eustaquia refuses saying that she is too old to play the spy.

    Juan Primito comes into La Chusmita. Marisela tells him to hug her. She is leaving tomorrow. When she tells him that she is leaving forever, he is upset. First the rebullones left, then Lorenzo and now her. Marisela asks him to take care of Santos.

    María Nieves tells Altagracia that he is going away forever. She is impactada.

    Marisela tells Gonzalo that she will go away with him.

    JP tells DB that Marisela is leaving with Gonzalo.

    MN tells Antonio that he will go away with him.

    Santos tells Gonzalo that Marisela has had a hard life and he doesn't want her to suffer any more. Gonzalo replies that he will make sure that doen't happen. Santos says that he needs money to do that. He offers Gonzalo money. Gonzalo says that everyone is offering him money. He doesn't need it. Santos ask who else offered him money.

    DB tells Melquíades to follow the rebels and Altamira folks like he did before but this time to make sure that Marisela and Gonzalo cross the frontier. She says that they have to get away from here.

    Gonzalo won't tell Santos who offered him money. He tells Santos that even though his father has disinherited him because of his political activities, when he calls his family, they will help him and he and Marisela can live well wherever they are. Santos shouldn't worry about their economic status. "Gonzalo," says Santos, "You know that she doesn't love you." "I know," replies Gonzalo, "but she will love me when she has gone away from here and forgotten about what she went through, she will begin to love me. And I will make her happy. Santos, I am the man for her, not you because only I can love her freely so get out of my way once and for all." Santos replies that he won't stand aside just because Gonzalo asks him to. He needs to be sure that Marisela will be happy. Gonzalo says that Santos can't make her happy because he is sleeping with Marisela's mother. Santos has chosen his road; he should go down it and leave Marisela to be happy with Gonzalo. If he wants her to be happy, he should let her go. Finally Santos agrees. He tells Gonzalo to take care of her.

    Marisela tells Cecilia that she is the mother she never had and they will always be best friends. She tells Genoveva that she will miss her.

    Lucía tells Antonio that she will miss him and she is sure that they will meet again.

    Genoveva tells Antonio that he should take all of them with him - the terneras, Melesio, the rebels becuase she doesn't want to stay in the house with the family separated.

    Cecilia comes to speak to Antonio. Cecilia tells Antonio that she never thought they would be separated this way. Antonio says that he never thought it would hurt so much to leave. Cecilia says that they are paying for their mistakes. She knows that Antonio will never forgive her mistake. Antonio replies that she hurt him and he has to put some distance between them and see if they should be together. She says that she wants him to know that she never will stop loving him. Antonio asks her to let his family know when the baby is born and if he can, he will come and embrace it. He says that he doesn't want her to write to him. He needs to have his wounds heal.

    DB is furious that Santos hasn't come back to El Miedo for dinner.

    Santos has flashbacks to Lorenzo telling that he will never be happy with DB.

    Cecilia tells Marisela that she and Lorenzo were such good friends and now Marisela is leaving too.

    DB is alone in bed imagining that Santos is trying to persuade Marisela not to leave.

    Cecilia asks Marisela to be her baby's godmother. She also asks Marisela to write her long letters. Marisela says that she will but asks Cecilia not to say anything about where she is to Santos. She needs to break completely with Santos. Cecilia agrees.

    Santos finds Marisela sleeping in Cecilia's bed. He says that she looks so sweet and fragile when she is asleep.
    C: But she is strong, Santos. More than you imagine. Try not to worry. She will be fine without us.
    S: True, but what will we do without her?
    C: Go sleep, Santos. You're tired.
    He leaves.
    C: God works in mysterious ways, my child. Your absence will open his eyes once and for all.

    DB comes to Altamira looking for Santos. He says that had to take care of his own. DB says that she is 'his own' now. She is his woman. He says that he will return to El Miedo tomorrow when the rebels have crossed the frontier.

    Sad leave taking the next day. MN tells Altagracia to say one word and he will stay. She tells him to say something but he says that this is the way he is. If she doesn't like it, he will leave. She doesn't like it and he leaves.

    Cecilia asks if Antonio will return. He says that he will return for the baby. "I love you," says Cecilia.

    Gonzalo tells Santos that he has learned a lot here: prudence; unconditional friendship. He thanks Santos for all his generostiy and bravery. He says that he will return for the the country they love.

    Santos tells Marisela that they don't have much to say. Marisela says that she wants to thank him because what she is and how much she has learned is his work. She is his creation. He says that she is the Marisela Barquero that he dreamed of: his sunshine, resplendant and loyal. "But now my sunshine is leaving. What am I going to do without your happiness, Marisela? Without my morning sunshine and the heat that bothers you so much at midday? Are you going to be happy?"
    "I will try to be with all my heart. Are you going to be happy?"
    "I don't know but I will try to be also. Aren't you even going give me a hug?"
    "No," says Marisela, "she is watching us."
    "She knows how much I care about you. I've never hidden it from her."
    "Me either. But can you hug me without giving me a goodbye kiss? The kiss I have always waited for - my first kiss of love? "
    "I suppose that if I hugged you, I couldn't help myself."
    "Then, goodbye Santos, Santitos."

    "She is gone," exults DB, watching with binoculars as the boat pulls away, "The danger is gone. I won boys! I won! Now, it's all mine: Santos is mine; Altamira is mine; the world is mine! Mine, it's all mine."

    Santos runs along the river bank calling Marisela's name but it's too late. The boat keeps on going.


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