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Gancho, Tue., July 28: Hang-ups or Hang-overs?

Nickster here, filling in for Aunt Judy. It was another late night, so I'll try to edit in the morning.

Call me innocent, but can any of the Kama Sutra people tell me what the “Pole Position” indicates on the guy’s shirt?

After the whole bar brawl Maury and Moni get booked. It’s sort of like a neighborhood scandal.

It’s pretty much the drunk and drunker show at the mansion, what with little Aldo and loopy Jimena. She’s got her whole “three things” going on and Aldo is somehow still drunk.

If we learned anything from the Kennedys, it’s that if you’re rich and good-looking you can get out of anything. So then Beto comes to bail them out, they don’t need it, he gets defensive, calls Moni his gf, Maury gets confused/mad, Moni lies her way out, and then Beto asks for a job. Meet the new chauffer.

Connie is mad that Maury tried to find his adopted underage son while she was home alone dreaming of luchadores. He explains that Moni is his…worker, and she cares about Aldo.

Maury shows that he has some parental skills and reminds Aldo that he is jeopardizing the adoption status of his brothers and that the family may be broken up. Also, do you really love Estrella? Summer love…

Moni quits her job with Connie, and doesn’t even want the money. This way she can watch her Beto. Also, little Jimena randomly sprays herself with pepper spray. Now we know who the Jerry Lewis of the show is.

Everyone in the office hates Beto; he’s brutish, unprofessional, and most importantly, a self-described jokester. Then his jokes go too far and he gets threatened.

Moni comes back to Maury for her job back, he jokes around, and then she leans in a little too close to him. Of course, Connie comes in, reprimands them, and then tells them that they are always hitting on each other. She speaks the truth. Then the “executives” fight over Moni like little children and ask her for whom she wants to work, of course it’s Maury.

Moni is “essential” and like the little child she is, she goes around telling everyone about it. Then Paula says that Beto is her boyfriend and not Pedro, just as Pedro walks in. They fight, and he says he was with Estrella, except we find out that Paula was “just kidding.”

Connie has a visitor at work. Connie takes Beto to the conference room to…play. It looks like harassment, but its not. Office manager walks in, Connie hides, and almost finds Connie.

Later, when Beto tries to make out with Moni, she explains that relationships aren’t permitted in the workplace, thus she told everyone that they’re siblings. So, they make out anyway, and just as Maury goes to open the door to the room in which the “siblings” are making out, he gets interrupted and distracted. Though, he doesn’t understand why her lipstick is smudged…

Moni goes to help out at the fashion show, and then ends up giving orders because she doesn’t really have to be there.

Back at the neighborhood Paula tries to kill Estrella with a butter knife for coming between her and her man.

Over at the fashion show everything is running smoothly until Moni knocks out one of the models with a 2 x 4. The poor girl doesn’t know her own strength. Naturally, Moni replaces the unconscious model and is an audience favorite. Connie gets mad and Jimena has a surprise for Connie: Moni is the star of the show. How convenient that all the underwear happened to fit Moni.

Tomorrow: Beto steals something and gives it to Jerry. Moni approaches him and regrettably breaks it off with Beto, as does Maury with Connie. Didn’t see that coming from a mile away.

Over-arching comment: if I ever have to see this girl again dressed in multi-colored spandex and mini skirts with tight velour jackets I’ll burn her and the clothes at the stake.

Thanks everyone.


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Amor Monday, July 27 2009: Countdown to 18.

From Friday: Inaki’s dad tells him that he won’t help with his plan to stay in Real del Monte. He needs to finish up his studies. He thinks Inaki can visit Paloma on the breaks and then come back when he’s done. Inaki storms out.

And now onto the new stuff: Angelica has some university applications and wants Paloma to continue her studies. Paloma realizes she’d have to leave town, but then again the university at Pachuca is nearby. (I looked up Pachuca and found that it is the capital of Hidalgo, which puts us in the sort of southern part of Mexico. Then I looked up Real del Monte and discovered it was well, real.) Paloma says that would be great because she could commute and wouldn’t have to worry about daily expenses. Angelica says don’t worry about that now. If you get into the university in Mexico City, you can find some part-time work to get by. Just take it one step at a time. You could have a brilliant professional future.

Romina walks up and Angelica says she needs to see her in her office later. Angelica leaves and Romina says she’s a metiche, messing in other people’s lives. Paloma is excited though, and says that Angelica is counseling her and helping her.

Paloma says she wants to go on in school, but Romina doesn’t even want to try. Romina says she doesn’t need to prepare for university or for work. She’s just doing her exams because her mother wants her to.

Emiliano drops by Camila’s shop. His nana, Meche (Have we seen her? Was she on the day the soccer messed up the schedule?) is on hard times financially and needs a job. Does Camila need a cleaning lady? Camila compliments Emiliano on his good heart. She says that Monica (the pretty helper lady – we see her in the background) has been doing the cleaning in the shop, but maybe it’s time to relieve her of that little chore. She says to send Meche over. Emiliano tells her Romina is lucky to have a mom like her.

Rafael gives his co-worker Joel the bad news about Pablo wanting out the ceramics business, and tells Joel he just doesn’t have the money to buy Pablo out, even though he’d like to.

Joel says maybe somebody could back him financially. Rafa says who would want to invest in him – it’s too big a risk. Joel thinks maybe Camila. He points out that she’s rich and only works to give herself something to do. He says asking’s free! Give it a shot. (Aw, and here I thought Camila had made good on her own, selling art to tourists.)

Mac is at the church, talking to the gray-bearded padre, who must be the one on his way out. She says she’s having a hard time, what with Paloma rebelling and her sister being well, her sister, and she feels they both are right in some ways. The padre tells her to have confidence in the principals she’s taught Paloma. Mac says but girls are different now, they argue, they talk back.

The padre says just set reasonable limits. Mac wonders where to draw the line. The padre says let things happen the way God wants (chicken!). Mac tries to nail him down, though. She says so what do I do? He says pray, be loving. He says both Paloma and Carlota need to learn to live in harmony. (That’s going to take a LOT of prayer, probably more than the whole town of Real del Monte has time for.)

Anselmo, one of the men from the alcohol and drug program, is telling Chris how distraught he is that Chris is leaving. He says Chris understands because he was once one of them, plus he’s not preachy. Chris says the new guy is supposed to be very good. Anselmo says if he’s not good, he’s outta there. Chris counsels him to stick with it.

Inaki’s dad comes home. Whoo-hoo, nice house! And there’s a maid, Lupita. His beautiful wife comes in and asks why he’s so pooped. She tosses her hair, she talks in a sing-song voice, and she gives him shoulder massages but somehow despite all that, she manages to seem like a nice person. He tells her about Inaki. She thinks it’s great Inaki is in love and she points out that the girl must be something special. She says why don’t we go to Real del Monte and get a look at her? Their little girl runs in and they give her hugs. Hey, I’m getting the picture! The wife is Natalia, the lady Chris left at the altar!

Chris has no idea how complicated things are going to get for him in Real del Monte.

Romina tells Paloma that it’s not every day a person turns 18 and she just won’t forgive Paloma if she doesn’t come to her party. Paloma says you know my aunts – I’ll try. Angelica comes up and says Romina, I was waiting for you and you didn’t come. She says she expects her to come in tomorrow.

Romina tells her she tries her hardest, but her teachers don’t like her. Angelica says I’m not buying that – show up tomorrow! Romina promises and Angelica leaves. Romina says she doesn’t care about her grades, but she has to figure out how she can keep the bad news from her mother, or her mother will cancel her party.

Paloma is looking for Inaki outside the school. She thought he was coming with his mother. Romina wonders where Emiliano is – maybe he has something he had to do for his job. As they walk along, Romina accidentally on purpose bumps into Liliana. They trade insults and Liliana says she’s just jealous because she and German are novios. Romina scoffs, but German shows up and gives Liliana a kiss. Romina tells her she looks ridiculous. They almost get into fisticuffs, but German and Paloma pull them apart.

Inaki’s mom and Arcadia are consulting about a soup – why doesn’t it taste the same as in Spain, even though it has the same ingredients? Arcadia says maybe the soil is different. Inaki’s mom gives her a hug. Oh, if she only knew who she was hugging! Unbeknownst to her, she is pressing a serpent to her bosom.

Inaki comes in and his mom asks how it went with his dad. Bad, he tells her. Arcadia listens carefully in the background as he recounts what happened.

Mac comes in to Paloma’s room and Paloma is frosty to her. Mac says it’s breaking her heart them not getting along. She says she was so happy about Paloma and Inaki, but she didn’t think of the consequences. What consequences? says Paloma coldly. Mac says you are very young. Paloma says don’t worry, I’m going to be a very good girl until I turn 18, and then I’ll take the reins of my life. Meaning what? says Mac. Meaning I’m going to decide what I do with my life. Mac says I felt that when your parents died, you gave up. Paloma says the difference was that I had 8 years to wait. Now it’s just a few months. Mac looks worried.

Romina is asking her mother for an advance to reserve the room for her party. Camila says no money until I see your grades. Romina says but the exams aren’t until next week and they want the money now. Camila says I’ll go to the school and see how things are going. Romina says you’ll embarrass me in front of the whole school! Don’t you trust me?

Romina says she’s not shooting for straight A’s like Paloma. She doesn’t want to live like her, locked up and doing nothing but studying. She’s not a sucker, she’s smart. Camila says I just want you to study to improve yourself, to pass. Romina says it’s all about duty and not about my happiness. Not about trying to help me forget that the last time I had a party my father sent me a cake by messenger! Camila looks stricken. So that’s it?

Romina says I never wanted to have another party because I wanted to forget that. And now that I finally am trying to get over my father’s abandonment, you’re throwing rocks in the road. Camila says is that why you never wanted a party? Romina says I didn’t want to tell you, since you had organized it and I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Camila caves and says okay, go ahead and rent the room. I just hope that your grades are okay and that you can finally get over your father’s leaving.

Carlota is walking Paloma to her art class. She says that Paloma didn’t say a word during dinner and isn’t talking now. Paloma says I don’t have anything I want to say. Carlota says I get it. You’ll get over it. I’ll pick you up in two hours – you wait inside until I knock. Esta bien says Paloma. She goes in, and Carlota looks smug.

It’s her first art class. She asks the teacher if she can use the phone a second. She calls Inaki’s house and gets his mom who pretends to be the maid. She tells Paloma that Inaki is in Mexico City and she doesn’t know when he’ll get back. Paloma says tell him not to try to reach me and that I’ll call again.

Paloma wonders to herself why Inaki went to Mexico City and why he wasn’t at the school gate as he promised.

Romina drops by German’s office and he’s none too pleased. He tells her she’s just playing with him, and he’s trying to avoid seeing her. Romina says that Liliana is a naca. German gets mad and tells her to knock it off. She starts to come on to him and there’s a knock at the door. German opens it a crack and it’s Emiliano who wants to talk. Is this a bad time? Romina hides behind the door.

German steps out of the office, herding Emiliano in front of him. He closes the door. Romina goes over to his laptop and looks up Liliana’s e-mail address.

Emiliano tells German he’d like to have a coffee together. He’s wondering why German has seemed in such an odd mood lately. And why did he kind of blow him off in the restaurant? German says he wanted to be alone with Liliano. Emiliano is relieved and kids him about new love whoo hoo. German says he’s new at the noviazgo biz and he’s nervous. Emiliano congratulates him and says let’s double date! Although they realize the girls don’t like each other.

German pretends he forgot some papers and he slithers back into his office and closes the door. Romina is still there and her phone rings. She realizes it’s Emiliano. German says don’t answer it! Just outside the office, we see Emiliano leave a message. Romina thinks all of this is fun, but German is mad and tells her she’s an adrenaline freak but he’s not. She says let’s be friends like before.

German says I don’t want to be friends. What you want is to have a long list of admirers to play with, and I don’t want to play. She sidles up and says won’t you miss my kisses? German is furious and says if you want something with me, you have to break off with Emiliano. Otherwise, forget it! She flounces by then I won’t be interested. She stalks out and then looks at Liliana’s e-mail address on the piece of paper, obviously plotting.

It’s an outdoor art class. The teacher gives a long talk about line and form and tells them not to be afraid of the human form. She has a model (we see him a distance, his back turned, his shirt still on) and she wants the class to just think about lines, not body parts. She calls to the model and he slips off his shirt and turns around.

It’s Inaki! Paloma is ecstatic.

Mac tells Carlota that she’s going to go pick up Paloma from art class. Mac says she’ll do it, and reminds Carlota that the art classes were her idea. Carlota says I’m not stupid – I know it’s just an excuse for her to meet that musician. Mac sighs and says Paloma has inherited her mother’s artistic talent, and you are imagining things. Carlota sarcastically says oh yes, I have quite an imagination and that’s why I’m going to deliver her and pick her up from every art class.

Poor Paloma, says Mac. Carlota says I’m just trying to prevent another shameful disaster in this family.

Emiliano is off doing good deeds. He goes to see his nana, who seems to be selling quesadillas by the roadside. He asks after Chava, who might be a grandson. He has brought him a nice big ball. His nana is very grateful, and then he tells her that Camila is looking for someone to help with the laundry. His nana is ecstatic and thanks him.

It’s time for break at art class. Inaki has been posing with his pants on and he slips his shirt back on. Paloma inches over and says ¿Qué haces aquí? Inaki says he had to think of some way to see her. They squat behind a totally see-through bench and have a tiny kiss. He says he doesn’t care what the obstacles are, he loves her.

She wonders why he didn’t come by the school and why he was in Mexico City. He says he went to see his father. She wonders how that went. He fudges that it looks like it’ll be hard to manage his father’s business from Real del Monte, so he’ll have to think of something else.

Paloma says she’s afraid to be unhappy, that this is all a dream. He swears it’s not.

Inaki’s mom Carmen is talking to his father on the phone. She says she’s never seen Inaki like this, he’s usually so responsible. His father wants to know what the girl’s family thinks of this. Inaki’s mom says they don’t like Inaki. Arcadia comes into the room to pretend to do something but actually to spy. Carmen says that the girl’s aunt was really insulting, but she didn’t tell Inaki, it would be counterproductive. Arcadia looks like she just ate something yummy.

His dad explains that he didn’t support Inaki’s idea. Carmen says he’s looking for work and I hope he finds something soon. His dad says Inaki’s a grown man, but there must be some way to persuade him. He tells her that he and Natalia have decided to come to Real del Monte and see what they can do. Let’s all go to a restaurant. Carmen says come here to eat, it’s more private. Closeup of Arcadia looking squinty-eyed!

Natalia drops by Chris at the church. She wants to know if he knows the address of the Espinoza de los Monteros. Me? he says. She says they’re Javier’s family. She wants to know how their daughter Paloma is doing.

Arcadia is on the phone to Carlota. She says if they knew what she’s doing, she’d lose her job. Carlota says I pay you enough to get you by until you find another job. So Arcadia coughs up. Inaki’s dad won’t let him run any of his business. Carlota is surprised that the dad has businesses. Arcadia says oh yes, he’s rich. Then she tells that they’re coming to Real del Monte to talk to Inaki, and that Carmen told his dad that Carlota doesn’t like Inaki but that she didn’t tell Inaki about it.

Carlota says tell me everything that happens Saturday. She hangs up and rubs her chin. You’ve got to hand it to Carlota. Even though it seems like all she does is prowl the house all day looking for things to disapprove of, and yeah, maybe run a few errands, she is beautifully turned out. She really dresses for success, and no errant hair would dare stick out from her ‘do.

Emiliano meets up with Chava, his nana’s grandson, in the street. Chava’s not a little kid, he’s a young teen. He’s glad to hear that there’s a soccer ball waiting for him, but he reports that he’s really bad at school. He might get held back again.

Emiliano says hey, I’ll call my novia and see if she can help you with your math. Viewers across America snort.

Art class is over. Paloma tells Inaki she’s under close guard and won’t be free until she’s 18. The teacher calls that her aunt is there and she tells Inaki, for the teacher’s benefit, that it was nice meeting him.

After she’s gone, she delicately tells Inaki not to make friends with the students, and particularly not with Paloma. Her aunt is um…traditional… and a big moral force in the community, and if she thought Paloma was making friends with a model, whew!

Carlota wonders why the teacher didn’t come to the door just now. Paloma says she was busy. Carlota wants to know if all the students are girls and Paloma says yes. Inaki jumps from a bush behind them and Paloma lets out a little laugh. Carlota wants to know what that laugh was about and Paloma says she just really likes art.

Now Emiliano is having sodas with Chava. He tells him he’ll help with school expenses and that Chava should ask him and not his grandma. Chava is very grateful. Romina comes in all abuzz about her party plans. Emiliano introduces her to Chava and Romina looks at him like he’s a pair of dirty socks. Ew.

She whines that she thought they were going to have a coffee alone. Chava politely offers to leave, but Emiliano says she just didn’t know you were here. Stay. She looks steamed and Chava discretely heads for the bathroom. He says he’s not good at math, but it looks like he’s put 2 and 2 together okay.

Romina tells Emiliano you know I don’t like being around kids. He said no, I didn’t know, and if you don’t like it, tough.

Inaki goes by a club and asks the owner for a regular gig. The owner says people come for the jazz festival and the place is full, but the rest of the time there aren’t a lot of customers and those that do come aren’t interested in jazz. They want love songs, protest songs, pop.

Paloma and Romina are coming out of school and Paloma talks about Inaki modeling and Romina talks about her party. Here comes Inaki’s mom out jogging. Romina stops her and says aren’t you Carmen? I met you at the movie. Carmen is all friendly. Romina says here’s Paloma, your son’s girlfriend. Carmen turns cold. So it’s you?

Paloma hasn’t noticed the change in the weather and she says how eager she was to meet Carmen. Carmen says me too, but I want to ask you a favor. Stay away from my son. I don’t want him to risk his future for you, so the noviazgo is out.

Paloma is stunned and Romina appalled. How dare you speak to her like that? she says. Inaki runs up with a rose and says I couldn’t have planned it better! My mother and my novia. Isn’t Paloma the most beautiful woman in the world? Carmen says more beautiful than I expected, it’s not surprising she could change your life.

Avances: Paloma has to make a decision.


Gancho, Mon., July 27: "Slavery is so last season"

Hey y’all sorry this is late, but I’m not that much of a nerd to leave my friends so I can go home and recap my shows! I will try to edit this in the morning. But, I want to ask if someone can takeover for me permanently. It’s just that I can’t commit myself to recapping like I used to, and it’s really not fair to those who are interested in the telenovela. So, I would like to retire indefinitely. I hope you understand, and I wish I could have left on a better note.

Back at the neighborhood Paula fights with Estrella because she thinks Ricky is sneaking around with the movie star. The adopted kid mentioned a chauffer boyfriend and Paula thought the worst. As it turns out, Paula is right and the adopted kid lied to avoid problems.

Moni explains to Maury that she lied to him about being engaged to Don Cesar because she wanted him to leave her alone. They hold hands and the girlfriend gets mad.

Back at the office some weird woman who stares off into space has too much stage makeup on and an unreal perm. She’s apparently lost but can be passive/aggressive.

Maury and the girlfriend argue about where the hired help, Moni, will work. They decide that she will stay in the house to clean. Even as a humble cleaning lady, she has the dignity and self-respect to wear heals and Britney Spears skirts.

Mama’s bf Hilario wants to move the fam. out of Mexico. Then she explains that he is not Beto’s father. Of course, Beto was behind the door and heard everything. Then Beto is mad that Mama made chilaquiles for someone else.

Moni tries to leave but mean girlfriend gives her hell because it doesn’t seem that she really cares about her boutique. Then Jimena comes in and tells her to be nice to the help because slavery is out of fashion and she mistreats Moni. GF explains that she is mean to her because she’s trying to get rid of her. She also speaks English.

Aldo goes to reprimand Maury for hanging around Estrella. Then Jerry aka Scar, tells little, vulnerable, naïve, Aldo that his papi is a womanizer and has his share of secrets. Don’t worry, Uncle Jerry will make it better.

Moni is having trouble training, then she imagines that her opponent is her mean boss, then she wins the match. Unfortunately, Don Cesar will no longer be training her because her lies have caused a lot of problems. Then he tells her to leave his gym forever. Don Cesar warns Beto to protect her.

Well the chauvinism starts early in Mexico. If life gets you down, get mad, go to a strip bar and get plastered. Life is tough, your dad’s a bad guy, and I’m the nice uncle. Fondling women and barking instructions eases the pain. Girls, it’s time to make this little orphan a man.

Moni is having a pity slumber party with her girlfriends. What if Maury finds out that I lied about my identity. Maury calls Estrella looking for Aldo, then Moni decides to help him search for Aldo.

Meanwhile, they’re doing a great job of getting Aldo drunk at the bar and close to feeling up the performers.

In the search for Aldo the girls decide to stuff their bras and put on lipstick. Then they find the kid, tell him that Maury could lose him, think about his brothers and sisters, and then explain that Uncle Jerry brought him here.

Connie wants to get rid of all the kids and all the working staff in her house. Then she talks to Beto and gets all excited.

So everybody yells at Uncle Jerry, who then blames Ricky the Pig for taking everyone here and using two women at the same time. So, Maury fires him for giving the kid alcohol and general debauchery. Oh yeah, Jerry explains to Maury that 16 is the new 25 so its completely cool that he drinks and hangs with hookers.

Then Beto comes to visit Connie in the night dressed as a luchador. Plastic suits never looked so sexy… To bad she was dreaming and actually kissing Jimena. They don’t play for the same team, however.

Then, at the bar, two guys hit on Moni and she punches them out. She’s the one who couldn’t finish high school because she had a severe behavioral handicap. Then, Maury gets in on the action and Jerry ends up stealing. All in a night.

Tomorrow: Everyone gets booked in the jail and Moni and Maury start hitting on each other. Then Maury might discover that Moni has a boyfriend. What else is new?

**Big thanks to Aunt Judy for helping me out two weeks in a row, even when she was terribly ill—she deserves an award!


MEPS Monday July 27 - for real this time

I watched and took notes but it's very late - I will have the recap up tomorrow morning! Thanks and see you then.

Edit - sorry for the delay, here it is - and wow 18 comments already without even putting the recap up!

Over some botanas, Venus tells Martina that the man she would really like to be with is ‘el grino’ Esteve. She’s worried, though, that such a fine man wouldn’t go for a girl like her. Such a fine man who likes to play with others lives like the Wizard of Oz, but I guess that doesn’t count.

Esteve in his old man pajamas in bed reading, he puts the book down to daydream about Venus for a few minutes before turning the light off and going to sleep. I guess it’s pretty much a given now that these two will end up together. And then have to explain to everyone that he isn’t really her uncle, because that is super creepy.

Anibal tells Camilo that he’s going to have to marry Venus, which Camilo doesn’t like the sound of. Fr/Ed walks over and lays it on thick about Esteve being willing to pull the plug, to really put the pressure on Camilo. Camilo has no choice. Fernanda comes up and she and Fr/Ed do their usual “make up some excuse to go talk privately” bit and excuse themselves. Anibal tells Camilo to suck it up and marry the girl, there is no way out of it. Priscilla asks Anibal where Fr/Ed and Fernanda went, he tells her they are in the library, her radar goes off and she goes to try and listen at the door before giving up and going upstairs, feeling guilty about spying on her friend/honorary sister.

Fr/Ed tells Fernanda that he is sure La Hiena is behind the whole Lily thing. He says what Barbara doesn’t know yet is that Fr/Ed is going to be there with her at the ransom drop. I don’t know if he’s going to force his way along with her, or sneak around to be there without her knowing, or what.

On the phone, Barbara gives Obregon instructions to make sure he gets the money that she leaves for him. Obregon asks if Lily is going to actually be there, Barb tells him to shut up and just do what he’s told. Gonzalo comes in, also wearing old man pajamas but at least he’s an old man (I’m looking at you Esteve), he wants to go with Barbara to drop the ransom. No, Obregon told me to come alone, etc etc. We’ve heard it all before.

Fernanda is giving Fr/Ed a kind of dreamy look, I think she’s starting to think she can get out of this whole Damian situation since he basically told her yesterday that if she leaves, she leaves for good, and she left. He of course is acting like a damn five year old and misses it completely. I don’t know how, if she looked at me like that I’d surely notice, hubba hubba! She is going to say something obviously personal, he kills the mood by asking her to be the madrina for his wedding with Erika. He also misses her reaction here, he is very unobservant sometimes. She sarcastically accepts, they both manage to get even more pissy because they each expect the other one to crack first, Fr/Ed stomps out and slams the door. Oh you kids.

Priscilla is in bed waiting for Anibal, she tells him she has a surprise for him. He immediately says he’s tired, working hard, all that. What an ass. She says no she’s not asking him to perform his husbandly duties, she got a test to determine the sex of the baby, they are having a boy. He says ok and rolls over. They get in a fight, she says the baby is hers and only hers because he won’t get invested in the whole thing.

Camilo goes to the love shack, no Loavely (that still cracks me up). I wondered this before, when she left. How will she explain new clothes, or where she was? Venus enters right after him, ooops busted. He goes ballistic, where was she, who was she screwing (basically what he was saying), after all her talk of being so virginal.

Damian is asleep in the bed, Fernanda is in her age appropriate pajamas, deciding if she should get in bed or not. Finally she sneaks in one inch at a time, it’s kind of funny if you don’t think about how scared and nervous she is at that moment. She lays down and sighs, she got away with it. Then Damian’s hand touches her arm. Oops, guess who’s awake. Seems like his ‘you leave now you leave forever’ speech was just drunk talk. He’s still ready for his noche de bodas.

Camilo rants and raves, she finally comes up with a story that she went to see Esteve to tell him that he’s not being fair about her having to get married. By taking his side, Camilo is calmed, but only slightly.

As usual, Fernanda uses an excuse to not get busy with Damian. He is very nice to her about it, but now we know it’s all an act. She’s worried about Lily, etc etc, the first time has to be without outside pressures. Well of course as grownups we all know that will happen the same time pigs fly. So, sorry Damian, never going to happen. A phone rings. We are made to think it’s Fernanda’s, and that it’s going to be Fr/Ed or something, and I’m ready for a classic Sendel tantrum complete with thrown items, but it turns out to be HIS phone that rang. It’s his mom. Fernanda, anxious for anything to interrupt the impending coitus, says to answer it, it must be important to call at this hour!

Loavely’s story worked, she even dials the phone to call Esteve to protest some more, Camilo grabs it and hangs it up, he doesn’t want more trouble with Esteve. She got away with it!

Damian’s mom is her usual whiny self on the phone, I guess she owes some money to some family member (cousin?) who died, now the husband is after her for the money. I didn’t quite understand why this was a middle of the night phone call type of problem, maybe the guy is violent or something. Perhaps a reader can clarify this part for the rest of us. Damian apparently agrees that it’s a serious problem, he says he’ll take care of it tomorrow and gets off the phone. He tells Fernanda that he wants more booze so he can sleep, she says how about some warm milk and honey? He realizes he won’t win this battle so he says whatever and Fernanda runs off, happy to not be in his ‘noche de bodas’ targeting reticule for one more night.

Santiago daydreams about Aurora, all the times she assured him that he was the only man she loved. Barbara comes in and acts concerned and wants to help him find her. She changes her story, now she says that Aurora didn’t seem to have gone willingly. Santiago wants to know why she didn’t do anything, Barb whines that it all happened so fast! Her story has so many holes in it but Santiago is desperate to find her so he just accepts her story and help.

Aurora cries in her bed.

Barbara continues her story about the older man who took Aurora. She does her awful irritating make me want to scream whimpering crying thing she does, begs forgiveness, and swears to help Santiago find Aurora.

The next day (finally) –
Fr/Ed works out with no shirt on, flexes in the mirror, and I once again hear squeals of glee from all across the country. I realize this scene was supposed to be eye candy, but I have to tell you that working out with no shirt is so gross, you would get sweat all over the equipment. I guarantee Colunga never works out with no shirt. But whatever, I hope you all enjoyed the peep show!

Gardenia does more voodoo love potion stuff, spraying the living daylights out of a jacket, which she presents to Fr/Ed as he comes in from his workout as his outfit for the day. Fr/Ed says thank you, but no, he doesn’t feel like wearing that color today. She offers to get something else ready for him, he says no it’s ok he’ll do it. Stymied, Gardenia leaves the room. She’s nuts.

Camilo slept on the sofa, Loavely comes into the living room and opens the blinds. She is wearing some tight white pants that look incredible on her, I’m glad for the equal time eye candy for the male viewers. Very sexy. She does her whiny “camiii” voice and wakes him up. She says they need to go see Esteve, he wants to go home and clean up first. She teases him and gets him all horny so he’ll hurry up. He also can’t resist the tight pants and runs out the door.

At Prolasa, Priscilla’s brother welcomes a couple of workers from INEGI, they are doing some economic census and have some questions. This must be a public service thing, it has nothing to do with the story at all. Speaking of Priscilla’s brother – where have we seen him before? I remember him from some other show, playing a not so clean and nice character I think. Anyone remember? Also, I cracked up at this scene. These INEGI workers are doing a census, they found the head of the company to talk to, and then the very first question is “what’s the name of your company?” like they wandered in by accident. I guess they wanted the official name, but it sounded different.

Fr/Ed very casually arranges 3 million dollars in a duffel bag, like he’s packing a gym bag. Please Fr/Ed drop one of those bundles on my front step PLEASE. Esteve is wearing the worst outfit ever, some khaki/green monstrosity with a garish orange sweater tied around his neck, he looks awful. Venus calls him to say today they’ll formalize the wedding plans and they’ll be over soon, Esteve curtly says “ok see you then” and hangs up. Venus, in true female fashion (sorry ladies but it’s true) overanalyzes this to mean that Esteve doesn’t care about her and wouldn’t go for a woman like her.

The INEGI workers leave and put a sticker on the outside of the office door. I guess that means that this company has been counted or something. I wish I understood this whole thing better.

Santiago tells Fernanda what Barbara said, Fer thinks it’s so convenient that Barbara was the only one here, AGAIN the only one to see things, get a phone call, what have you. Santiago says the guy that took her is the guy that looks like a clone of Gonzalo.

Lily isn’t eating, Bravo isn’t happy about it. Ciro’s ghost tells Lily to eat something. He agrees that Bravo looks just like Gonzalo.

Santiago talks about Bravo (though he doesn’t know his name) some more to Fernanda. He believes Dominga sold Aurora to him.

Aurora makes her bed, then runs out of the room with her hand over her mouth. Somebody’s pregnant!

Bravo wants Lily to eat since she’s going to be here for a while. Lily tells him that the only one who can save her is Eduardo Juarez, and he’s not scared of you!

Tomorrow – Priscilla thinks she sees Fernanda and Fr/Ed up to no good in the stable, though I’m sure it is them just acting childish towards each other again.


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ENDA: Friday 7/24/09 "Paloma and Iñaki Fight the Familial Front Against Them"

Carlota catches Paloma and Iñaki almost smooching in the confessional box. She drags Pal out of there (not by her hair, but if Cruelota wasn’t in a church, I bet she would have done that). Pal tries to explain, but Cruelota tells her to be quiet. Cruelota gets her outside and is readying up to smack some sense into Pal. Iñaki intervenes and tells Cruelota “don’t you dare!” Cruelota begins her rant: calling Pal a slut, telling Iñaki that he’s taken the peacefulness away from their family, screaming at Iñaki for messing with an upright (cabal) family, chastising them for offending God in His own house. She ends up dragging Pal away and Iñaki shouts out a “Te amo” as they leave.

Camila is having dinner with Diana. Di proceeds to tell Cami that she’s very happy with her marriage and her husband, basically she’s lying. This seems to fit well with what Cami’s objective is for the dinner. She is worried that Di might still be upset that Rafa sent flowers to her. She wants Di to understand that her husband only sent the flowers as a thank you. Di tells Cami all is well, but she assures her that the flowers won’t happen again.

Macarena gets a good check up from the doctor (who is making a house call). When he leaves, Rufi tells Mac that she should get to know the good doctor better. Rufi thinks there is interest on the doctor’s part. Mac is not interested in having a romance. Rufi says that Paloma needs to see love in her tías’ lives, the house has been devoid of it for so long. This appeal to help Pal see new things in the house gives Mac pause to think.

Cristobal is praying to the Virgin, asking why he has to be sent to Real del Monte.

Cruelota gets Paloma home and they are still arguing about Iñaki. Pal doesn’t like the fact that Cruelota is trying to dictate her entire life. Cruelota says that Iñaki will be leaving soon for Spain and Pal informs her that he intends to stay in Mexico. Cruelota rants on about how Iñaki’s bewitched Pal. Pal says it is love!

Cami comes home and finds Romina in bed. She wants to know what is up with her daughter. Romy tells her mom that she wants to find her father, but first she needs to know if he is really her dad. Cami is rightly offended by this and lets her daughter know that she finds it rude and disrespectful. Romy says she wants answers as to why her father abandoned her. Cami says that the fault doesn’t lay with her. He left and she’s got a clean conscience.

Mac decides to have a talk with Paloma. She’s concerned about how quickly things are progressing with Iñaki. She reminds Pal that they don’t know much about Iñaki and his family. Pal is upset to think that Mac’s switched sides to Team Cruelota.

Iñaki and his mother talk about his plans to remain in Real del Monte.
Cruelota brings home some new medication for Mac. She gives Rufi some money to get her favorite thing for dinner. Rufi is surprised at Cruel’s generosity. Cruel comments to herself that she’ll bribe Rufi to get her on her side.

Rafa and Emiliano have a conversation about the aborted plans on the new ceramics line. Emiliano doesn’t think his father should give up. Rafa reminds him that he doesn’t have the money. E suggests taking out a second mortgage. Rafa doesn’t want to risk losing the house. E tells his father that he’s got confidence in him.

Cruelota pays a little kid to do some snooping for her. He informs Cruel that Iñaki isn’t home. Cruel pays a visit and has a conversation with Iñaki’s mother. Carmen is pleased to meet Paloma’s tía. Cruelota isn’t as kind. She lets Carmen know that she does not agree with Pal and Iñaki dating. She goes on to add that Pal is a girl from a good family and has been raised with Catholic ethics, she finds Iñaki to be a bad influence. Carmen is offended and it gets worse. Cruelota tells Carmen that Iñaki’s family background—divorced parents---does not set a good example, they are immoral. He will never be welcomed into their family. Carmen defends her son—he is talented, responsible and has a good heart. Cruelota insists that she doesn’t want Iñaki in Paloma’s life. Carmen says that she doesn’t want her son to be around such inflexible people. So they agree then, Cruelota asks. For his own good, Carmen says, she’ll keeps her son away from Paloma and she hopes that her path will never cross Cruelota’s again.

Iñaki and Germán are out for drinks. Iñaki tells Germie he was happy to see him with Liliana. Germie admits that he’s still got feelings for Romy, he’s obsessed with her. Iñaki warns that obsession isn’t a good thing and he reminds Germie that Romy isn’t the girl for him. He advises his friend to let her go. Germie asks if Iñaki has let Paloma go. Iñaki says that is different, he loves Pal, he’s not obsessed with her. The two then talk about Iñaki getting work. He’ll be going to Germie’s office tomorrow. Germie comments that who’d a thunk his bohemian friend would end up trying to be responsible.

Pal is in her room, dreamy and pining for Iñaki.

Cami attends mass and prays for guidance in ways to help Romy accept how things are with her father.

Romy tells Emiliano that she talked to her mother about finding her dad, but her mother took the news poorly.

Liliana and Germie end up at the same restaurant as Romy and E. E compliments Lili on how pretty she looks. We can see the steam coming from Romy’s ears. E invites the other couple to join them, but Germie declines. E speculates that Germie is avoiding him, but he doesn’t know why. Romy lets E know that she didn’t like him complimenting Lili. He blows it off. Lili and Germie kiss and Romy gets more jealous.

Mac sheds some tears in her room. She’s looking at a family photo. She wonders why her brother selected Cruelota to be Paloma’s guardian. She wonders if it is because he knew she wouldn’t be able to provide Pal with proper direction. Mac says that she’s always been one to follow her heart and that leads to trouble. He must have known that she wouldn’t have made a good mother to her Paloma.

Rufi brings a Popsicle (paleta de hielo) to Paloma. She tries to intercede on Mac’s behalf because she knows that Pal is mad at Mac. Pal listens as Rufi recounts her own experience in falling for a musician. "Musicians arrive, they play, and then they leave," she tells her. Pal tells Rufi that Iñaki isn’t leaving.

Iñaki and his mother discuss he choice to set his dream of pursuing music aside in order for him to get a job so he can stay in Mexico. She’s none too happy about this. She feels he is giving up too much. He reminds her that she’s always taught him to fight for what he wants, and he wants to be with Paloma because he loves her.

Cruelota tells Pal that she better shape up or else she’ll be sent to boarding school. Pal takes off to her room to cry and Mac asks her sister if that was only a threat (amenaza). "Oh no, that wasn’t a threat," Cruelota assures her.

Pal is on her balcony, shedding some tears. She spots E walking Romy home.

E is letting Romy know that he thinks they shouldn’t be in any hurry to make the love. They’ve both got some many things on their plates, they should wait until the time is right. He asks Romy to slow down and reminds her that having sex is not the same a being in love. She tells him okay, but she just wants him to know that she intends for him to be her first and only. They kiss and she goes inside. E notices Pal up on the balcony. He picks a flower and extends it toward her. She smiles and slips back into her room. She says aloud that she misses Iñaki.

Iñaki is playing in a club and he sees Paloma in the faces of the women in the crowd.

Back at home, Emiliano remembers the brief moment that evening when he was looking up at Paloma on the balcony. He seems frustrated with the memory.

The next day Pal and Romy walk to school. Pal is filling Romy in on what happened over the weekend and Iñaki’s plans to remain in Real de Monte. Romy asks what her suegra thinks of this and Pal says that Iñaki told her there were no problems with his plan. Romy lets Pal know she met her (Paloma's) suegra at the cinema. Pal asks what she is like.

Cruelota meets with the family lawyer. She finds out that Pal’s inheritance has grown considerably. She asks the lawyer to do her a favor. She’d like to keep the inheritance a secret from Pal. He’s not too keen on the idea. She says it is for Pal’s protection. She’s been dating this tipo and she suspects he’s only in it for the money. She wants to get this guy far away from Pal before Pal gets her inheritance. The lawyer agrees, since it is for Pal’s own good to keep her safe from the fortune hunter (cazafortunas).

Paloma meets with the school psychologist. She tells Pal to bide her time, she’ll soon be free from Cruelota when she turns 18. She also warns Pal to not be too hasty with Iñaki. Pal isn’t happy to hear this advice. The psychologist just doesn’t want Paloma to risk her future.

Iñaki meets with his father and goes through basically the same conversation he had with his mother. He intends to fight for Paloma, because he loves her. END OF EPISODE


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MEPS, 07/24/09: Mousetraps Galore and Plenty of Cheese to Go Around: Camilo Takes the Cheese and Dam Puts On the Squeeze

Capítulo #113

As we resume outside at the Astorga’s, Errorika is on cloud nine and thinking everybody else will be on clouds 10, 11 and 12 smiling right behind and cheering her right through to her wedding, especially Estev and Fernanda, once they get the grand news that they’re the best man and matron of honor. The mule-headed, but ever-smiling ditz is willing to overlook Fr/Eduardo’s disturbingly obvious lack of enthusiasm. (I mean the guy couldn’t be any more of a rag-doll about this relationship, could he?) She promises the old telenovela saw about doing even the impossible to ensure he eventually comes around to loving her as much as she loves him. (If ya gotta work that hard at it, schweetheart, the odds are better getting struck by lightning.) Over at the Elizalde’s, Fernanda is still trying to persuade Santiago that Babs is full of B.S. when it comes to why and how Aurora suddenly left the hacienda; and they both agree that Fer needs some way to prove it.

Santiago confronts Barbara over Rory, but Babs manages to change her story just enough to muddy the waters, purposely making him more frantic than before with the story that his beloved Ah-wah-wah, aka Aurora, left the premises with an intimidating man of sorts. Babs then self-righteously proclaims herself the non-meddling step-mother when they ask why she didn’t lift a finger to stop Ah-wah wah from leaving with the guy.

Suppertime at Jacinto’s has Gardenia denying she had anything to do with encouraging a break-up between Err and Eddie. Jacinto and Margie discuss the way some people fall in love in their childhood and keep that burning, churning hunk o’ love inside for a lifetime, the same way she and he did. (Ah, yes: the supposed and far-fetched premise for this telenovela, lest we discerning folk forget.) He refuses to consider that Denia might be that way about Eduardo. Margie defends her sister saying that love is love even if it is unreturned. The more pragmatic Jacinto warns Denia that a one-sided love is a losing proposition, especially with Eduardo who’s set his sights for somebody (actually, anybody) else. Denia is defiantly adamant. “We’ll see about that! For all his education and fine upbringing, he’s still Soledad’s son and humble rural folk like the rest of us.” (Why are these women always so pig-headed when it comes to capturing the heart of an Alpha-male? It’s gotta be the pheromones.)

Across the way at the Elizalde’s, Gonzo now shows Fernanda and Santiago the photo of Lili signifying “proof of life” that Obregon supposedly had e-mailed to Babs. Babs must come alone with the money to the pier and put it in some designated motor boat she finds there. Obregon supposedly swore that that was the only way would he let Lili go free. Fer can’t believe they’re really going to pay attention to this guy. Babs quickly reminds her that they don’t have much time and cannot risk Lili’s life by defying Obregon. Fer gets suspicious and asks why Babs is the one who is supposed to take the money. Gonzo’s sage reply: “--because that’s what the letter says.” (Duh!) Gonzo says not to worry. He’ll do what he promised by discussing it with Franco Santoro before making a decision. Fer seems satisfied. Just then an inebriated Damian hobbles in on his crutches to make an impromptu appearance and sarcastically jibes, "Since when does the Elizalde family not move a finger without Franco Santoro’s permission?" Stares of disgust are shared by all at his slovenly, sozzled, and most unwelcome two-centavos-worth.

At Las Animas, Eduardo finally arrives home where we share a moment or three of self-doubt with him about his continuing this sham of an engagement to Errika. (After leading Errika and her parents on like he just did, there won’t be any tea and sympathy from this little corner of Viewerville.)

Speaking of being led on, Cadmilo is surprised to see the fancy spred Venus, aka Loafly, has laid out for him on the table when he returns from the distressing chat he just had with her “Uncle Estev.” He tells her that he did speak with her “uncle” and thinks he’s “a little weird.” Loafly says not so much. “He’s only a bit strict and demanding.” Cad guffaws. “Ha! A little?” She jumps to her uncle’s defense. “—You must understand, he swore to my dead parents in front of their grave that he would take care of me.” She asks him to tell her what they talked about. Cad snorts. “He said we had to get married!” Venus pretends mild surprise and smiles modestly. Cad scowls.

Back at Las Animas, Estev is laughing at the way he got Cad to commit to his demand that he must marry Venus. He wonders why Eddie isn’t jumping for joy or laughing along with him since now they have Cad right where they want him, under their thumb [tener en el puño]. Ed says sure he’s glad, but he wonders just how far Estev is planning to take this. Estev says he’d rather know just what happened at the Astorga’s and how far Eddie plans to go with this marriage farce of his? Eddie says his marriage is a done deal and he’s getting married because he wants to. Estev doesn’t look at all convinced.

Meanwhile, Santi and Fer drag Dam upstairs and put him back to bed. Dam continues griping at Fer and manages to drop Franco Santoro’s name somewhere in there among the rest of the complaints. They tell him he’s drunk and to calm down. Pris offers to babysit him while they go back downstairs to figure out the details over Lili’s ransom. The two take her up on it and leave. Dam passes out. Pris wakes him back up and says that drunk or not they need to talk.

Back at Cad’s apartment Cad complains to “Loafly” that her uncle’s idea that they have to get married because of what happened is totally ridiculous. She says she agrees, but it seems that if she’s living in his apartment, then something did happen, but he insists that nothing happened between them. She says they didn’t make love, but it seems that he’s telling her that since she wouldn’t go to bed with him that she means nothing to him now. He tells her that’s not it and goes off on some self-righteous spiel about sex not being the most important thing in a relationship. Communication and respect, he says, are what are important. (Viewerville shares a few choice communal guffaws.) “Loafly” whines that the nasty way he’s talking about her uncle shows he does not respect her. He apologizes for that but says the problem is this is the 21st century but her uncle thinks they are living in the Middle Ages!

Venus takes a different tack and puts her hackles up. “Well, I think the same as he does. It’s my reputation and the best thing a woman can do is only give herself to the man she loves. If he should turn out to be you, I wouldn’t think twice about doing it. Do you think that’s old-fashioned?” “—Frankly, yes, darn it!” She lets loose with a bucket of crocodile tears and turns away from him. “—I thought you saw me as a decent woman, but now I see that you don’t!” (This gal deserves an emmy and a lot o’ loot at the end of this gig.) He goes over to comfort her. “Of course not. There, there now.”

At Las Animas Estev tries again to make Eduardo see the error of marrying Errorika when he scarcely knows her and does not love her just because Ed gave his word to her somewhere along the line. Ed justifies by insisting that he’s not thinking of Fernanda or of getting even with her by doing this. Besides, he says, he isn’t losing anything marrying Err since he figures he’s lost everything he ever had anyway. (Damn! Cue the violins and find me a hanky.) Aside from Jacinto, who he considers to be like a brother, he has no family; and since he had to kill off Eduardo Juarez, there’s nothing of himself left but an instinct for survival that’s pushing him. The loneliness he feels is killing him, and he feels he has a right to start a new life that doesn’t rely on the past or on the Elizalde’s to give it meaning. His convoluted thinking tells him that the old Eduardo loved Fernanda Elizalde, but the new Franco scarcely knows her and wants to fall in love with Errika. Estev raises an eyebrow. Hmmm.

Upstairs in Fer’s bedroom, Dam begins shouting for Fernanda again. Pris tells him to shut the heck up and listen to what she is trying to tell him. She tells him she can’t stand it anymore. Dam quiets down and asks her what’s wrong. “--What else? Vladimir Piñeiro!” Dam’s bloodshot, beady eyes get even beadier as he considers how to best take advantage of the situation.

Said pain in the arse, Vladi, is crying on the floor of the nursery he’d put together especially for Pris and their baby. (Some may feel a slight tug at the ol’ heartstrings, but at this point, I think I’m just as exasperated with this loser as Priscilla is. Forget the Beta male. This guy ranks as pure Zeta –make that Omega--material.)

Damian scoffs at Prissy and the way his buddy, Vlad, offered to marry her just to give his kid a name. Pris screams back that she can’t put up with it any longer and says she’s willing to do anything Dam asks just as long as he’ll get Vlad off her back. Dam tells her he wants her to get him proof that Fer and Franco are lovers and then he’ll oblige.

Back at the apartment, “Loafly” gives Cad the cold shoulder when he refuses to commit to marital servitude, those literal, lifetime bonds of matrimony. “What else do I do? I’ve tried to apologize in every way there is.” “--Don’t strain yourself any more. It’s obvious you don’t respect my ‘uncle’ and you respect me even less.” He asks if he should stay or should go and gets no answer. He knows she won’t speak to him and says she at least should listen to what he has to say. There’s no reply. He gets frustrated that it seems it doesn’t matter now. “What do you want from me?” is Loafly’s demure response. Cad explodes and says he’s the only one there who’s risking something in this! (Yeah. A bon vivant lifestyle of all the wine, women and song his daddy can afford.) Cad says he wants her to tell him just what’s in it for him, give him something that would show him that she might really be interested in him, too. Venus demonstrates with what she does best: a tease and a strip. Cad’s squinty little eyes turn softball size as Viewerville wonders if she’ll forget the prime directive: no sleeping with the enemy.

At the hacienda de los Elizalde meanwhile, the family waits on pins and needles for Franco to come see the photo of Lili and the e-mail and to discuss what the next step should be. Babs suggests that Fer should go up to take care of Dam, but Pris comes down and tells them all he’s asleep, so Fer can stay to see what Santoro suggests. Pris looks for a tell from Fer but doesn’t get one.

In his office, Eduardo tells Estev how badly complicated things have gotten with the Elizalde’s. It seems that Obregon had in mind to kidnap Lili ever since he left the clinic. “All we seemed to do was to make it easy for him!” Ed figures his only choice is to now go through with his promise to pay the ransom. Estev wonders how Gonzo got the photo and Ed explains that it was sent to La Hiena’s e-mail. Alarm bells go off in Estev’s head and he asks if possibly Barbara Greco could be behind this kidnapping. Eddie thinks that it very well could be but has no proof. The two agree that this could be a great opportunity to set a trap for her as Uni breaks for a little mercantile machination…..

When we return, Artemio Bravo watches Lili sleeping in a darkened bedroom and says to himself that having her under his control will be useful in torturing her father because never in his rotten life will Gonzo see her again.

Back at Cad’s, the poor guy is struggling to keep it together as Venus works her working-girl wiles on him. All of a sudden she pulls back and puts her clothes back on. Cad is wondering why she stopped such a major work in progress. “You wanted a sample and I gave it to you. Now you know I’m not some little idiotic girl who lets her uncle manipulate her life.” She pushes him angrily back onto the couch. “--because he can be as puritanical, straight-laced, and sanctimonious as he cares to be, but for your information, what you just saw he taught me!” Cad is suddenly QTH-stone-cold-sober-impactado. (All of Viewerville waits in anticipation for the convoluted explanation that’s sure to come –and is not disappointed.) “What?? You mean to say he taught you that???!!! My God!!”

Venus purrs and pours a little bubbly for Cad while she lets him get his swollen head around the whopper she just hit him with. “Haven’t you ever heard of sensuality and eroticism schools?” “—Do those exist?” (Does anybody need more proof than this that this exemplary equine anal orifice is anything but the brightest bulb in the box?) “—My ‘uncle’ enrolled me in one of the best in the world where they train the future wives of sheiks and aristocratic orientals.” (Hubby is rolling on the floor at this point with guffaws so loud I can hardly hear. Honestly, I can’t help myself either. We both have tears running down our cheeks.) Cad struggles with the schizoid irreality: is this a nightmare or an insane wet-dream gone wrong—or maybe very, very right? “He trained you?” “—Yes, he trained me so that I would become a woman capable of bringing out the real man in anyone who married me.” Cad is salivating as he listens. “That’s the career I studied.” “—With books and workbook exercises, and all the rest???” “—Of course, with professors, books and computers just like any other university.” He gets off the couch and admits his surprise.

Venus provocatively prods a little more. “So what do you think? How do you feel about me graduating in sensuality and eroticism?” (I guess his kiss is his answer that it’s fine by him.) He seems a bit shell-shocked. She lays it out for him. “Just so I know where I stand [atenerse] with you, now that you know what you can expect from me, what can I expect from you?” He stands there contemplating her navel.

Meanwhile, Damian continues playing head games with Prissy. He takes his cup of coffee from her and grouses that if Fernanda’s infidelity weren’t enough, now Santoro is coming over and involving himself with their “happy family.” Pris tells him he’s making a serious accusation and from what she saw downstairs Fernanda wasn’t doing anything out of the normal. He screams impatiently. “What? You still don’t believe me?” Pris says this isn’t the first time he’s told her there’s something between Fer and Franco. It all just seems so impossible! Dam says he knows she loves Fer, but it is not something he made up or suspects. He saw them at the country house. He conveniently stretches the truth with a line that they were smooching like little lovebirds [tortolitos retozan]. Pris asks if he’s complained to Fer about it. Dam lies again and says no, not that he’d expect her to admit it anyway. Pris says frankly, she cannot bring herself to believe it. He whines that it’s her reluctance that is the reason he hasn’t bothered to tell the family either. They’d feel just the same way about it. “--What I need is proof! --And you’re going to get it for me whatever it takes!!”

Pris is beside herself. Fernanda is like a sister to her and the last thing she wants to do is to betray her trust and loyalty or to dirty her reputation like that. “--Stop being foolish!! She’s deceiving all of us.” Pris says well even if that were so, it’s a problem between the two of them and she’s got no business interfering between a couple like that. “—Not even in exchange for erasing Vladimir from your life? I can do that for you. You become my ally and I will also make sure that Anibal never knows the child your expecting isn’t his.” He smiles evilly and tells her she has no other alternative.

At the same time, Venus tells Cad he has twelve hours to give her an answer as to whether he’ll marry her or not and then shows him the door. He leaves dejected, minus the good-night kiss from his Loafly. Venus races to the phone afterwards and invites Martina out to dinner with her to give her the lo-down on what just happened with Cad.

Fr/Eduardo arrives at the Elizalde’s and says hello to everyone. Pris puts her eagle-eyes on Fer and Franco when he greets her. She watches as Fer politely smiles and tells him how grateful they all are that he’s come. Cad shows up just as the family gets ready to discuss the photo and ransom with Fr/Ed. He pulls Anyballs aside for a little tete a tete in the library.

In the taxi on the way to the restaurant, Martina tells Venus she’s actually lost her appetite since Lili vanished like that on her watch. Venus tells her that Lili won’t show up any sooner just because she stops eating. Martina says she’d like to have Obregon’s neck in her hands so she could squeeze his brains out [exprimir sus sesos]. Venus offers a few other choice wrestling options to consider also when they find him. (Lovely.)

In the library, Anyballs asks Cad what fool thing he’s done now. Cad explains how he went to see Santoro’s boss and says that things went so badly the only way out he has is to get married.

Back in the living room, meanwhile, Fr/Ed assures the family that he’ll do what he promised and will handle getting the ransom money for them. They’ll have it ready early the next morning. Gonzo thanks him for taking on the responsibility as if he were another member of the family. Babs gives Fr/Ed a disguised Evil Eye; Fer looks on with relief and Pris looks at Fer for some clue that she’s hot for Franco.

Meanwhile, over tacos and frijoles, Venus tells Martina that Estev gave her the go-ahead to give Cad that cock n bull story about a sensuality and eroticism school to whet the guy’s whistle and then to give him the 12-hr. ultimatum. Seemed to work she thinks. Martina wonders what his answer will be. “--He’ll either grin and bear it [apechugar] and marry me, or he’ll have to hit the road.”

Cad apparently wants to hightail it for parts unknown. Anibal can’t believe his brother would do something so imbecilic and leave the family in a financial bind like that, especially now that Santoro’s company is footing the ransom. (What did you expect, AB? This guy was born missing the responsibility gene.) AB tells his brother he’s essentially stuck in quicksand up to his eyeballs and sinking fast. Cad doesn’t want a scolding; he just wants a solution from his big bro who always has always pulled his chestnuts out of the fire. Unfortunately for Cad, he took the cheese and got his rat tail caught in the trap. The only answer Anyballs has is that, for the good of the family, Cadmilo has to get married. SNAP-CLINK! Our dear Cad, it seems, has finally been hoist by his own petard. Cara de ¡horror! for Camilo.

Gonzo tells Franco that he doesn’t want to risk Babs’ life by sending her with the ransom alone. He’d rather bring the police in on this. Fr/Ed says they cannot risk Obregon getting upset and running off again with Lili. Gonzo is slavishly indebted to his wife and Franco at this point. Fer swallows and bites her tongue as Babs swears to her lapdog of a husband that Lili’s life is more important, and that she’s willing to risk herself to get Lili back. “You don’t need to thank me, Vida. I’d make any sacrifice for our little girl.” Fer (along with the rest of Viewerville) can hardly control a spontaneous impulse to gag. Babs says the thanks goes to Franco for his financial support. Fr/Ed begs off and gallantly says it’s only money and nothing’s more valuable than Lili’s life. Therefore, the total amount of the ransom will be there for them first thing in the morning.

Anyballs rushes back into the living room with Camilo in tow at that point and makes a big show praising both Franco and Estev Norton’s show of solidarity in their moment of need. “One can never thank you enough, both you and Mr. Norton, for sticking by us. Er… uh…that’s precisely what my brother and I were talking about. Isn’t that right, Camilo?” Cad finds his tongue and joins in. “Yes, yes! That’s exactly right. Thank you very much!” Fr/Ed throws a frown of consternation in their direction.


Gancho Friday 7-24 The Heat is Rising

We begin with Aldo telling Gertrudis, the social worker, that Mauricio has brought love to the three kids, and they’ve become a united family, without fear. Little Danny runs to Mauricio, and he picks her up and hugs her.

At the site of Constanza’s new boutique, with construction halted due to Connie’s insulting the workers yesterday, Ximena holds a paint can to Connie’s nose, asking her to smell it. What do you think it is, acetone? Connie sniffs a few times, seems more like ether to her. Xime sniffs, not ether, either. Connie sniffs, maybe paint thinnner? Yeah, well I don’t think I can remove my nail polish (despintar mis uñitas) with thinner. They start giggling. The girls are high! Connie’s getting a headache, but Xime’s floating even more than usual.

In the vecindad, Arnoldo, the top private investigator, having cleverly disguised his high-brow snobbery with a brand new Chivas jersey, is pretending to do his wash in the outdoor communal sink. Nieves says bye to her boys, don’t bet too much, and goes back inside, since she has a little gas. To the accompaniment of jazzy bass and high hat, Arnoldo sneaks into Beto’s apartment, not noticing Hilario coming in after him, holding an iron. Bam! Hilario knocks him out cold. Beto wonders, Dad, why did you hit him so hard? Simple, the Chivas jersey. Beto likes the Chivas, is any other team better? Of course, the Pumas, replies Hilario, and I understand why you’re deluded, son, as I was not able to raise you to root for the correct team, the Pumas. Beto’s expression shows he’s not completely convinced about this.

Our stoned girls are having different reactions to the paint thinner they sniffed. Connie’s holding her head, but Xime’s hallucinating, looks at all those wires coming out of the wall, I see colors, it’s like a rainbow, far out, man! She’s inspired, as an artist, to “combine” the colors (by touching wires together!) Green with red….Connie runs over, don’t touch it, but too late, there’s a big spark, and both ladies are fine, but covered with soot.

Arnoldo’s flat on his back, as Beto wonders who he is. Lario thinks he must be one of Don Carmelo’s men. Who’s that? Lario pulls Beto over, puts him on his knee (!) and tells him he’s old enough now, I’m going to tell you a story. Don Carmelo is a bad mafioso guy. But Lario’s not a gangster, although he has been their accountant for years. Beto figures out that Lario has money that doesn’t belong to him, and Lario admits this, and that he doesn’t want Carmelo to find him. But he didn’t return just to hide, he really loves Nieves and Beto. They hug, and it’s time to move Arnoldo somewhere so Nieves won’t find out. Beto wonders if they cut up the body, can he have the shirt? Hilario gives him a look. Beto peeks his head outside, the coast is clear. But just as they get the fat Arnoldo outside, they hear Estrella’s voice, so they deposit the unconscious Arn on the ground in a sitting position, and they sneak back inside. Estella tries to wake him up, and just then, Moni arrives, too, having been called at work about this suspicious character. After fanning him with their hands doesn’t rouse him, Moni grabs the back of his hair, pulls his head up, only to discover it’s the guy she met in the office earlier today!

Gertrudis can now see that Mauricio’s a good Dad, and she promises to give the judge a positive report. She’s not really bad, she just had to do her job. Mau understands, and after Gertrudis leaves, Mau tells the three kids how moved he was by their words of love, and the little family hugs. Then his phone rings. Problems at Connie’s worksite.

“Who sent ya?” demands Moni to the now awake Arnoldo, her fists cocked. You’ll never find out, I’m a professional, counters Arn, smugly smirking. Two seconds later, Moni’s choking him, and the baby spits it out, Mauricio
Sermeño. Ahah! Moni’s off to confront Mau, and when Arnoldo whines about his reputation, good-hearted Estrella helps him up, she’ll get him some ice for his head and some ointment (pomada).

Seeing the bum dragged into Estrella’s place, Beto figures he’ll be there a while, hinting at Estrella’s “profession”, so father and son can now go to the track (hipódromo) and bet on the ponies. You like it all, don’t you, son? Yeah, everything, Dad, (saying “todo Padre”, which also means everything’s cool, this is a double entendre) except work, of course. Hilario bonds with his little one (retoño), and they’re off.

Mau arrives at work (I think Connie’s boutique is in his building, maybe even on the same floor as his office), only to see the two ladies, covered in soot from Xime’s experiment. Mau suggests they go to the hospital, but Connie doesn’t want to go, and criticizes Mau for always thinking of the brats first. You have your business, your brats, and your Monita! Oh, don’t start, says Mau, buzzing Gabriella, telling her to hire an architect and some workmen for Connie’s project. Connie is grateful, and assures him she and Ximena are fine, they just have to wash their faces. Yeah, but let’s take a photo first! pipes in Ximmy.

Nieves enters her apartment to be greeted by the sight of three guys in black suits. A fourth guards the door, hand in belt, suggesting he’s packin’ heat. Who are you? I’m Don Carmelo Malacara (means “badface!”), says the boss, a well-dressed but menacing type, trimmed beard, hair slicked back in a little ponytail, where’s Hilario? Nieves claims not to know any Hilario, tries to leave, forgot her toilet paper, but she’s blocked by a big bruiser. Carmelo tells her he knows that Hilario is Nieves’ amante, and her eyes get big.

Moni bursts into Mau’s office with a chip on her lovely shoulder. He tells her it’s not a revolving door (puerta giratoria), but she’s not laughing. What’s the idea of having that guy come to my neighborhood to investigate me, are you going to deny it? Mau admits it, but he had no other option. Well, says Moni, you know what I’m going to do? Quit again? replies Mau. Darn tootin’, and I’ll have you know I’ve found a better job this time. Right on cue, Connie enters, what’s all this yelling? Mau tells her Moni claims to have found a better job, ha ha. So, tell me Monita, who are going to work with? With her (pointing to Connie). Yes, Mauricio, I’m going to work with your novia, take that! Mau is muy impactado, Connie is, too, although she did ask Moni to work for her in a moment of sweakness (my combination of sweetness and weakness).

The thugs are ransacking Nieves’ apartment, where’s the money? Nieves doesn’t know, but Carmelo says she’d better tell, or else. Or else what? He pulls out a big silver gun, points it right between her eyes, I guess that answers her question.

Is it true, Connie, did you really offer Moni a job? Well, umm, ah, well, the thing is, you see, well. Moni says tell him, I’m not making it up. Well, yes, I sort of did put the idea out for her consideration, but, umm…Fine, says Mau, she works for you now, I give her to you. Moni protests, I’m not a present, I’m going because I have my dignity. And I’m going because I have to change out of this dirty dress, adds Connie. See you later, handsome! She leaves, and Mau buzzes Gabi, prepare the severance check for Valentina Lopez. Moni buzzes too, and for all the extra hours I’ve worked, too! What extra hours? Well, Mauricio, should I tell your girlfriend about all the hours I worked coming to your house, going out to dinner with you, etc.? She walks out, giving him a defiant look. He shoots back his own defiant look, but after she leaves, he deflates a bit.

Hilario and Beto are back from the track, he did well in his betting, must have inherited his skill from Dad. They hear Nieves yelling, don’t kill me, Carmelo! Hilario immediately runs away, but Beto tells him to wait, what about Mom? Before he can do anything, a thug with a shaved head points a gun at his back, and it’s hands up. He’s pushed into the room with the others, causing Carmelo to gag, yelling, “put your arms down or change your deodorant!” Beto does, and Carmelo says tell me where Hilario is, or die! Beto says ease off, ease off (aflojar), then says I eased myself off (I think he peed in his pants).

Moni is furious about the detective, telling Paula how she’s leaving. Pau says it’s partially her fault for not telling Mau the truth. The phone rings, Moni barks into it, get your own capuchino! Pau says what’s wrong with you, you’re acting crazy.

Over in Jerry’s office, Xime’s saying the same thing to Connie. How can you rob an employee of Mau, especially Monita. Jerry thinks it’s the best idea he’s heard in a long time. So does Monstranza, she gets Moni away from Mau. Xime thinks it’s terrible, what am I going to say now? Your usual nonsense (sandeces), replies Jerry. Xime thinks Connie should pay Moni double. No way, says Con, you think I’m going to pay her one extra cent? Yes. Please Ximensa (remember, a mensa is a fool), as soon as Mauricio forgets about her, I’ll throw her out in the street! (ah yes, the worst fate in a telenovela).

Mauricio is mad at Gabi and Salvador for letting him hire the detective. They have to protect him from his rash impulses. But you ordered it, what should we do, tie you to a chair? Yes, you should. Gabi doesn’t think Moni will last a half hour with Connie, but Mau knows how stubborn she is, she’ll never forgive him. There’s a knock, and it’s Moni. Gabi and Sal leave, and Mau’s ready for another reaming, but Moni gently places her cellphone on his desk, and surprises Mau by saying that she’s grateful to him. He gave her a job, he trusted her. He softens, wishes her the best of luck, from the bottom of his heart. She wishes him the same. They sadly part, para siempre, and our novela ends.

Wait a minute, it was just a commercial break. Sorry about that. Back in the barrio, Carmelo is screaming, Dónde está mi dinero! Where is my money, you better start singing now, or else! Sing, Beto, sing, pleads his Mom. So he does, a silly made up song about money, causing the thugs to applaud for a second, until Carmelo clocks Beto with the gun to the back of the head. Nieves starts to protest until Carmelo points the gun at her mouth, now YOU sing!

Mauricio is walking in the hall when a phone rings in his pocket. Without thinking, he opens Moni’s phone, and Estrella, thinking it’s Moni, says we have big problems here. Mau identifies himself, what’s the problem. Estrella immediately clams up, everything’s fine, time to hang up, mister prince, but Mau asks her to wait, he wants to have coffee with her. Oh, you, too, can’t you guys learn that I never go out with my amigas’ boyfriends, well ALMOST never? No, says Mau, I just want to talk about Monita. Okay, fine, says Estrella, and they’ll meet at some restaurant at 9:00.

Moni arrives, and Estrella fills her in about the mafiosos in Nieves’ house. But where’s Beto? At this point, Beto is marched out at gunpoint, and Carmelo tells him that if by tomorrow he doesn’t produce Hilario and the money, he and his Mom will pay. The thugs leave, and Moni sees that Beto was hit on the head (I guess he didn’t lose his memory this time).

Back in the coffee room of the office, Paula is letting Ricardo have a piece of her mind – he stood her up again. He lies, said he couldn’t make it because of his chauffeur job. She grabs a little plastic knife, presses it to his throat, and says if he’s unfaithful, there’s no telling what she could do. Did he see the show Mujeres Asesinas (women killers)? He assures him she’s his one and only, asks her to give him a kiss, but she responds give you a kiss, my foot! (que darte besito ni qué ocho cuartos). She throws him out of the room.

Apparently Nieves took a pill to relax her from the trauma, and is sleeping. Beto went out with his buds as if nothing is wrong, so Estrella and Moni are talking. Estrella remembers that when she called Moni’s cell, Mau answered, and they’re going to have coffee. At first, Moni’s upset, but she decides she doesn’t care, Estrella can do whatever she wants, since she’s done with Mauricio (but I think Estrella is gonna to gather info, and maybe help get them back together).

Cut to the restaurant, a quiet little place with brick arches, Mau thanks Estrella for coming, holds her chair like a gentleman, which impresses her. She tells him she knows the whole story, and when he says it wasn’t his fault, she disagrees, saying you were hassling (atosigando) her by sending that detective. You really shouldn’t meddle in the private life of her and ……and her novio? asks Mau. Right, her novio. And the novio’s been going through a lot, what with (at this point she almost mentions the real problems, but changes horses in midstream), “the plans for the wedding”! Yes, they’re going to get married. At the end of this month. Mauricio is again shocked and dismayed, and guess what else? JERRY just happens to be in this same restaurant. He doesn’t hear the conversation, but he sure does see who Mauricio’s with, and like the Good Samaritan he is, calls Connie to tell her, guess who Mauricio is dining with, can you guess?

Meanwhile, Moni’s sleeping, and Hilario creeps in (remember, his money is under her bed). He kneels down next to the bed, and in her dream state, Moni reaches out, strokes his hair, dreamily calls out “Mauricio”? Yes, I’m Mauricio, but let go of me. She wakes up, sees Hilario, and screams!

After the commercial, I guess Hilario has told the truth, as he snaps shut the little money-filled suitcase, tells Nieves, Moni and Beto he’s going to give the money back to Carmelo and crew. Nieves is worried about him, he could get hurt, but he says there’s no choice, he has to protect his family. Besides, no one could hit him harder than La Monita. Beto wants them all to take the money and flee to Las Vegas, but Hilario says Carmelo could find them anywhere in the world, so that’s out. And by the way, son, if I had shown up without a penny, would you still have greeted me so warmly? Of course, Dad, how could you even ask (hah!) They hug. Hilario also hugs Moni, whispering in her ear that one day she’ll have to tell him about that Mauricio. The last hug is for Nieves, he wants her to remember that wherever he may be (esté donde esté), he’ll always be with her. Adiós, mi familia!

Connie has shown up at Mauricio’s house, and is calling out his name in the pitch darkness. Teresa turns on the light, and Connie won’t shut up until Mau comes out. Fortunately, he’s back, and after Teresa leaves, Connie tells him to stop cuckolding him, now he was with that loose woman Estrella. He admits he was in the restaurant with her, but they were just talking about Ricardo, his chauffeur, who’s Estrella’s boyfriend. Oh, so now you’re sharing your women with your chauffeur? is Monstranza’s curt reply. What’s with you, coming into my house, the kids are sleeping, have you gone crazy? Connie apologizes, she’s just confused. Well, let’s go have a cup of tea in the kitchen and calm down. Guess who witnessed this little spat – Aldo, who is probably jealous, upon hearing that Estrella is going out with Ricardo.

Time for more violence, yay! Moni (in pink robe) is choking Estrella (second person she’s choked this episode), what were you thinking telling him I’m getting married! Estrella says it’s a good way to get rid of that guy, but Moni starts to cry. She tearfully asks who might Mau think Moni’s marrying. Well, I guess, Don Cesar (it’s hard for them to keep track of the various lies, I think they need a checklist to keep it all straight). Moni begs her to stop helping so much, it’s not helping. Moni thinks Mau will kill Cesar, but Estrella thinks not, Mau is too “cultured” for that. At this point, Paula enters, also in pajamas, can’t sleep. What’s wrong, Paula? Well, she says, Ricardo stood me up, I think there’s someone else. Moni and Estrella try not to look guilty. Paula adds, if so, I’m going to cut up Ricardo into little pieces like a chicken, and as for the lowlife girl (la pelafustana) , I’m going to slit her throat (degollar). Moni stays quiet, as Estrella (behind Paula) gulps, her hand reflexively moving in front of her neck. Uuyyy!

It’s finally morning. Ivan is studying outside, as Aldo demands to know where Ricardo is. Why? Because he’s simultaneously going out with Paula and Estrella. Getting jealous? inquires Ivan. Oh be quiet, and not only that, Mauricio is going out with Estrella, too, I heard Constanza say it, although Mauricio denied it. Ivan doesn’t believe Connie for a minute, but Aldo says he has a way to find out for sure. He goes back inside.

Outside the gym, Mauricio and Salvador have pulled up in a car. Salvador says he has enough problems, with his wife in jail, but Mau is still blaming Sal for the incompetent detective, so it’s Sal’s job to go in the gym and locate Don Cesar, see if he’s going to marry La Monita.

Well, Connie’s lingerie boutique is ready to open, as we see a mannequin wearing a lacy red bra and panties. Connie and Ximena are checking out some of the other bras, excited about the shop. Connie asks about security, and Xime says they’re arriving at noon. Xime’s trying on a bra over her clothes, Connie’s playing with a thong, as Moni arrives for her new chamba. She’s wearing another short red ruffled skirt, a tight blue and white top, rather lowcut, and a wide red belt. Where do I start, behind the counter? No, start with the bathroom, so you don’t disgust the clients. Moni’s mad, she purposely dressed up to wait on clients, but she doesn’t quit (yet), and goes off to clean the bathroom. Xime doesn’t approve, but stays quiet, just makes an “x” sign.

Okay, who knows what happened with Sal and Don Cesar, as our amateur sleuths Mauricio and Salvador, being driven by Ricardo, pull up to a woman sweeping, and Mau gets out of the car. Okay, this must be where Don Cesar lives, Mau asks where Cesar is, the lady says he went to the store, but he’ll be back soon. Mau introduces himself, and the lady says she’s Dorita, Cesar’s wife. Cesar walks up in his red suit with orange open-necked shirt. Dorita tells him to take off the sunglasses, we’re not at the beach. We can see they’re a typical married couple. She leaves the men to talk. Cesar wonders what happened to the boxing lessons. Mau changes the subject. How could you propose marriage to Monita, you coward?

Moni comes out of the bathroom with a smelly rag, stating that if they want her to clean the bathroom, she needs money to buy a mop, or should she bring one from home? No problem, says Connie, here’s some money, just remember to bring back the change. Moni goes off, tossing the rag in the air, and it just happens to land on Connie’s head! Ximena laughs as Connie freaks, but then there’s a whistle, and security is here! Xime hired Costeño (looking very natty in a loose long-sleeved black shirt with lots of silver studs, open necked, his dredlocks flowing), who kisses her hand gallantly, and Beto(!), also looking neat and clean, who saunters over to Connie, saying I told you I’d be back. The heat in the room is rising.

Connie pulls Xime aside, as the two galans beam in the background. Xime’s proud of herself, who better for security than professional fighters? Connie thinks the paint thinner short circuited Xime’s two brain cells. Oh come now girlfriend, replies Xime, you don’t have to pretend for me. I know you dig your Robi. If there’s anything I feel for Roberto, it’s disgust. Xime tells Connie to look at herself in the mirror, we have plenty of them here in the shop, and we can see that Connie (wearing one of her grecian gown type dresses) is indeed heating up, her body language giving away everything. Xime and Costeño go off in search of daiquiris, leaving Beto and Connie alone. Beto comes up behind Connie, did you miss me? She denies it, but he says she’s trembling (vibras), she can’t deny she feels something.

Mauricio is confronting Cesar. Cesar doesn’t deny things fast enough, just wants to correct the error, asks Mau to keep it down, the neighbors could hear, so “cultured” Mau (see above) punches him in the face. Cesar tells Mau to look over there, dumb Mau does, and Cesar sucker punches him in the gut. At this point Ricardo and Sal rush out to separate our macho men.

Back in the boutique, Beto is using his teeth to untie a red bow from a mannequin’s behind, he loves this lingerie. Connie playfully slaps him, reminds him that these creations are from the finest fashion houses, and she herself has designed some of the items. She adds that they shouldn’t mix things (work and their possible attraction), but he wants to work VERY CLOSELY with her, and he softly strokes her arm. But Roberto, I’m scared, she says breathlessly. He’ll get rid of her fear. But she recovers, reminds him that in this boutique, lots of people know her. Don’t worry, he assures her, one hand on her hip, the other on her shoulder, we’ll keep it secret. She shyly turns, his face now in her hair, his lips near her ears, but I have a novio, I’ve told you a thousand times. I have one, too, it’s no big deal he says, but this surprises her, and she pulls away. Are you jealous? Of course not, she says, and he pulls her close, brushes against her hair, I love the smell of your hair, your shampoo (he uses the word pelo for hair). I call it cabello (a fancier word for hair) and I wash it every day. He’s kissing her neck, he’s going crazy, she’s enjoying it, but she suddenly knows it’s going too far, you’ve got to leave, go get the other security guy. Okay, but only if you agree to go out with me, alone. She says no, she says yes. He slowly leaves, saying he’ll call her, pausing on the way out next to a mannequin, seductively sliding the mannequin’s bra strap down and off, leaving Connie in full arousal, biting her lip, stroking her throat, eyes closed. Whew!

Monday: Gabi’s in a similar state when Lorenza walks in, Mau asks Moni for forgiveness, Cesar tells Moni her lies are causing a lot of problems. What lies?, asks Beto.


Despintar mis uñitas – unpaint my nails (remove nail polish)
Hipódromo – racetrack for horses, last week we had autódromo for cars
Retoño – little one, kid
Puerta giratoria – revolving door
Aflojar – to ease off, or release tension
Que darte besito ni qué ocho cuartos – Give you a kiss, my foot! Cuartos are some ancient kind of coin. Ni qué ocho cuartos means no way, or my foot
Atosigando – hassling or pestering someone
Esté donde esté – wherever I am, be where I should be
Degollar – to slit someone’s throat, decapitate, massacre
Vibrar – to quiver with emotion


Friday, July 24, 2009

Substitute blogger needed

Due to personal problem, I will not be able to continue recapping En Nombre del Amor on Thursdays. It's a real shame, 'cause I am enjoying the show.

Is anyone available out there to take over the slot? Thanks, all.

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MEPS, Thursday, July 23, 2009, Frankie and Johnnie Were Almost Lovers, The Continuing Saga of the Case of Attempted Sex, Cap. 112

Steve gives Cam a whiskey and water. Steve interrogates Cam – so you propose to help Lovely. Yes, says Cam, that’s why I came to talk to you.

Franco is at Erika’s and Dolly tells Franco how close and inseparable Fer and Erika have been their entire lives. They were like sisters. When Fernanda went to Madrid to study, they had to send Erika, too. Agostin asks Franco if he has brothers. Franco tells him the story about how his parents died and that he went to the U.S. to study. He had no reason to return until now. Don Agostin gets to the heart of the matter. Erika has told him Franco has come to discuss something very important with them tonight.

Damian asks Fer why she is looking at him as if she doesn’t know him. He wants to make love and tells her that the champagne is for their wedding night. Fer looks unhappy. Damian looks like he’s getting drunk. He is not disposed to stop drinking. He asks her if she’s afraid. She says no, and he reaches for her glass and then reaches his hand out for her. She looks like a cockroach is about ready to crawl up her leg. He (ugh) begins to remove her clothing and caress and kiss her. The feeling is not mutual. Damian realizes that he is making love to a mannequin and gets the ugly look on his face.

Steve and Cam continue their Lovely conversation. Cam is really trying to be cooperative while Steve nails his hide to the wall. Steve wants to know why Cam is so sure that Lovely is OK – like do you know where she is? Meanwhile, Lovely, the bar girl, is talking to Martina. Lovely wants Martina to tell Steve she is returning for clothing. Martina tells Lovely that dog Obregon kidnapped Lili.

Damian asks Fer for just one little kiss. She begs him not to drink. He lunges at her and she pushes him away and his injured leg is injured again. He tells her she is his wife under the law for better or worse and that they’ll never separate. He mocks her and she gets to see what he’s really like. In true drama queen form, he plays to her sympathies with little tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Enough, Damian, she says. He wants her to get more comfortable. She shakes in her shoes and goes to the bathroom and sobs.

Damian yells to Fer to get pretty for him. I hope there is a window in the bathroom so that she has an alternate escape route.

Erika’s mom tells Franco that Don Agostin always knew that Erika would marry well. Agostin asks Franco about himself and Franco says he has an MBA and is an executive with Power Milk.

Martina and Venus/Lovely talk about Lili and Martina says she is mortified for not doing her job for the good don Franco. Venus/Lovely gushes over about how good Franco and Steve are. Martina wants the chisme (gossip) about Camilo. Venus says she’s worried and that she is obligated to finish the job. She’s one of Steve’s students, and the trap they set will obligate Camilo to marry her.

Steve yells at Cam. Steve wants to know Cam’s intentions regarding his niece. How dare Cam invite Lovely to a bar without his permission. Steve says that a true gentleman would be disposed to marry the woman. Camilo is in shock. Steve threatens to break the Power Milk deal unless Cam marries Lovely. Cam looks like he’s just barely survived round one of the Spanish Inquisition.

A drunken Damian is spilling champagne and he says for better or worse this is going to be our wedding night. Fer is still crying at herself in the bathroom mirror.

Franco says that he had a relationship with a woman, but she wasn’t his novia. It was platonic. Don Agostin wants to know what happened to her. Franco says she married a while ago and that she is happy. Could this be any more perfect for Erika?

Damian is banging at the bathroom door and demands that Fer open the door. She let him in. He hobbles in on crutches and notes that she hasn’t changed her clothes. He blocks her way to the door and wants to know what excuse she’s going to come up with now. I’d say pull the crutches out from under him. In the bedroom he starts to trip by himself and she helps him to the bed and picks up the crutches. He asks if she has a headache. She says she’s not going to make up any excuse and kneels in front of him. She wants to ask him a favor. She wants to know Barbara Greco’s secret bank account number. That question makes Damian stop in his tracks.

Bar reflects on the day she gave birth and that she passed out. She also reflects on her recent conversation with Artemio Bravo. She says girl, he says boy. She says something within me tells me that Aurora is my daughter.

Aurora is praying to the Virgin that she wanted to tell Mother Superior everything but she couldn’t and that she is a coward for not telling Santiago about the tragedy she lived. She thinks her silence will avoid bloodshed between two brothers.

Santiago is trying to reach Bar by phone and begs her to call him. She’s in the car crying. She tells herself that she has to hold her tears and swears that if her premonition about Aurora is true Artemio Bravo will be sorry.

Artemio is trying to talk to a catatonic Lili. He wants her to eat. She calls him “papa.”

Damian tells Fer that in order to find Barbara’s account number he would have to go to Lactos in New York, and that will take time. She says, “OK”.

Lili gets up and talks to Artemio as if he is her father. He says I’m not your father and tries to stop her from touching him. She smiles and touches him anyway and kisses him on the cheek even though he denies being her father. OK – I think he is clearly moved by her innocence.

Steve wants to know if Cam and Lovely can get married tomorrow. Cam says not enough time. Steve says not so – he has to own up to his bad behavior. Cam says he has to ask Lovely. What if she says no. Steve says she’ll agree. He is sure because he knows Lovely will do as he wishes and that Cam will do the same or the Elizaldes will not get a cent of Power Milk money and will have to return the $10 million that has already been transferred to them.

Lovely/Venus continues telling Martina about her “affair” with Cam. Martina is so glad Lovely/Venus is there. Lovely/Venus tells Martina not to worry because Lili will return soon.

Cam says he will talk to Lovely. Steve insists right now. Steve has been shamed by Cam’s behavior and states that Camilo must comply with his duty. As Cam leaves, Steve nearly falls over with laughter.

Damian says let’s play a game. He removes his jacket. Does he mean a game like strip poker? Then he removes his tie and then his shirt and tells Fernanda to follow. Like take off your clothes, girl. How romantic can you get. It is now time for her to run for the door. Thank God, Santiago knocks on the door and calls out for her.

Don Agostin welcomes Franco to the family with a toast all around. Dolly wants to know when they plan to marry. He says, let’s see. Erika will decide. Dolly hands Erika a calendar and asks Franco if the last Saturday of the month is OK. He agrees. Don Agostin says that’s a little too soon. Erika giggles and says, Daddy, we want to marry as soon as possible. Franco agrees and Don Agostin says OK because he can’t deny his little star anything. Erika wants Fer to be the madrina. No problem, he says. And, Steve for the padrino. That’s fine too. Erika starts making calls.

Fer tells Damian that she has to find out what Santiago wants. If her brother is looking for her, it must be important. Damian warns her for the last time that if she goes now, she goes forever. That must mean that he is going to quit loafing around the Elizalde hacienda and that he will go mooch off his mama.

Santiago tells Fer that Bar has her phone off and that he knows who carried Aurora away.

Damian goes through Fer’s purse. Fer’s phone rings. It is Erika, and he tells her she has called at the wrong time, and then he hangs up. Erika tells the family gathering that she must have interrupted something between Damian and Fer. Franco looks uncomfortable.

Bar calls to Gonzo and tells him she has something to show him. She shows him a copy of what she just received from Obregon. He is so happy that Lili is alive that he begins to cry. Damian calls Bar and orders her to see him asap. He is not interested in Lili. He tells her that Fer has run off with Santiago. If she doesn’t come, he’s going to do something really bad. He’s going to start screaming all sorts of things from the windows. Bar tells Gonzo that Damian is in pain. She also tells Gonzo that this nightmare is about to end. Gonzo thanks Bar. A comment about her off-white 80’s dress: There are lots of ruffles all around the neck and down the front and on the long sleeves. It would make a good shroud.

At Jacinto’s place, Margarita tells Gardenia that Franco is going to marry Erika. Gardenia goes into shock.

Franco and Erika talk outside the hacienda. Erika says Fernanda will be so happy when she finds out the news. He is going through the motions of agreeing with her.

Santiago and Fer are arguing when Bar comes in. Santiago says that Bar knows exactly where Aurora went. She gives them her innocent act. He reminds her of the message she gave him. Bar continues her lie about the fulano (guy – fulana is a woman of ill repute) who came for Aurora. Bar claims that just because she’s their father’s wife, she never interferes in their lives. Bar says they have to find Aurora right away because she is in danger. But, now their father needs them at his side because Obregon sent a photo of Lili.

I guess Bar has put Damian on the back burner so to speak.

Avances: Jacinto tells Gardenia about the wedding and the plans are made. Gardenia says that Eduardo will not marry that old woman.

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