Monday, June 19, 2017

QEPD Dead - Antonio Medellín at 75

Muere el primer actor
You'll remember him in his last role as the rich farmer who wanted to marry Ana Lucia in Tres Veces Ana.

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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Premios TVyNovelas 2017: Stevey's Follow-up on the Winners and Losers


Hi everybody!! 

I’m sorry that my follow-up for the big TVyNovelas awards show is so late (better late than never!, I hope!), but I did want to do a follow-up for anybody States-side who might be interested as to who was lauded as the best of their bunch this past year.  Without any further ado (and recognizing my own penchant for… uh, ‘loquaciousness’ (to put it kindly, it sounds nicer than ‘eye-strain and migraine inducing…), here we go!!

We’ll start with the biggie…
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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Appreciate your patience, everyone! After this, we can officially say so long to Tres Veces Ana. Thank you to those who voted and to those who lurked for entertainment.

Be sure to check out the real awards online!

Here are your Official TVA Telenovela Winners:
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Tres Veces Ana - # 122 - El Gran Final! Or they packed their overstuffed suitcases hastily and lived happily ever after!

Alas, all good (albeit slightly drawn out and convoluted at times) things must come to an end. Julie and I tag-teamed this one and it's below in two installments.

For my part I want to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to recap alongside such a wonderful talented team, and discuss along with such bright, insightful, imaginative and entertaining group of folks. You guys are the best. Thank you so much for making this a fabulous fantastic ride!

Part I (Julie) 

Everyone's come home from Facundo's cabin. AnaLet is missing. Ernestina is worried, but doesn't want them to keep anything from her.

Up in AnaLet's room, Leonor shows Mariano the blood-soaked dress (bosom bandage, per Jardinera) that AnaLet left behind. Just then, Mariano receives word that Claudia... "what?" Mariano asks his lawyer Samuel.

Ghoulieta receives a large envelope with a note from Inaki: "Here is the truth about the death of your son, Daniel." It's a tablet, with Inaki's confession ready to play. Ghoul and Viridiana watch, horrified, as Inaki says he killed Daniel out of spite for all that Daniel had and Inaki didn't.

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New Telenovela: Vino el Amor, Starts Tuesday, 10/25 at 9PM

Start Date and Time: Tuesday, 10/25/16 at 9PM on Univision (replacing Tres Veces Ana). Please contact Blog Mom, Jane, if you would like to recap this show:

Set in the majestic vineyards of Napa Valley, California, Vino el Amor introduces us to Mexican-Americans trying to achieve the American dream, and the success surrounding their families.
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tres Veces Ana 101:An E-Merging Marcelo, A Tough-Talking Triplet, A Mollified Mariano, A Vanquished Violentin, And An Un-Death-defying Maribel Drop’nStop

Parte 1~~

  Ana Lucia runs to Marcelo’s aid as Javier runs up and freeze-frames himself.  She shoos him to finally get an ambulance.  Santiago is the one who returns to consciousness long enough to tell Ana Lucha that only he loves her and not mountebank Marcelo.
  Iñaki bumps into Claudia and cleavage.  Claw drops her purse which spills its contents over the sidewalk.  Yaki has presence of mind enough to palm the car key and races away after supposedly helping her put the contents back in the purse, excusing himself and returning it to her.

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The TVA Novela Awards


This telenovela is going to probably sweep the actual awards shows. Let's have our own ceremony and give these actors and scenes their due credit. Vote below for your favorites and we'll tally the votes to reveal on Thursday which of them are the winners! Voting ends Wednesday night at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tres Veces Ana # 120

Discussion page and Sneaky's recap tomorrow

Sneaky's recap posted below!

Sole and Leonore talk - Upshot, since Sole is blood Leonore has totes forgiven her.

Everybody is gussied up for Llora's thing and Abue gives Leonore a sparkly necklace and earrings.
The older gals send TioM upstairs to light a fire under BadAna and  when he knocks and asks is she decent she strips down to her teddy before she trills come in  to his immense discomfort. And then she shimmies back into her little black dress as he tries not to watch, and makes him zipper up while she makes some innapropriate remarks about what a hottie he is. This performance causes him to try to explain to her that there are different kinds of love and they shouldn't  confuse them, but BadAna isn't confused one little bit. She knows who she's in love with, the man she puts above all others. Marcelo, tioM guesses. Noo she usta be into him but its totes over now, he's not the man she loves more than herself, and she winds herself ever tighter around TioM inching closer and closer to his lips, do ya wanna know who it is? it's... it's...  

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Tres Veces Ana # 119 - Twilight zone of Anas - sudden time jumps and radical opinion shifts!

Is everyone ready? Set...Go! And our star of the show deserves an extra collage today for her psychotic craziness, as well as Ms. Boyer deserves this for stellar interpretation.

Welcome to Gotham City and prepare to be silenced, lambs..... 

(Some consolidation below...) 

Ana Le manages to convince her sisters that she was very hurt by their behavior. She knows they came again only to break her heart. Llora, who already had a whip on the ready to beat herself up over such cruel treatment of Ana Le, needed no further convincing and even Ana Lu was moved. They all want to talk. Ana Le wants to start with the fact that she did not have anything to do with Marcelo’s accident – it was all Evaristo. She – Ana Le – was heartbroken when Marcelo supposedly died and Llora is a witness of that. Ana Lu does remember that Marcelo’s accident happened on the same day that he found Soledad, and Ana Le grabs onto this lifeline for her lie. With shifty eyes she repeats again how deep her love for Marcelo was and drops the bomb of the miscarriage.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tres Veces Ana #118 - Por Fin, Proof Under the Hot Tin Roof

Color Guide:
Rehash and Recall in Red
Reader Reaction in Blue
Avances in Green
Aside in Purple

Rehash: Valentin is still recounting the tale behind Gina's death. Gina's attempting to convince AnaLet that nobody knows about her relationship with her uncle. AnaLet throws the bottles at Gina expecting her to swallow each pill.

Ramiro interrupts this scheduled flashback to bring us his unasked opinion. He thinks eureka, it was AnaLet! Tin has attained omnipatience, and calmly answers that no, he had intervened. And at this, we see the tranformer disassemble from his wheels, into a two-legged mop.

Do you wanna hear a bedtime story?

We're sucked into a flashion-back and zoom unto some legs. AnaLet and Gina are both wearing suede heels with an ankle strap. Our next model down the runway is wearing kicks, and apparently he brought boinks as an accessory, because down our first model goes. He gives our second model an over-the-shoulder look, in only the way someone of Charlize Theron's caliber could.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Tres Veces Ana, #117, Monday Oct 17, 2016: Three's a Crowd

Ramiro wakes up and is surprised to see Valentin and Facundo. He's even more surprised to realize that he can't feel his legs. Valentin laughs and says bwahahaha, before you marry Ana Laura you ought to see for yourself what it is to be "differently-abled."

AnaLu and Ana Laura are chatting intensely when AnaLet barges in, strikes a pose, and demands, "why are you suddenly all quiet? Am I interrupting something?" Ana Laura solemnly lets Leticia know that yes, she is interrupting. AnaLet asks what they were talking about. AnaLu smiles and says, "about you." Leticia continues to stand there like a department store mannequin.

Mariano asks Marcelo to leave, but Marcelo doesn't want to leave without AnaLu. He warns that AnaLet could have an attack of hysteria at any moment, and since he's signed the divorce papers, she's no longer Marcelo's problem. AnaLu's love is all he wants in the world, and he won't give her up.

Valentin gloats some more about Ramiro's paralysis, "your legs have become a burden," and says he and Ramiro will now be on equal footing (no he didn't say it that way) in their fight for Ana Laura's affection, though I don't think it's really a fair competition unless Ramiro drinks a fifth of tequila too.
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tres Veces Ana 116: Facundo Hires Dr. Demento and Two Halves Are Whole

Working on the recap - Edit.

Pate 1~~

[--This, Halloween and Rocky Horror Picture Show fans, was right up your alley.  It was definitely one to say “Get your freak show on.”—edit.] 

Refridito: Alone in her jail cell, a pensive Soledad misses and mourns her wrecked relationship with Ana Lucia and recognizes, finally, how selfish she was to have kept the girl as her own all these years; Ana Lucia, meanwhile is having another nightmare, but this time she dreams of the accident and awakes to the realization Ana Leticia didn’t try to help keep her from floating away in the river.  (Now, let’s see if it sticks in her craw or not like it does Viewerville.)

El Nuevo:
Ana Lucia hears Javier sobbing in the sheets and learns he’s crying over having seen his mother in Iñaki’s apartment a few weeks earlier and wasn’t even aware of it.  She abandoned them when they were tiny boys and he’s missed her and is angry at her but needs her in his life still.  They ask each other if either of them will ever forgive the mother figures in their lives.

The next morning Marcelo watches in amazement as Ana Lucia dangles in the fabric ropes.

Speaking of spellbinding, Mariano and Viewerville listen, enchanted by the piano music supposedly coming from Ana Laura’s adroit digitery along the ivories.  He heads outside and finds Valentin waiting for “his BFF,” Ana Llora, Queen of the quivering upper lip.  They argue and Mo tells him to roll his sorry assets down the lane and never darken his niece’s door again!  A Llora comes out and objects to her only friend in the world’s rough and unfair treatment.  Mo tries warning her that Violentin has ulterior motives—“--he is not who he appears to be”-- but TinTin moves in for a kill shot.   “—And you, puritanical Uncle Mariano. Are you who you appear to be?”

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Discussion: Crimes of Fashion, 6th Edition

Good day to all my readers!  Since it's fairly obvious that someone's going down in flames soon -- and it's long overdue -- we will need to say adios to her Best Ramerawear of 2016.  I doubt that her sisters will keep her wardrobe for her as she will not need it wherever she is going.  Here is hoping that her potential successors learn the error of their ways before too much longer.  We'll start with them:

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tres Veces Ana # 115

Discussion page until Sneaky has a recap for us!

Sneaky's recap posted below 

Boo! Boys and ghouls, ladies and germs, its October! (ok it was October last week too, but it feels more Octobery this week) and our telenovela is getting downright spooky. Inaki has come back from the dead, and have you seen AnaLeticia's makeup lately, ooooh!Even Llora is getting into the spirit, disguising herself as a lion instead of a mouse,(though she's still crying)

Lets get into it!

Abue gives BadAna a stern talking to re Leonore
TioM tells the fam Llora is moving in w/him (guess who's especially upset about that)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tres Veces Ana # 114 - And the bombshells just keep on coming!

Though we ended last on a potential Inaki resurrection scene, we start with our star crossed lovers this time. Ana Lu asks Marcelo why he decided to remove tattoo. He has a good response – though he would love to tell her it was done to conquer her, he actually removed this tattoo for himself. He then drops the bomb of Inaki being Ana Le’s lover.

And we are back to our: is Inaki or isn’t he alive storyline, and it looks like he has at least two lives indeed! Inaki is alive and kicking. Ana Le wants to know how he entered, with the police there. Well, our bloodied up, drenched in rain, recently shot, small-time-swindler-turned-killer, has a bit of news for her: Marcelo is not the only real man around here. She should have seen him climbing through the window in this rain with this gaping wound! Ana Le is duly impressed, but Inaki hasn’t finished his prepared speech yet. He was only afraid of losing her, even though she left him there all alone. She could have come back, but she didn’t. The fact that Facundo had a gun is a sorry excuse in his book of eternal love. The wounded lion then grabs her a little too feverishly and pulls her into a kiss, with the amount of energy that is casting some doubt on the tearful story of a hurt man making his way from the forest to the city, up the wall and through the window.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tres Veces Ana #113 - A Wicked Storm This Way Comes

Color Guide:
Recall in Red
Reader Reaction in Blue
Rhetoric (espanol) in Green
Preview in Purple

Ana Lucia is telling Remedios about her family trip, and plans to leave the hostel. Remedios uses her stew as a bargaining chip for her to visit. She then drops a bomb on Rem that Solebad's been in jail, and she's asked her uncle for her release (le exigí a mi tío que la saque de la cárcel)

A devil-may-care in a devil daycare
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Monday, October 10, 2016

Tres Veces Ana, #112, Monday Oct 10, 2016: Triple Play

That's "Triple Play" if you're counting slappers, and "Double Play" if you're counting gunshots.

Mariano tries to get AnaLu to change her mind about avoiding the family. If she won't stay at the mansion, she could at least come to his house so he can make up for lost time with her. She won't do it. She doesn't know where she'll go - maybe San Nicolas for a while. He wants her to travel the world. She'll think about it. No, she agrees - as long as Soledad can get out of jail. Mariano doesn't want to let a criminal get away with her crimes. AnaLu says although it's not easy to forgive her, she can't hate Soledad and won't let Mariano speak that way of the woman who gave her such a good and happy life. And if Mariano won't do it, AnaLu will still have the help of Viridiana!

At the jail, Valeria's getting out tomorrow, she tells Soledad. Soledad is happy for her. Val says she won't forget her, and will talk to the family on her behalf. Soledad says nah, I'll just rot here in jail. I've lost my freedom forever, but I'll always have my memories of AnaLu's childhood.

Leonor tells Ernestina of Ana Laura's temper tantrum. She didn't go off with a driver - she took one of the cars. This is alarming, because she's never driven, but Leo says Laura reminded her that Uncle Mariano taught her to drive and she's not as useless as everyone thinks!
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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Tres Veces Ana #105: Marcelo Turns Marshmallow; Ana Laura Remains A Maddeningly Maniulpulated Mark

At the restaurant, meanwhile, the two cons keep conning the consternating concerned.  Ana Laura’s credulity is mind numbing as she once again takes Valentin’s word over Ramiro’s and takes her sister’s lude, crude street-urchin (or more like ‘New Jersey Whore’) act as the missing Ana Lucia for gospel.  This Ana Lucia is a nasty, greedy, money-grubbing, bitter slut and 180◦  out of sync with the real Ana Lucia.  She proceeds in telling Ana-makes-me-weary-like-she-should-be-more-leery-Lora the truth but with a nasty, sleazy twist.  A Lora wants to help her sister become a better person, to see the error of her ways now, to take the moral high ground now that she knows she’s their sister.  (Get a damned puppy!)

This A Lucia resents she got cheated out of growing up on the right side of the tracks.  Doesn’t matter to her whether SantiMarco was married or not.  She was happy to be his lover and even suggested it!  She could give a rat’s rump what any of them, especially, Ana Leticia thinks about it, too!  “—Why should I always come out the loser in all of this, anyway?????”

At the same time, Soledad has a visit from Viridiana.  She has faith in Sole that despite doing such an unforgivable thing, she’s not a bad person deep down.  She’s still on her side (especially if it means being on the opposite side of Mariano).

Julieta visit’s Vi’s dress shop and is rude to Ceci while waiting for her friend to give her a hand out and a place to stay.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Tres Veces Ana # 110

Discussion page until Sneaky's recap

Sneaky's recap posted below:

Ramiro’s dad kills himself. Again. And Ramiro cries. A lot. He also says stuff, but he was crying and I was bored sooo, yeah, I think he said something about not being loved, but who knows.

Sue and Analu convo – upshot; now they both understand all the weird things and they should forgive Sole and work together to help get her out of jail.  (sidenote: this whole nobody really loves me thing Analu is doing really grates and seems a little self pitying and self indulgent of her)

Inaki calls BadAna and tries to get a few precious minutes of her time to tell her about Orlando’s blackmail but she’s too busy getting her nails done and shopping so he’ll have to wait till she has time for him, byee.
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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Tres Veces Ana # 109

Discussion page for all of you, patio pals, while our very own Ms. Cynthia Hampton (who has very graciously offered to recap for us this episode while I am out of town) prepares a recap! Thanks, Cynthia!

Cynthia's fantastic and entertaining recap posted below:

We open with the scene from yesterday where Viri and Mariano are together and she is telling him that she is not the woman for him and this was a mistake. As she leaves his home, she stops in the doorway, Viri tells herself she should never have let herself fall in love. Meanwhile Mariano says to himself he will never forgive her for this.

Javi is at Inaki’s place showing him the video that Oily gave him that shows that Inaki and Ana Le are getting rid of a body. Javi says, “What did you do? How could you just kill someone and then throw them out like trash?” Inaki says it’s not really like that. It was really self-defense, he was just protecting Ana Le, who is the niece of his boss and he hit this man a little too hard on the counter. He didn’t really mean to kill him. Javi wants to know why he didn’t call the police. Inaki explains that he didn’t think the police would believe him. Javi tells Inaki that Oily now wants a LOT OF MONEY to keep this quiet. Boy Inaki is way over his head this time. What the heck is he going to do to get out of this one?
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