Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Juan Q 7/31

Juan tries to pry and find out what exactly were the problems between Paula and CL. Paula dances around the subject. Juan asks if CL accepted the resignation. Paula explains that she has not spoken with him. Juan doesn’t think that CL will accept it. Paula says that she will not take back her resignation. Juan thinks to himself about what he will he do if Paula is gone. He’s at a loss.

The Farrell’s have another one of their little spats. Monica’s standing in front of her mirror, removing her make-up and thinking about all the bad in her life. CL wants to talk, but Monica wants to go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another day. CL doesn’t like this plan.

Paula thinks that she and Juan should go for a walk after dinner. Juan happily agrees. He politely helps her with her coat and purse.

Mareli stares out of her window waiting for Juan. A car comes up the drive, but she realizes it’s not him. She checks the clock on her nightstand and peers back out of the window. She changes her mind and goes to bed.

Paula and Juan enjoy the evening. Apparently, Paula now knows that Juan knew her father. Juan explains that he was the last person with Samuel before he died. Paula asks if Samuel explained why he committed suicide. Juan replies that he doesn’t remember much from that night. All he remembers is that Samuel asked Juan to take care of Paula. Paula can’t believe this. Juan explains how worried Samuel was for Paula. Paula comments that it was quite a coincidence that she and Juan met. Juan thinks for a moment and then says that it was destiny. Paula wants to know what else Samuel said. Juan smoothly replies that after the shot Samuel didn’t say anything else. Juan thinks that his relationship with Paula is progressing quickly, just like in a telenovela and not in real life.

Ana prays for protection for her daughter and for her return to Ana’s home.

Juan drops Paula off at the hotel. She thanks him for the very special night. She leans in and kisses his cheek. He watches her leave and thinks about that glorious kiss. It was one of the best moments of his life. Juan dances to his own beat, right around his car.

Monica Farrell lays next to her husband, weeping.

Juan arrives home and he’s still dancing. Mareli watches him out of the window. I guess she didn’t go to bed after all. She looks sad.

Juan comes down to breakfast. Mareli comments on his late arrival the night before. She asks about Juan’s thing the night before. He’s obviously pleased and Mareli has noticed how happy he is this morning. Juan tells Mareli that it was the best night in his life. This obviously disturbs her. Juan thought bubbles to himself that Mareli had her chance and lost it, but it still bothers him to make her sad. Mareli perks up and asks if they’re going to the office. Juan says that they can’t, because he has to go get Paula. Mareli’s perk up suddenly ends.

Monica and CL are still at it. She thinks that they should respect each other’s space. CL thinks the pregnancy is making her sensitive. She thinks that it’s CL’s attitude making her sensitive. Monica says she doesn’t want to meddle with CL’s life. She wants to stay home, alone, in her house and then later fix things with her former job. They decide that they both said some things that they regret and call a truce until that night.

Nidia comes to the breakfast nook and tells Mareli that she’s disappointed Mareli rejected their deal. Nidia tells Mareli that Paula came to the house. Mareli doesn’t think this could have been any worse than what Nidia would have done to Ana. Nidia thinks that Mareli is becoming less and less a part of the family. Mareli reminds Nidia that Paula is not only Mareli’s boss but also her sister. Mareli says to her “father” that all of this is the result of not having only one woman in his life.

Ana allows Juan to come into the home. He thinks to himself that he must take care of the mother of the woman that he loves. Juan hands Ana some baked goods. She asks about Paula. Juan replies that Paula’s fine; Ana doesn’t believe him.

Nidia works out for her upcoming nuptials. Yadira enters just Nidia injures her leg. Yadira wants to talk about Nidia’s marriage to Alirio. Yadira wants the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nidia pumps some more iron and looks caught.

Nidia scolds Yadira for coming to her like this. Yadira thinks something strange is going on. Nidia asks if Yadira is pregnant. Nidia plays dumb, but Yadira offers to refresh Nidia’s memory. Nidia prefers a drink because working out is making her very thirsty. Yadira gives a summary of her perspective. Nidia said the wedding would be in a few months and all of a sudden Alirio’s saying that it will be in a week. Nidia agrees that it was like that. Yadira also comments about Nidia halting her plan with the Davila house. Yadira says that she’s very beautiful but she’s zero stupid. (Love that line.) Nidia begs off saying it’s a long story, but she agrees to tell the story. Nidia comes clean and explains that Samuel left everything to the Davila’s. Yadira passes out.

Juan picks up Paula, and she’s not in a light mood like the night before. She doesn’t even give him a kiss hello!

Nidia explains the rest of the plan to Yadira. She tells Yadira that the will clearly left everything to the Davila’s but Alirio made it look as though it should go to the Cachon women. Yadira wants to know how Alirio did this, but Nidia doesn’t exactly know. Nidia explains that her present to Alirio for all of this was a marriage. Yadira notes that this agreement between Nidia and Alirio doesn’t include the Cachon daughters. Nidia says that the daughters will be taken care of. They switch gears and talk about Paula. Nidia knows that Paula suspects that something is up. Nidia didn’t want Paula to dig any further, so she gave up the idea of taking the house. Yadira nervously notes that they’re in Alirio’s hands. Yadira asks if there’s anything else and why Nidia didn’t tell Yadira in the first place. Nidia didn’t want to worry her children. Yadira can’t believe that Nidia would sell herself like that. Nidia sees it more like a sacrifice.

CL and Pastor pow-wow about women problems. CL’s still crazy about Paula, but he still cares about Monica. He’s crazy about they both. Pastor thinks there’s another problem. He reminds CL that Monica is a partner in the business. Pastor thinks that CL should be sincere with Monica. CL thinks one can never tell women the truth…ever. CL reviews his options. Pastor wants CL to say exactly how he feels for Paula.

Juan wonders to himself about what’s going on with Paula. She’s very cold with him. He decides to ask if something is wrong, but she won’t tell him. She tells him that she’s thinking about the difficult day ahead of her. He begs her not to quit because what would happen to him. She thinks that he can go far in the world, but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without her. Juan thought bubbles to himself that he should have let her go; it would have been better and he would have suffered much less. Interesting!

Pastor continues saying that CL needs to clarify his feelings for Paula. CL says that he needs time to clear his head. CL decides to maintain the tense relationship with Monica and try to win Paula. He hopes that Paula appears soon.

Juan helps Paula out of the car and says that he’ll wait for her in the garage. He walks over to Fernando. They talk about Fernando and Yadira. Fernando’s decided to just disappear from Yadira’s life. Fernando thinks it’s Juan’s fault that Fernando is in this situation.

Enrique waits upstairs for someone. He admires one of the less well dressed assistants. Paula enters the lobby and Yvonne immediately calls CL. Kike cuts CL off before he can make it to Paula’s office. CL can’t remember Kike’s name. He tells Kike to go get a coffee. CL asks Yvonne to call to the garage where Fernando and Juan continue to argue about Fernando telling Yadira the truth. Juan speaks with CL who warns Juan that Kike is in the building and about to find out the truth about Juan and his position. Juan says he will take care of it. CL also asks Juan to come up to CL’s office later to discuss an important topic. Juan agrees. Fernando wants to know what’s going on, but Juan immediately leaves the garage.

CL charges into Paula’s desk. He disgustedly throws her resignation on the desk and asks what it is. She explains that it’s her resignation. He knows that, but he wants to know why. She says that the letter perfectly explained that she has personal problems. CL says that he deserves a better explanation. Paula says that she made a mistake and confused things and is now disposed to fix her mistake. CL accuses her of running away. He begs her not to leave. He asks if this has to do with Paula seeing CL with Monica. Obviously, he hit a nerve. He sits and says that he will not remain quiet. Paula will listen to him.

Juan comes upstairs and is practically assaulted by Kike. Juan scolds Kike for coming to the office another day. Juan says that he’s very busy and that Kike should make an appointment like everyone else. Kike wants to know what type of car should be used for chauffeuring. Juan goes into a spiel about him closing some multi-million dollar deal today. Kike doesn’t care; he wants to know what type of car to purchase. Pastor comes into the lobby and asks for Juan. Juan uses this opportunity to point out his importance to the business. For once, Juan rushes toward Pastor.

CL explains that he and Monica have a very civil relationship. They’re on friendly terms and will not end the marriage fighting and hating each other. Paula thinks that CL should save his marriage. CL replies that the decision has already been made. He cares about Monica and she’s a partner in the business. They need to legally settle everything before splitting. Paula’s falling for it. CL says that he wants to give her a surprise. CL promises that he made a promise to Paula and he will fulfill it, but he needs some time. He asks her to tear up the letter and start to believe in him. Like a true player, he leaves her there watching him leave.

Yvonne stops CL on the way across the lobby. She asks how it went. CL warns that he won’t allow Yvonne to be disrespectful to Paula. Yvonne asks if this means Paula is staying. Instead of answering, CL asks for Juan. Yvonne responds that Juan is in Pastor’s office. CL tells Yvonne to tell Juan that CL needs him.

Monica tends to things around the Farrell home. Consuelo wants to know what’s wrong. Consuelo thinks there may be marital problems. Monica agrees that the pregnancy did not go over as hoped. Monica asks Consuelo if she suspects CL has another woman.

Pastor once again lectures Juan about his lies and abuses. Juan strongly denies this. Pastor more strongly calls Juan a liar and a cheat. (“Fulero”) Juan replies that he doesn’t have one curl (rizo) of fulero. Juan wants to know what inspired Pastor to accuse Juan of this. Pastor says that it’s Juan’s abuses. Pastor informs Juan that he gave a false home address. Juan tries to justify this, but Pastor says that this lie resulted in Pastor being robbed of his car. Pastor says that he called the house to ask for Juan and was told that Juan had a commitment. Pastor demands to know where and with whom.


7/30 Juan Querendon: The one where Perafan means business and Juan and Paula dine

Cesar Luis is visiting Paula's mother inquiring where P is. She tells him that Paula no longer lives there. He wants to know why she moved out, she tells him that they had an argument and she left. He asks what they were arguing about. She tells him that it is personal, but ends up telling him anyway. She tells him that they were arguing about him. She tells him she is aware of his relationship with her daughter and does not want Paula to live the same life that she did. He tells her "lighten up, times have changed, I love Paula, etc., etc." She says she merely wants to open both their eyes that what they are doing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yadira enters the house to find Aliro in his underwear. He is humiliated and assures her that it is not what it looks like. She pokes some fun at his hot boxers.

CL says love is important, blah, blah, blah. He reiterates that his intentions are good and he loves Paula. He says that he does not want her and Paula to have problems because of him. She tells CL that if he truly loves Paula, to show her with actions.

Juan and Alirio are talking in the study. Juan is berating and telling him that its his duty to take care of the ladies in the house. Juan says how could a man so proper lower himself to act so foolish. Alirio says he was trying to profess his love and whatnot.

Back at Ana's, CL is still there trying to get her on board with their adultery and give her blessing. She reminds him that he is married, he says that he is getting separated. While he is talking, CL gets a call from his wifey. He gets irritated with all her questions.

Juan is giving Alirio some advice. Juan, of course, is doing that whole puppet master thing with Alirio so he can get Nidia off his back. He tells Alirio that Nidia does want to get married and they really need to set a date. In essence, he is making Alirio push harder.

CL wants Ana to understand where he is coming from. She says she really doesn't want to talk about it with him. He says he will talk to Paula.

Ana gets her address book and dials the number to CL's house, but doesn't follow through.

Yadira is berating Nidia about the Perafan incident. Yadira says it was his fault, she had nothing to do with that. She says she has been frightened, humiliated, her reputation has been besmerched, blah, blah. She continues on saying that they are not married and how wrong that must look. Alirio enters the bedroom again, without knocking. Nidia is all like, "oh you again. get out." He tells her that this time he is there with Juan's blessing. She looks suprised. He says he wants to talk to her alone and asks Yadira to leave. She leaves. She tells him he has behaved like a pig and wants him out of her room. He says that he is not leaving until she hears him out.

Next we are treated to a delicious scene in which Juan is getting ready. It shows him going through the motions of laying out his clothes, shining his buckle and applying his cologne. It is amusing and he is so charming... Yes, I think I love me some Juan. But, I digress. This was a really cute scene.

Alirio is telling Nidia all that he has done for her and is going through the list. He tells her that he will cancel the check if she does not agree to play nice and will tell the Davila ladies that they are the true beneficiaries. Nidia is muy impactada.

Juan comes down the stairs. Yadira compliments him on his appearance, asks where he is going. A dull exchange that is not germane to the plot. He has another exchange with Marely.

Nidia acts indignant, does her signature breast hoisting. He says he is finished playing her games. She promised him something that she had no intention of following through on. He has given her an ultimatum.

Paula is in front of the mirror looking forlorn with a token tear falling down her cheek.

Nidia is trying to buy some time and stalling, saying she need time to plan. (flowers, invites, etc.) Alirio says nu-uh... only important thing is the couple. She wants one month so she can diet. He says one week and no dieta... He exits. She weeps.

CL is questioning Pastor about where Paula could be and who was the last person to see her. He says Juan... He demands Pastor get Juan on the phone so he can find where Paula is staying. Pastor calls casa Cachon. Yadira tells him that Juan is not there and that he had some kind of appointment. They called it a "compromiso", I guess that is the same... She wonders aloud what kind of compromiso Juan had and says that he smelled good. She taunts Marely and asks her if she is interested...

CL is frustrated and has a drink. He is rambling about women and how men have to wait on them, etc, etc. *yawn*

Juan arrives at Paula's. She chit chat about where they are going to dine. They agree on French food and Paula gets to sit in the front seat this time.

Nidia tells her daughters that she will marry Perafan next week. The girls are muy impactadas.

Yadira asks what is the hurry on the nuptuals. Nidia says he is the last train. Marely says there are other fellas in the world, why him? Nidia says he is the only one to propose matrimony. They ask her if she is sure about what she is doing. She tells them that Alirio will be moving in. They are not happy about that.

Juan and Paula arrive at the French restaurant. He goes in first talks to the guy and they have a conversation that I do not understand.

CL is back at his casa having a drink. His wife comes in and demands to what is wrong. He asks her what prompted that question. She says that he is moody and has been acting strange and that it couldn't be about the pregnancy. He says that is why. She doesn't buy it. She asks again, what is going on??

Juan and Paula are in the car. He tells her that he does not have enough money to take her out for the fancy francais meal. He tells her that he didn't want to take her to a tres pesos dinner. She says that she is not a snob and came from a lower eschelon herself and has had many tres pesos dinner. They agree to dine whereever.

CL denies that anything is wrong and there is nothing happening. She tells him that their marriage is in crisis.

Juan and Paula are driving around looking for their restaurant. Their hands touch on the arm rest in the car.

CL and his wife are continuing their argument. Monica is tellling him that she knows what he does when he is out of the house and traveling. She says he is not the came Cesar that she fell in love with.

Paula and Juan are at the restaurant. They have some boring chit chat...Topics covered: Cesar Luis, the food, weapons of mass destruction. (okay, they didn't talk about the wmd)

Yadira and Marely are talking. Yadira tells Marely that she knows she has a thing for Juan. Marely asks Yadira what does she care. Marely gets mad. Yadira is poking at Marely for looking out the window, waiting for Juan.

Juan and Paula are talking about work. Paula tells Juan that she is going to resign. He gets a hang dog look. :(


Your blog mom leaves for 2 weeks in Bulgaria (with a stop in Istanbul)

Well, my friends, I will be near no computer for two weeks. I have generous bloggers stepping in to cover my next three Destilando Wednesdays, and somebody checking to see that our posts get posted in the sidebar. However, with a lot of our bloggers going on vacation, things are going to get sketchy, so -

If you suspect a recap is probably posted, but it's not showing in the sidebar list, just go to the main site, http://caraycaray.blogspot.com, and scroll down the page until you find it! That's not so hard, is it???

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Acorralada #137 Monday 7/30/07 Fedora has a change of heart

In Monday's episode, we begin with Alejandro inviting Diana to dinner, and getting her usual glassy eyed response. Next we see them at a restaurant and she's wearing a red satin blouse that's an exact replica of one I wore back in 1991. What's with the ladies in red satin on this novela? The 3 viudas, aranas, whatever they're calling themselves, have arrived at the same restaurant! This should be interesting...

Next we see Roddy telling Mocosa that Fedora did not handle the news well. She knew that he would pick his new wife over her!

Back to the restaurant, where Marfil and Camila think it will be funny to follow Diana into the bathroom and give her the beating she deserves. Fiona will stay behind and distract Alejandro.

Roddy tells Fedora that he doesn't want to lose her, she's everything to him, and he's going to send Mocosa back to LA by herself. He'll get her an apartment there and finance her education. Fedora doesn't think that's right - Mocosa's lost her mother and needs Roddy. She tells him that she's not upset that he has a daughter, she's upset that he wasn't honest with her. Does she ever get tired of playing the victim?

Apparently Mocosa isn't too broken up about her new step-mommy rejecting her, because she's laying on the bed giggling about her kiss with Larry. Kike enters the room and tells her that he has the magic formula to make her forget Larry's kiss! These two are perfect for each other.

Now for the good stuff - Marfil and Camila follow Diana into the bathroom and Camila pins Di's arms behind her back while Marfil repeatedly slaps her across the face. All that Di can do is cry for help, she doesn't even appear to be struggling. Marfil slaps her 6 or 8 times when finally Di has had enough. She suddenly breaks lose from Camila and pushes Marfil against the wall, then punches Camila in the head. Both ladies are out cold. Diana proceeds to powder her nose now that that nasty job is done. Fiona has been keeping Alejandro company all this time, but she makes herself scarce before Diana returns to the table.

Gaby is looking all over for Kike, who's showering with Sharon. Why does she care where he is? You'd think that she'd be happy to have him out of her hair! She knocks on Sharon's door, but there's no response.

Iggy tells Diego that he's worried that if he doesnt' come up with 10,000, Alejandro will take his apartment.

Marfil and Camila wake up in the bathroom and realize that their dresses are gone! They're both left in perfectly matching bra and panty sets! What will they do!? They'll hold their heads high and walk right out, that's what they'll do. They return to their table in this state of undress, much to the surprise of Alejandro, who's doing something strange with his mouth - smiling? Trying to remember a line? Diana is standing next to him looking quite pleased with herself. Camila and Marfil fetch their handbags and the three make a quick exit.

Gaby enters Sharon's room and calls out to her to see if she's showering. Apparently she couldn't figure that out from the sound of running water coming from the general direction of the bathroom. Sharon is not pleased to have been interrupted, but loves the chance to tell Gaby about her kiss with Larry. Gaby is impactada and goes back to her room to cry.

Larry, meanwhile, is sitting around thinking about Gaby when Yolanda enters the room. She tells him that she hears from Rene less and less. He's still in Germany, and she's sure that he'll fall in love with someone his age. Love is over for her, but she's not bitter.

Alejandro takes Diana home and is just about to kiss her (even though she's giving him her typical weak arguments against it) when Silvia enters the room, causing Alejandro to make his exit without kissing her. He goes home and tells Pedro that Diana was about to kiss Alejandro, so she must have never loved Max. Even Pedro sees what a ridulous statment this is.

Sharon is all set to return to LA, and she's not happy about it. Just as she's about to leave, Fedora enters the room and asks her to stay. She and Mocosa enter the library where they can talk privately, where Mocosa tells her that she'll never accept her as her father's wife!

Marfil is continuing with her campaign to get Alejandro to hate Diana. She goes to visit him, but the scene is too boring to recap.

A detective visits Diana at the hospital and wants to know if she has any enemies, but she can't think of anyone who would be capable of this... well, there is one guy - Ignacio Montiel - who may have done it. Apparently the astute detective doesn't notice Diego hovering in the background and listening to their conversation.
Next we see Dr. Evil being arrested.

Marfil is in Diego's bed trying to use her cell phone, but she's not getting service. She goes looking for Diego's phone in his nightstand and instead finds a black ski mask and remembers that he told her that Diana was attacked by a masked man! Credits roll.


Destilando Amor7/30/07 "Rod and Gavi go for Triples, yet can't get to first base"

*****First off…I messed up the DVR & did not get the recording so…alas always a constant source of disappointment... I am referring to myself not the DVR, well if I am anything it is consistent, Second off, for those more sensitive readers there may be comments regarding certain characters which you may find offensive... please believe me that these are in no way directed at personally at you, in fact I don’t know you soooo if you feel offended just consider it a random shot in the dark, everyone get lucky sometime... therefore proceed with caution.****

We rehash the cringe worthy business encounter of Gavi & Avellaneda… What’s that noise in the background? Eek EeeeK Eek Eeeek why I know, it is the sound of a rusty pump being primed…Go Gavi get that info.

Now we see Aaron talking on the cell phone; he is in the room at the Mexico City "Ramada Inn of Clandestine Lovers", Stepford Pammy is running around getting things ready to return to Miami. Once there she can immerse herself once again and all the bad humans will leave her and the future King Neptune alone. Aaron tells Bruno that Rod is coming back to the company and Aaron is on his way to handle things in Miami, Aaron sends Pammy out with the bellboy and he then asks to speak to Patricio, who is in Bruno’s hospital room along with Dani. Aaron tells Pat to keep an eye on Minnie, he is trusting Pat to give him updates on her activities.

Over in Dry Gulch Acres, our young bride Acacia is busy whipping up some comida for her new hubby. James creeps up behind her and grabs her... I know this probably seems like playful banter, but not so much to young Acacia coming off years of physical and sexual abuse. Acacia seriously freaks, she is terrified and James tries to comfort her by giving her a new cell phone. Acacia doesn’t want it; she stares at it.

*Seriously this is like some National Geographic Documentary, where the isolated Stone Age tribe is given an ipod. James says she needs this so she can get a hold of him anytime. This is all being done in anticipation of the day Meliton returns from his worldly travels. This would be a perfect time for a Verizon, can you hear me in Hell? commercial. Acacia says she doesn’t think Meliton will be back. Hmmmm breakfast is served. James looks perplexed, but then James always does.

Gavi & Susan, the lady from her new job, are going to lunch. Gavi spots Rod in full stalker mood. She tries to get Susan to step it up, but Rod asks Susan to pardon them and says he must speak with Gavi. He tells her she must listen to him. Somehow with much pushing and shoving they end up on a large stand like setting. Now I am very vague here as I was going to rewatch this & figure it out, alas I even disappoint myself. Anyway the bantering begins people are watching, a crowd is forming, why it seems like our two star-crossed lovers are putting on a performance... Rod tells his part the angst the three years, whewwww the crowd sways in Rod’s favor... but no Gavi counters, she laments her part of the tale... now the women nod… Gavi and Rod bow… The crowd goes wild…

I know this is very vague, and feel free to add the actual dialogue, but I think it is just more of the re hashed ten minutes of bliss three years of hell repeated ad nauseum

*****This is just a side note, but at this point Rod has full blown poofy hair, like really poofy.****

Now over to the Tequila Cantina where the shrek bartender and Crispin are talking. Crispin says Meliton will soon spend all the dinero he made from the sale of his truck, so he should be back soon & the agave is gonna hit the fan. (Hey that must be the money Acacia found squirreled away)... this talk reminds the bartender of the dance he and SannaWanna shared after the wedding. He seems to be enamored with SanWannna, just wait until he has a conversation with her and that will fade. Crispin says the way to a woman is to ply her with gifts, flowers, chocolates, and perfume. Bartender guy is gonna get her some chocolates.

This is a lead in to a scene at the hacienda of SannaWanna sitting there reading a TeleNovela magazine and here comes Ofelia, she chastes SW and SW is all right back up in her face. SW is this close to telling Ofelia that Hil had a thing for the Patroness when Roman shuts her up and sends her on her way. Roman tells Ofelia to let it go and not to make trouble.

Back to DF, the departmento, Isa is lounging around in a what else? A goldish taupe dress, all shimmery & showing off her perfect white blonde hair and tanned skin. The phone rings and it is her sister-in-law Sofie. Isa converses with her normal flat voice and emotionless face. Sometimes I just swear she is an Austin Powers Fem-bot, yes a creation of that genius, and my favorite "Dr Evil".

Sofie tells Isa she is looking for Rod. Sofie has just the bestest evah news… She and Frankie are getting married, and moving to Japan where he has employment opportunities. Isa is thought bubbling the "Que the Hell? A job? In Japan? Not my ManWhore". Well, I guess Isa isn’t a fem-bot cause that phone would have been crushed to a fine baby powder consistency at that point. Isa congratulates her through gritted but perfect teeth. After hanging up she calls Montalvo, Rod is not in the office and this sends Isa into a tailspin of speculation.

Somewhere Hilario is standing on the street of a city, a nice car pulls up and a business guy gets out. Hil is all patronizing (just like at the ranch), the man walks away and Hil starts washing the car. That is how cars get washed in Mexico. I really think Hil should work on his job skills and did he not get paid at the ranch? I would think he should have had a little dinero saved up.

****Make-up must have noticed Rod’s poofy hair and someone gelled it down****

Rod and Gavi are at an outdoor restaurant, they start off in a mano y mano pissing contest of ordering double Tequilas. I know that is what I usually do on my second day at a new job, especially after I couldn’t find a real one and well I wanted to make a really good impression.

****I know we have all been down on Rod for being, well an AssHat, but Gavi for the love of Gawd, what the hell is she thinking? I mean I can kinda see Rod thinking well if she gets drunk enough hey maybe we can play island, I mean he owns the frickin company he doesn’t have to go back to work***

Rod tells Gavi how her true identity was discovered, the singing of "Gaviota" at the top of her lungs, flashback… Gavi counters why wasn’t she busted right then? Rod explains that Minnie wouldn’t let Isa and how they investigated Gavi and came up with all the falsifications. Rod then tells her that he was told by Aaron that Gavi sold Rod out for Five Million Pesos…. Gavi good and true is appalled.

Gavi tells Rod what Aaron told her, that Rod was just having a little fun with her and it was nothing serious. You can see both of them are stricken that the other would believe such lies... like hey, its okay that I thought you were a RatBastard or a money grubby Skank, I mean I had all this evidence, but you shoulda known better about me (and visa versa). Well that is a bit awkward. I know what would make it seem better a few more doubles, yeah go ahead. Gavi goes off and calls to Susan to tell her that she has some issues to work out with her former employer, good call. Maybe the evil Hotel Lady that Gavi worked for wasn’t so far off the mark.

Over at Pilar’s, Elvis comes in carrying some food for Abuela "the fish", the real Abuela no longer eats, she just sucks little parts of the soul out of the living for substance. Dani comes in and Pilar tells her that Sofie is going to be married and Dani has a "Que the Hell" muy impacted moment.

Elvis is feeding Abuela (the one in the tank, not the one in the crypt), Frankie and Sofie come in and try to make uncomfortable small talk with Elvis, Dani comes in and asks to speak to Sofie for a moment. Sofie leaves with Dani. Francisco is walking about the room, he stands behind a desk, caressing the chair. Frankie thought bubbles "Mine some day it will all be mine…"

Sofie and Dani are talking and Pilar is sitting on the couch watching, unblinking absorbing small soul chunks. Dani is like, What you are you doing? You don’t know him… blah blah blah. Sofie (and yes feel free to hate me here, cause I hate myself) goes off on a tangent about it is time for her to be happy, someone cares for her and she just wants to be with him. Damn, I am having a serious Jan Brady moment and I feel sorry for Mistress Sofie the Unloved, I want Frankie to love her, but I think that is too much even for a TeleNovela. Dani cries, Sofie cries… embrace embrace… Elvis & Frankie come in and hug the girls... it is a Hallmark Hall of Fame moment. Pilar sucks more soul chunks… Talk amongst yourselves, while I pull myself out of my shame spiral over this pitifully emotional moment.

Okay I am ready to go back and mock Rod and Gavi. While still arguing we are now up to triples, I think they had three double each and now are working on triples. Is this what the kids call binge drinking? The waiter is privy to all this exchange, in real life one or both of these people would be waking up six hours from now with a splitting headache and the waiter. Rod now gives Gavi the 411 about Aaron saying he boinked her, Gavi is furious, Rod says the whole family backed the lie and Dani Drew and Videgaray Hardy got to the bottom of it.

Rod now tries to give Gavi a check (the money owed to her by the company plus interest), she is scornful, it is a personal check not a company check. Rod is just trying to make himself feel better, it is the company that owes her not him. Rod is like well I don’t want to make waves. Gavi does a most excellent Norma Rae here and comments how she is poor, but honest and she’d rather go hungry than take his money. (Somewhere across town Clarita’s ears perk up…could the television be far behind?).

Gavi now to add insult to injury cross-examines Rod about Isa. Are they divorced? Separated? In couples therapy? Making an appearance on the Dr. Phil show, "Family First"? Well Rod confesses, he felt like such an ass, that he and Isa got back together. Okay that’s it, pour me a quadruple (no really just another triple), Gavi is like leave me alone, it is a big city, we never have to meet, go on with your life, be happy, but leave me in peace. She leaves the table and Rod throws down some money on the table and follows her. A green VW Taxi pulls up and Gavi goes to get in, Rod tries to get her not to leave, but alas it is for naught. I hope he slipped her twenty pesos for the taxi.

Somewhere in the great unknown, Hil finishes polishig the car, the business guy comes out and gets in his car, I think he is gonna stiff Hil, sucka, but I am wrong yet again, he gives Hil a coin. Hil in a very childish way, unties his bandana and places his coin in the cloth, he has several others in there, Hil is very excited about all his golden ducats. Of course, it is not to last, Hil is accosted by of all people Gaspar from Duelo, thank you Jesus, he didn’t drown, but blew that rustic Sierra Whatever for life in the big city. You know it is Gaspar cause not only does he look the same, though a bit more rakish in his new gangsta gear, he still talks all halting like James. He is hangin with a Homie gangsta and they shake Hil down, take his money and tell him to go back to his ranch.

Now a total shout out to Sofie, she is at Isa’s departmento and she is a knock out. She is wearing a black dress that is very slimming, black heels and for once sheer pantyhose. Sofie I bow to your fashion sense. Isa is ranting and raving that once again Rod has slipped the lease. Sofie tells her to calm down.

Frankie is in the hall talking to Stefano, Stefano is pressuring Frankie to get out and pay up. Frankie says I am this close, he says he told them he will have to take Sofie to Japan. Now it is Stefanos turn for a "Que the Hell?" muy impacted moment. Frankie has it all figured out that Sofie’s family will offer him a job rather than let Sofie leave. Stefano asks if he loves Sofie and Frankie answers of course he adores her. Stefano just shakes his head. Is it wrong for me to say I think Stefano is kinda hawt?

Thus ends another episode….
Tomorrow night Isa is telling Frankie, postpone the wedding for one month and they can run off together, she is touching his face as Rod walks up and witnesses the action…
My Husband says he thinks Rod will figure it our…
My answer is "Please, if they were on the floor and Frankie was on top, Rod would merely say Con Permiso as he stepped over them"…


Monday, July 30, 2007

Amar Sin Limites #9 Monday 7/30/07

I apologize again for some missing parts. I only had time to watch the show through once and take notes while watching. I miss some things and don't have time to rewind and watch again. Frankly, I don't yet find this show interesting enough to spend the time on. I hope that will change.

Silvana and Diego are discussing her pain at losing her son. She blames Mauricio. She says Diego is the only one who gives her strength. I think she says she would fall to pieces otherwise. (caerse a pedazos.)

Azul is still crying in Mauricio's arms. She talks about how she lost Ceci her job. She's always looking for trouble (bronca-fight) It's her fault. She has to helpher friend. I missed something else here. Mauricio tells her that they have too much between them and they shouldn't end thre relationship the way they had a few days ago.

Back to Diego's, where Silvana is telling how she wanted to kill Maurice. It wouldn't be a crime--but she would be protecting society.
Somehow we learn how her son died. Mauricio's wife was driving. She was Silvana's friend. He provoked her and she was running away. I don't really understand the relationship here. Was the son in the car, or was he run over?

Somewhere this vocab was thrown in: He didn't leave any traces--no dejo huellas.

She says she will go to a hotel so as not to bother him.

Cut to Azul and Mauricio. She is telling him she saw him on the TV program. He was great--and he spoke so well of her.

Diego continues talking to Silvana. He takes her over to the bar, and Gisela prepares to put Silvana up for the night. I'm not really sure why Gisela is willing to do this, except her description seems to be that she is helpful.

Azul continues talking to Mauricio.

Diego finally gets rid of Silvana and calls Azul and leaves a message on her cell.

Piero and Lidia are kissing madly in a bed somewhere.

It is now pouring rain, and Diego goes looking for Azul at the restaurant, where of course she is not.

Gisela lets Silvana call Emilia on the phone. Emilia is worried, but Gisela tells her she is being well taken care of. It's not clear to me what this is about--she needs a 24-hour guard?

Piero and Lidia have finished their "session," and they begin planning for the next day. Suddenly they are seized with the need to do it again.

Paco is visiting Manuel. I don't really pay attention to what they are talking about.

Diego goes to Cecilia's, and Azul is not there. He is soaking wet, so he takes off his shirt, and Ceci gives him a towel to dry off. He tells Ceci that he didn't stand Azul up--he needs to explain. There's a knock on the door, and Azul is out there with Maurice. Quick--Diego has to hide in Ceci's room. Maurice suspects that Ceci is there with a date.

Gisela is making up the bed for Silvana, and she says it's better than the place she was before.

Paco cleans up at the bar. Calls Lidia again. Pop answers.

Maurice leaves. Ceci now reveals the surprise she was hiding--Diego in the bedroom. Azul doesn't want to hear what Diego has to say. He says he spent all day thinking about her, and she says he is a liar. (Folks, I am a little disappointed in her here. It seems that this show may have a whole plot manufactured around this little fit of pique.) She accuses him of just wanting to sleep with her.
He says he called her cell and no one answered. She tells him to get out--this is a mistake. He leaves.

Azul tells Ceci that Mauricio cares for her. Ceci tries to find out how she met Mauricio that night. Azul tells her he just showed up out of the blue (oops, we have to watch the blue puns now). No one figures out he was stalking her. Ceci again tries to reason with Azul--she doesn't love M. No luck there.

Lidia is fighting with Paco. Because she is on the defensive, she goes on the offensive. She says he's too jealous. She says she's not going on the trip.

Azul finds Diego's shirt where it was hidden under a pillow on the sofa. I'm not sure what she thinks. Is she thinking that she now believes him? Or does she think he was cheating on her with Ceci? I just don't get it.

Maurice is now trying to persuade GCSSC to join his lab. Dad tosses around some high-falutin' scientific words: he wants a new centrifuge for the blood bank and a new refrigerator, and some other stuff. Azul comes in with a present and kisses Dad and Maurice. She says it's a present for Caty.

Silvana and Emilia go over the previous night's happenings.

Mauricio and Andres are talking about something, I suppose the hiring of GCSSD.

Silvana, Diego and Emilia now meet. They talk about therapy and who will go with Silvana. He reiterates that Silvana is someone special for him.

Ceci and Azul talk. Azul now gets Diego's cell phone message.

Pop, Diego, Mom and Lidia are talking around the breakfast table. Silvana is now going to live with them?

Pop says this girl is a stranger--he doesn't want her. The others seem to think it isn't so bad if she needs help. I fell asleep watching the end here last night at 10 o'clock.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Acorralada #136 7-27-07 Friday - The Dopiness Continues!

Alejandro is visiting Emili-Oh at the hospital. He calls him "brother." Guess Alejandro is going to come out of the closet to a comatose Emili-Oh. Suddenly we hear a pitiful, "Max. Max. Max."

Dimwit wants to call Caramel. When Emili-Oh wakes up, he'd want Caramel at this side. Dimwit tells Mommie Dearest she has no idea who'd want to kill her. Fidiota keeps telling Dimwit to rest, but Dimwit says she can't. Fidiota then insists upon feeding Dimwit drugs to make her sleep.

Little Doormat walks into Roddy's office. "Can we talk?" she asks.

Puncho is trying to talk Caramel into staying in Puerto Rico. He loves her. She says the only one Puncho loves is himself. She's going back to Miami with Pasta and that's that. The cell phone rings and it's Sylvie in some sort of Spanish flamenco get up. I've not been watching the show for over a week, but from what I've read, it's probably her stage outfit. Sylvie is sobbing hysterically. Caramel needs to come home; Emili-Oh is in the hospital and may die. If he should happen to wake up, Sylvie wants Caramel to be there. Caramel tells Sylvie she's coming home tonight. Puncho tries to stop her without success. Caramel tells Puncho good-bye "forever!"

Fidiota comes running down the stairs calling for Gaby. Who should appear from the other room but Mocosa. "Who are you?" asks Fidiota. Mocosa smirks.

Roddy is trying to make excuses for Mocosa. He was going to tell Fidiota the prior night about her but things didn't work out the way he planned. I believe Gaby is telling him that Mocosa is going to bring problems into his marriage. Roddy naively thinks that Fidiota will be fine once she understands Mocosa needs a father figure, now that Mocosa's mother is dead. Gaby starts adding one and one and contemplating the answer. There is a towel in Mocosa's room + Kick Me shows up at 3am nude saying he was swimming in the middle of the night. Surely Kick Me couldn't be in Mocosa's room, she just arrived that day!

Mocosa snottily tells Fidiota "It's a pity your husband hasn't told you about me."

Dimwit and Sylvie pray over Emili-Oh and he miraculously opens his eyes. Aww! Emili-Oh tells them Max came to see him last night. Max is alive! Dimwit and Sylvie are impactadas! Commercial.

Dimwit and Sylvie don't believe him. Finally Sylvie takes Dimwit aside and asks what if it's true?

Mocosa still hasn't come out and said point blank Roddy is her dad, but she sure hints about it. She's as snotty as ever. Granny M comes into the room and Fidiota asks Granny M. Granny M says Roddy tried to tell her last night. . .All this hemming and hawing is boring. Mocosa finally says Roddy brought her from LA. Mocosa starts to say "my. . ." but stops herself. Mocosa says she's there because her mother died.

Puncho calls the house and speaks to Diablo. When Diablo mentions Puncho's name, Lala gets on the phone. She is at first worried about him and how his escape is going to make it impossible for Roddy to defend him. She wants him to stay in Puerto Rico, get a job, and make a living honorably. Puncho says he ran into Caramel and that he tried to get her back. Lala tells him to move on; don't return to Miami. Of course Puncho plans to return to reclaim Caramel. He refuses to let her end up with Emili-Oh!

Dimwit and Sylvie are hanging out at Emili-Oh's bedside. Sylvie says she called Caramel and Caramel is coming home. They both agree this will help Emili-Oh tremendously. Dimwit suggests Sylvie go home and change. Sylvie giggles that everyone in the hospital probably thinks she's crazy. Jorge shows up and asks how Emili-Oh is doing. "He's in bad shape," they reply. Sylvie asks him to take her back to the apartment so she can change. Jorge is happy to oblige. Dimwit promises to stay at Emili-Oh's side. She blames herself for Emili-Oh being stabbed.

Max tells Pedro that the person who tried to kill Dimwit was either Iggy or Diablo.

Diablo shows up at Iggy's apartment and Camila walks in. She reads them the riot act about what happened to Emili-Oh. They claim to know nothing about it. Camila doesn't care what happens to Dimwit, but they'll pay dearly if anything bad happens to her brother, Emili-Oh. With that threat, she stomps out.

Mocosa tells Fidiota that her dead mom and Roddy were students together at the university. They were "good friends." Gaby appears and tells Fidiota Roddy wants to see her in the library. After Fidiota leaves, Gaby tries to tell Mocosa that Fidiota will accept her. Mocosa replies that it doesn't matter to her one iota if Fidiota loves her or hates her; it's all the same to Mocosa. Gaby looks constipated.

Roddy tells Fidiota he brought Mocosa to the house after Virginia (Mocosa's mother) died. Fidiota says she knows Roddy was good friends with Virginia. Mocosa and Little Doormat are about the same age. They can be best friends! Ha!

Mocosa is throwing herself a pity party. "Nobody wants me, everybody hates me, I'm going to eat worms!" She basically says if Fidiota accepts her, then Fidiota is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Roddy has his new wife and adoptive family, Mocosa is going to be left with the crumbs.

Roddy fesses up and tells Fidiota that he and Virginia were more than friends. Virginia was his first love, and from that first love, Mocosa was born! Fidiota is impactada and the Orchestra of Doom gets louder.

Caramel and Pasta enter Emili-Oh's hospital room and Caramel fawns all over him, begging him to fight and not die. She doesn't want him to leave her alone. They ask what happened and Dimwit recounts how someone tried to kill her, but Emili-Oh rushed to her side and fought off the attacker. As a result, Emili-Oh got stabbed. We are treated to a flashback of that night, which is good since I didn't watch the original episode. Now I don't feel as if I've missed anything this past week. Pasta asks if Fidiota is happy. Dimwit says Roddy is a good guy who lives to put the world at Fidiota's feet. Pasta looks sad and Dimwit apologizes.

Dimwit rushes out of the room and runs into Max/Alejandro. They stare at each other longingly for awhile and their love song plays. No dialog is exchanged.

The gloves come off and the fight is on between Fidiota and Roddy. He's deceived her! She was honest with him about Pasta, but he deceived her! As always, it's about her. Roddy tries to explain what happened between him and Virginia was 20 years ago, he never knew about Mocosa. . . "It was all a mistake! I really was in LA on business! I swear I didn't know I had a daughter!" This is just the excuse Fidiota needs to dump Roddy, since she's never truly loved him.

Now Max/Alejandro and Dimwit are talking. Dimwit wants to know if Max came to see Emili-Oh. When he admits he did, Dimwit understands why Emili-Oh says Max was there. Dimwit asks why Max why he happened to show up at her house that fateful night. Maxi-Moron says it was his responsibility. Dimwit asks why would he worry about two perfect strangers. Score one for the Dimwit.

The fight between Roddy and Fidiota heads to the bedroom. Roddy begs Fidiota to put herself in his place. He's totally lost and doesn't know what to do about Mocosa. True to form, Fidiota tells him to take his daughter and leave. Roddy says he had hoped for a better response from Fidiota. Roddy may have finally figured out what a Narcissist Fidiota truly is.

Breakfast with Lunkhead, the Big Doormat, and Octopus. Big Doormat wants Octopus to accompany her to put some flowers on Peyote's grave. Octy says she can't, she's going to play tennis with Doc Evil at the club. Clearly Octopus has moved on. Lunkhead and Yolanda are speechless.

Max still doesn't really answer Dimwit's question. He simply says he felt a duty to protect her. Any guy would do what he did. Suddenly Camila appears and makes some crack about seeing them together.

Lunkhead and Octopus fight about her relationship with Doc Evil. Octopus says it's her problem, not Lunkhead's. Lunkhead storms off and Yolanda asks if Octopus is in love with Iggy. "Of course not! The only love of my life is Pasta. I can't wait for him to return and see his beloved Fidiota married to someone else!"

Camila tells Dimwit to stay away from Emili-Oh. Dimwit replies she's a nurse at the hospital and she'll see any patient she wants. She all but stamps her foot when she says this. After Dimwit leaves, Alejandro asks Camila why Camila hates Dimwit so much. Camila yips back, "Do you really not know or are you just plain stupid?" Camila struts off. Max thinks to himself he'd better be careful around Camila, she's not buying his "I'm Alejandro even though I'm identical to Max and wear white shoes just like him" story. "If Camila finds out the truth, all my plans will be ruined."

Iggy shows up and wants to borrow $10,000 from Octopus. He tells her Cousin Eddie, the gravy train, has left town and he had to borrow the money from Alejandro. Now he needs to pay it back. Octopus reminds him that the Irascible clan is broke, thanks to Fidiota. They live off of Hunky Lunky's earnings as an actor. She simply has no money to give him. Iggy is bummed.

Speaking of Hunky Lunky, he's on the beach wearing very little. Who should show up but our pesky Mocosa. She squeals in delight that he's even hotter in person than on the telenovela. Normally she would want a picture and an autograph, but instead she'd like a kiss. She then grabs him by the hair and kisses him. This kiss goes on way too long! What a tramp!

Emili-Oh is awake now. He tells Caramel he couldn't die without seeing her again. Caramel begs him not to die. He needs to fight for his life! Alejandro and Camila walk into the room and Caramel gasps, "Max." Camila says this "supposedly" is Max's clone. Emili-Oh then greets him as "Alejandro."

Mocosa is still squealing at kissing Luscious Larry. She's fawning all over him. He says he needs to leave and she asks when she'll see him again. "You can watch me every weekday on the tube." Mocosa is still squealing in delight when Kick Me shows up. "What kind of slut are you to be kissing guys you don't know, such as that idiot Lunkhead?" Mocosa says she'll kiss whoever she wants, whenever she wants. "And by-the-way, why do you refer to him as an idiot?" "Because he's my stupid wife's ex!" "What a surprise!" exclaims Mocosa.

Gaby is in the library asking how the conversation between Roddy and Fidiota went. Roddy tells her, "Not well. Your mother won't listen to reason." His cell phone rings and it's Mocosa. She's basking on the beach alongside Kick Me. She asks him how the talk went between Fidiota and him. He says not well. Fidiota is throwing us out of the house. Mocosa is now furious. She knew this would happen! Nobody wants her! She then hangs up on Roddy.

Alejandro starts pressing Dimwit to go to dinner with him. She's not interested. "Even though I look just like Max? Perhaps I can convince you we're different. Will you please accept my invitation?" Their love theme plays and we get Dimwit's typical glassy-eyed stare.

Credits roll.


Amar Sin Limites #8 Friday, 7-27-07 – It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

It's a brand new morning and I'm more alert. The light bulb has gone on and I've now figured out that Diego and Azul are discussing the fabric flower he gave her. She tells him she put it in water so it wouldn't "dry out." She starts to walk away and he stops her. They then show a repeat of the 5-minute lip lock. When they finally come up for air, Azul looks stunned (complete with trembling lips), and our Adorable Adonis looks stunning. He leaves and Azul picks up her flower and starts fondling it then burying her nose in it again. She then collapses in ecstasy on the sofa. Yup, she sure is smitten.

Back in the taxi, Mama is asking Dieg-Oh if he plans to return to the apartment. "Nope, the mother of your future grand children can wait until tomorrow!" Mama is all excited and wants to hear more about it. Dieg-Oh is all too happy to oblige. After three short days he knows he wants to marry 'that woman.' He's never felt this way before. Mama points out it's apparently "love at first sight" and is thrilled for her baby boy. Lots of hugs and smiles, but then some sad music starts playing. That's our cue that this happiness won't last for long. Invariably we will have to wait until the bitter end of this telenovela until they can be truly happy together.

Mo and Little Moppet are sitting together while Andres-the-Toady is telling him how well the show went. Mo should have his own show! Little Moppet wants to know if Azul is going to call. Right then and there the phone rings; Little Moppet and Mo are all smiles and hugs in anticipation. Alas, it's someone – Ingenerio (whoever that is) – calling to congratulate Mo on how well the program went. Disappointment prevails after Mo hangs up.

Dieg-Oh and Mama are hanging out at the clinic. Dieg-Oh is complaining about the wait. Mama tells him there's always a wait; in love, money, tranquility. Life is one big wait until you die. They then give each other sad smiles. Mama wishes him the best with his "love-at-first-sight." More hugs and kisses as a pitiful ditty plays on the piano.

Azul is telling Ceci all about Dieg-Oh's visit and how he came over but had to leave shortly thereafter because someone was having a problem. Ceci refers to Dieg-Oh as the hysterical type and starts mocking the relationship. Azul says she can forgive him because he's so cute. She's got a point. The phone then rings and Ceci answers it. It's Osvaldo from the restaurant. Someone must have called in sick or something because they want her to work. She's trying to discuss the schedule with Osvaldo, but Azul keeps trying to interrupt. Finally Azul grabs the phone from Ceci and starts yelling at Osvaldo, calling him stupid, telling him he has no right to talk to Ceci that way, etc. The whole time Ceci is begging Azul to stop. Azul hangs up the phone and tells Ceci, "You're fired!" Some jaunty music plays, which tells us we've just witnessed some comedy in our otherwise serious novela.

Doc is telling Mama he has the results of her tests; her cells are all normal! The treatment worked better than he had hoped! More hugs and kisses between Mama and son.

Mo is pacing alongside the pool and grousing to Andres that Azul never called him after his show. Azul isn't the woman he thought she was. On and on. Andres tries to calm him down, but Mo is clearly furious. Ominous music plays.

Azul is trying to be helpful after getting Ceci fired. Azul will help her look for a job tomorrow; surely Ceci will find something. Ceci says, "You have no idea what I went through to get THAT job." I'll tell you, with a friend like Azul, who needs enemies? Azul suggests a bath to soothe Ceci's nerves. Ceci tersely replies, "I don't want a bath, I want a job!" Azul apologizes and looks rather contrite.

Mo goes into Little Moppet's room to tuck her in for the night. Little Moppet is asleep, but clutched in her hand is a picture of Little Moppet and Azul. Sad music plays.

Papa is reading the paper looking glum when Lidia comes home "from the gym." Papa is in a snit because Mama hasn't called him and it's late. He fears the worst. Lidia tells him to simmer down; let's wait to hear what Mama has to say first. Mama then bursts into the room carrying bags and bags of "stuff." Lidia wants to know how it went. "It went great! Everything is great! The cancer has passed and all is well!" Lidia and Mama hug. Papa still looks glum. Mama asks if he plans on congratulating her and sharing her happiness. Finally Papa mentally joins them in the moment and runs over to hug Mama and cover her with kisses. Papa suggests she let Dieg-Oh know since surely he's worried. The phone rings and it's Morticia, aka Silvana. "How's it going?" asks Morticia. "I am happy! I am very happy!" gushes Mama.

GCSSD is visiting Azul. He is ranting the university has gone to heck. Finally he stops and accuses Azul of not paying attention to what he's saying. She apologizes and tries to focus on daddy while undoubtedly thinking about Dieg-Oh. GCSSD then makes reference to watching Mo on TV and how Mo had offered her an awesome job. GCSSD believes Azul never accepted because she didn't want to make GCSSD feel pressured to accept Mo's offer. The doorbell then rings and Mo appears. He says he didn't want to let himself in with his key in case Azul was busy. He then sees GCSSD sitting on the sofa.

The celebration has begun at Mama and Papa's house. Tacos and champagne for everyone in honor of Mama's clean bill of health! The celebrants include Dieg-Oh, Paco, Lidia, Mama, and Papa. Paco and Lidia are shouting "bottoms up!" as Mama and Papa chug their champagne. Papa then gives Mama a kiss.

Ceci is in the shower when the phone rings. She almost takes a header on her way out of the shower stall. I'm sure she's wondering why Azul isn't answering. Of course it's Dieg-Oh. Ceci says she'll get Azul for him and steps out of the bathroom to see Lenny, Mo, and Curly all lined up on the sofa looking straight ahead and not saying a word. Ceci says she's looked all over the apartment and can't find Azul anywhere. Dieg-Oh tells Ceci to let Azul know he called.

GCSSD is telling Mo he's never felt so flattered in his life. Mo looks remarkably like "The Donald" in this scene. GCSSD didn't realize how serious Mo was about the job, and GCSSD regrets not listening to him when they were at Mo's Castle of Calamity. Mo casually asks how GCSSD came across the program. GCSSD starts to say he was watching with. . .then quickly covers and says he happened to see it. Poor Tia Inez didn't warrant a mention. Mo then wants to know if Azul had mentioned it to him. Alas, Azul didn't see the program; she was talking to her brother in Brazil. Mo says he'd better leave, but GCSSD says "No, I need to leave anyway." GCSSD then excuses himself and tells Azul to fill him in about the conversation with her brother Arnaldo. Mo then leaves with GCSSD and Azul seems pretty happy to push him out the door. No kiss good-bye for Mo. Azul and Dieg-Oh's love theme plays as Azul hugs herself.

Morticia shows up at Mama and Papa's house. I think Papa is bent out of shape that Dieg-Oh actually took Mama to the doctor's office and knew all along about Mama's clean bill of health, before Papa. I'm sure 5Ft could make a comment about Papa and Dieg-Oh's apparent rivalry over Mama. Anyway Morticia makes a toast to the beautiful family. Salud!

Azul is watching Mo's interview in which he talks about his huge investment in Human Resources and how he has the perfect person to head it up; Azul, the woman he loves! Azul looks pretty stricken when Ceci comes out of the bathroom to tell her Dieg-Oh just called.

Dieg-Oh apologizes to Morticia about his father's rude behavior. Morticia seems to take it all in stride; it seems Dieg-Oh's family is a blessing to her since she has no family. Mama shows up and is listening at the doorway. Dieg-Oh invites her in and makes some crack about her trying to get some gossip. Morticia goes to deliver the cake and Mama takes Dieg-Oh aside to say she thoroughly likes the woman who will bear her future grandchildren. Yup, I knew this was coming. Mama thinks Morticia is the love of Dieg-Oh's life.

Mo and GCSSD are discussing Azul, naturally. GCSSD apologizes for Azul's stubbornness. She inherited it from him, unfortunately. GCSSD will talk to Azul on Mo's behalf. "Does that mean you will come to work in my lab?" GCSSD makes the deal with the devil. They toast to GCSSD's new job.

Mama walks into Dieg-Oh's room, waking him up and bringing him breakfast. I believe she made a comment about Papa being jealous that she was bringing Dieg-Oh breakfast in bed. At any rate, Dieg-Oh explains to Mama that Morticia is not going to be the mother of his children. Mama wants to know if they had a fight, because she really likes Morticia a lot. "No," says Dieg-Oh. He then goes on to explain that he and Morticia are just friends, and for the first time in his life, he has a woman friend who's not his lover. Morticia really listens to him. Mama cautions Dieg-Oh to be careful since Morticia may be thinking they are more than "just friends."

Mo is giving a list of things he wants Scary Housekeeper to do to the lab. He wants her to clean it, catalog everything, call in an electrician, etc. Hannibaletta wants to know if that means GCSSD will be joining their little enterprise. "Yes, he will," replies Mo. Mo continues, "Who would have thought a television program would have had such an effect! I want him to come here and feel as if we are his family." Ominous music plays. Hannibaletta asks if Azul saw the program as well. Mo doesn't answer the question; he just says that he wants everything perfect for GCSSD first. Perhaps he's alluding to reeling in Azul by getting her daddy under his control. The creepy music would certainly support that theory. After Mo leaves, Hannibaletta throws her clipboard on the ground. Clearly, there is some undercurrent going on here.

Back to the light side, Dieg-Oh is arranging one of the killer mannequins in the window when he looks out and sees Azul. He rushes out to the sidewalk and attempts a kiss to her cheek, but she dodges him. She says she came by for a couple of minutes only; she wasn't sure if she was supposed to call him or see him today. Our Adorable Adonis swears he had to take Mama to the doctor yesterday. He then asks if she's eaten yet.

Dieg-Oh and Azul are now at a café. She's telling him how she managed to get Ceci fired yesterday, so now she needs to help her find another job. Dieg-Oh asks about Mo, and Azul refers to him as her ex. Dieg-Oh then goes on to compliment her eyes, and how she's captivated him from the moment they met. The come-on lines continue. He then talks about when they go to dinner tonight. She points out that he's being a little presumptuous. He pretends to shoot himself in the head with his finger, saying "Just a little!" Azul is eating this all up, and I can't say I blame her. Dieg-Oh's boyish charm is quite appealing.

Morticia is back at Emilia's place with several bags of things. I have no idea what this discussion was about. I believe Morticia was at either the morgue or storage unit (depositaria) and mentions something about bringing some boxes over to Emilia's, if Emilia doesn't mind. Emilia is thrilled that Morticia is starting to connect with her things again. If my understanding is wrong, can someone please advise.

Mo and Andres are at the Castle of Calamity. Andres is listening to some business guy on the speaker phone. Mystery Man is not happy with the way things are going. After the call ends, Mo starts thinking it's odd that Azul hasn't called him; surely GCSSD has told her about accepting the job. Mo kicks it up a notch and hypothesizes that perhaps Azul has found another man. After all, she is a beautiful woman. This thought does not sit well with Mo. He asks what Andres thinks. Am I imaging paranoia on Mo's part and that perhaps Mo thinks Azul and Andres are an item? At any rate, Andres says, "No way!" Mo says, "You're a good man, Andres. You have no idea how much stupidity there is in this world!" Cue the suspenseful music!

Lidia confronts Piero about inviting Paco to Acapulco. "Relax," says smarmy Piero. "He's not going to go. Trust me!" Ugh!

Azul is downstairs waiting for Ceci, who apparently is removing her mustache and is putting ice over her lip to reduce the redness. TMI. Finally Ceci comes down and they jump in a cab. Who should be skulking about but Andres. You know, he's pretty cute for a bad guy. Andres jumps in his car and follows the cab. Azul and Ceci are sitting at a restaurant discussing the job. Ceci has her hand over her mouth the whole time. It seems weird to me to bring your best friend to a job interview (especially one who gets you fired in the first place), but I may be giving this too much thought. Potential boss whisks Ceci away to probably show her the ropes. Ceci still has her hand over her mouth and Azul laughs at her. Ceci shoots Azul a dirty look. While Ceci is gone, Azul's cell phone rings. It's Dieg-Oh asking if he can see her later. "Of course you can!" says our smitten heroine. They hang up and Ceci comes running out all smiles. She must have been offered the job. She wants to know who Azul was talking to, and Azul says it's Dieg-Oh, he wants to see her later. They leave the restaurant and who should be sneaking out from around the corner, but Andres. More Orchestra of Doom.

GCSSD is talking to his fellow university lab rats (of the two legged variety). He dedicated his life, often at the expense of his daughter and personal life, and for what? He was treated as an object! "Never again. Never again!"

Morticia is going through her dead son's belongings; pictures, drawings, storybooks, etc. Emilia comes into the room and announces she's going out. Morticia is fine with that. After Emilia has left, Morticia broods some more, looks at herself in the mirror, then pulls a gun out of a drawer in the living room. Lots of heavy breathing and suspenseful music.

Andres is reporting in to Mo. "GCSSD just went up to Azul's apartment five minutes ago." Mo asks about Azul. "She and Ceci were at a bar." Andres wants to know how long he should continue surveillance. "Until Azul comes down."

GCSSD tells Azul he's tired of the university politics and wants to do what's best for Azul. As a result, he has agreed to accept Mo's offer. "Is that a problem for you?" asks GCSSD. Azul is very happy for him. Poignant music plays.

Morticia has left Emilia a note apologizing for leaving the house in such a mess. Morticia writes she'll return later. Emilia goes through a bag and finds a picture of Morticia and Emilia's brother from happier times. As she's going to put the picture in the drawer, she spies the gun and is impactada! Orchestra of Doom.

Dieg-Oh is having coffee with Isela. He's telling her about the café with Azul and the party the night before, in which Papa was bothering Mama. Isela seems interested in this comment.

Emilia confronts Morticia about the gun. Morticia says it's for protection. Emilia doesn't like having the gun around while Morticia is going through such a difficult treatment. Even in the best of circumstances a gun isn't a good idea. Emilia says she's going to start accompanying Morticia everywhere to keep an eyeball on her. Morticia replies she doesn't need a guardian. Ominous music.

Meanwhile, back at Azul and Ceci's apartment, Ceci is sprawled out on the couch eating ice cream while Azul is in a snit trying to find something to wear on her date. She can't wear red since that's what she wore last time. She begs Ceci to help her find something. Finally Ceci says, "Earth paging Azul!" What a great line! Azul then tells her about father accepting the job. GSCCD has always been such a child, a dork (tarambana), etc. Now he appears to be changing. Of all times for him to start working for Mo! Azul is basically a walking stress case.

Dieg-Oh is getting ready for his big date when Mama comes in. "Que guapo, mi'jo!" Dieg-Oh gushes about is upcoming date with Azul. Mama then breaks the news; Morticia is waiting for him in the living room.

Azul is leaving for her big night out with Dieg-Oh. Suddenly we see a car creeping by. It's Andres trailing her. Andres in on the phone to Mo, who's lounging in a hot tub, saying Azul just left. "Is she alone?" asks Mo. "For the moment," replies the lackey. "Keep following her," orders Mo.

Dieg-Oh comes downstairs with Mama, checking his watch. Morticia is waiting for him. She needs his help; she can't return home, there are things about her he doesn't know, etc. Morticia is totally breathless while she rambles on and on. She has a martyrdom that's killing her. Dieg-Oh keeps checking his watch and shifting around, but Morticia is clueless to his impatience. She then drops the bomb that when she met him at that party, she was going to kill someone and then kill herself.

Azul is sitting alone at the restaurant checking her watch. Uh oh, this can't be good! She calls Dieg-Oh's cell phone and Mama picks it up. Mama asks who's calling, and when Azul tells her, Mama spies out the kitchen door into the living room. Mama sees Dieg-Oh deep in conversation with Morticia. She then tells Azul Dieg-Oh is busy and can't come to the phone. She'll have Dieg-Oh return the call tomorrow.

Azul throws money on the table and walks out of the restaurant in tears. Lo and behold, who should be standing in the street but Mo. Azul rushes into his arms in tears.

Dieg-Oh has his arms around Morticia as she tells him about the accident that took her son's life. The name of the responsible person keeps going through her head. It's Mo. She babbling on and on about how Dieg-Oh and his family have saved her. Because of them, she's not dead. "YET!" The Orchestra of Doom gets loud as the…

Credits roll.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Destilando Amor, 7/27/07: "So, What's Bugging You?"

Gavi bets her job that she can learn quickly whatever her new ogre of a boss needs her to in order to become the type of Girl Friday Extraordinaire that Demetrio of the Diseased Agave demands.

Aaron promises Rod that once he's back in Miami he'll make the necessary deposit of funds to reimburse the company for the loan. Rod shoots him a dubious look, "I hope you're a man of your word." Aaron extends his hand to shake on it. "You're talking with a true Montalvo," he replies. (Dunno, could be the jury is still out on that one.) Rod pointedly refuses to take it and explains, "I simply want to make sure the business is right as rain when my uncle comes back and takes over here again."

Aaron, nobody's stooge --except for possibly Minerva's-- now realizes he's been snubbed as well as had --as in slam bam and "Thankya, Sam."
He knocks back the last of his whiskey then leaves in a snit. Rod sits back in his chair and wonders aloud how one of his own blood relatives could have ever treated him so vilely.

At Minnie's place, Patricio tells our little mouse that roared that he feels their ruse is working like a charm. Each day Aaron becomes crazier with jealousy. While she is wondering just how the heck she's going to stay couped up in her apartment for two months making her ex believe she's on a singles cruise around the world, the phone rings. Pat says it's a call from Spain. The house-keeper of a grand-aunt whom she's never ever heard of, named Concepcion Olmos, is on the line. It seems the old lady is gravely ill and fortuitously enough wants Minnie to fly to Spain to meet her before it's too late.

Aaron heads over to Oily's office. He gives Oñate instructions to continue the illicit exportation of doctored tequila as a little pay-back for for the ruthless end run reckless cousin Rod just made around him.

Back at Rod's apartment, Mommy Dearest is pacing the floor of Isa's and Rod's appropriately painted, blue bedroom. Isa tells Mommy Dearest how cold Rod was toward her the other evening. She feels it perhaps is on account of the huge unpaid debt Daddy now owes him. Isa says she is bearing up pretty well with Rod, but Daddy needs to get current, to give Rod a definite pay-off date; in fact she demands he pay off Rodrigo ahead of time because her marriage is in doubt otherwise.

Poor Nuria doesn't understand, so Princesa must explain that now they're living back in Mexico City where Gaviota lives too, the chances are good that Rod will run into her again. Once those two figure out what happened he'll divorce her sure as shootin' and then Daddy will no longer have his co-signer to back him financially. (Well, perhaps it's different in Mexico, but the bottom line is Rod signed on that bottom line. I'm bettin' he'll have to ante up whether they're married or not.)

Speaking of Ricky, he's is in Vegas and gambling huge sums of Rod's money in some smoke-filled back room with various Sharks and Whales. This time he's apparently on a roll and winning big. Question is: will he be smart enough to stop while he's ahead and get the hell out of there while the gettin' is good?

Disco Francisco and Sissy get off the apartment elevator. Ironically, she's bringing strawberry tarts to Isadora (sweets for the sweet and tarts for the.....well you get the picture). Frankie says he'll take advantage of her visiting Isa to take care of some personal calls. Sissy enters Isa's and Steffano appears at the doorway to his apartment.

Steffano is not a happy camper. "You're becoming a pain, Frank. You've taken advantage and those restaurant charges of yours are eating out holes in my pockets." Just then Mommy Dearest comes down the hallway and hears them arguing as she gets into the elevator. Once she's gone Frankie begs off by explaining he's marrying into the Montalvo family, a member of which, just happens to live in the apartment down the hall. "They're the largest tequila producers in the industry."

Frankie swears that if Steffano waits a tiny bit longer he will have plenty of cash to pay him back everything and more. Steffano bangs his fist against the wall. "How many more times am I supposed to fall for this?" Rod comes off the elevator right then. Frankie greets him by his first name and Rod absent-mindedly answers hello back. "See him? That guy's probably got the largest hacienda in the entire country." Steffano goes silent and mulls it over.

Rod walks into his apartment and greets his sister and Isa with about as distant a stare as ever. Pro-forma he remembers to ask after Isa's health and to kiss his sister hello. Seemingly lost in thought he curtly refuses to stick around, when Isa offers, for din-din with them and goes to the other room to work on whatever company business he brought home in his briefcase.

"See what I mean, Sofia?" asks Isa. The two women wonder if it's because Dani or somebody has spilled the beans by now. Sofia thinks not since Rod would literally have killed them both right off with that crazy temper he has. Sofia warns Isa that if he finds out he'll never forgive any of them for the part they played in ruining his plans with his little hooker.

Gavi gets home and tells Clarita she'd never guess who wrote one of her letters of recommendation to help get her the job with the Tequila Commission. She explains about the glowing recommendation Rod wrote for her. What bugs her though, is the possible reason behind it. Clarita wonders if Rod might have told Avellaneda the whole story. Gavi figures if that had come out Avellaneda would never have received her at the Commission, not even if she'd gone on her knees to him. "Clarita. It bugs me that Rod might be plotting something against me."

Back at the hotel suite Pammy tells Fedra that she's worried about the change she's seen come over Aaron and she believes it's due to his continued feelings for Minnie. Fedra says that's silly. Aaron and Minnie haven't spoken to each other at all since the divorce and he praises Pamela to the skies to her. Besides, Minnie is already off again and this time for a two month singles cruise around the world. Pammy and she just need to get busy planning her wedding and forget whats-her-name. She'll be up to Miami to help with it the first chance she gets.

At the same time, Aaron is down in the hotel bar knocking back a few more and remembering how Minnie so effectively told him off before leaving on her "cruise". Just then Fedra calls him on his cell and says she's still in the hotel and wants to talk to him. He hangs up to wait for her and grumbles to himself, "What guy did you latch onto, Minerva? Who are you having a good time with right now?"

Fedra shows up then. "What are you doing here alone and drinking?" "--I had a lousy day and I wanted to relax." "--Well, Pam needs you up there. She's not so sure you've forgotten Minerva. I told her that was long over, but, so have you?" He answers that he could care less about Minnie. "--Well, don't forget Pam's upstairs and needs you to take her by the hand and reassure her. Remember, Pam suits you and is the woman who's going to give you the boy we need." She leaves. Aaron's next thought, though, is about Minnie's taking that stupid singles' cruise around the world.

This same evening Francisco, that Dancing Disco-inferno, is at a really hopping nightclub with Sofia, but he seems lost in thought and moping. "You haven't set one foot on the dance floor tonight," she tells him. He says he is preoccupied with having the proper job. She offers him another loan. "No, it's not that! I cannot stand asking you for money. It's humiliating and goes against my principles (say what?) and my upbringing." (Ho, yeah. Just ask Momma Jose.)

Frankie pretends that he's worried about Sofia and him being able to continue their relationship from long-distance. It seems his only decent job offer (uh-hmmm) will be taking him to Japan, (Rubber waders were made for bull like this) but he is afraid Sofia can't or won't want to continue the relationship long distance.

"An international company wants me to manage their operation in Japan. Great salary, apartment, chauffeur, all sorts of luxuries." Sofia's eyes get brighter and brighter. He proposes they get married so that they'll be able to stay together. So, Pepe le Peu's "petite fleur" doesn't think twice. She scrunches up her little nose and eyes in glee and says "."

On her bed Gavi is cramming like she's taking finals. She's reading and memorizing all there is to know about agave blights and pests. She names a few of the diseases and bugs that infest agave. "One of these beetles should be named 'Rodrigo Montalvo', ma. Just like a beetle bug he eats into the fleshy, main stalk of the plant and makes a delicious dessert of it. That's what he did with me!"

Across town in bed, beside a sleeping Isa, Rod dares to touch her belly and that baby of his. He stops himself though and is bothered that instead of feeling respect and tenderness for the mother of his child, he feels only resentment towards her since she also played a part in laying the trap they all set for Gaviota.

Next morning Demetrio is instructing Gavi about the parts of the world where certain blights common to the agave are present. He teaches her about the beetle that's infecting blue agave in Mexico and we get a short lecture on how the bug carries a certain bacteria that it deposits which causes the plant to wither and die. While they're going through this lesson about bugs, Rod arrives and knocks on the door, "Good morning." (So much for dedicating his life solely to his child and its mother, or his promise to Avellaneda.)

As soon as Gavi hears his voice she turns her face and tenses up at the unexpected sight of him. Rod gives her a very deliberate once-over with his eyes and then smiles sheepishly at her. She's breathless. He asks permission to speak with her a minute and they go into her office. He tells Gaviota he needs just a few minutes to talk to her. She refuses and says she has nothing to say to him. "Just leave, alright?" She returns to Demetrio, but her concentration is gone.

Aaron and Pammy are sleeping in this morning. She tells him how much she loves him. He simply says he needs to get back to Miami right off. She is saddened that Grammy P will never accept her. Aaron explains that his grandmother is very conservative but eventually will give in. He tells her that on the flight back he plans to make a stopover in Guadalajara to see her parents and formally ask for her hand.

Pammy is delighted. She begs him then to tell her that he loves her. Aaron asks her where this is coming from. She says she has to hear it from him. He says "Totally." She is a woman who satisfies him in every sense of the word.

Dani pays a visit to Bruno that morning also. Bruno admits to her that while he's been in the hospital he's had chance to think things through. He should have paid more attention to what she told them all. He should have put a stop to whatever Aaron was doing and should have relied on his personal judgment rather than getting carried away for sake of appearances. He feels he treated Mariana unjustly. Dani tells him there's nothing to be done about it now. Besides, Mariana will probably be happier the heck away from all of them in any event.

Sofia and Disco-'Cisco come to tell Pilar "the news". Grammy is impactada to hear that as soon as they are married they are leaving to live in Japan for 6 years. (Say what?) Sofia does a triple take and is just as impactada as Grammy, 'cuz she didn't realize they would be away that long from the family. "My Lord!" Pilar mulls it over. Frankie thinks to himself, "Now I sting the old woman." "--I realize this is unexpected, but don't worry. Your granddaughter will never lack for anything."

Frankie has really laid it on thick. Pilar considers him a gentleman who will always look out for Sofia's welfare, but she can't understand the need to go so far away. He says it just can't be helped and he wants her blessing. She gives it. He tells Sofia that if she doesn't want to marry him now, he'd understand. Although it means she'll be separated from the family, Sofia agrees to marry him anyway. In fact, she wants to tell Rod that evening.

A bit later that morning Gavi/Mariana asks Susana for a list of businessmen that Demetrio wants to set up a meeting with for the following day. Susana offers to take her around to meet them all personally and they can take advantage of the opportunity to have a bit of lunch as well. Mariana agrees and asks Susana if she can speak with Avellaneda. Susana tells her he's getting ready to fly to Brussels for an important meeting but she can try.

Mariana asks Avellaneda for five minutes of his time. She tells him she's anxious to know exactly what Rodrigo Montalvo may have told him about her and their relationship. He tells her he refuses to be a mediator between them and she really should talk to Rodrigo personally about it. She's insistent and persuades him. Avellaneda explains that Rod said only that he knew her a number of years from before he met his wife.

Gavi begs a couple more minutes so that she could explain exactly who it was that he just hired; and she wants to make sure he hears it directly from her. He agrees and Gavi/Mariana begins then to tell her side of their love story beginning with the first day she laid eyes on Rodrigo at Don Amador's funeral and why and how she arrived at Montalvo Corporation and how and why she eventually got thrown out of it.

Meanwhile, Rod is sitting in his Mercedes somewhere talking to his windshield again. "Gavi was right for treating me that way. It's understandable. If she had slapped or kicked me I'd have understood. It hurts me. It hurts so badly. How is it possible that a love so beautiful, so clean, so pure must have to be experienced in this way; condemned to be separated like this? And that it should have to end in such an absurd manner. How close we are and at the same time, how distant from each other."

Gavi finishes telling Avellaneda her story. He remarks wryly that Rodrigo's version was rather more concise, but he appreciates her frankness and now that he knows her history he truly admires her. However, he admits he does not want any problems with the Montalvo's, particularly since they don't even know he hired her. Gavi figures Rod will go gossiping to them. He's betrayed her once before but she won't let him again.

Gavi then asks Avellaneda if he perhaps knows what Rod's reason was for writing such a great recommendation. Avellaneda is a bit uncomfortable with all this and repeats that the two of them really need to clarify a number of things between themselves, and if she really wants to know the whole story she needs to talk to Rodrigo Montalvo herself. Avellaneda then leaves for the airport. Gavi is left thinking to herself that she would never be crazy enough to go looking for Rodrigo Montalvo to clarify anything. He gave her the brush off once already. He'd just throw more dirt in her face anyway. Screw it.


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