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Fuego en la Sangre, 01/30/09: Coyote Hits Pay-Dirt!

Capítulo 187

As we in Viewerville begin another of our nightly forays into the land of Mexiloon, we join-in-progress as two-thirds of the Reyes Brothers’ brain trust is at the Double E (Hacienda de las Elizondo y del asqueroso ese, Escandon) watching Fernando throwing papers from his safe into a satchel. Ah-hah! Fer has left the mysterious little wooden chest behind so Franco immediately hands it to Oscar, the crip on the crutches, to open. However, before The Disabled One can perform this nifty balancing act, Fernando suddenly grabs the mystery-box out of his hand and stashes it along with the rest of his stuff into the satchel then exits stage left. (“It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stanley!” --Sorry, but the similarity to Laurel and Hardy here is just too overwhelming to ignore.) Now all the incriminating evidence is gone in a flash cuz Feo’s got his stash.

At the same time back at Comisario Central, Muttonchops is forced to let Darth Rico go for lack of evidence. However, DV cannot leave town because there’s still a homicide investigation. Darth says no way he’d dream of leaving this berg till he’s finished what he came for. He makes a show of ambidextrously checking his two pistols and struts out the door. Padre Tadeo, who’s come to get Fermin released, walks out from the cell area and is told that Raquel Uribe was found dead at the bottom of a ravine and that Juan has accused Darth of killing her. Pad Tad thinks to himself that he hopes now Gabi will wise up and kick out that murderous bunch from her hacienda. He then takes Fermin back to the rectory.

Back at the Double E, Juan goes upstairs to his room after seeing Fer walk out the door with his man-purse. HIs brainiac brothers tell him what just happened. We get two minutes of Larry, Curly and Mo arguing about how they just let Fer get one over on them. The only thing missing are the eye boinks and the head-slaps.

Meanwhile, Feo enters the rectory office and hides his m'urse of goodies in the base of a pedestal underneath a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. (¡Qué ironía!) Padre Tadeo enters immediately afterward and asks him why he’s there. Feo fudges and says he has been waiting to speak to him and the priest lights into him immediately about being in no mood to hear a confession about his murdering Raquel Uribe. For only the second time in his life Fernando is honest and denies any knowledge that Raqui was offed. Fermin is unlucky enough to walk in behind Tadeo. Feo warns him about opening his mouth. Pad Tad jumps in to tell him to save it because Fermin fears not, that Fer’s time to pay for his wicked ways is fast approaching and BTW, Gabriela has now confessed and repented whole-heartedly of all her sins so not to go counting on help from her end either. Feo knows she’d actually have to have a heart first so he just stands there and smirks.

Speaking of the aforementioned Heartless One, she is now sitting in her bed and devising another plan to keep Jimena and Sarita with her at the hacienda indefinitely (if not longer). She tells herself that if Sofia leaves then they’ll follow her and she’ll be left all alone there. So, whatever it takes, she’s got to keep Sofia there for her own protection.

Sofia, meanwhile, is downstairs telling her sisters she’s leaving the hacienda because she’s finally had enough of Mama’s guff. Jimena says she’s coming too and asks Sarita if she’s still determined to stay by Mama’s side and give up her chance at happiness with Franco. (Yeah, Sarita. So how’s it working out for you so far? --Will somebody head to the drugstore in town and get Dr. Phil on the phone, cuz this gal is in definite need of some serious intervention.)

Somehow Padre Tadeo has lost track of Fermin and comes back into the rectory office looking for him. He spies a note supposedly from Fermin saying he’s run away because he’s too freakin’ afraid of Fer. Pad Tad tells himself that he must understand that not just anyone can face Eeevil. Speaking of which, the Blood-Sucker, Fernando (note the hanging garlic framing his malevolent mug at the market stall) stops to look at a number of nasty-looking knives. He thinks back to Padre’s words of warning. He snickers to himself and says no, it’s more like time has come to get rid of his enemies and knowing Gabi the way he does, there’s no way she is ever going to truly repent for her sins. He chooses the dagger he wants.

Night falls, and time stands still, as the everlasting “luna llena” (full moon) of Mexidoom rises. Gabi goes downstairs and tearfully begs her daughters not to leave her. Sofia says she’s getting what she wants most, her hacienda, and they’re leaving her to it. Gabi pulls a tantrum and cries that her daughters are all that really matter to her. She even gets on her knees just to make it look good. She promises to change her ways, but Jimena and Sarita tell her she’ll never change. (Hey, is that a suitcase in Sarita’s hands? Hmmm. Maybe Jimena’s a better life coach than I gave her credit for.) Gabi then promises to give her consent to their relationships with the Reyes’s. Just then Juan and his brothers arrive to take the three of them back to the Double R (Hacienda de los Robles-Reyes) with them. She whines and snivels on Juan’s shoulder and tells him she’ll even consent to them with her daughters. Just don't please take them away just yet. Everybody thinks the old witch has gone ‘round the bend.

Pad Tad and his faithful donkey, Platero –yes, the donkey does have a name—are walking back through the woods to the rectory after a very successful day ministering to the faithful when the Grim Reaper suddenly appears from behind in the moonlight. Fernando, jumps out at the priest from the bushes to crescendos of Phantom of the Opera-style refrains. Disguised once more behind a scarf, a serape and a huge sombrero, he attacks Padre Tadeo and stabs him in the gut. (Feo took the tiniest dagger in the bunch. Granted a four-inch blade can kill, but I still find it hard to believe that he actually was able to penetrate through two or three layers of smock and undies or whatever and mortally wound Tadeo. That little thing doesn’t look like it could cut butter, let alone mortally wound somebody. Silly me.) Lightning flashes from the heavens and Padre Tadeo helplessly drops to the ground as Fernando sneers at his handiwork and thinks to himself, “Good riddance, little priest!”

Juan is disgusted with the whole Mama scene and tells Gabi that it’s come to this because nobody can stand her any longer, and both Franco and Oscar tell her they won’t permit her or anybody else to abuse the women they love any more. She promises never to insult them or to interfere with the three couples again. Juan gives up in frustration then and tells Sofia and her sisters it’s their choice. He says they’ll stay there to protect them but just until her mother is recovered, though as far as he’s concerned he doesn’t believe a word of it. Sofia gives in and they all agree to stay on till she’s better. Mother Hen pecks her way back upstairs and her three little chicks follow. (Ugh.)

Oscar tells Juan and Franco he thinks she’s faking too, and it’ll be forever till they get their women back. Juan swears he won’t fall for that again and it will only be until Gabi gets better. (Ha! Oscar is on to something here. A woman with a heart condition that calls for surgery might not ever get well again. They could be waiting till Hell freezes over.) Franco reminds them that the priest told them she’d confessed her sins and repented, but Juan figures she deceived the priest.

Speaking of which, the poor prelate is prostrate as the rain storm moves in. He asks for forgiveness and waits to die. Fernando takes off his disguise and looks over at him from a clearing in the bushes. “Poor Padre Tadeo. Well that’s life! Good things don’t last long.” Suddenly lightening flashes and causes two crossed branches to catch fire. (Holy symbolism, Batman!) Fer walks away in the opposite direction.

Back at the Double E, Oscar is still complaining to Juan about Gabriela’s faking. Juan says he’ll make sure the old lady doesn’t go back on her word and then he reminds them they still need to find their parents’ and Libia’s murderers and to see justice is done.

Upstairs, back in her bed, Gabi thinks to herself that she really hated all that begging and groveling she did in front of the Reyes’s to make sure that her daughters would stick around. She figures that at least Juan will be good protection against Fernando and if worse comes to worst she might even tell Juan about Fernando’s being the one responsible for killing his sister.

At the same time, Feo pulls up in front of the barn. Darth Rico just happens to be skulking in the bushes and sees him. He follows him into the barn and notices him hiding something but doesn’t know exactly what. Darth confronts him but Fernando says it’s nothing that concerns Rico, but he has heard that Raquel is dead and he’s sure that Rico murdered her. DV sniffs. “What can I tell you? She deserved it for fooling around with you!” He slugs Feo unexpectedly in the snout. Fer gets up and tells him he owes him for betraying his father and that it’s his fault he lost everything and committed suicide. DV tells him his daddy was a simple-minded fool the same as Fer and it’s “Wrestle-mania II” for a while till Rico falls to the ground and Feo pulls a nearby pitchfork on him. He’s got his foot on Rico’s neck and Rico is too winded to get out from under him. “You’re time has come!” He’s just about to spear him when Rosendo walks in on them and asks what’s going on. “Nothing. Ricardo was just learning about farming implements and I was demonstrating.” Fer thinks twice about things then and throws the pitchfork back into the hay.

The Reyes’s ride out to Libia’s grave to tell her even though they’ve given up on vengeance for the good of their women and their little daughters, they’re still gonna grab the guy what done her in. It starts to pour outside.

We beam back to the Double E where Gabi has sent for El Coyote. “Pardon the informality of my bedroom.” She hands him the bottle of pills Feo gave her and asks him to check to see if they’re really what’s written on the label because she’s afraid that Fernando is trying to kill her.

On the way back from the Bat Cave, the Reyes’s come across Pad Tad’s half-dead body lying in puddles of mud and they take him into town.

Alone, outside the hacienda, El Coyote takes the pills and crumples the snake trim he’s still carrying with him. “You’re time has come, Gabriela Aceveda, yours and Ricardo Uribe’s also. Forgive me, God, but this is much stronger than I.”

The Reyes’s arrive back in town. Juan carries Pad Tad in his arms and s-l-o-w-l-y walks toward the little clinic as the town folk suddenly appear in droves with torches. (Ok. Now, the guy is bleeding to death—not that we see even the first drop of blood on him—and the whole town, Juan included, gets hit with an attack of Tortoise-ites?) It’s raining cats and dogs outside. Juan suddenly stops in the middle of the town square to pray to the diosito to save the priest. (Now, is it just me, or, shouldn’t he do that AFTER he drops him off at the clinic????? I mean, normally these people run around like chickens with their heads cut off whenever there’s the slightest emergency, but now everybody suddenly gets the S-L-O-W-S????) “Don’t take him from us yet, Lord.” (Yeah, at least not till they get him into the freakin’ clinic!!)

Finally the good doctor races out into the rain and tells them Tadeo's still breathing (now that IS a miracle) and they take him inside and leave him there, knife wounds and all. The doc examines him. (No rush to get an ambulance or a truck to race him off to the ER at the hospital in Puebla City like they did for Gabi and for Sofia. Nope. Nothin’ doin’. I guess Pad Tad’s on his own with this one.)

While all this is going on in town, Darth starts to search the barn for whatever it was that Fer hid. Eventually he finds the bloody dagger (conveniently wrapped in plastic) and slides it under his jacket for safekeeping till the time is right to use it against Fer.

Back at the Double R, Hortensia, Quintina and Eva discuss the fact that Juan and his brothers have started looking into their sister’s death again.

Over at the Double E, Rigo comes to tell Sofia and the others what has happened to Padre Tadeo. He takes Sofia and Jimena to town with him and Sarita stays to look after Mama. Once they get to the little clinic Sofia gets the rundown on Pad Tad from Juan. Everyone is in the waiting room waiting for news. It doesn’t look good. He may not last. Nabor walks over and tells them that he can’t prove anything, but Fernando Escandon has been threatening the priest for a long while now. Caras impactadas all ‘round.

Back at the bungalow Root is looking for Papa Bear. Suddenly Fer (the busy beaver) jumps her and starts choking her because she won’t tell him what she said to get Juan to give her back that document she signed giving Fer half her inheritance. Out of nowhere Coyote appears and pulls him off her. Fer tells him to stick his nose out of it and he starts to go after Coyote, but the posse appear just as suddenly out of nowhere and cock their rifles. “You’re pretty brave as long as you’ve got your men aiming at me, but one of these days I’m going to get you when you’re all alone.” “—Anytime! And don’t mess with Root again or you’ll have to deal with me.” Feo threatens him again but Coyote just stares him down. Feo brushes off his hat and leaves.

Root wants to know why Coyote was there protecting her. He tells her they’ll get together the next morning and have a long chat, but he doesn’t have time right then for it. “You must learn (Grasshopper) that in order to survive one must be patient.” Root is mesmerized.

Back at the clinic, Eva rushes in to tell Juan and Sofia that the town is up in arms and looking to lynch whoever is responsible for attacking Padre Tadeo. (I say fine. It’s about time we get a little vigilante vengeance thing going where Feo is concerned.) Pad Tad regains consciousness just in time to make Juan promise he won’t allow the town to do something they’d regret later. Juan promises and then goes out to talk to the angry mob. Everyone mumbles. The Borg Sisters (resistance is futile) chant in unison, “Nothing that you might say will change our desire for revenge!” (Do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do.) Juan wins out though, and he convinces everybody to pray.

Back at Hellhaven, Gabi tells Sarita that it’s too bad about Padre Tadeo, but after all, he was sort of looking for it by always meddling where he didn’t belong. Sarita can’t believe The New and Improved Mama would say such a thing, especially after getting right with God. Gabi is quick to correct her daughter’s errant thoughts. “I never separated myself from God, just from Tadeo’s parish. (Sorry, but I have always thought that huge cross on her wall should have been more appropriately turned upside down the way she practices religion.) They agree to visit him the next morning if he doesn’t croak first. Sarita drones on. Gabi nods as if she's listening but actually is lost in her own thoughts that it would be better for her if he dies now that he knows so many of her deep, dark secrets. The priest has just been a regular nuisance for her and she hopes to Hell that he does die.

The town prays for the priest outside the little clinic throughout the night and into the next morning. The good doctor checks Tadeo for vitals and tells Sofia and Juan that there has been a slight improvement. Juan and Sofia rush to his bedside and Juan whispers to him that he must make the effort to get better. He promises to never look for revenge again and to trust in the law. Sofia reminds the padre that the town needs him. He’s their hope and their faith, their word of God. (All right already. We get the picture.) Everything is sweetness and sunlight….

Meanwhile, Coyote is getting ready to drive back to Gabi with the pill bottle. He says to himself that the medicine has definitely been tampered with and if she continues to take it she will get worse day by day. (Woah there! What kind of new leather ghetto garb is our boy wearing now? Will you get a load of the fox collar on that leather jacket of his? Hey, far be it from me to say anything, but isn’t it like the middle of summer there?) Coyote tells himself that Fernando may want to kill her but he’s not going to succeed. Before he does, Coyote will do her in himself.

Coyote gets back to the hacienda and gives Gabi back her meds. He tells her they’re perfectly fine and to take one now to make sure she doesn’t mess up her schedule. She is all smiles and swallows a tablet. She fawns over how trustworthy a man he is. He says his respect for her is just as high, yada, yada. He asks her then why she feels Fer is trying to kill her. “He must owe on a few deaths, huh?” (Sorry, but that phrase threw me.) At first she balks, but he tells her that she needs to trust him and come out with it all so he’ll be forewarned should things come to that and he’s needed to protect her.

Gabi still is hesitant so Coyote says it’s obvious that she loves Fer much more than he loves her. She asks what he means. He explains that the night before he found Feo abusing Root and it seemed they had an odd sort of relationship. It seemed to him they had something going on between the two of them. (Anvil #2 has just dropped.) Gabi refuses to believe this. “It can’t be! He swore—“ “—Don’t get upset. I made a mistake.” He gets ready to leave her "in the hands of her husband whom she so greatly trusts.” Gabi calls him back and says he’s right, that she really does trust Coyote more than Fer. Coyote reels her in a little farther and says apparently not because she won’t open up to him like she used to.

Gabi finally gives in and says okay, to show Coyote how much she really trusts him she’ll tell him something only she knows. He’s all ears. “Speak to me in full confidence. I would never dare to betray you…..” “--I know. Okay. You’re right about Fernando. He’s guilty of a number of crimes.” Coyote knows he just hit pay-dirt. “Among them is the death of the Reyes’s sister.” Coyote realizes it’s not just pay-dirt. It's an all-out El Jefe sized gusher! “Yes," says Gabi conspiratorially. "Fernando murdered Libia Reyes.”


Friday, January 30, 2009

Cuidado 1-29-09. A Dearth of Gentlemen Callers.

Eduardo, where are you? I miss you!

This was a little weird. I guess Tontas ran long or something, because we jump right into the show without the usual previouslies and credits.

Padre Anselmo and Ceci drink tea in the garden at Casa Velarde. Ceci repeats her usual lines. Padre Anselmo tells her he is going to try to talk to Marichuy again and things will change. Let’s hope so. Ceci is a nice lady and she deserves some new dialogue.

Marichuy has fallen asleep at the table while studying her script at the new apartment. Amador lets himself in (should have changed the locks first thing, ladies!) and creeps over to her and sticks his lips right in her face, and it serves him right when she gives him a solid smack in the face as she is startled awake. She tells him she’s having a hard time learning the part because the character talks a LOT and it’s hard to focus because she keeps thinking about Blanca’s trial. Amador is disgusted that she’s still concerned about Juan Miguel’s life.

Purita mopes about chez mamá and stares at a picture and remembers Clemencia telling her to ditch Adrian because they’ll never be happy. Adrian walks in and they stare at each other, wordlessly and with much great significance, for sure.

Padre Anselmo is back at the church and receives a summons to appear at Blanca´s trial.

Purita is telling Adrian goodbye, and assuring him that she´s not leaving him because she doesn´t love him; just the opposite, in fact. Adrian is not happy with this and begs her to stay so they can be together and make their dreams reality. He kisses her, but she says he shouldn´t because she is a nun in spirit if not yet in actuality.

Padre Anselmo visits Marichuy and wants to talk to her about her parents. He´s going to tell her who they are, even if she doesn´t want to hear it.

Stefi wonders if she should have told Patricio where Marichuy is. Isabela says of course not.

Olga is seeing her little girl off at the summer camp convent bus stop. Purita says she´ll pray for her. Adrian runs up, still hopeful that she’ll be overcome by his awesomeness and persistence and reconsider, but is rebuffed. On the plus side, she says she’ll pray for him, too. A nun pushes her toward the convent van and they’re off.

Padre Anselmo goes on and on and on in classic telenovela major important news-sharing fashion about how he is really going to tell Marichuy, he didn’t before, but now he is, for sure, and she shouldn’t try to stop him or refuse to hear him, because it’s important, and he’s going to tell her, and before when he was going to tell her she was still upset about having been so badly treated, but that was then, and this is now, and so much time has passed, and so he’s going to tell her, and besides, now that she’s a mother herself she will understand better how much mothers care about their children, so he’s going to tell her who her parents are, and by now she should be ready to hear this important information, so he is going to tell her. Needless to say, the scene ends without PA telling Marichuy who her parents are.

At Castle San Roman, Juan Miguel asks Rocío why she didn´t tell him that Marichuy had been there. Rocío says she didn´t want to upset him, with everything else that was going on. (What could be more upsetting than having someone you really care about, who makes you happy even when she’s making you crazy, around in times of trouble?) He looks skeptical but she can’t think of any better reason than that because even though Rocío doesn´t know she’s a telenovela character, she recognizes when her actions are just lame and pointless plot devices. She tells him that Marichuy left after she told her JM was marrying Blanca, and that she asked about Mari’s wedding and learned that it hasn’t happened yet. Hmmm…JM´s little pea brain (90% of its functions are devoted to maintaining hotness, and most of the rest to self-destruction) works away and wonders how to make use of this good news that she is not married yet. Although, that news is like a week old, and in telenovela time that’s a full engagement plus a few days’ honeymoon.

PA begs Marichuy to give her parents a chance and allow them to get close to her and explain things. BabyJM plays with the curtains and is adorable. Marichuy is still stubborn and says if her parents weren’t poor and starving like she was, then she wants nothing to do with them.

Rocío tells JM that Marichuy just fled, so she didn’t have a chance to talk with her more. JM tells her about running into Mari on the street. Rocío is wearing the most hideous hair bow. Also she appears to be wearing sweats with high heels. An excellent side plot would be to send her on one of those “What Not To Wear” shows. At the very least, there should be a group hair accessory intervention. The glare off that shiny hair bow is making it very hard for me to focus on JM’s hotness, which is the real crime here.

PA tries to remind Marichuy that her mother was alone and thought she was dying. Marichuy is pitiless and says she, too, didn’t have the father with her when her baby was born, and she nearly died also. PA says that was different, and Marichuy had lots of help, and her mother had no one. Mari curtly says she doesn’t want to hear any more about it and walks out of the room.

Adrian arrives back home (where he lives with his mama, in a much nicer place than the other neighborhoodlums live in, and I love the shade of blue their walls are painted) and tells Clemencia (with barely suppressed hostility) that Purita has gotten herself to the nunnery, so tomorrow he’s leaving too, and that’s that. Clemencia is stunned that her brilliant plan backfired. Ha, I hope next time Adrian comes back, he brings home a girl of the sort they say you would never take home to your mama; that would show her. Judgmental twit.

Estafa is still at Isa’s place and getting ready to go find Marichuy at the theater and ruin her life some more. She’s wearing her detective trench coat so we know she’s serious about tracking things down. Isa wishes her good luck with her evil plans. The two witches cackle.

JM visits Blanca at the jail. Surprisingly, he does not seem to have thought to bring her a file baked into a fruitcake so that she can break out and murder more people, even though she totally deserves that because she’s a good person and would be a great mother and all, except for those pesky little homicidal episodes. She says Licenciado Losada doesn’t think PA’s testimony will be enough, and that they need to find someone from her past who knew her as Ivette. JM begs her to try to remember someone.

Marichuy is onstage at the theater, repeatedly giving bad line readings of “I’ve never danced in my life!” to Amador, who is getting a little frustrated and trying to get her to wave her arms and emote more. They continue with the rehearsal as Stef sneaks in the back. Amador praises Mari’s progress and Stef claps loudly and rudely. She tells Marichuy that she saw Leopardo. Marichuy thought he had gone back to the hacienda. If I understand Stef’s threatiness correctly, she is saying she’ll tell Leo where to find Marichuy. Which is lame, because Mari told PA she was willing to see Leo. Stef should get her information straight before she formulates a plot. Marichuy asks how she knows so much about Leo. Estafa smirks smugly.

Patricio drops by Isa’s place and she invites him to make himself at home. He looks around skeptically like that would never be possible. He stiffly and stuffily tells her he wants to know where Marichuy is. She plays stupid. He tells her Stef offered to get the brat out of the way, but he reacted too soon, before he could get more details out of her. Isa insists she knows nothing of this whole messy affair. Pat isn’t buying it.

JM tells Blanca they need to try everything possible to help her, so she’s going to be placed under psychiatric observation so they can make a scientific study of her case. She says she is renuente (reluctant), which makes him sigh and rub his face. He’s so fortunate to not be acne-prone. Or unfortunate, because if he was he would learn to stop doing that. Blanca looks catatonic for a moment and JM thinks she’s switching to Ivette, but she snaps to and says that Ivette must not be coming out to play lately because she doesn’t want to be locked up in jail.

Marichuy tells Stef to stay out of her life. As Mari leaves the theater in a snit, Stef mutters to herself that she’s going to get that orphan out of town whether she wants to go or not. Then she poses grandiosely on the stage and fancies herself a great actress.

Isab!tch insists to Patricio that Stefi would never ever be capable of doing anything bad ever, and especially not to him because she loves him like a father, and they really have no idea where Marichuy is, for realsies, no way do they know anything about it. Patricio still doesn’t believe her because of the whole Stef-offering-an-offing thing, and says he’ll never forgive her. Oh, we can only hope. At the very least he should cut off her allowance for a week or two.

Beatriz is at Castle San Roman with Elsa and her parents to invite Rocío and JM to the baby’s baptism. Francisco and Luisa will be the godparents.

Marichuy rides her bike back to the apartment, where Cande is playing music and dancing. Cande is not happy to hear that Stef found and annoyed Marichuy. “You’re never going to be free of that monserga (gibberish)!,” she says. Cande is even more impactada to hear that Stef ran into Leopardo. Mari fills her in on Stef’s nasty meddling.

The coven holds a briefing to get each other up to speed on the progress of their various cursings, lies, and evil deeds. They go on and on discussing their whole nasty history in great detail, all of which we already know so I won’t repeat it, to the point where I really hope Patricio planted a bug while he was there because it would be really awesome if they were both caught, filleted, and served to Amador’s wolf. They decide they need to focus on using Leo to get Marichuy out of Dodge para siempre. Isa smacks Stef on the shoulder so hard that she nearly falls out the window, which is really funny.

Cande agrees with me, that they need to change the apartment’s locks, because it’s just too convenient that Amador has moved them here into this place for which he has a key. She knows what he’s like, and makes an impassioned political speech about who they are and why they need to protect themselves. Marichuy can’t really hear this argument all the way from her cruise on de Nile, and thinks it isn’t necessary. She thinks Amador is only interested in her as an actress, even though Cande reminds her of the previous times Amador tried to rape her and pretended to be blind to take advantage some more and all that. Thank you, writers, for remembering! Marichuy blithely says that was a long time ago, like rapist tendencies are something that passes like a 24-hour flu. She leaves to feed the baby so she doesn’t have to talk about it anymore. What’s the big deal? Just change the locks!

Stef and Isa discuss how to go about stalking their prey. Then they leave the apartment, and Isa rudely leaves her garbage by a neighbor’s planters rather than hauling it all the way to the dumpster.

Padre Anselmo visits Nueva Casa again and tells Mari and Cande about Beatriz and Amador’s baby’s baptism. “Amador’s?!?!!,” says Marichuy. Yeah, I can’t believe PA would be so rude as to associate that sweet baby with that jackass either. They invite him to stay for a finger-lickin’-good lunch, but he has to go to the tribunal. He tries to explain to them about the double-personality French woman, but they don’t really understand. PA invites Marichuy to drop by the church sometime to talk about baptizing BabyJM.

Ceci visits JM at the castle and is shocked to hear that Marichuy has been by the house. He tells her he didn’t talk to her, but he understands that she is in the D.F. for something to do with her wedding. Ceci is impactada. JM mentions that he ran into Marichuy in the street and she confirmed she is getting married, but he does not know which lucky gentleman is the winner. He suggests PA might know.

Beatriz and Elsa work on baptism-party planning. Elsa thinks hard booze isn’t appropriate, so they should have champagne. Beatriz worries that it’s inconsiderate to have a party when Nelson is so sick, but Elsa thinks it will entertain him; what he doesn’t need is more free time to think. I think Nelson will just be bummed that they’re having champagne instead of hard liquor.

PA defends Blanca at the tribunal.

Ceci goes to the church, but is told that PA is out and she should come back tomorrow. She is muy upset.

Marichuy laments that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget Juan Miguel. Flashback to the greatest hits of their courtship, and then my reception turns to psychotic black and green fuzz so I have no idea if there were avances or anything.

So, JM and Mari still didn’t talk, and no Leo, no Eduardo, no Vicente. Sigh, woe is me. On the plus side, Juan Miguel did not cry, not a once!


Tontas Thurs 1/29 - Never leave the door open

We left our adorable plastic doctor face-down in back of a truck getting arrested by Metro Police, "I'm not a thief, I'm a plastic surgeon!" he whimpers.

Over at the restaurant Sven and Ole are eating the romantic meal of birria that Lulu prepared for Meño. She cries on Charly's shoulder that she and Meño are in love and she prepared the meal to declare her feelings to him but there are difficulties.

Santi's lawyer has managed to get Santi out of jail and his only injuries are a sore shoulder and a broken ego. He performs a rapid-fire recreation of the crimes against him and tries to call Candy from the police phone.

Instead of answering Candy prefers to recall numerous scenes where Santi was very sweet and romantic to her. Kissing, crying, eating palomitas late at night, dancing romantically under the stars. She hangs out at the playground and weeps; she's got it bad folks.

Lalo visits the institute to argue with Chayo, he's been looking everywhere for her, where has she been staying? She whips out her pillow and blankie and plops herself on the couch in the waiting room. Lalo begs her to come home, "I've been a fool, I miss you so much" he cries, a lone tear running down his cheek as they embrace. Crocodiles cry too.

Santi finds Candy and tells her why he stood her up. Candy's got news too, she's in love with Patricio. He glares, she glares, he glares. Santi doesn't believe her, she's in love with him. "What do you care," she asks, "you're getting married and Santiago Junior's on the way, right?"

Lucia and her gal pal swap tales about their first time doing it, they had to shut their eyes. Whatever. The friend asks if Lucia used a condom and calls her a dummy for not using one. Next time a condom, OK? I fear it may be too late for our Lucia.

Charly finds Meño in the kitchen and scolds his dad for standing Lulu up. Meño was busy buying fruit. (The irony of it all.) Charly tells his dad he acts kind of gay but luckily he knows he's all man. Meño tries to act macho...dressed in his pink shirt and lime green apron, doesn't quite work.

Back at the institute Ceci pops in to tell Candy how glad she is she's finally broken it off with Santi. When queried Ceci admits to being in love with "someone". Chayo intrudes and excitedly reveals she's going back home. Candy is surprised to hear she's been bunking at work.

In a heated exchange Gregoria reveals to Alicia that Chava is Patricio's son. Alicia breaks down in tears as Greg tells her to stop being a child and try to forget Candy exists, it's the only way that they'll both be happy. Now she has to go pick up the kid from pediatrics. (Uh oh.)

The ladies of the institute gather to congratulate Marissa on the baby but first a big hand for the one who provided the seed. (heh) Candy hands Santi a bag and pulls out a baby's outfit for the mini America fanatic. She hands him a tiny skirt in case it's a girl. Santi flashes back to a similar scene with Paulina, ah he was so optimistic back then. Marissa thinks it's an adorable little outfit although she's a Yankee's fan. Que??? Candy's look says it all, Marissa is a Yankee's fan and therefore all wrong for the futbol loving Santiago.

Back at his office Santi catches Lalo reading Candy's recent article. How could he read such bull? (Even though he says Candy is muy simpatica for buying the little America outfit.) Candy's article has converted Lalo and he is now very sensitive to the pain he has caused Chayo. They discuss ways to win her back and suddenly Lalo jumps up, he has an idea!

Boring scene at the institute where the new client Gloomy Rita discusses her life, she got married young, her kids are grown, nobody needs her, yada yada yada. Babs pronounces this is the reason behind Rita's depression. They all decide Rita needs to find a project that is hers and hers alone so that she will feel important. Oh, were it that easy to cure depression.

Gregoria goes to pick Chava up at the doctor's. She tells doc she had three kids and she knows his chronic fever and nosebleeds aren't normal so what's up? Doc tells her not to panic, he wants to run some tests on Chava. He pointedly notes that he has known Candy since Chava was born and he knows Chava is her life. Oh dear.

Pato's studying up on high end jewelry when Alicia shows up in a superhot red dress. (Why did she want plastic surgery?) They have an incredibly weird conversation where she tells him she's jealous that he has a son and she's jealous at the thought of all the little Patos that might be running around out there. He assures her except for that one little time he always used protection. She plays her hand, she wants a kid with him. She chews on his ear which explains why one is pointier than the other. He's so excited at the thought of having another kid that he says let's start now. They boink on the chair. No wait, he sees the sign on his open door "Never leave the door open because you don't know who can enter", how true in more ways than one. He shuts the door and they boink on the desk.

Lalo interrupts Chayo at work to give her a huge bouquet of roses. After he leaves she starts ripping their little red flowery heads off and angrily mutters he brought the flowers because he's not going to come home. Hmmmph, recidivist.

Candy has a flashback to when she told a toddler Chava that he would grow up big and strong to be president of Las Chivas.

The kindly doctor examines Chava and decides they need to take a little blood. Alone with Gregoria he lists Chava's symptoms, sweating, fever, nosebleeds, fatique, not to mention nodes and a swollen spleen. He says he'll visit Candy tomorrow at work to discuss the results with her. Meanwhile granny needs to take the worry off her face so she doesn't scare the kid.

Back at home Candy thinks it's odd that the doctor wants to visit her at work instead of her going to his office as usual. Gregoria swears the doctor didn't tell her anything else but she turns away from Candy, stricken.

Santi watches TV with his daughters and upsets Lucia because he won't let her watch her favorite 9:00 p.m. novela, the one with the hairy, fit men. (I wonder which one that could be FELS fans?) Just when Santi and Lucia are having the conversation about why she should call him papa not tío Marissa inserts her selfish self and squeals she's pregnant! Lucia's incensed and tells her TIO goodnight. Rocio's happy and Santi is...not thrilled. (Hombres encuadrados - I'm not really sure what that means, I thought encuadrado meant framed so I figure it means they have nice physiques? Can anyone clue me in?)

Candy and creepy cat Merengue put Chava to bed, she feels his forehead and becomes very sad. Later she prays that nothing be wrong with Chava, he's her life and reason for living.

Jaime and Isabel have a romantic dinner in PV. He wants to show her the piano in the restaurant and as she plays the keys her hands run across a tiny exquisite box shaped like a piano. OMG, there's a ring inside! So soon? Yes, he proposes, will she make him the happiest man in the world? Well? Well? Isa smiles...

Naughty Chava sneaks up on mama and scares her to death! He thinks it's a fine joke because mom has to put him to bed again, meaning we get yet another loving scene between mom and son meaning the heavy anvils are lining up dammit. Candy goes downstairs and talks to Meño. Meño says since Chava was born nothing is more important to her. Again with the "Chava is her life". She feels anxious and sad and asks Meño to pray with her.

Next morning they all have a noisy and frenetic breakfast and Meño takes a chipper Chava to school.

Rocia is ecstatic to see her abuelita and Jaime roll up in a cab. She tells Isabel that she's going to have a little brother and daddy's not going to love her anymore. Isa and Jaime share a worried look.

Uh oh, Chava's test results come in and the doctor looks concerned and rubs his chin.

Candy notes Charly is pensive. He's concerned that his sensitive mama will be affected by what Meño does. Candy notes they've been divorced for a long time and it's doubtful she cares. He tells Candy he's got a "surprise" (he says it in English) and he has "good news" (also in english) but since it's a "surprise" he can't tell her.

Over at daddy's clinic Rocio works on her anatomy coloring book, she wants to be a doctor just like papa. Isa relates her good news to Santi, Jaime proposed marriage! His reaction prompts Rocio to tell him "stop acting like a clown", more importantly she doesn't want a little brother.

Candy and Meño talk about Charly, she wants to know what Charly's gossip is all about. Meño supposes it's because Charly thinks that Meño's in love, God forbid. Candy says Charly is preoccupied about how this might affect his mama.

Raul visits Santi and announces he wants to be the godfather. Santi tells him Lalo already put dibs on that position but Raul is firm, Lalo can wait for other kids because Raul is the brother-in-law. The rule is the mother decides on the godfather and the dad decides on the godmother, OK?

Marissa plays It's-all-about-me with Rocio and lets her feel her baby tummy. They go on and on while Isabel and Lucia observe from the balcony. Lucia thinks Marissa is a fake and that Santi is blind. Isa sighs in resigned agreement and tells Lucia they're going to have to take a class in patience.

Charly calls his mama to tell her his papa is in love. She's shocked Charly knows the truth. "With another man?" she asks. "Don't be crazy," Charly scoffs, but mama sets him straight by blurting out that Meño is gay. Charly is muy pero muy impactado.

Over at the institute Santi asks Candy to be the godmother, "Let's have a hug comadre!" Chava's doctor interrupts and wants to speak to Candy in private. Our sensitive galán senses something isn't right and he looks worried and helpless.

The doctor tells Candy Chava's prognosis, her son has, we guessed it, leukemia. Candy staggers out into the hall and sags to the floor. Of course Santiago is waiting and he rushes to her. "My son is going to die, he has leukemia and it's my fault! Why? Why?"

tomorrow: A decisive episode

hombres encuadrados = hunks, well-framed men (I think)
una monada = an adorable/cute/lovely thing
las patrañas = cock and bull, tales, bull****


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fuego - Capitulo #186 - Raquel Rolls Snake Eyes; or, Anyone Seen Huggy Bear Lately?

From last night: Juan goes off to help search for Raq. Paddy Tad tells the girls he’s absolved Crabs of her sins. Feo shows up to find the doctor just leaving and the attorney walks in. Juan has Capricho tied to one end of a rope while he lowers himself down into the Canyon of Death. He finds Raquel – she almost looks better dead than alive. The stench of Raq’s decomposing body overwhelms Juan.

We get treated to another cameo of Raq’s dead face, while the local representative of the Grim Reaper Franchise lurks behind a bush. Juan fires a gun to alert Coyote’s search party that he’s found Raq. As Coyote comes down the embankment (unlike Juan without a horse up above to hang on to!), Mr. G. Reaper continues to lurk. Juan says they have to let Officer Mutton Chops know and he’ll go, Coyote will stay, because the vultures will eat her (“se la comen los buitres”). I guess they haven’t been hungry for the last few days? Grim continues to look on. Juan calls to Capricho to pull him out.

Back at Crabi’s deathbed, the girls tell her they will be the only ones caring for her from now on. She agrees and says Sofia was right.

Coyote talks to Dead Raq, asking forgiveness for not being able to protect her from his Daddy Darth. While we get a close up shot of Señor Reaper’s sickle, Coyote notices something in Dead Raq’s hand. Holy Snake Jackets Batman! It’s a fake snake head complete with an extended snake tongue that she must have ripped off of Darth’s jacket before she fell! Coyote has no doubt that Darth killed Raq – he crumples the snake in his hand while the Reaper looks on, vowing to kill Darth. Coyote leaves the scene, even though Juan told him to wait there. Grim Reaper steps forward and casts his dark shadow over Raq’s body, reaches down and closes Raq’s eyes. (This whole Grim Reaper thing makes me crazy. I know they’ve shown him before as a prelude to a death, but what’s the purpose of all the airtime he’s getting after Raq’s death? Isn’t his work done there, and has he really been standing out there all this time holding the sickle?)

Feo and the lawyer are exiting the office when Sofia comes down the Staircase of Horror. She yells at Feo for not bringing the doctor. Feo and the lawyer explain to Sofia that the judge’s decision making Slowfia the owner of everything isn’t effective until Gaby signs the papers. Sofia pulls Feo aside and tells him he better get packin’, she’s throwing him out. Feo says the lawyer said he could sign on behalf of Gabi as Gabi’s power of attorney, and he would let him but only if he was going to sign in favor of Stupidfia, but he’s not signin’ nothin’, and that he and Sofia are now co-owners of the Elizondo fortune. The lawyer looks pissed. This whole thing about the signature makes no sense to me at all, but it’s probably because I can’t find my beanie.

Over to the Quintina Stripper Show, the Señoras of Ciudad Serdan are getting the opportunity to check out the beefcake before the show. Asexual Buzzkill Hortensia is horrified by the immorality of it all. I’m just horrified by, well . . . it all.

Sofia asks the lawyer if this signature nonsense is true. He’s says unfortunately it is true. The lawyer admits it was his own mistake, but he realized it too late. He trusted Feo, but Feo tricked him. The lawyer calls Feo a thief. Feo’s mad and throws him out, but before he goes, the lawyer tells Sofia that he will fix everything. Sofia tells Feo she’ll be having a word with Gabi about this whole thing, but Feo tells her not to waste her time, her mother doesn’t even want to see her. Sofia explains to Feo about the sudden turn of events and how she and her sisters are now “In” and Feo’s “Out”. Feo tells Sofia she has to tell him everything because he’s a 50% owner now. Feo thought bubbles that Gabi’s time has come. I doubt anything will happen to Gabi though, because Señor Reaper is otherwise occupied at the moment with Raq.

Back in the bedroom, Crabs is clingy with Sarita and Jimena, and doesn’t want to be left alone for a second. She thinks about how she almost died if it weren’t for the medicine the doctor gave her. She knows Feo tried to kill her by switching the prescription the doctor gave her, and that she has to protect herself and have only her daughters take care of her. She opens her nightstand and pulls out the bottle of pills that Fernando gave her. She’s going to save them and give them to Coyote to find out what they are. She thinks how strange it is that Coyote is the only person she trusts.

Soledad fills Coyote in on Darth’s visit. He wants them to leave the house ASAP. Soledad won’t leave until they know what happened to Raq. Coyote tells Mama Coyote that Raq’s dead, and shows her the snake head decoration he found in Raq’s dead hand. Soledad is impactada – she thinks it’s her fault Raq is dead. Soledad laments over how Darth always adored snakes, and wouldn’t you know, he even formed a Secret Society of Snakes (say that 5 times fast!), called “The Snakes” with Feo’s Daddy, Roberto Escandon. They even made the symbol of their society a snake. (How original! Those evil guys are so creative. They even had leather jackets like the Lords of Flatbush!) Apparently, Darth Rico betrayed Roberto, leaving him penniless, which is why Roberto killed himself. (Soledad knew all this back in the day and was still in love with the Grand Poobah of the The Snakes?) Soledad says Crabi had a lot to do with the tragedy of Feo’s Daddy’s death.

Back in Crab’s world, she’s busy giving Sarita a big guilt trip of making her chose between her mother and Franco. As usual, Wimpy Sarita caves.

Outside, and on his way to see Gabi, Darth curses Gabi for turning him into a killer, and for never being able to know his own son. He runs into Root, when all of a sudden the Officer M. Chops and Crew show up to take him away to be questioned about Raq’s disappearance. Officer Chops tells Darth the Reyes Bros. have formally accused him.

Upstairs, Jimena is reading Sarita the riot act for agreeing to leave Franco and stay with their mother. Sarita says she feels torn, “entre la espada y la pared” (between the sword and the wall).

Over at the Reyes Rancho they’re all talking about what’s happened and how it’s much better for the little girls and the mute nuns to live with them. They ask Eva to tell them once again exactly what happened at Hacienda San Agustin the night of Libia’s death, because they still have doubts that it was an accident. Eva retells her story saying that Libia left the house “afligida” (heartbroken), and that later on Gabi and Feo were alone in the office talking, but she doesn’t know about what. Oscar thinks they need to talk to Gabi about that night also.

Feo is in the office gushing about his victory over Sofia. He thinks he really needs to get rid of Gabi as quickly as possible, and then Snake Jefe Uribe.

At the police station, Darth Rico says that Raq abandoned him, and doesn’t know anything about her disappearance. Juan strolls in and starts yelling about finding the papers saying Raq owned everything, and that’s why Darth killed her. Officer Chops says to Juan, “Whoa, wait a minute, you accused him of the disappearance of Raq, not her murder.” Juan breaks the news that he just found Raq’s body. Darth fakes shock at this news. Root just looks down and shakes her head. Darth starts screaming that there’s no evidence that he killed Raq. (I guess he hadn’t noticed he was one snake short of a jacket?) Juan screams that the proof is in the pudding, I mean the papers that Darth is hiding in the cabaña. Ciudad Serdan’s finest, aka the Mexican Barney Fifes, are searching the cabaña and one of them finds the infamous snake belt and asks Root about it. (Why he even asked about the belt is beyond me – he knows he’s supposed to be looking for papers, not belts! Maybe he just liked it a lot and figured since Darth’s going to be locked up in La Casa Grande probably for life maybe he could have the really cool belt?) Root takes the belt away and says it’s not evidence of anything. Juan shows up just in time to miss seeing the snake belt from his nightmares. Nobody finds any papers.

The sisters are trying to figure out how they’re going to explain what’s happened with Feo and the Hacienda to Gabi, they don’t want to make her worse. Gabi pressures them for answers. Sofia explains that Feo is now half owner of the hacienda. Gabi’s not having any of this and gets out of bed. Uh oh, on the precipice of the Staircase of Doom, Gabi confronts Feo. He tries to explain that he used his rights as her husband to protect her from Sofia. (How long will it take these numbskulls to learn that you don’t have a fight on the stairs!) Feo doesn’t want to argue and tries to get Crabs to go back to the bedroom and take her medicine (the poison medicine, of course). Feo tells Sofia not to forget he has 50% ownership of the Hacienda, when Juan walks in and says he’s giving Sofia his part of the hacienda so she will have majority control. Feo wants to talk to Gabs alone in the bedroom and walks away. Juan breaks the news that Raq is dead, he thinks Darth killed her, explains about the papers and the Uribe fortune. He says Darth is in jail and now it won’t be long before he starts squealing on his accomplices. Gabi is impactada. Feo listens from afar. Gabi says she needs to go back to bed.

Franco and Oscar are interviewing Horty about Libia’s death. Horty remembers that a big, black truck, going very fast, passed her on the road that night on the way back to the pueblo after Bernie’s wake. She didn’t see who was driving, but it looked like they were chasing somebody. They’re thinking that all the trucks at Gabi’s house are black, but they have to figure out who left the wake that night, and for how long, but first they’ve got to tell Juan about all this. (Doesn’t Coyote drive a big, black truck too? I know he didn’t do it, but Gabi hasn’t cornered the market on big, black trucks!)

Back at the jail, Feo is taunting Darth in his cell about killing Raq, and about Raq cheating n Darth with him. Feo threatens to bring charges against Darth for Raq’s murder also, it won’t look good for Darth if that accusation comes from Raq’s amante. Root shows up and tells Feo he better be careful or she’ll spill the frijoles about Feo plotting to kill Gabi. Feo tries to use the fact that Root signed over ½ of her inheritance from Gabi over to him and he’s got the papers to prove it and will tell Gabi. Root says, “What papers, these papers?”, and hands them over to Daddy in his cell, who promptly tears them up. Feo = muy impactado. In the background we hear Root say, “Ooops”. Feo attacks Root and slams her up against a wall, but then let’s her go and walks out of the jail, knowing he’s been beaten this time. Root tells Daddy that the coppers found nothing in the house to prove he killed Raq – he’ll be a free man.

Sofia’s lines, Juan’s lines. More Sofia’s lines and some crying (Sorry, Union rules - have to meet the nightly tears quota).

Feo gets into his big, black, truck (hmmm . . who was just talking about a big, black truck?), and is thinking Root couldn’t have opened the safe, the Reyes’ Bros. must’ve broken into his safe and that’s how Root got the papers.

Franco Starsky and Oscar Crutch (Starsky & Crutch! LOL!! Sorry, I’m a dork, I’m crackin’ myself up!) are bringing Juan up to date on the investigation of Libia’s death. Juan says, “Malhaya” (a word I learned means “Sh*t” just two recaps ago!) Juan says they have to question every person that was at the wake that night about who left the house quickly.

Well, Mommy/Daughter Love Fest 2009 has now officially ended, and Crabs has left the building. Gabi blames Sofia for Feo being able to take advantage of her. Gabi says it’s all Sofia’s fault – everything that’s EVER happened is Sofia’s fault, Sofia doesn’t deserve a mother like Gabi. Stupidfia tells Gabi that nothing she ever does for her is enough, and says she’s giving Gabi everything back and will be packing up and leaving the house. (What about protecting her sisters’ interests????)

Back in the communal bedroom with the safe, Oscar (“The Fingers”) Reyes is giving Franco the combination to open the safe.

Eva runs to the jail to console Root. Eva’s lines, Root’s lines. Root rejects her again and Eva leaves.

The safe will not open. “Fingers” gets down on the floor to open it himself, while Franco is the lookout. (Why not just lock the door???) Oscar gets the combination correct, and they start unloading the goods. Juan pulls out a bunch of papers and the box that has Libia’s necklace in it. He seems fascinated by the box now, but hardly paid any attention to it the other day! Just as he’s about to open the box Franco tells him he hears Sofia crying and Juan puts the box back in the safe. Oscar stares at the box. Back on the Staircase of Doom, Sofia tells Juan about her mother rejecting her again. She agrees to move to the Doble R with Juan and the girls (the nuns too, I’m sure). Feo passes them on the stairs and walks in on Franco and Oscar, still in the bedroom in front of the closed safe. Feo wants to know what they’re doing. Oscar is on the floor and Franco is above him and they pretend they’re doing Oscar’s exercises. Feo accuses them of breaking into the safe. Feo takes a bag out of the closet, and starts emptying the contents of the safe into his bag. Duh! Feo forgets to take the box with him! Franco pulls it out of the safe and hands it to Oscar.

End of capitulo.


Las Tontas No Van 1-28 Wed. - A boo boo, a baby, bawling, and boffing

We open with Luci bribing Santi with his favorite Chai drink (Jaime's too) so that she can go stay overnight with her friends. The theme here is that Santi notices she's different for some reason. She denies it of course and gets what she wants.

Candy tells Meno she's going to live in the DF she decided.

Santi tries to convince Roci to take a bath but she wants him to do it instead of Abue so he flashes back to caring for her again as a little girl and her flinging many colored balls very skillfully for a one year old at his face. That's why he doesn't bathe her anymore She was happy with just hearing the story so goes for her bath.

Luci and Charles are at a club partying and professing their love. Charles is drinking a lot and Luc is not thrilled.

Donato and Sant are playing chess and Santi complains about Jaime. Doni tries to convince Santi to let it go.

Meno discusses with Candi her feeling that she might have feelings for Pato. Meno tells her to go away is one thing but to flee is completely another.

OK, Chuck is good and drunk right about now.

Issy and Jaime argue about her not coming out of the bathroom and if that’s all she wanted he could have saved money and just rented the bathroom.

Luc and Charly argue and he passes out on the club floor.

Santi is at Candi's trying to talk her out of leaving for the DF and convincing her they will tackle the matter of her son together. She says she's not going because of that but really going because she fears what she feels around Pato. Oh boy, I'm sick of her pity party….Santi too and tells her it’s a bad idea for her to run away.

Meno runs downstairs screaming he needs help to go and get Charly cause Lu called. Snati said impossible she is with her friend. Meno says he’ll introduce him to the teenage world of lies later but they have to go to the hospital now.

Now Jaime is worried about Issy, and he feels like a rapist. She is nervous about this whole thing like a teen, but he promises her nothing will happen if she doesn’t want. They hug.

Marissa shows up at the house and Donato tells her that doc isn’t there and doesn’t know when he’ll be back but she says she’ll watch a novella or something. He’s seems surprised she watches them and inquires further which one she likes. She says yes that one with Yanez and the scene at the lake where he shows his butt!! Shout out to Fuego fans…

Candy is putting Chava to bed and asks him if he wants to move to the DF. He says no way.

At Sole’s house Pat is saying goodnight to Beto, like any smart kid he asks if he’s not going to stay in the house with them sometime. Sole intervene’s and says he’s got his house and wife. Beto asks but doesn’t he like his Ma. Sole ushers him off to bed. I say good damn questions Beto. You are a sharp boy.

We go the hospital where Santi is yelling at Lucia for her lie and calculating her punishment. Meno ushers out Charly who is better but still looks like crap. He will talk to him and leave Santi to talk to Lu.

Poor Chava has a dream that Roci is going to stay here with Merengue but he has to go live far away. He wakes up of course having wet the bed. Ma makes it all better.

Sole apologizes to Pat for all the questions; that Beto just wants to spend more time with him. Pato wonders if Beto’s the only one. They start to kiss. Ali’s turn for a nightmare. She wakes up calls his cell which is apparently shut off as we flash to more heavy making out between Pat and Sole.

Santi and Luci arrive home where he gives her the "we’ll talk more tomorrow." Mari comes up to him and wonders what happened. She really doesn’t care though because even though he tells her he’s not in the mood for games, she walks little baby booties up his arm. He knows this trick because he pulled it on Pau many years ago. He is rightfully impactado as he learns they will become parents.

Pato returns home to a waiting up Ali. He realizes it's super late. She wants to know where he was and with who. He says ok, fine she deserves to know if she wants but if she learns probably their relationship should end, so does she really want to know? If so he'll tell her. She runs to the sofa and cries without begging him any more.

Meno gives Charly hangover curing food and tells him it's stupid to over indulge. He makes him take his pain killers and Charly instantly feels better. Teen drunks, I tell ya. Takes me days to feel better now.... :)

Santi yells at Lu for lying. She apologizes so he'll reduce her punishment, but only by a day. He tells her he's sorry to have to do this, but he does it because he cares.

Issy calls Santi and let's him know she's doing well. Guess maybe they did it because they are hugging and laughing like kids.

Santi gets a patient who wants to cure her depression. He says surgery won't cure it, but one floor up maybe they can. He tells this to Candi. She thinks he's professional and is pleased he is taking their institute seriously. He introduces patient to Candi.

Jaime and Issy are having a blast in Puerta Vallarta at what looks like the same piano he was playing in Guadalajara, but what do I know. The real pianist comes over and begins playing Somos Novios.

Sole and Candi are talking about Candi really liking Santi after all and that she should just accept it and tell him how she feels.

Santi and Lalo are post- oping again and Lalo teases him about whether or not he'd marry Candi if she came walking in right now accepting marriage. He says that he will never be happy with her and that she is a fantasy.

At the institute Barbara saw Mari with an EPT in the bathroom and tells Ceci and Sole she's pregnant. Sole is impactada, and Ceci thinks good for Doc Plas being Pa as he only makes Candi suffer and she deserves better. Barb jokes "better like you?" Sole is adrift in thought and doesn't even hear this jab.

In Santi's office Candi was thanking him for the client, oh and one more thing. Very seriously she says she thinks, no, knows she's in love. Santi asks with who and as the bell tolls the Raven quoth nevermore, because Mari comes in and asks if she is excited about the news, that she is pregnant. Very pregnant actually, and that they have been trying for this for a long time. Candi very seriously congratulates them and then leaves calling herself a fool. Santi tells Mari she shouldn't have emphasized they were trying. She doesn't understand why not if they have never protected themselves. Anyway he says, yeah, he's happy. His eyes speak another truth.

Candi bawls behind her door. Duh, you waited too long.

The waiters sing with Lulu, Pero Te Vas A Repentir (You're going to regret - ha) and Lulu shows Chayo how she's set up dinner for her and Meno.

Santi and Pat are having some coffee or something and he gets congratulated but essentially confesses to Pato he's happy but Pat thinks maybe he's in love with someone else. Santi wonders what is love and he's doing the good Jaliscan thing, what's right.

Back at the restaurant Charly shows up to check on everything after we've just seen the guys counting the money and discovering they are short. Lulu finds out that Meno isn't coming and she bawls. Zamora says to break out the weapons because they are going to eat all the plates that Lulu prepared for Meno.

Candi and Sole discuss the whole "Santi is going to be Dad" so she is not getting involved and that's it. Sole still thinks she should tell him what she feels. He calls and wants to see her and she agrees.

On the way there Santi's very expensive Mercedes with the emblem blocked out breaks down- yeah not likely. For some reason he can't call Candi and she arrives at the park and waits. Instead he calls his mechanic, but I guess Candi doesn't have a phone suddenly and we go through a calamity of him eventually standing her up. A kid steals a bike in the same park, the girls flag the police and of course by the time they catch up to the "bike stealer" the kid has sold it to Santi for a fortune and he is the sucker that gets to go to jail. He tells them he's a plastic surgeon but they aren't interested. And here's where we are left for tomorrow.


Fuego: Where Are They Now?

Hello, Fuego fans -

It just occurred to me that over the course of this tediously extended novela many characters have been abandoned by the wayside, perhaps because the actors had better gigs to go to. Has anybody been keeping track of the departed? Since I stopped watching for months and months, I didn't see what happened to, for instance:
  • Rosario died, right? But what happened to her son? To her strange mother?
  • Don Augustin got "married" and moved away? Never to be seen again?
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee - no interest in their poor sister Root? Where are they?
  • The Babe Doctor and her daddy doctor - nu?
  • I haven't seen Pablito for a long time - he didn't get offed, did he?
  • The donkey! Does Padre Bouffy have a car now? How is he getting around?
Are there any more? Where's Sylvia and her spreadsheet? Are they going to show up in a gigantic wad in the finale?

We could also use a death count. Anybody game to tally up the players?


Cuidado con el Angel, January 28, 2009

We start off with JM in traffic thinking of Marichuy. Marichuy pulls up beside him and at first they do not see each other. While I am yelling at the TV for JM to look to his left he finally hears me and sees her and mutters Marichuy?!

Rocio tells the judge the truth of Viv and how she pretended to be dead and then all of a sudden she’s alive. She made up a story of having amnesia so that she did not have to say where she was while she was away. I figured I have to tell you the truth since my brother would not tell you.

JM wants to talk to Marichuy, but says they have nothing to talk about. She peddles away and JM follows her. He yells out again that they need to talk. She tells him that all he’s going to say is that he thinks about her and has not forgotten her. You probably tell that to all the woman. You are engaged aren’t you? How do you know that replies JM.? I read about it in the paper. He asks her if she wants to know the truth and when she says no he laughs and says of course not.

Rocio goes on with her testimony defending Blanca.

JM asks Marichuy if she is really going to get married and with who. She tells him that it really doesn’t concern him. She points out that he will be getting married for the 3rd time. JM asks if it’s true what she said on the phone about not caring about him anymore. Marichuy replies that she does not care about him like he does not care for her. And that he is going to marry another like she will be. JM gets out the car and tells Marichuy to look him in the eye and tell him that she does not love him. Marichuy tells him that she does not have time to talk and a car is honking its horn at them. He turns around and tells the driver to stop and she takes her opportunity to ride away. He gets back in the car and pulls it to a side street, gets out and runs after her. But she has disappeared. She starts crying and worries what Amador will think when she sees her cry. JM is sitting on the steps thinking about Marichuy. He reaffirms his commitment to Blanca.

He goes to see her to find out how things went with Dr. Soto. He knows that she did not go to court pleading that she was sick. He goes on to say that he wanted Dr. Soto to psychoanalyze her. Why did you not let him asks JM.

Amador is going over the script with Marichuy. He yells out “Bravo” at her performance. He wants to go over it again, but she tells him that she has to go.

Rocio tells the judge that PA will back up her story about Blanca.

Blanca apologizes and JM says he doesn’t understand her. Blanca tells him that the Dr. was terrorizing her with questions. She finally could not take it anymore. JM asks her what happened to her sister?

Cande and Olga are talking about Marichuy. Olga tells her that Omar came after her and that PA said that he is waiting for Omar to come back to visit with him so that he can bring Omar to see Marichuy. Cande changes the subject when she hears Marichuy coming in. Marichuy sits down to read the paper and Olga asks her if there is anything good in there. Marichuy wants to read about the trial. Olga asks her if they find Blanca guilty and she goes to jail, that will leave JM alone. What will you do?

JM wants to know what part if any Blanca had with her sister’s death. Blanca begs him not to push. He tells her he just wants the truth. He presses on and she cries out that she can’t.
Onelia’s attorney asks her what she happened after she and JM ran into the room and found Viv dead.

Mayita is visiting Abuela and she finishes telling Mayita the story about The Little Mermaid or something like that.

JM comes home and Rocio tells him about the trial and how she told all the truth and defended JM and Blanca. Rocio asks him why with the face. JM tells her that he is concerned about Blanca and says that she had a sister that died. When Dr. Soto asked Blanca about it she became hysterical. He thinks that Viv was not Blanca’s first victim.

Marichuy tells Cande about her rehearsal and how great she did. Cande wonders if Marichuy will be nervous. Marichuy tells her that she does not because she gets in character. Marichuy admits to Cande that she saw JM.

Olga and Purita are walking down the road and she wonders if Purita has talked to Adrian about entering the convent. Purita tells her that he was sad just like her.

Adrian tells him mom about Purita’s decision to enter the convent. He wants her to retract everything she told her.

Patricio complains to Estephania that all Ceci thinks and talks about is Marichuy. He doesn’t want to think about how the house will be if Marichuy comes to live with them. Estephania asks him if it can be avoided for her to find her. Patricio doesn’t understand her. Estephania says what if I knew where Marichuy is and figured out a way to get rid of her forever….

Marichuy tells Cande what happened when she came face to face with JM.

Estephania admits that she does know where Marichuy is and Patricio asks her how she can keep it away from Ceci knowing how she is suffering.

Onelia confronts Rocio and says that her attorney told her how she defended Blanca and JM at the trial.

Patricio cannot believe Estephania’s behavior. She tells him that she thought that he did not want Marichuy around. Patricio does not care as long as Ceci is happy. Where is she asks Patricio.

JM tells Onelia to leave the house. She refuses until the trial is over. She says the double personality angle will not salvage Blanca. She then tells Rocio that she cannot believe that she talked bad about Viv at the trial. JM questions Rocio what she said. When she tells him he asks her why you did that. Sorry replies Rocio but they needed to know the truth about Viv.
Patricio demands Estephania tell him where to find Marichuy. Estephania tells him that she does not know that it was a joke. She wanted to know how he would react. He does not believe her. She reiterates that she really does not know where Marichuy is.

Balbina tells JM that she received a summons to testify against Blanca and JM.

Estephania confesses to Isa what happened when she told Patricio that she knew where Marichuy was. Isa yells at her.

Omar and Cosme are having lunch and Cosme wants to know what happened with Marichuy. Omar tells him that he has not found her yet. He hopes he will find her soon. In the same restaurant Amador, Estephania and Isa come in. Omar recognizes Amador and goes up to him and asks if Amador remembers him.

Olga and Marichuy are talking about Purita entering the convent. Marichuy offers to talk to Purita.

JM tells Balbina not to worry. The truth will not hurt him. Balbina prefers not to go, but JM tells her that she must. They are trying to find out everything that happened. Balbina asks is that why Marichuy came? (don’t know how that fits in all this) JM is impactado and asks if Marichuy was in the house.

Omar asks Amador if he knows where Marichuy is.

JM asks Balbina if she saw Marichuy. Yes, I thought someone told you. She was here for a short time and left. JM thinks to himself why she was there and didn’t tell him when he saw her in the street.

Omar wants to talk to Marichuy and asks if Amador knows where she is. Amador says he doesn’t know where she is. Omar then asks him for Marichuy’s husband’s name.

Marichuy wants to know why Purita wants to be a nun. Does she think that this is really what she wants?

Omar grabs Amador and demands to know where Marichuy is. Amador keeps insisting that he does not know where she is. Isa and Estephania comment how attractive Omar is.

JM pours himself a drink and angrily wonders why no one told him that Marichuy was at the house. Why did Marichuy not tell him that she came to see him? He wonders out loud where she could be.

Tomorrow: PA insists on telling Marichuy who her real parents are


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fuego, Wed., Jan. 28: She's just a Rebel Without a Cause.

I cried when I had no shoes… until I saw Cheney, who couldn’t walk—then I laughed really hard. Obviously, being in the “chair” was his “choice,” but now that Cheney has something to fight for, namely Jimena and the entertainment of his apathetic bros., he’s picking up from where he left off and moving on with his two crutches, not to be confused in stature or cerebral matter with his two non-supportive bros.

Little Raquel has gone and lost herself again, and the ingenious Juan wants the cops to find her because then they will surely find Ricky. Because we all know the saying; where Raquel is, Ricky…isn’t. Anyway, clearly her disappearance is linked to Libia’s death. Sure the two events happened within years of each other, but just look at the time they arrested Juan for Sofia’s rape. Something tells Juan that Libia was probably not swept away with the current. Gotta love the sibling intuition…

Root feels constrained and un-appreciated by her parents. Clearly, being raised with leather whips and super-tight bras was way too cumbersome for the average unstable single-child. Coyote commiserates because they have the same father. However, he only thought bubbles this because his communicative processing skills were retarted by his similarly-neglecful/unstable upbringing.

“Libia either died by accident, or not by accident.” Oh, my god. After what seems like decades of dead-end thumb-twiddling and hide-and-go-seek, we finally apply the miracle of technology and education beyond fourth grade to reach this promising conclusion. Coyote’s intelligence is a godsend/inspiration, and will probably lead to Libia’s eternal flowery rest in peace.

Ricky goes to Sally in search for answers regarding his “hijo.” But first she wants to know what he did with Raquel—kill her like he killed the Robles-Reyes? Well, that’s beside the point because, yet again, we have another case of “I loved you first.” See, Ricky and Sally were an item, probably before the gangrene and blindness set in, but that damn Gabi convinced the meek, but hawt Sally that Ricky didn’t love her anymore. Fast-forward 45 years: Ricky still has the hots for Sally, despite her diminished self worth and ever-changing countenance and skin tone. Buddy, you snooze—especially with other people—you lose. She asks him to forget about her and their son. Not like it will be hard, considering he forgot about her for 45 years and then, as a result of multiple bystanders and the mysterious workings of destiny, it occurred to him that he always loved Sally.

If there was ever one trace of reality in this show, it’s the fact that the “happy couple” always argues, not unlike many of the failed marriages I imagine the writers of this show have (you’d have to be a loser to call this shit “romantic”). Anyway, Juan, like in every other dialogue, insists that hacienda life is counterproductive to the infantile development of the foster hooligans. Well, I lived here through my mid-thirties and I grew up just fine (?)... Now more than ever, even though no one realizes it, it’s time to return those children to the willing and able hands of the local clergywomen and hope that they someday drum up enough motor skills to work in a federally-funded metal workshop. How about we just wait for mamma to get better and then we’ll go on vay-kay! Ok, dear, because I will always support your opinions, unless they contradict or interfere with my personal vendetta to systematically destroy your family unit—or what’s left of it.

Not that I care about the “plot” of this escapade, but if Gabi dies from another one of her daily diabetic, stress-induced hallucinations, I will despise this show so much that I will probably just love the show out of frustration. Anyway, she can’t breathe because Fernie did something to her and he said that when he comes back she would be dead. Then the whole family threw their arms in the air, but they, too, are marked with Gabi’s paralyzing likeness and simply stand on the stairs waiting for a cue from the scene director or PadTad, whichever gets his act together first.

After contemplation and small talk, everyone gathers around the dying woman’s bed. Even though everyone should have prayed for this day, and considering the fact that not one of them has the ability to convincingly feign emotions, it’s somewhat troubling that everyone seems concerned for Gabi’s health. Rooty, the fountain of emotions, tries to console her dying mother, but Sofia, the one who’s not even related and was loathed by said dying woman, tells her to hit the road because she’s a dirty tramp. Well, there’s another reason for Root to feel shitty about her parents. When will Sofia stop beating a soon-to-be dead horse-whipper?

Of course, PadTad wasn’t about to miss out on this affair staged in his fav. family’s home, and came with bible and holy water in toe to prepare the body for heaven, or whatever they do to make hypocrites feel better. Naturally, Gabi wants to confess herself so as not to go to hell. I remember the days when she said PadTad wasn’t “religious enough,” but now she’s all like “whoa, save me.” Apparently when you’re about to die and on your last breath, your voice projects in a booming, echoing, reflective manner. We all know what she did (hell, we lived through months of it), but we need the church music to make it sound more serious, and besides, her monotonous voice just makes her seem like even more of a bitch, who, might I say, was really just incompetent and half-assed in everything she ever attempted. How will history remember Gabi? Like Jimbo and Plato, she was a rebel without a cause. What’s more: a menopausal, unstable, and brandy-soaked brain with illusions of being a bad-ass, but really only leaving the sort-of legacy of booze-dependence and uncontrolled sensuality to her sort-of daughter. How’d I do?

At this point, I have no clue who Eva’s daughter really is, but whichever rebellious daughter is regrettably hers, just know that her conversation with Root is the exact same one we went through with Rosie, Sofie, Sarita, Rosie again, Sofie, and Root two times before last week’s Wednesday episode. Acceptance, repentance, cry on shoulder-nce. Rinse tear-soaked scarf and repeat.

Of course Gabi’s sins are serious, but God forgives and understands and cleanses as long as you swear that you’re sorry. So basically, if there’s a chance in hell that Gabi’s not going there in a one-way hand basket, there is hope for every other perverted, twisted, and malicious murderer/rapist/self-worshiping god(dess). That must be the “new-age” theological theory they teach in those liberal arts colleges…

The doctor comes after Gabi’s soul cleansing and gives her some curious pills from an unmarked container. Well, just like that, you’re stable—physically speaking. Surely, Fernie tried to kill her. If this 234th near-death experience and explicit confession to the wondrously-forgiving PadTad and god, I think it’s safe to say she’s, to quote our Patti, “Got a New Attitude.”

Well, I’m convinced that if the “doctor” would have paid attention during freshman biology, he would have been able to perhaps guess that Gabi’s condition was the result of drugs and not mother nature’s fury. Fernie is naturally upset that the doctor “happened to be in the neighborhood (he’s practically a live-in).” Then some guy needs Gabi to sign papers so that “everything can legally be Sofia’s.” Well, I’m Gabi’s sort-of husband, so that’s just as good. Good enough for me.

This time the search party (for Raquel) has organized itself according to 18th century standards and even included horses and machetes among its searching techniques. Juan stumbles across what looks like a dead Santa. Let’s just say the makeup department is operating on a non-existent budget, or that’s not Santa…

Tomorrow: Gabi’s good as new and walking around minutes later. She’s disappointed in Fernie for attempting, for the billionth time that week, to kill her. In other news, and I don’t see how this is possible, Fernie is the joint-owner with Sofia of “everything.” Woohoo for him!

*As I edit this post, I ask myself; did anything actually transpire that moved the "plot" forward? Maybe I'm just cranky...


Doña Bárbara, Weds., Jan., 28 - Santos can't find Marisela but he finds out that DB has been keeping things from him

Santos asks Gonzalo where Marisela is. Gonzalo seems surprised to find that she's not at Altamira. He tells Santos that Marisela left them and he doesn't know where she is. DB pulls Gonzalo aside and demands to know why he didn't succeed in winning Marisela's love with all the opportunity he had. "Doña, you can insult me all you want to but Marisela never cared about me. It's impossible to do anything when confronted with indifference or when confronted with love." (Contra desamor o contra el amor no se puede hacer nada.)

Guerrero tells Antonio and María Nieves that they will be released shortly.

Gonzalo tells Santos that Marisela used him to get away from Altamira and especially from Santos and DB. He tells Santos that a few hours after they crossed the frontier, Marisela took a bus back to her country. She wouldn't tell him where she was going except that it wasn't to Altamira. [It wasn't too hard to guess where she went though and later we find out I was right.]
Gonzalo points out to the drink stupefied Santos that he seems to be the only one who is concerned about where Marisela is.

DB tells Eustaquia that she doesn't want Marisela to return to Altramira. Eustaquia says that if Marisela returns, DB won't be able to do anything about it. "Not if I find her before then," says DB. DB sends Melquíades to steal the letters from Marisela that are in Cecilia's house.

Santos comes to Cecilia's house, sees the packet of letters in her secretary and demands to know where Marisela is. Cecilia says that she has known where Marisela is from the beginning but she promised not to tell Santos. She tells him that Marisela doesn't need him.

Melesio tells Gonzalo that he thinks that DB has taken away Santos' will like she did with Lorenzo. He asks Gonzalo whether he thinks this the same Santos of a year ago.

Juan Primito comes to tell DB that Eustaquia is ill. She has a headache. Eustaquia says that she is tired of fighting with DB. She begs DB to leave Marisela alone. DB replies that she has to make sure that Marisela doesn't return. She doesn't want to hurt her. She is afraid of what Santos will do if she returns.

Melesio, his grandsons in law, Gonzalo & Pajarote are playing dominoes when Santos staggers in hopelessly drunk. He passes out and has to be taken back to Altamira. Gonzalo is shocked that Santos drinks so much. Carmelito and Pajarote says that Santos reminds them of Lorenzo when he was drinking.

Melquíades steals the letters from Cecilia's house and delivers them to DB.

DB hand feeds something for a hangover to Santos in bed. DB tells Santos that she has an appointment with the fertility doctor in the Capital. She and Santos make love. As she leaves, Santos asks why DB is in such a good mood. DB replies that she loves him, he loves her and they just made love. DB leaves and Santos says that it is very suspicious that DB is so happy.

Some guys snatch BP from La Chusmita.

Cecilia finds that her letters from Marisela are gone. She thinks it was Santos.

Gonzalo leaves Altamira to return to the Capital.

Cecilia accuses Santos of taking the letters from Marisela. He denies it an they realize that DB must have taken them. Santos tells Cecilia that DB just left for the Capital. Santos goes to look for the letters in DB's room.

Antonio is concerned that he hasn't heard from Cecilia recently. The guard tells him and MN that they have a visitor - a pretty woman.

While walking her nephew in his baby carriage, Altragracia meets Bartolome Mujica, the nephew of Mujiquita. He is very silly and I predict that he is going to be the poet that she thinks she wants until she realizes that she is really in love with MN.

BP is taken to see a man whom he recognizes. Presumably, it is the gringo whom he saw with Danger.

Looking for the letters from Marisela, Santos finds the soil analysis saying that there is oil at La Chusmita. "Barbara knew there is oil at La Chusmita and didn't tell me," he says.

We don't see who has come to visit Antonio and MN but they are surprised to see this person. [I'm guessing it's Marisela.]

DB shows up at Maurice's house [I knew it!] looking for Marisela. [Yippee! Mauricio is back.]

FYI- I am going out of town this afternoon and won't be back until late Sunday night so I will have to do catchup on recaps of DB next week.


Doña Bárbara - Tues., Jan. 27 - Lots of babies except for DB

Well, we had our jump forward so that the babies could be born and Santos could deteriorate into a moody drunk. The information was narrated mostly by letters from Cecilia, the vaqueros and Santos to Antonio in prison and from Cecilia to Marisela.

A very passive Santos let DB convince him to let her live at Altamira. He mentions the situation with Antonio and all of his business projects that have kept him busy. "I only want us to be together," she says, "Just dedicate your nights to me, let us finally get married, support me in the matter of our child. I will do all that is possible and impossible to give you the child that we both want so much." Santos says nothing and lets her lead him upstairs.

Cecilia is told that she is on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy so she can't visit Antonio. Lucía moves to the capital to take up the slack while she is ostensibly attending the university.

The election in Progresso takes place and Pernalete is reelected by fraudulent means but Santos writes to Antonio that no one could prove it.

DB asks Santos when they are going to get married like he promised. He tells her not to pressure him. He says that he isn't her marionette. He says that he is involved in the highway project and can't do two things at once. DB says that she will wait until the highway is finished.

Gervasia doesn't even make it back to the house when she goes into labor and has a six month old baby boy on the way to the river.

Federica has her baby and the paternity mystery is solved. While the vaqueros were 'eating off the same plate,' Federica had a quickie with a black guy and the baby is a 'chocolatito.' This causes Pernalete to have a stroke leaving him paralyzed in such a way that he can't talk and can only hold the baby. Mujica takes over Pernalete's job.

Josefa and Federica open their whorehouse in Pernalete's house.

Santos is busy with the highway project and the milk processing business but he is drinking a lot.
In spite of expensive procedures, DB has no success getting pregnant. DB tells Santos that she wants him to love her like he did before, look at her like he did before, desire her like he did before. Santos tells her that all relationships cool down over time. "Look," says Santos, "I can't love you the way you love me, but I still love you in spite of all things that you hide. Yes, I know that you continue to lie to me but in spite of that, I love you."

Santos spends a lot of time talking to Juan Primito about Marisela.

DB interrupts one of these sessions and asks Santos to go with her to the pozo. He says that he is too busy. She replies that it is his fault that she isn't getting pregnant - he doesn't want her to have a baby. Santos says that is her problem. She thinks that love is having and posessing but it doesn't work that way. The more she does that, the less passion he has.

Cecilia has her baby boy and poor Antonio can't be there and has to find out about in a letter.

DB doesn't find out about Cecilia's baby until a week later. Eustaquia says that no one wants to talk to DB about babies or births. DB tells Eustaquia that Santos never talks to her any more. Eustaquia replies that DB doesn't tells Santos what she is doing with BP and Los Mondragon. She warns DB, "Santos isn't an idiot; he's acting like one, but he isn't." ("Santos no es bobo; se hace, pero no lo es.") DB says to leave her alone. She knows what she is doing.

DB says that she wants a baby with Santos to make him love her again and tie him to her. She says that she wants something to live for, someone to live for. She doesn't want to feel up in the air as if she were about to lose everything and fall into a bottomless black hole.

Seven months go by. Antonio gets a picture of the baby but writes to tell Cecilia not to bring the baby to see him. Antonio is depressed that he has been in prison a year.

Santos goes to see Guerrero. Guerrero tells him that he thinks the political climate is about to change with the elections and political prisoners will be released.

Cecilia brings the baby to see Antonio but finds him kissing Lucia.

Mujica is named to Pernalete's old job.

The highway is opened and Gonzalo, the rebels and their wives come back to Progresso but Marisela isn't there.


Cuidado 1-27-09. Sisters make everyone crazy. What more proof do you need?

Marichuy buys ten jugs of milk and a big box of assorted cookies for the orphans. She puts the change in her wallet, but we don’t see her try to stash it in her tight skimpy clothes. As she hauls away the heavy bags, the store clerk calls to her, “Tu vas a sombrita!” Does anyone know what this means? “Sombra” can be slang for jail, so is he saying she’s headed to the clinker, like this is some joke between them? I don’t know.

Juan Miguel reminisces on the times when he was less tragic-looking and smiled more, because he and Marichuy were in lurve. Those were happier times for us all, I think. He is elated to have found out that she lied to the judge so he could keep his daughter (although, not really. She just told the judge that JM didn’t hurt her and nothing big happened, which is true even though she was scared and had nightmares) and muses that he would love to find her again, even though she said she’s over him. He tells himself out loud that he can’t help being jealous that she’s marrying someone else, because he still loves her. “I love you,” he says to his empty study, as tears and snot run down his face.

Marichuy hauls the snack into the orphanage kitchen and the noisy kids crowd around like they haven’t eaten in days. The nuns praise Mari’s generosity and say that even when she was there as a child, she would always give some of her food to someone who was hungrier. Marichuy says she’ll keep bringing them things; she would never forget about them because this was her first home. She tells the kids that life doesn’t get easier when you leave the orphanage, so they should study hard now.

In the courtroom, Onerylia is telling everyone that Blanca seemed timid and reserved, but obviously that was just a mask because really she is a murderous flirt. The defense attorney says that Ivette killed Viv, not Blanca, and Onelia snarls at him to stop trying to sell that ridiculous story. “What was Viv doing in Blanca’s room?,” asks the attorney. That slows Onelia down. Blanca looks sad.

Olga is still trying to figure out what’s going on with Purita. Purita follows the Lorena School of Communication method (as hilariously described by Ferro; see Querida Enemiga recaps) and goes on and on, thusly: “I have decided what to do. You are going to be very surprised. It is not the usual thing to do. I don’t know whether you will support me. It sort of has to do with Adrian. Do you really want to know what it is? Okay, I will tell you. If you really really insist, I will tell you what I am going to do.” Finally, the angelic music starts up, and, like the musical cues to boot Oscar winners offstage, this finally prompts Purita to wrap up and tell her mother she has decided to become a nun. Mom is muy impactada.

Over at the orphanage, the Marichuy lovefest continues. The nuns marvel that she brings them food when she can’t have very much money herself. She says she does what she can because she remembers what it’s like, always to be in need of something, and soon she’ll be able to give them lots more. She says she has to leave, and the girls beg her to stay. She gets them all to dance as she exits. They should sing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and do flips.

Onelia tells the court that Viv was searching Blanca’s room because she thought there was something strange going on. Blanca would come and go at odd hours and hide in the dark, and other witnesses will testify that she was with Juan Miguel in a bar and in her apartment. Viv caught them together one night. Again, the defense maintains that it wasn’t Blanca, it was the other personality, and Onelia gets fed up. “There is no double personality! It’s a hoax (patraña)!” Onelia starts yelling at everyone that it’s all a lie; Juan Miguel hated his wife and got Blanca to kill her and then invented the double personality as a cover. Various lawyers and court personnel roll their eyes. Onelia tells them to find another doctor who is NOT Juan Miguel to confirm that Blanca is ill. Umm, yeah. Why have they been listening to Onelia for so long? Everyone has agreed that Blanca or at least Blanca’s body killed Viviana; the only issue at question here is whether Blanca is mentally ill. Get rid of the raving lunatic mother and get some qualified expert witnesses, by which I of course do NOT mean Juan Miguel. Onelia senses that she’s gone too far with the yelling, and begs the judge to forgive her because she is just a grieving mother who wants justice. “Do you really want justice, or just revenge?,” asks the defense attorney (is that Villar? Losada? I can’t keep them all straight.)

Juan Miguel explains the insanity defense to Rocío in kindergarten terms. Rocío looks at him like, “I know! Just because I wear childish outfits and hair accessories doesn’t mean I’m stupid!”

More of the same from Onelia. Then Mr. Defense Lawyer says he’s going to prove that Blanca is ill, not a murderer. So do it already. Mostly I spend these scenes trying to figure out where I’ve seen the actor who plays the judge before. The court takes a break and Onelia and her henchman lawyer say more of the same old same old in the hallway over coffee. The lawyer doesn’t think the insanity defense will work.

Beatriz and Elsa sit on the lawn to gossip. Elsa says the same thing happened to Rocío that happened to her; she fell in love then was disillusioned because Vicente turned out to be weak. Beatriz thinks it’s too bad, because they seemed so in love. Elsa, now the expert on relationships, says that love is strong in some things and weak in others, and if Vicente had tried to recuperate Rocío would have admired that.

Vicente, looking rosy of complexion and fluffy of hair despite it all, thinks back to happy days with Rocío. Then he remembers the fateful motorcycle ride and gets all agitated, then angry. He blames the motorcycle for everything. We get a few close-ups of his trembling feet while he clenches his teeth, so I suspect one of these days his anger will propel him to walk again.

Beatriz asks Elsa whether she still loves Nelson. Elsa does not care to examine her feelings on the matter. In another word, no. She says she will be loyal to him until the end. “Then what?,” asks Beatriz. “Do you still want Eduardo?” Elsa doesn’t grasp that Beatriz just wants to be with Ed without feeling like she’s betraying Elsa somehow. Beatriz says she just wants Elsa to be happy, with whatever man would be best for her. Perhaps it would be more tactful to wait until her current husband actually dies to say that.

Amador hands Marichuy a script and she looks it over as they walk down the street. It’s something about a delicate girl who dreams of a world of glass where she is in control and can break all the figurines in her hand or some such. Amador says it’s very romantic. He wants her to have blond hair and wear see-through clothes. She’s not too keen, but he says it will be very spiritual. Is that what the kids are calling it? Anyway, this is not for television, it’s in the theater, and will help her to improve. He is going to make her a big star. She agrees to take the part.

Juan Miguel visits Blanca and tells her that the petition to have her judged insane and moved to a psychiatric place for treatment has been rejected. Things are going to remain bad for her.

Vicente is doing his exercises with the physical therapist, and says it hurts him much less now. He asks the therapist to help him: he is going to try to stand.

Juan Miguel tells Blanca that he’s going to get one of his colleagues to examine her and find out exactly what’s wrong with her, so she should be very honest and not hide anything even if the questions are embarrassing or shameful. She agrees.

The therapist gives in and tries to help Vicente stand up, even though he thinks it’s too soon. Vicente hangs from his shoulders with his legs buckled under him. It looks ridiculous.

Blanca asks JM if he still wants to marry her. “Why do you ask that?,” he stalls as he thinks back over the possibility that Marichuy doesn’t hate him. Blanca thinks he’s given up on her being freed. He says no, things are complicated but he’s going to get her out and cure her. “And then we’ll get married?,” she asks again. “Um, yeah, for sure,” he mutters as he looks shifty-eyed and fidgety. She beams.

Rocío visits Elsa and Nelson and reminds them of when they were all laughing and joking all the time. “Well, those days are past. Now life has brought suffering and bitterness,” says killjoy Elsa. Nelson looks annoyed to be labeled that way, but he can’t exactly deny it. “Life brought it, or we brought it on ourselves?,” he asks. He says they chose their paths, and now he’s at the end of his. Rocío looks like she wishes she’d picked someone else to visit.

Vicente manages to stand briefly. Then he falls to the floor (like a sack of potatoes, says the therapist, which is exactly what my mother used to tell me I sat like when we rode horses. It was not complimentary), but he is elated because now he knows he can be cured. Now he’ll be able to walk to find Rocío!!!!!

Juan Miguel arrives home as Rocío is coming down the stairs and tells her that she has to go to the tribunal tomorrow to testify. You’d think the lawyer or someone from the court would have officially requested her presence, rather than relying on her flaky brother to remember to give her the short notice. He assures her that all she has to do is tell the truth, though as he says it he looks her up and down like she might also consider putting on some appropriate clothes for once.

Oh no! If I’m not mistaken, the psych consult guy is slimy Ickturo from QE, looking greasier than ever! This doesn’t bode well. At any rate, he’s a better shrink than JM, because he starts asking Blanca logical questions and listening to her answers and taking notes. He gets about ten questions in, regarding her sister who died, before he switches over to JM’s “tell me your secret! Tell me tell me tell me!” method of shrinking. Blanca looks stressed. He stands up and hovers over her, asking if she was jealous of her sister, if she loved the same man, if she killed her own sister. Blanca denies it, crying and screaming. Shrinkturo is yelling at her angrily now: “You killed your sister, didn’t you!” Ah, he is more clever than JM; he’s deliberately trying to stress Blanca into switching personalities.

Purita tells Adrian that she can’t be his novia any longer. He thinks she doesn’t like him, or is in love with someone else, but she gets to the point a little faster this time and tells him she’s going to be a nun. He thinks she’s joking but she assures him she’s not. Forever?!?!!, he asks, like she was just thinking of going to nun summer camp. Purita walks away while he stands there stunned.

Shrinkturo switches to good cop mode. See, he can have two personalities also. He tells Blanca he’s just trying to help her, and he’s sure the double personality has something to do with her sister, because she feels responsible for her death. Blanca shrieks and tries to get away from him. She begs the guard to take her back to her cell.

Shrinkturo, whose name here is apparently Raúl, drops by Castle San Roman to report to JM that he wasn’t able to finish the examination, so he can’t certify that Blanca has a double personality, but he will recommend that she be placed under observation. He warns JM to be careful because she could be very dangerous, which, DUH, but JM seems surprised by that. Certainly it never occurred to him when he left her under his little sister’s care with his wife’s dead body in the house. JM is looking good in his striped shirt, but the lip-rubbing gesture is getting tiresome.

Marichuy rides her bike down the fancy apartment building hallway to the elevator.

Rocío gets sworn in as a witness. She has worn Capri pants rather than a miniskirt, but otherwise her attire is as usual. Blah, blah, blah, more rehashing of the case and who she is. Rocío takes control of the discussion and the prosecutor looks annoyed.

JM sits in his car at a stoplight and wonders whether he is doing the right thing, marrying Blanca when he doesn’t love her. His reasoning is that only a shrink can help her, and Mayita needs a mother. Someone needs to go back to remedial logic class. I can’t believe he got through shrink school with these reasoning skills. Marichuy pulls up beside his car on her bike. They see each other and gape.

Rocío tells the court that Mayita needed a governess because she (R) was in the hospital, Onelia was a totally toxic presence in the household (they look like they believe that), and Viviana had faked her own death and only recently returned. The old guys are suddenly looking more alert and interested in the case.

Through a weird editing choice, we see Marichuy pull up alongside JM again. They both look astonished again. Marichuy looks happy; JM looks like he’s going to cry. He clutches his chest.

Avances: Juan Miguel still loves Marichuy.


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