Wednesday, June 30, 2010

STuD 6/30/10 For Rosendo What Goes Around Comes Around and it's About Frickin' Time

Sue is unablel to recap tonight so I said I would post a discussion. Does someone want to start us off with a brief summary?


Mi Pecado, Wed. June 30, 2010

Mi Pecado Wednesday June 30, 2010

We begin with a replay of Lu and Carmelo in the barn. It is worth a second look, but I would rather see the smack down with the whip. I wish she had taken out an eye instead of just some skin off his eyebrow. We switch to her and Julian outside the church with him telling her he isn’t going to marry Lorena, and then the kiss. Meantime, Miguel confronts Lorena, claiming paternity and demanding to find out the exact length of gestation to date. Next clip is of Julian and Renata and the picture of Carmelo. Then we see quick flashes of Carmelo in multiple scenes, which, without freeze and rewind, no average human could identify much less decipher. On with the show.

More replay: 1. Paulino and Rosi. He cusses her out for the way she has treated Lu all her life, just because she survived her brother. 2. Julian and Josue on the church steps, where Josue cries and Julian tries to comfort him, telling him his father loves him. 3. Carmelo and Lu in the barn. Now we get the beat down. 4. Lorena and Miguel and the confrontation about the paternity.

Now we go on. Miguel grabs her and she spins away. It hurts. More reason to go to the dr. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. Then Rod comes in the door. What’s going on? Lorena says she doesn’t feel well and Rod helps her to a chair. He looks at Miguel. Who are you? Miguel says he is a nephew of Tia Matilde. Lorena asks to go to the bedroom. Rod gives her a hand. Miguel leaves.

Carmelo comes bleeding in his room and Asuncion sees him. She wonders what he has been doing now. He hedges while she badgers, and then he admits that Lu was responsible. Asuncion says he should leave the girl in peace and goes to get some first aid. Carmelo doesn’t want to hear the preaching and takes the bandages. Asuncion leaves him to it and our brave little murderer/rapist/torturer slaps on the alcohol with a manly scream.

Lu and Rosario are arguing. Lu knows her mother doesn’t agree with the divorce, but she asks her to respect her decision. Rosi says she hasn’t done a thing to stop Lu. Lu asks her not to let Carmelo enter the house. She says Rosi has blocked Julian and she can do the same with Carmelo. Rosi says it’s not the same and wants to know what Carmelo has done to her. Lu doesn’t tell her. She leaves. Rosi looks thoughtful.

In the orchard, Modesto and Paulina discuss business for a moment, and then Modesto asks Paulino if he can talk to him about a personal problem. Personal? Yes, it is about Manuel’s father. Manuel’s father? And you’ll never believe who it is.
In the rooming house, Justina is smoking in the hall when Miguel arrives. He’s staying a while longer. Justina gives him a “buenas”. He wonders what she is doing there. She tells him none of his business and saunters off.

Lorena and her aunt argue about going to the dr. She doesn’t want the Tia to come along. They argue about Miguel becoming involved. Lorena tells her aunt it is her
fault it got so complicated. Besides Julian is the father. Matilde says that Julian will go to Lu, and Lorena will be left alone, with a baby.

Lu and Del are in the kitchen with platters of watermelon and red and orange pepper on the side table. They are very colorful, but are probably fakes. Lu is pointing out the Del’s friend Asuncion always takes Carmelo’s side. Del goes off about it. Lu wants Asuncion to help get Carmelo away from her. Del points out that Lu’s mother could do it, too, especially if Lu tells her about the rape. Lu can’t bring herself to do that.

Speaking of los diablos, they are face to face. Carmelo has the tiniest piece of gauze on his eyebrow. Looks like those tissues they used to stick on shaving scars. If we didn’t know better we would think he was shaving his eyebrows and nicked himself. Anyway, she says Lu wants him banned from her house, and she wants to know what is going on. Carmelo says nada, absolutely nada. Rosi doesn’t believe it for an instant. She grabs his ear and lays it on him. He better not raise a hand to her daughter (she’s kinda late with the threats). He says she done worse to him, publicly humiliated him—Rosi doesn’t care. She tells him he better not drive her into the arms of the chamuco.

Julian and Lorena are talking. He says he is waiting for the dr okay to have her return to Xalapa. She pouts and he says unless she is dying she needs to go to the dr. tomorrow. As he turns to go Matilde says that Lu’s cousin came looking for him. He is surprised and Lorena is incensed. She just knows it has to be about Lucrecia. Julian says not a chance, he and Lu are through. But Lorena is on a roll and continues to carry on to her aunt. Auntie assures her that Julian is only worried about her.

Tere is in the house under remodeling, talking to a workman when Manuel comes in. He is pleased to see her working there. She is delighted to see him. As she turns to go he tells her to wait and invites her out to eat. She is tickled pink and hurries to go change. She is thinking of Blanca’s telling her that Manuel has a special someone—and she is dreaming big.

Modesto is meeting with a lawyer, I think. They are discussing Fidel. I can’t tell if Fidel is going to sue Modesto over the assault or turn him in to the authorities. Anyway, nothing has happened yet, so they think that he probably has some other plan.

Speaking of this devil, Carmelo is pounding on his door, and he staggers out of bed to let him in. Carmelo wonders what happened, and Fidel shows him his side. They talk about an “accident”. Fidel asks about Carmelo’s money problems, and if he got money from his in-laws. Carmelo hands him a check, evidently for some large amount of dinero. He wants him to do a job for him. I’m not real sure what it is, perhaps it is just a retainer in case, but Carmelo seems to think it will rid him of hunger and his lame in-laws. He tells Fidel to think about it. Fidel does look thoughtful.

Rod is helping little Rocio with a lesson. She has done well. They are finished when her mother (I forget her name, and they don’t mention her by name tonight, but she sure is the opposite of Justina. She dresses modestly, is obviously a “good mother” and wear a simple hair style and of course, glasses). She tells Rod she noticed this morning that he was having domestic problems. He sighs and goes to leave when she invites him to dinner. He says he has no one waiting for him at home, and accepts.

At home Lu runs into Tona and asks about her boyfriend. They chat and Lu asks if Renata is there. Tona says no, she went to meet with Julian.

Julian and Renata are at the café. He wants to know what she wanted to talk about. She says that Carmelo was in Xalapa when Earnesto died. She gives Julian a picture of Carmelo to show Marcelina, the housekeeper to see if he was the guy who came to see Earnesto just before he died. After commercial Julian asks Renata why she wants to see Carmelo in jail. She says she did love him, but she regrets it. Have you never done something you regret? Julian says it gives him a little hope, he’ll see what he can do. As he goes to leave, Renata asks about his mother. She says they are friends, and she knows about Josue and she wants to be supportive.

In the meantime, Josue is sitting in the church when Blanca comes by. She says they are friends. Then Matias comes in, and Blanca leaves to go get some bread. I guess everyone in town runs out on foot after dark to pick up forgotten items. Matias and Josue talk, but there isn’t much to say. They are both sorry about what has happened. Matias asks forgiveness. He asks Josue to be his stand in at the church the next day, but Josue says he is going to his father, Rod.

Manuel and Tere are having tacos. Manuel says they are the best. They thank each other for coming to dinner together.

Blanca is on the street when Carmelo drives up. She tries to get away but he won’t let her. He wants to know stuff about Paulino since she works for him. She tells him she doesn’t work there anymore, and she doesn’t know anything. He threatens her and tells her to get the information he wants, something about some dates. She is upset, afraid, and very uncertain.

Manuel and Tere at dinner discuss Julian and Lu. Manuel hates to see the pain they are in. He confesses he has been in love with Lu all his life. Tere looks stricken and runs off.

Lu confronts Renata about what she was doing with Julian. She teases about Lu being jealous. Then she says they were talking about Justina and Josue. She says Josue doesn’t look that much like Cesar. But then she guesses they might be alike. Just like Lu is like her mother. Lu gets it that it is not a compliment and leaves.

Julian is talking on his cell phone to someone about Marcelina and the picture of Carmelo.

Tere comes in crying to Asuncion. Manuel loves Lu. Everyone loves Lu. Manuel, Julian, Gabino, Carmelo, and no one loves her. Asuncion comforts her.

Josue is sitting in the bedroom when Rod comes home. Que haces aqui? Josue says he wants to move in. Rod tells him it is his house. The other bedroom is occupied at the moment with Lorena, Josue tells his father he needs to know if Lu is his sister. But Rod is his true father. It is all okay with Rod.

Rosi and Paulino are in the bedroom. They are talking about the problems of Delfina and the father of Manuel. She says she has her own family. Paulino says she never has had a good relationship with her daughter. So she counters that he’s perfect, he’s never added to the problems with the relationship. He says he really is alone—Gabino’s gone, Rod is furious with him and won’t forgive him, and he is still upset with Matias. Modesto is a friend. Rosi, of course, has no sympathy for him. With such a sweetheart, who needs friends. She points out that Modesto and Delfina are employees, not friends.

Manuel is at Tere’s door. He wants to explain and get some explanations. Asuncion answers the door, but won’t let him in. I think she tells him Tere likes him. He is surprised. He says that he is really not Tere’s equal. Asuncion asks if Lu is his equal. He says no, tampoco. Asuncion asks him why he is surprised then and closes the door. Manuel really didn’t get it, til now.

Justina calls Lorena. She says Miguel is going back home. She suspects that the baby isn’t Julian’s.

Miguel and Tia are talking at an outdoor café. She gives him some advice and says that Lorena is avoiding going to the doctor. She says Julian isn’t stupid, and he is going to find out the truth.

Lorena shows up at the doctors, alone. The doctor agrees that she is the patient, and he doesn’t need to see anyone else.

Delfina wakes Lu up. She is feeling very tired. They talk briefly about Julian and Lorena. Lu says she knows Lorena is pregnant, but Julian has said he isn’t going to marry her. He will be there for the baby, though. Delfina asks what if she has a child. She says that couldn’t happen…then the light dawns. Oh, no, don’t even joke about it.

Lorena gets her ultra sound and asks how far along she is. He puts the gestational age at 11 or 12 weeks. She says, I think, that she doesn’t want to have it.

I know I missed quite a lot tonight, but I have to make this short because I have to be out and about early in the morning. Feel free to add, subtract, or correct. Jay Gee


El Clon, Wed., June 30 - Summary for Discussion

Alej asks Marisa, 'Por favor pare de perseguirme, o que al menos pretenda ignorarme,' Please stop persecuting me or at least pretend to ignore me. Of course, she says that she can't because he won't stay away from Nati. She says that she knows what he is waiting for, '¿Cuánto quiere? Dígame cuánto quiere para desaparacerse de la vida de Natalia,' I know what you are waiting for,' says Marisa, 'tell me how much you want to disappear from my daughter's life.' Alej tells Marisa that unfortunately for her (muy a su pesar), he loves Nati.

Nati gets a call from Alej and goes to meet him without eating any of the food Rosa brings her. Rosa can't understand how Nati can be functioning without eating anything since yesterday.

Latifa asks why Mohamed doesn't defend her from the Naz's accusations.

Amin and Zamira blackmail each other to preserve their secrets: Zamira has had her period and Amin is reading dirty magazines.

Roberto tells Clara that she is SOL in making a claim for the Euros that the Chump used to buy the apartment for Malicia. Apparently, they had actual Euro currency in a safe deposit box, not in a bank account and there is no way to prove it was an asset of the marriage.

Malicia keeps on exploiting the Chump's jealousy by saying that Clara is going to spend her half of the marital property on her boyfriend.

Marisa and Said are making out in the public area of a mall. [How romantic!]

The first to see them are Andrea and Lucia. Andrea wonders if Nati knows while Lucia drags her off. [A smart girl would have taken a picture with her phone.]
Rania, the Naz, Zamira and Jadiya are also in the mall. The Naz is airing her usual list of complaints about her brothers when Rania sees Said and Marisa. No one else sees and Rania pretends to be ill and asks to go home.
Marisa tells Said that Lucas has gone to Morocco.

Amina tells Rania to pretend that she never saw Said with the Westerner. 'La mujer inteligente es la que no ve ni oye nada,' The intelligent woman is the one who doesn't see or hear anything, advises Amina.

A cheery Nati meets Alej who wastes no time in telling her how unhappy he is that she was doing drugs. Nati makes excuses about her family situation and says that she won't do it again. Alej asks her to swear that she won't take drugs again. Nati says how much she loves Alej but she doesn't swear.

Albieri comes to see Daniel and brings him photos of the desert. Dora has a bad feeling about Daniel going to Morocco with Albi. She thinks that she might not see him again. Then she has her abdominal pain again. She can't afford to go to a doctor. Estela says that a friend of hers had pains like that and it was cancer. [Uh oh, poor Dora.]

In Fez, Lucas is wandering around the medina. Jade dupes Tío Abdul and goes out with Zoraida. They find Lucas. Jade tells him to meet her in the ruins. Jade tells Zoraida to make an excuse to Abdul and goes to the ruins.

'Me traicionaste, Lucas,' You betrayed me, Lucas, says Jade. She accuses him of not keeping his promise not to let her be separated from her daughter. Lucas acknowledges the promise but says that he couldn't kidnap Jadiya or both he and Jade would go to jail. 'Yo puedo correr todos los riesgos for ti pero tú no puedes correr un riesgo por mí,' I can take all the risks for you but you can't take one risk for me, complains Jade. [She takes risks - stupid ones.] 'Si yo hubiera sabido que no ibas a cumplir tus promesas, nunca hubiera abandonado a mi marido' If I had known that you weren't going to fulfill your promises, I never would have left my husband, says Jade. She says that she did many crazy things for him and now Allah is punishing her by taking her daughter. Lucas promises that Jade will be reunited with her daughter. 'Si lo último que tengo que hacer es robármela, me la robo,' If the only thing I can do is steal her, I will steal her, says Lucas but he begs her to let him try other means first. He swears that he will get Jadiya and tells Jade to trust him, (Confía en mí).

Daniel plays with a jade stone and says that there is a jade waiting for him in the desert.

Zoraida returns to the house without Jade and tells Abdul that she had to stay at the hospital. Abdul sends her back to the hospital so that Jade doesn't have to return home on her own. Zoraida hopes she can find Jade so that she doesn't have to sleep in the street.

Andrea gives Nati the anti drug lecture. You take drugs to avoid your problems and you feel better for a while but the next morning you wake up and you have a terrible headache and the problems are still there. She tells Nati to confront her problems and not end up like Enrique.

Pablo advises Alej to stay away from Nati or pretend to stay away in order to avoid problems with Marisa. Alej thinks that is a good idea. Once he has some money, he can move in with Nati again.

Clara brings the evidence of the marital property to Roberto. Roberto says that the property distribution needs to be carefully written down so that there are no surprises like if the Chump had a child with Malicia. Clara doesn't think that could happen.

And whaddya know, Malicia is telling the Chump right now that she has bun in the oven. She has conveniently lost the blood test results and doesn't want to have tests done at Albieri's lab because Luisa is mean to her. She says that Cristina gave her the name of a doctor. But then Malicia says that it so hard for her to take the bus when she gets morning sickness. The Chump buys it all and after a few minutes of shock, professes great happiness and says that she definitely needs her own car.

Lucia tells Marisa that Andrea saw her with Said. Lucia is sure that Andrea will tell Nati and she advises Marisa to talk to Nati first.

Zamira has some friends, who are dressed like normal Floridian teenagers, come to the house. Mohamed sees them and goes batsh*t. He tells Latifa that he was being a nice guy by letting Zamira go to school but she can't hang around with Westerners. 'Sólo estoy tratando de salvar a Zamira del fuego del infierno pero no entiende,' I'm just trying to save Zamira from the fires of hell but she doesn't understand, says Mohamed. Latifa tries to protest but Mohamed tells the girls to leave his house saying that he and Zamira have to go visit a sick relative.

Once again, Amin is stealing stuff from the shop and giving it to the skank saying that it is from his father. Karla is pleased. Amin hopes for a kiss but gets a pat on the cheek.

Zoraida is wandering around the medina looking for Jade. [Doesn't she know that Jade and Lucas always go to the ruins?]

Lucas tells Jade that everything will be ok and gives her the keys of their house. He says that he loves her and that the house is waiting for her. [Is this the love nest? If not, is there an address on the keys?]

The credits roll.


Corazon Salvaje, Tuesday, June 29: Ep 92--No smoochies tonight.

Renato is packing for his trip to go after Juan and "rescue" Regina. Clemencia gives him Reggie's letter as a surprise. Renato reads it and deflates. Clem happily says Juan treats her well. Renato crumples the letter and says obviously Juan made her write it. Clem reminds him he was blind before, not realizing Reggie loved him, and he's being blind again now. She won't come back to him, since he's the one who made her leave. Renato says that's why he needs to correct his mistake. Clem asks if he isn't still in love with Aimee and if he thinks he can get Regina's love back. She demands an answer. Does he think he can swap out one twin for the other? He doesn't answer and leaves. Clemencia retrieves the letter and wonders if he really does want to rescue Reggie or get her love back.

Aimee comes to see Daddy Dearest in the office. He refuses to talk to her and says she's no longer his daughter. Aimee begs him to hear what actually happened. He agrees. Aimee says they never had a mother's guidance and grew up in a strict school where they never got to see the world. So when she met Juan, she felt trapped because he's very seductive. He snuck up on her like a snake. Rod asks why she never told him. Well, she didn't think things would turn out this way, but she's been a victim of Juan and his hate. Rodrigo can't disagree with her. That "canalla" wanted to destroy them, repeating his father's history--that man who took away the woman Rod loved! He dishonored Rod's "favorite" daughter…and now he's got his hands on Reggie. They need revenge. And Renato's the one to get it. He doesn't care what Leo thinks. Leo comes shrieking for Rod…"Are you happy now! Renato went after Juan del Diablo! If anything happens to him, I'll destroy you! This is all your fault, the two of you!" She refuses Aimee's attempt at consolation. Rod asks Aimee to leave them alone. Leo weeps piteously. Rod tells her to chill. He's always wanted what's best for her, that's why he came back to the finca. He offers to serve her a drink and then they can talk.

At the gypsy encampment, Griselda works on her Tarot skills. Branko wants to talk. He doesn't believe that she doesn't know where Jimena is. The sooner she fesses up, the better. Branko has a feeling she needs his protection, so Grizzy needs to hurry up and talk. She denies knowing anything. Branko grabs her and demands to know where she's hiding Jimena. Grizzy says she wishes she knew where that "rapazuela" was. Doesn't Branko realize Jime was her only family? And her sustenance? How's she gonna live now? Branko says Servando was right. Griselda only saw Jimena as a "talega de monedas." He doesn’t even believe that Jimena is really her neice. She probably just stole her from somewhere. Grizzy says she's offended and orders him out of her sight. Branko says he'll find Jimena "a como de lugar" and Grizzy better not have had anything to do with her disappearance. He leaves and Griselda calls him stupid and says of course Jimena's nothing of hers. She did steal her as a kid, but no one will ever know. Oh, except for Salma, who heard her talking to herself.

At the bar, Jimena serves drinks and fends off drunks. A guy in a hat asks the bartender how much for Jimena for a few hours. Matias takes the bag of money and tells Jimena to go to town with the man and buy some "viveres."

Mariela and her family pray to the Virgen to find Angela soon.

The guy leads Jimena into the woods and starts going the wrong way. He laughs at her for being so innocent as to think they're actually going to town. Doesn't she realize that her aunt sold her to Matias? He's her owner now, and he lent her to hat guy. She throws dirt in his face and runs away from him.

Gabe and Branko, both on horseback, meet up during their endless search for Jimena. They remark that they will put their differences aside until they find her. Branko proposes something "sagrado." Words are taken by the wind, but he proposes they gypsy swear--if they break it, they'll both have bad luck. Each guy cuts his wrist and they press them together. Branko says now they're blood brothers and no one can break their union. Gabe says he's cool with that, but what happens if she picks him? Branko says there's no way of knowing what hasn't happened, so they have to wait and see what fate decides. Gabe says they'll search separately; they can cover more ground that way.

Jimena cries in the woods. Grizzy, out for a walk, contemplating how to turn a profit as usual, thought bubbles that she could probably make a lot of money selling "Angela" back to her family. She hears Jimena crying. Jimena hears her and runs away. Griselda accuses her of having run away and demands she come back. Jimena keeps running. Good girl. Grizzy barely even tries to catch her.

Rod thinks it's silly for Leo to think something bad will happen to Renato. He's a big boy and she ought to trust him. It's not him; it's that she's afraid of what Juan del Diablo will do to him. Rod, with his usual hubris, says Renato's got the sheriff's men and Juan just has some hungry sailors--no problem! He offers to go to the sheriff immediately and get an update if it will put her mind at ease. Leo doesn't know what she'd do without him. Rod reminds her he agreed not to marry again, and now he'll make her another promise--that he'll love only her and never go looking for another woman. Yeah. Right.

Jacinta takes Maria del Rosario to town again. This time with a red "rebozo" to disguise her.

Rod says this promise is proof of the love he has for her. They kiss. Grossness. He goes off to see the sheriff and says he'll come back when he has news. Leo tells him in the middle of this tragedy, she's the happiest woman in the world. Sucker!

MdR picks up a watermelon in the market and starts eating it. Clemencia comes up and starts her shopping. She bumps into MdR and knocks her shawl off. They get a look at each other before Jacinta hustles MdR off. Clemencia thinks she knows her.

Rehearsals at the casino aren't going well. Madame is worried. Everybody gathers around. Madame is worried about Rosenda and what Rod will do now that he's got his money back.

At the café, Rod enjoys a coffee and restored social standing. He thought bubbles that the guys greeting him are hypocrites who deserve his "desprecio." The doctor finds him and says they need to talk about his attitude. "You've behaved like a coward!" Rod says he'll make him eat his words. Doc says he has every right to say it and demands that Rod do right by Rosenda. Rod says she's a slut who slept with everyone, including Arcadio. Doc warns him not to insult Rosenda again. Rod threatens him with "you don't know what I'm capable of" but Doc's got his number. He says not everyone can be bought and he's not scared of Rod. Also, there's some pending business between their two families. And when it comes to crime, there's no difference in social status. He wonders about the strange death of his uncle. But for now, he just wants Rod to do right by Rosenda or he'll rat him out to the town and they'll all find out what a bastard Rod is. Nah, I'm pretty sure they already got that memo.

Noel meets with the detective who's looking for Angela. He asks the guy to review everything he's found so far. Well, there were some other events that happened around the same time of her disappearance. There was a fire at a hospital where several children died. Also there was a circus in town…. They're interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Mariela and her parents. They're already anxious to hear that Angela's been found. Mariela wants Noel's opinion on whether Angela is alive. He asks them to give him more time. Mariela gets upset about how much time it's already been. Her parents calm her down.

Rod tells Leo what happened with Doc Miranda. Leo is shocked to hear that he's curious about the death of his uncle. She suggests they try to get rid of Rosenda again. And the doctor, if it's necessary. Rod says it's too bad Arcadio's not around anymore. Leo says she's heard that Servando will do anything for money, including killing without guilt.

Rod goes to interview Servando. He asks for a special favor, for which he'll be well paid.

Jimena makes it to one of the shacks on the beach. Maybe Jacinta's. She hears MdR muttering about the sea and hides behind a table that's way too small. They're all frightened to see each other. Jimena reminds her she's seen her before, with Gabriel. Jimena says she's looking for work. Jacinta "hires" her to watch over MdR in exchange for room and board. Jimena is grateful. Jacinta says she's got to go to work. Jimena sits MdR down. She calls her beautiful and asks if she can read her hand. Jimena sees a strong sailor. MdR says Juan de Dios said he'd come back to her. She says her son died after he was born. Jimena says her son isn't dead. He's alive and soon he'll come for her.

Renato, on the boat, thought bubbles about what a dumbass he was, not realizing Reggie was in love with him. He knows the medal was proof of her love for him. He assumes she must be suffering even now.

Doc Miranda and Rosenda take a walk. They both like spending time together. Servando comes up on a horse, riding straight for them, but Gabriel sees him and tries to intercept. He grabs the horse's reins, and then grabs the horse around the neck. Servando insists the horse got out of his control and he's grateful to Gabe for helping. He says he's got somewhere to be and rides off in the opposite direction. Doc Miranda is also grateful to Gabe. Gabe tells him to watch out for Servando. He doesn't think it was an accident. Rosenda is a little shook up, but otherwise fine. Servando curses Gabriel. He's disappointed he won't get paid now.

Noel paces the downstairs. He sees Celia on her way upstairs and stops her. He insists she must know the whole truth and asks her to tell him. "You know what I'm talking about! Please, I want to know the truth." Celia says everyone wants to know, but the only one who can tell him is Aimee. Noel says he doesn't think she told the whole truth to Renato, the truth he's guessing Celia is hiding now. He wants to know if Aimee has been honest with Renato. Celia says that she hasn't been. She's only lied and has never told him the truth. Just lies to save her self and "enlodar" her sister Regina.

Aimee sits in her room playing with her fan. She remembers what Clemencia told her about Reggie's letter. She can’t' understand how Juan can be friendly to her when he hated her so much. She fantasizes about Juan carrying Regina into his cabin on the boat in her wedding dress. Reggie laughs happily as Juan says he loves her like he's never loved any other woman, not even Aimee. Regina says she loves him too, with her whole heart. They play under her veil. He takes off her dress and says tonight will be unforgettable. Reggie tells him she loves him with her whole heart and soul. Aimee says it can't be true. It's not true! Because Juan will never find the same passion in her that she gave him. He'll never find other lips like hers. Regina isn't as much of a woman as she is and Juan must be mistreating her in revenge, because he hates her. Yes, he hates her as much as "you" do…"You, Aimee, you're the best! Don't forget it! The best." She adjusts her wig. Girl, I think you've got that thing on too tight! Delusional!

Rapazuela=greedy girl
Talega de monedas=sack of coins
A como de lugar=one way or another
Viveres=provisions, supplies
Rebozo=shawl, wrap
Enlodar=sully her reputation


Mi Pecado, Tuesday 29 June. Carmelo tries to flirt and gets slashed with a quirt.

It’s poetic justice, because it rhymes.
Paulino, looking like a vampire with blood dripping down his chin, kneels in front of Rodolfo and begs his forgiveness, so that he may eventually die in peace. Rodolfo is none too concerned with the state of Paulino’s soul and declines. Rosario swoops in, in high dudgeon. I mean, it’s one thing for her husband to sample the goods of the Queen of Tarts and sire her rotten offspring, but groveling? Intolerable. Rodolfo knows when to make a hasty exit. Paulino tells Rosario he isn’t the one who told Rodolfo the whole sordid truth, but he’s glad someone did because it’s a huge weight off. Rosario continues bellowing.
On his way out, Rodolfo crosses paths with Lucrecia. Lu starts trying to say something polite, but Rod just orders her to leave his sons alone.
Rosario is still shrieking like a banshee. How dare Paulino abase himself like that, yadda yadda yadda. Paulino says he cares more about how Rod feels than how she feels. But she is the wronged wife!, she says. He says she’s never been a good companion, which is why he went out looking for someone who appreciated him more. Rosario sniffles and can’t believe he’s blaming her, when she has not done one thing to deserve it. How does he despise her? Let him count the ways: 1, she’s indifferent; 2, cold; 3, hysterical; 4, selfish; 5, hateful. “You have never loved me!” he says. Rosario argues: she married him, didn’t she? He says that’s just because it suited her that he came from an affluent family and had a good reputation, but he never lived up to her expectations and she’s made him pay dearly for that. Rosi thinks he’s just trying to blame her in order to soothe his own conscience. Paulino thinks she’s just worried about the scandal, and if she wants to leave him finally, he won’t try to stop her.
Two of Carmelo’s lowlife friends (one of whom is kinda hot) are ticked because his gambling debt checks have bounced. He assures them he’ll get the cash. They give him two days.
Carmelo goes into the cantina and snags someone else’s tequila off the waiter’s tray. Fidel deduces that he’s having cashflow problems and advises him to ask his inlaws for a loan. After all, they should be flush with moolah now that el Chamuco has bought the entire apple crop. Yes indeedy, says Carmelo, it would be an excellent time to restructure their loan. Unbeknownst to them, Modesto is at the bar and observes this exchange.
Irene calls Casa Huerta, wondering why Rodolfo never showed up for the tutoring session with Rocío. Matilde tells him there was a little family emergency, nothing serious. Lorena gets fitsy because it was not Julián calling. Matilde says of course he’s busy dealing with the fallout of their family implosion, but Llorena snivels that she and the baby are important, too. Just for that she is going to have Matilde accompany her to the doctor instead!
Josué is sitting on the church steps looking pathetic. Julián tries to offer sympathy but Josué doesn’t want it (…he sobs, pitifully, so as to garner more sympathy). Now, more than ever, Josué feels that Julián has higher status, since he is legitimate and Josué is a bastard. Julián insists that he will always be his brother and Rodolfo’s son; they are a family and nothing will change that. Josué says he feels terrible. Julián says he’s not alone. He and Rodolfo and surely also Lucrecia are there for him. Josué begs him not to mention her. Okay, fine.
The next day, Lucrecia is wearing her rose-colored contacts and assures Paulino that Rodolfo will forgive him soon. She thinks she and Paulino are both paying very dearly for their sins. {But see, Lucrecia, one of you actually committed the sin he’s being punished for.} Paulino thinks she seems very sad lately and wonders what big sins she could possibly have on her conscience. Lu says she just isn’t feeling very well.
Matilde tells Rodolfo she’s sorry about everything that’s happening and she feels kind of weird that she and Lorena are stuck there in the middle of it. Rod tersely says he’s uncomfortable, too. She gives him the message from Irene. He brusquely thanks her and leaves.
Julián brings a duffel bag of stuff to Justina at the pensión. She’s melodramatic about 25 years of marriage reduced to one little bag. What will become of her?, she wails. Julián says they’ll get used to things eventually. Justina is not too distraught to remind him that he said she could live in his big fancy new hacienda. He says it still needs a lot of work. She asks him how Josué is, and he nonanswers with a long expression of resigned disgust.
Josué has given up the soutane and is in normal clothes. He sees Rodolfo waiting for him in Matías’s high-traffic sala and hobbles over to embrace him. Rodolfo assures him that he is still his father, and he doesn’t even want to find out whether the DNA says otherwise. However, if Josué wants to know for sure, he will support his decision. Big teary hug.
Rosario has been stealing Lucrecia’s corsets, and combined with her big drapy swaggy clothes they create a futuristic Medieval princess sort of look, if such a thing is possible. She’s worried that Paulino may want to be a dad to Josué now. Paulino assures her that he’s definitely not going to step on Rodolfo’s turf (more than he already has), and besides, Josué probably wants nothing to do with him. Rosi is still worried that Paulino may include Josué in his will. She will not allow him to disrespect his ONLY son, César, that way! Renata eavesdrops on this conversation.
Blanca is mopping the floor in the church offices. Matías says they have another employee to do that now, and if she wants to stay busy she should keep Josué company. But Blanca says he’s probably not in the mood for it, and Matías agrees. Rodolfo lurches in looking like he’ll eat them for breakfast, and Matías hurriedly sends Blanca out to water the flowers or whatever. Rod explodes. How could Matías keep this a secret for so long?! And after the thing with Gabino, too! Of Rodolfo’s three best friends, Matías is the only one who hasn’t slept with his wife, AT LEAST AS FAR AS HE KNOWS. Matías tells him not to be rude. Matías blathers pointlessly that Gabino was never really Rod’s friend. He kept up a cold-blooded affair for years, whereas Paulino just made a little mistake. Rodolfo tells him not to try to justify things. {I’m with Rodolfo here. A mistake is letting the dinner burn, or dropping your keys through a sidewalk grate. Impregnating your friend’s wife requires some level of deliberate action.} So Rodolfo is mad that Matías kept quiet, and mad that he told, and he never wants anything to do with him again.
Lucrecia has caught Delfina up on the breaking news. Delfina thinks it’s crazy, all this madness happening at once, with Fidel harassing her, too. {It’s like she’s never lived through an “Últimas Semanas” before.} Worse, she made the mistake of telling Modesto about Fidel’s cockroachy ways. Lucrecia thinks that was the right thing to do, but the Oracle of Delfina is worried about what Modesto might do. Lu says he would be within his husbandly rights to put that scumbag in his place, but Delfina frets that Fidel doesn’t have moral limits so might do something awful to Modesto.
Well, well, well, Modesto has dropped by Fidel’s humble abode for a little chat. Leave my wife alone, etc. Fidel wonders what she’s doing with an old geezer like Modesto when she’s still young and should be enjoying life. “I may be old, but I’m not crippled (tullido),” says Modesto. He slugs Fidel. Fidel whips out his switchblade and looks insane. In the very brief ensuing struggle, Fidel drops the knife and Modesto picks it up. Fidel lunges at him, effectively commiting hari kiri. They are both stunned as Fidel clutches his bleeding abdomen. Modesto says he didn’t mean to hurt Fidel and tries to get him to see a doctor, but Fidel just yells at him to leave.
Matilde tries to convince Lorena that they can’t hang out in the Huerta house forever, but Lorena sniffs that she can’t be bouncing around from one place to another (del timbo al tambo). Matilde is worried that they are in the way with all the upheaval going on in the family, and obviously they are making things even more uncomfortable for Rodolfo. Lorena smiles and teases Matilde about liking him. Matilde admits to finding Hot Rod attractive, but unconvincingly denies further interest. Lorena laughs at the thought of Matilde hooking up with him and living in a lowly place like this permanently. Matilde says she couldn’t imagine Lorena in such a place either. Lorena says that won’t happen; she and Julián will go back to Xalapa. Matilde wearily says that Lorena will not be living with Julián here nor there nor anywhere. Matilde hassles Lorena about her doctor appointment (which Lorena is putting off, probably until memories are fuzzy enough that the age of the fetus won’t make anyone think too hard) while Renata rings the doorbell repeatedly.
Renata is once again wearing nightclub clothes in broad daylight. She’s trying to deliver an envelope to Julián and declines Matilde’s offer to keep it for him. Renata tells Matilde to say hello to Lorena and Justina for her, and Matilde says that would be difficult as Justina no longer lives there.
Josué is distraught. He remembers Rod telling him to find out about the paternity for sure if that would give him more peace. Lucrecia comes to visit and he is not happy about it. She’s upset that he is acting like this is her fault. He says he knows it is the fault of others. “So why are you rejecting me?” He cries that he can’t get over the way he feels about her. Lu says she thought that was all in the past, especially since he is going to become a priest. “You understand nothing!” he sobs. She tries to offer a bit of comfort. “Don’t touch me!” Josué can’t even look at her. Lucrecia says she’ll give him as much time as he needs to come to terms with this.
As Lucrecia is going out through the gate, Julián is coming in. She tells him she wanted to see Josué but it was a mistake; apparently he is still in love with her and obviously tormented by that. Julián says he just needs time. Always one to stay on message, though, he assures Lu that he still is not planning to marry Lorena, so why don’t the two of them get together? Well, it’s not quite the fairy tale Lucrecia had in mind if he’s having a child with another woman. She starts to walk past him, but Julián employs his well-practiced move and grabs her for a kiss {this is at least the fourth time he has done this exact same thing}. She does not resist at first, but then remembers to push him away and tell him not to do this anymore {come on, Lu, we viewers have so few pleasures here}.
Modesto tells Delfina what happened, and she is mad that he got involved with that jerk Fidel and slashed his gut. Modesto says, “don’t worry; I don’t think he will die.” “I’m not worried about HIM! I’m worried about YOU!” Modesto thinks he’d better tell Paulino, but Delfina thinks Paulino is in no state to deal with such things.
Julián visits Josué. Josué does not want to talk about either Lucrecia or Justina. Julián thinks he should talk to Justina and deal with all the issues that are festering inside him before they hurt him even more.
Rodolfo walks through the school courtyard and rudely ignores some guy. Justina is waiting in his classroom. He says things are over between them. She insists she is remorseful. He doesn’t care. Rod yells at her to leave, right as Irene appears in the doorway. Justina leaves and Irene expresses sympathy about his difficulties and asks if he’d rather not do the tutoring. He insists he wants to start as soon as possible. The luuuuuuuuv music likes this idea.
Ugh, Carmelo and Rosario in the same scene. Evil overload. Carmelo wants cash pronto. Rosario taunts him that he’s lost everything and now he’s losing Lucrecia as well. She agrees to front him a bit of money, though, so as to maintain their evil alliance.
Renata is still looking for Julián, and finds Josué instead. He doesn’t want sympathy from her, either. She barely touches his shoulder and he flinches like she used a branding iron. {Although sicko him, he’d probably like that.} Renata caresses his face and says she’ll help him out, whatever he needs. For example, he should be thinking of how he can use this situation to his advantage. He could inherit El Milagro! Josué says anything of Paulino’s doesn’t matter to him (me vale un reverendo sorbete).
Lucrecia parks outside El Milagro and looks worried when she sees Carmelo’s truck there. He comes out of the house, all effusive bonhomie as if he didn’t rape her the last time they saw each other, and she hurries away from him into the stable. “How dare you come near me, after what you did?” “It’s lovely to see you, too.” “Go away.” “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.” “GET. OUT!” “You know what the problem was? I had to force you. If you had been into it, it would have been so much better.” Lucrecia zings him hard across the face with her quirt. Third person bleeding just in this episode, and the most deserving. “If you touch me ever again, I swear I will kill you!” she threatens. Lucrecia throws down her weapon (not recommended) and flounces out, running into Delfina but not stopping to chat. Delfina sees Carmelo staggering out of the stable and chases after Lucrecia.
In Lucrecia’s bedroom, Delfina demands to know what happened. Lu says she hit him with a whip (fuete). Why? Because he’s a filthy rotten ratbastard, that’s why! “What did he do?” asks Delfina. Lucrecia finally spills that he raped her. Delfina is horrified. When did this happen? Why didn’t she say anything earlier? Lucrecia sobs that she was disgusted and ashamed. She never thought something like this would actually happen to her. Delfina assures her that she has nothing to be ashamed of. Carmelo is the only one to blame. Lucrecia says she doesn’t want to tell anyone else and turn her sad situation into an even bigger spectacle. Delfina hugs her and cries with her.
Matilde has summoned Julián to the sidewalk café for a private chat. She wants him to help convince Lorena to leave, since she feels very uncomfortable staying in that house, abusing Rodolfo’s hospitality. Julián says he’ll talk to Dr. Manrique and see if Lorena can travel to Xalapa. Matilde asks if he will go with them. Julián waffles a bit and says he’ll come and go, but he’ll definitely be there when the baby is born.
Lorena lounges in bed, listening to the doorbell ring and bellowing for her missing tia. Finally she gets up and opens the door. Ha! I guessed correctly! It is Miguel. Looking hot. “What are you doing here?” Lorena asks. “I wanted to see how you and my baby are doing.” She denies it is his baby, but he says he remembers exactly when they ruffled parrot feathers or whatever that saying was in Gancho, and they’re going to a doctor right now to find out how far along the pregnancy is. Deer-in-headlights look on Lorena. Yeah, that’ll convince him.
Avances: Renata finally delivers the photos to Julián and tells him what she suspects. Justina threatens Lorena with dire consequences if she’s lying about her baby’s daddy.
darle vuela a la hilacha – (lit. to make her threads fly); kick up her heels and have a good time, live la vida loca (Fidel says this is what Delfina could still be doing. It can have a sexual connotation, i.e. what Justina has been up to all these years)
Tullido – paralyzed, crippled
Del timbo al tambo – from one place to another
Tasajear – to slash (what Modesto accidentally did to Fidel)
Me vale un reverendo sorbete – I don’t care; it doesn’t matter to me
Fuete – whip (noun)


Soy tu Dueña, Tuesday, June 29: Ep 22--At long last, lettuce

Iluminada goes to the stables to look for Nazario and finds Rosendo instead. He offers to take her to town for groceries, but she refuses to go anywhere with him. Rosendo grabs her and insists they need to talk about her mom and how Lumi is refusing to go home. And she won't until he's not living there anymore. He tells her that she'd better not get used to Val being around, cause she'll be gone soon and then he'll get to rape her like he's been trying to since she started working there. Nazario walks in and Rosendo lets her go. Nazario agrees to take Iluminada to town and she runs out of the stable. He asks Rosendo what his problem is. "You've already got her mother. What more do you want?" Rosendo says that's his "bronca" isn't it.

At the bank, JoseMi is informed that getting a loan won't be hard, but it will take some time. Paperwork and all. JoseMi wants to know if the process can be sped up so he can surprise his dad. The bank manager remembers JoseMi's dad…and his "guapa" mother. Hmm. The manager is surprised that JoseMi is back instead of doing… something JoseMi cuts him off before he can enlighten us about. Aha, our hero has some kind of a past. Was he left at the altar, perhaps? Or did he leave someone at the altar? It has to be something that's going to really irk Val when she finds out.

Val, as is her custom when so upset she doesn't know what else to do, sits in the bathtub with her clothes on. Benita comes a-knocking to find out what's up with the noise she heard. And also to tell her that Don Ernesto is downstairs. Val gets out of the tub and regards the busted mirror. She picks up the shard that fell off and looks at herself for a moment before leaving the bathroom.

Ivana, in a sheer off-the-shoulder zebra print blouse, catches up to Nazario and Lumi as they're driving out and hitches a ride to town. Nazario is only too happy to oblige.

Val is surprised at how much the Montesinos property is worth, given how run down the place is. Don Ern says the house is run down, but the property itself has a lot of value. "Aun asi!" Val whines. Don Ern reminds her there's a "laguna" on the property and a "bosque" of fine "maderas." Whatever. Val doesn't like the price. She's still insistent on buying the place, now more than ever, just not at that price. Don Ern tries to figure out why and reminds her that Los Cascabeles is the largest and best producing place in the state. Well, she wants Jose Miguel to go away, that "pelafustan." Geez, Val, mature and cost-efficient way to go about it. She wants nothing to do with him, so Don Ern will take her proposal. He reminds her that if JoseMi accepts, he won't be able to handle the sale because he'll be back in DF dealing with the "demanda" from the bank. She rather nonsensically says "just do what I'm asking" and hobbles out of the room.

Isabel and Benita, those busybodies, are inspecting the broken mirror. Isa understands Val less and less each day. Benita thinks as long as she's taking her rage out on mirrors and not on them it's all going to be ok. She does wonder what happened between Val and Jose Miguel. Benita opines that Val thinks all men are like Alonso. Isa thinks JoseMi is different. If only Val could see it! He even saved her life. Benita thinks Val's afraid of falling in love again. Isa hopes she'll give it a chance and maybe get back to her old self. Benita's not optimistic. And really, it's only been about a month. It feels like they want her to just be over it already. And mostly because they're uncomfortable.

Horacio is scolding his store clerk for not keeping good records so that their accounts don't always add up. Jose Miguel lounges in the doorway and tells Horacio he's one to talk. He was always flunking math. Horacio doesn't recognize him at first, but then is excited to see him. He invites him in to talk. JoseMi meets Timoteo, the clerk, then asks to call his dad long distance. Horacio tells him to make the call from the house and hustles him back there, telling Timo he'll be chatting with this "viejo changarro." A guy comes in to buy a shovel and Timo has a hard time collecting the right amount of money from him. The guy probably gets a really good deal. Now Lumi walks in. Timo wonders who Ivana is, and Lumi says she's the boss's cousin. Lumi gives Timo her grocery list and he says he'll get right on it, "luz de mi amanecer." Ivana asks for Horacio, but Timo refuses to interrupt him while he's busy. Timo asks, "where were we, my 'alondra matutina.'" Lumi swats him and tells him to get the list already. Timo calls her "princesa de mis desvelos" and gets to work. Ivana holds up the door frame and looks around to see what trouble she can get herself into.

Rosendo yells at the assembled farm workers that tomorrow, without fail, all the cows need to be vaccinated. One guy says it's impossible for them to be done tomorrow, but Rosendo insists they can either do it or go find work elsewhere. Val comes up and asks him to take her to the Montesinos' lake, but not on horseback, in the truck. She tells the workers to get back to work. Rosendo tells her she shouldn't neglect her horse or both she and the horse will get out of practice. Val tells him to save his comments and get going. But he asks her why she decided to come to Las Cascabeles. "It's my house, isn't it?" He just thinks it's odd she showed up all of the sudden. Why does she insist on living here? Val says he'd like her to go back to the city, but she won't. She knows he'd do anything to get rid of her--including putting a snake in her bathroom.

Horacio and Jose Miguel catch up. Horacio confesses that although he's engaged, as the date gets closer, he's getting nervous. He wonders what JoseMi has been up to. JoseMi announces he's decided to stick around and get the hacienda up and running again.

Val is convinced someone put the snake in her bathroom. Rosendo insists he has nothing against her. "Si le queda el saco, póngaselo." He disgustingly says it's a really pleasure having her around. She tells him to hurry up with the truck.

Timo gives Lumi back her change and asks her to count it because he doesn't trust himself. He calls her his "estrella fugaz." Jose Miguel and Horacio appear from behind the counter. Ivana whispers to Lumi to go back to the house with Horacio and she'll stay there. She goes back to lounging in the doorway. Timo insists on carrying the groceries to the car for his "ninfa de la primavera." JoseMi assures Horacio that he's sticking around and they'll be in touch. Ivana greets Horacio and says she just came to see his "store" and that it's bigger than she imagined. I just rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck in the back of my head. Jose Miguel also looks wary. He tries to leave, but Horacio insists on introducing them. Ivana says she's heard a lot about him, since she's Val's cousin. Sandra comes running in to attack Horacio and invite him to lunch with her parents. Ivana asks "aren't you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?" Jose Miguel decides now would be a good time to leave, but he's prevented by Horacio introducing Ivana to Sandra as Jose Miguel's girlfriend. Ivana takes advantage of this to grab JoseMi and kiss him. Jose Miguel is not pleased, but catches his buddy's eyes and realizes Horacio's going to be in for a world of hurt if he doesn't play along. Ugh.

Rosendo and Val stand at the shore of the laguna. Val thinks it's pretty. She says of course the cows would insist on coming here to drink. Rosendo invades Val's personal space and says it's because "animals" have their "instincts" and since this water is closer than the river they'd rather go there. Dude, you're just gross. I'm hoping at some point to hear a "lo decapitaron" from the Mexichorus on his behalf. Val pulls away from him and informs him of her new policy of letting the cows roam where they will in absence of a fence. She refuses to put up a fence for the Montesinos. Rosendo likes her attitude. And that they agree on a lot of things, like that they don't like Jose Miguel. And maybe in future they'll get along even better. Val yells at him that the only thing they have in common is working on the ranch. She demands to be taken to the packing plant. Seriously, woman, how long is it going to take you to see how this jerk is manipulating you? And here you're worried about romantic involvements and getting taken for granted again. Meanwhile he's been skimming off the top for years, on top of being a sexual predator and an overall CREEP, but you're going to keep him around? Well, look who's looking stupid now.

Sandra is thrilled to meet Jose Miguel. Ivana says Horacio has talked about her a lot. Jose Miguel extricates himself from the situation, assuring Horacio that they have a lot to talk about. Ivana thanks him "por no haber desmentido" Horacio. JoseMi is confused. Ivana explains that Sandra is very jealous and doesn't like her boyfriend having "friends." Ivana insists she's not interested in anything more with Horacio. She hopes JoseMi won't get into trouble himself, because people might think they're actually going out. He says he doesn't have anyone to be jealous. He shakes her hand and tries to leave, but the skank ho won't let go of his hand. She "realizes" that her ride left already and asks for a ride from him. He says sure, but he came on horseback. Ivana looks nervous. She says it's ok, but then grabs him and pulls him away from the horse, saying horses freak her out, but he makes her feel so confident that she's sure with him nothing bad will happen. Jose Miguel looks down at her grabbing his arm and looks suspicious. I picture the thought bubble as "What the hell has Horacio gotten me into? Bastard owes me more than a beer for this one." Jose Miguel says if that's the case, they'd better get going. She stands by the horse, looking like she has no idea what to do.

At the packing plant, Rosendo looks on, bored, as Val talks to the workers. Heh. I like the hairnet thing under the hat. Stylin'.

Horacio gobbles down his lunch and insists he can't eat another bite, but Sandra's mom says he'd better leave room for Sandy's dessert. She made a "pastel de tres leches," and says he's a lucky man to be marrying her daughter! She bugs them for a wedding date and Horacio chokes on his last bite of food. He says maybe in a couple months, but at the same time, they might need more time to get things planned out. Sandy reluctantly agrees. Papi announces that Jose Miguel Montecinos is back in town. Sandy is please to say that her "osito" is a friend of his. Horacio admits they haven't seen each other in years, but as kids they were inseparable. Oh, and also, Sandy adds, Jose Miguel has a girlfriend! Like, isn't that just super? Tee hee! Mami looks very suspicious about that. Sandy would just love to be her friend. Heh.

At the Montesinos' ranch, Juan is working on the truck, but he needs some parts. Sabino offers to get the parts, if Juan makes him a list. He says when Don Federico and Doña Leonor are there, they'll need transport. Juan obligingly asks for some backstory about why Don Fed left. Sabino says it's because Doña L wanted to leave. She thought her son wouldn't get a good education in a "pueblucho" like this, so they went to DF. But what about Don Fed's opinion? Sabino says his weakness is his wife and he adores her, but Doña Leonor has "mucho carácter" and is to be feared. Sabino opines that in trying to do something good for her son, Doña L did him a lot of harm. He got out of control when he left the hacienda. Sabino says no more at this point.

Jose Miguel has placed Ivana behind him on the horse. The better to accidentally have you fall off in the middle of the fields, my dear. He's riding pretty fast. Isabel sees them ride up and looks concerned. Ivana can't wait to get off the horse. She thanks him for dropping her off. She wants to see him again soon, but in a car. He laughs at her and says if she's sticking around, she'd better learn to ride horses. She grabs his manly shoulders and asks him to teach her. Dude, you stepped into that one. He says any time she wants. Ivana crazily tells him to get going or her cousin might show up and run him off with a gun. He asks if Val has always been like that. "Well, it's a long story. I'll tell you when we see each other again. I can't speak for my cousin, but I'm glad you're our neighbor." She kisses him in thanks and says "hasta pronto." To which he replies, "nos vemos."

Val continues to learn more about lazy Americans and their love of pre-packaged lettuce. Yes, Val, I'm keeping your hacienda running.

Isabel tells Ivana she saw her with Jose Miguel. Ivana says what's the problem--Mami wanted her to go out with single men and Jose Miguel is single. Isabel says she's just surprised…especially to see Ivana on horseback, since she's always been afraid of horses. Ivana admits Jose Miguel is attractive. Isabel has nothing against them getting together. Ivana says he's nice, polite, and "varonil"--what more could she ask for? And luckily Val doesn't think the same. Oh, poor deluded Ivana.

More action at the packing plant. I do appreciate the break these scenes give me from typing.

Don Ernesto goes to see Jose Miguel. The house brings back memories. Don Ern says he met JoseMi when he was a kid. He introduces himself as Val's administrator and gives Jose Miguel the proposal to buy the hacienda. JoseMi says the hacienda isn't for sale and gives the offer back without looking. Don Ern asks him to look it over, but JoseMi says he won't sell to anyone, at any price. JoseMi can't understand why Val wants his land so bad. Don Ern calls it a "capricho" and tells JoseMi he'll have to be patient, because Val will keep trying until she gets her way. JoseMi calls her "testaruda, impositiva, y acostumbrada a hacer su voluntad." Don Ern says that's not the real her. To be honest, he thinks JoseMi is doing good to keep the property and not get rid of his roots so easily.

Isabel is worried about Val skipping too many meals. Benita goes running to heat some soup when Val comes in. Val says she was out looking at the packing plant. Isabel says she's worried about Val going places alone with Rosendo. She confesses that Padre Ventura told her to be careful with Rosendo and with Nazario. Val blows her off. She says she knows what kind of man Rosendo is and she'd rather keep him close, just for that reason. She doesn't think anything bad will happen to her. And besides, she knows tia is praying for her every day. She goes to wash her hands tells Isa to have Benita bring the tray to the office. Benita walks in just as Val leaves. Isa is upset and doesn't know how to handle Val anymore. She goes for a walk to straighten out her ideas. Poor Benitadoesn't know what's going on.

Iluminada goes to gather eggs. Despite the creepy music, nothing bad happens.

Rosendo and Nazario are walking along. Rosendo asks what's the diff if he got the snake or not? Nazario says he's no "blanca paloma" but still…. "Well, then, why are you so worried about whether I put the animal in the bathroom?" Nazario says he's worried if the "patrona" finds out Rosendo will lose his job. Rosendo says he'd have to be killed first. Lumi walks by them with her basket of eggs and Rosendo greets her with "Adiós chula." She rushes past. Nazario asks why Rosendo won't leave her alone. Not because he cares, just that Lumi's only a kid. Rosendo accuses Nazario of wanting her for himself. Nazario admits she's pretty, but he's too old for her, and so is Rosendo. Lumi deserves someone who treats her well, someone who will form a household with her. He threatens Rosendo that if he doesn't watch himself, someone might tell Lumi's mom about his intentions toward Lumi. Rosendo says no one threatens him, and Nazario is the one who'd better be careful.

Isabel walks along. She's greeted by Sabino, who remembers her. They're glad to see each other. Sabino thinks Don Federico will be even more happy to see her. He'll be there in a few days with Doña Leonor. Isabel wants to hear how he's doing. Sabino says according to Jose Miguel, he's tired and maybe even sick. Isabel is sorry to hear it. Sabino says she'll get a chance to see him. They are neighbors, after all.

Ivana comes into the office and tells Val that behind the desk, she looks just like a businesswoman. She wanted to tell Val that a friend brought her home on his horse. She just wanted Val to know so that later when she hears the gossip she doesn't get mad. Val says, whatever, she just doesn't want any of Ivana's "friends" hanging around the house. Ivana is fake shocked, since Jose Miguel has been so nice to Val. Well, Val wants to see him at the house least of all. She didn't know Ivana was friends with him. Ivana says he's the one who brought her home…Val doesn't mind, right? Don Ernesto interrupts. He tells Val he needs to talk to her. Ivana gives him a nasty look and leaves. Don Ern tells her that he's talked to Jose Miguel.

Isabel goes back to her room and leans on the door, gasping. Benita asks her what's wrong. She assumes Isabel is upset that Don Ern will be leaving…and my DVR cuts off. Shoot! Someone fill us in please.

Bronca=problem, affair
Guapa=good-looking, beautiful
Aun asi=even so; all the same
Viejo changarro= old store?
Luz de mi amanecer=light of dawn
Alondra matutina=morning lark
Princesa de mis desvelos=princess of my sleepless nights
Si le queda el saco, póngaselo=if the jacket fits, put it on (if the shoe fits, wear it)
Estrella fugaz=shooting star
Ninfa de la primavera=spring nymph
Lo decapitaron=he was decapitated
Por no haber desmentido=for not having denied it
Pastel de tres leches=three milk cake, you bake the cake first, then soak it in three milks by poking holes in the cake and pouring the milks over (sweetened condensed, evaporated, and heavy cream for example)
Osito=little bear
Pueblucho=filthy little town
Mucho carácter=a lot of character (but seriously, when people say this it seems more like they mean "a right bitch/bastard")
Hasta pronto=see you soon
Nos vemos=see ya
Varonil=virile, manly
Acostumbrada a hacer su voluntad=used to having her way
Blanca paloma=white dove, an innocent
Patrona=boss lady
Adiós chula=bye cutie


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

El Clon Tuesday June 29: Summary for Discussion

The (only) bright spot tonight – The Naz in her zebra-print leggings workin’ it at the gym. Seriously.

At the Casa Ferrer:
Marisa answers when Jade calls, and while Lucas looks on, tries to torture her by reminding her that she is the one with Said now. At last Lucas wrests the phone away and Jade tells him to stay away from her, calling him a coward and a liar. Estoy muerta para ti, muerta! (I'm dead as far as you're concerned, dead!). She hangs up.

In Ali’s house:
Jade tells Zoraida not to answer the ringing phone.

At Said’s place:
Rania is hurt by Said’s absence for two nights and his lukewarm affirmation of his love. He is back in Jade’s closet, sniffing her clothes, tears in his eyes. A weepy Rania confides to a servant:
Su corazón todavía no se divorcia de Jade.
His heart hasn’t yet divorced itself from Jade.

At Mohamed’s place, there’s a whole lot of haram going on:
The brothers discuss Said’s infidelity and Mohamed realizes the other woman is Marisa.
Samira tells Latifa that Prince Amin is stealing things from the store to give to Karla and that he’s spying on her.
The Naz is preparing to go to the gym with Samira and Jadiya.
Tápate Nazira! Cover yourself, Nazira, implores Latifa.

A little peek at Pablo’s class at the gym:
The Naz flounces energetically, if awkwardly, in her zebra-skin leggings.

At the Casa Ferrer:
Nati tells Lucas she is very depressed. Lucas offers to intervene with Alej, but this has no effect on her mood.

At Club Caliente:
Karla demands 3 things from Osvaldo: Daniel’s phone number (which Osvaldo professes not to know), the name of the woman who works in Roberto’s house, and $1000.

At the clinic:
Albi tells Luisa he’s not prepared to see Daniel yet. A puzzled Luisa tells Anita about this and she suggests Luisa herself go to see Daniel.
Escobar comes in all atwitter (emocionadísimo: very excited. If he’d said excitadísimo, he’d mean ‘very horny’, which perhaps would have been more accurate). He’s bought the perfect departamento.

At Empresa Ferrer:
Fernando is giving the same news to Clara who figures, hey, at least half of it is mine.
Leo tells Carolina that Enrique needs psychiatric treatment. Enrique is brilliant, he says, had a wife and two kids and a thriving business but lost everything because of his addiction
Enrique, meanwhile, is frustrated that Roberto doesn’t believe his story about seeing Diego.
No me lo tomes a mal…
Don’t get me wrong... says Roberto. But you’re seeing and talking to ghosts – and they’re answering you!

At Cristina’s place:
Pablo tells her that it was Marisa who asked Said to ask Zain to fire Alej. (Got that?)

At a dance club (not sure which):
Karla cosies up to Daniel, all flirtacious, and he blows her off pretty callously. She leaves in a huff and goes home to cry on her mother’s shoulder.

At Empresa Ferrer:
Why doesn’t anyone believe me? asks Enrique. Just let me make one phone call, says Caro.
Clara hears Escobar telling Anita that the apartment is perfect for him and Malicia. She gets him to admit he put the place in Malicia’s name.
¡Me robó! He robbed me! I wuz robbed!

At the gym:
Pablo tells Alej that it was Nati’s mother who had him fired.

At the pool:
Fernando gets a call from Nati. She wants more drugs and he’s happy to oblige. Andrea warns Fernando he’s going to end up like Enrique. As he denies this…

Cut to Enrique on his psychiatrist’s couch:
…explaining that an addict never knows when to stop. You never experience the high of the first time but you keep chasing it, needing more and more…I lost everything because I couldn’t stop.

At Casa Ferrer:
Fernando and Nati are high; Rosa brings in food and they are uninterested.
Lucas goes to see Nati to tell her he’s going on a short trip. He’s surprised at her apparent cheerfulness.
Marisa overhears that Lucas is going to Morocco and remarks that Said will be delighted to hear it. Rosa asks her not to say anything, not to get him in trouble but Marisa says Lucas deserves what he gets.

At the Gym:
Andrea catches up with Alej:
Natalia está consumiendo drogas.
Natalia is using drugs, she tells him.

At Club Caliente:
Osvaldo warns Daniel to stay away from Karla. No worries, it’s not serious, says Daniel. By the way, can you lend me some money? Sorry, says Osvaldo:
Voy en saldo rojo.
(I think he means, I’m in the red, ie I’m broke right now. Anyone seen this expression before?)

At Mohamed’s place:
The adults discuss marrying Jadiya and Amin, much to Amin’s dismay. The conversation rapidly turns into their usual argument, but tonight Latifa strikes back at the Naz, calling her, finally, an exhibitionist.

At Albieri’s house:
Malicia shows up wanting Luisa’s help in pushing her candidacy as PR person. What’s wrong with you? asks Luisa? Why do you always want what belongs to someone else? Why are you so envious? (Which would be an interesting question if this character were at all interesting… but since she’s not…ah well.)

Outside the Casa Ferrer:
Alej says to Marisa: We need to talk… (I'm guessing he wants to tell her that Nati is in trouble but I wonder if she will be able to hear what he has to say...)

We see Lucas in Morocco with Jade. Not quite dead to her yet, it would seem.


Dinero 6/29: Jorge gets lots of healthful aerobic exercise - but will he end up with the worms?

We revisit Marco and Chavez panicking in the bar. Zetina hides behind a newspaper, from which vantage point he witnesses the sloppy kisses of Carmela the Ardent.

Marco describes Ale's unwavering intention to make the hacienda her life; Chavez is ready for cyanide imagining her seeing what a wreck the two of them have made of it. His suggestion: the only way to mitigate her obsession with the hacienda is to keep her from leaving Siglo. Marco: over my dead body!

VVV phones her stuttering, hysterical baby-daddy Jaime with the news: she's no longer languishing, she's got her groove back! She demands his presence...

... and so he takes his leave of his sweety Julieta, who is somewhat suspicious to see her Jaime so pale, jumpy and incoherent ...

Jaime tells VVV: as time goes by the plan to foist this baby on Rafa is getting a bit threadbare. Vicki: no worries, just keep doing what you're doing ie nagging my true love Rafa, who's been so evasive lately, to come to me. Jamie addresses his baby directly, through Vicki's navel: "Rafa will give you a better life than I can." Vicki demands kisses.

Marino has a hissy fit when he thinks Dandy is trying to steal a customer. "Liar!" "You tried to steal my client!" "Shut up!" Ale breaks it up and then goes to see Susana, who's packing her things.

Ale cries, especially when Susana points out Rafa is sad about this departure and doesn't want her to go...

Ale to Medina: "Tomorrow Marco will bring the receipt and documents." "No way! This started between you and me, and that's how it should end. I don't trust him, but I trust you." He offers to leave the heap of cash with her sans receipt. She finally agrees to come back one more time and bring the receipt.

Ale's dad is still practicing his boxing, to the disgust of all but his addlepated white-haired cronies. Did Jorge pass out? First he dreams he fights Quintana in a big ring and knocks him out. Then he dreams (?) he's in a hospital bed getting his hands chafed. Then it turns out he's still in his living room.

Rosario, who's called Ale to come home and help with this travesty, is disgusted -- especially when Jorge boasts there's a possibility he'll come back from the fight in "wooden pajamas" (a coffin, I suppose). She says there's no money to bury him, and "Have you checked the high price of cremation lately?" Then she visits Quintana at the bar where he's rehearsing for the boxing match...

... and when she gets home she tells Ale she's decided to run off with Quintana, follow her bliss as it were, "but nothing untoward will happen ..." until they marry, of course. (It's too bad Quintana is a gold-digger, I'd like to think Rosario could secure some happiness.) Anyway, auntie wants to escape to Quintana through the window to avoid saying goodbye to her brother Jorge; this awkward idea is short-circuited when Quintana rings the doorbell like a regular person and tells Jorge, "I've come for your sister."


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