Saturday, May 19, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley 5/17/18 #53: Vega The Avenger

Alonso warns Malrupo that he'll be personally handling the appeal of the rape trial and before it's over he'll see that Malrupo ends up behind bars.  Malrupo claims he’s untouchable.  “--Come at me if you can, suckah!”

Gustavo's career seems to be going to the dogs, literally.  Thanks be to the Diosito that Chiquita’s owners have agreed to visitation times.  (Grrr.  FF>>FF>>)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley Miercoles 5/16/18 Chapter 52: Spoiled Rotten

Chapter 52:  Spoiled Rotten
I'm Christopher Mason. It's often been said that children of the rich are spoiled We have already seen that this leads to an exaggerated sense of entitlement. Money can buy anything, including justice. In our story we will soon see how justice is often perverted to suit the demands of parents of children who are Spoiled Rotten.
  • Ricardo drove Alejandra home and thanked her for helping with Alexa. He declined her invitation to come inside because he had to prepare for court the next day. She was sure they had what it would take to win the case. He asked if she would like to go out to eat after cout and she said she would love to. He kissed her on the cheek and she laughed flirtatiously before going inside.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 5/15/18 #51: BIG BUCK RATTLE AND ROLL

Ahhh!  Mating season has finally arrived at Vega and Associates.  A bit of the long-awaited pre-rut buck rattle ensues to much of Viewerville's delight.  (Those of us who've been snoozing along have finally awoken to the real joys of telenoveladom which this tn has sorely disabused us of to this point.)

Isabel gives in to Gustavo's suggestion he can stay in the guestroom after an evening of playing video games with Luis. (Luis has definitely got game here.)

Carlos has set up his money laundering operation, putting Victoria and Alejandra as the lead officers.  "--No better hands to put this into than yours,"  he tells her as he mentally is rubbing his together.

Vicki starts the court hearing about the deadbeat dad who claims he doesn't have a job let alone a bank account.  (Really??  What does he do all day with himself then? Beg off the streets?  Wash windshields for pesitos?)

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley Lunes 5/14/18 Chapter 50: The Capture

Chapter 50: The Capture
I'm Christopher Mason. Suspects will run and try to hide, but the law wil have its satisfaction. When a crime as heinous as rape or murder comes to the attention of guardians of the law and life, nothing is more satisfying than The Capture.
  • Alejandra told her female colleagues – the ones she could trust – that Carlos had deceived her with another woman the night before the wedding while Ricardo was selfish. She was unable to deal with either of them at this stage. Olivia didn't think that this was a fair comparison. Victoria didn't want to argue the point and Alejandra was determined never to be hurt again.
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley 5/11/18 #49: Loose Lips


...and the gang's all there (except Alonso, who has never once had fun in his entire life.) They spend the whole evening talking to each other, so it would have been way cheaper to buy a bottle and go to someone's house, but there probably wouldn't have been enough rooms for all the breakout sessions.

Conversations have been paraphrased for underlying intent.


Vic: I hate to butt in, DIMWIT, but Ale broke up with Carlos like ages ago. What are you waiting for?

Ric: QUE QUE QUE? But Carlos told me everything was hunky-dory!

Vic: And you believed him? What kind of a lawyer are you? (Not paraphrased; she actually said that. Gotta love Victoria.)


Oli: It's so nice to be out! I've had an irrational fear of nightclubs since The Thing.

Leo: I won't let anything bad happen to you! I can promise that because I have taken off my glasses and am now Superman!

Oli: Ooo let me hug you with inappropriate clinginess.


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Friday, May 11, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley 5/10/18 #48:Make Me An Offer I Cannot Refuse

    • Ricardo “threatens” sex offender suspect #uno with the full weight of the law to put him behind bars , lock him up and throw away the key.  SoS1, aka,Tavio has a mouthpiece who shows the magistrate at the police station a writ of protection against  atrocities by the legal authorities.  Essentially he doesn’t have to give his statement yet and cannot be thrown in jail, either. (I believe.)

    • El Ciego has a few little things in mind for all the pesos he’s been piling up lately which he brings up to Carlos.  What’s the possibility Carlos can do a little cleaning up for him?  “--Oh, you mean money-laundering?”  El Ciego sniggers over to his guerrero, “--He said it, not me!! Well, you might say that, yeah.”  He notes Alejandra’s picture on the credenza behind Carlos.  Carlos, unshaken, says yeah, they can handle a few soapsuds here and there.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley Miercoleses 5/9/18 Chapter 47: Lies, Fraud, and Suspicion

Chapter 47: Lies, Fraud, and Suspicion
I'm Christopher Mason. Untruths are an unfortunate reality of life. They sometimes save a life or a situation but ones intended to do otherwise usually lead to crime... including murder. In the lives of these people who live in glass houses there are whole webs of lies, fraud, and suspicion.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 5/8/18 Chapter 46: The Search For The Sixteen Year-Old Sex Fiends Is On

We pass through an excruuuuuuciatingly  uncomfortable moment with Alejandra as she witnesses Gustavo begging Isabel not to sign the divorce papers.  Isa tearfully explains she cannot trust him not to be unfaithful to her again, if not now then in a couple of years, thinking she forgave me once; she'll forgive me again.  Nope.  Not gonna risk it again!

Across town, Susana is ironing Juan's shirts when Fer arrives for a chat.  She offers to teach Fer how to iron his shirts (Talk about a walk down memory lane!  So, Fer doesn't know how to iron a shirt?   The suegra handed me Hubby's shirts the day after I got the engagement ring!  However, my momma already had taught me how to iron at 10 yrs. old! My suegra's suegra had done the same to her.)   They chat about how much Juan enjoys her company. FF>>FF>>

Back at AcheyBreaky Hearts, LLC, Isa and Gus are left to say one last good-bye to each other.

Sus and Fer discuss the how and why of Juanito's incognitos for days at a time.  The guy has a job to do and he's a very focused individual.  Fer just wants a little bit more acknowledgement.  Sus says don't worry.  It's not her.  Give it a bit of time.
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Monday, May 07, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley Lunes 5/7/18 Chapter 45: Parents

Chapter 45: Parents
I'm Christopher Mason. Parents, whether rich or poor or whatever age, both have and create problems. In our stories today we see several examples of parents whose children have created or are resolving problems for them. Some have higher stakes than others.
  • Carlos took his leave of Alejandra and Victoria. After he was out the door Victoria siad she didn't want to be a gossip but she had heard that all was well between her and Carlos and this was why she and Ricardo were so distant. Alejandra corrected that, saying that all was not well and that for the moment she wanted nothing to do with men.
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Friday, May 04, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 5/4/18 Chapter 44: .....and Justice for All, Sort of

Carlos extracts justice from the judge and the pride overfloweth
Ric and Leo promise justice for Alexa and her dad, but they must be quick about it
Benji deals in fake justice and gets a hard earned check (the client's hard earned check, that is)
Alonso rises above Carlos' sense of justice (i.e. he's not buying Carlos' crap)
Oli doesn't think there's any justice for her new client, who feels duped by a commercial product
Letty will find justice for and CASH from Oli's new client
Carlos reminds Rob how justice slipped through his hands--but no hard feelings, dude
Ale hands Carlos her personalized form of justice--keep your hands off me
Juan and Rob work on justice for Patricia (or her killer)
Ale and Vic will collaborate to provide justice for abused women via Carlos' questionable principles
Rob says Mexico is hurting because of injustice

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Por Amar Sin Ley, 5/3/18 Chapter 43 Jueves: Flying the Coop - Discussion Page

So the ringleader frat boy had the gall to call his victim.  Paging Lorena Bobbitt!

Have at it, folks.

Note: Our resident attorney, relaxing on the lounge chair next to the Patio's Limpid Pool this afternoon has provided us with a crackin' good mini recap of the last 20 minutes of the episode.


Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 5/2/18 Chapter 42 Miercoles: Dens of Iniquity

Chapter 42: Dens of Iniquity

I'm Christopher Mason. The truth can be found in the strangest places. While this is usually thought of as helpful often it is quite distasteful. This is the unpleasant discovery that is made when good people need to enter Dens of Iniquity.

  • Alejandra accused Ricardo of being selfish and thinking only of himself. She was determined to deal with him only as a colleague and nothing else. She felt as though she had never been special to him. Paula tried to convince her to take time to think about this, but she would not be persuaded.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 5/1/18 Chapter 41 Martes: Evidence

Chapter 41: Evidence
I'm Christopher Mason. Crime and sin are somewhat different concepts. They are merely relatives whose existence are proven by those qualified to do so. We all hope that crime is followed by punishment, but first there has to be Evidence.
  • Gustavo got after Ricardo, insisting that he was taking Alejandra's side against him and that he considered this disloyal. Ricardo wasn't able to get a word in edgewise.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/30/18 Chapter 40: Gustavo--Front and Center--Again

Herewith are your court reporter's hastily jotted shorthand notes. (She pulled double duty today dealing with some pesky, nasty weeds and generally getting her hands dirty.) Tomorrow, she will transcribe, amplify and/or correct, if needed.

* Gus is confronting Ale repeating his pushy (selfish) attempts to leave Isy in ruin--it will serve her right for filing for divorce. She should of thought about that beforehand. Almost nose to nose, he tells Ale HE DOES NOT WISH TO BE DIVORCED. Y punto.

* Carlos is explaining to Alan why he didn't confront and accuse Ale about her behavior. He sure she's got a thing for Bust-a-man-te and he can't risk alienating her. Alan thinks it's mostly in his head.

* Ale tells Gus what he is proposing is not fair to Isy, nor to his son and she's willing to stand up against him for what is right. Gus is yelling that she doesn't have as much experience as he does and she doesn't know who she's up against.
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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/27/18 Chapter 39 Viernes: Discussion Page

Chapter 39 Conflict With No Resolution

Just a few bullet points to kick off discussion; not necessarily in order.
  • Funeral: No more fisticuffs or arguments.
  • Alejandra: Accompanied Ricardo to his place, got him to calm down. Fixed him tea, stayed after he went to bed, and slept on the loveseat couch in his room.
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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/26/18 Chapter 38 Jueves: Entitlement

Chapter 38: Entitlement
I'm Christopher Mason. Divorce and death bring out both the best and the worst in people. It is often a litmus test for both virtues and sins. From some it brings sympathy and compassion and for others it only brings out their sense of Entitlement.
  • Marcia saw the dead body of her husband in a pool of blood after his suicide by gunshot. She became nearly hysterical with grief and needed to be held back by Roberto and Ricardo. Roberto got her out of the room, leaving Ricardo there. He knelt on the floor and moved toward the body of the godfather who had been a second father to him where he cried out in grief.

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Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/25/18 Chapter 37: The Case of the Hit and (Didn't) Run

Ay de mi, where is Christopher Mason tonight? Without his literary talent, this episode will have to be in the ever-dull court reporting style.

Part 1 of 2
Rob is handing Fanny's problem with Albert over to Gus. He has to explain to her, why. He's recently uncovered facts that demonstrate Al fooled him into believing the shooting was an accident but he really meant to kill Ramon. He feels guilty about allowing him to go free and can't help her himself because, well, he represented Al. Gus is up to speed and takes over. Fanny doesn't understand any of this.

After last night's convivial phone conversation Ric had with Ale, she returns the call in the morning. Her dimples light up her face, smiling through the admiration Ric lays on her. She promises they'll see each other when she gets back. He says he'll be waiting for her. Ale is happy with the anticipation of a reunion with Ric.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/24/18 Chapter 36 Martes: Has a Special Guest Co-Host

I'm Christopher Mason.  Behind mansion walls, old money and new money have a few things in common, including an inherent sense of superiority.  Some of those who manage to beat the odds in their society to join the ranks of old money think that their intelligence is so great they can do anything they please, including commiting The Perfect Crime.

Chapter 36:  The Perfect Crime

  • Fanny arrived at Alberto's house and marched right in. She slapped Berenice almost hard enough to knock her off her stilettos calling her a slut and demanding to know how long she had been fooling around with Ramón.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/22/18 Chapter 35: Deceptive Appearances Now Perceived By The Truly Bereaved

    • While Rob is busy winning Alberto’s freedom for an accidental shooting, Elena and Leticia have a chat about Ricardo.  Ric the Brick is still staunchly rejecting Exlena to her dismay.  She is checking up on him ahead of time to see if he and Alejandra are still “keeping company.”  Leti says not that she can determine.  Both are pretty much keeping to themselves.  In fact she’s getting on well it would seem with Carlos as just recently in a firm meeting she stated he wants her to set up a Women’s Shelter and supportive foundation.
      Hope springs eternal for Exlena who is thrilled to hear it, as it means that she’s got a chance at getting him to concede and return to her.  He’s too good a man and father for her and her kids,  aka topnotch husband material, to let go of.  She believes that Ric The Brick is capable of doing anything for her children, even forgiving her and giving her a second chance….eventually.  Leti, though, wonders why, with all the available proverbial finned finned and gilled vertebrates in the sea, why be obsessed with Ric?  Family picture or something more?  “--You only see him as father material.”  Well, if Leti had kids she’d understand, ok?  In fact, Exlena figures not only to get him to love her like before, but even more than what he felt before!  Hmmmmm.
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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 4/20/18 Chapter 34: The Gun Fired Itself--Oh wait, that was Caer en Tentacion

Part 1 of 2 [Some scenes have been combined to help the flow.]
Previously on D.F. Law
Victoria and her client, Sol, Baby Daddy and his lawyer, listen as the judge trumpets out his decision: Baby Daddy is to pay to said Adult Baby all the child support he should have been paying all along. Vic was always confident of the outcome. Sol is over the Luna and her daddy, Jorge Garcia, is so gobsmacked he forgets he's in court and starts to rail against the decision. The judge has spoken. The gavel comes down. Sol looks over at her daddy.
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