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Por Amar Sin Ley, 7/6/18 Chapter 92 Viernes: Season Finale - The Pursuit of Justice

Chapter 92, Season Finale: The Pursuit of Justice
I'm Christopher Mason. The practice of law is often tedious. It can involve reams of paper on a single motion, many postponements of decisions, and often arbitrary rules of evidence. It can also involve danger. Closing a case doesn't always mean that it's the end and even an important victory can be followed by terrible tragedy. That is an occupational hazard in the pursuit of justice.
  • Isabel drove out in Gustavo's car right into El Gato's line of fire.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 7/5/18 Chapter 91: A Killer Revealed and A Killing With Two Fates Sealed

Parte 1~

We return to the bar for Uni’s double dose of what we--along with Loony Leonardo--all suspected and have waited for lo these many endless weeks.  It’s Alan calmly paying off the bawling, pathetic Pedro’s decrepit and morally lacking lawyer with a gym bag full of bills.   Alan’s demeanor and expression is straighter than straight, a manner and mien only a sociopathic psycho killer could succeed at.  He savors the memory of the murder he’s gotten away with in much the same way he savors the taste of his high-priced sipping whiskey. He thinks back to entering Carlos’s room once his cousin had finally gone, viewing the still sleeping slut, and then holding a pillow over her frightened femme del fatal hasta el final….until she lay lifeless.  Poom!

In another part of the city, Ricardo, Roberto and Leo are enjoying happy hour together once again.  Leo gives the other two the news about his having accepted a position in N.Y.C. with a high-priced legal firm and is taking Olivia with him immediately after their wedding.  Rob is closed to heart-broken but bears up as he should.  His best bud is soon to be a bye-gone.  We’ll give him that and hope he matures a bit with this news.

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 7/4/18 Chapter 90: A Game of Musical Suspects


Alonso drops in on Leo, Rob, and Juan, who are gearing up for an all-night strategy session on the Linares trial. Each presents his prime suspect: for Leo, it’s Alan, because of his resentment of Carlos; for Rob, it’s Creepy Pedro, for finding out about her night job, with the probable assistance of Tatiana, who was jealous of her big tips; for Juan, it’s Carlos, because Sonia’s been after him forever, and where there’s smoke there’s fire. (Seriously, Juan? Didn’t you used to be a DEFENSE attorney?) Al advises them to come up with a coordinated approach and pointedly reminds Juan that Carlos is their CLIENT. At this point my curiosity about who did the murder has been completely supplanted by my curiosity about who needed the gluten-free vegan pizza. 


Alan pulls Creepy Pedro’s lawyer aside for some whisper-whisper. The next thing we know, said lawyer is advising Pedro that he needs to play it super-emotional at the trial. We know this is bad advice but can’t help wondering how far things might go when someone is actually being ENCOURAGED to jump across the table.
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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 7/3/18 Chapter 89: A Turn of the Tables

    • Benjamin begs Leticia to call Carlos Ibarra to represent him.  Obligingly, she does call him.

    • At a nearby watering hole, amidst jolly jostling dancin’ fools, Alejandra, Roberto and Victoria pat themselves on the back for successfully playing Cupid.  Rob looks at Vicky and suggests it’s too bad others who’ve been in love with each other for a long time are prevented from enjoying mutually their relationships.  He adds he meant it regarding Ale and Ricardo’s situation, nothing more.  She comments that what they had was nice but she’s given up on this and has determined Ric’s not in her deck of fortune-telling cards.  She’s going her own way and leaving Ric in the dust.

    • Gustavo says good-bye and thanks for the celebratory din-din Isabela toiled over to celebrate his win.  They make plans to go to Luis’s game(?) the next day.  They share an unsuspected and passionate kiss good-bye.  He leaves but with the biggest sh!t eating grin we’ve seen on his face for a long time--if ever.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 7/2/18 Chapter 88 Lunes: The Finish Line

Chapter 88: The Finish Line
I'm Christopher Mason. For people on opposite sides of the law it's win or lose with nothing in between. There are no partial victories to most and in tonight's story we will see a few at The Finish Line.
  • Judge Miranda and prosecutor Sonia discussed the Ibarra case, which Judge Miranda will preside over.
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/29/18 Chapter 87: Too Much Kiss-Kiss, Not Enough Bang-Bang


We open with Elena doing a face-plant on Ric. After a long, audience-discomfiting moment of galanbesoparalysis, he gently pushes her away. She’s still Alien Elena, so she understands. They take turns apologizing to each other. It’s weird and somehow also boring. “Is this about Alejandra? Do you still love her?” “Yes, very much.” She asks for a few minutes alone and cries crystal tears while looking out from the balcony. No venganza-face or anything.

After Ric goes off to play Romper Room with his oversized toddlers, she gets on the phone with Carlos’s tame lawyer and tells him “things have changed.” Hmmm.


Flush from their matchmaking victory, Rob pops in to ask Victoria out. She is noncommittal until he says it’s to visit his Dad, then she’s all in. Nicolas is a tipazo!  “Well, you can’t do better than me, then – I’m the new, improved version!” He asks her again when she’ll give him an oportunidad, and she says maybe someday. He judges this microthaw to be a significant indication of progress, while the rest of us just slowly age in place.


Gus and Alonso are working late on the Ramiro Dorantes case. Gus says fraud is not his specialty, so he’ll need some help making the case airtight. Al promises to be there for him. He also reminds him that when things start to go bad for Ramiro, his brother will not take this lying down. They’ll all need to be extra-careful, which is telenovela foreshadowing for “there’s gonna be a shoot ‘em up.” Shall we nominate our favorite victims?
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Friday, June 29, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/28/18 Chapter 86 Jueves: Coupling

Chapter 86: Coupling
I'm Christopher Mason. Most people in the world want to be part of a couple. They enjoy the idea of having a partner in life's adventures... or an accomplice in their crimes. In today's story we will see several who seem to know what they want, but don't always get it.
  • Ricardo told Alejandra he would not stop fighting for her love. She did not quite believe it.
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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/27/18 Chapter 85: Indecent Proposals

Olivia joins Alan for dinner.  Alan, the Quicksand Kid, the poster boy for Beta males everywhere, sits down and while waiting for their cocktails, offers the woman he supposedly loves and wants to spend the rest of his dull, lusterless life with--a beauty with whom he's shared a few, passionless lip locks that led nowhere--(drum roll)...not a diamond ring hidden at the bottom of her champagne glass nor baked into her dessert. Nope.  He regales her with ---wait for it--a set of shiny new keys to his apartment!!!  (Cue the crickets!) er...was that a whoopee cushion Viewerville just heard?

Oli, to her credit, is polite as always, and perhaps not so disappointed--rather more than less relieved it's only a set of keys. (Alan, you are so predictably tacky!)  She is more than a bit peeved and stutters that their relationship hasn't come to that bend in Proposition Road yet.  In fact, she'd hoped he saw her as more proper than propositional.  He asks her just what really happened in Cancun since she's come back from there a totally different woman. (Sure, thing Al.  You've dug yourself into a hole.  No reason to stop digging now.)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/26/18 Chapter 84 Martes: Guilt

Chapter 84: Guilt
I'm Christopher Mason. Few people in this world feel completely free from guilt. This can be because of the teachings of childhood, a life-changing experience, or a feeling of inferiority. That makes it a powerful tool in the hands of the wrong people. In our today's story Guilt is a tidalwave.
  • Show me how you used it,” said Carlos after he handed the pen to Octavio.
    “I don't remember; it happened so fast. He was very violent,” Octavio said as he fumbled with the pen.
    “Show me how much force you used.”
    Octavio stood up and picked the pen up from the table.
    “I saw the knife and took it. Daniel was on the point of saying –”
    “To you?”
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Monday, June 25, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/25/18 Chapter 83 Lunes: Sacrifices

Chapter 83: Sacrifices
I'm Christopher Mason. Everyone in modern society is told that they will make sacrifices for one reason or another. There can be sacrifices for love, for children, and for other reasons. But when is the sacrifice too great? In today's stories we will see several people for whom Sacrifices will have other consequences.
  • Nuria appeared behind Daniela as she argued her rights with Octavio. She stabbed her in the back at the waist, then took advantage of Daniela's shock to stab her in the stomach. The weapon was obviously a kitchen knife.
    “Nobody takes my son away from me!” she yelled visciously as her victim fell to the floor. “Least of all a monster like you!”
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/22/18 Chapters 81/82: “Take ‘em away, kitten!”

Part 1:


El Ciego and El Gato have the brothers Dorantes on their knees, pistols to their heads. Do you know who’s boss now? Do you? El Ciego makes them say it. The Fat Man is in tears, but Jacinto remains stoic. El Ciego holds the gun steady and very deliberately pulls the trigger.

Click. The gun’s not loaded! El Ciego cracks up. What a card. He waves everyone off with an insouciant “¡Llévatelos, Gatito!” (“Take ‘em away, kitten!”)


Carlos is having it out with Alan about the missing money. Alan points out that he needed to keep the despacho running while Carlos was in prison – a nice prison, by the way, as prisons go, and for that he needed to call in favors. That’s what you do for family. Carlos tells him that if all of this isn’t above board (I’m guessing the Ibarras use that term loosely), he’ll manage to forget he’s family. Nice try at being menacing, Carlos, but we’ve seen the big dogs, and you’re not one of them.


Elena continues to display the personality transplant they accidentally performed on her when they were just supposed to be stitching her up. I have behaved so badly! I wasn’t fair to you! Ricardo’s all decked out in black and blue, which seems appropriate. Some cop guy marches in and tells her she needs to come down to the station and make her statement. Elena shouts, pouts, and whines (guess it was just a partial personality transplant.) Ricardo promises she’ll be there.
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Friday, June 22, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/21/18 Chapters 80/81: CYA Days

Parte 1~~
Replay: Leonardo takes a somewhat willing Olivia in his arms and asks her what will it take to demonstrate how much he truly loves her?   They kiss till Oli's overactive conscience takes over and she pushes away from Leo.  They cannot do this because she's dating Alan.  He apologizes for getting carried away.  She leaves him to sleep on the couch but relents enough to surprised him with a kiss to his forehead before retiring to the guestroom.

Meanwhile, at Paula and Alejandra's, Carlos swears to Ale, and a very skeptical Paula, that he had no idea that Benjamin Acosto was money-laundering funds given to The Foundation.  "--Remember Ale, it was you who recommended him to me.  But don't worry.  I will have a hearing where we advise all that you are totally innocent of this!   And, you know I will always protect you from whatever and whomever."  (Paula remains cool as a cucumber but is definitely fighting the urge to pay gut felt homage to the nearest toilet bowl.)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/20/18 Chapter 79 Miercoles: Words (#80 covered in the comments section)

Chapter 79: Words
I'm Christopher Mason. To anyone in the practice of law words are more than communication; they are weapons. Many people with less expertise use words to hit others with, but lawyers and politicians can and do use words with knife-sharp precision. In our story tonight we will see the direction of this war on all its fronts.
  • Jaime put the morning paper on the table and demanded an explanation from Jacinto Durantes. He told him in no uncertain terms that if he was deceiving him he would resign his case. Durantes told him he ha been in Alonso's office when the crime took place and he was fed up with lies being told about himself. He claimed he was fighting for his life.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/19/18 Chapter 78: The Vultures Begin Circling

Victoria, Alejandra and Olivia return to Oli's office to begin the divorce papers for Benjamin's soon-to-be-ex, Karina who, with the new dye job Viewerville failed at first to recognize.

Candy Man Miguel is there for supper again at Elena's.  He's brought gifts again for the kids.  She must head out for a few minutes to get something last minute and leaves Miguel in charge.  He is visibly uptight being left alone with a couple of kids he barely knows.

Back at Vega and Associates (which may soon be two fewer in number) Benji and the now fully clothed Leticia scream and yell  at each other about who is really to blame that they've not only been found out, but that the spaghetti spined Benji didn't claim Leti as his one and only love and thereby humiliated her in front of his wife, not to mention the boss and half the law firm saw her practically naked in her Victoria's not so Secret bvd's.  Ben angrily tells her they're both to blame and that he's got much more at stake here than she does!  She eventually throws him out of the office and tells him not to rely on her for a single thing from now on. 

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/18/18 Chapters 76/77 Lunes: Meetings/Busted

Chapter 76:  Meetings
I'm Christopher Mason. Love and business have one thing in common: Meetings. Meetings in which things can either explode or stagnate. Meetings that cause gossip... or jealousy. There are so many of them in our story.
  • Roberto and Victoria stood at the water's edge and kissed as though they were in a movie. Victoria then looked at him and walked away.
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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/15/18 Chapter 75: ♫Oh What a Night♫, and Oh What a Kiss!

Your court reporter, disguised as a tourist, is in Cancun, watching all the goings on with the Vega attorneys and other hangers-on. She also has reporters back in D.F. keeping an eye on things and reporting back to her. [P.S. Someone please let me know if this episode went to the Chop Shop].
Benji is pacing around Leti’s hotel room trying to pull his hair out over being “found out” by Oli and Vicky. Leti is much more complacent about the whole incident. He tries to convince her for the millionth time that he doesn’t care about his wife, but he does about his son. She’s tired of his crap, for the millionth time and wants him to leave. He still wants to spend the night with her, but she doesn’t want to have to listen to his whining. He promises and chases her around the bedroom until she lets him catch her.
The three Lady Rascals have gone for a fun run by the water’s edge. Carlos suddenly “shows up.” He wants to talk to Ale. She’s really angry with him. He can’t just show up here. These are her work colleagues. He says he can’t stand letting Bustamante trotting along behind her. Ale says they were out among friends and that includes Ric. Carlos knows he acted like a jerk, but he doesn’t want her angry with him. She must understand that he only wants to recover what they had before. Ale says it’s not working. With his attitude, she’s losing all the good memories of what they had. She marches off. Carlos says to the wind and the water that he can’t forget her.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/14/18 Chapters 73/74: Collisions at the Conference

    • Alejandra finds Victoria and Olivia and reveals her extreme frustration at being the bone Ricardo and Carlos are fighting over.  Somehow Carlos got into the conference and is now here. Vicki advises her that if she doesn’t want Carlos’s company then avoid him and assert herself. Refuse.  Yep.  That'll really work when Ale's like a she-dog in heat and Carlos--the wolfhound--can't stop sniffing around.

    • Susanna stays on the beach to enjoy the salt and sand adventure while her devoted son has to head off to the conference.

    • Back in Mexico City, Candy Man is waiting for Elena to join him for lunch.  She immediately goes into how the night they slept together and they woke up late the next morning and she raced home to find the kids had already called Ric to have him take them to school, etc., that then came the big row because she’d come home so late, and sob, sniffle, sob. She suggests that the only solution in keeping Ric from taking them away from her is to sacrifice her relationship with Candy Man—yes, give up being a good time gal again.  (Viewerville notes the selfish she-hound should have done this the first time he offered her a packet of nose candy and told her how great it would make her feel.)
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/13/18 Chapters 72, First Half of 73, Miercoles: Tug of War

Note:  Smaller photos indicate where #73 material is.
Chapter 72: Tug of War
I'm Christopher Mason. For people on opposite sides of an issue or a case it's win or lose with nothing in between. Except the victims, whom some only use as pawns These are people who don't care who gets hurt in a Tug of War.
  • After Carlos' self-serving speech in which he also implied that Alejandra is His Property she cut the inaugural ribbon to avoid a scene. Just as she did this Carlos saw El Ciego, whom he neither expected nor invited.
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Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/12/18 Chapter 71: Courtroom Vexation

Ricardo and Roberto have a few drinks with Leonardo at Ric’s place after work.  They give Leo the bad news that he’s really fallen in love with Olivia and jealous of Alan; then to top it off, that once upon a time Leo was too blind to see how she was so in love with him she was practically obsessed.  Now Olivia's moved on, offers Rob, so best let her get on with her life and new love even if he is a professional legal lemon, a suspect in an as yet unsolved murder case, and a member from the same reptilian gene pool as Carlos Ibarra.

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Saturday, June 09, 2018

Por Amar Sin Ley, 6/8/18 Chapter 70: Whining and Wining


Elena turns nasty on Carlos real quick when she hears he's dropping her case. She taunts him about being afraid of The Big Bad Vega, but he doesn't take the bait. He explains that his friend Aaron will be the face of the case, but he'll still be pulling the strings from backstage. She allows herself to be mollified.


Alejandra returns home to the usual menopausal slumber party, replete with wine, cards, and full makeup. Her recap of the Case of the Two Bimbos turns into a PSA on making sure you don't die without a will. Lourdes promises to stop by the office so Ale can get her set up. Ale mentions that they'll even get Alonso to review the will afterward, so maybe she's trying to set her up in more ways than one.


Gustavo phones up his ex for more catering porn. "Howzabout I bring over something hot for the three of us, bebe?" "Oh no, I'll cook something up for you [tee-hee]!" Isabel is actually wearing real clothes instead of looking like a toddler who's been allowed free range of her closet because it's her birthday. In a typical telenovela, this would probably signify a Change of Heart Makeover, but in this one it's hard to tell. And frankly, who cares?
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