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In Which Santos Learns the Truth

In Which Santos Learns the Truth, Tues. March 3

Santos studies the photo that was in the envelope of the five men. There’s also a letter enclosed. The letter says that the photo is of four men killed without pity by Doña Bárbara. Yes, that woman that you have been defending. They are listed:
1. The man she fed to the piranhas
2. Julian Barretto dismembered by four horses and the rest fed to crocodiles
3. Jose Tancredo Maduro (Chepo) buried alive but escaped only to return for
revenge. Recaptured and died of terror.
4. Melendez whom she let bleed to death and then cooked him for his own troops.

Santos is amazed.

Marisela asks what is the matter with Eustaquia. She says her chest hurts and that she’s tired, without any strength. After Marisela leaves Eustaquia asks DB to stop her revenge. DB responds that she has to defend herself because her enemies pursue her.

Santos in his office has a flashback to when he met Julian Barretto. He has another flashback of seeing the burned bodies, one of them bearing a colonel’s insignia. He says to himself: She killed them. Why? Of course, they were the rapists and she finished them off. Antonio comes in just then and he tells him DB is a monster.

Melquiades escapes the prison dressed in the guard’s uniform.

Sapo tells Fausto that DB is dangerous and we have to remove from her side anyone who might help her. I’m the only one left, and since the best defense is to attack, I have to let this perra know that I am the powerful one.

DB wakes up frightened and remembers the visit of Lorenzo’s ghost when he told her that she’d die alone.

Antonio tells Santos to calm down. But he gets more and more agitated, blaming himself for loving her and believing her lies. He says he even doubted some of the things in Danger’s diary. Pointing to the photo: Look at these men. I met them. She did this while we were living together. Perhaps she made love to me the same night. He runs out, telling Antonio he has to get the venom out of his system.

DB hears a noise and goes to the bedroom door, gun in hand. When she sees Santos she assumes he’s come to make love to her and tries to cling to him. He says, “Don’t ever touch me again. I know what you’re capable of.” He shows her the photo. “I met some of these men, but you killed them, isn’t that true?” She asks where he got it and he replies that her enemies sent it.

DB: It’s a lie.
S: Enough lies. I never met the man eaten by piranhas, but I saw Barretto on his knees in front of you.
DB: You can’t understand.
S: Of course not. You’re inhuman, and I was the biggest fool because I fell in love
with a monster.
DB: Please don’t say this. (very pitifully)

Antonio and Marisela are discussing why Santos left and what happened. M says she saw a photo like that in DB’s house. Antonio says that Santos is really upset because of the barbarous way she killed them.

Santos: Did you kill them or not?
DB: Please don’t do this; don’t judge me.
S: For once in your life be brave enough to tell me the truth and only the truth.
The woman who said she loved me like crazy and swore to change lied to me
DB: I never lied; I loved you. You are my life.
S: (Screams) Did you kill them or not?
DB: Yes, yes. I killed them. I did it.

Pajarote tries to go into the bunkhouse, but Maria Nieves and Altagracia are getting busy again in the hammock, so he leaves in disgust.

DB: Yes, I killed everyone. Is that what you wish to hear? I saw them die in terrible
pain. I don’t repent of it. If they were alive, I’d do it again with the same viciousness. Why? Because these degenerates turned me into this monster.
You want me to have told you my crimes before. Why? So you’d look at
me as you are now doing? What do you know of my suffering?
S: Don’t try to hide behind your suffering. No excuses. You could have turned them
in for justice.
DB: What justice? Paper? Ink? And as to the justice of God, forget it. Your God is
deaf. He listens to goody goodys like you, but he has never heard me. Those dogs
deserved to die as they did because they continued to kill, rob and abuse innocent
women. I got my own justice because no one ever defended me, including you who
once said you loved me. No, you’re not God. You’re a man, full of defects, proud.
You think you know how to love, but you don’t.
S: I waited more than a year for you too change.
DB: Why the hell do I have to change? I am what I am. Why couldn’t you love me as I
am? Don’t lie to yourself or to me. You are using this photo as an excuse for
your dirty act. You were my man and now you want to put yourself in bed with my
own daughter. THIS is monstrous.
S: What do you know? My own father was like you, cruel, bloodthirsty, capable of
cold-bloodedly murdering his own brother-in-law. Later he killed his son and then
himself. I hated him for what he did to me and to my mother. In my veins is
the same violent blood, but I fought it. As for whether I loved you, this bed is
a witness to what we had. Ah, I’m speaking with someone I don’t even know.
Why am I wasting my breath? Sorry, go ahead with your life. Your furies have
beaten me. I won’t bother you again, Bárbara.

Marisela is worrying because Santos did not come home. Antonio and Pajarote bring him in, dead drunk.

DB and Eustaquia are talking and she tells her about the photo and letter. E says that he always knew, but love is blind and he didn’t want to see. DB says she knows how to console him and appears ready to go to Altamira. Eustaquia says that DB is the blind one who can’t see that she’s lost him. DB still says he’s mine.

Melquiades returns. He’s gasping and doesn’t look too good. He says he’s loyal unto death.

Pernalete and Mujica come to try to smooth things over. DB says, ironically, look who we have here: fear and scared. She does the same thing as she did with Tigre and Leon, pretends to forgive them, but says she’ll get even when they leave.

There is another scene with El Sapo and Fausto where Sapo gets bad news. He comes unglued again hearing that Melquiades escaped. He says that with the next slipup, Fausto will be the one eliminated.

The two terneras (names forgotten, sorry) wives of the Poet and the other rebelde both go into labor at the same time.

DB sends for Dr. Arias to tend to Eustaquia. He says she’s very weak and she needs absolute peace and lack of stress.

Santos wakes up with a major hangover. Marisela cares for him without recriminations. He says he doesn’t deserve her. He goes on some more about how could he have been so blind. Marisela asks to see the photo. She says that she saw it in DB’s “dark room”, and that it had two faces scratched out. She wonders why only four faces can be seen. Santos replies it’s because the one who sent the photo is the last rapist. Marisela says: Sapo? Santos agrees and says that he sent me this so I’d stop defending her. Marisela tells Santos that she knows Melendez raped DB because he himself told her.

All hell is breaking loose at the Sandoval house. Both terneras are in full labor. Melesio says that this is all he needs, to be old and a midwife to boot.

Santos tells Marisela that she must think he’s pathetic. Everyone knew she was fooling him.
Marisela said that when DB was on the point of death, Santos gave her another opportunity. Santos says: and I broke your heart. Marisela agrees.

There’s a very tender scene with DB and Eustaquia where she blames herself for not letting the old woman rest. E replies that she’ll get her rest when her hour comes. She tells DB she has to face it; there’s not much time left. She says she doesn’t fear death, but she fears leaving DB so alone. DB, with tears in her eyes, says that E is her brújula (compass) and the mother she never had.

Melquiades sees DB getting ready to go somewhere. He tells her not to go to Santos. He wants her to again become the fierce, dominating Doña again.


Cuidado Tues March 3: Blanca/Ivette tells Marichuy "this town's not big enough for the three of us"

Greetings to what I suspect is the dwindling pool of Cuidado watchers, of which I count myself only a sporadic member. Last night's episode was not bad, considering. Excuse me if some scenes are compressed or out of order.

Note the arrival of a new opening credits sequence that is long in JM/MC wedding scenes. Viewers, this is the only glimpse you're likely to get of these two together . . .

We're back at the wake/funeral of Nelson, which is one of those telenovela opportunities to pit various characters against each other.

Blanca/Ivette (or B/I, as I will call her for short) is talking to Omar on the lawn. She is getting kind of twitchy, and Omar asks what's wrong. She flees. Other mourners in the background look bewildered, probably wondering why Blanca is wearing such a low-cut dress to a funeral.

Blanca is looking for JM.

(I may have missed a couple of scenelets here, as I was sleepy. Please forgive.)

Onelia wants to leave. Vince offers to get her a taxi, but she declines. Onelia compares the dog to Blanca, the infidel who killed her daughter Viv.

MC wonders to Rocio: What's with the old bag now? (she uses the expression chuchufleta)

Blanca wonders what Omar is doing there. He says he's come to see Marichuy. The Ivette demon is beginning to come out of hiding.

Amador plots with the curly-haired theater girl against Marichuy.

Inside the house, Omar takes Blanca into another room. Onelia follows. The scary jumgle marimba theme is heard. Blanca pleads with him not to leave her alone.

Amador cruelly tweaks his baby mama about how her boyfriend Eduardo is probably going to end up with Elsa now that Nelson is dead.

The Velardes arrive with their fake daughter. In a concession to funeral etiquette, she has left her barettes and bows at home. Instead, she has fastened her own hair into barette-like knots. She is complaining about having to show up, and Ceci says that the San Romans are very close to them. Stef wants to wait outside. They give condolences to Elsa's dad. All of a sudden Israel arrives. Stef's wheels start turning. Israel is doing a residency in ophthalmology and will be a top specialist in another year. She tells him he looks great. I guess he's gone from naco to socko in her eyes. She thought bubbles about how he is the solution to her Marichuy/Velarde problem. She thanks Nelson for dying, so that this opportunity could come her way.

Omar calls JM but gets no answer. He continues to try to cope with Blanca. JM looks confused. Padre Anselmo asks where Blanca is.

Omar tells Blanca that he's a doctor and he asks what her problem is. She reveals that sometimes another strange person takes over her. She can sometimes sense when it is about to happen, and she thinks it is happening now.

Ceci, Pat and Stef chat with Elsa's mom. Marichuy says hello. The Velardes reveal that she is their daughter--everyone knows now. Stef is apalled that they discuss this.

Marichuy has been looking for Omar. What a contrivance, as she ends up in the hall talking to JM, who was looking for Blanca.

Commercial for Nuestra Belleza Latina: A man's head explodes with the difficulty in choosing among such examples of feminine pulchritude.

JM asks why MC is marrying Omar--you don't love him. MC explains that he's gone his way, she'll go hers. JM says that the baby is his child as much as Mayita is, and they'll always be in each other's lives, even if she won't marry him. Marichuy curls her lip.

Marichuy tells Adrien the good news about Omar. Adrien wonders if she really loves Omar. MC smirks. She says there is more than one type of love.

JM comes in and Omar explains why he was there. JM is surprised to learn that she can sense Ivette coming on when in the past she couldn't. She asks if he thinks she's faking? He kisses her on the forehead.

Marichuy hopes that Adrien will get Purita out of the convent. Omar comes in and is introduced as MC's fiance. Adrien tells Omar that he's obviously luckier than he was with MC. Omar is suspicious. MC says she never liked Adrien except as a friend.

Blanca recalls that Omar told her that he was to marry Marichuy. Ivette can't stand it and pops out full bore. She's going to get MC out of the way for good, she's going to kill her! Omar, you are mine!

Cut to a mass for Nelson.

Pat tries to talk to Omar, as he's his daughter's fiance. Omar wants nothing to do with him, since Pat had treated MC so cruelly and wasn't proud to be her father. Stef tries to console Pat but chastises him about how he was asking for trouble by announcing embarrassing facts so quickly to strangers.

Mayita and Cuate go to the attic, where Granny finishes the Snow White story, complete with politically incorrect human dwarfs.

Back home, Candy and MC review events. Candy is looking all over for her orange dish scrubber, and she forgets that she has put it on the back of her head. She hopes that MC has forgiven JM, but no. MC says she must gather strength to give him up and cede the way to B/I. Candy is resigned.

Meanwhile, B/I calls for Balbina to leave the outside door open (without telling her it's so she can escape). She dresses as Ivette in a hot red dress, but she can't get out of the terrace door and bangs on it. Onelia hears and opens the hall door and sees and hears her trying to escape and muttering about MC. She knows something is wrong. She may even do the right thing!

Meanwhile, that intellectual giant JM muses to Rocio about Blanca's strange new feelings, but they reassure themselves that they needn't worry--nothing will happen tonight.

Marichuy is home comforting the baby.

Ivette goes to the theater to look for MC, but she learns that the play was cancelled that night because of the funeral. (I'm adding something here. I think she just walked out of the hall door after all, but I'm not sure how she escaped detection.)

My DVR cuts out here, but trouble's a brewing!

That's all for a week or two for me--I can hardly believe it, but we're leaving for Peru on Friday afternoon. We are going for a wedding in Lima on Saturday, followed by a tour of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. I will finally learn if being a telenovela recapper helps me get along in Spanish in a Latin American country. So wish me luck.


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MEPS, March 3rd, Capitulo #7 - Descanse en Paz, Soledad and Prisila Needs to Go See Octo-Mom's Fertility Specialist Instead

Previews: Nanda wants to take Sole to the hospital, but Sole wants to stay in her house. Gardenia tells Nanda that Eduardo is supposed to arrive at anytime. Outside, Ed says he doesn’t want to see Nanda at his mother’s house.

New stuff: Barb is talking to Cigarman, she tells him Soledad is close to death. He says that’s why they need to watch her even more closely now, so that she takes his secret to her grave.

Soledad is in her living room with all concerned parties, minus Eddie. Nanda wants to hang out longer, but Soledad wants to rest. She tells Nanda that if she wants to see her at her wedding she has to rest. Nanda then asks Sole about Eddie and explains to Damian who Eddie is. Soledad tells her not to worry about these things, and now she wants to rest. Warm goodbyes between Sole and Nanda ensue. She assures Gardenia, Jacinto and Margarita she’ll be fine and doesn’t need anyone to stay with her. Everyone leaves. Enter TBLMOE, who still hasn’t taken his Snoopy scarf or his muddy jeans off. Soledad tries to get Eddie to leave and go back to New York, and says if he doesn’t a tragedy will happen. He wants to know what she’s talking about, but she says all she can tell him is that he has to get out of there and never return. FC puts on his very best concerned and worried face.

Note: I’m with all of you that don’t like Fernanda’s eyebrows. They make her look mean. So far, I think Gardenia is the prettiest one of the bunch.

Prisila is in a snit with gross Anibal and about Barb calling her a traitor to her own family. Prisila says the only reason she doesn't make Barb tell her the truth about why she called Prisila a traitor to her family is because one day Anibal is going to be the father of her son. He says, “Yeah, I love you too.” She proceeds to strip down to her negligee and tells him he betters perform his obligations as a husband and make her a baby. He’s not bitin’ and she tells him if he doesn’t do his part as a hubby, she’s not going to do her part as a wifey. He tells her to do whatever she wants and walks out.

Nanda thanks Damian for going with her to see Soledad, that she’s the closest thing to a mother that she has. She says goodnight, he goes to leave, gets in the car and Creepy Barby takes him by surprise and tells him his “work” for the day isn’t finished. He’s tells her she scared the bejeezus out of him and she tells him she likes that. After a biting (literally) kiss, they leave. [Lucero is doing a great job at being one creepy witch. Someone said she has those “dead” eyes and it’s true. She looks like the female terminator and Sendel looks like a Maskatron – anybody remember that toy Maskatron from the ‘70’s?] She says let’s go where I can give you one of the best “despedidas soltero” (bachelor party) he could ever have. Yuck.

Jacinto tells Ed that the best medicine for Soledad would be for Eddie to take her away from there. Ed says he came back for two things: to see his mother and to ask Fernanda to marry him, but now that’s impossible. Now he only wants to get his mother better, and he’s going to take her to the best hospital in Mexico and never return. Jacinto leaves. Mama is coughing badly. He picks her up and says they’re leaving, but she won’t let him. He puts her back on the bed. She tells him it’s not that she doesn’t want to go with him, but that her time is finished. He’s devastated to think she might die.

Nanda is in her room looking at the charm Eddie gave her as a child. She’s sure he’s found love with another woman by now, and besides she’s going to marry Damian, the man that loves her. She puts the necklace back in the jewelry box.

Barb and Damian are making out in the car, in what looks like a field somewhere and talk about being caught by her husband and his girlfriend, but they don’t care.

Sole tells Eddie her heart broke every time he told her in his letters he wanted to come home. He tells her to rest, that “manana es para . . .” She interrupts and she tells him there’s no more time and she has to tell him what’s happened. She starts with telling him that Liliana is keeping a terrible secret. She explains how Liliana knows that Barb killed Montse and that Barb has managed to have Liliana locked up and drugged in the insane asylum. Barbara managed to get Don Gonzalo to believe that it was Liliana that killed Montse. She goes on to say she’s been posing as a volunteer named “Cruz” all these years in order to visit her. Nanda has gone each week to see her also and bring flowers. Eduardo asks why doesn’t Fernanda get her sister out of there and she tells him that Barb has gotten the Director of the asylum to declare Liliana insane. Sole tells him Barb wanted to “finish” her too, and that she’s done it. Eduardo begs his mother to tell him the secret, but she tells him she’s too weak and wants to sleep. She tells him to remember that Liliana holds the secret in her power of all the bad things that have happened. She tells him she’s tired and wants to sleep, and Eddie lets his mother rest.

At what looks like the community center or whatever that place is that they’re supposedly building, Barb comes in and is talking with Anibal about the powdered milk, and the possibility of him spending a lot of time in jail for it. He says nobody is ever going to find out that they’ve bought a shipment of milk that is “caduca” (expired). Barb says meanwhile they have to find a safe place to sell it and keep Fernanda from finding out. He says Fernanda is busy with her wedding. I’m not getting the whole selling the expired milk thing. My beanie must have a short in the wiring.

Fernanda is asleep but dreams about having a conversation with Soledad about getting married tomorrow and Soledad says look, here comes your prometido (fiancé), who happens to turn out to be the mysterious man she encountered yesterday. She’s woken up by a text message from Damian saying he can’t sleep because he’s thinking about her. She wonders why she had a dream about kissing that mysterious guy. Note to Fernanda: because he’s HOT!!!!

Eddie is remembering his chance encounter with Nanda on the road when he arrived, while he stares at the engagement ring. He holds his mother’s hand at her bedside and says soon they’ll leave. Soledad is asleep. He spends most of the night pacing, thinking . . . he tells his mother she has to confide the secret in him and he’ll do whatever he can to protect her. He cries for his mother.

Next day Eddie wakes up sleeping by his mother’s side. The window blows open by itself (never a good sign), the sun shines in on Soledad’s face. Slowly, Eddie realizes his mother has passed away in her sleep. He’s overcome with grief.

Liliana wakes up with a jolt in the asylum, screaming, almost as if she knows that her Nana is dead. Eddie sobs for his mother. I don’t mind men crying at all, especially under circumstances like this, but honestly, this wasn’t Colunga’s best moment – too much high-pitched whimpering for my taste. Liliana cries, “No!” Eddie cries and holds his dead mother.

Jacinto arrives at Sole’s cottage, lets himself in and finds Eduardo grief stricken. Eduardo tells him Soledad is dead.

Liliana gets up and goes to leave her hospital room, but some hospital thug and Nurse Ratchet catch her and shoot her up with drugs again, while she screams for her Nana and something about them waiting for her in the garden. She’s unconscious again.

Jacinto wants to know what happened and Eddie tells him Sole couldn’t take all the pain. Jacinto looks out the window and sees the Barbinator coming. Eddie is pissed that woman is coming to his mother’s house. Barb knocks on the door. Jacinto goes outside instead of letting Barb in. She asks how Soledad is. Jacinto tells her she’s gone on to a better life. Barb wants to know who else knows, and he tells her nobody does. Barb is pissed off that Soledad has picked this moment to die. Eddie hears this from inside and literally breaks a glass in his bare hand – he bleeds and is furious. Barb says she doesn’t want the happiest day of Fernanda’s life ruined by a funeral and that Jacinto needs to keep his mouth shut or she’ll throw him out of his house. If he does this favor for her she’ll be grateful the rest of Jacinto’s life. Looks like Jacinto’s going to be sick, but Babs is pretty pleased with herself.

Prisila is on the treadmill. Gross Anibal comes out of the shower. They bicker again. She says she’s going to tell her family the truth about the Elizalde’s using powdered milk. I don’t think she knows the milk is “expired” though.

Gardenia goes running up the stairs and runs into Barb, who thinks Jacinto has told her about Soledad dying and that Gardenia’s going to tell Fernanda. Barb spills the beans to Gardenia, but then realizes that Gardenia didn’t already know until she opened her big Barbinator mouth. She tells Gardenia to keep her mouth shut or Jacinto will lose his house.

Eddie wants to go along with Barb’s plan. He says Jacinto can’t defend himself against Barb. Eddie tells him what Soledad told him about Liliana being in the insane asylum and that Barb killed Montse. Eddie says Barb killed his mother and made her suffer for 15 years, and because of that they’re going to do exactly what Barb says. Eddie looks like he’s planning revenge. Jacinto can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Previews: Barb tells Cigarman Soledad is dead. Cigarman tells Barb she must not let Eduardo assist with Soledad’s funeral. Eduardo says he’s going to spend every minute of his life getting back at the Elizalde family.


Tontas Tuesday March 3, '09 Things Are Heating Up!

Well, we had a sizzling episode tonight. Not as hot as we were led to believe, of course. But someone got lucky: it just wasn't Patricio and Candy. Here's how things panned out.

We start with a lovely shot of sky over Guadalajara and then descend into the mess that people make of their lives. In this case, Eduardo and Chayo. Lalo's still thinking he can wriggle out of his latest amorous escapade but Hortensia is giving him some straight talk. To his weak excuse of "I'm just a man" she sneers, If you were REALLY a man, you'd be faithful to one woman.

Don't think he got the message yet...but it was delivered.

And speaking of infidelity...we're back with Patricio and Candy. Tender, brushup one-lipped kisses again, deepening now, becoming more passionate, her dress lies on the floor, they're wrapped in each others arms...they're....dang, it was just Patricio's imagination! Candy's looking at his spacey face, asking him where he's "gone" and he replies artfully, I was dreaming of what our life together could have been. Beautiful. Good. Like you.

Santiago, "Bachelor No. 2" is looking at himself sadly in the mirror and then again at the cellphone photo Meño took of Candy and Patricio together. Very sad indeed.

Back to our couple. Pato confesses he has a secret. C- What, another son!? P- No, another key.C- I might have known! How dare you! P- Yes, it was a trick. I needed a chance to be with you. You won't forgive me will you. C-Take these handcuffs off.

Now this deserves a special paragraph because Candy FINALLY asks forgiveness. Now it's my turn to talk, she begins. Forgive me for having lied to you for so many years. And for having kept you from your son. Once when he asked about you I showed him a picture of a rival (to Pato's team) soccer player. P-Noooo! C-I really hurt you. They conclude by realizing the one they really need forgiveness from now is not each other....but their son.

I just wanted to jump up and down. I loved this scene. There was honesty, accountability, tenderness, was great. Worth waiting for. Others may react differently but for me this was the highlight of the evening.

Santiago, however, is not having such a good night. Still involved with his mirror and going over the conversation with Meño. Finally he decides to call Candy. Gets her answering machine. Starts to leave a message and then decides he doesn't really have anything to say.

Alicia, on the other hand, has plenty to say. She's threatening to expose her father-in-law as "un ladron de guante blanco" (literally a white-gloved robber. we'd say "white collar criminal"). He's unfazed until she mentions jail and then asks tersely what she wants. Money? No, she has plenty of that with his very successful son. But she wants Patricio back, and Candy out of the picture.

More nefarious doings, with Marissa setting up a spycam videorecorder in Candy's office. The technician assures her it will only take a couple of hours to install and she can see and hear everything that happens on her computer at home. More fun for our Mariloca.

Gregoria, who's gradually becoming more "simpatica" (likeable) is offering Meño some of her insurance money if it will help him hold on to the restaurant. And Zamora and Toño are marching around holding placards and shouting Resist! Resist! Those two were born premature, muses Gregoria. Virgin brains.

Gals, have you ever cleaned house when you were really really mad? I have and that's exactly what Chayo's doing as she grapples with her fury at Lalo. Just about scrubbing the top layer off the credenza that holds the photos of her and her husband. Finally slips the picture out of one of the frames, hestitates, and then slowly rips it apart. It's in her heart. Eduardo blows in with his usual excuses....It was nothing. She meant nothing to me. You know I love you etc. Chayo firmly answers Thanks for shattering the love I had for you. He's undeterred and picks up the photo pieces, planning to glue them back together. Guess he thinks he can do the same thing with the relationship. Not a fast learner, our Lalo.

Back to the Love Shack. Candy's nibbling on fruit....smiling dreamily. Pato's in the bath, offering to share the tub. Nothin' doin' so he comes out, all snuggly in a towel robe and admits he's not sorry for the trick because it was a wonderful night. Indeed it was, she agrees. Hmmmm. He also lets her know he's not living with Alicia anymore, but has moved to a hotel.

At the Institute, the women are all talking excitedly about the radio program and the possibilities. But no salsa and no horoscopes from Meño, insists Marissa. This is going to be women helping women.

The comic relief is still marching around with their Resist placards. When Meño wonders why they're so over the top, Zamora mentions the children. Does he have any? No....but some day. Toño is left to ponder what it means when someone says roll up the placard and put

Candy and Patricio are still talking. Did you leave Alicia for me...or for you? For both, is the reply. She's looking at her cellphone and realizing that Santiago called but didn't leave a message but Pato recaptures her attention by handing her a thick sheaf of papers and saying....for eight years, here's what I wote....about you...what I felt, the hurt, how much I loved you, how much I missed you.

Will Candy read it? Will it change things? Who knows? In the meantime, the fabulous spycam is installed and a happy Marissa is asking, Check or cash? (cheque o effectivo) And we break for ads.

Hortensia is snuggled up to Santiago, vowing that she can't work for Eduardo anymore after what he's done. But you don't work for him, you work for me, replies Santi, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. And Lalo really regrets what he's done. Hortensia looks at his sad face and asks him what's wrong. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, he answers....and this time I lost.

Another losing lover is our Donato, hauling in a gazillion plastic shopping bags and complaining. Tina's not buying it. Her husband could go shopping with her if it's such a "chore"!....and just what are you doing with her picture in your jacket pocket!? Donato looks like he's going to deny, deny, deny.

Another lovelorn person....Soledad. She's fending off Zamora who's trying to collect on that dinner she promised. Instead, she picks up the cellphone that Pato gave Beto and calls....guess who?

Patricio and Alicia are having a little throwdown, but not the fun kind. He's protesting her treatment of his clothes (all over the floor and the stairs) and she's grabbing his cellphone when she hears it ringing. He protests that the phone call is from Beto and besides it's none of her business. She's still trying to negotiate a détente, promising to pick up his clothes and visit Beto with him if he'll just stay. No, no and no.

More splits. Lalo's gluing the picture back together while Chayo demands a divorce and that he move out of the house. No way. I pay for this place and I'm not leaving is his reply.

Meño and Candy are talking. She's feeling bad about Patricio leaving Alicia. He's feeling bad because he's got to deliver the bad news that they're going to be out on the street. Impactada look from Candy.

Meanwhile, Santiago's at Marissa's apartment, trying to talk himself into the relationship again. Although he hasn't heard a word she's said about the new radio deal for the Institute, he bravely says that" when we marry, we'll be very happy". Marissa agrees, says she loves him and begins suctioning his lips. (These were truly ugly kisses. That's all I can say.)

The sad conversation between Candy and Meño continues. She's all "we'll start over". He's all "it's too late for me". Fuera dolor! she replies. I can't help you with anything, he muses to himself. Foreshadowing? I hope not. We break for ads again.

Well, it's evidently après l'amour at Marissa's. Santiago, seemingly nude, answers the phone when Candy calls. Marissa can't come to the phone, she's in the shower after making mad passionate love. Oh, sorry, is this Santiago? I thought it was Juan Pablo. He was there the last time I called. (wicked move Candy). Santiago seems to take this seriously for a while whereas Marissa, fresh from the shower, thinks he's talking about the last Pope.

Well if Santiago has no reason for jealousy (with Marissa anyway) Chayo sure does. Even though Lalo is dismissing her feelings as unimportant....because the affair was unimportant. Candy is right! Men can only keep one promise, fumes Chayo, to be faithful to infidelity!

A simple affair is not the end of the world, replies her husband. Well, I have something to confess, adds Chayo quietly. A month ago when I was feeling bad, I went to see Santiago, and one thing led to another....(Lalo's getting agitated)...and he rang the bell like he does, you know, for a very "special patient"...(Lalo's turning red) and.... Before she can go any further, he grabs her and shrieks, YOU MEAN YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!!??? No, replies Chayo smoothly....I was just showing you that "betrayal is not more or less serious". It's betrayal. And I want you and your stuff out of here.

Eduardo mutters that his wife has gone crazy. And Lulu is saying the same thing....about Zamora and Toño. They're posing now as handicapped ragged beggars and reminding her that they're in trouble if they have no food. She has "reserves". Are you saying that because I'm fat!!?? No, howls Zamora. I'm saying it because you also have your job at the Institute.

Candy and Marissa are talking about the rental problem. Marissa proposes asking Raúl for help but Candy nixes that idea. She's going to try and work out something with the landlord. And another ad.

When we come back, Eduardo's in Santiago's office and Santi's trying to make him see reason. Chayo's right to throw him out. You have a compulsion to go after every skirt that passes, adds his pal. But I love Chayo, protests her bewildered husband. Suddenly Candy bursts in the room and tells him he has a a patient, no, not Candy but Hortensia. Our doctor plastico realizes he's in a bad way, he's seeing Candy everywhere.

Candy, in the meantime, is having a very hard time being seen by Señor Brivieska. His secretary keeps putting her off saying he doesn't have time and there's somebody else interested in renting the properties. Superwoman Candy finds a way out. She asks the window washer outside if he can give her a lift (aventon) rides up and bangs on the window, is helped in by the nervous landlord/nasty son and before you can say Jack Rabbit has negotiated a rental agreement. All the gals cheer her like the heroine she is. (alas, the restaurant price was too high. that problem remains unresolved).

Soledad and Patricio. He's come to see Beto. She admits the message was actually from her. She confesses she was hoping he'd leave Alicia for her. And yes, she knows he loves Candy. But he stopped loving Alicia. Maybe he'll also stop loving Candy. She misses him. She's lonely. I'll compress this painful scene. He assures her he wants to protect both her and Beto. But he loves Candy. We were fine before Candy came along, she reminds him. He asks her forgiveness....repeatedly...but again, firmly tells her that he loves Candy. Candy is the love of his life. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves. A tear rolls down her cheek. Alone again.

Pato's dad has gone to Gregoria to ask her help in muzzling Alicia. (I wish you luck there, hombre). He tells her, without going into detail, that Alicia has copies of documents that could ruin him if they got out.

A happier scene with the cluster of "Institutas" gathered around Candy, proclaiming her the Reina Gay for having pulled off the rental agreement. They all troop off to have a cup of coffee as celebration. Where's the tequila?

Not so happy a scene at Chayo and Eduardo's. She arrives home expecting to find him gone and instead he's watching soccer with his Iron John buddies. They ignore her. She stands in front of the tv and tells him to get out. She wants a divorce. It's my home and I paid for it, he snarls. I'm not leaving. She calls him "venadito" which I guess can mean someone who plays hooky. He addresses her as "chaparrito" which means shorty. These are clearly not pet love names for each other. So this is a declaration of war, she concludes. Yeah, he says, returning to his group and the tv, yelling "Goal!" and completely ignoring her. Very ugly scene. I thought there was some chance of Eduardo being redeemed. Now I'm not so sure. Ugly ugly ugly.

More uglies at Alicia and Pato's apartment. Alicia's exercising again( her favorite way to deal with housecleaning for her thank you very much) while Gregoria tries to persuade her to stop pressuring Pato's father. You know I never mattered to you, yells Alicia. You're living with my sister...and both you and she are garbage!

Pow! Mom slaps her a good one. And that's our show for tonight. Mostly ugly. Hot, but not in a good way. And who knows where it all will lead?

Previews: Isabella is telling Santiago why he sees Candy everywhere. Because she's only in one place....his heart. Patricio seems to be gaining ground with Candy and when she gets a phone call from Santiago saying he wants to be with her, Pato grabs the phone.


desalojar = to evict, to clear out
Dios aprieta pero no ahorca = literally, God pressures but doesn't choke. In other words, God never gives you more than you can handle.
estar in el mismo barca = to be in the same boat
un ladron de guante blanco = lit. kid glove robber. white collar criminal
no dejar a alguien ni a sol ni a sombra =not to give someone a moment's rest
aventon = a lift, a ride
additional vocabulary embedded


Las Tontas No Van #61, Mon 3/2, Beware of the Gingerbread Cottage, Gretel!

In the kitchen, Tina discovers Isabel’s picture in Don’s jacket pocket, and she wonders why he carries it.

Speaking of jacket pockets, Alicia sneaks the safe combination back into Pato’s wallet, and she returns it to his jacket just as he’s entering the room. He’s packing his bags and moving into a hotel. He asks why she wants to talk to his dad. She changes the subject and begs him not to leave her. Pat retrieves the manila envelope from the safe and looks carefully at how it was closed. Does he notice something amiss?

Limber Alicia has gone fetal. I just wonder how she can wrap her arms around her knees. Her boobs must feel like they’re in a mammogram squash! Crying, she again begs Pat not to leave, but he patiently persists. She asks if it was because of the photos she gave Marissa (Candy and Santiago in an intense kiss). No, it’s for a thousand things. She reverts to extortion: if he leaves, she could kill herself. How does one answer such a threat from someone who is emotionally unstable? Does he yield to the extortion and remain her prisoner? Does he ignore the threat and convince himself that it’s her problem, not his? Does he remove all the sharp objects and hire a bodyguard? Does he try to reason with someone who is unreasonable? He goes for her soft spot. “Don’t ever say that. It really upsets me when you say that.” He tries his best to be gentle but firm, like a mother leaving a clingy child with a babysitter.

While the boys are playing, Soledad asks Candy if Beto can spend the night there. Candy asks if she has a date or something, but Sol dodges. My friends tell me that in Mexico it is very uncommon for kids to sleep over at a friend’s house.

Santiago walks into the restaurant and finds his buddy and father figure, Meño, drinking alone. Meño says it hurts so bad, even breathing is painful. His best friend died. Remembering the old times, Meño recalls that his friend always wanted to write for telenovelas. The son is throwing Meño out on the street like a dog, and the institute too. Santiago offers to help in any way he can. In the next scene, Meño is more drunk, singing the blues alone. What happened to Santi?

Pat shows up to take Candy for their magical day (I thought Chava was included; I guess not). She is dressed to the nines, and he is suitably overwhelmed by her beauty. Candy hopes it doesn’t rain (like their last magic day), and Pat says, “No le eches la sal al día” (don’t jinx the day). Pat has rented a country home with a beautiful formal garden. Candy is enchanted by it all. They gaze at each other significantly. Candy should have paid more attention to her fairy tales. No, Gretel, no! Not the gingerbread cottage! There’s a wicked witch inside, and a steel trap!!!

Alicia the Desperate is throwing a tantrum and throwing Pato’s clothes. She flashes back to the night of his bachelor party. Sorry, folks, I have no pity to spare on Alicia. Her chickens have come home to roost. Her plot was to ruin her sister’s happiness by ruining her marriage. She fell into her own trap and received the agony she planned to give her sister. And what has she learned from all this? “I hate you, Candy.” That’s the litmus test for telenovela villains. When they suffer for their own sins, they turn in one of two directions. A. Some examine their lives and try to figure out why they’re suffering. Those people repent at the end and either find love or die a heroic death saving someone sweet and innocent., as V. Lanus did in Alborada. B. Others respond to the chastisement by swearing revenge and becoming more devious. You just know those folks have a date with the pie cart of scorpions!

In the gingerbread cottage at the edge of the forest, Candy sees the bed covered with rose petals, and she remembers when she made love with Pat on her 18th birthday. Disturbed by it all, she wants to leave. Pardon me, folks. Pat is trying win the heart of someone who is injured and incredibly gun-shy. In what universe is it a good idea to put up a flashing neon sign that says, “I plan to get you into my bed”??? He doesn’t understand why she wants to leave, and he tells her the rose petals covering the bed don’t have any significance. That falls into the same category as:
The check is in the mail.
This won’t hurt a bit.
It’s not my pot; I was holding it for a friend.
I’ll respect you in the morning.
I’m not lying.
Then he has the gall to ask, “Why don’t you trust me?” She refuses to reconsider; she’s leaving. So he does what any normal obsessive maniac stalker would do: he handcuffs Candy to himself. Because he loves her so much, of course. I’m surprised he didn’t chain her to the rose-covered bed, but the night is young. Maybe Pat has some rapist’s fantasy that if he can just force her into bed, she will be completely devoted to him forever after. Candy looks very worried, as well she should.

In the operating room, Santiago tells Ed that Candy’s landlord wants to evict her. Meño tells Charly the same thing.

Lucía accompanied Charly for a blood test because he wants to donate blood for a friend’s operation. She’s impressed by his gallantry and showers him with kisses. He’d rather she show her admiration in more intimate ways, but she flutters away.

Jorge has come to talk to Soledad while Beto is at Candy’s (while Candy is handcuffed to Pat in the bondage cottage). Jorge was hoping to see Beto. Even though he’s not the bio dad, Beto is still very important to him. That’s why he hasn’t even shown his face in a few months.

Candy tells Pat, “You promised me a magic day, and the only magic I see has four legs and is called a bed. This isn’t what I call magic.” She asks him to remove the handcuffs (esposas) so she can leave, and he refuses. She’s getting more worried about how this magic day will turn out. They struggle over the key, and he “accidentally” throws it out the conveniently open window. Later the workman reports that he couldn’t find the key. Candy calls her house but Meño’s not home. She tells Gregoria that Pat handcuffed her; Suegrita hangs up on her. I’m thinking she should call Santiago and let the boys “talk” it out.

I’m finding this storyline so repulsive, I don’t even want to think about it. I beg your indulgence; for the most part I’ll report the facts and nothing else for the rest of this situation. I’ll leave it to you readers to rant about it.

Pat reminds Candy of their first time together. On the phone, the locksmith tells Pat he can’t come out because they are on strike. At least that’s what Pat reports to Candy. She feels the need for a call-of-nature break. (How is it that in 80 episodes of Star Trek, nobody ever went to the bathroom, yet in Tontas there are at least two potty references in every episode?) Over dinner, Pat points out that things will be much easier when they live together without the handcuffs. Pat’s lines: I suffered so much without you. Candy’s lines: you slept with other women, even Soledad while we were planning the wedding.

Chayo tells Bárbara that Ed has really turned around. He comes home early every night. Barb suggests they take a mini-vacation this week, but Chayo says they can’t. Ed has an anesthesiologist conference in Cancun.

The abandonados are playing video games at the clubhouse. Ed brags that he’s been going home to his wife every single night (what does he want, a Dewey button?). Santi speculates, if he’s so faithful, why did invent a Cancun surgery conference? Amid blowing up Klingons, Metiche Raúl asks Santi whether he will keep his promise to give up Candy. Santi suggests that this is neither the time nor the place for this subject. Raúl says he would like to close that chapter and go forward with his life (e.g. pursue Candy?). Santi tells him that no one has yet been born who can tell him how to live his life. They tussle, and Carlos tells them no fighting in the clubhouse, at least not until they can lay bets. Santi leaves in a huff, and Sven is about to lay into Raúl for messing with his buddy.

Barb stops by Chayo’s while Ed is at the clubhouse. Barb says she looked into it; there is no conference in Cancun. Chayo realizes that Ed is back to his old ways.

Pat and Candy are drinking wine by the fire, and he’s flattering her for her beauty. Anger gone, she is charmed by it all. (Note, when Santiago rented a restaurant for a private date and flattered her, she accused him of just trying to get her to bed. When Pat holds her prisoner, covers the bed with rose petals, and flatters her, she thinks he’s charming. Es el colmo – it’s the limit.) He asks her to tell him about when Chava was born.

Now it’s morning. They slept on cushions on the floor, with Pat’s jacket over Candy’s shoulders, and Pat behind Candy spoon-style. How did Pat remove his jacket while in handcuffs? Pat says he spent the night gazing at Candy. Candy calls Meño and asks him to get a locksmith. When he arrives, he reports that he couldn’t find a locksmith either. He teases them about spending the night together, and he snaps their picture. Meño leaves, hangs a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and bribes the workman to not let anyone disturb the lovebirds. Whose side is he on, anyway?

Class, let’s review, shall we? Santiago’s idea of a magical date involves dancing in the moonlight to the sound of a renown singer who magically appears, and Candy is regaled by stories of legendary lovers linked eternally by destiny. Pat’s idea of a magical date involves holding Candy prisoner away from civilization, regaled by stories of how miserable and desperate Pat is. And Candy is CONFUSED??? She can’t decide which is a better choice? Give this girl a Nobel Prize for Stupid! And while we’re at it, considering Santiago’s choice of Paulina, Marissa, and Candy, I say he deserves the premio for Worst Taste in Women. But Televisa doesn’t give premios based on merit, as he well knows.

Raúl grumbles to a buddy that Santiago is still chasing Candy, and Raúl wants her for himself. The buddy counsels Raúl that Mar is a big girl; Raul should let her solve her problems herself. Likewise his fruitless desire for Candy – he needs to let that go too. The buddy has something to distract Raúl. It’s a new venture: partnership in a radio program. It could be very lucrative. (Does anyone recognize the buddy? Was he Ascanio in Pasion?) Marissa is delighted at the thought of her own radio program, until Raúl points out one little problem – it’s for Marissa and Candy. The more he describes the venture, the more he talks about Candy. And the more Marissa gets annoyed. She suggests (or demands?) that instead of getting Candy radio shows, he should conquistarla so she leaves Santiago alone.

In surgery, Ed asks Santi for private use of the recovery room that afternoon. He has a date and doesn’t want to take her to the clubhouse because taking a girl to an apartment for a first date seems a bit too presumptuous, even to a cad like Ed. Santiago suggests the couch. “The one in your consultorio?” Ed asks.

“No, the one in your own apartment, with your own wife, where you belong!” Santi tells Ed he’s a hopeless case; he’ll never learn.

Speaking of people who don’t learn from their mistakes, Meño shows Santiago the photo and tells him that Candy spent the night with her ex-widower. She’s doing this as a desperate attempt to forget Santiago, he explains. He wants Santiago to get jealous and angry enough to amarrárse los calzones (hitch up his knickers, put on the big boy panties) and actually take action to win Candy before it’s too late. Meño makes sure Santi gets a good close look at the picture. “Doesn’t she look content?” Santi suggests, “Le está echando mucho crema a sus tacos” – you’re embellishing the story quite a bit. If he wants to get Santi angry, it’s working. The question is, will the anger lead to action or will Santi just give up?

Chayo comes to the clinic to talk to Ed. Hortensia wants to announce her, but Chayo says she’ll surprise him. Boy Howdy, does she! Ed is in consultation with a patient. Consultation includes smothering himself in her neck and pulling down her spaghetti straps. When he sees Chayo, he says, “It’s not what it looks like. I can explain.” And the check is in the mail. And this won’t hurt a bit. And I love your new haircut.

Back at the gingerbread cottage, Pat says, “I love you.”
Candy answers, “You betrayed me.”
Pat repeats, “I love you.”
Candy begs him to stop, because she doesn’t want to suffer again. “Don’t hurt me again.”

Pat and Candy share a passionate kiss.
Alicia blackmails Pat’s dad, Arturo.
Santiago is losing his grip.

echarle la sal a alguien – to jinx someone
echarle mucha crema a sus tacos – to exaggerate a story, or be conceited
amarrárse los calzones - hitch up one’s knickers, quit being a wimp. I confess, Meño did not use that phrase, but it perfectly expresses what he did say.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Mañana es para siempre, March 2, in which Eduardo tells his ma they'll live by a lake and go fishing...

I'm demoralized, I think here in Chapel Hill the Univision subtitles are never coming back. So I feel pretty inadequate as a recapper these days and if anybody would like to take over, be my guest!

A few thoughts at this, my first viewing of the characters now that they are older, way older. I suggest that all of you who have beanies should dial them to a 25-year time gap rather than 15.

On the other hand, Barbara is doing the Dorian Gray thing - in the attic, no doubt there's a picture of her looking like a scary wrinkled hag, but in the present day she looks like Fernanda's sister...

My only complaint, other than this, is Fernanda's eyebrows, the eyebrows of a villainess, in fact she looks like Alicia in Las Tontas. I just can't warm to her as the ingenue. So sad - I loved the long-ago Fernanda so so much!!

Well, anyway.

  • Jacinto and Eduardo are reunited in town; Eduardo gets filled in on the seamy goings-on we've been witnessing. "Why didn't you tell me any of this sooner?" "I didn't have your address or phone number." Ed asks Jacinto not to tell anybody he's back, he wants to operate incognito for a while to scope things out. He's horrified to hear his mother is sick.

  • There's a tussle over powdered milk at the office. Daddy Elizalde is opposed, not because it's illegal or expired or contraband or whatever (because he doesn't know that), but because he fears it will harm the livelihood of the area's small dairies. Barbara and Damian and Anibal and Anibal's wife Priscila are pro-powder.

    Anibal and Priscila get sent out of the room. Barbara plies her nigh-infarcted hubby with booze and frightens him with stories of the competition, which I believe includes Priscila's family. "It's go with the powder, or lose your clients..."

  • Fer tells her BFF Erika about the handsome dude she sprayed with mud on the road. With much giggling she moans about his enchanting smile. "He acted as if he knew me... He rattled me a bit when he asked why I was marrying."

    She tells Erika her love of Damian is relaxed, mature, not like silly young things with butterflies in their stomachs.

    Erika teases Fer for still being a virgin. "It's cause I want a really special wedding night."

  • Erika told Fer she hopes to win back Camilo's love, but I'd guess Camilo's love is not worth the paper it's printed on: he's next seen smooching in a Jacuzzi with some bimbo. [He is the orange-tanned stupid oversexed jerk who was Ludwika's novio (Ludwika who is now Liliana) in 'Niña Amada Mia.' --Ed.] UPDATE: Jarocha pointed out Liliana is actually Dominika Paleta, Ludwikak's sister. Ooops, there are two of them!?

  • The doctor says Soledad has pneumonia compounded by a "tired heart." He doesn't seem hopeful but writes out prescriptions. Jacinto gives the doc 200 pesos and Margarita [who played the sexy sister in Juan Querendón] asks where he got it.

    Poor Jacinto, he's not long on brains and is certainly not ready for all the lying Eduardo's expecting him to do! Fact is, it was Ed who gave him the dough, but Jacinto can't say so. "Father Bosco lent it to me."

    Margarita goes off for the medicine, Eduardo sneaks into the cottage. Jacinto tells him he's got an hour.

    His ma is asleep under her crucifix. He looks at a picture of his parents and whispers, "Papa, don't take Ma away, I need her. She's suffered all these years... She was so happy when I was young..." He's shocked by the changes a quarter-century have made and swears the Elizaldes will pay.

    Ma wakes up and says "What are you doing here? You have to go away!" "Let's go away together!" he says sweetly, and they have a tender reunion (at the expense of Jacinto, who is desperately trying to keep Margarita from going back to the cottage and is a rotten liar).

    Ed gives his ma her medicine and asks if all this misfortune came from his innocent kiss with Fer. Ma, though she doesn't tell him, remembers Barbara's threat ("Say anything about Artemio Bravo and I'll kill your brat and the Elizalde children just like I offed Montserrat") and desperately asks Ed to stay away from the Big House.

    He tells her he's incognito and then goes on with his wistful fantasy: that he and she will go off and live in a house near a lake, with a garden and a boat, and go fishing on the weekends...

    She coughs and coughs. "Ma, I'll take you to the hospital!" "No, for what I have there is no cure."

  • The Elizaldes are all lounging around their living room. Santiago has sent them a letter, he'll be back for the wedding. [Did I catch a glimpse of Raul from Las Tontas, aka Meester James, wearing ridiculous curls and a faux ingenuous expression -- is he gonna be Santiago, the youngest son? Oh no, oh no! --Ed.]

    Fer reminds her loutish middle brother Camilo that Erika is going to be one of her maids of honor, it's awkward because of Camilo and his bimbos. Fer also sez she wants dear doped-up Liliana and nanny Soledad to sit at the same table at the wedding.

    Dad gets up and makes a speech, apologizing for the scene earlier in the day. He thanks Priscila: "You betrayed your family for us." "But we'll never tell, we're discreet" sez Barbara. (There is some complicated wheeling-and-dealing over Barbara's milk scheming, without captions it eluded me.)

    There is talk of expanding their operation into the U.S. Fer is worried, like her dad, about the livelihood of the Little Guys. She is mollified when Damian is called on to discuss the plans for some giant mega-center (maybe a community center) they're building. (But the baddies remind each other, "Don't let her anywhere near the site.")

  • The meeting is over; Fer and Damian are leaving but Barbara barks, "Where are you going?" "To see my nanny Soledad, she's sick."

  • Jacinto can't keep Margarita away from the cottage any longer with his feeble stories of soup and Father Bosco, and Gardenia is already banging at the cottage door... Ed, your time is running out... Hearing Gardenia outside, Ed flashes to the letter she gave him when he went away... "Ma, it's not safe to tell Gardenia and Margarita that I'm here, they both go to the Big House."

    Soledad realizes Ed is still in love with Fer and is still wearing Fer's communion medallion... She struggles out of bed to answer the door...

  • While driving to Soledad's in their nice car, Fer and Damian encounter Jacinto and Margarita walking down the road. Fer offers them a ride, since they're all going to the same place. (When the others get out, Damian stays behind for a moment to wipe the lower-class coodies off his pristine upper-class back seat.)

    These four plus Gardenia converge at the door. Soledad slips out and greets all five in her shawl and jammies. Fer hugs her, they go in the house (except Jacinto, who lurks outside with Eduardo watching through the window as Damian drifts around spying on everything).

    "So that's the fiancé!..." Ed sez he doesn't want to see Fer here...

    Fer wants to take Soledad to the hospital but Soledad just wants to stay home with her herbs. Fer is impactada to hear that Eduardo will be home soon.

Tomorrow: Liliana is injected with drugs as she screams and sobs, "They're waiting for me in the garden!"

Ed and Fer have a nice juicy kiss -- as do Barbara and Damian.


Cuidado con el Angel - Monday, March 2, 2009: R.I.P. Nelson; JM and Omar debate about MC; Blanca has a panic attack

CUIDADO CON EL ANGEL - Episode 110 - March 2, 2009:
* Nelson and Elsa are in the middle of a daisy field at night -- just as Nelson requested.

* JM sits in his chair, thinking about Blanca and wondering why he can't tell her the truth about his feelings for MC.

* Doorbell rings. Cande cares for JM Jr. and talks MC into going to answer it. MC goes towards the door and yells, who is it? Omar yells back through the door and begs to enter.

* Rocio waits by the fountain -- she spots Ivette sneaking back through the garden to the castle.

* Omar is visibly shaken and stirred. MC notices and asks what's wrong? Omar begs to be with her right now. He acts like he's seen the "ghost of christmas past."

* JM is thinking to himself in his office. Rocio enters and says she just saw Blanca, er, Ivette returning home.

* Cande asks MC who is there? MC replies it's Omar. Omar asks MC again to return to him.

* JM and Rocio talk - he tells her to tell Blanca to meet him in the office ASAP. Rocio leaves. JM mumbles about MC.

* MC and Omar sit and talk. He confides to her about Ivette showing up in his life again - like a really scary nightmare.

* Pat sits with Ceci in the bedroom. She confides to him about her dreams and feelings for MC and JM Jr. (their grandson). Her mother instincts have kicked into high gear and she's worried about MC and all that she's suffered in her life. Pat acts consoling.

* Blanca visits JM in the office. She's curious about why he wants to talk. JM says it's about Ivette.

* Omar grumbles to MC about Ivette's visit to him tonight. MC mumbles her questions. Omar explains she's his best friend.

* JM questions Blanca about Ivette and where she was tonight. Blanca's stunned.

* Omar is scared that Ivette returned to destroy him. He begs MC to be with him - to save him.

* Blanca cries and is ashamed by what JM will think of her. She begs him to cure her ASAP.

* Omar asks MC to say something. She doesn't know what to say. He says anything is better than silence. They continue to talk. MC tells him off for trying to take JM Jr. from her, and then tells him about JM and how he went behind her back and registered JM Jr. as their son with his name as father.

* Ceci continue to tell Pat about the baptism and that afterward she tried to hold JM Jr but MC took the baby to the other room and wouldn't permit her to see him. Ceci is happy with the baby's name - after his father and with both last names. Pat and Ceci talk some more. Pat is gentle and reassuring.

* Elsa and Nelson lay side by side in the daisy field. Nelson is deep, poetic and thoughtful about love. Nelson stops talking and lays down. Elsa cries and is stunned as she realizes he has died. She curls up by his body and cries. As the sun appears in the sky, Elsa is still curled up beside Nelson and is still crying.

* At the house, Bea and Vince (or was that Ed?) are waiting with Elsa's parents. The phone rings. Bea answers. Elsa is calling because... Bea understands. Elsa says to tell her parents to start the preparations; Nelson died. They hang up. Elsa has her gut-wrenching cry over Nelson's body - Nelson's head in her lap.

* At the castle, JM is laying in bed. Balbina enters and tells him about the phone call from his aunt and uncle - that Nelson has died. JM tells her to tell Rocio and Nellie they will need to go their aunt and uncle's house.

* MC, Cande and Omar found out about Nelson's death and the visitation. They discuss going for the visitation. Cande goes to the kitchen to prepare some food. Omar offers to escort MC.

* In the hallway, Nellie and Mayita are talking about Cuate - he isn't a flea-bitten mongrel; he's her puppy and his name is Cuate. Balbina comes over and tells Nellie the news about Nelson and about the visitation. Mayita asks about cousin Elsa and if Nelson is now with her mommy. Nellie says yes he is. Nellie tells Balbina that she will go with Rocio and JM to the visitation.

* Visitation for Nelson at Elsa's family home. Adrian and his mom Clementine whispers together about Nelson's death and then as MC enters - they whisper about the man who is accompanying her, Clementine remembers he called her Lirio.

MC and Omar meet with Olga, Vince and someone else. Elsa's mom escorts MC and Omar into the room. Elsa and Bea talk with MC and Omar at the casket. MC and Omar have a look inside as they talk. MC and Omar then go to sit on the sofa. Just then Rocio, Nellie, JM and Blanca arrive. Elsa's mom escorts them inside. MC and Blanca make eye contact.

* Mayita carries Cuate upstairs to the attic - Mayita opens the secret panel and they enter "fantasyland". Mayita tells Granny about her cousin and that her cousin's husband dies. Granny answers her questions about death and how to console. They continue to discuss heaven and Mayita tells her description of devils.

* Blanca politely says "Hello" to MC and Omar. MC is uncomfortable; Omar escorts her out of the room.

* In the other room, MC and Omar sit and talk in private about Blanca's engagement with JM. Omar says that she is his fiance too. (He is all smiles).

* JM and Blanca visit with his Aunt, cousin and Bea. JM asks about Ed. Tia answers that he got called away on a delicate matter. The family asks when JM and Blanca are getting married.

* Omar is delighted that MC has agreed to marry him again.

* JM and Blanca have to explain why they haven't set a date yet? why are they waiting? Bea (or Elsa) gives advice about working with Padre.

* After MC leaves the room, Omar is happily thinking about their wedding. JM enters. They get into a heated discussion about MC. JM is obsessed with getting MC back in his life.

* Back in Granny Fantasyland. Granny and Mayita continue their conversation. They are discussing G-d as a wonderful forgiving father - how he created heaven and earth, day and night, and all the wonderful things in the world. Mayita says then their is no 'hell' because someone that forgiving and wonderful couldn't of created such a horrible place. Granny explains heaven as a place of 'eternal happiness'. Mayita gets scared and Granny assures her that she will never leave her. They hug and kiss.

* Omar and JM continue their heated debate about who has more right to be with MC. Omar is smug and JM is jealous and obsessed. The debate ends with Omar leaving the room.

* Outside on the patio, Omar approaches Blanca at a table. She's nervous as he introduces himself. He tells her she plans to marry MC. She's stunned.

* JM talks with Padre and asks for help with MC. Padre wonders about his engagement to Blanca.

* Blanca hyperventilates. Omar asks what's wrong? She doesn't respond.

* Padre continues to ask about Blanca. JM explains his relationship is professional. Padre understands.

* MC sits with friends and tells them her memories of Nelson. Someone approaches and she shuts up.

* Omar continues to be concerned with Blanca's panic attack outside.

* Blanca runs inside looking desperately for JM. Omar runs in after her and explains he is talking in private with Padre Anselmo. Blanca is scared and Omar tries to console her.

ADVANCE: MC and Omar are trying again to get married - JM and Ivette make separate plans to impede that from happening. (Ivette could kill again.)


Doña Barbara, Mon. March 2 -

Melquíades confesses to the murder of BP and trying to kill Santos. Santos tells the judge that he has no alternative to releasing DB.

The doctor (this actor played a doctor on La Traición, too) tells Antonio that his recommendation is that Lucía have a therapeutic abortion. Antonio asks if there is any alternative. The doctor says no. Lucía refuses. She says that her child will be born. She has to be born.

Melesio says that María Nieves and Altagracia can get married and without delay since he guesses that she she has thrown her bonnet over the windmill as they used to say.

The judge signs DB's release order and tells Santos not to darken his door again. When Santos leaves, the judge says that he is going to have a big problem with the Don.

Melquíades gives DB some advice before he is taken to jail. He tells her that he won't leave her alone for too long and to watch out for the Los Mondragón because they have changed bosses.

El Sapo offers to pay for dresses that Marisela is looking at in a store.

Someone is stealing cattle from Don Encarnación and the trail leads back to El Miedo. DE concludes that DB is responsible.

Marisela throws the dress at Sapo and tells him that he should be glad her boyfriend Santos Luzardo isn't there or he would be arrested for lack of respect. She stomps out calling him a pig.

Santos takes DB back to the hotel. She thinks things are back to the way they were with Santos but he asks her who Fidell Castell is.

Marisela tells herself that she has seen El Sapo's face somewhere before but she can't remember where.

El Sapo is confused about Santos. He says that he wants to get to know him. (I thought he had already put a hit out on Santos.)

DB pretends that she hasn't heard of Fidell Castell. She is saved from having to answer by the appearance of Marisela. DB is impactada. Santos tells DB that Marisela came with him and she will stay with him. DB calles them traitors.

Pajarote calls MN a traitor and MN tells him to hurry up and get his ternera.

Genoveva is down in the dumps because she doesn't have a boyfriend. She asks for advice from the other terneras and they all start to talk at once.

Santos calls Gonzalo and asks him to find out what he can about Fidell Castell.

A soldier tells El Sapo about Santos. The lieutenant says that Sapo is an idealisitic romantic. He is like the gentlemen of the past with his rectitude and attachment to the law and justice. El Sapo asks how a guy like Santos got invovled with DB. The lieutenant say that everyone knows that DB is a witch. He says that no one she gets her claws in escapes. El Sapo points out that Santos seemed to have escaped and the soldier says that Santos is also very tenacious. When he takes on something, he sees it through.

Antonio thinks that Lucía should put her life before the baby's but she thinks otherwise. She wants Antonio to promise that if he has to choose between the baby and her, he will choose the baby. Antonio is saved from having to promise by meeting Marisela and Santos.

El Sapo tells the lieutenant that he has to do something to get Santos to open his eyes. He says that he has an old memory that will work. The judge arrives and confesses to El Sapo that he had no choice but to release DB from prison. El Sapo is furious. He hits the judge and calls him an idiot, tells him to go away and wait for more instructions. Fausto tells El Sapo that Melquíades is dangerous and El Sapos orders that he be eliminated. El Sapo is more interested in learning about Santos. Fausto says that Santos has behaved very strangely. They sent him the diary so he could use it against DB and he didn't use it. El Sapo tells Fausto to send for Guerrero, the soldier who told them about how he was served 'Arroz con Meléndez.' He might be able to tell El Sapo more about Santos.

Marisela tells Santos about the gross old guy she saw in the store. She is sure that she has seen him somewhere before.

Genoveva tells Santos and Marisela that MN is going to marry Altagracia. Genoveva tells Marisela that she is afraid of turning into an old maid. Marisela comforts her.

In a very funny scene, MN and Altagracia come to see Bartolo. They find him reading pornography. Altagracia tells Bartolo that they have come to give him two pieces of news: one good and one bad. The dim Bartolo can't see what is going on but Mujica knows right away. He tells Bartolo that he told him before that he would never end up with someone as beautiful as Altagracia. Now Bartolo has been touched by the bad luck of the Mujicas in love. Altagracia tells Bartolo that the good new news is that she is getting married and the bad news is that she isn't going to marry Bartolo. She is going to marry MN.

DB runs into Acosta in the street. She tells him to tell Pernalete and Mujica that they should be careful because she is back and more dangerous than ever.

Altagracia tells Bartolo that she is sure that he will find another girl who is more hygenic than she is. She says that MN is not at all afraid of germs and she and MN proceed to french kiss while Bartolo watches in a combination of fascination and disgust. When they leave, Bartolo starts to cry and Mujica reminds Bartolo that he taught him that big boys don't cry. At this moment Acosta drops the bombshell that DB is free and is furious. Mujica says that he and Pernalete are dead men.

DB returns to El Miedo and has a joyous reunion with Eustaquia. DB tells Eustaquia how Melquíades sacrificed himself for her. She says that Santos and Marisela are traitors. Then she asks where everybody, Los Mondragón, in particular, are.

Los Mondragón are celebrating the fact that they are making it look like DB stole cattle but they don't have to share any of the money with her.

Antonio tells Santos how hard it is to put on a good face while Lucía gets worse every day.

Oops, ran out of time. See y'all when I get back.


El Cuerpo del Deseo, - Mon. -Weds., Feb, 15, 16 &17 - PJ/S and Isabel get married

Sorry again that I am so far behind on Cuerpo recaps. I am going on vacation today and won't be back until March 14. Cuerpo is ending on March 20.

Mon., Feb. 15
We zip to the night before the wedding and Camilo drives PJ/S to the Donoso house for an untraditional bachelor celebration.

Of course, he decides to go to the Donoso house and play the one and only piece that PJ apparently knew. Abigail tells Simón that PJ/S has to answer a lot of questions about the mysterious midnight concerts. This night, for instance, she hears a lot of anger in his music. Valeria feels that PJ isn't playing for her tonight.

Next morning Gaetana wakes PJ/S up (in his Ralph Lauren Polo pj's). She says that she wishes he would change his mind and not make the same mistake again. PJ/S says that this time it will be Isabel making the mistake, not him.

Isabel is unhappy with her makeup stylist and hairdressers and they leave in a huff. Valeria comes to help her get ready.
Tuesday Feb. 17 -

Gaetana and Matilda are a class act in their get ups to go to the wedding.

PJ/S waits at the altar.

The happy couple.

Rebeca brings Cantalicia to the Church.

Cantalicia interrupts the ceremony.

Gaetana waits an incredibly long time before she hustles Cantalicia out.

You may kiss the bride.

Wednesday, Feb. 18

The the reception, the newlyweds dance and for the second time, Isabel sees PJ when she looks at PJ/S.

Tio Felipe takes Cantalicia back to Las Cruces.

PJ/S tells Isabel that Gaetana is his best friend and he invited her to the wedding. Isabel demands an explanation.


Cuidado: Friday 2/27/09- "It's Her Baby's Party and She'll Cry if She Wants to...."

The Baptism party is in full swing and Marichuy is throwing a pity party for herself in the bedroom--she's so upset about what happened earlier, she just can't face the guests. Out in the living room, the guests start to gossip about all the goings on at the church and Juan Miguel's appearance. Cecelia arrives to provide more fodder to the gossip mill. Ana Julia finds out from Cande that this is Marichuy’s mother. Cece finds out that the party is for Juan Miguelito’s baptism. She didn’t know. She quickly asks Padre Anselmo what name the child was given and PA tells her that it is Juan Miguel, like his father. MC has now come out to the party and sees that Cece is there. She grabs for her baby protectively. Cece is saddened to see her reaction. Cece apologizes for being a party crasher, but could she just hold the baby this one time. MC looks at PA as her gut tells her to say no. Padre Anselmo indicates that she should allow this moment between grandmother and grandson and reluctantly MC passes the baby to her mother. MC immediately retreats back to her room.

Blanca asks Juan Miguel for a kiss and he obliges by kissing her forehead. He’s visibly uncomfortable and she also giggles uncomfortably. She remembers that he had something to tell her and he tells her to forget about it.

Nelson tells Elsa’s mother to please not tell Elsa he had a terrible time while Elsa was at the baptism party. He doesn’t want Elsa to know that as the end gets near he’s afraid of dying. She assures him that she won’t say a thing. Elsa returns home and asks how Nelson’s doing. Her mother tells her that they spent the time talking literature and poetry. Elsa’s happy to hear this and then she launches into what all happened at the baptism and the party.

Cece’s back home with Patricio and she’s excited to tell him all about holding the baby and that he was baptized. Pat gives her a hug and seems genuinely happy for her, until he catches Stefi’s eyes over Cece’s shoulder and the two share a look. Thankfully the appearance of Stefi in today's episode is quite brief.

Adrian asks Olga about Purita and how she’s doing at the convent. He wants to know if she can receive visitors. Olga says that’s not allowed. Adrian insists he needs to speak with her and could Olga help that to happen.

Marichuy emerges from her room to find all the party guests gone. At first it looks like no one touched the cake, but then you can see it’s been cut into and there are crumbs all over the cake plate. For some reason, this makes me happy. I’d hate to see such a cake go to waste and the realism is appreciated. There are even dirty party plates strewn all around the apartment , just like a real party (yes, it is a banner day on this show when I’ve devoted several lines of recapping to the status of the party cake). Should I note that the party gifts have yet to be opened? Anyway, Cande and Mari discuss JM-ito’s last names. This leads MC into wondering aloud if she should take the baby and leave. Cande asks her why she’s thinking about doing that. MC says she wants the baby away from JM…now she’s met Blanca it is best she keep her distance from JM, even though she still continues to love him. This revelation causes her to lay her head down on the table, weeping.

Ivett has found her way into Omar’s hotel room. He returns to find her there and he questions how she got into the room. She doesn’t answer, but beckons him toward the bed.

Cande urges MC to talk to JM and let him know how she truly feels. MC says she can’t. Cande says, “OK, suffer then”. This doesn’t sit too well with MC and Cande tells her that as far as she can tell the best thing would be for MC and JM to get married again. It would be best not only for both of them, but best for the baby as well. Olga comes into the room and tells MC it is time for them to head to the theatre.

Nelson has some difficulty with breathing. Elsa stands near his bed watching and crying.

Ivett asks Omar if he’s afraid to be with her. He goes to turn the lights on and she mocks him for doing so, she likes the soft light. She tells him that little children turn on the lights when they are afraid of the dark. He tells her that the darkness is her.

At the theatre, MC is wrapped in a red boa as she's dressed in her pick costume (no wig on, thank the heavens) thinks of Cande’s words about telling JM the truth. Ana Julia brings in some tea and the make-up kit. MC asks AJ to forgive her for replacing her as JM-ito’s godmother at the last minute. Mari explains her reasoning (that Rocío is a good friend, JM-ito's aunt and that MC wasn't expecting her to be there, blah, blah blah) and AJ says she understands (at least MC can see in hindsight that her behavior was a little rude). AJ asks MC why she’s sad, does it have something to do with her baby daddy? Mari admits that she still loves him, but needs to remove him from her heart. She asks AJ what she’d do if she were in her place. AJ says that they are two different people, but she’d not return to him. MC seems shocked to hear this and AJ goes on to explain that she’s a proud person and she’d have to prove she could make it on her own. She adds that perhaps that would be a mistake on her part, but for her it would be better than returning to him. MC launches into her story…how she and JM were married (this surprises AJ) and how Viv returned from the dead....she ends up saying that everything is complicated. She wants to return to him and then she doesn’t. Now it seems she's just to suffer.

Ivett tells Omar that his words of rejection are weak. His mouth says one thing, but his eyes say the opposite. He asks her why she came there and how did she find him. She starts to refer to herself in third person, telling him that Ivett is very intelligent and that Ivett is very interested in him (I've always thought people who refer to themselves in third person are ...well for the lack of better words, not quite right in the head....I guess this proves my point). He questions where she’s been living. Ivett avoids answering by suggesting drinks. She offers up a toast to them and tells him that she admires his disdain and impetuousness. She adds that he needs a woman like her and she can’t understand what he finds appealing about Marichuy. Omar is impactado to hear her mention MC (kind of kills the seduction mode Ivett's been setting into place).

Elsa goes to find Padre Anselmo and begs him to come to Nelson. He’s dying.

Rocío gets a call from Beatriz about how poorly Nelson is doing. Ro and Vicente discuss how Elsa’s gone to find PA. Vic questions what PA will be able to do for Nelson, since Nelson doesn’t have faith. Ro says that PA’s presence will be of comfort to him.

Ivett and Omar discuss MC. Ivett calls her a child and Omar defends her. Ivett tells Omar that he won’t be able to resist her …..resist temptation when she kisses him. She kisses his neck.

Ro tells JM that Vic left to go be with Nelson. JM tells her about his encounter with MC at his office. Ro tells him how sad that MC was when she returned home to the party.

Nelson tells PA that he’s not a man of faith. Padre Anselmo tells him that faith is the love of God. PA assures him that life doesn’t end here. There is the physical body and the spirit, which are two separate things. La alma se salva. Es eternal. The soul survives, it is eternal.

Ro goes to look for Blanca and finds her room empty and the patio door open. She realizes that this means that Ivett is back. As she leaves Blanca’s room she runs into Onelia. Onelia asks her what’s up and doesn’t believe Ro when she says nothing’s wrong. Onelia questions where Blanca is and Ro says that she must be with Mayita or downstairs eating. Onelia says “that Frenchwoman isn’t in the house”. Ro is shocked to hear her refer to Blanca as “that Frenchwoman”. How do you know? She asks. Onelia says that she saw her leaving out of her window. Onelia speculates what kind of horror this woman is causing.

Padre Anselmo offers the Last Rites/Annointing of the Sick to Nelson as Elsa watches with tears in her eyes (she should have been removed from the room, as it is customary for the dying to offer up their final confession at this time, but since the cake was realistic I’ll forgive them for this dramatic license they are taking…..besides, it does play out very emotionally, having her watch).

Omar kisses Ivett. The stumble toward the bed. She says she’s very happy to feel his passion (is that a euphemism?).

Ro goes downstairs and fills Juanmi in on Blanca’s disappearance. Onelia comes in on the conversation and adds that the Frenchwoman has left. A little smug, JM says that now that Onelia’s seen with her own eyes, she can’t deny the existence of Blanca’s double personality. Onelia adds that it is her desire that Juanmi cure Blanca before the Frenchwoman commits any more crimes.

Ivett ends Omar’s amorous mood when she mentions Marichuy again. He tells her to go and not return.

Nelson tells Elsa he’s no longer afraid. He asks her to take a look under the pillow. She does and pulls out a book. He tells her it is book of his verses, verses he wrote for her and that he hope she’ll try to get them published after he’s gone. They share memories. Then Nelson tells her that he’d love a bit of fresh air….he wants to go to the country.

Ro asks JM what they are going to do. He says they’ll have to look for Ivett/Blanca. They don’t have any idea where to begin because she doesn’t know anyone in D.F. They decide to wait for her to arrive back home.

Elsa has taken Nelson to a field at night. They admire the stars and how brightly they shine. Elsa tells him that they are probably seeing the light of stars billions of light years away, that now are no longer burning, yet their light still shines.

Juanmi waits for Ivett/Blanca to return and questions why he earlier couldn’t tell her the truth---that he wants his freedom so he can remake his life with Marichuy. END OF EPISODE.

chiquillo/a- kid, youngster
despreciativo- disdain
impetuoso- impetuous
penumbra- half-light, semi-darkness
salvarse- to survive


"Tras La Verdad" - FELS - Sun., Mar. 1st

Well, I’m glad I recharged my beanie early this weekend because I needed it for one last fling with FELS on the show Tras La Verdad. This isn’t a recap of the show, just my personal epitaph.

I have to admit that as stupid as most parts of this TN was, it wasn’t until seeing the clips from the show tonight that I realized I was really going to miss it. Laugh at me if you want, I’m sentimental sometimes. When I was little girl my mother said I used to cry whenever my father bought a new car, because I felt bad for the old one! LOL! No tears for FELS, like I had for Alborada and Pasion, though. But I will miss some of the characters, the good and the bad. The audacity of Gabriela, the psychotic Feo (Cantú - who was probably the best actor of all), Oscar, who of the three brothers was the most likeable, and Jimena, the most likeable of the three sisters. I will not miss Sofia, Quintina, or Eva, at all. C’mon, you know you’ll miss it a little bit, right?

I loved the theme song and I miss hearing it daily. In fact, the Friday of the last capitulo I was riding on a bus in Mexico City and the bus driver had a Vicente Fernandez CD playing, and “Para Siempre” came on, and I thought of all of us that were going to be so happy this TN was finally over.

Some chisme related to FELS that I’m sure most of you already know, but in case you don’t: Tio Elf is Vicente Ferdandez, Jr., son of Vicente Fernandez, the most famous singer probably of all time in Mexico (who sings the theme song, “Para Siempre”), and brother of Alejandro Ferndandez who is a great singer also, and incredibly gorgeous! Vicente Jr. (Tio Elf) was kidnapped for ransom a few years back, and they cut off two of his fingers from the knuckle. I don’t think they showed his fingers in the TN, but I’ve seen him in concert with his father and it’s very obvious. Also, the host of the show “Tras La Verdad”, Mara Patricia Castañeda, married Vicente Jr., about a year ago.

It was really fun watching FELS with all of you, I enjoyed every recap with all of the laughs and pure snark. Thanks again to everyone!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Doña Bárbara - Fri., Feb. 27- El Sapo confronts DB; Altagracia finds love in a hammock; Marisela is ready for love with Santos but he hesitates

El Sapo says that finally he is face to face with DB. She asks what he wants with her and he says that he wants to destroy her, crush her like a cockroach.

Marisela and Santos apologize to each other: he for being so hard on her and she for being silly. Santos says that he has realized that the only woman that he loves is her. Marisela says that she wants to be Santos' friend, his companion, his girlfriend. She says that she wants to do everything for him. She just asks that he not stop loving her. Santos tells her that she is all that and much more.

Eustaquia gives Melquíades money and asks God to protect him. Melquíades says that even if God doesn't protect him, he will still save DB.

El Sapo tells DB that she is only getting out of prison feet first. DB replies that he shouldn't be so confident. His friends tried the same thing and they are all dead. DB tells El Sapo that she is the Doña and she will see him dead. El Sapo is unimpressed. He says that she is nothing while he has all the power in the world. Then he asks DB about Marisela.

Santos tells Marisela that he has to get DB out of prison but he doesn't know how he will do it.

María Nieves surprises Altagracia washing clothes alone by the river. He says that he has come to talk to her. When she refuses he puts her over his shoulder and carries her off.

El Sapo waves the guards away. He says that DB is silent. Is she afraid that he will do the same thing to her daughter that he did to her? DB says that she doesn't care what happens to her daughter. El Sapo says that he thinks DB does care about her daughter and that DB is dying of jealousy because Santos is with her daughter. He laughs at the idea of the man eater being in love with an idiot; the dog of the Arauca melting for a man. He tells her that he is going to mess with everyone who is important to her. He admits to trying to kill Santos and says that the next time, he won't fail. He tells DB that he knows that Santos is her Achilles heel. She will see him fall in front of her eyes and the more she begs for mercy, the worse the end of Santos Luzardo will be.

A doctor tells Antonio and Lucía that Dr. Arias' tests weren't conclusive. He says that she needs to have more test with more advanced equipment right away.

MN takes Altagracia to the hut where he and Pajarote live. He tells her not to talk but to listen to him. He wants to talk to her about his love for her. "I think about you all day, Altagracia," he says, "When I get up, you are the dew (rocío) that bathes me. When I am thirsty, you are clear, cool water and when I am hot, you are the breeze that washes over me, no not me, my soul. When I work, you are my pasture (potrero), my savannah, my river, my pool and at night, you are my moon. You are everything to me Altagracia. I can't live without you. What other pretty words do you want me to say?"

Altagracia tells him that he didn't have to say all that. She only wants him to tell her that he loves her. "Only that?" asks MN, "I love you," he says with his sweet smile.

"Say it louder," says Altagracia. "I love you (te quiero)" he says louder, No, I adore you. No, no, I love you! (te amo)" he yells. The pleasantries having been complied with, they immediately have sex.

Pernalete and Mujica tell Fausto that even though DB is in prison, she is still alive and they are terrified that she will take vengeance on them. Fausto assures them that DB has lost all her power and will shortly be pushing up the daisies. "When I see it, I'll believe it," says Pernalete. He says that DB has more lives than a cat and her enemies end up being eaten by piranhas or in the jaws of the Bramador.

DB tells El Sapo that she will destroy him and his family. El Sapo says that he doesn't have a family. A family and power are incompatible. He says that thousands of people do what he wants because he gives them what they need to live. His legitimate businesses are just fronts (fachadas) for his real business. DB asks what that business is, raping young girls? killing lawyers, beating up old women? She suggests that he let her go so that they can confront each other as equals. Sapo says that he doesn't need to rape young girls, they give themselves to him easily. He says that now he is as powerful as a god. He is called 'The king of the Pacific' and has more power than presidents because for a little white powder, people are ready to kill. DB says that Sapo is an abortion of nature and she will make sure that he ends up where he belongs - in hell.

I would have said that having sex in a hammock is impossible or at least rather dangerous but MN and Altagracia seem to have made it happen to their mutual satisfaction.

DB says that she can see that Sapo is afraid of her. Sapo laughs and says that he isn't afraid of her. She is a broken down old witch who can't has lost her man to her daughter. He says that he feels sorry for her. This is the end for her. DB says that he is lying. This is the beginning. He is the only one missing to end a cycle of death and torture. She says that when she kills him, she will be reborn more powerful than ever. She will get back the peace and happiness that was taken from her when she was a girl. She then lays a really heavy curse on him calling on the dark forces of the universe and accompanied by reverb and native music.

She tells him that he will die the most horrible death of all her rapists. Sapo says that he doesn't believe in any of that. It is she who will die, with her daughter, her 'doctorcito' (Santos), Eustaquia and the mangy Indian that protects her. "All of them will die! And I am going to watch them in their last moments.. one by one, slowly." He leaves.

The clerk at the hotel offers Santos and Marisela the honeymoon suite but Santos says that he wants two separate rooms. Marisela looks disappointed. She is clearly ready to go all the way with Santos but now he is holding back.

Altagracia tells MN that from this day forward they are one, she is his and he is hers. She is his woman and he is her man. She says that they are husband and wife (marido y mujer). She says that when they get married, they will be more, they will be.. [and here we have a problem with the English. Altagracia says that when are are married they will be 'esposos,' which means the same as 'marido y mujer.' In fact, having seen many weddings on novelas, that is what the priest says at the end of the ceremony, "I pronounce you 'marido y mujer.' There is no word in English that seems to correspond to persons in the committed state of being a couple but who are not actually married.] MN suggest that they practice for when they get married.

Sapo tells Fausto that DB spoke to him in a way that froze his blood. Fausto says that surely Sapo doesn't believe in that kind of thing but Sapo says that for the first time in his life, he feels that there is a true enemy in front of him.

Santos tells the judge that all the actions having to do with DB have been corrupt and full of irregularities. He is DB's lawyer and he wasn't even notified of her transfer to San Fernando. Santos asks who is behind the accusation against DB. The judge replies that he will find that out at the appropriate time. Santos says that he isn't some lawyer just starting out. He and the judge know perfectly well that as DB's attorney, he is entitled to know everything about the case. He demands to know the name of the person who has accused DB. The judge tells Santos that if he wants that information, he has to file the appropriate papers with his secretary. Santos says that the secretary told him that he needed the judge's permission. Santos says that he will take the matter to a higher judicial authority. The judge tells Santos to do what he like. Everyone knows that he has an unblemished record ('expediente impoluto').

Sapo tells Faust that he can't forget DB's face. There was something in it that he didn't like. Fausto tells him not to worry. DB is in jail and can't do anything against him. Sapo reminds Fausto that she killed Meléndez against all probability. Everyone knows that she is an evil witch (bruja mala) and even though he doesn't believe in such things, witches can fly on brooms. '(de que vuelan, vuelan,' literally, 'they that fly, fly.' According to what I found on the internet, this is part of a Venezuelan expression, "Yo no creo en brujas, pero de que vuelan, vuelan.") Sapo tells Fausto that to be on the safe side, they should have DB killed immediately.

In her cell, DB says to herself that Sapo has all the power in the world and he has decided to kill her. She can't let it happen. She won't let him defeat her. She wonders where Santos is.

The terneras are hoping that Santos and Marisela will get together. Bartolo arrives. Melesio tells him that Altagracia isn't there and might not be back for a while. He suggests that Bartolo come back the next day.

Marisela runs into Antonio and Lucía in San Fernando. She says that she came to San Fernando with her boyfriend, Santos, who is defending DB. Antonio says that he is surprised to hear her say that word. " Really, that's too bad. If life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade ('si del cielo caen limones, nos toca hacer limonada, literally, 'if lemons fall from the sky, it's our turn to make lemonade.')

DB is telling herself that Santos has abandoned her and she should just die, when Santos comes to see her. He says that he has come to offer her his services as her lawyer, nothing more. He says that she needs to concentrate on the matter at hand: she has been accused of a crime she didn't commit. He says that the law is on her side and they can confront all her enemies including the one she doesn't want to talk about - Sapo. DB says that Santos shouldn't have come. It is very dangerous for him. She tells him to go away and finally calls the guard to have him shown out.

Marisela tells Antonio and Lucía that Santos believes that DB was brought to San Fernando illegally and that is why he is here to help her. Lucía pleads a headache and leaves. Antonio tells Marisela that Lucía never should have gotten pregnant.

Santos says to himself that something must have happened to frighten DB. He finds out that Fidell Castel was the last person who came to see DB.

Santos tells Marisela that just having her here with him is the biggest help she can give him. She kisses him and he says that if she kisses him again, he won't be able to contain himself and he wants to continue to be a gentleman (caballero) for his lady (dama). Marisela goes into her room asking why Santos has to be such a gentleman.

Pajarote says that now he is alone. All his buddies are chasing after skirts. Genoveva comes and asks him why he isn't worried about Altagracia and Pajorote tells her that Altagracia is in very good company. "Her too?" says Genoveva.

Melquíades tells Santos that he knows what to do to get DB out of prison. Melquíades says that he will speak the truth. Santos asks why Melquíades didn't tell the truth before. He says that things have gone too far and DB is gotten into a situation it will be very difficult to get out of. So he will do what has to do. Santos and Melquíades go to see the judge.

Fausto gives a lot of money to a guard.

Guards come for DB in her cell and she forces them to drag her.

Altagracia brings Melesio to see MN. "It's a miracle that you want to talk" says Melesio to MN, "Ok, son, speak to me." MN hesitates and says that he likes Altagracia. Melesio says that MN has good taste but that 's old news. He asks MN to tell him something new. MN hesitates and then says that Altagracia likes him. "Good, good," says Melesio, "but I already know that song. Sing me something new, something different." Finally, MN stammers out that Altagracia is his fiancée. Genoveva overhears and asks why everyone in this house is getting married and leaving her alone.

The doctor has asked to see Antonio alone to tell him that the results of the tests are worse than they thought. It's Lucía's life or the baby's. She and Antonio have to decide.

Fausto tells El Sapo that he has contracted with an asassin and this time his arrangements won't fail. At his moment, Fausto points Marisela out to El Sapo. Sapo says that he understands why Meléndez went crazy for her. "Finally, I meet you, Marisela," says Sapo to himself.

Santos, Melquíades and DB are before the judge. The judge asks DB if she ordered BP killed. She denies it. The judge says that all the proof points to her employee. Melquíades says that DB didn't do anything. He says that it was he who killed BP and tried to kill Santos.


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