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Things just went south, way, way, way south Lo Que la Vida Me Robo Wed Jan.22.2014 Capt.52

Oh em cheese. Ladies, gents, get some wine ready because you are going to need it in order to get through this episode. Sh*t just got real.

Oh snap, Alejandro knows, he knows!:

 Our beautiful Alejandro comes to the realization that his enemy was in his home the whole time, hidden in plain view. The memories of his wife crying over Jose Luis play heavy on his mind. He cries because he is heartbroken and angry that he was taken for a fool, there's no doubt that he thinks his wife and Jose Luis carried on an affair right under his nose. He walks over to his desk, his face wet with tears, his eyes red and full of pain and rage, he opens his desk drawer and pulls out a gun, he loads it with two bullets and goes on his way. Folks, put on your seat belts because we are in for a bumpy ride.

Well, maybe Macairo and Dominga can be happy:

 In the kitchen Macairo is trying to summon up the courage to ask Dominga if she had anything going on with the fruit molester who shall not be named. He tells her he has a question to ask her but he needs to know if she will answer him truthfully. Dominga replies that she has never lied to him and before he can spit out his question Alejandro shows up. Dominga takes the opportunity to offer her congratulations on the new baby and Macairo offers Alejandro a hug. Alejandro asks where Rosario is and Dominga tells him that she took Carlota a cup of tea. Alejandro gives both of them the day off, telling them that he needs some time alone with his wife. They don't argue with him and Macairo takes the chance to ask Dominga out on a date. They are going to Red Lobster! Okay, that's not quite right, but they are having sea food, so yay for them-now I want sea food!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mentir Para Vivir #75 Wed 1/22/14 Hold off on the Baby Shower gifts for RaquelMary’s bebé as we enter Ultimas Semanas

Bundle of Joy, er what?!?
Un bebé? Un bebé? Estas loca!? Raquel tells him she is most assuredly preggers.  Yeah, well there may be a baby, but it’s not mine.  Who knows who’s baby that is because he’s sure he always used protection (preservativo).  She tells him she hasn’t slept with anyone else and even condoms can fail.  He refuses to accept this.  She tries, and fails, to get his attention by repeating she is preggers.  “If you want the job I’m offering, abort!”  She’s shocked to hear he would want her to abort his child.  He repeats, adamantly, “NO ES MI HIJO!!”  Raquel foolishly threatens to tell Oriana.  He pounces.  Grabbing her by the throat, he assures her that if she breathes even one word of this to anyone, she can fuhget about the depa, el coche, not to mention the presidenta job!  He throws her aside and storms out with her screaming after him, “Eres un imbecil!  UN IMBECIL!!!”
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Qué Pobres, Wednesday 1/22/14 (#13): The Fugitive

Lupe tells her family she doesn't want Nepo to know about the RPs. He'd just try to fix everything "his way." (Which would solve the problem and get the RPs out of there immediately, as opposed to Lupe's way which keeps MA in her house indefinitely. But I digress.)

As the party begins, Chuy takes pity on the RPs and brings them some food, which may or may not include blood sausage (moronga). It looks like tacos. MA and Frida tuck in right away; Leo gives in soon afterward; AS holds out the longest, but then eats with gusto (with her hands!) and even has seconds! MA is glad the family is finally having a meal together.

Later, they sneak halfway down the stairs to peep at the quinceañera. Can I just say, many months after the fact, I just got a joke from PEAM - Rogelio was in a room full of cigar smoke and said "it's like a quinceañera in here." He was referring to the dry ice fog which, apparently, is part of the quinceañera experience. Anyway, Leo and AS make fun of the party. ("Check out that dress!" "Oh, I thought it was a piñata!") Frida says she wishes she'd had a party like this. MA watches Lupe dance with Nepo. MA's eyes meet Lupe's; she gestures for him to get out of sight. (How cute, they're already conversing with their eyes.)

After the party, Lupe is excited: maybe they can do this more often, using the place for events. They'll pay off the debt in no time.
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Por siempre mi amor #34 1/21/14: I didn't do it!


We begin today with Art Dad and Aranza arguing and she then leaves to go wrap Esteban in her coils and they exit.
A scene with Ferno-no and Soni. This scene made me think Soni had half a heart since when Fernando had said he didn't give a funk about his kids, she looked as if she had felt something.
Lucha comes in to offer Art Dad coffee since he seems stressed out and he declines. Ater some chit chat, she suggests he go check out the hacked, chopped and destroyed crib.
Baby Shower with Tita and the chiccas! She comes in with a cake in the shape of a baby's bottom cuz you know, we wanna be reminded of butts when we're eating, much less something in the shape of it. They begin a game with toilet paper and wrap Isa with it(?) I don't really get that game LOL.
Art Dad is going to see the crib and he has a flashback to when Tita surprised him and Dead-genia with it. She had told AD's mom tres veradades and boom it was his (hers.) He seems really distressed. With a daughter whom is so easy to brainwash, who wouldn't be?
At Soni's clad pad, she brings some carrots with grapes (cuz you gotta eat good to do bad right!) and El Ruco is on vacation with the fam for a month so Ferny has all the time in the world (before that acme anvil falls and leaves him more bruised thjan his face already is.) He is exchanging cash from an account into his and Soni is turned on by this apparently LOL.
Bruno calls AD whom is in his office and things are prepared and he says baby shower in a rather sexy English voice. He goes to meet Brun for dinner.
Esteban is with 'Za
and they're discussing her wrongdoings. She begins to doubt he is on her side but he reassures her. Some talk about Isabel and that she was with Fernando.
GrandMean is talking with Gisela about going to play poker and that she depends on her offspring for cash (add Gisela to the anvil list) and Gise then says there are a million ways to leech money out of your kids.
Some more 'Za and Esteban. (He really does bring out the best in her. Too bad Soni plans on ruining that.)
Dinnertime with Marianela and Borlas whom brings Dante and the kids don't trust him (they got their eyes on him!)
(Theme Song)
Bruno and Art Dad are together discussing their troubles and doubts.
Lucha and Gabino give the situation a piece fo their minds.
GrandMean's at home and Estebonbon comes and greets her. She gives a cynical snark and he ignores it. He ask about his dad's death and gMean says it can't be spoken of.
At the Baby Shower, it's time to open the gifts and the moment we've all been waiting for. First, Isa receives a blanket and then in the next gift, she shakes it a little and says it makes a sound. She opens it and it's a serpent!
Back to gMean and Estebonbon, she is telling him that it can't be spoken of even if he doubts damn Ferny dad is dead (aside from Isa, gMean, Gabs, Marianela, Borlas, Tita and Illeana, is Estebonbon really the only character with a brain or that we can tolerate in this novela?) However at breakfast she will speak with them tranquilos. He agrees and with a kiss, he's off.
Back with Dante, Mari and Borlas. The kids are brush their teeth and Dante offers to help with the dishes while one of the kids decides to help with laundry. Mari is off to the store and Dante snidely says he will hold down the fort. He asks if Mari is always with them and they respond with not always. Borlas comes in and sends those kids to brush. (Am I the only one who remembers Dante as Luisa's BF Ivan from Un Gancho al Corazon?) Dante comments on how those kids are hard working and he is surprised. B says they work around the whole house and D just snickers.
Tita comments back at the baby shower on who could do something so perverse? Isa just thanks the veterinarian neighbor and he says he will take the serpent away. Gabs comments that it was made with pure evil intention. But who? Tita asks again. Isa thanks Andrea for the party as Andrea leaves. We close the scene with the same question being asked as Isa begins to have a perfect idea who.
Brun and AD discuss that Nicolas had directly said he plans on marrying Gabs.
Isa is with the gals and she brings up whom she thinks had screwed her over.
A scene with Andrea and Mao disucssing the situation and Dead-nando.
AD is home and so is Isa. 'Za you little rat, your goose is cooked. As 'Za watchs from above, Isa blabs like the wind and he doesn't believe her.
More Borlas and Mari.
Andie and Mao argue.
A little arguing with AD and Isa and she goes ot the baby's room where she feels him kicking. Lucha comes in to help her and get relaxed.
'Za realizes she had nothing to do with the snake and goes to tell Art Dad.
A scene with Ally 'n' Brun to mix things up.
'Za then goes to the hotel where the party was held and gets a lovely photo and screencap of Soni in an obvious du'rag and shades giving the snake-filled gift. She holds onto the picture.
'Za goes to see Isa whom is relcutant at first but lets her in. 'Za tells her she didn't do it and is embarrassed. She has proof BTW and begs for forgiveness.

Avances- Soni is ready to give EsteAnza/AranzaBan the axe and set her up with Ferny.


Lo que la vida me robó, Cap. 51, Tuesday, 1/21/14: Ale Get Your Gun!

For tonight's edition of People on The Patio, we've invited a special guest to give us the inside scoop on one of the most shocking scenes in the novela. 

Let's give a warm welcome to María Zamudio and hear her take on The Infamous Shower Scene and its Aftermath!

[The Hell in a Handbasket table shifts uneasily.  What could SHE possibly have to say for herself?  THAT INSANE BITCH!  Some are already edging stealthily toward the tunnel leading to the Bunker of Ironic Detachment, opting to watch People on the Patio on their tablets.]

NovelaMaven: María, thank you for joining us this evening.  Say, before we begin, would you mind passing me the pitcher next to you...

María Zamudio:  Do I look like your servant, Maven?  Get off your rear and get the damn pitcher yourself!
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Que pobres tan ricos # 12, Tuesday Jan 21 'Like a virgin'... a quinceanera party for the ages... and the guest list at Via Italia grows...

(Menchaca's upstairs closet/attic: as MA continues piling the 'things' on the loan shark's arms...)
L: Hold it! I won’t let you pay this man for us.
S: you won’t be so ungrateful, right, Lupita? (turns to MA) And you, don’t abuse… just because I have a chicken’s heart…
MA: (interrupting the loan shark before he can insult Lupita's humble status) And very good taste!
S: I get moved by the needy people… but there are some goblets over there (pointing to another box full of AS's fine crystal goblets…
MA: You are in luck! (piles them on top of the stuff on the loan shark's arms) There you go. (turns him around and starts to push him out the door) Have a good time!... (more babble)… don’t trip with those boxes, ah?
L: Thank you for getting that guy off my back, but you did not need to do it. Neither will I accept what you gave him as a gift, we will pay you for everything…
MA: Guadalupe, if you want you can add it to the amount you all owe me.
L: Ah! There it is… you go ahead and estimate how much are the things he took, and add it to my debt. Write it down!
MA: No, you can also take it as payment for what we are going to be eating here.
L: Just don’t abuse. You won’t say now that those things are worth the food we will be giving you for a year, right?
MA: Well, you don’t really think we will be staying here a year, right? (he doesn't look so convinced himself that her estimate is so off the ballpark)

(at photo session)

The coordinator or manager questions A-hole that Mini was about to marry MA and now she is engaged to him. A-hole eats the guy alive for questioning him… A-hole gives the photographer instructions… I want you to capture the beauty of my fiancée and my personal attractiveness… I want to look sophisticated but sincere, haughty (altivo) but trustworthy, in love but indifferent, you get it, right? And if not, you know… (you ‘ll end up at ) Sonora desert…

(Pictures don’t really look that great to me, but I can tell Mini is not too excited to be there, looks more like she would prefer to be posing for pictures with a snowman…)

Back to attic at Menchacas…
MA: Lupe, why do you distrust me so much?
L: Not sure… there is something you are hiding… tell me the truth, why your interest in staying in this house?
MA: well, I used to have such a different lifestyle until just recently. I worked in London at the stock market… I gathered some money that I earned with hard work. (she wants him to get to the point) I trusted people that did not deserve it and I lost everything overnight. And all we have left… (then he goes deaf, like not really wanting to spit it out that all they have left is this house)…(she asks what is it he has left?)… this property.
L: Well, I am soooooo sorry for you all… but if you really lost it all, you all will need to learn to live humbly.. I have to go… (he asks for some food)… I will ask Carmelita to serve you some… just some!… we will keep a tab on you.. so you don’t later on come tell us that you were robbed… no, we know the kind of people you are… (leaves mumbling ‘the stock market’…)

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Mentir Para Vivir #74 Tue 1/21/14 You've Been Boinking the Biggest Skank in Town and You Didn't Even Catch a Computer Virus From Her?

Santa Dominga:  Oriana hears the door creek open and quickly turns off the bedside lamp.  Her head hits the pillow and she pretends to be comatose.  It seems that Jose Luis has been drinking tequila, slurping oysters and listening to Barry White songs all evening.  He is now in the mood for a night of love.  He’s knows that she’s not sleeping; he saw the light go out and he will not be swayed.  Suddenly, the falcon swoops!  Somehow, Oriana finds the strength to fight him off.  Confused, he mentally reviews the effectiveness of his mating technique.  He’s got a Richard.  Check.  He’s aroused.  Check.  Why isn’t she?  It’s a mystery.  He smells his armpits.  It must be his deodorant.  He’s irresistible; he’s certain of it.  Next, he resorts to begging.  I’m horny and little Jose Luis needs your help, he says.  He shoots puppy dog eyes at her.  Oriana springs from the bed and pulls a white silk robe over her Victoria Secret lingerie that scarcely covers her heaving pale bosoms.  She says that she's getting the heck out of Dodge City and heading back to her grandmother’s house.  The fox springs up and drags her back to the bed to be ravaged! Just when looks like he is about to take her by force, he stops when she declares that she will hate him forever!  Her words immediately deflate little Jose Luis, ummmm his ego.  After dismounting from her, he goes to her purse, removes her identification and leaves.  Shaken and crying, she lies sprawled in bed.  A little while later, he returns in a sarcastic mood.  He's looking for his medication.  Oriana, is still lounging in bed wearing man tempting Victoria Secret wings.  He finds it and leaves her alone for the night. 
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Por siempre mi amor #33 1/20/13: The Mask of Zero

Hello Everyone! What a great game the 49ers/Seahawks game turned out to be! I almost couldn't breathe for the last five minutes. Holy Smoke! On to the Super Bowl! Go Hawks!

Fenando has donned a mask for this episode. Like they do in fashion I thought it would be fun to compare his masked visage with pictures of others in masks and play a game of "Who wore it best?"

Sonia and Efraim visit Fernando in the hospital. Everything is arranged for his recovery and new identity after his nose job.

Nicholas has dinner with Bruno and Arturo. Nick makes a toast to Bruno's recent marriage which he heard about from Gabi.

Today's Dish:
Tita thinks Isabel has been foolish to cover up and/or downplay all Aranza's misdeeds to Arturo over the years. Even Ally thinks Aranza should have some limits. Isabel whines that she doesn't want to be the bad guy and besides it's too late now and I can't go back and fix things. Apparently Isabel doesn't have to worry about her own child being a monster because Rosemary's Baby is already living in the house.
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Qué Pobres, Monday 1/20/14 (#11): In Which the Nouveau-Poor Experience Hunger, Except for Mom Who Knows Only Thirst.

Frida is feeling very sorry for herself. She whines to MA that her "friends" were just a bunch of traitors. Her pain is so great. (MA and Saul bite their tongues.) Nobody understands her, she says, except for MA. MA agrees to let her stay with him at the Menchacas'.

Leo and his mother check out the family home. He finds that the water, gas, and power have all been shut off. She finds a bottle of gin hidden in the library. She calls a few of her friends to sniff out the situation. She says she's in Italy, having a great time, and her friends tell her that the family's name is mud. She is mortified and humiliated. She'd rather die than grovel to them, she says. Her friends are vipers.

Leo says if he can just get the money for a plane ticket, he can go to Spain. Surely Macarena will put him up. AS reminds him that they can't even afford a ticket to Cuernavaca. "We're the nouveau-poor," Leo moans. They can't even sell the car - it's in MA's name.

To make matters worse, the police have come to the house and they are probably going to seize the car anyway. AS can't bear the prospect of being found trespassing by the police. Leo (who at least seems to have a couple of brain cells to rub together in a crisis) suggests sneaking out the service entrance. (Ooh! Symbolism of their rapid drop in status!)
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó Lunes 1/20/14 #50

Chapter 50: The Wages of Sin are Relative

In Review

Lord Alejandro stood in the shower his eyes closed against the falling water and soap as Maria entered, having stripped off her clothes just outside the door. Lady Monserrat entered the bedchamber and upon hearing the water in the shower, removed her shoes and followed the sound. She entered the bathing chamber and saw her husband kissing the maid.

Current Happenings

Bathing Chamber / Bedchamber: Lady Monserrat called out her husband's name and he opened his eyes to see a naked Maria before him. Lady Monserrat left the bathing chamber in indignation, with His Lordship pushing Maria aside to follow, draping a towel around himself to save his own dignity. Lady Monserrat picked up her shoes and pointed at the naked Maria, demanding that he dismiss her and order her to leave. By now Maria had already donned the master's robe and he told her to leave the room.
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Mentir Para Vivir #73 Mon 1/20/14 “Have you taken your pills?” “Have you taken your pills?” “Have you taken your pills?”

It's not a broken record, it's only Oriana yapping her mouth all day long.

Madhilde joins Cesar and Fabiola at the table and asks the servant for her lunch. After briefly inquiring Cesar about his work and probably figuring out there is not much that she can complain about when it comes to him, she starts on Fabiola: what are you going to do, when will you get married, yada yada yada. As Cesar speaks up for his sister, Fabiola herself says to mommy dearest that if she has nothing nice to say, she better shut up. This rubs Maddy the wrong way – she is her mother, how dare she talk like that? Again Cesar steps in, warns Maddy that he came back to Paloma’s to protect Fabi (so Maddy lives there, too?); she was never a good mother, she enjoys humiliating others too much, especially them, her kids. Then, they both get up and go, leaving Maddy with her usual cara de indignada.

Oriana is on the phone with Marilu, who assures her that Alina is well taken care off and very much loved. Oriana thanks her for all that she is doing and asks Mari to tell Ric that Berenice, the nurse, will come to attend Seb.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- SANTA DIABLA, week of January 20, 2014

We're moving toward the finish line on this one.  Things should get even crazier than they have been.  Wait -- is that possible?


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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS, THE FRONT PAGE -- La Reina del sur, La Impostora et cetera. Week of January 20, 2014

Here is a new page for the week ahead.

A couple of reminders:

Label your comments
Please label your comments by the name of the show and, if you think of it, the day of the week.  That makes it easier for everyone to follow. 

No spoilers!
Please confine your comments to events and revelations that have been shown on the air.  We don't discuss promos or avances on this page.  Thanks for understanding.

Have a great week!

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Lo que la vida me robo Cap 49, 1-17-14—Something something in a shower

Lo que la vida me robo Cap 49, 1-17-14—Something something in a shower



The Padre is warning Monse that Ale will find out that the capataz is really JL is. They've gotta find JL and Angel. But Monse doesn't know how she can help; she doesn't know much about JL's background.

The new:

Godmother of Angelica swears to JL that she'll rip him a new one if he's going to do wrong by Angel. He says no, he'll stay with her till the end. He knows she's in love with him and he will respect her. The Godmother wants him to prove his gratitude to Angel for all she's done; Godmother suggests marriage. Godmother can cover his tracks and make things safe for him, since she's rich and has connections. She'll work hard to clear his name. Godmother sees Angel as a daughter and Angel doesn't have much time left. This would make her happy before she dies. Will JL do it or not?
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Mentir Para Vivir #72 Fri 1/17/14 I Confess! The Road To My Personal Hell Was Paved With My Greedy Intentions!

Lo Del Pasado:

Fabiola and Piero get the news from her OB that she’s HIV positive and she goes into shock.  She might as well have Leprosy, and she very well knows it.  (Thank you, Sebastardo, for spreading the cheer.)   

Lo Del Nuevo:

Outside the hospital Piero tries comforting Fabiola despite the bad news.  She knows she’s a carrier [portadora] and knows she can no longer have a normal love life.  He tells her pshah!  With the right precautions, one can.  After all, she’s only known to have the virus; it’s not all-out AIDS yet.  Besides, love isn’t just sex…..[Sorry, but I don’t believe “platonic love” is quite the same, let alone worth the effort.)  Piero is desperate enough to offer himself up for the “sacrifice”, to be her lover and a sick baby’s father.  (You’re a better man than [most] am, Gunga Din!)  Just then Ric rings Piero on the cell, and he’s guessed she’s got the virus.  Piero confirms it. 
Ric says there’ll be a family meet up at Paloma’s and to bring her there.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Que Pobres tan ricos #10... First day in the life of the Ruiz Palacios living with the Menchacas... in progress... go ahead and discuss...

F: You say that because you are so used to the high-end/royalty lifestyle (burgues/burguesa).
L: You say that because you have always envied me… because lets be serious, if the ultimate bad taste lived in this house, it would definitely live in this one room!! (don’t let Jose hear that, dear Leo, if you appreciate your nose in one piece.)

AS: I knew I had more Gin around somewhere. Thank you God, for this little miracle (continues to booze herself silly) Then she asks MA if they are detained at immigration/customs in this mazmorra. She wants MA to go bribe someone so they can leave asap. MA insists they all get some rest, he is exhausted. AS says she could be a bit ‘tone-less’. But in the remote case she were drunk, but she is not… (they have to hold her from falling backwards)… she is not crazy. She is going to go to sleep (bends over and looks at the bean bag..) in this little bean… I won’t sleep sitting there, better dead than simple (simple lifestyle). MA gives up and tells her to do whatever she wants. Leo asks him why don’t you call Mini and she can let us stay at her pent-house. MA says Mini broke up with him. We are not getting married anymore. And I Don’t want to talk about it now. He insists they rest. AS: thanks the virgin (Madonna) because that ho won’t be her daughter in law, don’t like her… let alone the one that was going to be his mother in law… that’s what I call a N.A.C.A. Here in Rome you will find a beautiful woman you can marry and have many banbinitos with. I toast for MA to marry a fine young Italian girl… MA insists time to rest… but the rest keep arguing and he looks away totally discouraged.

In the other bedroom, Don Chuy is lecturing his family…
DC: I know you are not thrilled that these folks are spending the night here… but what we do in this house is always!???
Chorus: To help those in most dire need.
DC: That’s it! Feel my heat! (pounding his chest) And don’t forget there is always someone worse off than us. And that is why we are all in this world. To help each other.
JT and Lupita are still not convinced that the RP’s are pennyless as they say… Don Chuy insists… Lupita repeats she just does not trust those folks.
DC: lets see, I want to see who will put the bell on the cat… eh… who is the brave one who will tell those folks that they can’t spend the night here. Who will tell them to get the heck outa dodge with all their ‘kiliches’ (crap).

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Por siempre mi amor #32 1/17/14: Of Rekindling and Kindling

Directo a Lo Nuevo
At the creepy hospital
Sonia overhears the doctors talking about Feo's change in appearance. Admitted as Fernando Córdoba discharged as Javier Castillo de la Fuente. It's pretty obvious to the head Chief Doc that the guy on the table has run afoul of the law and that's why he wants to change his appearance. He thinks they can milk the patient for a little more when the anesthesia wears off. Assistant Docs suggest complications during surgery or maybe the work was more complicated than expected might be a good cover stories. Chief Doc is pleased with his minions' ambition, but So-not has heard it all so we'll see if the Docs get their payday.

El Departamento de Andy y Mau

Andy wants to talk to Meanie about the video game incident. Neither she nor Mau think that Meanie should have talked to Angel the way she did, but in turn Angel had no right to speak to Meanie the way he did. Meanie begins to sniffle "Angel is right. Around here I am just an arrimada (moocher.) Woe is me *sniffle* *sniffle*" Andy assures her mother she's not a burden and Angel will offer an apology. Meanie does not want a forced apology. Andy asks her not to be so harsh with Angel and please not make trouble with Mau. Meanie is a little miffed. Andy didn't used to have a spine when they lived in Dumpsville. What is it to Mau anyway? They aren't even his kids by blood. They just carry his name. In true novela fashion, little pitchers with big ears can be seen peeking in the door way. Angelito hears it all, but doesn't fully understand. He later asks himself what his abuela meant by not "carrying Mau's blood only his last name." 

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Weekend Discussion: Censorship, the Plague (Revisited)

Anthony Comstock, Father of Modern Censorship

Note: This is a revised version of the article published here about a year ago.

What's the Point?

We complain about it all the time among ourselves. We should be complaining to the networks about this.

About eight years ago I heard this subject covered on Anderson Cooper's program in which comments were made about the body heat being generated before Mexican and other Hispanic TV cameras on our favorite shows. The news team was wondering why the English-language networks were being raked over the coals and submitted to the rack to censor programs of this salacious material while the Univisions and Telemundos were being left alone. No answer was forthcoming and I don't recall them taking the subject very seriously, but I took this seriously enough to call a VP at Univision to let her know about it. I found the transcript of the broadcast online and sent the link to her with a cover note. After she read the page she let me know that nothing is going to interfere with the content of the programs. No te preocupes.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo - Capitulo 48 - January 16, 2014 -How A Cat Sees Robo, or, Jose Luis Alvarez Receives A Proposal He Can't Refuse

A Cat's Perspective

Man, you have got to feel for this guy Alejandro Almonte. He had no relationship with his dad, his Mom won’t acknowledge him and now his mate spends the first ten minutes of tonight’s capitulo moping over her former boyfriend.

Oh! How rude of me. I see that I have not yet introduced myself. My name is ‘Mani’ Gato. Mani is a moniker that means, “Jewel” in Sanskrit, and I am subbing for my Mom, Elna June, tonight. I usually help her write the recaps. Today when she suggested that she was anxious about Alejandro, Jose Luis, Angelica, Montserrat and their friends, I offered to do the work. She is here with her hands covering her eyes so she does not have to see the Plot’s approaching ‘train wreck’. So, you help out where you can and Bipedal behavior fascinates me. I’ll give a full recap a shot from the perspective of a Quadruped. What can I say? I am a giver, that’s me.

I never knew my own father. He was just a shot in the dark, so to speak, and for all I know my mother never saw him again either. Lest there be any confusion on the matter of my parentage—yes, I know I was adopted. It became obvious at an early age that I did not much resemble my parents, although my adopted mom and I share green eyes. That is another thing I have in common with Almonte. I guess you might also say that I am a bastard. My adoptive parents are both Bi, but they have done their best for my siblings and my self.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #9- 1/16/14: Time For Some Humble Pie!

Hola Pobres/Ricos Peeps. This recap will not be in any order, it is mainly from memory, and if I skipped over anything please fill in the details. Here is a link to the song that AS was singing:
Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu

I am skipping the refried and getting right to the new. As has woken up in the van, still ten sheets to the wind, is happy she is finally in Italia and that her and Da Vinci will visit St Peter's Basilica and see Pope Francis I; he is from Argentina after all.

There is a celebration for Nepo's son Deigo at a nice little restaurant, and he is very proud of him and they celebrate I think his making a major team. Nepo corners Lupe and asks what her answer is, ya know, being his novia? She has to have time to think about it, he gives her all the time she needs. There is dancing and Nepo dances with Lupe and Don Chuy dances with Carmelita. Carmelita likes Don Chuy alot you can tell. He tells Carmelita that he hopes Lupe accepts Nepo.

Meanwhile, the RP's are out in the rain worried about their stuff, AS has plastic on her head to protect her from the rain, she is thinking of tortellini and lasagne and thinks Italia has hit a crisis. Leo and Frida tell her they are at a fonda.

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