Monday, July 09, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 6 (7/9/18) Monday Kickoff: Alonso and Mariela Lock and Load

Alonso overhears Rafaela & Renata crowing about their success spreading the rumor about Mari & Leo and confronts them. Rafi tries to take the fall – not out of nobility, obvi, but because she’ll do anything for a buck – but Al’s having none of it. He marches right over to Mariela’s house and kisses her for realz, this time with her full cooperation. He tells her it may not be in his power to get her lands back, but he will do everything he can – and oh, he loves her right down to his bones. She feels the same. They both cheerfully admit their respective novios are just placeholders, but she asks him to keep their relationship quiet until she can figure out how to tell Leo. Probably not a super-good idea, especially with Denise spying on them from the balcony.

Carla attempts to launch a wedding-planning session with Florencia, who won’t come out from under the covers. Not a good look for a bride. Santi stops by later on to give Flo the groom’s-eye view, which is basically, “Do whatever you want coz I don’t give a rat’s ass.” He goes on to make his feelings crystal clear: she got what she wanted, he hopes she’s satisfied, but she should know he isn’t marrying her because he WANTS to. (What kind of table decorations go with that theme?) I have to admit I like nasty Santi better than whiny Santi, but I wouldn’t be the least bit disturbed if the earth opened up and swallowed them both.

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 5 (7/2/18) Thursday Update: Backstage Cupids

Alonso gives up trying to make Lisandro jealous and admits he's the jealous one. (Isn't "I can't get your girlfriend out of my head" a really weird thing to say to your best friend?) Liso sweetly asks if he would give up his job and his family for her -- that's what he did. If not, he doesn't really love her, does he?

Liso can barely keep a straight face while relating this to Mariela. He's crazy about you, he tells her, and you're obviously interested as well -- why not give him a chance? Well, because of los terrenos, of course. But wouldn't you have a better chance at those terrenos if you got a little closer...? Mari replies that no, that's not her style: she prefers to go at things frontways (leading with her slapping hand, as we've seen.)

Renata pops into Dem's office with a copy of her "bank statement." Is it for real, or did she whip it up in the public library? He seems to take it seriously enough to show it to Rafi, who points out that Santi is not the son he should be trying to marry off.

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Monday, July 02, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 5 (7/2/18) Monday Kickoff: Grown-Up Emotions and Kindergarten Coping Skills

Mari’s pager interrupts her sincere promise not to out Lisandro, and they both dash off to the clinic to meet the ambulance carrying Alonso and Julio.  I didn’t catch the point at which she agreed to continue playing girlfriend, but the deal is sealed when she plants one on him with a theatrical “mi amor!” for the benefit of a sour-faced Alonso.

Santi catches Renata staking out Alonso’s bedroom and gives her some sass. (Renata’s baby-doll voice, presumably meant to match the baby-doll pj’s she sports as daywear, is really starting to get on my nerves.)

Noe and the fam settle into their new digs at Case del Rio. Carmen tells Amalia that she’ll be needing “nutritious food, and lots of it,” provoking Cirila to fly out like a spittin’ kitten and set her straight. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 4 (6/25/18) Thursday Update: Bro fu-fighting—no, not the young ones.

Episode #19
    Noé goes with the police quietly. The ladies are very agitated.
    Ren is still in the garden with Santi. She’s sure Mariela means nothing to Alonso (as Santi hinted) and if she did, Ren will just snap her fingers and she’s gone. Oh, says Santi, sort of the way she did with him?
    Leo is trying to find some inspiration for his next project, but is called home to help out with the latest crisis.
    Karla urges her adult son to not get involved with that tal Mariela. He should know she’s bad news and bad news travels fast around town (especially if Karla is driving the train). Liso laughs at her proposition and blows her off, even after hearing that Mari slapped his sister a little while ago. It was all because Flo told Mari to keep her hands off her boyfriend. Liso is very skeptical. When Mari calls, Liso answers, to the consternation of his mother.
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Monday, June 25, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 4 (6/25/18) Monday Kickoff: Kisses 1 - Slaps 0

* Mariela is being wooed by Lisandro and wants to know if they can date. She says she’ll think about it. He’s even willing to help her with her land issue, regardless of what his dad says.
* Dem and Rog cook up a scheme to plant Noe’s fingerprints in Dem’s office, since they have no other evidence that he was the thief. Rog assures Dem Noé had to have been the thief.
* Santi tells granny Sara he thinks he’s at fault for Noe’s family disappearing. He was nasty to Lety. Sara doesn’t think Noé and Amalia would leave their jobs over that—and not talk to her first.
* Ren and Rafie chit chat about the party. Ren moons over Al. She hopes he comes. Rafie says being cousins makes no difference to her and Dem would be happy if his son gets interested in her.
* Dem breaks in on Sara and Fr. Daniel’s convo, regarding the Noé family. He says he fired the whole family because Noé was stealing the rent receipts—and he has witnesses. Sara defends them. Dem says he doesn’t want to see them around again. On his way out, Fr. Dan and Al exchange a few words. Basically, Al says he’s waited for years to punch Leo. He’s responsible for his mother’s death, whether or not he pulled the trigger. Dan says Leo loved Lucía. Al says that’s all the more reason for not forgiving him.
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 3 (6/18/18) Thursday Update: The Slaps Just Keep on Coming

Episode #14 (Thu Jun 21)
1. Whoopee! Ren and Rafie overheard Rogelio boasting how the death of the doc made things easier for Dem. (Unfortunately, it wasn't just a few seconds earlier and it was Ren and Rafie who heard, not Mariela and Leo or Sara and Alonso. Well, we can’t have everything tied up in a bow 14 episodes in.) Alone with Ren, Dem explains how it really went. Rog tends to exaggerate. It troubles him because other people misunderstand. He explains in such simple terms even a kindergartner would understand that the doc’s house burned down AFTER they closed the deal. His passing away was a coincidence that happened to benefit them. Ren believes him. She gives him the little gift she brought and they share a hug. Ren indicates she no longer remembers a thing Rog said. Dem smiles and cups her face and tells her she’s a jewel, the daughter he never had (but doesn’t look at her that way as she leaves.)
2. Mariela accepts the doc’s job offer, but would like to work part time for a while. She’ll start in a couple of days.
3. Flo has had second thoughts regarding parental help with Santi. She asks her dad to ask Demián to put a little pressure on Santi. The men would form a Yentos tag team (note the masculine ending). He turns her down. He just can’t cross that line into the personal with Dem. Well, then he’d better be satisfied with her marrying any old body.
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 3 (6/18/18) Monday Kickoff: The Slap Heard ‘Round the Lobby

Episode #11    
     After Leo storms out of Mariela’s room without explaining why he doesn’t want her to wear the Lyin’ Heart pendant, Carmen comes in to comfort Mariela. She says it seems to have brought back painful memories, but she knows how Leo is, he’ll get over it and will explain it to her.
     Leo is in a local bar, drinking his way out of (or into) his depression. He calls the joven for a refill. Surprisingly, Rogelio is taking a break in the same bar and recognizes Leo immediately from his voice alone. He gets up and makes sure. Yep, it’s Leo. Somehow it pleases him very much to see him back.
     Rafaela and Demián have some pillow-talk in their huge double king-size bed (no doubt so they don’t have to touch each other—ever) before turning out the lights. Rafie thinks they should set Ren up with Alonso, who has no girlfriend, rather than Santi, who already has a formal relationship with Flo. Dem doesn’t think that is a problem, he can fall out of love easily with someone like Flo. Rafie will check things out. Dem decides he wants some nookie and overrules her wishes not to give him any. (We don’t have to watch.)
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 2 (6/11/18) Thursday Update: The Alternative to Bestias

Recommended by Alfredo. It’s not too late to catch up. Recaps for prior episodes are available (see the Index)
Episode #9 (Thu Jun 14)
    Lety narrowly escapes a sexual assault by Rogelio with luck on her side. Her father comes looking for her. After Rogelio leaves, he cautions Lety for the millionth time that Rogelio is a bad man. Lety replies that she only has eyes for one. Her father knows Santi will never be for her. Lety says, we’ll see.
    Nosy Rafie tries to get information out of Renata by offering to help her unpack. Things go quite pleasantly. Rafie learns that it was Francisco that asked Ren to look up her tío Demián. Ren, in turn, learns Al and Santi aren’t Rafie’s own bio-kids and she’s Dem’s second wife.
    Santiago tries to convince his father that his idea is sound. A scruffy Dem rejects the idea and rebuffs his son, for the millionth time. (NOTE: Santi got his hair cut between the Patio meeting him yesterday and today. I’m also happy he changed into a maroon sweater later.) Dem forces Santi to have a “double” date with Flo and Ren—to introduce Ren to the sights around Puebla, so she doesn’t get bored. Dem sits down again, possibly hearing wedding bells for Ren in the not too distant future.
    Lisandro finally has it out with his father, Ed. He hates having to do whatever Dem wants, especially when it goes against his principles of fairness—in this case evicting folks. He hates this job and he hates the law, which he only studied to please his father. He quits. He wants to follow his dream of getting into public relations (out of one snake pit and into another, I’d say).
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 2 (6/11/18) Monday Kickoff: Lucia Makes a Grand Exit

Episode #6 - Monday, June 11
Back at the crime scene, Rogelio has been watching the verbal exchange between Lucía and Demián and the awful aftermath. He runs toward the couple, picks up the gun with his handkerchief and pulls a screaming Dem off of and away from a mortally wounded Luci. Leonardo arrives 1 ½ minutes too late and Luci dies in his arms without telling him who did this to her, although he kept asking her. She had plenty of time to keep asking him to forgive her, though. He begs a passerby for help, but the next thing he knows he’s looking down the barrel of a police-held gun, to be questioned at the station.

Rafaela tries to get Sara to admit she knows of Luci’s whereabouts. Sara and the rest of the family are still looking for Alonso, who turns up at Fr. Daniel’s church sanctuary. Fr. Dan sees him and gives him his usual speech about parents being without stain, hugging Al and silently beseeching His Heavenly Boss to forgive him this little black lie. Al wants to stay with Dan, but is told he’s old enough to confront his demons himself.

Rogelio drives an out-of-control Dem back to the house. He must bring Dem out of  this sinkhole he’s thrown himself into, realizing he shot his wife to death. Rog “convinces” him that Dem didn’t shoot his wife and Rog saw nothing. He has him wipe his bloody hands on a cloth and sends him into the house. He’s to tell anyone who asks that he has a headache and that Rog took him to a meeting. After he’s gone, Rog chuckles to himself as he handles the bloody cloth—he has something on Dem now that will surely come in handy in the future.
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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Corazon Que Miente, Week 1 (6/4/18) Thursday Update: Fire and Brimstone

Episode #4 (Jun 7)
We return to Don Manuel's humble home in the country, surrounded by his lands. He's waiting for Mariela to return. Instead, he's knocked out by an unseen hand--to which Rogelio is attached. To add to the maliciousness of knocking out Don Manuel, Rogelio laughs as he spreads enough gasoline to send Don Manuel to the devil, in flames. Mariela arrives just as the flames reach the roof. She's beside herself with fear and grief. She knows her grandfather is still in the house. She heard him call out. She's yelling for help. Here comes Leonardo the Lionbearted [newly minted name by Susanlynn] to the rescue. He brings out Don Manuel's body, no longer among the living. This sainted doctor is knocking on St. Peter's gates, not Lucifer's. (You can tell by the choral music in the background.) Distraught, Mariela falls over her grandfather's body while Leo covers her with his arms. The house is nothing but a pile of charcoal briquettes. Over Mariela's objections, the EMTs remove Don Manuel's body. Leo takes her to Fr. Daniel's for the night while he attends to the arrangements for the funeral. Daniel tries to console Mariela, but she just wants to be with her grandfather.
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Monday, June 04, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 1 (6/4/18) Monday Kickoff: Gran Estreno

At last, it seems Televisa and Univision have come together to give Carayers a traditional telenovela with characters with very recognizable traits. From the beginning, there is no doubt as to who the protagonistas are and the antagonistas they are up against.

This is Puebla, where the landscape is verdant,  the town vistas are inviting, the palette is bright and cheerful, houses are grand, but there are dark shadows in this two-dimensional world, including at least three separate staircases of doom. By way of  introduction to Corazón Que Miente, it should be noted that there is: The Unhappy Rich and Powerful Family; The Servants of the Rich and Powerful Family; The Not so Rich and Not At All Powerful but Happy Family; The Family Who Owes the Rich and Powerful Family Favors and Envies Their Wealth and Power; The Guy Who Has a Chip on His Shoulder; and Low and Behold, a Modern Day Plainclothes Priest. The Yin-Yang is embodied in sibling rivalries, family rivalries, lost and found loves, an infinite desire to enlarge personal wealth and an infinite desire to heal the sick and downtrodden. At the start, almost everything is in balance.

Into this mix one man returns to the town of his birth, having become a successful sculptor elsewhere. He harbors deep feelings for someone which are unresolved. He will be the instrument to upset the balance. His godmother is waiting to pick him up at the airport. They find each other. She chides him for having been away for so many years and then they depart for the palatial house he left her.

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Friday, June 01, 2018

New Telenovela: Corazón Que Miente, Starts Monday June 4, 11 AM (EDT)

Attention Diego Olivera fans. He's back. For those of us who have been waiting for him to get another plum role, after his success in Mujeres de Negro, this one is worth a try.

Por desgracia, Corazón que Miente is coming to DAYTIME Univision (otherwise known as the vast Wasteland to where second tier telenovelas are banished when they don't fit into the nighttime schedule). Tune in at 11 am or set your DVR.

Synopsis: Mariela Salvatierra is orphaned at the age of 12, after losing her grandfather, Manuel, a death she believes was caused by Demian Ferrer. Mariel leaves the city with Leonardo del Río. Leonardo believes Demian is also the murderer of Lucía, Demian's wife (and the love of Leonardo's life). Fifteen years later, the two return to avenge the deaths of their loved ones while facing great obstacles. Ferrer is a powerful, unprincipled and perfidious man who not only takes pleasure in others' downfalls, but also does not care about the well being of his own family. Mariela falls in love with Demian's eldest son, Alonso, with whom she was friends as a child. Mariela and Alonso must overcome all the challenges that impede their relationship in order to live their story of love. [Adapted from Wikipedia]
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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Corazon que miente index

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