Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 15 (9/10/18)–Tuesday Finals: Al gets the trophy; Ren loses more than Al.

Episode #71
*Dem is delivered to prison. His attire is well coordinated in blue. Guess who is waiting for him—Rog.

*Santi proposes to Lety in the garden, on his knees. She says yes. They fall over on the grass embracing.

*Preciado hangs himself in the jail shower. He admits to his family to being a coward and not standing up to pressure from the powerful and corrupt.

*All cleaned up and hair spread out, looking beautiful, Ren wakes up in a hospital bed. She yells that her legs hurt. Honey, your legs are gone. They’re hurting in a medical waste dump somewhere. Poetic justice for making fun of Santi’s formerly useless legs.

*Dem spends his first day with the other blue men. He is beaten black and blue. Somehow, Rog and Dem both fall over an upper tier railing to the floor below. (I guess they won’t be coming to the wedding.)
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Monday, September 10, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 15 (9/10/18)–Monday Semi-Finals: Leo is out, but Team Leo is still in the running.

Episode #70
*Dr. Ovalle announces that Leo is moribund. Mari says he’s asked to see Al and herself alone. Everyone is sad, distraught or outwardly crying. Only Carmen and Cirila are missing. They finally get to the hospital, thanks to the besweatered Noé.

*Leo says his good-byes to Al and Mariela to the strains of Albinoni’s Adagio for Strings. Leo calls Al “hijo” and Al calls Leo “papá.” Mari coos and cries. Al gives her a NoNotRen shoulder rub. Leo says Al and Mari belong together and not to feel sorry, he’s at peace. Leo asks them to take care of Carmen. She was like a mother to him. He’ll be seeing Lucía soon. He reaches up for her and Al looks up to see if she is really there.

*Carmen arrives too late, Leo has flatlined.
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Friday, September 07, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 14 (9/3/18)–Friday Quarter-Finals: Fibre is out of the running.

Episode #69
*Santi and Ant are hunched over their restaurant meet-up. Santi isn’t convinced at first that what Ant is telling him about the NotNotRen is true. Ant fills him in. She’s really Mireille. Mireille became Renata so she and Fab could finish the scam job they started in Puerto Vallarta. They plotted to do away with both Don Francisco and his daughter, the real Renata, to get ahold of all Don F’s wealth. Then they learned they couldn’t cash in on it. Fab served time only for fraud since there was no evidence of murder. Mireille came to Puebla as Renata to see how much she could get out of the Ferrers. (I don’t think she expected Fab to be released and find her so soon.) Ant wraps it up for Santi. Mireille and Renata were close friends, so she was able to learn lots of details on the Ferrer family. Oh, and BTW, she’s married to Fab. Ant leaves it to the Ferrers to turn her in.

*Ha! Carmen doesn’t believe Leo’s story about Mari’s absence when Leo and Al show up to access Mari’s computer. Al finds nothing to help. Sara calls Al. She wants him to come to the house to see something important that involves him.

*Marta flees as far as the front of her driveway. Zan catches up with her and puts her under arrest as accomplice in Dorote’s death.
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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 14 (9/3/18) – Thursday Update: Mariela is Missing

Episode #68 (If I counted correctly) Some scenes combined where it makes sense.
*Zanabria and some other cops break up the shootout (well, Rog shooting out Ed in broad nightlight). Ed falls into the gutter. Rog runs out of bullets and runs. Rog reloads his clip and clips Zan in his shooting arm. Rog climbs over a fence and slips away.

*A director from Quadrum hands an unbelieving Mariela the majority shares in Quadrum. Dem is no longer the head of the company. No he can't tell her who is behind it. She will definitely check into this farce.

*Ren calls Fab to tell him how furious Al is at his dad for stopping his wedding to Mari. Now Al wants to kill him and is desperately looking for Mari. She tells Fab not to worry, though. When things calm down a bit, she’ll get Al back into line. She also mentions that Sara ran Rafie off. Rafie even tried to blackmail Ren for money.

*As soon as the Quadrum rep has left, Dem calls Mari. He tells her this isn’t over yet. He wants to meet. It would be in her best interests. She rebuffs him and says she’ll go to the police. Dem asserts how the police are all on his side. He tells her he has more cards up his sleeve that will sink Leo. He tells her what she must do to clear Leo’s name forever. In return for her signing the shares back to him, he’ll give her the gun. Then she can tell Al whatever she wants to. He names the time and place. She agrees to meet him. Mari immediately calls Leo and tells him the where and when of the “meet” but she’s coming right home.
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Monday, September 03, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 14 (9/3/18) – Monday Kickoff: Like a Ton of Bricks

Leo and Alonso have a surprisingly undramatic talk. Alonso is still mildly belligerent and Leo still mildly self-righteous, but all in all the conversation proceeds in neutral tones. The one thing they have in common is that they both want to know the real reason Mari canceled the wedding. Leo says that it absolutely is NOT for love of him, because she is and always has been in love with Alonso.

With secondhand knowledge of a mysterious "patient" and Julio's sudden trip to the DF, Rog puts 2 and 2 together and gets 3-1/2: he busts into TOHIMC and starts kicking open doors, expecting Vallarino but finding Father Dan moments before being manhandled out by hospital security. Dem is pretty shocked to hear the news but tells him to handle it.

Carla prays in the columbarium, which is oddly evocative of a dormitory post office. She asks her daughter's urn to intercede on behalf of Ed, who's pretty messed up and drinking a lot. It's a testament to the strength of our collective beanies that this does not even seem like the weirdest thing that 's going on in Alternate Puebla. At least Flo's ashes aren't riding around on a bicycle.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 13 (8/30/18) – Thursday Update: Enough Secrets and Lies! Well, Maybe Not *Quite* Enough...

Leo doesn't want Alonso to find out the truth, but Sara insists it's time to drag everything out into the sunshine -- and she's just the battle-abuela to do it. Carmen frets, Mari runs upstairs to hug more pillows, and Cirila marches around squealing, "It's just like a telenovela!"

Ren takes her sob story about Alonso's fickle heart to the only person who really cares: she tells Dem she's moving back to Vallarta. Well played, little spider.

Julio packs a bag for mysterious business in the DF. (Could it be the same mysterious business Sara had in the DF? Inquiring minds want to know.) He tells his Mom to watch out for Rog, who is of course lurking in the shadows right around the corner of the house. Forget the peephole concession -- someone could make a fortune introducing motion-detector lights to Telenovelaland.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 13 (8/27/18) – Monday Kickoff: Whom Do You Trust?

Denise asks Leo nine ways from Sunday if he's sure he's really, really okay with her moving in with Antonio. He really, really is. Carmen takes note of the the difference between Leo's buh-bye and Mari's continued anguished pillow-hugging.

The police fetch the body back to the morgue and Olga tearfully identifies it as her daughter. The coroner states that it's definitely murder. Dutch mama faints (but is probably not pregnant.)

In an otherwise uneventful financial confab, Santi confesses to Antonio that he does not trust Renata or her real-estate-brandishing friends. But the rest of the family was all in on the deal; he just went along to avoid problems. Antonio nods wisely.

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 12 (8/23/18) – Thursday Update: Work is Hard

           Ren and her breasts say yes to the dress. I notice during the refrito that Alonso does not make eye contact when he proposes. A bad sign, yes -- but is it worse than telling your ex-fiancée before your next-fiancée? But what does she care; it’s just bidness.

·         Cris demands that Tia Marta look into his eyes and deny everything. She gives him Rafi’s leftover enraged-raptor stare (thanks, Anita) but doesn’t say anything. Apparently that’s good enough, because he goes home, throws a tantrum, and breaks up with Liso. Apparently it’s too much work to actually communicate.

·         Ren slips out of Al’s amorous embrace to phone Fab. He’s in bed with his secre but nevertheless sits up and urges her to tell him everything. Secre looks pissed. Hon? He’s just not that into you.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 12 (8/20/18) – Monday Kickoff: Padre, Oh, Padre, Where Can You Be?

Episode #55
*Nocollar Padre, Dem and Rog continue their “meeting” where it left off on Friday. Rog seems sincere in his confession. The Pa says the conversation is not covered by the confessional so he’s going to runteldat to the popo. Rog starts streaming all, beginning with the shooting of Lucia. The Pa listens carefully, not seeing that Dem is seething. He declares that not a word is true. Dem grabs his bro from behind and starts to choke him. It seems that Rog is trying to stop Dem. The Pa slumps to the floor. Mozart calls him home. Dem is crying over Pa’s lifeless body and blames Rog for having made him do it. (OK, now we understand Rog’s motive.)

*Mari, Liso and Cris have lunch. Mari gets a call from Leo. He’s jealous she’s not spending time with him. He accuses her of being with Al of the Ferrer’s. She’ll come home if he wants her to, but she had been planning to spend the rest of the day with Liso and Cris. He relents. She invites him to join them. He declines.

*Ren meets Al for lunch. She’s late because she had some last minute "business" with Fab. Al wonders about their relationship and begins to muse about her father. He only remembers meeting him once when he was still a child.

*Leo is waiting up for Mari to get home that night. Carmen chides him. It sounds like he’s jealous. Could he be afraid that she and Al will get back together? He claims that’s not it. He’s simply worried about her. She sends him to bed, warning him about his possessiveness.
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 11 (8/16/18) – Thursday Update: What's It Worth To Ya?

Leonardo takes Mariela out for dinner-and-a-snog at The Only Restaurant in Puebla, which of course acts as a giant cosmic magnet for Alfonso and Renata. Al and Leo nearly come to blows, while Ren stands around, as useless as a coat-check girl. Finally Al pronounces that some people "are not worth fighting over...or even crying over" and stalks off. Leo sees no reason why this should ruin their evening, which kind of shows why he has trouble keeping girlfriends.

Rogelio continues to rage in the hospital. Who knew his pretty face was worth so much to him? After all, if he was really all about being scary, this would actually help. The doc tells him not to let the hospital door hit him on the way out.

Denise and Antonio nosh & dish about promising young Mexican artists, the furniture he needs for his new apartment, and oh, anything she can tell him about Mariela. She gives him the 411 about Mari's derailed wedding and the putative explanation. Ant does not approve of the quasi-incestuous romance, which makes us like him even more.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 11 (8/13/18) – Monday Kickoff: Amalita and Noé Reconcile. Yay!

Episode #51 (Revised)
*After seeing Al and Ren teaching each other mouth-to-mouth resuscitation techniques, Mari flees home to cry. She’s heartbroken.

*Rog is still delirious. Half-collared Dan leaves.

*Amalita tells Sefiro she ready for that divorce. He tells her divorce is expensive, but he has a cheaper way to resolve issues.

*Cris serves a new-wave French fusion gourmet meal he whipped up to Liso and Karla. She likes it. She smiles and wants the recipe. Cris says it’s a family secret, but since she's practically family, he'll share. Liso watches with pleasure. Liso is so happy he’s crying because his ma wants a chance to start over with him and be the ma she always should have been. She leaves after having a really good time and thanking Cris for her bracelet.

*Carmen stops Leo from intruding on Mari’s heartbroken sobs. She tells him she's heartbroken over Al. She loves him more than he can imagine. If Leo really loves her, then he should stop thinking about himself and think about her and wait for her to approach him.
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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 10 (8/6/18) – Thursday Update: Who Lives, Who Dies.

Episode #49
*After the “accident,” people from everywhere come running towards the victim on the ground. Ed runs away. He calls Rafie to tell her, but he’s desperate to see her. She doesn’t have time for him. Dem interrupts the call. They’re ready to go. She asks where he was the night Flo was killed. Dem says he was restless and went to a bar. He reminds her he’s never been unfaithful to her, but if he learns she has, she and her lover are road-kill. Rafie says, same for him, lover-boy.

*Rog is taken to emergency. Elena calls Julio. Ed is falling apart next to Flo’s niche.

*It turns out Dem is hosting a Quadrum Family dinner out to discuss the Bahía project. Santi asks about a business plan for investors. Mmmm, Al didn’t see one, but he can assure everyone it’s a solid deal. Sara gets a call about Rog. She passes the news on to Dem. Rafie asks no one in particular if Rog is going to live. When Dem and Rafie arrive at the hospital, they are told Rog is near death. We learn he’ll live (too bad), but he’s seriously injured. No one can see him. Al wants his dad to leave. Dem wants to stay. Rafie stays with him.

*Santi wants to call off the operation. He tells Lety he has too much to do in the office. She tells him he’s just scared and won’t let him call it off.
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Monday, August 06, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 10 (8/6/18) – Monday Kickoff: Black is the New Black (Sorry)

Episode #46
*Still at the velorio, Ed and Karla see the hug between Liso and Cris. Ed gets up to do something about it, but Cris melts away. Outside, Al catches up with Leo, Carmen and Mariela. He comes right out and asks Leo if what Mari says is true, that Mari didn’t marry him because she’s in love with Leo and they are lovers. Leo’s head is spinning—in the direction of Mari then back to Al. He sees the distress in Mari’s face and affirms that they’ve been lovers for a long time. Al still doesn’t believe her. Juarever, he wishes it had been for a different reason. Carmen is gobsmacked because she knows the truth.

*Sefiro comes back to his police-taped office. Padre arrives at his request. Sefiro tells him how responsible he feels for Flo’s death and how the witness Martin Vallarino fits it. Padre is now gobsmacked because he definitely knows how Vallarino fits in.

*Leo wants to know why Mari said what she did about her reason for not marrying Al. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. When pressed, she says she wasn’t sure she wanted to marry Al, that's all. Leo suspects there’s more.
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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 9 (7/30/18) – Thursday Update: Bang-Bang, the Gun Goes Off--Again

Episode #44
*Poor Julio, on the losing end, he'll soon strike out with Flo AND gets struck by Ed. Flo stands her ground against Ed, though he screams that their relationship is an aberration, just because he says so. She storms out of the restaurant.

*Rog tells Dem all about the call from a stranger whose last name they know—Vallarino. Dem feels the noose tightening around himself and Quadrum. Rog will follow up.

*Fr. Dan visits his superior. He needs help with a possible future crime told in confession. Fr. Superior tells him he should only occupy himself with saving souls and let the police take care of crime.

*Rog is on the job, photographing anyone who comes to Sefiro’s office. He sees someone he doesn’t recognize enter.

*Julio has followed Flo out of the restaurant. Flo tells him she feels something for Julio, but doesn’t know quite what it is. Julio thinks it’s love. Flo says it could be, but there are several types of love. Flo says they should take it slowly. There’s a chaste kiss and a hug that’s acceptable for siblings.
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Monday, July 30, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 9 (7/30/18) – Monday Kickoff: Little Girl Lost..and Found

Episode #41
*Ed gets an earful from Elena during her visit to his office. She’s ok now if Julio works with Liso. She sees he’s a decent guy, unlike his father. Ed wants him out of that office. Elena points out it’s only Ed who stands to lose if word gets out regarding Julio’s sperm donor. Ed won’t own up to being the bio-dad, but it’s more than obvious to Elena. If his social status and family stability meant so much to him, why did he get involved with a servant. With this she turns and leaves him to his whiskey (which he poured for himself, but didn’t offer her any—blaggard).

*Amalia and Noé continue their spat over Elena. Noé finally and inopportunely admits to having had a moment of emotional weakness toward Elena. Amalia storms off letting him know she’s NEVER had a moment of weakness. (Caution, dearie, it’s coming. Sefiro is quite a charmer when he’s sober.)

*Lety breaks up with Julio because her feelings for Santi are so strong. She prefers to have Julio as a friend. Julio begs for something more. He thinks they still have a chance. She dissuades him of the idea. Julio decides to stop by a bar and get drunk. He’s in a True Blue funk.
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 8 (7/23/18) –Thursday Update: How to Derail a Wedding

Step One—Have a Gun Handy and a Blackmailed, formerly Un-corruptible Police Official in Your Hands.
Episode #39 -7/26/18
*Forty-four minutes before the wedding, Al can’t wait till she’s his. He wants to move it up. Mari teases him. They love each other tantito.

*Rogelio hands over the carefully wrapped gun that LEONARDO Del Rio used to murder Lucía Ferrer. Lic. Preciado wants to know how Rog knows. Rog says because he is telling him so. He tells Preciado to run the ballistics. It will confirm it. As to where he found it? It was lying around Leo’s house. Now, Preciado is to do what he has to do OR ELSE the dead girl might just turn up.

*Julio gets permission from Noé to date Lety, flowers, hugs and all.

*Fab is hired by Ed to head up the litigation half of the legal office. Ed assures Fab (and himself) he did his due diligence on his background and experience. He asks Ed for a fixed salary and a % of the commission of any work he brings in. He calls Ren to boast. It’s a gold mine for them. He’s blessed to be on the inside of Ed’s operations. Ren doesn’t see how.
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Monday, July 23, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 8 (7/23/18) - Monday Kickoff: Odd Couples

Fabricio oozes into the family festivities, festooning the Ferrers with fabrications. Oh, yes, of course he's a lawyer, the hombre de confianza of Renata's dear father (QEPD), who by the way had gargantuan real estate holdings on which it might be good business to...erect a couple of hotels? Dem's eyes are obscured by cartoon dollar-signs and he can't do enough for the slippery snake.

Mari quizzes Cristian about Date Night. Cris says Liso was so nervous you'd think he was robbing a bank instead of going to a movie; he practically checked under every chair to make sure he didn't see anyone he knew. Mari says it's early days, but Cris grouses that at this rate they'll have their first kiss when he's 75.
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 7 (7/16/18), Thursday Update: Night Games

Amalia takes Lety and her giant convalescent teddy-bear over to visit Santi, who is predictably hideous to her. After she leaves he hugs the teddy a little. At least he didn't throw it on the floor with the spaghetti.

Whirls and twirls of giddy shopping: wedding dresses for Mari & Carmen, diamond rings for Al & Liso. Carmen eats way too many unhealthy snacks.

Dem continues to play-act his "change of attitude." (Hasn't anyone told him you need a new hairdo for that?) He tells both Alonso and Sara he still doesn't agree with the match, but since it's a done deal, he'll pay for the wedding.

Sara and Carmen have a planning session in the garden, where Carmen continues to mainline the Pepperidge Farm. Any bets on when she's going to fall down another set of stairs?

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 7 (7/16/18), Monday Kickoff: Dynamic Duos

Lety makes a bedside confession to Santi: she loves him so much she doesn't even care if he's marrying another woman; she just wants him to be well again. Of course he doesn't answer because he's in a coma. (He's also in a neck brace. If he graduates to a wheelchair, we'll have a bingo trifecta.)

Rog finds Elena's ring on the bedside table and pockets it so he can torment her about "losing" it. He really is a psychopath. It's lucky there are no small animals around.

Just when we thought Demian couldn't get any uglier, he tells Rafi she's nothing but a tripping hazard, tells the doctors he'd rather Santi be dead than disabled, and tells Padre Dan that there is no God. There is really no limit to his unfortunate personality.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Corazón Que Miente, Week 6 (7/9/18) Thursday Update: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Cris overhears Mari advising Liso to get in touch with his inner happy-boy and offers his support...a little too intensely. Liso panics and rabbits off. Later, Cris calls him, but Liso rushes him off the phone. Too bad he's not hiding in an actual closet, or some of us would have bingo.

In separate visits to the parroquia, Flo tells Dan she doesn't want to get married while Santi says he has to -- it's the only way to get Renata out of his, ah, head. Dan encourages Flo to stand up and do the right thing but just kicks Santi out coz he's an idiot.

Flo arrives late to her own bridal shower and announces that there is not going to be a wedding, no way, no how. Carla swoons and Edward fumes, but she holds her ground. "You can't make me!" Hmm...not so sure about that. Is she really ready to support herself as a dowdy dress model, or does she plan to move in with her no-rent brother?

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