Monday, June 11, 2018

Papá a Toda Madre, Último Capítulo: Part 2, 6/11/2018: After the Ashes Settle, Everything is Beautiful…In Its Own Way!

Renée and Fabián are still on the phone. After Fabián hangs up, he tells María that he has to go out…they will be locked in and if they leave, he swears he will put Mauricio back in jail.
At the hospital, Lili tells Pablo that she was very frightened. (Huh? What's up with that? Chicken.) Those guys wanted to take her, but luckily that didn’t happen. Pablo feels sorry for Baldo who ended up paying for something he shouldn’t have had to pay for. When Lili asks what they will do now about their own situation, Pablo doesn’t know, but suggests that they leave things as they are for now…because the reality is much more than the love they have for each other. As Lili agrees, Jorge approaches and tells Lili that Baldo is doing well and wants to see all of them. As they walk away, Lili turns back and asks Pablo if he isn’t going with them, but Pablo doesn’t think he should because it’s a family thing. Jorge urges him to go with them because he IS part of the family; so Pablo joins them with a big smile. (Awwww, how sweeeeet!)
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Saturday, June 09, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre, Capítulo 102 (Part 1) Univision #99 Friday, June 8, 2018; One resignation, one missed hit, and one big setup

Last night, we left off with Fabian asking Anifer, “So, do you like your new bedroom?” But Ani says, “I want to go with my dad.” Fabian tells her, “In this house we are going to live like the family we are—with your mother and your father—that means me.” Ani says, “So are you two together again?” Maria say, “No, we are not together and that is not going to happen.” Ani then asks, “And what about Mauricio? Is he going to live with us too? Because this huge house is big enough for them to live here too!” Fabian says, “Well, maybe Renée could come here because she is your auntie. But as for Mauricio, let’s just say he will be living a life far from us. I don’t think you will ever see him again.” Ani says, “And why not? He is my daddy!” Maria tries to interrupt and say, “What Fabian is saying is something else…” But Fabian interrupts and says, “Hey there is something you are not understanding. If you are going to mention me in front of Ani, you better call me by what I am…her father, not ‘Fabian’. Is that clear?  And you, Anifer, you need to know what Mauricio did was very bad. And if you never see him again, it’s because the law says so, not me! The law. And while we are at it, you need to forget about your life with Mauricio and start your life with me—your father! Get that into your head now! That is just the way things are.” Maria just stares at Fabian with disgust.

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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Papa A Toda Madre #101: The Cul-de-sac Crew is Accepting Brain Donations

Or "What Was the Point of All of This?"

Or Let's Be Honest....Kika is the Real MVP

As Renee and Maria put Maria’s bags in Fabian’s car, Fabian texts his henchman to watch Renee, and then demands Maria help him find Anifer and Mauricio or both of them will pay for their crimes, dearly. Maria tells Fabian that she has no idea where they are, and she had nothing to do with Mauricio’s actions, but Fabian hopes she was smart enough not to defy him and risk losing Anifer. Both Maria and Renee wonder what to do.

At Jorge’s, Dulce calls her contact to confirm if Isauro is still in jail. She confirms that he is and awaiting trial so Dulce smiles because there is no way he is getting out ever.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Papá a toda madre Wednesday 6/6/18 Capítulo 100: Lambs on Parade to the Slaughter--OR--Jorge's Worst and Finest Hours

The action continues in the cul-de-sac:

Rodrigo goes out to greet the uniformed police officers who have arrived in the cul-de-sac while the drug dealer hides behind a fence and shrubbery between the houses.

Dulce rushes out of her house, much to the fear of Baldo, pushing him aside. She tells Rodrigo and the other policemen in the street that she has a thief living in her house and has proof. She caught Baldo stealing money from her purse.

Flor, who has been standing to the side with Rafael and Renée, overhears what is going on and sticks up for Baldo telling Dulce not to be such a pain. Dulce calls her a busybody. The drug dealer continues to watch. Rodrigo tries to quiet the situation down. One of the policemen informs Dulce that they are there to deal with a much more serious problem than a domestic complaint. Vero and Esperanza are drawn to the group to see what is going on. Everyone wonders what is going on.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Papa A Toda Madre #99: The Curious (And "Magical") Case of Fabian Carvajal

Or Daddy and Mommy Vs Daddy

The judge informs everyone present that Anifer must not leave the city during the custody hearing and he authorizes that Fabian be able to see Anifer once a day during the proceedings. Everyone nods, and Jorge goes to tell the judge something as Mauricio and Maria wait outside, stressing out about the whole ordeal. Jorge arrives a few seconds later and reveals some good and bad news. The good: Mauricio can be present during Anifer’s visits with Fabian. The bad: Anifer will be stripped of the Lopez-Garza last name. Mauricio shakes his head, dejected.

Pablo shows Lili their recently painted room and she smiles because it looks a lot bigger, with more light. Lili assumes their accommodations will be temporary as she receives a text message from Baldo. Pablo thinks they should have told Jorge that they were moving in today, but Lili reminds him that they are close, and they needed their space. Pablo nods and smiles, touching her stomach, and wishing that their family grows soon. Lili then asks to go to the bathroom but is horrified to find out that the bathroom is outside their room and it’s shared. Pablo shrugs, unsure of what to say.
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Monday, June 04, 2018

Papá a Toda Madre, Episode 98, 6/4/2018: I CAN Live If Living Is Without You OR Georgie Boy Plays Hardball!!

Alt. Title: The Fight for a Child Begins
At Night—
Jorge helps drunk-as-a-skunk Baldo to his bed as Lili brings a cup of coffee. Jorge comments, “Esto es el colmo!” (not a literal translation: ‘this is the last straw’ or ‘this is the limit’). When Lili tells Jorge that he went too far in going to the club for Baldo because he’ll lose face with his friends, Jorge doesn’t care…Baldo is his son and who knows how Baldo would have ended up that night; it was a dark place that destroys people…even Kika and her sister were there…and he argued with Kika. Just then, Baldo slurs that Jorge was an ass to have left that woman, but Jorge tells him they will talk the next day and leaves. Once alone, Baldo takes a tiny baggie out of his pocket and stares at it. (Correction Baldo: a DUMB ASS.)
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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre, Capítulo 97 (Univision 94), Friday June 1, 2018; Kika Tries to Come to the Rescue, but is thwarted later

We open with Jorge on the phone with Samuel and Sammy whining about why he isn’t there on vacation with them. [Well Sammy, if your evil mother hadn’t hidden your siblings’ passports and identification documents, all of you would be there. But your dad did the right thing in staying behind. Stop whining.] Jorge asks him to give the phone to his mother because “these are adult things” we have to discuss and it’s “not your concern.” When he talks to Dulce, all she does is go on and on and nag about how he should be with them “the four of them, united as a family.” [This is crap Dulce! You didn’t care about that when you left Jorge for your criminal drug selling, human sex trafficking boyfriend!] This goes on for a minute or two when Jorge gets tired of her nag fest and hangs up on her. After hanging up, Jorge smiles at his twins and says, “Well, that’s that. I’m staying.”

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Friday, June 01, 2018

New Telenovela: Corazón Que Miente, Starts Monday June 4, 11 AM (EDT)

Attention Diego Olivera fans. He's back. For those of us who have been waiting for him to get another plum role, after his success in Mujeres de Negro, this one is worth a try.

Por desgracia, Corazón que Miente is coming to DAYTIME Univision (otherwise known as the vast Wasteland to where second tier telenovelas are banished when they don't fit into the nighttime schedule). Tune in at 11 am or set your DVR.

Synopsis: Mariela Salvatierra is orphaned at the age of 12, after losing her grandfather, Manuel, a death she believes was caused by Demian Ferrer. Mariel leaves the city with Leonardo del Río. Leonardo believes Demian is also the murderer of Lucía, Demian's wife (and the love of Leonardo's life). Fifteen years later, the two return to avenge the deaths of their loved ones while facing great obstacles. Ferrer is a powerful, unprincipled and perfidious man who not only takes pleasure in others' downfalls, but also does not care about the well being of his own family. Mariela falls in love with Demian's eldest son, Alonso, with whom she was friends as a child. Mariela and Alonso must overcome all the challenges that impede their relationship in order to live their story of love. [Adapted from Wikipedia]
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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Papa a Toda madre #95/96 5.31.18: Bite You Once, Shame On The Snake, Bite You Twice, It's a Novela

Capitulo #95: A Time Jump and a Smoke Signal

Mauricio urges Anifer to tell him what Fabian told her, because she won’t get in trouble, and Anifer confesses everything and worries that he won’t love her in the future, because they aren’t blood related. Mauricio tells her not worry, because she is his daughter, no matter how old he gets. Anifer makes him promise, and he does, and also promises not to lie to her again, especially after lying about his relationship with Maria. Maria assures her that her relationship with Mauricio won’t affect her relationship with her, they are both adults, and came deal with their issues without involving her. Anifer nods and Maria also tells her that they won’t take her to see Fabian as often. Anifer worries that he won’t get better unless they visit him, but Maria tells her that his well-being doesn’t depend on them.

The next morning, Jorge gets dressed as Dulce smiles from bed and asks if he wants to go for Round 2. Jorge tells her that he is in a hurry now, so she proposes that they do it that night though Jorge promises to let her know when it’s time. She smiles and announces that she’s going to show then but asks for a kiss. Jorge obliges and scurries out, afraid she will get grabby again, and Dulce screams that she loves him.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Papá a toda madre Wednesday 5/30/18 Capítulo #94: "You Knew I Was a Snake When You Picked Me Up"--OR--"No Matter How Much a Snake Sheds Its Skin, It is Still a Snake"

Dear Patio Members, This most excellent recap is courtesy of Alfredo. The commentary in parentheses is all my own. Jarifa

Anifer's teacher calls Maria to let her know that Fabian wants to see Anifer. Maria is shocked. (Did she expect him to play by the rules????)

As Flor and Socorro get dinner ready, Socorro apologizes for ruining her peace and quiet and her beautiful house. Flor agrees and begins to call them all pigs as Ciceron arrives and asks Socorro for a coffee. She goes to make it but Flor wonders if he doesn't have hands to do it himself. Ciceron smiles and reminds her that he has someone to do it for himself, so he doesn't. Ciceron then notices that Carmelita's picture is missing and demands to know where it is. Flor tells him that she put it away and put a family picture (Neron, Milady and Flor) instead because it is now her house and not Ciceron's or Carmelita's. They begin to argue again about who own the house when Ciceron reminds Flor that Neron and her aren't married so, therefore, she has no rights to the house. He storms off as Socorro comes back with the coffee and wonders where he went or if he's mad. Flor is fuming. (Flor is into her perpetual grammar corrections: preterite tense second person singular does not have an "s" on the end which is something that Nerón, Socorro and Cicerón always want to add).
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre #93: Trust Is the Name of the Game and No One Is Playing...

Or Kiss Like No One (Except Your Daughter) Is Watching

Ariel shows Renee and Mauricio the documents the private investigator gave him confirming that Noel was never in the rehabilitation clinic. Mauricio thinks Ariel’s story doesn’t make any sense, but Ariel explains that Noel could’ve been hiding out. Mauricio nods but Renee reminds them about the woman who called and told her Noel was at the bus station and left. Ariel doesn’t think so and promises to find Noel; Renee gives him a big hug as Mauricio watches.

Dulce can’t believe Jorge doesn’t believe her when she said her savings come from years of hard work. She tells him that she could’ve left with all her money elsewhere, but she chose them over everything. Jorge nods but asks that she left the twins to him and she can take care of everything else while they get on their feet. Dulce smiles and caresses his hand, reminding him that the best part of a fight is the reconciliation, but Jorge rejects her advances.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Papá a Toda Madre, Episodes 91 & 92, 5/28/2018: Just in time…to Mess Things Up OR A (Child’s) Kiss Doesn’t Always Change a Frog into a Prince

Cut Scenes in Blue
At the orphanage, the director explains to R&R that they didn’t get to see the younger children the night before because they were being prepared to go to bed, but today, they will meet the babies and the children under 5 years of age. When Rafa gets shivers just thinking of the past these children have had, the director suggests that they concentrate on selecting which boy or girl they would like to have as their child. As soon as they walk into the room, Manolita, a five-year-old, runs to them and introduces herself. When she tells them that though she is very big, she would like to have a family, R&R are quite touched.
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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre Capítulo 90, Friday May 25, 2018; Fabian may never walk again, or will he?

(I’ve named this episode, “Fabian may never walk again” but since this is a TN, I’m banking that he will in a few more episodes have a “miraculous recovery.”)

We begin with Lili and Pablo going apartment hunting. They eye one that is several stories high and looks like a decent place. So they go up to see it. Lili thinks it might be a penthouse, but it turns out to be a single, plain room, like an attic room. Lili is not pleased and you can tell that she does not want to live there. But Pablo has grand ideas about how he can paint the place, put in curtains and plants and make it a lovely place to live for them. Soon Lili is smiling and they kiss.

At Jorge’s Dulce sets the table as Jorge is working on the household budget. It doesn’t look good and he doesn’t look happy. Dulce has a few ideas that don’t sit well with Jorge regarding Lili and Pablo. Jorge walks away saying, “My grandchild will be living here.”

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre #89 5.24.18: I Don't Want Her BUT You Can't Have Her Either

Or When A (Man) Child Can't Share

Noel tries to escape by holding the door open with his cane, but he is caught immediately, subdued, and dragged back to his room while the nurse injects him with his “medicine.”

Tono and Veronica bring Fidel back home and let everyone know that he had nothing more than a stuffy nose. Tono then asks Esperanza to take the kids for a bath and she obliges, slightly annoyed. Once alone with Tono, Veronica asks him to lay off his mother, because everyone makes mistakes, but he thinks she’s too old to care for the kids and, therefore, doesn’t trust her. Either way, Veronica thinks they should care for the kids, if they are going to be home, but Tono is adamant that she’s too old (but still leaves them with Esperanza so he and Veronica can go to the cooperative company meeting).

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Papá a toda madre Wed. 5/23/18 Capítulo 88: Still Marching in Place--Or--Kisses All Around

Mauricio tells Anifer about the delicate nature of Fabián's spinal surgery. She still wants to go visit him. Mauricio admits to being afraid that Anifer will love Fabián more than him. Anifer assures him she will always love him best because he is her only father in the whole wide world.

Jorge calls his work number to say he is no longer going to play their boss' game and will return the money they paid him up front ASAP. He tells Dulce that he ended things with Kika. Where is Lili? Dulce says she is with Flor Ivonne that "naquita" (ignorant thing) as if she were somebody to follow as a role model.

Anifer goes to visit Fabián. His says his heart hurts him because he is in front of his daughter and he does not know what to say to her. He admits he has done some really bad things and he is sorry but thanks to all of those mistakes she was able to find the father she really deserves (Mauricio). Anifer remembers back to when she arrived at the church. She saw him there. Why didn't he tell her then that he was her father? Mauricio watches and waits for an answer along with Anifer.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre #86/87 5.22.2018: Not Knowing When To Give Up, Get Dressed, or Tell The Truth

Or "Fired?! Again?!" God Bless Esperanza And Her Patience

Hey All! Slicing and Dicing Has Begun! :( Please find the recap for 86 below and Jarifa's summary for 87 in the comments. Thank you! :)

Dulce asks Jorge for some help because he’s making a lot of money at his new job, without doing much, but Jorge is sick of her and storms out of the house. He doesn’t realize, however, that he left one of the documents on the dining room table and Dulce gets her hands on it before inspecting the logo, looking for more information.

Renee goes to her house and tells Rafael and Rodrigo that her house is almost hers again but she’s now unsure of what to do: stay and rent it out to them or finally sell it. She has to also consider how expensive Maryland is going to be before making a final decision. They nod and then Rafael goes to answer the door for Ariel before they both leave as they have to go to do a seminar at the police station for parents who are adopting. Once alone with Renee, Ariel invites her out for the night because he’s going back to the US tomorrow. She wonders why he didn’t tell her before, but Ariel is silent.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Papá a Toda Madre, Episode 85, 5/21/2018: When ‘NO’ Falls on Deaf Ears, Run, Georgie, Run!

[Previously: At Renée’s house, Ariel is again saying good-bye to Renée acknowledging that those who repeat their good-byes do so because they really don’t want to leave. He kisses her on the mouth by mistake (yeah, right!) and apologizes, but thinks it was a nice mistake. (If his aim is this bad all the way around, it is no wonder he is single.)  Renée blushes and tells him good-bye so he leaves. Renée appears ambivalent about where this is going…]

As they arrive at school, Anifer tells Mauricio that she wants to go see Fabián at the hospital, but Mauricio reminds her that she is not allowed to go in. When he reiterates that those are the rules, Anifer points out that Mauricio never follows the rules; Mauricio thinks that is a good point, but is steadfast that it just can’t be done.
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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre, Capítulo 84, Friday May 18, 2018; Ani finds out that Fabian is her biological father

We open with Maria being released from the hospital a few days later. Anifer asks about Fabian if he is being released. Mau explains that Fabian is “sleeping” and cannot come out yet.

Vero and Toño’s boss starts to explain to him about his interview and the job. At first, Toño thinks he didn’t get the job, but he did get the directorship. Toño is ecstatic, but the boss explains to Vero privately that if it weren’t for her recommendations, they would never have selected Toño for the position.

Mau and Ani bring Maria home to a “welcome home” sign complete with balloons! Mau informs Maria that the neighbors in La Privada have organized a welcome home party for her tonight with a dinner.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Papá a toda madre Wed. 5/16/18 Capítulo 83: Marking Time--OR--Flor Seizes the Day.

María is stuck in the car with Fabián as he flees from the police. Fearing for their lives, she begs him to stop. He continues speeding on and ends up getting broadsided by a police vehicle on the driver side. Mauricio jumps out of the unmarked car and runs to help María. She and Fabián both have blood on their faces and are unconsicous.

Back with Renée, Ariel comments that she looks very nervous. She says that she is just a little tired when her phone rings. It is Mauricio who tells her about the accident. Mauricio asks Renée not to say anything to Anifer yet. He will call when he gets some news.

In the meantime, Ariel is trying to get Anifer to help him get Renée to be his novia. Anifer is not too sure she wants to help him out.

At the hospital, Mauricio is impatient wanting to know how María is. Rodrigo sees the doctor who tells them that the two victims are still being cared for and one of them is in very grave condition. Mauricio tries to find out which patient exactly that is, but the doctor has no other information for him at this time.

At the cul-de-sac, Renée stops Jorge who is going over to Mauricio's to get some licensing papers signed. She tells him that he is not home and what happened.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Papa a Toda Madre #82 5.15.18: Ding! Dong! The Wicked...Too Soon?

Or Two Kidnappings and An Arrest...Are We Close to the End?

Fabian walks into Kika’s suite and sits down with a smile. Kika insists he leave but Fabian is shocked as she was very loveable before, of course, just to steal information, but still. Kika tells Jorge that she will explain everything later, but Fabian continues to insult Kika, calling her slut and whatnot, until Jorge tries to beat him up. Kika holds him back and Fabian tells her that she sure was forthcoming with him before, to spy on him for her new lover, but, either way, she won’t get anywhere. He then turns his attention to Jorge, not at all surprised that he is seducing a rich woman, and Jorge punches him. Fabian backhands him and Kika get sin the middle so they stop. Fabian knows the truth hurts more than any punch, but he’s done his due diligence and caused trouble so he’s out of there. Once alone, Jorge demands Kika explain what is happening.

At Falcon’s, Hector, his son, packs his bags by himself as Falcon comes into the living room with his. Hector wonders why they are packing their own bags and Falcon explains that he gave the servants the day off. He then asks him to pack light and casual as they are going to Miami for sun and fun and they are going to be there for a while as well. Hector is surprised and wonders if they are actually moving there and it if has anything to do with the people who broke into their home. Falcon insists that no one broke in, but Hector knows the truth and demands Falcon admit it. Falcon considers this.

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