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A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #128. Monday March 13, 2017. The Devil Wears Tacky Animal Print And Cheap Extensions

It’s hay-hitting time at Casa Córdova and the growing unease between Gisela and Jaime is palpable. After he heads to the bathroom, a text message pings on his cellphone and Gisela takes a peek. It’s Almudena confirming their breakfast plans for tomorrow morning. Jaime had told his wife he was going to meet up with Mauricio. Gisela's eyes start shooting sparks of fury. On a brighter note, strangulation by an irate wife is a quicker death than a long painful agony brought on by brain cancer.

At the hospital, the guy who played the doctor in the last four novelas I watched gives the Murats et al. the prognosis we all knew. Tobías is missing a kidney (riñón) and two dozen brain cells. If he doesn’t quit drinking, his next night on the town will be his last.

Almudena and Alexis discuss their respective silent loves and ways to avoid them until the gran final.
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La Piloto #5 3.13.17: In Which Yolanda Lands a Plane...

• Yolanda showers and thinks about flying with John and her potential dinner date with Dalberto. Dolores knocks on the door and tells her to get out ASAP and Yolanda obliges.
• In the men’s locker room, Dalberto give Hector, the security guard, the watch he stole from Ines’ office. Hector is bothered by the fact that he only stole a watch but Dalberto reminds him it’s a good watch. He suggests that Hector give him the keys to Zequi’s office so that they can steal a lot more valuable merchandise and split it 50/50. Hector agrees. That night, Dalberto bugs the phone in Zequi’s office and takes pictures of some invoices.
• Arley is in the waiting area for Centro America Air when Amanda walks by and he stops her. He compliments her looks and invites her for coffee but she has to go. He wants to talk to her a little more and tells her that he works for a security company. She’s impressed but insists she has to go so he asks for her number. She hesitates so he gives her his phone and asks that she keep it so he can call her. Olivia then comes and takes her away but not before Amanda agrees and smiles at Arley.

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Mujeres de Negro 3.13.17 Chapter 19: Revenge

Memories are in italics

Alma, Borgetti’s servant, brings Miriam her monthly single red rose from Borgetti. Miriam thanks her and praises Borgetti for always remembering giving her a single red rose every month on the day of their anniversary. Alma supposes that he must be hard on his employees but with Miriam he’s wonderful. Miriam explains that all of his co-workers are shocked to see how he treats her because he is precisely so hard on them at work. She pricks herself with a thorn… (never a good sign).

Katia brings Jackie a bouquet of white roses. Jackie never thought anything would ruin their friendship but it has. Katia offers to talk to Vanessa but Jackie shakes her head. Vanessa made it clear that she doesn’t want to see her again. Katia wonders if the stress of the situation got to her and she’s overreacting. Either way, she was shocked to learn that she forgave and got back with Julio. Jackie understands her action to a certain degree but she knows Vanessa is acting out of guilt and remorse over what they did. Katia tells her that she is leaving Vanessa’s house because she can’t stand to be with them but Jackie tells her to only leave if she wants to and not because of her. After all, she came to Encino Blanco because of Vanessa and Julio since they have always been best friends. Katia reminds her that things have changed and Jackie agrees. She then offers Katia her house in the meantime and Katia thanks her. Jackie thanks Katia for her friendship and for not judging her so harshly as Vanessa has done. Katia confesses that they’ve all made mistakes and she’s no one to judge her.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Vino el Amor, Lunes 3/13/17 Chapter 92: Extreme Distress

Some scenes combined for clarity:

David got on Tano's case for getting involved with Fernanda. He started blaming him for Fernanda's depression. Tano tried explaining why it wasn't like that. Their relationship started on her birthday and he was trying to balance it so that he could return to college and so she could pick up her grades. She came to him all upset because of her differences with him (David) and wanting them to run away together. He had refused and she became angry with him. He would not comply with her request that they run away together out of respect for him and for his own father. David asked whether he knew why Fernanda was in the hospital and he said “Yes, because she took some pills.”
Yes. Because she wanted to take her own life.”
Tano looked shocked. Both should have been.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 13, 2017

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8PM — La Fan
• 9PM — La Doña
• 10PM — El Chema

El Chema is now in Últimos

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

La Piloto #4 3-10-2017: Lift Off!

As we drop into our comfy couches this evening, Monica leads a team to examine the taxi that was used as a decoy and abandoned.  She is curses-foiled-again-impactada.

John and Yolanda finish the flight in his Red Baron (Cesna?) special.  She was loving it.  He offers to teach her to fly – all she’s got to do is say the word.  She asks what’s he want in exchange?  Growing up, she realized early on, men always want something in exchange with a woman. He had to work hard and scrabble for all he has.  A smile from her is enough.  Actually, he’s trying to do right by her for saving his life and risking her own at the same time.  She answers she would have done that for anyone.  (I kind of doubt it.)  So, consider them even now.  Just to be totally honest, though, it bugs her; she doesn’t appreciate being in gunfights or having the police hounding her all the time.  And, so, she’s heading home.

Dave is upset that the Lucios are always a step ahead of him and Monica.  They cannot keep this up or it’s watching over the drug inventory in the medicine closet of the DEA office in Barrow, Alaska for him.  Moni says they captured a phone call between Zeki and Zulima last night telling her there’s been a hit ordered on Lisbet.  (Ms. Blonde Ambition).  Dave remembers that Yoli is supposed to be with her this evening and so her life’s in danger also.  He tries calling but there’s no answer.  They can’t get there in time.  They form plan.  Outside the house, Oscar’s two goons are watching the girls enter.  They call him for directions considering there’s a second girl with Blonde Bette.  Oscar has them describe her and thinks about it.  He tells them to kill her also.  (Viewerville gasps a communal breath of angst.)
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Mujeres de Negro 3.10.17 Chapter 18: Starting Over

Katia tells Vanessa that she thinks there’s a big reason why Jackie hid the video but Vanessa doesn’t think so. She doesn’t want an explanation because she put everyone she loves in danger and them as well.

Katia goes to visit Jackie in intensive care and asks her how she feels. Jackie barely nods and Katia asks if she saw her shooter. Jackie shakes her head but admits she knows who it might be: Irene Parazuelos. Katia wonders it’s because she knows she has the video, that’s the only thing that would explain that they were all attacked. Jackie is shocked to learn that they cut Vanessa’s break too. Katia confesses that Jose went to go get everything form the deposit box, though he doesn’t know what the video contained, and they now know everything she did. Katia also admits that the best think for Julio would be to disappear and wants to know why she told Irene. Jackie tells her that she had to get ZZ’s clients back and asks Katia to talk to Vanessa as she needs to see her before Vanessa tells Julio she has the tape.

Bernal and Kuri are on route to Ciudad Real when they receive a call from Jose, who informs them that Jackie woke up. They are happy and Kuri wants to send someone to get her statement but Bernal wants to do it personally. Jose asks if they have any suspects but there isn’t and Bernal thanks him and hangs up. Kuri doesn’t think he should spread himself so thin but Bernal wants to handle it personally. Kuri finds it strange that he gets so flustered when they mention Jackie but Bernal explains that he’s a professional.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Vino el Amor, #91, Friday Mar 10, 2017: Love Hurts

Paco tells Miguel and Susan that he doesn't want to talk to Gutierrez. Susan and Mig thank him for his help and decide to wait for the truck to arrive.

Luci thinks she and Dave will talk to Fernanda when she gets better and everything will be fine, but Marta makes it clear that she thinks Fernanda is in the hospital because of Luci.

People give Susan and Mig funny looks as they pass them on the street. Susan is getting nervous. Mig lets Susan bail and decides to give Carito another chance.

Luci tells Marta that leaving David is no way to solve their problems. That will just cause more pain. "It seems that I don't matter to you," Luci says. "This is all about Fernanda. I need you to be more understanding with me. All I want of you as my mother is to hug me and console me instead of losing the love of my life."

Mark complains to Juan: "You're not my dad, I don't have to come when you call." He says that Carito deserves to die. Juan urges him not to do anything stupid. Mark replies, "If you're doing this because of Perla, just give me my money and then we can end this."
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A que no me dejas Episode 127 (3.10.17) Ok, ok. I am a schizophrenic, a killer, an ex convict, jealous, possesive, a revengeful torturer and I also lie. Happy? -Julieta

Observing International woman's day, Nuria took the day off. 

We start this episode with Osvaldo in jail asking himself why is all this happening to him.

Then we reprise Alexis and Leonel talk about the mute's sunday event and the tickets that Leonel need. 

"I don't know if it's possible" said Alexis "such a short notice"
"Impossible is not in my vocabulary" replied Leonel, "Now go get them and don't come back without them!!"

Once alone, his thoughts define evil as his first instinct. "Finally my master plan will start. I will destroy you Gonzalo, you and your whole family. I will humiliate you as you did to me in the past, only this time I will prove I am better"

After that, somewhere else, Valentina hugs Gastón happy to see him after about 20 years. Mauricio says he has been looking for her but she was not there in her office.
Valentina is amazed how good Gastón looks despite his age.

"You look exactly the same, with a little gray, of course, but still very handsome" she says.
"I wanted to come early so we could talk" replies the handsome doctor.
"How about the three of us dining together?" asks Mauricio. 
"Perfect, what time?" adds Valentina.
"Is 9 o'clock good?" asks Gastón.
"Perfect!" Valentina and Mauricio say showing synchronicity.
"Thanks! very much for being here" 
"Nothing to thank here!"
"See you tonight"
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A Que No Me Dejas: Karmageddon Comes to Cancún 3/10/17

This is by far the longest list of people who deserve comeuppance and therefore the longest article so far on this subject. Due to time constraints at the time I did not post at the halfway mark to list those who had already met their ends, but they are here so we can remember them and ponder their fates. For the rest the standard questions apply:
  1. What do you think the writers did to these characters?
  2. If different from the above, what would you have done instead?
Fire away, amigos. This should be fun.
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La Piloto #3 3-9-2017: With More Lives Than A Herd Of Cats

[My apologies, but I am living the recapper’s nightmare with only a poor quality video, bad audio, machine gun Spanish, and no CC’s. On Demand and Hulu+ are a bit behind.  But who’s complaining? –ed.]

(And this is just in the first ten minutes.....)

Viewerville is at the edge of their seats as Yolanda, John, and Zulima take an unexpected air born detour to the creek bed hundreds of feet below in the red bug. Dave/Arturo and Monica look on in horror.  Dave thinks on his feet and immediately grabs a rope; he then heads down the branch-filled  cliff side.  Suddenly there’s an explosion.  More horror as we learn Dave’s knocked cold—but only momentarily.  He heads back down and another policeman comes down with a fire extinguisher.  They see all have escaped into the deep-forested hillsides.

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A Que No Me Dejas #126 Thursday 3/9/17 -- The Anony-MAU-s Blog

Deb has a serious downer when she realizes that some things regarding her health have been kept from her and she presses the doctor to come clean with her. 

Meanwhile the detective tells Gonzo about Deb's condition and that eventually she will lose her ability to talk or think clearly so  without her there's no other way to help Osvaldo.  The fraud was a clean job and there are no traces.  Os feels compassion for Deb and it seems everyone around him is losing their minds, their hands and their voices!   But he's all about helping his buddy Os and it's urgent they get the dirt on Leo!   Monica who has been creeping behind them, hears everything!
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Vino el Amor #90; Thursday, March 9, 2017: Fernanda wakes up, but still angry

We left off yesterday with David cradling Fernanda in his arms. DisGrace comes in and then the whole family walks in. David says he doesn’t know how many pills Fer took David carries Fer downstairs so he can have her ready to go for the paramedics. As everyone goes out Fer’s bedroom door, DisGrace says to Luciana, “So, I hope you happy now!”
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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/9/17 Chapter 17: Broken Friendships

Bernal left the station doing a “Calling all cars” alert to others for the arrest of Victor Martinez. He got to his car and sped off.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 6, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Standard Time--but not for long!):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan
• 9PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Chema

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/8/17 Chapter 16: The Attack

Bernal asked Rico if he knew who Borgetti was with. Rico told him it was someone from Ciudad Real. It looked like a joint investigation. He then tried to get himself assigned to the Ciudad Real case about the dead bodies, but Borgetti declined to do so, saying that since it may have international implications he preferred to handle it himself. He was the sole decision maker on this and would not entertain any more conversation about it. Borgetti then went into his office.
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A Que No Me Dejas #125: The Sea Was Made for You and Me

Almudena chases Alan around the kitchen, offering coffee or trying to make small talk but he’s being distant. She asks him what is wrong since he was fine a few hours ago, and he confesses that he saw her and Jaime hugging in a cafeteria. He thought she was a different type of girl, honest and ethical, but he’s extremely disappointed to know he was wrong and wants nothing to do with her. He leaves and she chases him down the hallway. She screams that he’s wrong and her and Jaime are just friends but Alan reminds her that she goes running every time he calls. He also knows he shouldn’t tell her what to do but his mother did the same thing and it marked him and Rene as well as the Murat family. Almudena swears that she’s telling the truth but he doesn’t want to hear it. He suggests Jaime get divorced so they could be together the right way, not like his mother, who hid in the shadows. He leaves Almudena crying.

The commander announces to Gonzalo, Valentina, Mauricio, Tobias, and Leonel that Nuria will be transferred to the hospital wing of the prison as she awaits her trial. Mauricio wants to know how many years she can possibly receive and the commander confirms that it could be a lot as she has homicide, kidnapping and potential homicide charges against her. Leonel suggests a life sentence and the commander bids them goodbye. Leonel then reminds Tobias of their dinner later that night and Gonzalo asks that he not bring him back too late.

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Vino el Amor #89; Wednesday March 8, 2017: The search for Ferzilla and vino el intento de suicidio

We begin with Luciana and David again pledging their love for one another. Luciana tells him that their dreams of having a lovely family together are about to pass by the wayside. But David tells her to never give up, to have faith, and not to throw in the towel. Luciana says, “But to think how I could lose you or that this could ruin your family, it just terrifies me.” David tells her he is not going to let this happen. He goes on and says, “These are the tests of life, the day to day family problems, the difficulties with children.” Luciana says, “Yes, you are right. I am ready to face all of that with you.”
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La Piloto #2 3.8.17: In Which Yolanda Is In Three Shootouts

• The police knock on the bathroom door as Yolanda silently freaks out. Think quickly, she hides the suitcase under one of the ceiling tiles as a female military officer opens the locked door and asks her to step into the hallway so the officers can search the bathroom with the dog.
• In the hallway, the officer body searches her and asks her where she comes from, when she got to Colombia and how many bags is she carrying. Yolanda came from Mexico today and she only has her purse and one suitcase with clothes. The officer tells her that she can’t lock a public bathroom and search her bags. They find exactly what she told them and assume the dogs made a mistake. They apologize for their mistake and let her go.
• Yolanda goes back into the bathroom and retrieves the money from the ceiling tile. She opens up the bag, sees that the money is gone and calls Zulima to ask her why she never told her there was money in the bag. Zulima lies says she didn’t know about the money or whom it was for. Yolanda admits that she was robbed and Zulima freaks out, confessing that they are going to kill them both if she doesn’t show up with the money. Yolanda offers to go to the hotel and explain what happened but Zulima tells her that she has no idea who she’s dealing with and hangs up.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Nuria will never change: A que no me Dejas # 124 03/07/2017

This will be short because I'm on my own a work for three weeks, nothing says fun like doing the work of three people!

  • Fabricio and Alan both spot Almuneda with Jaime, they both assume the worse. Alan confronts Almuneda for "seeing a married man" and Fabricio uses this as an excuse to go see Adriana.
  • Jaime, we all know id suffering from cancer and the chemo has been giving him terrible side effects, his heart might be compromised, so if the cancer does not kill him the side effects might.
  • Special service announcement: if you have cancer tell your spouse and children!
  • Nuria wakes up at the hospital and learns that she's been disfigured and will never be able to talk again.
  • Leonel confronts Rene, he wants to know if he is still on his side, and if so why did he put up the 2 million to save Valentina, and why is he hearing that he made up with Gonzalo? He also let's it slip that he knows about the casinos Rene is planning on starting.
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