Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 10/29/13 (#166): Bloodshed and Anemia

Chucho isn't impressed with the voicemail message that was found on Alma's phone. Delia calls in some favors and gets a few police officers to help Chucho go around the neighborhood with photos of potential witnesses from the security camera. Chucho finds out that one particular guy who may have gotten a good look at the shooter's face is a vagrant named Cristobal.

Remember I joked a while back that Vero needs lots of sleep to keep up her busy schedule of bitchery? Today she visits Alma in prison to gloat. There's a minimum 30 year sentence for murder, she taunts. Despite feeling crummy, Alma musters up enough bile to counter-taunt. "Jesus is MINE and he will NEVER be yours! You'll lose your child and then you will rot from the inside. You will die of hatred."

Chucho is waiting in his car at the murder warehouse in hopes that Cristobal will come around. Rog comes out to see him and talk about Vero and Alma. Chucho brings him up to date on the investigation and shows him Cynthia's foto of Vero's Gallery of Grief or Wall of Woe or Mural de Muertos.

Chucho notes that Rogelio really is changing. Abashed, Rog says he still has lots of secrets. He wants to free himself of all his past misdeeds and hints that a big punishment awaits.
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PEAM #165-10/28/13: Chucho Is On the Case; Xochi Has Big News, The Return of Rico Suave!

Hola PEAM Peeps! I am subbing for our wonderful Ms Cheryl who is in Oxaca for a couple of weeks. This recap will be short and sweet, maybe ; ) and mostly in order. I am skipping the old and going straight to the new.

Luisa is much better. Chatita and Sebas make a good team in watching her as Chucho is going to have a muy busy day.

Alma in the jail is being formally charged with Marta's murder. No bail for poor Alma. She will stay incarcerated. Astudillo later calls Chucho and tells him the same.

Pato, Rog and little Ferny are all sleeping, but Ruh Roh, little Ferny wakes up and cries, and Pato tries to wake Rog, who is very slow to wake up. Pato gets up and tends to the bebe, Rog rubs his eyes and they talk about Alma being in la carcel, they are both worried about her, and Rog asks Pato to marry him sooner rather than later!

Chucho has a new job! He is becoming like M. Hercule Poirot, like a dog that won't let go of a bone, in other words, like a detective and Delia is going to have that device tested for substances. Chucho's theory is that it was full of some type of drug that knocked Alma out when she turned on the air conditioner. Chucho is also going to check around the pharmacy where Alma went, to see if anyone saw anything.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Porque el Amor Manda #164: The Odors of October

Julio and Marisela drag Richi back to his place and try to get him cleaned up and fed. He's still wallowing in self-pity, but Mari is very solicitous and makes him a nice steak. He's even less attractive than usual and Julio flat-out tells him he smells like wet dog, so it must be love.

Paty congratulates Roger on how he faced down Killeronica. He confesses to her that the crazy witch has something on him: a tape recording of his illicit business activities. Que que not-so-casual what? And it wasn't only Nick Donavon, either: he admits had dealings with...Ury Petrovsky. Paty is muy impactada: "The Ury Petrovsky THAT NEARLY KILLED MY AMIGUI?" "I just wanted Alma and Jesus separated," Roger whimpers, "And it got out of hand! I'm a delinquent! I should be the one in jail, not Almita..." He seems to be working up to turn himself in. I hope Paty's ready to be a single parent.
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

PEAM# 163- 10/24/13- Alma Learns That A Hyena is Not A Laughing Animal

From yesterday-
We begin with Jesus and Astudillo discussing the fact that Jesus completely believes Alma is innocent.  Astudillo begs to differ because Alma’s bracelet was found at the scene of the crime along with the security tape showing Alma’s SUV at the warehouse along with the gun in the vehicle.  Jesus says that Alma is too smart for that and that Killeronica has implicated Alma somehow.  If Astudillo believes Jesus, then he has to explain how did the murdered woman write Alma’s name in blood.  Jesus has an answer for that too. It could have been written by someone else.  Astudillo doesn’t believe that Killeronica can be so macabre.  Killeronica hates Alma and Jesus and wants to separate them. She is capable of anything.  They have to do something.  Talk to that witch and get the truth out of her.
Astudillo wants to discuss it from a legal perspective with Killeronica.  Good luck.
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PEAM #162-10/23/13: My Name Is Alma Montemayor Mejia and I Am a Murderer!

Recap by Pablo

Alma is sent to jail

Turns out Marta's cold body was found in a warehouse. Everything incriminates Alma, so the police go to her house and take her using excess force and brutality, she, who has no breast milk because Verónica scared the milk away and left only chicharrón seco, is so surprised that she offers no resistance.  Chatita ,who cries and pulls to avoid it, to no avail. Oh, what am I going to say to Valentina now? Oh, I remember, the queen went away to another kingdom and now the hero must go and fight the dragon to save her! She'll believe that!!
Note to Juan Osorio: Please let Carmen Salinas retire before it is too late and we end up hating her more than we already do. She could be doing production or anything behind the cameras. 

Alma is suspect #1

Police takes fingerprints from the body and from the crime scene. It takes like a whole day for them to compare and discover whose body this is. Jesús, who is smarter than any generic policeman, went first thing in the morning to the House of laughter and unveiled the whole truth even for the doctor, who was, alongside with cheated men, the last to know. When the police finally find out the dead one is not Marcia but her twin sister Marta, go to the clinic to notify the real Marcia, who finally gets someone to believe what she has been saying since episode 103. I am not me! I am my twin sister! No wonder they thought she was the crazy one!!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 10/22/13 (#161): Life's a Joke. Death's the Punchline.

Vero goes to Alma's place, supposedly to pick up Valentina for an impromptu and unauthorized visitation, but actually to provoke a fight with Alma. First, however, she has an altercation with Marta, who proudly admits to being La Loca and warns Vero not to mess with her. Chatita hears the scuffle outside the door, but by the time she gets there, Marta is gone. Vero is still gasping, but claims to be merely out of breath after talking on the phone. Vero asks Chatita what she thinks of Marcia. Chatita says she gets a bad vibe from her.

Once she's in the apartment, Vero overhears something about Vale's "novio" and chooses this as the topic of her fight with Alma. She claims to be there for visitation, but of course Alma doesn't let her take Vale. Vero hurls every insult she can think of at Alma, who stands her ground and doesn't lose her temper. They do threaten one another, however. (Actually, the real highlight of this scene is when Vero admits that she made a mistake. She's wrong about what the mistake was - she thinks she never should have let Chucho meet Valentina - but at least she admits to being fallible. Too bad Eli couldn't hear her say that. And Marta too, for that matter. They both told Vero that she should admit when she's wrong.)

Anyway, Vero tells Valentina "OK, I'm leaving now." Some visit. Valentina says, "I love you, Mommy." Vero replies, "Me too." I'm so touched, I dab at my eyes with a lace hanky.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

PEAM #160, Oct. 21, 2013 - Oh Say Can You See…the Pie Carts Up That Hill Aimed at Baby Sellers and Baby Thieves

Here is an experiment:

Aida tells Jesica who is down stairs waiting for her.  She says oh no he will kill him (Cardy I presume) just then Cardy takes a flying lesson Jesús assumes another rescue role that of working wonders of conciliation between madman Bernabe and red-faced Cardy.  The girls ooh and aah and Jesica takes a flower vase in hand to face the musinc. Bernabe swings her around but lets her back to admire her physique as we all always do.

Xochi and Fernando take the new car for a spin.  Apparently she has never driven before so this won't go well as she ruins some poor slubs knees who has the good judgement to run for his life. Xochi is more worried about damage to the new MiniCooper than to the involuntary manslaughter charges that might await her future driving attempts.

Jesica assures Cardy that she will handle Bernabe. Then she assures Bernabe that even though she is totally in lurve with Cardy he is so wonderful to her.  They hug and dance in the coffee room moving the dance out into the open office.  Bernabe waxes between ecstatic dancer and wild man ready to defend his old girlfriend if Cardy ever does anything bad to her.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

PEAM #159-10/18/13: Fluffy Folderol, Venganza Rants and A New Character, Oh, My!!!!!!

Hola Peam Peeps! It's one of those dreary days here today, drippy and gloomy, you just don't want to get out of bed type of day. I am so lazy today, but I have my nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee, I make this homemade and will add the recipe at the end of my recap.

Xochi is talking to poor Ale who has a black eye. Ale got it from one of her clientle and Xochi is very upset and offers Ale her help.

Marta, in her guise as Marcia, visits little Luisa while Alma and Chucho are out. She tries to abscond with little Luisa, but big FAIL. Saved by Sebas the Grandpapa who gives MM (Marta/Marcia) the stinkeye.

Alma is visiting Pato in the hospital when Rog comes in all upset about his bebe.

The Fluffy Folderol: Chucho and Valentina are giving Luisa her first bath, and Valentina is really enjoying this new duty. Alma is so very proud of them she grabs the camera and takes pics of this event. Then Chucho takes pics of Valentina and Alma, then the camera is set on automatic so the whole family is in the pic. Fluffy filler! Val asks after her newly born bubby, as Chucho is tucking her in for the night. Chucho tells her he is in an incubator cause he was born prematurely, he's very tiny, and she asks for a piano keyboard, she wants to learn to play like Kiko. She goes to sleep.
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Discussion: Virtual Feast

Virtual Feast

Food, whether we're talking basic, ethnic, plain, or fancy, is what keeps us going. We see beautiful kitchens in the homes of our fictional friends on TV: Big kitchen tables are laden with gorgeous produce, garlic is hanging over the counter space, spice shelves are loaded with jars, and wonder what Maria, the cook, is preparing for our protagonists. I keep wishing that Televisa would put out a cookbook with the recipes from each series.

Every once in a while we need to talk about this universally-loved subject. Do you like to cook? Do you tend to cook for parties, family, a special significant other? Do you like to experiment?

As we get closer to the finale of PEAM, there will probably be parties in front of the TV. What are you planning to make? If you're not entertaining, what would you make if we all got together?

I freely admit I make stuff that some people think are real head-scratchers. Here is a dessert I've brought to a friend's place for Easter; I even made it with sugar-free filling!:

Now with fall in full swing and winter coming, what do you like to cook?  How did you learn?  If you have children, did you teach them?

Seriously, I have only ever known about three people who didn't like food.  They all had other major issues.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

PEAM #158- 10/17/13- We May Have All Lost Some Hearing But Veronica's Baby is Born

The old:
We are the casino and Ricardo; the loser comes in with Virginia.  He goes to a table where the minimum bet is $10,000 pesos.  He is going to bet blindly. What an idiot.
Alma, Jesus and Ferny arrive at the hospital to see Paty.  Rogelio arrives and is informed that she is in critical condition.

Back at the casino, Ricardo bets it all.  So do his opponents.  I don’t understand Poker, but Ricardo wins everything. Dumb luck!
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PEAM #157- 10/16/13: For A Good Time (And Trouble With Your Spouse), Call Alicia!

Recap By Pablo

This episode sponsored by cheap POLLO LOCO (yes, that's what Martha eats)!


When Vicky enters AVON's headquarters  time stops. She looks like she works there, she is wearing a dress probably made with the leftover material from the secretaries uniforms. She walks with pride looking at everybody over her shoulder. I have seen bigger towers fall down, she better have a plan ''B'' for when Ricardo a) runs out of money, or b) kicks her out.

Ya lo lamió el diablo

Now that Ricardo has money to burn, Marisela and Virginia, or Virgin-not, as Mari calls her, fight over him. One because she only wants to spend a good time swimming in luxury and expensive gifts, and the other one because she wants the best for him, and the best is not Virgin-not, that's for sure. With Elías out of the picture, Marisela is left without good suitors, and Ricardo left her like the dog with the two sandwiches, without Juan and without the chickens... Marisela annoyingly cries trying to make us believe it is because she suffers seeing Ricardo losing all his money in seconds, but the reality is that she cries because she wants to be with him, instead of Vicky. Then she could be crying too, but with happiness, because money and status is what she had always longed.
In a very over dramatic moment, Marisela asks Vicky if she has slept with Ricardo...
-Nooooooo!! Inga' su!

 The bling ring

Patricia's ring's shine hits like lightning deep inside Verónica's heart causing a huge dose of pain. Ahem, envy. Like in the movie, if you wear it, you could die within a week. Guaranteed!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PEAM, Tuesday 10/15/13 (#156): The Little Bird and the Lucky Duck

There is a sign on the wall in the courtroom: "SILENCIO." I only mention it because I don't think any of these characters read it.

In court, on the witness stand, Rogelio testifies that Vero began mistreating Valentina a few months ago. One morning she tried to hit her, but Rog prevented it. However, yesterday was worst of all. She hit Valentina and locked her up in her room without supper. (Does that make Rogelio a stool pigeon?)

Vero flips out and physically takes a swipe at Rogelio, at the same time denying that she ever hit Valentina. The judge calls an end to the session and says she'll talk to Valentina herself. "Great!" Vero snarls. "Let her tell you how much I love her."

After the judge leaves, Vero accuses Chucho of trying to take Valentina away from her. He says that's not what he's trying to do. I think Vero says that Valentina lies and/or exaggerates to get his sympathy. She also says Rogelio lied to get her in trouble.

"Don't you know how my princess is suffering?" Chucho asks. "I don't think you care. She's told me for months about your bad moods and mistreatment. What would you have me do? Just sit and watch it happen? I think not."

Vero threatens Rogelio again with that long-ago recording from Nick Donovan's hotel room. He replies, "Do what you want. I'm tired of your threats."

Vero tells Cinthia they will all pay. Cinthia too! "If I lose Valentina, I will tear you to shreds, you incompetent idiot!"
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Monday, October 14, 2013

PEAM #155 - 10/14/2013 - The Magic Time Machine Takes Us Back or Is It Forward to Hospital and Court

Two pictures from the France photo workshop: first an Arabian mix, Lucy coming out of the Atlantic surf, and the second a PRE (pura raza española) named Rubén.  Rubén has been juried into the New Mexico photographers show to be hung in December.

Bebe Garcia appears a miracle of love as her Papa calls her.  Maricela breaks up with Ricardo who has a fatal case of tickles and cries to the whole office who weren't too busy anyway so they discuss.  Julio says let's treat him like an addict, he needs an intervention.  Veronica is very pregnant and none of the madonna serenity has perforated her cranky snarling face. Jesús gets to announce in tongue tied bursts of joy, the arrival of another princess to Sebastian, Panfilo and Chatita.

We have the whining, crying track coming out of Maricela's pie hole when Pato gets the call from Jesús so she can torment everyone with gyrations and screams, yeah baby, yeah baby in rather faultless English. Veronica snarls something I missed.

Jesús brings a photo wrapped and framed in baby goo goo style of Alma and the baby in their first embrace. Jesús suggests they name the baby Louisa which confuses Chatita while they joke her into remembering that it is her name. Memory loss is so cute sometimes.  Jesús and Chatita profess love and joy that the new Louisa is going to have a grandmother.  Jesús then presents her with a gold saints medallion, didn't catch the saint…
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Porque el Amor Manda #154: Two Time Warps & a Baby

Bebe Garcia - 7

Pato visits Alma in her bedroom and tells her the score: two up and two down for Rogelio, outcome uncertain. Alma observes that she obviously never stopped loving him and wishes her all the best. He really does seem to be changing -- he even volunteered to babysit Valentina during the custody hearing! They share a giggle over Paty's "pichon paternal."

Rico Not-So-Suave continues to act like a total tick in the restaurant. He doesn't understand why Maricela is so put off: wasn't she always crazy about money? She reminds him that she's changed: none of that matters anymore; what's important is being together. Oh yeah? Is that why you were always standing me up for that pretty-boy Elias Franco? Well, now I'm as good as him! (Guess again, twerp.)
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

PEAM #153- 10/10/13- Money Doesn't Buy You Class; The Transformation of Rogelio

Happy Chilly Thursday!!  Fall is in the air!!!

We start off with Marta, La Loca writing a letter to Marcia, La Estupida. 

Dear Marcia, oops, Marta- hahaha,

     I’ve had some problems at work but don’t worry very soon we will embrace each other.  Don’t despair, little sister because, I will never, no never abandon you.

I love you,
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

PEAM #152- 10/9/13: I Saw Paris, I Saw France, I Saw Chatita's Underpants!

Recap By Pablo

From above, she looked like one of those cabbage patch dolls, with the cloth body and the plastic legs sewed up. I hope this fall makes her only two neurons touch and she recovers her memory. Let's all make a chain of prayer tomorrow at noon to the Virgen of Guadalupe so she can be all right soon.
Selective memory vs. accidental memory loss

Flying over Cerro de la silla and through the morning traffic we get to the Hospital del IMSS, where Chatita lays unconscious after the big fall she had when she was pushed by Marta. The doctor asks for relatives of Luisa Herrera (related to Tomasito, maybe?) but nobody knows her by that name. After looking at each other for several moments, they come to realize that the person they're referring to could be their beloved Chatita. She is! But she is so bad that now she doesn't remember anything. Before this fall she only remembered what she wanted to remember, right? Well, be careful what you wish for, because it can hit you in the head. The doctor needs to find her relatives but since nobody knows who Luisa Herrera is he has to describe her: Looks like a penguin.

-Oh, she is my mother! - says Jesús
-She is my girlfriend! -says Pánfilo.
-NOW she is? I thought you were after Susana again!- says Marisela
Once inside, Jesús and Pánfilo are mistaken for a pair of thieves who want to rob her. So sad, this half done miracle has sent Chatita's mind to a restore point dated before her Chato's death. She insists that she doesn't know them even when Pánfilo swears he is her Boyfriend, and if there's a thief in this room it is her, who has stolen his heart!!
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PEAM, Tuesday 10/8/13 (#151): Cloak. Dagger. Banana Peel. Lobster?

New stuff in blue

Rewind: Chucho has given Valentina a cell phone and tells her to call him if she needs anything. He wants to talk to Rogelio; he's not home and Domitila doesn't know when he'll be back. Chucho asks about Vero's behavior. Domi says she's taken to her bed. She promises to keep an eye on Vale and let him know if Vero does anything to Vale. (But Domi doesn't, at least not in this episode.) As Domi prances away, I wonder if there are any podiatrists in Monterrey. Between the way Domitila walks and the way Jessica walks, they're going to need one.

Chucho tells Alma about Zsa Zsa's, I mean Tracy's, long-lost son Hector. He wants to reunite them. Alma offers to look into it. She apparently has no trouble tracking him down (she knows his first name, his mother's name, and it can't be all that hard to find out who his mom married by looking through old newspapers and records online) and he even agrees to meet with her the same day. Unfortunately I don't remember Xochi's "Dad" photo well enough to say if this is the guy and he looks way too young, but he's bitter about his mother. It was her obsession with work that drove his father to abandon them. (Wonder if that's the guy Mari's mom ran away with?) Hector has a wife and three kids of his own. Alma is shocked that these kids have never met their grandmother. Family is the most important thing. "Tell that to my mother," Hector says.

Depressed, Vero whines that Rogelio doesn't love her. Maybe he'll feel differently when she loses the baby! She doesn't care about anything, she says. She wants to stay in bed and sleep forever.

Valentina asks Vero to sign a permission slip or something for school. Vero has a temper tantrum. "I'm tired of you! Can't you see I'm sick?" She raises her hand to strike Valentina. Rogelio stops her. Vero is offended that he would side with his "archenemy" against her. Rogelio explains that little pranks are one thing, but hitting your daughter? Never! "As long as you live here, you won't touch a hair on her head," he tells Vero. I will never call him Rogue again!

Domitila sees Valentina crying. Vale says Mommy was going to hit her. She thanks Rogelio and even gives him a hug. He seems surprised to realize that he sort of likes this paternal feeling. They apologize to one another for all the pranks and agree that they were fun. But now she's missed the bus - so he drives her to school!
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Monday, October 07, 2013

PEAM #150 - 10/07/2013 - Can't You Hear the Laughter from Icky Robots & Violent Wedding Receptions & Evil Times Without End?

Our PEAM story has gotten so silly, so inane, I just couldn't help but start out tonight by bringing our thoughts to someone who deserves our thanks that an intelligent voice in the world speaks reason when so many others are speaking only madness and stupidity. I am Malala, I am Malala, I am Malala!!

Catching up… Jesica does a bit of pout and whine ruining her bride face while she chastises her parents for being late and scaring her that they were not coming. The priest says let's get on with this and everyone takes a seat.  Tracy places a jeweled if wrinkly hand on Jesus' thigh, sigh.  He plucks it off with dexterity.

Papa warns Cardy to be very careful with his daughter and Mommy rubs his bald head for good luck.  Both Cardy and Jesica cry with love as they begin their vows. Jesus explains to Valentina that people that love each other go through this ritual.

Alma and her Poppy talk about old times and his excitement to spoil his only grandchild. He seems happy to be getting a chance to be a better grandfather than he was a father. He can't wait to know if it is a boy or girl.  It will likely be one or the other so Alma tells him not to worry.

Already at the post ceremony reception.  Valentina wants to make friends with the robot baby and Tracy wants to drink tequila so she orders two when the waiter is hailed. She admits that she has a son but she never sees him.
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Saturday, October 05, 2013

PEAM #149- 10/4/13: I'm From Missouri, Show Me! or Indecent Proposal Avon Style!

Hola, Peam Peeps! This recap will not be in order, por supuesto! I like to kerfuffle nah, not that, the recap just flows better. It is hotter than two chickens in the oven today, and I am so very lazy. 

We have the old news of Panfilo's eye operation, Chatita is now with him and I swear, his eye patch is see through. Why couldn't they have given him a cool pirate one? Arrggghh!! The one he has on, looks like what the Governator in El Zorro, El Espada y La Rosa wore! Anyhoo, they declare they still luuuurrrvvvve each other and Susana is now history for our AARP Babe Magnet.

Xochi doesn't want to hold that little robot baby. She isn't into it, so to speak. She is not Mama material in other words. Ferny loves the little Fernadito, and is taking good care of him. When she explains to the Secretaria's it's a robot baby they are que, que, what? Later, Jessy holds the baby and she is quite good with him also. Loved Ferny changing the diaper. Anyhoo, later Xochi is getting in bed, and is bothered cause Ferny is still canoodling with the robot baby. They argue a tad, Xochi so doesn't want a baby right now, it's a bother, and the baby starts crying. Who knew robot baby's could pick up on Mommy and Daddy not being cool with each other? The long and short of it is, Xochi wants some shut eye, Ferny has to care for the baby on his own. He is quite good at it, and looks like he really loves this baby.

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

PEAM# 148- 10/3/13- Tracy Rodriguez, The Cougar Arrives on Take Your Baby Robot to Work Day.

Del Pasado:

Chatita and Alma chat about Marcia.  Marcia makes Chatita queasy.  The Avon staff is waiting for Rogue to begin the board meeting.  Jessica ties to inquire about Xochy’s “pregnancy”.

Rogue tells the staff about Tracy Rodriguez’s visit and that everyone better be doing the right thing. DeMonica interrupts that she is pregnant with Rogue’s baby and everyone is impactado. 
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