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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - week of June 3

June already!! Have fun.

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Weekend Discussion: An open letter from your fans; Televisa, you need our help.

High-definition TV probably sounded like the greatest thing in the world … until we realized that many of our favorite actors and actresses are aging past the age your writers usually assign to protagonists. There does not seem to be an easy transition for a still-handsome and still-fit actor to go from the almost-innocent young Romeo to the worldly-wise Prospero because there are almost no lead roles in between those two. Actors like Fernando Colunga and Jorge Salinas are continually cast as characters younger than themselves in remake after remake of older stories without adequate story adjustment for their stage of maturity and we think they deserve better. While telenovelas have much in common with opera, there are a few casting limitations that Placido Domingo never had to deal with.

People in their forties and fifties still fall in love, can still leave unsatisfying careers and start over, still move to distant places. Women in their forties can still have babies and men in their fifties can still become fathers (not that this is necessarily recommended). These things were not all that relevant back when the network was born, but they are now and will continue to be.
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Amores Verdaderos #142 Thu 5/30/13 The Low One Kicks the Bucket, and Jhoannn Is So Busted

* Lo refrito: Victoria is comforting her baby girl.

* Lo nuevo: in the morning Vicky informs Adriana about Nikki and Roy, and she asks Adri to support her niece. Of course, says Adri, but now please tell her about what happened between her and Carlos. He kissed me, answers Vicky, just in the moment when the Angel enters the room. Arriaga pulls his trademark sad look, and tells the ladies that the car is ready. Vicky looks very uncomfortable, but since she's fed up with the Angel's guilt, she decides that she won't give a damn. When Arriaga leaves the room, Adri starts gushing about the great Joan Constantín whom she'll meet in the afternoon: at last they'll sign her contract! The happy Jhoannn-fangirl tightly hugs Nikki, who just entered the dining room. They are adorable.

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Qué Bonito Amor #34 (Mex 50.2-51) Thursday 5/30/13 Que Bonitos Esmoochies!

I did not remember to set the DVR to catch the 5 minutes before the show's official start, so if anything important happened during that time, someone please fill us in. Gracias!

Gloria is annoyed that Colosso chewed out Rodrigo for refusing to escort Paloma.  Rodrigo was thinking about getting a job to buy her a present so maybe she'll forgive him.  Gloria's cool with that, and she's sure it will work.  He wonders if Gloria found the person she was looking for and she admits that she did--his father.

Elvira comes to show off her new drenched look to Colosso.  She vows revenge.  Colosso doesn't want to hear a negative word about Maria out of her mouth, and he doesn't want Maria being hurt, either.  He tells Elvira to go back from whence she came.

Rodrigo has no desire whatsoever to meet his dad.  Gloria tells him that his father never knew about him.  Rodrigo wants to know who it is and Gloria tells him it's Colosso.

The man himself hangs out with his rooster at the dining table.  To clarify, the Rooster is perched on a chair and not being served on a platter.  Colosso ponders the existence of his child and asks the rooster what he thinks about all this.

Rodrigo takes his anger out on the cymbals and says if his dad doesn't want anything to do with them, then they ought to go home.  He doesn't understand what the big deal is about her needing to find him just now.  Gloria poetically declares her love.  "Then why do you want me to stay with him?"  Gloria tells him the truth--"I'm really sick.  I don't want you to suffer. I love you and I don't want you to see me dying."  That just freaks him out, but he'd rather not leave her, in that case!
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Corazon Indomable #14 5-30-13 Octavio Makes a Decision, Eduardo Makes an Appearance and MariCruz Makes a Statement

Some scenes are combined
From last time
                We revisit Octavio and MariCruz at the shack following Miguel’s cruel words.  She’s shouting and accusing him, saying she doesn’t want to see him, he’s a liar who doesn’t love her and never did, she means nothing to him. He should just leave!   He gives up, says he’s leaving, and walks out the door.  A disconsolate MC is left with her grandpa Ramiro for comfort. 
                At the ranch, Jose Antonio explains to the country club set that MC jumped in the river and almost drowned.  They agree to send food, brandy and medicine to the hut, while Miguel says he will call the doctor.  Of course, Lucia discourages these efforts.

The end of a long, no good, very bad day
                Ewwsebio and Awfelia are on the road in the jeep, arguing as they go.  She accuses him of cheating on her with Solita; he informs her that “the mute” is attractive and younger.  Viewerville cackles at Awfe’s discomfort.   In the ranch kitchen, Maria and Santa chat and work.  Maria explains that Ramiro made her a basket and she is embroidering him a gift in return.  The bright flowers and large monogrammed “R” are sure to enhance the hut’s décor.  Sly hints of romance to come and singing finish the scene.
                Octavio walks up driveway in the twilight, musing over his dilemma. Maybe this is his chance to leave and he’ll take it, but he won’t abandon MC without protection.  Miguel is pacing in the salon, bemoaning another scandal and asking Lucia what MC did to provoke such hatred?
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PEAM # 59- 5/30/13- On Christmas Eve- My True Love Gave to Me- Seven TV Novelas, Four Facial Expressions, One Romantic Letter and Thought Bubbles of You Kissing Me.

Good evening,
It feels like July in the northeast, so welcome to Christmas in July.

The 3 Stupids do a stupid Merry Christmas dance. It reminds me of the Three Stooges.  Jesus gives Alma a guardian angel that he made from origami.  She must never forget that she is his guardian angel.  Jesus is just a jack-of-all-trades. Jesus will spend Christmas Eve at the Ice Castle and Alma will stay with her dad at the hospital.  They exchange a loving Christmas hug.
 We get to see holiday scenery and hear Christmas songs; it’s a nice touch.

Jesus has a giant gift box from Alma.  He thought bubbles back to his hug after giving Alma her gift.   Wow!!!  She gave him a microwave.  It will warm everything up in the house.

More Christmas scenery and songs.

At Chatita’s newly furnished apartment thanks to a credit card.  She got a refrigerator, stove, table, chairs, couch, etc.  Why didn’t she get a flat screen TV?  Just saying??? And she can pay monthly without interest.  (All that- how many months are we talking about??) It seemed like some type of advertisement for a particular store because certain parts were bleeped out.  Panfilo would have loved to come with her but he is sure that he wouldn’t get credit.  Chatita tells him to get healthy first, and the rest will come. Panfilo and Marisela will celebrate Christmas Eve there.  A plate goes by and it doesn’t look like Chatita is serving meatloaf. 

At The Cardenas, excuse me- Oliverio"s, we meet his mother who seems quite elegant, classy and looks younger than her son. After dinner he is going to introduce Jessica to his girlfriends.  Hmmmm!!!
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CI #13: Poor Maricruz, when it rains it pours‏


We start tonight's episode where we left off last night, Maricruz has come to ask Lucia for forgiveness, she promises to be good and to change her ways, she just wants to be with her husband, she does not care if Lucia treats her poorly or calls her names she will put up with it all just for the chance to be with her hubby. Lucia being the evil wench that she is refuses to accept her apology and informs Maricruz that not only will she never be allowed back into the house, she will also be buying big dogs that will prevent her from coming on the grounds, poor Mari cries and begs her not to do that, all she wants is to stay there until Octavio builds them a little house, Lucia mocks her for thinking that he will build a home for them and again tells her to leave, like now! Mari does but before doing so tells the vipers, I mean women, that they have dark souls and that someday God will make them pay for the way they are behaving, the only one that seems to be a little bit worried about this is Simona, hey maybe she has a heart (I almost cried when I saw poor Mari crying and telling the snakes that someday she would have her little house)

Elsewhere we see Solita being stalked by god awful Eusebio, the poor girl can't even get a basic chore done without this pig stalking her! Eusebio pounces on her and pushes her to the ground, getting ready to attack her again, thankfully two women come upon the scene and get him to leave her alone, Solita runs and hides as Eusebio fights with the women and threatens to kill them if they say anything about what they saw. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks it's cruel for this poor girl to be abused by someone and not be able to protect herself because she can't hear him coming and having to suffer in silence, it's just so heart breaking!

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Amores Verdaderos #141 Wed 5/29/13 Nikki's Back! In other news -- Mysterious Wave of Lactose Intolerance Attacks DF!

Tonight ...

Nikki comes home

Lili lives up to the name "Bratiana"

Frankie spends a whole day in Mexico with his father and he STILL doesn't know that 
--Nikki and Roy are history
--Guillo is missing
--Paula is dying
--Beatriz is -- what? -- 6 months pregnant

Vikki may be developing lactose intolerance

Guillo is in the dumps

Mount Kendra is threatening to erupt

LactoNerd is Down but Not Out
Vikki is understandably disconcerted after Carlos's weird, face-smashing display.  She turns down his offer of a ride home. Carlos is not discouraged.  On the contrary, Vikki seems to have passed his test and he's more determined than ever to win her heart.

Mount Kendra lets off some jealous steam to Espanto.  
Meanwhile Nelson Brizz complains about Kendra's constant nagging.  Salsero, who takes his pleasure where he can find it, tells his boss how to avoid another Kendra: he'd better lay down the law (leerle la cartilla) to Nabila; or better yet -- get a vasectomy.

Felipe and Frankie spend the day apartment-hunting.  Felipe can't bring himself to tell his son about Guillo.  He stretches things out so that when,  at last, Frankie finds the small furnished flat he needs, it's past the boy's bedtime. Too late to visit.  Frankie decides, instead, to see Miss Vikki and pay off the money he owes her. 

Beatriz keeps Leo's phone call a secret.  Well, she is a Guzmán.
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PEAM #58-5/29/13: This Is Not A Drill. In Case of "Emergency" Involving "Anyone" Going to the Hospital, Please Exit the Building in a Calm Manner Using the Evacuation Routes.

Recap by Pablo

Hombre prevenido vale por dos

I am glad Malvino had change in his pocket so he could call Rogelio on the payphone. He regretted forgetting his Unefón in the warehouse, 75 centavos beat 2 whole pesos per minute, doesn't it?  Anyway, if it was bad for him and his wallet, the news were much worse for Rogelio and his safe, since he was losing alotta dough there... If you are a money launderer, isn't it  easier and safer to control your dirty money yourself than have other people keeping it and giving you little amounts every time you ask for it?  Just asking... One must always try to avoid the middlemen...

After all, Avon isn't L'oreal and doesn't have the 365 shades of True Match foundation.

Alma insists that Jesús attend her dream wedding and he insists in saying he doesn't see the point. As the plane takes off in a few minutes, Alma needs to be sure he is going to Acapulco to convince herself that she is actually marrying Rogelio, you know, the closer she is to Jesús the more convinced she gets and the more time she spends with Jesús, the more convinced she is she loves Rogelio. Someone told me women seemed weird because they were from Venus and their brain worked different than men's and they communicate in spirals, not straightforward, but I am sure Alma is from another planet.... Uranus, maybe?
Well, during that pulling and pushing Rogelio interrupts such an important debate to tell Alma he has to go out because something really big has come up. Of course he doesn't say what or how much money is in jeopardy, and that leaves her even more confused... Not to worry. Jesús is there, and we all know what that means, she loves Rogelio!!
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Qué Bonito Amor #33 (Mex 49-50.1) Wednesday 5/29/13 The Near-Seduction of Maria

Scenes arranged for continuity……

El Lay
In his only appearance tonight, Derecho is working on his case when he gets a call from his “amor”.  They make plans but not before he tells her he loves her very much.

Jail – Mike is playing dentist.  A mean looking dude comes in for a checkup.  He turns away from his patient and gets out a scalpel (no guards?)  He threatens his “patient”.  He knows Mean Dude is the one who tried to shank him.  He wants to know who was behind it.  Patient tells him it was just business, nothing personal.  The job came from outside and he was only doing it for the money.  Having said that, the fool still allows Mike to check on his molar.
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CI Cap 12 : Separation Anxiety Redux

capítulo 12 

So Octavio’s gone to Ramiro’s hut to force the truth out of Maricruz.  “—Why did you hit Lucia?”  Maricruz doesn’t exactly say it was because Lucia damned well was asking for it and had been for the last few weeks; or, that if she’d only been about a foot taller she’d have managed to land a good one smack-dab on that snooty puss’s crabby kisser!  Maricruz does throw Viewerville a bit of red meat however answering self-righteously that it was because Lucia was spouting off about how it must have been Tav who shot Jose Antonio out of jealously!  “—Well now because of that you can’t come back to the ranch!”  Is it because he doesn’t love her?  No, it’s because she tried to resolve things through aggression.  (Ok.  But I don’t think Maricruz is quite ready to grasp the concept of ‘conflict resolution’.  Something tells me she wouldn’t exactly be a big believer.)  Anyway, she’s stuck with Gramps while he figures out where in the friggin’ hell he can take her and put her.  He sure as shootin’ isn’t going to live in the hut with them!  (Oh??  Why not?)  “--We’re married….Please just lock me in our room all day, but do-o-o-o-o-n’t abandon me-e-e-e-e!”  She clings like Saran Wrap.  Tav looks… trapped.

In Lucia’s room, Ester and Lucia are in a convo and she’s worried that she and Ester might be “found out”.   Ester really took things a bit far.  “--Naw. Not one bit!  When you want things done right, you gotta take things into your own hands.”  Ester had apparently taken things to a much higher—or lower depending on your particular point of view—level than Lucia had thought to with her mischievous scheming.  (My CC were on the fritz for the first 10 minutes or so and this actress was mumbling badly, so correct me if I’m wrong here.)  “--Besides no one saw anything, especially Jose Antonio; and he didn’t die.” (Was that owing to her being a poor shot or not?)  It should never ever come back to bite them on their bad-ass babes’ backsides.  Well, just so that Maricruz doesn’t come back to the house, Lucia declares with a far off stare, because she doesn’t know what she’d be capable of doing then!

Back at the hut, Mari’s on her knees now, begging for Tav to take her back.  He won’t and claims she’s too much of a tactless oaf [torpe] and always doing everything wrong.  Ramiro returns and yells at her to stop begging and then motions for Tav to leave quickly.  He obliges and gallops off.  Her upset is too much and Maricruz faints.  [Preggers alert!!]  Ramiro, panicked now, picks up his granddaughter and starts screaming in the direction of the hacienda that Tav has killed her, the bloody bastard!!   He’s killed her!!

Lucia’s now downstairs and asks Eusebio, that ol’ whippersnapper [¡Vámonos! ] of a rotten ranch foreman, if he knows who might have shot JosA.  He doesn’t.  They catch La India Maria walking through with bags full of food for Ramiro and MC.  The two of them have a fit and Ewwwsebio actually lets go of his whip long enough to wrestle away the bags. From now on she’s not allowed to take food to the hut.  “—But, she’s still Don Octavio’s Missus!”   Lucia tells her that if she dares deliver food or even visits that trash again she’ll be fired. 

Ester, Lucia and Miguel are in the living room when Tav returns.  Nope, JosA doesn’t know who shot him, says Tav, and JosA doesn’t have any enemies that he knows of.   “—Sure he does, he just doesn’t know it.  At least we are free of suspicion so go eat something and relax.”   Tav stares over at Lucia and Ester who can’t look him in the eye.  “—But Maricruz is suspected of it.  Maricruz is a victim in all of this.”  Lucia’s eyebrows go up.  “—What do you mean by that?”  Well, everyone is blaming her for it all!  “--Not to worry, tho’.  She won’t be back and won’t hurt you again.”  “—Hurt me??  She could kill me!”  “--Not a chance.  You haven’t a thing to fear!”  He then cuts his bro off in mid-sentence and angrily heads upstairs to bed.  

Lucia races over to Miguel with a huge smile of triumph on her face.  “—Finally!”  Ester pats her on the back.  ”---Didn’t I tell you?”  Miguel, usually slow on the uptake, starts to put it together.  “—You mean this was all your doing?”  Ester realizes her big Ooops! as Cuz Lucia quickly covers for them.  “--Oh, nooooo!  But I’m soooooo happy that it happened, so very happy!” 

The next morning Miguel goes into town to give his statement to the police. This cop, Comandante Suspector, who is apparently bored with his run of the mill chicken-snatching and drunk-and-disorderlies, is rather eager to solve this case.    He looks menacingly over at Mig.  “—Tell me everything that you know!”   

Lucia may be having second thoughts.  Ester tells her that at least the girl is out of their hair and if Lucia sticks to her guns, she’ll never be back, either.

Com. Suspector listens to Miguel’s story and suspects it was no mere accident.  “--An act of jealousy is more likely!”  Tav wasn’t jealous of him, says Miguel.  “--Perhaps Jose Antonio was shot due to a jealous third party that had nothing to do with your brother.”  For example, JosA could have a girlfriend that Octavio’s wife was jealous of.   

MC tells Ramiro she’s going to the hacienda to see if Santa will feed her.  It’s been days since they left food at the hut and she’s starving.

Santa and Maria are happy to see Mari again.  She explains she’s been barred from coming back because she whacked Sra. Lucia.  Santa asks if she knows who shot JosA.  “—Nope.  Didn’t see a thing.”  Maria scolds her for ignoring her advice.  “—We went riding for the last time and I was telling him I couldn’t anymore because I was married, but then suddenly he got shot.”  She tells them then that it’s been a couple days since they left them any food and she’s starving. The women start to get her some food ready and just then Ewwwwsebio walks in on them.  He slaps his whip ¡Vámanos! and screams at Mari to get the hell off the property!   Santa tells him to show some respect for Don Octavio’s wife!  “--Ha!  She’s nothing around here anymore and she has only herself to blame!”  He looks over at her again.  “--Who shot Jose Antonio?  Must have been one of your lovers, huh!”   

Santa stands her ground and so does Ewwwsebio.  “--Yeah, well we’’ll just see if Sra. Lucia thinks the same as you!”  He heads off.  The ladies scurry to get the food together or at least to have her eat with them, but MC races off beforehand.

Ewwwy blabs to Lucia who races into the kitchen.  She doesn’t want any “strangers” let into her kitchen.  Excuse me, the two tell Lucia, but she’s Don Octavio’s wife and he’s an owner of the ranch the same as Don Miguel.  Doesn’t matter.  She doesn’t live here anymore.  “--I’m the only Sra. in this house.”  (Gawd and she’s spawning, too!)    

Tav, the brash, brown-eyed, broad-shouldered, babe-alicious hombre de la hora, strolls into the kitchen just then.  Lucia shuts up toots sweet, but Maria isn’t going to let that sleeping dog lay let alone lie.  “—Let’s see what Don Octavio here has to say.”   Maria explains MC’s predicament and their point of view there in the kitchen and says they’ve been bawled out about it because Ewwwsebio ran and blabbed his head off to Sra. Lucia.   

Tav is rightly incensed and orders food enough for three. Tav then turns to Lucia, totally exasperated. He tells her while the kitchen help’s ears grow the size of jack rabbits, that from now on he will be taking the food to the hut.  “--Why hasn’t she eaten?  Who ordered the food stopped.”  “--Why I did.”  “--For the nth time [enésima vez], I am just as much an owner in this house as you and Miguel.  If you have a problem with Maricruz you come to me first.  She’s been roaming around this ranch like a starving dog.  What kind of people are you and Miguel, anyway?“  “—She is just a product of her environment.”  We here are all to blame, he corrects her, for the environment, all of wicked humankind….  She sniffs at him.  Cara de you’re such a sick puppy de Lucia.

On the coast where Alejandro’s sinking gambling ship is docked, we watch Teobaldo, an apparent descendant of Quasimodo who made it to The New World somewhere along the line, tending tenderly to his roses.  Carola arrives and Teo (her ship's manager/first mate?) makes the mistake of trying to hold a polite conversation with her.  She notices through one of the windows some sick looking woman on the dock--obviously bad for business—and orders Teo to chase her away.  

Teo goes out to shoo her away and decides to question the girl.  He learns that the girl lost her waitress's job and hasn’t eaten for a couple of days.  She’s got nowhere else to go and no coin to get a ticket back home, but she heard they were hiring here.  Not true, he tells her.  Teo has a soft heart and puts her up in his little bungalow where he makes her a bite to eat.  (Maybe he could offer her the shower while he’s at it, and some sweats before she eats and crashes on the couch?)  She begs him to ask his boss to give her a job of some sort.  He isn’t very hopeful but promises to try.  Somehow Viewerville knows instinctively that Carola will give in…and she does.

The next day? Tav and Mig are excited about their prospects as cattle ranchers what with the stud bulls they’ve loaned out for their cows.  Along comes Mari and asks if she can work alongside Tav.  Nothin’ doin’, he tells her.  It’s man’s work.  He succeeds in deflecting and talks her into living at Gramp’s hut till he gets a small house built for them to live in.  Still, she doesn’t want to wait.  She promises to be good now, despite her SIL’s acid tongue.  “—They just don’t want you there.  She’s expecting and besides hitting her there’s the mess with Jose Antonio.”  

MC explains how that shot came out of nowhere and that she had nothing to do with it and didn’t see who did it.  She’s relieved to find out that JosA was only wounded and still very much alive.  “—As for you’re coming back to the ranch with me, we can’t risk Lucia losing her baby.  She’s so susceptible to things and she eats poorly, she has fainting spells—“  “—Fainting spells?  Do you think I could be expecting also?  I’ve fainted myself.”  And, yeah, she’s been sick to her stomach and ravenously hungry, she tells him.  So, does he think it’s possible she could be preggers with his bebito, too?  Cara de Ruh-roh! de Octavio.

MC goes back dutifully to her hut and updates Ramiro.  Just then who should appear but JosA, alive and kickin’, to check up on them all.  Mari asks him if he has any idea who shot him.

Back at the hacienda, Tav comes down and is ready to spend a few hours in the back forty with his bro.  However, Michael is too depressed to join him and nothing Tav says to encourage him seems to help.  (Maybe a trip to the doctor for a testosterone shot?)   Well, soon he’ll have his own house for Maricruz and their little crumb-crunchers.  Won’t that be nice!!?? (Definitely a few trips to the psych for a few couch chats would now be in order.)  Miguel asks Tav why he gave up being an airline pilot.  He got bored with it or whatever…..bottom line he’s here and prefers having both feet on terra firma.   

JosA tells them all he hasn’t a clue who shot him, though he has his suspicions.  Well, stay clear from problems with women, cuz they’ll sink you fast, advises Ramiro.  JosA then asks why she didn’t come to visit him at the hospital.  She explains she couldn’t now that she’s married it wouldn’t be wise. He finds out from her also that she’s been banned from the ranch and why.  He’s upset that they’ve shunted her back to the hut, as if she’d never been married.  “—Wives are supposed to live with their husbands!”  No matter.  He loves her and that’s all that counts.  He asks Ramiro if they booted her out like yesterday’s trash or what.  Ramiro looks at him as if he’s considered that to be a definite possibility.

Back in the stables, Ewwwsebio chats up JoseA about his feelings for Mari.  JosA admits that he’s always been attracted to her, but gave up the idea because she never seemed interested in him.  Now she’s married, but with the time they’ve spent together recently and all the rest he suspects he’s fallen in love with her all over again.  Ewwwsebio is overjoyed to hear it.  ¡Vámanos!  (My stomach just did another 360.)

Upstairs in their room, Miguel relays the “happy news” about Tav’s intentions.  “—If he has kids with her then we won’t be able to object to anything.”  Lucia’s brilliant response to that is to have Miguel buy her two fierce guard dogs as pets.  “--If she comes around there at night scavenging, those dogs are sure to frighten her off.”  Cara de too confused by half de Miguel.

Tav and Mari spend time under the apple mango tree.  He mentions he used to be a pilot and flew planes—no, not just the kind that sprinkle the fields, the kind that takes passengers from place to place.  He was the captain, but no he didn’t like the responsibility for all those people at times.  (Hmmm.  The back story here may prove to be pretty interesting.) He has to ask her something, he says.  “—How do you feel about Jose Antonio?”  A great guy, you know.  Yeah, but is he in love with her, he asks?  That’s a loaded question and she knows it.  

Miguel asks Lucia to cool it with this business about getting rid of her brother and his wife.  She’s too gung ho, tho’, and he’s too down on himself to do much arguing over it with her.

Back at the stables, Ewwws probes and prods JoseA some more about Maricruz. J-To won’t pursue anything because she’s still in love with her husband and there’s no reason.  Crap on a shingle. Certainly she’s nothing more than a tramp and whoever shot him was some spurned lover of hers from her sordid past!  JosA objects to Ewwwsebio dissing MC like that, but he tells JosA he’s still wet around the ears when it comes to the fairer sex.  JosA says he has always loved her, but he can’t force her!   Sure he can, says Ewwws.  “—Listen carefully to what I tell you!”  JosA seems to be all ears.

Back to the mango tree, meanwhile, MC says it’s nothing but lies.  There’s nothing between him and her.  Tav asks her if something ever happened to him would she consider marrying Jose Antonio.  “—If anything happened to you I’d follow you to the tomb!”  They kiss.  Too morbid to even think about.

Speaking of morose, Lucia brings her cuz up to date on her plans for the two dogs.  She’ll just be egging Octavio on by getting those dogs.  So?  Lucia cannot allow that trash back into her house.   But, every day it seems Octavio falls more and more deeply in love with her!  That manse isn’t big enough for the two of them!  "--If she comes back I’m leaving! It is either me or her!" 

Tav tells Mari that he’s got no problem with her and J-To sharing a friendship.  In fact the guy probably deserves it more than he does.  (Say what?)  MC asks him what he means by that.  (Unfortunately, neither she nor we get an answer.)

Night falls and Tav pulls up in the drive to the hacienda.  Rather than go straight in he heads out back and finds JosA.  After asking how he’s doing, Tav asks JosA if he’s been to see Maricruz.  JosA says a bit awkwardly that he hasn’t because she doesn’t want to see him, and after all she is married.  But, asks Tav, if she were single, would you marry her? (Hmmm.  Seems Tav’s planning something.)  JosA swallows hard and thinks about what he wants to say.

At the same time, Ofelia comes into the living room where Ester, Lucia and Simone are having coffee.  She tells Lucia that that trashy broad is outside the front door and demanding to be let in.  "--How dare she!  I’m going out there this minute and talk to her myself!"

Tav asks JosA again.  “—Would you marry her??  Answer me, Jose Antonio!”  He turns to Tav and says “--Yes!”  He would in a heartbeat if she was even slightly interested in him, and he would make her very happy!  Tav accepts the painful truth bravely.    

Out front, Lucia confronts MC from the veranda, demanding to know why she’s come.  Mari looks sincerely penitent.  “—I’ve come to ask your forgiveness.”  


PEAM, Tuesday, May 28. Rogue: The three words that describe you are as follows, and I quote: Stink! Stank! Stunk!


Alma notices Susana hasn't shown up to work. Xochi tells Jesús she knows she can't compete with Almighty Alma for his affections. Disco Biscuit shows up out of uniform to speak to Alma, interrupting Xochi's slow acceptance of Chucho's inconvenient feelings.

Rogue drops by Fernie's apartment claiming his heart grew three sizes and he's ready, Rogue himself, to carve the roast beast. Er, I mean he says he wants to smoke the peace pipe. Probably full of the crack that gives him his usual crackpot ideas. Fern is still angry and isn't buying Rogue's change of attitude and fantasizes about telling him he's turned him in to the police, but he just acts pleased when Rogue claims to totally trust him to hold the fort while he and Alma are away. Fern sneers over Rogue's shoulder as they hug.

New, I think:

The swat team storms the warehouse. Delia doesn't seem to feel the need for the protective gear her team is sporting. Maybe because she can intimidate anyone into submission with just a glare.  Inside, Mal reads the full-page, full-color newspaper spread gushing over Rogue and Alma's upcoming wedding, and gripes to his lackey/hash slinger Calavera that not only did his bestie Rogue not invite him, that skunk doesn't deserve a fine dame like Alma!

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Qué Bonito Amor #32 (Mex 47.2-48) Tuesday 5/28/13 Que Que What? Is That the Ghost of Rigoberto Past?

Todo lo que Pasó Ayer, Pasó Ayer

Esto Pasó Hoy

[Ed. note: Cap. 47, pt. 2  was deftly written by Urban Anthropologist, with some embellishments by Anita.   Cap 48 is up.]

Girls' Apartment:   They appear to have finished moving the furniture in and are horsing around. Food and drink appear and one of the guys tells the others they should help, are they not men?  They get up and Lety says “No, wait,” pushing back against Jairo's chest (the best male one in this scene) as the others tease good-naturedly.  They all sit down and eat, leaving very clean plates.  Jairo suggests some music and he turns on the boom box to some cumbia.  They start dancing, but that dance floor is a little small for all of them.  Jairo and Lety have the best moves of the group.

Outside Middle School:  Ignored and rebuffed by Paloma, Rodrigo leaves Paloma sulking.  The mean girls set up a play date with Rodrigo.  He smiles. Paloma snuffles.

Irasema's Apartment:   Jorge Alfredo arrives to warn her that Susanito discovered her profession and is very hurt and upset.  She asks why he didn't tell him.  He tries to explain that it never occurred to him that Susanito had been talking about her all that time.  She tells him not to judge; that people invent stories to deal with their pain.  Susanito invented this one because for all these years he was lonely for a woman to be at his side.  He acknowledges this is a possibility and suggests that she come to the bar that night to talk to him.  She refuses, saying she has no right to love and doesn’t have a thing to wear—all she has is “office wear.”  Life does not allow her love.  “Love is for you and your Bonita.”  She begins to cry.  Jorge knows when it’s time to leave.

Mendoza Apartment:   Maria talks to her mother on the phone, asking about Isabel.  All is well.  She tells her mother “No te preocupes” [TN Cliché # 51], she'll cook dinner and look after Paloma.  They're out of cash but she expects to be paid the next day.  Amalia tells her they have to talk about the hospital bill.  Maria tells her that Jorge Alfredo used the money his parents sent him to return to Los Angeles for Isa’s bill, not Rubén.  Somehow Amalia thinks this is worse than the fact that they already owe Rubén for her hospital bill. She’s going to pay them both back.  She doesn't want to owe anyone anything.  Maria is not in the mood to argue about this now and tells Amalia so.  She won’t press the issue and they end the call.

Garza Mansion:   Stupid Wendy calls Bruno, who tells her he just woke up. [Excuse me, but why is that little lie necessary? He’s been up worrying about his fate all night.]  She tells him she wants to see him but he hedges.  He says he wants things back to normal and she says has something to tell him. He says ok, he’ll call her later and hangs up. He cries like a little girl.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #140 Tue 5/28/13 Good English, for a change

Amores Verdaderos Cap 140 5-28-13 — Good English, for a change

Lo siento, I sort of snoozed through parts of this episode. Here's a quick overview. Will flesh out bits later, but I think the action is slated to pick up in future episodes.

First off, an example of "Good English"!

Nikki speaks pretty darn good English in this scene.

Brief overview, based on memory, not in order:

* Nikki goes to the Little Gorilla's hotel, only to find that he's already gone home. She speaks IN ENGLISH to the hotel guy. Her English is better than his (which was understandable but with a definite oddness about it). Nikki sounded almost like a native to me.

* Vicki confronts Adri about her "feelings" for Big Angel. Adri assures Vicki that it's just a friendship, nothing more. Vicki doesn't seem to quite buy it until she eavesdrops on Big Angel and Adri talking about how they are Just Friends.

* Nikki and Roy the Boy agree to separate. This is not working out, they're just like buddies now, which is okay but not a marriage. They'll deal with the family when they get home.

* The Little Ape has returned to Mexico. His first stop is the Mansion where he meets up with Lili, who plants him with a big kiss. Uh oh. They have this discussion about how maybe she can be his novia. He tries to play the "let's be friends" card. Big Angel overhears the whole novia thing and FREAKS OUT, but the whole misunderstanding is soon smoothed over, 'cuz Guzmancito is not going to date Lili.

* Cande is now in town and visits the house and talks to Anyballs. She feels guilty for not letting anyone know about The Secret. (Lili's true parentage.) Anyballs asks her to keep the secret for a while longer. Eventually he'll sort it all out and everyone will know. The Furry Fornicator arrives and is introduced to Cande. He's soooo pleased to see her (as she is the writer of The Letter). Douche.

* Big Angel asks Cande about The Letter. He suspects that it contained the identity of Christina's father.

* Childish jealousy between Victoria and Big Angel. Big Angel loves Vicki but still feels guilty. We have more eavesdropping. Ho hum. Vicki gets the idea that Big Angel is willing to let her go. He pretty much tells her that she should "go for it!" with Carlos. So she decides she will. She doesn't sound too thrilled about it.

* Carlos visits the Balvanera house as Joan, to pick up Adri to go to some event where he is speaking about film as Joan. He seems kind of taken with her (kisses her on the cheeks effusively) but am not sure if that is for effect or what. For some dumb reason he thinks that he can come to the Balvanera mansion with little risk of being discovered by Vicki. Of course he almost is detected, as Adri invited Vicki to attend the event as well. Carlos/Joan has to think fast and jettison Adri out of there before Vicki comes down the stairs. Lame.

* Carlos later arranges to be at an imported food store as Carlos the Milk Man.

* At the film event, Jocelyn "warns" Adri to not get any ideas about Joan, that he's a "free spirit." Adri looks like she's thinking about it. Not sure she ever thought of Joan that way in the first place.

* The Little Ape does not know that Guillo has been kidnapped yet. Big Angel realizes this but doesn't say anything because he promised he wouldn't.

* Leo the Low returns to Mexico City, calls Beatriz and is able to learn that Guillo isn't with her. He pretends that he'll "let" Beatriz see Guillo. She just has to promise to not tell anyone. She of course will do anything to see Guillo.

* Big Angel visits with Opalina. He says he's losing Vicki. Opalina says no way. She gives him the key to her house so he can go there whenever he needs some down time or something.

* Kendra the Ho is furious because her skanky charms have not been enough to hold the Furry Fornicator. She calls her competition, Nabila, to find out what's up. Nabila is getting a massage and doesn't give a crap about any of this. Kendra the Ho swears that she'll kill Nabila, a threat which of course no one takes seriously. Nabila hangs up on the Ho.

* There is more petty horse manure between Vicki and Big Angel. She's gonna give Carlos a go. She visits Carlos at the Imported Food Store. He's wearing his Milkman Cap. She's doing her repressed sexual tension thing with Big Angel at the door of the Imported Food Store and Carlos sees. Carlos comments that she used to look at him (Carlos) like that 25 years ago! He ain't dumb. She blows that off and says she's there to see him, yadda yadda. They blab for a while about how she's changed, no she hasn't, oh whatever. Finally Carlos says he's gonna show her the REAL him! He plants a big, dry-looking kiss on her. End of episode.

I'm sure I missed some bits. Will fill them in later.

AVANCES: More of the dry kiss. Nikki and Guzman finally reunite. At last!


Amores Verdaderos #139 Mon 5/27/13 Angel with Guilts and Nil-Brains have a new rival. Nil-Brains keeps throwing mud at himself while Angel with Guilts continues to fight his own demons. Carlos wonders what he got into. Poor Guillo goes from one bad situation to another

Guillo continues riding the back of the truck.

Frankie calls ex-wife, got stuck at airport due to snow cancellations. He is sorry he won’t be there to give Guillo his hug.

Gilda tells Victoria that Guillo is still lost… Vicky questions why Bea did not tell Frankie, Gilda says Bea did not want Frankie to come back right away, he would have if he knew. Vicky imagines Bea and Guillo’s pain of separation. She can understand perfectly what it is like for a mother to lose her child as she sees her sister’s suffering with her baby girl.
Padre from hometown has come to offices to talk to Angel with Guilts. ‘Guilt is a very hard weed to remove from the garden of our serenity’. Angel with Guilts thinks he was not a good husband. He failed Cristina with his thoughts. And even though everyday he fights against his feelings for Vicky, he can’t. And now he is also afraid of losing her. Vicky’s old flame has come back to her life. (Vicky comes by outside the door and can hear the rest). Angel can’t resign himself to the idea of Vicky rebuilding her life with another. Padre says if you can’t right your life, let her do it with her own. Angel says he will never be able to get over what happened with Cris. Padre says ‘never’ is a harsh term. Time will heal your wound. Angel thinks it is best is to let Vicky live her own fate. She told him about her feelings for him and he rejected her due to his guilt. He knows it is time to let her live her life, but his heart does not understand.

Vicky, now back in her office, tells herself that it is no good that Angel has feelings for her if he can’t put off the guilt for Cris. Ours is a hopeless love.
At KenDrat’s, same ol same ol… she nags about his not spending time with her, he nags back ‘can’t do enough to please you’. She nags that he is keeping her in ‘single mom’ status. He wants to assure his financial status before he gets divorced. There is a new deal he is wrapping up for MI with a facial crème company, he’ll get good money for that. She does not believe him, she is ‘FED UP!! FED UP!!!’. He calls her HYSTERIC, he is fed up with her nagging. She asks him if he got tired of her for being ‘fat’ or is he unfaithful to her with another? If he is, she will kill him!. He leaves. KenDrat blames her unborn daughter, you make me fat, be born already!! Darn the moment I got pregnant!!

Frankie alone in hotel remembers his best moments with Nikki caressing/kissing the chain/pendant she gave him. Nikki still at hotel in Toronto, CAN, also remembers him. He cries devastated. (a song in the background, I think it is Reik, talks about ‘you gave another your heart’). Later he says she is a love that couldn’t be but also a love he can’t get out of his heart, his AMOR VERDADERO. She writes him another ‘can’t wait for us to be together forever and ever’ letter. Roy comes to tell her he has to go to a press conference. She is ‘tu fresh y yo cool’ with that. They are very nice to each other.

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Qué Bonito Amor #31 (Mex 46-47.1) Monday 5/27/13

Note: Scenes deleted from the original broadcast are indicated in red.

Capitulo 46: Padres, Amantes, y Lagrimas

Hernández McMansion, Study: Don Concho looks over some documents as Lourdes prepares to make a demand of him. She wants to know what is in the small safe in the study. It's supposed to be emergency money. She seems satisfied with his explanation and he asks if she can leave him alone. [In English; his pronunciation is quite good.] She exits. [Methinks this is the money that should have been going to Almira.]

Hotel (in El Lay): Bruno remembers Altagracia's reproaches as he curls up at the foot of the door.

Garza Mansion: Wendy fidgets in her bathroom, checking her watch, then looking at a home pregnancy test strip on the basin counter. Result is positive. [Didn't see this one coming, but it figures.]

Hotel: Bruno looks like he's either sinking into depression or he's realizing his own stupidity as he continues to hear Altagracia's voice talking about how she took him in as a son.
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PEAM, Monday 5/27/13 (#56): It's the Singer, Not the Song

Hear "The Singer Not the Song" here

Alma and Chucho continue celebrating her rip-roarin' wild bachelorette party with lemonade and chitchat. She tells Chucho that Paty stuck with her when she needed her the most - when her father was very sick. (And when Rogelio was around all the time, I'll bet!)

A song comes on that Alma likes - it's our theme song, not the disco one, but the other one. Chucho dares her to sing karaoke. She accepts the challenge and bravely sings her heart out! Somewhere, Chuck Barris is looking for his gong... but the people at the bar are listening with the audio equivalent of beer-goggles, and Chucho would love her singing even if she sounded like a chorus of Wookiees. The fact that he sees a montage of all their kisses helps, too.

Afterward, Alma says Rogelio would never have "let" her go up there to sing. She feels like she can be herself around Chucho. She doesn't feel that way with anyone else. (SO DON'T MARRY ROGELIO, YOU DIMWIT! SERIOUSLY!!)
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Corazón Indomable #11, 5/27/13: Tragedia Amorosa

This evening the good folk of Tamaulipas have decided to put on a show for us. They will treat us to their version of the lovers’ tragedy, Othello. The role of Othello will be played by Octavio. Desdemona by Maricruz. Cassio by Jose Antonio. And since we can’t have enough evil, the role of Iago will be played by a combination of Lucia, Ester, Ewsebio and Awfelia. Hopefully, no one will die in the Tamaulipas version of this tale.

It’s Ewsebio’s turn to continue the Miseducation of Maricruz Olivares. Today’s lesson: teach your cheating man a lesson, by cheating on him with a peon, or at least pretending to. Maricruz is quick to believe that Octavio has been snogging Ester by the river (it IS his M.O. after all), and now that flirtatious ho is on her death list. But Mari’s reluctant to play games by pretending to have her own luvah. In any case, just who would the fortunate peon be? He wouldn’t happen to be a bearded, rapist troll, with a whip and scratchy voice, would he, hmmmm? Nope. Ewsebio says he wasn’t thinking of himself, but there are tons of hunky peons around, just salivating at the opportunity. Meanwhile, upstairs in the big house, Lucia and the ho in question, are discussing the same thing. Lucia has her doubts that Maricruz would ever cheat on Octavio though.

Octavio comes home with some good news for Lucia about the ranch, finally—they’ll have access to some high quality stud bulls to strengthen their cow stock, and will have a new crop to plant. He and Miguel will have to do much of the work, however, since there are so few workers left at the ranch. Octavio chalks it all up to faith and hope (uhm…we haven’t seen a whole lot of that on this ranch, but ok), and this now means he will be at the ranch quite a while. NOT what Lucia wanted to hear. She thought bubbles: “That’s what you think, but you don’t know what awaits you!” Bwahahaha!!!

“A fellow almost damned in a fair wife.” – Othello, Act 1, Line 22
Octavio heads upstairs to his sex slave/child bride/wife, and finds her and Moctavio sulking on the bed. He wonders why she’s angry with him now. She answers him by laying some forceful passionate kisses on him, ending one of them with a non-love bite, and telling him that no one else’s kisses could rock his world like hers do—she is THE BEST! Octavio doesn’t argue the point. She then examines him from head to toe and sees a suspicious mark on his neck, which he can’t examine, now that they have no mirror in their room. He promises that Ester will only be there for a few days, but Maricruz is certain that the ho has a big, dumb, hunky reason to stay for a long time.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Corazón Indomable Fri. May 24 Mistakes Were Made

While Maricruz and Abuelo worry and hover over the clearly disturbed Solita (Maricruz asks her what is wrong... has she forgotten that Solita can neither hear nor speak?), on a balcony back at the ranch Ester is draping herself over Octavio suggesting that they spend some quality time together and catch up on old times. Lucia gently reminds Ester that Octavio is a married man now and has a wife to care for. Ester doesn't see a problem here and apparently neither does Octavio.

As Maricruz and Gramps confer outside over Solita's diagnosis (bird flu from some chickens? You folks don't have any chickens. Maybe the evil eye?) They are joined by Solita who weakly smiles and hugs gramps so she must be feeling better. A Festivus miracle! Maricruz suspects that there still may be more to this but remembers that Solita can't speak so... there's still a mystery.

Ester shrewdly suspects that Octavio's wife may be beautiful and this presents a challenge. Lucia takes the opportunity to enumerate a few of Maricuz's flaws as Maricruz admits to Grampa that she hasn't quite picked up the knack of eating at a table with civilized people but right now she's still concerned that not all is well with Solita.

Yay! It's dinnertime and the family is gathering around the table. Maricruz arrives a bit late and the beautiful and patiently concerned Lucia suggests that Maricruz wash her hands as a bemused Ester looks on. Miguel has taken his place at the head of the table and is calmly sipping a shot of Tequila. As Maricruz scampers away to follow her sister-in-law's helpful advice, Ester, who is seated next to Octavio offers for him to taste her green cocktail (it's a bit strong for her)  and flirts a bit as Maricruz returns and promptly goes nuclear, offering to rearrange Ester's hair. Dinner's over.

Maricruz pouts in her room as the Octavio, Miguel, and Lucia gather in the drawing room  to review and analyze the evening's proceedings. They agree... mistakes were made... Maricruz still needs a bit of polishing... Ester could have been a little more discreet.  Later upstairs, Lucia joins Ester who thinks that it all went rather well, Maricruz is now her enemy, as downstairs, Octavio whines to Miguel that he feels that the cousins are ganging up on his wife. Miguel reminds Octavio that Lucia is pregnant and is adversely affected by conflict.

 At bedtime, Maricruz is still in a snit. She complains that she was annoyed by Ester's groping of her husband and refuses to come to bed. A laid back Octavio doesn't see a huge problem but Maricruz is steadfast and threatens... wait for it... DIVORCE! Tomorrow she will return to the family hovel.

She hasn't learned to eat with a knife and fork but somehow is acquiring basic civilization survival skills.

It's morning and Ester is planning to go horseback riding with Octavio. Even Lucia thinks this may be pushing things too far too fast. Too late... Ofelia announces that Octavio is on his way down.

Upstairs Maricruz is asleep on the sofa as The simian Octavio weirdly climbs about her partially clad form. This scene is vaguely familiar... hmmm... maybe without the monkey... some famous painting... She awakens... oops... squirrel shot... and goes to the window in time to catch a glimpse of her new husband riding off with her new favorite enemy...Ester. She hurries down the stairs, out the front door... gone! Already out of sight. She scurries about the yard and bumps into Lucia who wisely counsels her about jealousy. Octavio won't like it and might take her back to grandpa. Too late for that, Maricruz has decided to go home on her own. She returns to her room, gathers up hr rags and her monkey... "She's gone!" Lucia gleefully announces to Ofelia.

And just like that she's back at the hut complaining to Grandfather, "He doesn't want me."

About that same moment two horses gallop up to the ranch house. A race and Ester the Amazon has won but announces that tomorrow she will let him win. Suddenly the Amazon needs help dismounting and ends up melting and oozing down the front of Octavio. He gently but firmly deposits her safely on the ground and goes in search of his wife. He checks their bedroom... she's gone, monkey and all.

Downstairs, Ester boasts to Lucia who is with Miguel that it was a piece of cake. When Octavio joins them complaining that his wife is gone Lucia suggests that maybe she went to the river to wash her things, in any event, even if she's left, she just wasn't fitting in.

In the hut that evening we find that Maricruz has gone all fetal and has decided to languish, starve, and die... much like her mom. She even refuses a cup of milk offered by a helpful, hopeful, and apparently somewhat recovered Solita.

From the front porch back at the ranch a helpful, hopeful, and apparently somewhat annoyed Miguel suggests to his mopey sib that he not go after Maricruz "Teach her a lesson." Octavio looks defeated and numbly replies, "You might be right."

Separately the unhappy couple pouts and whimpers and whines... next!  

No, a cheery India Maria slopping some pornographically posed nubile sows is...  not what  we're looking!

At breakfast, Lucia seems happy that MariC hasn't returned and Miguel just seems vexed by all the bother. Back at the hut, Maricruz is busy fading and dying. Grandpa offers, threatens, and finally decides to go to the ranch to straighten things out.

And heeere's Ramiro! Wearing his best (only?) yellow shirt, he knocks on the rancho front door. Wait'll Offy gets a whiff. Yesterday Cynderella was certain that José Ángel (AV) smells like Old Spice. Today I'm equally certain that Ramiro does not.

He tells Ofelia that he's there to talk to Octavio and when informed that he's not there he insists on speaking to Miguel and if not Miguel, then Lucia... he'll wait. Ofelia informs Lucia of their guest. Not wanting to fill the house with fleas, she agrees to meet with the old man out by the pool.

Ofelia escorts Ramiro to the pool area but cautions him against getting too close to the señora.

The two discuss the relative merits of the marriage but bottom line, Grampa wants Octavio to come and get his wife before she withers and dies and if not... well, he capable of... whatever. "Life for life!"  Woooo!

On the way home, Ramiro vents a little with India Maria who wrings her hands. Yawn.

While Solita is spending a quiet moment (I guess all her moments are quiet) Euby rides up (such a pretty horse... such a disgusting rider), dismounts, and creeps up behind her... "Look, fresh meat." I swear that's what he said... die now, you bastard. He reaches out and strokes her hair. Startled and terrified she flees into the safety of the hut and secures the door.

Maricruz takes a break from her dying and goes outside to confront Eusebio. She tells him to get the Hell out and don't come back they don't want that stinkin' food. He pops his pitiful little whip but she's unimpressed. Perhaps she dimly remembers a sour old guy in a wheelchair who had a much more frightening way with a whip...

She observes that though he is bad, others at the ranch are worse. Solita desperately clings to Maricruz as they watch Eusebia depart.

Followed by Ester, Octavio confronts Lucia inside. She tells him of Ramiro's visit, his threat, and Maricruz's hunger strike. He mounts up and hurries to the hut where he finds Maricruz laid out on her death cot looking ghastly (well he thinks she does, I think she looks fine).

He kneels by her side as we go to a break.

Back from the break, "Maricruz, Maricruz," he implores. She blinks dramatically and replies appropriately, "Octavio, Octavio." Bravo, writers,  Bravo.

We take a chance to catch our breaths after this powerful scene by joining Alejandro and Carola as they discuss improvements for the casino and his intentions toward her sister Raiza... we'll get back to them in a moment but first...

Octavio makes up with Maricruz.

Over a light lunch, the cousins and Miguel discuss the newlyweds.  Ester agrees to back off. Things are gonna get better.

Having made up, Octavio invites Maricruz to come back to the ranch with him. They come dangerously to having makeup sex right there in the hut, but fortunately she is weak from her couple of days of starvation. Phew.

Back with Al and Caro, basically he is lonely, he knows that Raiza is looking out for Raiza but if he can't find his daughter... well, Raiza is not exactly bad company either so far now he will neither encourage or discourage her. As for the casino, his philosophy varies slightly from Carola's. He thinks that people come to gamble and she thinks that they come for a good time. Both agree that it should be profitable. Yawn.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Maricruz is abed and being pampered by her designated Nana, India Maria. Soup, advice, and encouragement. Both Octavios are there. Life is good.

Looks like lunch is still in progress. Octavio joins Miguel, Lucia, and Ester at the table. Ofelia is serving. It's quiet. Octavio notices and asks Ester if mice have eaten her tongue. Nopis, it's just that she's been forbidden to speak with him because of Maricruz's sensitivity. Maricruz is then discussed by all and the consensus is pretty much that Maricruz needs to shape up or ship out before she ends up killing someone.

Upstairs, Maricruz and Octavionito contemplate killing Ester... at least in theory.

Left alone at the table the cousins complain and conspire. Ester is hatching a plan to prey on Octavio's jealousy.

Now outdoors the cousins continue to plot. Lucia has just the right person in mind, a handsome peón, José Antonio. Ester looks wistful, "José Antonio, he's very handsome."

That evening, Eusebio and Ofelia in bed... in the stable... Yikes! They're part of the plan.

Next morning Eusebio takes a moment to terrorize India Maria and a few chickens before finding Maricruz to tell her that he just saw Octavio and Ester kissing... down by the river.

"I"m going to kill her... I'm going to kill her!"

On Monday.



Amores Verdaderos #138 Fri 5/24/13 The Angel Missteps, But He's A Good Listener and Advice Giver; Guillo is More Like His Uncle Frankie!

We start this epi in the kitchen of the Balvanera Manse where Ms Vikki is out of sorts, seeing the camaraderie of the Angel, Lili and Adri as they want to go out for tacos. Ms Vikki is sorting feeling like the fourth wheel. They ask if she'd like to go with them? She uses work as an excuse not to go out. Jealous much Ms Vikki? They go and Ms Vikki calls Nikki up in Toronto. She is happy to hear from her super Mami but Roy and Omar are waiting for her and thanks for calling. Love you! Click. Now Nikki has a vision of Guzmancito sitting on the sofa in her hotel room and he tells her he can't wait for her to get to New York, so they can tour Manhattan, take tons of pictures of the Statue of Liberty and kiss in Central Park. This vision fades and Nikki swears that soon, very soon Guzmancito will see how much she loves him. Awwww.

The Pau Gets Some Shockingly Bad News:
Pau has gone to the doctor for the results of her tests. She wants the truth, no coddling. She has third stage multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells. Pau is shocked and asks how much time she has left. Only three months. Now Pau cries and if I had been her I would have cried too. The Doctor tells her he can give her meds for the pain and also so she can have some type of quality of life.

Cande Is Back!
Cande is looking for a job at the same hospital Pau is at. She tells the Doctor she will take any type of work that is open. The Doc tells her no problem they have her cell number in case they need her, and Cande starts down the hall and bumps into the Pau who drops her paperwork. Cande helps her pick it up and then recognizes the Pau as the Pau recognizes Cande.

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Qué Bonito Amor #30 (Mex 44.2-45) Friday 5/24/13 Maria's Mariachi Miracle Man or JAntos to the Rescue!

Cap. 45

Lo del Pasado:

Isa is in intensive care and all the immediate family and friends are awaiting new of her in the lounge área.  JAntos knows that Ruben Olmo suspects him and is about to acto n his suspicions after he picked up a piece of paper with his name and that of the FBI written on it that Olmo accidentally dropped on the floor.

Lo del Nuevo:

Bruno The Bronzed, cousin to Orange Julius Giuliano, aka, El Gusano (tuve-tanning must be a family trait) admits the rotten truth finally to his godmother, Altagracia, about his, GG’s, and Alfredo’s lying to the authorities to save their skins at Santos and Michael’s expense.  Altagracia whacks him across the chops and demands he tell Wendy the truth or else.  He whimpers that he doesn’t want to because it will mean losing her, but Altagracia hisses that it will be his just desserts for having betrayed them all.  He begs her to give him a bit of time to clear Santos’s name and absolve [eximir] him from all culpability.  (Like does she really have any choice?  Grrrr!)

El Coloso demands to know from JAntos where he came up with all that money he plunked down to pay towards Isa’s operation.  JAntos and Fernando tell him to back off and leave together for a little confab.

Meanwhile, Maria and her family worry about where they’ll get the money top pay for everything.  Maria tells Amalia not to think about that now: “—‘Dios squeezes tightly, but he never strangles.’ ”

Isa goes into shock and must be operated on immediately, but of course needs special B negative blood.  Well, waddacoinkydink!  JAntos just happens to have that special type.  He will get hooked up to Isa during the operation and Maria will be there as well, “for the child’s sake.”  El Celoso and Mil Amores are there for Maria’s family to give them emotional support.  

Back at the JNTR bar, Don Concho’s wringing his hands because Santos has given notice.  Mirna says PHHHT!  This bar always does well, with or without a Vargas.  Then she reminds him that he’s supposed to be taking her out to dinner.  When he objects she demands and lays down the law:  “—You promised me that you’d be leaving that spider-woman of a wife of yours, but I see that you really aren’t.  So, this relationship ends when I say it does and not before!” He is visibly upset and talks to her in English.  “—Don’t mess with me, you’re playing with fire!”  “—Oh, you’re the one who started the fire.  Now get it together while I go freshen up a bit [darse una mano de gato=lit. give yourself a cat’s paw]   
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PEAM #55- 5/24/13: She Likes The Way He Moves, Mr Grinch Pays a Visit to Monterrey.

Twas a couple days before Christmas,

And all through Avon,

The people were working,

No smiles going on.

Except for the baddies that had visions of mis planes dancing through their heads!

So please read the recap, and judge for yourself,

Who'll have the best Christmas and who has outdone himself ; )

St Ferny Will Have A Blue Christmas:

Imagine if you will, St Ferny, who is sweating bullets cause Discua has shown up at his door unannounced with Jess' shirt in his hand behind his back. Discua would like to be invited in, and before St Ferny can say a thing, she enters the apartment, hears Jess, and goes and takes a look see. Ruh, Roh, there is Jess in St. Ferny's bed naked as a jaybird, except she is all covered up by the bed spread. Well, Discua is not very happy, she actually wanted to see if that text she got was true! She slaps St Ferny and tells him off, and calls Jess a mujerzuela! Discua dumps St. Ferny right there cause he broke her heart, even though St Ferny, who actually has resisted the temptation of Jess, wasn't given a chance to explain. Now St. Ferny is the patron Saint of lost loves and the misjudged. Pobrecito! Of course the source of the temptation is as happy as if she were just handed some figgy pudding. Now Jess is all dressed again and St. Ferny wants to know if she set this up like the evil elf she is. He figures out that Jess must have had something to do with that text that was sent to Discua. Jess denies, denies, denies. St Ferny grabs her wrist now and wants some truthiness from her. St Ferny loves his Discua! St Ferny is demanding an answer! He is acting very unsaintly like. Jess claims she knows nothink! St Ferny tells Jess that Discua is his one and only love. St Ferny is slowly slipping away from sainthood, cause now he has Jess by the throat demanding an answer. She finally fesses up this was all Rogue's idea as revenge and he sent the text. St. Ferny is breathing St. Elmo's fire! St Ferny can't beleive his own Bubby set him up and Jess tells him Rogue did this for his own good. St. Ferny says his Bubby will pay, and off he goes, with Jess chasing him!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- week of May 27, 2013


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Weekend Discussion: What do you want from the novelas you watch?

It's 2013 and we're watching remakes upon remakes, many of which are barely updated to take more modern attitudes into consideration.  We see more bare flesh than in 1990, but hear no discussion of birth control.  Abortion is still a taboo subject and we see very little about pedophilia.

We're still shocked, however, when a female character is raped and especially when she is particularly vulnerable, like Solecita in Corazon Indomable.  We should be outraged, indeed.

What do you want to see?  How do you want to feel after you see an episode?

I want to see more stories that consistently reflect current human reality.  Women with education and confidence who aren't afraid to face the world on their own terms.   Current attitudes about religion, class structure, education, and human behavior.  What are real workplace dynamics?

Please, no comic relief in the middle of something violent, serious, and/or emotional.  That is bad writing because it interferes with the emotional impact of the main events.  It also makes the whole episode less memorable.

No sudden detours or about-faces; think out a story before committing it to the computer screen.  El Fantasma de Elena could have been a great supernatural story about ghosts and werewolves if some writer hadn't decided three weeks into shooting that they needed to change this to a psycho twin story (though I do give them credit for a great final fate for the villana).

Be consistent with the period of the story.  If you're going to have the characters get DNA tests to show kinship, why don't they have cell phones?

Rant away, amigos.

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Qué Bonito Amor #29 (Mex 43-44.1) Thursday 5/23/13 Que Miedoso Crisis

Ruben claims he came to the house to talk to Amalia, not Maria.  He apologizes to her.  She doesn't seem to care for his apology, but offers him a drink.  He hesitates before sitting on the couch and brushes it off with his hand before he does.  Don't worry jackass…poor isn't contagious.

JAntos starts to tell Maria something, but is overcome and they get busted hugging by Colosso.  He mocks her for forgiving him yet again and tells them both to hurry up and get ready for the first set.

Isa's friend still can't get her to wake up and goes running up the hill for help.

Ruben tries to tell Amalia he and Maria are just friends and he wants to support her professionally.  Amalia's like, "Dude, you're married and she's young and hot.  And the fact that you're now getting divorced means I want you even farther away from her!  I don't want her being called a homewrecker on your account!"  Even in the kitchen, Paloma's not buying Ruben's crap about how he and his wife just fell out of love or whatever.  Poor Rebecca comes pounding on the door to tell them that Isa's been run over. 

Ay Jalisco has a packed house and Colosso talks to everyone about the set list.  He figures by the second set Maria and JAntos will have broken up again and will delight the audience by airing their grievances in song. He jokes that he'll sing last since JAntos said he only gets applause once JAntos has warmed up the audience for him.  He tells El de la Ponytail to get the musicians on stage, but Susanito hasn't arrived yet.  Colosso and JAntos have words once again about JAntos forgetting his place and not giving Colosso the respect he thinks he deserves.  Yawn.  A otra con ese cancion, Colosso, cause this girl is tired of hearing it!
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Amores Verdaderos #137 Thu 5/23/13 Lunch with a Milkman and a Bodyguard

Ballsvanera Mansion Foyer: Arriaga is sitting in a chair patiently waiting for Victoria. When she emerges, whipped Arriaga leaps to his feet, commandeers her brief case and tosses it over his shoulder. As she gives him their itinerary for the day: office and lunch with Carlos, Adrianna runs into the foyer and tells her sister that she wants to talk to her about something important. Intent on keeping Arriaga at an employee/employer distance, Vicky informs her bodyguard that he will have to eat in the Meta Imagen cafeteria and orders him to wait in the truck for her. Once Arriaga exits, Adrianna gives Vicky the opportunity to share her news first; Adrianna's news will require her sister's undivided attention. Victoria tells Adrianna that she is having lunch with Carlos Gonzalez.

Ballsvanera Mansion Driveway: Disney Princess Lilly tells Arriaga that Guzman called her from New York. She's told him that Victoria's back and informed him of everything that's been going on in the Ballsvanera House.

Ballsvanera Mansion Foyer: Victoria tells Adrianna that Carlos asked about her. Adrianna tells Victoria that she got the director of photography job for Conny's movie and she's meeting him for dinner later. Victoria congratulates her sister.

Kendra's Apartment: KENDRA...HAS...ON...CLOTHES! It's a floor-lengthed night gown but, it's a good start. Kendra is b*tchin' at Nelson. He slept with her last night and doesn't understand what more she expects from him. She wants more of him; she wants him to be a father. Nelson is aware that Kendra only wanted him to stay with her because Vicky came home last night. Kendra doesn't deny it and accuses Nelson of being in love with his wife. Nelson won't leave his wife until he gets a bigger share Meta Imagen stock. After Nelson leaves, Kendra tells her stomach that she's tired of being knocked up and wishes the baby would come soon. She's sure that Nelson has lost interest in her because her belly is swollen. She wants the baby to come so it will take Nicky's place in his heart.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Corazon Indomable Capitulo 9 Thursday, May 23, 2013 Fun and Games Down at the Ranch; Not So Much Fun in the Woods.

            This episode follows two main narrative streams—the continuing “education” of Maricruz at the ranch and the sudden shift in Solita’s life in the wild.   This recap combines scenes for continuity.  If I missed a detail you liked, jump in with it.

Team Maricruz and Team Lucia square off  in a battle over their turf.

  • Gramps brings Monktavio to MC to make her happy.  Meanwhile, human Octavio muses over their future and how to make a living.  He considers leaving MC behind, with Gramps, while he finds work elsewhere.
  • MC’s peaceful time propping her injured foot comes to an end when Lucia joins her on the lawn.  Lucia shows MC the baby clothes she is creating, but their happy moment is interrupted when Monktavio flings himself at Lucia. Shrieking, she informs MC of her monkey allergy. The beast is banished to the bedroom forever!
  • Octavio attempts to sell 10 cows to a neighboring rancher. Sad to say, the poor quality cattle aren’t worth buying, so no deal, no money for our chulito.  He returns to the ranch to learn that he and MC are expected to turn out in some decent toggery for a formal lunch with the Riveras, old friends.  MC protests, but Octavio insists.  MC puts on a longer halter dress, similar to Lucia’s wardrobe.  No word on where or how she got it.
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PEAM # 54-5/23/13- Foolishness, Confusion and Where Is The Light???

Good evening all!  I’m not sure what is going on but for some reason my DVR decided to do its own thing tonight.  I usually watch twice to get all of the details but tonight if I have left out anything feel free to add it.

We begin at the hospital with Rogelio kissing Alma and she thought bubbles to her kiss with Jesus.

The Ice Princess bids Valentina good night sans the list of “sterile to -dos.”

Marsela and Elias try to bid Chatita good-bye but Chatita detains them.  What is she up to???  Chatita plays mother to Marisela and Marisela begs her not to tell Elias about her dad’s real job.

Jesus continues his bedtime story of the Helper and The Princess.  He tells her that the Helper pretends to be the Prince because the Groom did not arrive in time to go to the class with the Princess.  The Groom was asleep and missed the class. The Helper changed into a Prince, and kissed the Princess.  Valentina wanted to hear more of the story but Jesus bid her goodnight.

Chatita plays her forgetful game and questions Elias about his marriage situation.  She wants to know where he’s living since he is angry with Jesus and can’t stay at the hotel because he doesn’t have any credit cards.  If he wants to reconcile with his wife, why is he going out with Marisela.  Not a good idea!!!
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Corazon Indomable #8 Wed. 5/22 A Cameo Guest Appearance, a Breakup and a Makeup

(I combined certain scenes for the purpose of a more flowing recap and continuity)

The Argument:  The guest appearance? Why it’s none other than Paula Abdul portraying Maricruz at the party. Paula and Octavio are discussing what happened at the party in their bedroom. Octavio lays it down that he wants a divorce. Paula calls him a liar, that he said he cared about her and would care about her forever, but now wants a divorce. He says he doesn’t know if he ever cared for her or just pitied her.
Lucia interrupts the moment and insists on talking to Octavio. He comes out and she asks about Maricruz and if she can help. He replies that it’s all her fault for what has transpired, right down to the adorned dress,  but the lying liar lies again, saying that MC asked for it to be altered. Meanwhile, Maricruz continues sobbing saying her mother had the same problem with a womanizing husband.
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Qué Bonito Amor #28 (Mex 41.5-42) Wednesday 5/22/13 Patín de Diablo, Swings, and sneakers with lights

Scenes were re-arranged for continuity......

Elvira figures she's got it made and swears Maria will pay for what she did years ago. 

Meanwhile, Maria sits in her room and.....what else, cries

Los Battling Bickersons

Ruben and Lorena battle over her failed plan.  She's appalled he would dare mention Maria's name in her home.  She blames Maria for ending their marriage.  Ruben sees it differently; they're the only ones to blame for the end of their marriage and warns her not to go near Maria again.  “Oh yeah?  Who's gonna stop me? I'm capable of doing anything to get that intruder out of our lives, you understand?”  Ruben assures her that even if she were to succeed in removing Maria from their lives, better yet even if Maria didn't exist, he still wouldn't return to her.  He stopped loving her many years ago.  It would be best if they could just come to an agreement.  Lorena swears she will never (jamás!) grant him a divorce.  She'll die first. 

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