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Refugio Para el Amor #89 Thu 8/9/12 Heard It From A Friend Who, Heard It From A Friend Who, Heard It From Another, Luci is Having a Baby.*

Estalita's Apartment:

We start tonight's episode with a meeting of the ladies, that would be Estalita, Vio, Serena, Ofelia and little Marianita. Vio is telling the ladies all about that bruja Flor in the park and about having her children with her! Vio feels very bad that Flor confronted her in front of the children, but unfortunetly Vio is still much in lurvve with Marcial. Ofelia tells Vio it is obvious that Marcial no longer loves Flor and besides Flor can't force Marcial to love her. Vio says she will never be with Marcial cause she just cannot take him away from his children.
Ofelia is going to call Mati for a job, oh, the horror, run Ofelia don't go there, and Estalita tells the assembled girls she talked to Claudio Linares ,who told her, wait for it, Luci is expecting a bebe. Vio is stunned.

Het Het:

Luci is lost in thought while Paz, Copio, Magda and Ariche move stuff into Paz's house, and Dona Luchita is of course "supervising" lol. Luci is still staring at Rod's picture. She puts it back in her wallet and cries.

Now we have Dona Luchita in a huff coming to see Don A. Dona Luchita is giving Don A hell for leaving Paz's house, where the Palomita lives, in such a mess. Dona Luchita wants Don A to help the ladies out, after all he got all that money. He dismisses her with a wave of his hand.

Don A must have listened to Dona Luchita cause guess who goes to visit Paz, anyone, that's right, Don A. Luci and Paz say oh, here he comes again! Luci tells Don A you promised not to bother us. Don A tells them, Magda is there too, that he heard the gossip about them needing some help, he promised Lic Linares he would help Luci anyway he could, and he is "loaning" them Barbosa for anything they need done. Barbosa just stands there as Don A leaves and the women are stunned. Don A comes back in and tells Barbosa he meant first thing in the morning and grabs him and goes, lol. Luci starts in that she absolutely, positively wants NO help from Don A, but Paz for once says au contraire, we could use all the help we can get, look at this place it is such a hot mess. Luci is still pithed cause she doesn't want his help, and Paz is looking at her funny, but Luci is still thinking of Mushashon.

Magda tells Paz and Luci she is going out to get some food. (Ed Note: I am a foodie and couldn't understand what Magda was going to get, it sounded like cocoalitas, if you know please comment, it looked yummy). Oh, Luci wants some of that, and Paz and Magda are giving Luci a knowing look. Paz wants to go with, but Magda tells her to stay with Luci and she'll be back quickly. After Magda goes, Luci tells Paz she has been thinking about what Don A said about the help and now she is all for it, it would be better. Paz looks at Luci funny and agrees (it's the hormones). Paz says they need all the help they can get. Paz is thinking it is time for Lorenzo to know that Luci is Claudio's. She feels Lorenzo is strong enough to hear it. Luci wants Lorenzo to know too, but what will he think? Paz says the same with you Luci, you need to go to the clinic in the morning and find out if you are having a baby. Paz tells her, in this house there are no secrets, and Luci agrees to go to the clinic tomorrow.

Don A is having a meeting with Barboso. And he tells Barbosa he will do everything he can to help Paz and her family, whatever Paz wants Barboso will do. He says si senor! Copio has come in to see Don A and gives Barboso the humph sound, lol. Copio does a good imitation of Don A, and kicks Barboso out the door and slams it shut. Don A is laughing. Don A says he wants to consult with Copio, he wants to know exactly what went on when Rod came to Het Het to see Luci and why he left. He wants to know everything. Why Rod left, why Luci stayed and what's the rush with fixing the house. Don A will even pay Copio for the info. Well Copio is insulted, he'll do it for free, impressario to impressario! Don A is laughing a takes a shot of tequila.

Magda has returned with that yummy food. The ladies want Luci to eat a little more, and Luci agrees, but says she isn't sure if she is having a baby. Paz says of course you are. She advises Luci to be calm and leave it all in Dios' hands. Luci says she will go in the morning. Luci remembers about the time that she was with Rod, on their honeymoon trip, when they had just delivered that baby, and they were talking about the many children they were going to have. Luci says it was all a dream. Paz and Magda once again urge her to go to the doc in the morning. Paz remarks to Luci that because of divine justice, Claudio found out his daughter is alive and now that daughter is having a child, his grandchild. Luci says oh yeah, but it will also have the blood of the Torreslandas!

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Por ella soy Eva #18 Thurs. 8/9/12: Being a Woman is Hard Work.

Thank you, Ithabill, for writing the recap for tonight's show.

At the big colorful table Adriano welcomes Helena to Grupo Imperio, but lets her know she's there because Plutarco vouches for her. Mutt and Jeff are assigned to work for her. Everyone leaves, and Mutt and Jeff give Helena a hard time about working for the company she claims stole her project. They tell her, "What starts bad, ends bad." In Adriano's office, Toni tells her brother that Helena appears decent and professional. Adriano is not convinced. One of his bimbos calls about the job he promised her, and Adriano excuses himself telling Toni it's his dentist on the line. She sneaks a chocolate.

Marcela shows Helena her new office and is the first person to be nice to her. Helena asks whose office it was and hears it was JC's. On the desk she finds the memory box she gave him, caresses it, and remembers. She cries.

Mimi bursts into Grupo Imperio and hugs Marcela (who she's never met) for the loss of JC. Her pretext for being there is that she owns a travel agency, but she's really on a fact-finding mission. Adriano walks in the hallway and Mimi addresses him Hola, machote (Hello, stud). She's obviously struck by him, and he's so flustered by her attention he walks into the elevator door. JC steps off the elevator- in his Fidel Castro disguise- and Mimi urgently shoos him away. She later scolds him for taking the risk of showing up there where he's supposed to be dead.

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Por Ella Recappers: We Must Get Organized!

So we have TWO recaps for last night and almost a third. And nobody on for tonight, so I'll do tonight, since I was away earlier this week. According to our schedule, Julie will be doing Friday... ... and next week we should be back to our schedule as shown on the sidebar, that is: Me on Monday Ezra on Tuesday JPCruzer on Wednesday (we thought you were still at guitar camp, Jim!) we have nobody on Thursday unless somebody wants to volunteer Julie on Friday. Comments? Let me know.


Por ella soy Eva #17b 8/8/12

We begin with Juan Carlos and Mimi chatting.  Mimi is telling him about her friend, Peggy Sue, who was pretty sad regarding the death of her love....Juan Carlos Caballero.  Well…the secret is out!

Juan Carlos is scared when Mimi finds out who he is.  He begs her not to turn him in, and the suspense builds.  Of course she won’t turn him in because he is the son of Eugenia Mistral…famous actress.  According to Mimi, she was in a novella with Eugenia and actually was her makeup artist.  They continue to talk and commiserate.  I guess at one time in her life, Mimi had also been accused of something she didn’t do.  They become friends and allies.

It is also the day of Santiago’s wedding,  Fernando and family are getting ready to go.  We meet Jennifer and Kevin, Fernando and Marcela’s teenagers.

We go back to JC and Mimi, and he pours out his heart to her.  He regrets everything he did because he knows he fell in love with Elena.

Mimi tries to comfort him.  JC is uncertain of what he’s going to do.  Mimi has a bit of a mischievous side to her.  She’s going to help her new friend in some crazy schemes.

JC wants to attend Santiago’s wedding.  Mimi helps him find a disguise.  They continue to talk, and she continues to cheer him up.  She makes him dance and sing and be in harmony with life.  These two will be a funny pair of friends.

Now we get to perhaps the funniest scene of tonight’s episode.  What a mistake on Helena’s part!  She tries helping Lucia by going to what they thought was Sebastian’s wedding.  It was actually Santiago’s wedding.  Helena stops the wedding and begins saying all of this stuff about Santiago, thinking that he’s Sebastian.  Lucia’s very embarrassed, Santiago is wondering who the crazy lady is that is defaming him, the crowd has no idea how to react except for being shocked, and Helena tries to fix things, embarrassing herself even more.  I needed a good laugh!

Helena lets Lucia have it when they leave the wedding and asks how she could have been so distracted and gotten the wrong wedding and church.  They look at the invitation, fight some more, and then realize that the invitation was from JC’s friend and was directed to JC.  Of course, this makes Helena think of JC and get angry all over again.  Another funny scene.

At the wedding, we meet Angelica, who is Santiago’s x-girlfriend who came to stir things up.  She did, making Santiago doubt his love for Patricia.  Oh man!

Meanwhile, Plutarco and Onesimo are at Playa Majagua, and Plutarco is not making a good impression on anyone.  Basically, he’s told that people around that area won’t deal with anyone who isn’t Helena Moreno.  Plutarco continues striking out with these folks.  If he’s not careful and leaves, he liable to be lynched!  They all have his number.

Fernando and Santiago talk, and Fernando asks if Helena seemed at all familiar to Santiago.  He can’t really think about that at that time because he is too busy deciding whether he wants to marry Patricia.  Does he love her or Angelica?  Patricia takes care of Santiago by coming out and letting him have it, with hits and all!  No wedding for Santiago.

JC and Mimi go back home after attending Santiago’s wedding.  She stops him from getting close to the love of his life.  Poor guy.  He’s miserable.  Mimi has a plan for him to feel a little bit better.  She has him call Helena in order to listen to her voice and then hang up on her.  Childish.  He doesn’t feel better.

Santiago is also down in the dumps and confused.  He goes to Angelica’s to let her have it.  We learn why they broke up…infidelity on Angelica’s part.  She knows how to push his buttons and make him fall right back into lust for her.  Right then, Patricia calls, and he’s squirming.

At the Contreras household, it’s morning, and we have a scene where the teenagers are being teenagers, Fernando is freaking out because Jennifer has makeup on to impress her boyfriend, and Marcela is trying to keep peace in her home.
We also see how Fernando doesn’t like it when Marcela tries to give him ideas regarding his job.  He’s the man of the house…the one who works and has a macho attitude regarding work and family.

We next see Helena and Lalito having breakfast.  She’s playing with her son, and Eduardo doesn’t like that one bit.  She lets Helena know it and reminds her of her debt.  Silvia tries to keep peace in the family.

At the office, Plutarco and Onesimo talk.  Plutarco has a scheme cooking.  He wants to hire Helena to work on the project, since he knows that’s the only way the people at Playa Majagua will deal with Grupo Imperio.  Hmmm.  He actually has the audacity to call Helena, offering her a job whenever she’s ready to start working.  She’s stunned!  She’s unhappy because she’s being offered a job by the company that stole her project.  Silvia convinces Helena to at least consider the offer and to think about her family, especially Lalo.

We have another scene with Angelica and Santiago.  Nothing too important.  Lucia agrees with Silvia.  Helena is about to capitulate.  She has an idea.  If she goes back to work, she can find out who did her wrong!  She calls, and Plutarco asks to meet with her at a café to talk business.

At Mimi’s house, JC is quite depressed.  Mimi makes a deal with him.  If he eats his breakfast and cheers up, she’ll find out how Helena is doing and report back to him.  He likes that idea.

At the business meeting, Plutarco is able to manipulate the situation and get Helena to accept the job offer.  Helena is quite skeptical, but she goes for it.  Of course she does.  That’s where this story takes a new turn.

Now we have a scene with Santiago and a dramatic Patricia.  Both of these gals are too weird.

Mimi makes a trip to what used to be Helena’s and Lucia’s travel agency and begins asking Lucia questions.  Lucia, being the loquacious person she is, tells it all, in her own convoluted way.  Mimi finds out that Helena is about to accept a job at Grupo Imperio and lets JC know.  Now, the dynamic duo of

Mimi and JC want to know more and come up with a plan to disguise JC and make their way to Grupo Imperio to find out more about Helena.  At first, they stop by her house, and Eduardo lets Mimi know that Helena no longer lives there.  Worry.

At Grupo Imperio, Plutarco introduces everyone to Helena.  At that point, Adriano walks into the meeting and is furious and almost kicks Helena out of the company.  Plutarco asks to speak with Adriano privately and ends up convincing Adriano to give Helena a chance.  After all, she’s the only person who knows the project and who could make it work.  Plutarco isn’t dumb.

While Plutarco, Antonia, and Adriano talk, the rest of the folks (except for Marcela) give Helena a bunch of grief for being a woman and for wanting to work at Grupo Imperio.  Marcela comes to Helena’s defense.

This is going to be a story where we guys will learn about the power and capabilities of a prepared and competent woman.  It will also be a story of how the hero of this story learns quite a bit about human beings, especially the opposite sex.  Always good for us guys to learn a bit, huh?

Anyway, tomorrow, we find out Adriano’s answer to whether or not Helena stays.  We are very close to meeting Eva Jaramillo.


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Abismo de pasión #105 8/8/12: Some lessons to learn for some of our characters... and Many of us leave Dam's table for being a sell-out

 Recap by Marta!!

To Gael/Elisa: No worse deaf than he/she who does not want to listen…
Paloma upset at finding Elisa and Gael. I’m burying only friend I had in life… (would be easier for Coyote to finally trap the roadrunner than get Paloma to listen to Elisa/Gael now, crystal clear what she saw, she leaves upset)
G: You are not really taking anything away from her. She knows I have loved you always.
E: But I cant stay still, knowing she is suffering on my account.
G: Don’t tell me you want to cancel on Paloma’s account.
E: I thought Paloma would understand you are my only hope in life.
G: What I want YOU to understand is you are the only hope I have to be happy in life.

To Gael/Elisa/Lucio/Maru: Next time check before you spend days trying to prevent someone from leaving town…

Elisa and Gael at Lucio’s. Elisa is about to Lucio that she and Gael will get married. But Padre Loopy arrives to interrupt her.  Loopy says they don’t need to do it (take the signatures to bishop). He has to go, it is his duty. God knows what he does. And if at this time to change landscape, then he will. Priests don’t belong anywhere, we are servants of God who need to follow our calling wherever.  Padre grabs the papers… Elisa insists they will go see the bishop. Loopy says the ones who don’t get it are you. I DO want to leave and that’s final. He takes the signature papers.  Gael sad, Elisa seems not quite given up yet.  Loopy leaves and Maru gets home.
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La Que No Podía Amar #159 (Mex 162-163) Wednesday 8/8/12 Cynthia Montero: Armed And Dangerous!

NOTE: People who are watching the recordings from the original Mexican broadcast will need the original numbering for the two 1/2 hour episodes. But those looking for the episode available now on the Univision website or on Hulu+ will need to use the US numbering (159).

The transfer of Cynthia to the Tuxtla prison is imminent. She’s already furious because Goose showed her their divorce is final and he has full custody of Mari, which means he’s finally out of her nightmare clutches. María has also made a break, since Cynthia continues to heap humiliation and scorn on her attempts to give motherly love and support. Cynthia, of course, vows to wreak maximum damage possible all on those she considers to have ruined her life - um, that would be everybody save Bruno and Vainy, but most of all ‘Paula’. She tells Bruno to hit AP where it will hurt her the most - arrange to have Miguel killed in jail. Bruno appears to comply, and even tells Cynthia that he had arranged way back when to have Miguel beaten badly enough in prison to send him to the hospital there - implying that it was under Rogelio’s orders. LOL - Cynthia thinks her brother is a rat bastard, yet she doesn’t hesitate to do even worse.

El Tuerto (the one-eyed one) and side-kick accost Miguel in the Tuxtla prison. After making fun of Miguel’s hand, Tuerto tells a shocked Miguel, don’t worry - someone paid him to harass Miguel in prison that time before. Miguel can’t imagine who might have wanted him hurt in prison. The hoodlums let Miguel know that - no problem, it’s nothing personal, he just needs to behave and pay for protection in their cárcel and he’ll be fine. Idiot Miguel immediately tells them he doesn’t have any money - well just make yourself an target buddy! Tuerto’s ominous response in Hmmmmmm.

At the municipal jail, Bruno lets Cynthia know it’s going to require mucho dinero to fulfill her “kill Miguel in jail” plan and go to Tuxtla. Nope - he’s not doing it today, he’s too busy at his ranch, he’ll go tomorrow. He tries to walk away but Cynthia pulls her octopus maneuver, sticking her long arm out of the bars to grab Bruno and pull him back and gets all over him. He can’t let her be transferred, she won’t be able to stand it! He’s got to help her escape! “Forget it, Cynthia, there’s no escape,” are Bruno’s cold words as he leaves the cell.

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Refugio Para el Amor #88 Wed 8/8/12 It's Time To Party, But Not Everyone is in The Mood

Recap by Anita

Lo del anterior
Patricio and Matilde are talking in his room.  Pato wants her to ask her sister Estelita if there is any news of Luciana.  He doesn’t know Rod went after her.  Roselena walks in and hears the tail end.  She goes off on him.  Luci’s name was never to be mentioned again in this house.  He wants to know why she is surprised that he would want to hear about Luciana.  Even though she is no longer part of the family, he’s going to continue to seek her out.  Roselena dismisses Mati and this time tells her to shut the door.

She recognizes that he is an adult [really?] and she can’t pick his friends for him [really?] and she can’t stop him from chasing after Luciana [maybe not], but she wants him to remember that it was thanks to Luciana that she got “sick.”  Mamá demands an answer to her trick question,  “What’s more important to you, Luci or my health?”   Pato calls her bluff reminding her how she hurt the people that he most loves, then turns his back on her and rolls to the other side of the room.

In Het Het
Don A. talks to his dead vampire bat head trophy [it’s probably a rabid wolf, but in any case it’s a bad taxidermy job] on the wall.  He can’t figure out why after watering his little flower, another gardener just comes in and swipes her away right from under his nose.  He wants an answer to another trick question, “If she [Luci] has a husband, why isn’t he here?”

The two Het Het Chisme Twins follow Luci down the street, trying to catch up and talk to her at the same time.  They want to know if she going to take the call from the Licenciado, ese.  She stops them short and runs off around the corner.  They claim she’s changed, the city has changed her, she’s no longer the country girl she once was.

Luci arrives at Telephone Central.  She asks about Don Serapio.  Procopio says he’s getting better.  Claudio Linares calls back.  Luci tells him about winning the ceramics prize and getting orders for more pieces.  Claudio tells her that he’s coming to see her in a few days.  Is there anything she needs?  She avers that it’s hard to find certain pigments there.  Claudio says he’ll call her back tomorrow morning when she knows which colors she wants.  She tells him she won’t be home in the morning.  Instead of stopping there, she lets him know that she will be at the clinic in the morning with her a-ma.  Luci realizes a minute too late that she’s made a BIG ooopsie.  Claudio wants to know if she’s ill.  She tells him no.  Instead of stopping there, Luci, being Luci, can’t lie.  She tells him there’s a very tiny remote slight possibility that she’s expecting un bebé.  A baby, an astonished Claudio replies.  Well, not certain, not for sure.  Then what makes her think so?  Magda and Paz say they can see it in her eyes.  But then that’s the way things are determined there.  He want to be sure everything is ok and to call him after the tests are done.

At home, Luci tells her mother that, if the test is positive, Claudio wants the three of them, Luci, Paz and Baby, to come to D.F. to live together.  Paz says she wouldn’t feel comfortable there; her  place is here in S. Francisco el Alto, but if she wants to go and be with her father and lack for nothing, nothing should keep her here.  Luci says her place is here, too.  Then she gets nauseous from the odor of the tomatoes.  Magda and Paz give each other a knowing look.

In the Web of the Black Spider(woman)
Gala holds the pregnancy test.  She cogitates.  Is she or isn’t she going to take the test.  She hesitates.  She goes for it.  She sets it up.  She aims, she scores—nope, it’s negative.  [It’s hard to tell if she’s relieved or disappointed—either have extreme ramifications.]   Julie has arrived to share the results.  She seems genuinely disappointed she’s not going to become a grandmamá [haha].  It’s only been a couple of days, after all, there’s still time, time to try again (with The Rod) to get some positive results.

Gala is getting ready to crash the Torreslanda family gathering.  The City Chisme Twins arrive.  Gala’s excuse to show up is that she has a present for Roselena that she brought all the way from Colombia (proving that she’d actually been there).  The real reason, of course is to nuzzle up to Rod Her Bod Now.  She tells the Twins to go ahead—she wants it to seem as though she’s just popping in and doesn’t want anyone to figure out it was all carefully planned ahead of time.

The Cosmic Bed
Oscar and Conny wake up in the same bed to greet a beautiful day with birds chirping in the background.  Oscar leans over and kisses Conny and strokes her face.  They both have that lovely morning-after glow of two contented individuals who have known the intimacies of the cosmic bed (gracias, Isabel Cordero).  There is pretty music in the background while Oscar offers coffee for a queen.  They are beginning to learn some useful personal things about each other—they both like their coffee black.

A little later, they are both up and dressed, suitcases ready to roll.  Oscar thanks Conny for a spectacular night.  Between amorous kisses, he tells Conny he’s so in love with her.  She with him.  Oscar wants to unpack and spend another night.  Conny puts the damper on his ardor.  They both have to work tomorrow.

The Torreslanda Estate
Frigida Brigida is still complaining about setting up for the al fresco Sunday family-style get-together.  She wants Genaro to get busy and fire up the grill.  Hanna is boasting to Melissa & Lula about the menu.  Everything is going to be grilled (but she hasn’t mentioned the tacos that are coming.)  Pato arrives and the chit chat is kept very general.

Boris arrives.  He wants a chance to talk to Rosa before she sees him and runs him off.  Rod arrives for the repast “en famille” and praises Hanna for her organizational skills.  She says it’s great to be doing this now that everyone is together again, well, except for Tía Conny.  Pato, very calculatingly states that it’s only Luci who is missing.  That curbs everyone’s enthusiasm.  What a way to ruin the moment.  [Pato was probably taking notes on who looked the most uncomfortable.  Naturally, it was Rod.]  He knows darn well that Mama Rosa just admonished him about not mentioning Luci’s name again in this house.  Maybe he can claim it was a technicality, since they were all outside the house.

Lorenzo and Fabian have arrived at the Torreslanda gate with the tacos.  The security guard remembers them, but won’t let them in and goes to fetch Frigida. 

Meanwhile, Max, Gabriel and Marco have joined the party under the canopy; the fiancées are late—the boys say, you know how girls are, they need time to get ready.  They decided not to argue with them and if they want to be late, let them be late.  Roselena arrives.  Boris sees his chance to receive absolution from Santissima Rosa for his bedroom transgression and approaches her.  He receives absolution and her blessing to return whenever there are other people in the house.

Frigida won’t let the tacos nor the taco carriers through the gate and tells them to begone.  Neither he nor his sister Luciana are welcome in this house.  Lorenzo protests that he’s just making the delivery that Hanna requested.  Frigida could care less—it’s not her problem.  From somewhere in the back, Hanna comes running to save the day and the tacos.  The gates are opened, she takes a reluctant Lorenzo by the hand and leads him onto the grounds, much to Boris’ distaste.  For Frigida it’s another lost opportunity to stick it a poor muerto de hambre, but she’s going to keep an eye on him because for sure he is a ratero (pickpocket).

Pato sees Lorenzo first, then Rod.  Hanna introduces Lorenzo to Max as Luciana’s brother.  Everybody welcomes the pair, asking about the tacos de canasta.  Rosa appears  wanting to know what this “tipo” is doing here.  Hanna speaks up, this is Lorenzo, she invited him.  He’s the guy that sells tacos outside the Tiendita de la Colonia.  Doesn’t she remember him?  Roselena says she didn’t ask what his name was, she wants to know what he is doing here.  Max says, what’s the problem?  Everybody loves tacos.  Boris is getting steamed, but not by the heat of the grill.  He wants to know if Hanna is going to take Lorenzo by the hand in order to eat his tacos?

Lorenzo doesn’t want to stay although he’s been invited to stay and serve the tacos.  They just want to get paid and leave.  Rod gets his billfold out.  What he really wants to know is how Luciana is (even though he just saw her yesterday).  He doesn’t know how much the tacos were and tries to give Lor more than the 300 pesos for the 100 tacos.  He tries to get Lor to keep it all.  Lorenzo doesn’t want it.  Dicho:  El dinero no se regala; el amor sí, pero el dinero no (Money isn’t given away; love yes, but money no).  Rod tries to justify it by saying that if they stay and serve, that’s more money for them.  Lorenzo says he doesn’t want to be here, not even in dreams, after what they did to Luciana.  They are only there because Hanna requested an order from them.  So, he hands the bill back to Rodrigo and Rod fishes out the right change.

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Por ella soy Eva #17a 8/8/12: I'm Back from Canada, and Juan is OUT!

Wow, after a week in Canada I jump back in with a busy beginning . . . A lightly battered Juan is taken in by a makeup artist, who dresses him up to sneak him in his bud's wedding. He also beats himself up a bit for being such a twit to Helena.

Cut to the marriage, with Juan sitting in the back as a soberly dressed old dude (the friend did a pretty good job) sitting with his friend, who stands out in her sequined cowboy hat. Anyway, when the priest asks if anyone objects,

She got Sebastian and Santiago mixed up! Crashed the wrong wedding! Great OOOPS moment! but on the program helena sees Juan's name!

Now, another woman barges in to say this bastard tricked me! but he actually knows this one! She's dressed quite garishly! Then he runs away!

The bad guys on the beach are pleased about their coup, and happily stroll along a beach. At playa Majagua, but they won't make any business without the woman who's idea it actually was. Plutarco slips the mayordomo a bribe. However, the man throws the money in the sand, and all the locals form up to shout the badguys down w/ "HELENA, HELENA" They realize he stole the idea!

Santiago wishes Juan were there - he'd tell me what to do. Paty baby was the perfect girlfriend, but he wasn't so sure anymore when he saw the morena. Paty gave him a big 'ol slap and a half.

The makeup friend listens to Juan mope a bit. She encourages him to call her up, listen to her say "hello," and then hang up. Which does not actually seem like good advice, but he does it anyway.

Angelica is waiting around in her lingerie, having correctly foreseen the arrival of a drunken and desperate Santiago. She calmly counts to three as Santiago desperately slams on her door screaming her name. She gets what she wants from him, undressing him as he miserably answers his phone (it's the fiancee, of course). Seriously, this dude is in no position to marry anybody.

We have some domestic scenes at the home of Juan's mustache-d  bud. Weird!

Helena visits her son at her parents' house. Her dad is as mean as ever, reminding her that she owes him the money and maybe put her to work!

Plutarco is moping about how honest the folk of Majagua are. If they'd just taken the bribe, this would've been so much easier! He looks at a sexy photo of Helena and gets an idea. Hmmm... Also, he asserts to his flunky that the project is HIS, not hers.

Side note - I really enjoy the new transition scenes of Juan getting into his drag.

A totally terrified Santiago wakes up in Angelica's love nest and stumbles out in emotional shambles that match his physical state!

Plutarco calls to... offer Helena her job back! Her mom says she should do it - think of Lalo!

Friend to Juan: You need to quit starving yourself! If you will just eat these molletes I promise to go find out something about Helena.

Helena's friend wants her to take the job offer. He calls her, and she agrees to meet him at a cafe to discuss it. He lies a lot, especially the part where he says he respects the value of intelligent women, and she agrees to come back to work there. When she shakes his hand, I get a real bad feeling about this.

Santiago's girl enters his apartment, sees him in his crumpled disarray, and yells and cries. He's a wreck, honey, leave him in the dust!

HAHA see him freak out when he sees Helena in the boardroom. Really, everyone flips, except Plutarco, who has his sneaky-cat look going full-bore. The boss (his brother-in-law) is the most mad, calls Plutarco into his office for a "damn good explanation" why the woman who led the woman-workers' revolt is back to work.

Juan's makeup bud gets a lot of info out of Helena's friend, and comes back and lets Juan know that she's working at Grupo Imperial now! They go out together (him in sunglasses) for a closer investigation, but... Helena's dad is a total ass and tells her that Helena is DEAD!

In "the Chif's" office, Plutarco struggles to explain why this woman is indispensable to a project that he himself came up with... He changes the story up a bit.


Abismo de pasión #104 8/7/12: Musings on the Minimal Happenings

Abismo de Pasion - Musings On the Nature and Character of Some of Our Characters and on the Minimal Happenings of Capitulo # 104

Gabino and a Possible Mendoza Momzer Ancestor

Now Gabino Mendoza is a momzer and no mistake, even if he does lay claim to an old and honored Basque name. Being Basque would explain Gabino’s blonde hair and blue eyes but so would Salvador Zerboni’s undoubted acting skills, so there is no figuring out that puzzle. There are a lot of Mendozas in Yucatan State, and no wonder. Hernan Cortes and his conquistador thugs came through the Yucatan in 1519-20, and among them was one Alonso de Mendoza. We have no reason to think that Sr. A. Mendoza spared the local maidens his attentions—and he might have left genetic evidence of such. A. Mendoza went on to make mischief all the way through Mexico, Peru and Bolivia before he came to a bad end in an indigenous people’s uprising outside Potosi, Bolivia, the largest silver mine in the world.  The wealth of nations was mined at Potosi, on the backs and at the cost of the lives of tens of thousands of native persons. Such wealth, such power, attracted men like Mendoza like honey attracts bears. Over time ancestor Mendoza gained a reputation for meddling in power politics until he found himself sent out to the wilds of Bolivia, where he was tasked with founding the city of La Paz, on the site of a perfectly good indigenous town that had been there for centuries. For his sins, he was commemorated with bronze statues and monuments erected in various parks and cities in Spain, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. As recently as 2010, the wise city fathers of Madrid named a train station after him. I suspect Gabino the momzer is very, very proud of his ancestor Alonso the momzer,  preserved forever in bronze in the Plaza Central in La Paz. Or Gabino would be, he really would be—if he wuz real.

Paloma the Dove Gets Shot Out of the Sky

Gabino has a natural daughter, Paloma, but for all that she may be a Mendoza by blood, her character is not at all like her father’s. While Gabino is all about power, Paloma is all about love. Paloma’s greatest claim to infamy may be that her mug is likely plastered all over Mexican Employment offices with a bold-faced warning stamped below in ALL CAPS, ‘DO NO HIRE THIS WOMAN’!  Paloma’s romantic worldview and extreme immaturity have caused her to leave her post as receptionist for Dr. Edmundo Tovar for the flimsiest of excuses—her girlfriend needs her, she is upset, she is sad, she has a hangnail—but her heart is in the right place.  Paloma believes in fairy tales, and prince charming and best friends.  In fact, she met Prince Charming in the form of older orphan boy Gael when she was just a little girl.

Tonight Paloma got her heart broken, and her dreams of Prince Charming and Best Friends got shot right out of the rosy tinted sunset, because when she wandered by Casa Castigo to see Elisa, Elisa wasn’t there. Delores answered the door but while Paloma was chatting with Delores, Carmina, THE Agent Orange herself, enters the scene, and she sprayed the interior of the quinta with her super toxic words. “Has Paloma heard the news about Little Elisa? She’s getting married! Oh, Elisa did not tell you herself? Tell her Delores! Tell Paloma just who Elisa is going to marry”. Pause. “Elisa is going to marry Gael”.

No one could accuse me of being a Romantic (although I admire true Romantics greatly) but I am a compassionate woman and I felt Paloma’s gut-punched reaction from California, and I’m on, what, a 5 months time delay from Mexico? Bam! In one blow Carmina took away the love of the Paloma’s life and her Best Friend. 

Delores tells Carmina to leave her niña Paloma in peace, and politely calls Carmina a viper, but it is not enough for me, dear readers. I want to lock Carmina in a small room with only a food slot, a toilet and a magic mirror for company. Nature is not kind to highly sexual male-identified vain fair-skinned, light-eyed woman of a certain age who tan too much, and no one has to touch Carmina to torture her. Her mirror and the reaction of potential lovers will do all the work over the next few years.

Paloma leaves the quinta looking shattered and then we get several scenes of filler where she recalls her previous distrust of Gael and Elisa. Elisa’s move just confirms her worst fears and Doña Ramona’s dire mutterings about Gael.

Goodbye to Horacio—Forever—Not so much

Earlier, Lolita said goodbye to Horacio FOREVER. A police car drove off with flashing lights and siren (why?) with Horacio in the back seat in handcuffs. When Delores got back home to the quinta, Elisa tried to make a really lame case for why she agreed to become Gael’s bride. She even tried to remind Lolita that she, Lolita, told Elisa to look at Gael with new eyes. Nonsense, Elisa. You have not come to terms with who you are.

Elisa, the Neurotic Survivor

What we can never forget about Elisa is that she is a survivor, pure and simple. She was born that way and her life would have molded her that way, even if she hadn’t emerged from the womb with those tendencies. And before we go throwing stones, we should thank our own survivor ancestors, each and every one of the hoarding, ‘oops I just gave the last seeds and berries to my Johnny-boy’, one of them, because without these selfish survivors, we would not be here to complain self-righteously about Elisa’s behavior.

Elisa Castañon is a survivor who feels profoundly threatened right now, and she is so male identified that she can only imagine a MAN helping her out of her dreadful situation. Survivors, when feeling desperate, do not make very nice friends.  Elisa needs time, space, and some perspective.  She is in shock and is living with her greatest enemy. It is not a good time to take a life decision. Vivi said it so well, yesterday, “Take the money and buy some more land, Elisa”! But given her peculiar upbringing, not BEING a bastard but being BELIEVED to be a bastard and treated like one by her father, I am not surprised by her choice for Gael. She wants a man to choose her, to love her. It is a neurotic choice, it will make her miserable, it has devastated her best friend, it will cause her guilt and great sorrow and it will not solve her problems.  But she must learn these lessons herself.

So, Elisa spends most of this fillergarbage capitulo running guiltily from place to place, trying to reach Paloma to talk to her about her decision to MARRY Gael. We know it is too late.  Paloma has already been told in the worst possible way that her love and her best friend have betrayed her. Really, was there a good way to give the news?
·      Damian goes to Don Lucio to see how the pay-off of Elisa’s debts went. “Didn’t happen,” says Lucio. “Your mama wouldn’t take the check because she said it was late”.
·      Maru has collected the signatures from the La Anita workers needed to send to the Obispo.
·      Ingrid is still working her connection with Dr. Tovar. He wants to help her. She asks him not to tell Gael about her fainting. Now Dr. Tovar has two fainting women in his life—Ingrid and Sabrina. Could either of them be, say,pregnant? We know Sabrina is but, our Doris says yes to both. Ingrid kisses Dr. Tovar’s hand on the way out of the Clinica. He looks quite smitten.
·      Alfonsina lectures Flo (again) on why she should keep Dam Pitiful and the Nieto Falso in La Ermita.
·      Flo visits her Dad, Guido, at the hotel. Flo has a lovely face, a wasp waist and she loves her father. There, I found something nice to say about her. She is also a  spoiled scheming snot who is not above kidnapping to get what she wants. Can’t abide her.
·      After Flo leaves, Guido runs into Edmundo Tovar in the Hotel hallway. Edmundo apologizes for, as Cynderella said, burning the toast at the Engagement party the previous night, but Guido is, surprisingly, all smiles. He agrees! Paolo is not a fit partner for a girl like Sabrina. They shake hands and part all friendly-like.
·      Delores has a premonition that Horacio is injured and lying along a road somewhere. Her premonition turns out to be real. It appears that the police car carrying Horacio has had a terrible accident, but Horacio survived and walked away. After sparing the life of an injured policeman, Horacio takes the keys to his handcuffs and a large pistol and disappears into the scrub. I’m guessing he may still save Elisa or Delores heroically.
·      In the funniest scene of the night, Begoña brings Sabrina her breakfast on a tray. Sabrina takes a sip of tea and runs bent-over-at-the-waist for the bathroom. Begoña, the loving mother, seeing her daughter suffer, suggests that she and Sabrina have a woman-to-woman talk. Sabrina looks sick. Begoña goes on to do all of the talking, jumping smartly to the conclusion that Sabrina is suffering from—bulimia! Then without Sabrina having to say a single thing her mom assures her that she can get help and that all will be OK. Just like that, Sabrina is off the hook—for the moment.

El Viejo Leon Juega Con El Momzer Mendoza

Don Lucio goes into Gabino’s office. Gabino has been fired, and is packing up his office. Gabino immediately assumes that Maru’s gossip has brought Lucio running to gloat over Gabino’s downfall, but Lucio says, no, he is there on another matter altogether. He stands respectfully, with his hat literally in his hand, a small distance in front of Gabino’s desk. He has a letter saying he is representing the dependents (Elisa) of Don Augusto Castañon in their affairs. (Power of attorney or something like it, I assume.)
Lucio says he would like to see a copy of the final signed contract with Gabino and Augusto’s signatures together. (Note: He used the word “contigo” here. Does this indicate signed at the same time?) Gabino says he doesn’t have a copy of the contract here (at the office). Lucio, like an old, but still dangerous white headed lion who still has a couple of very sharp canines left, moves closer into Gabino’s desk. He says in a slightly more insistent voice, “Here is something I don’t understand. You say there is a contract like this, but the copy of Augusto “No hay aparece por ningun nada” (can’t be found anywhere). Gabino hisses that it is not his problem. He has his proper copy, and a copy of the (document?) forwarding the fifty percent down payment to Augusto.

Now here is where is gets really interesting and I will need help from all of you  in clarifying anything I might have missed. Lucio says that he is glad that Gabino mentioned the millions of pesos, because he has done his own investigation. The money that was supposedly paid to Augusto has not left Gabino’s account. Isn’t that strange?

Gabino says that if the situation is as Don Lucio says, he will have the ‘chamaco’ at the banque get the cheque ready immediately.

Now, a snaggle-toothed but still manificent Don Lucio Leon leans in to Gabino over the wooden desk and says, “But if the cheque did not pass into an account in Elisa’s father’s name ‘antes de morir’…if the money was not received before he died you are not an owner of Cielo Abierto”.

“Buenas Tardes”, says an always polite Don Lucio Leon. And Gabino grabs for his cojones, for they have just been twisted.

Paloma Drops a Bird Bomb on Elisa and Gael

Later, Paloma comes upon Elisa and Gael in the Plaza. They have just finished a mild and uninteresting kiss. She tells Elisa that she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself. “You are dead to me”, she announces. Well, we knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.


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La Que No Podía Amar #158 (Mex 160-161) Tuesday 8/7/12 Her words say no, but her eyes (and lips) say yes.

I'm getting a late start, lots of unforseen things going on at home. Will work more on the recap in the wee hours. Here are some screencaps (IN HD!!!) to get you started. Discuss amongst yourselves in the meantime.  (UPDATE: RECAP DONE!!!) 

Please note, my recap has NO SPOILERS. I like to give opinions of what I find obvious, but no spoilers or "hints" should be assumed.

Cupcake returns some money that Tia mooched off of Rohell.

Rohell uses his visit to the pension to confirm that while Cupcake is always saying "no," her lips say "yes!"

A brief overview & summary (Complete recap w/ more screencaps below summary):

* Rohell and Goose knock antlers a bit when Rohell sees Cupcake and Goose mid-platonic-hug and gets all jealous. Cupcake says something like "neither of you guys know how I'm feeling, so stuff it!"

* There's this weird p*ssing match between Miguel, Dani, and Sin in the jail. Sin throws insults at them in the prison, and Dani and Miguel give it back. They tell Sin that at least they love each other, but she's going to be ALONE forever. Then Miguel has to be taken away to the Tuxtla prison. Many tears of sadness from Dani, Cupcake, Margarito, and maybe an insincere tear or two from Tia.

* Maria finally cuts the cord with her worthless daughter. She says she knows that Sin will never love her. Punto. Maria won't bother her again.

* Cupcake finds out that Tia mooched money from Rohell. Rohell visits and she confronts him with it, and makes him take the money back. While he's there, he asks her what does she feel? He draws her close, she makes a few ineffectual attempts to resist, but not really, if you know what I mean. He gets in some really quality beso time, and she definitely does not resist. But then she breaks it off and gives him the same old song and dance about how she's so disappointed in him, blah blah blah.

* Rohell has this plan to bring work to Miguel in prison. Chio can register the furniture business she has with Miguel so it can be done by inmates—thus allowing inmate Miguel to work and make money while in the slammer. When Rohell first proposes this, Esteban expresses doubt that this Rohell dude is sincere.

* Goose tells Cupcake that he's hoping they can start again once both their divorces are final. She looks a bit hedgy. He asks her if she still loves Rohell—she doesn't answer that one.

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Por ella soy Eva #16 8/7/12: Things Never Turn Out the Way You Expect

Ezra wasn't available to recap tonight, so La Paloma stepped up to the plate. Thank you, LP, for the great recap.

Here's a summary, complete with jerky transitions and some items possibly out of sequence. Feel free to add details or corrections as you observed.

Helena is being comforted by Lucia as she grieves for JC. Then, Helena spends time with Lalito, telling him of JC’s death and explaining his feelings of love will stay in his heart. Back at Lucia’s apartment, Helena remembers her good times with JC.

At JC’s home, his mother tells his disbelieving father about JC’s visit. They are shown at the funeral in the cemetery, along with many of JC’s grieving friends, GI associates, and former lovers. At the end of the funeral, Helena lingers near the tomb, holding a single white rose. Her heartfelt speech to JC is interrupted as numerous past lovers, wearing chic black dresses and teary faces, swarm the tomb. A dismayed JC, wearing shades and a hoodie, lurks behind a tree.

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Refugio Para el Amor #87 Tue 8/7/12 Everybody's Tucked Up In Bed Tonight--But Mostly With The Wrong People

With the exception, we hope, of Connie and Oscar. When last we saw them, her peignoir had slithered to the ground, and sweet kisses and tender laughter were being exchanged. Looks good for romance between the middle-aged.

Not so with the rest of our folks. Gala's in bed with Julie and the former is throwing up milk. Luciana's in bed with Paz and tossing and turning ,wondering if she should tell Rodrigo she's pregnant. Rodrigo's in bed with his memories of Luciana, racked by loneliness and weeping tears of regret.

Jana's in bed with Melissa and discussing the difference between “querer” (care for) and being “enaomorada” (being in love). Like us, she's aghast to learn Melissa's in love with Licenciado Linares.

Roselena's in bed with Max but when he wants to go to sleep with his arms wrapped around her (abrazados), she coolly pushes him away.

Vicky and Aldo aren't in bed yet (far from it!) but he's managed to lay some fervent, furtive kisses on her and she's responded.

Where will all these tangled threads of romance and rejection lead? Stay tuned but it's going to be a long and arduous ride, that I can guarantee.

Telenovela writers seem to love contrasting scenes so tonight we flip back and forth between Paz counseling Luciana, to wit: 1) I know you're pregnant by looking in your eyes (this is a new one for me) 2) A baby is a gift from God. (well, I've heard that one before) and 3) If you are pregnant, Rodrigo has a right to know and to help raise his child. ( I agree with Paz, emphatically)

And Roselena counseling Rodrigo: 1) What!? You actually tried to reconcile and ask forgiveness!? 2) You put more faith in her word and point of view than in MINE? If Luciana lied to you once, she'll lie again. 3) Good Lord no! You actually slept with her after getting married. Eeeeuwww, don't tell me any more!

But he does. He lets her know that he was the first man in Luciana's life and therefore she is not the skank Mom and Julie made her out to be. An “inconvenient truth” that Roselena ignores in her classic controlled fashion.

In Gala's Schematorium, the witches are doing the usual plotting. Gala's in a huff, knowing that Rodrigo sought out Luciana after his night of drunken passion with her. Her friends are in a huff when they find out she didn't use protection (cuidarse). And Gala's even more annoyed that Roselena didn't stop Rodrigo from going north to see his lost love, even though helpful friend Valentina points out that Rod's an adult who can do as he pleases. They learn about Jana's planned “comida” (luncheon. in this case) and Gala vows to invite herself (Julie too) if her girlfriends are going with Frick and Frack. Later that night, we have the dreaded nausea pregnancy scene, even though Gala's cheerfully drinking coffee the next morning. (Coffee never bothered me but supposedly nausea with el café is another sure-fire pregnancy tip-off). And Mama Julie brings a home pregnancy test to the breakfast. Whadda gal!

Conclusion: Rodrigo's got two buns warming in two separate ovens. Gala's sure to tell him about hers; but will Luciana spill the frijoles as well? Wait and see.

Something's cooking at Vicky's apartment also. Aldo breezes by with the fable that he was “just in the neighborhood” and thought he would stop by and see his old friend, Geronimo. An invitation for coffee ensues, Aldo regales them both with his crazy stories and finally Dad toddles off to bed. Vicky tries to hustle Aldo out as well, but he gets in some bodacious besos and a promise to never mistreat her like Osito does. Will she listen? Perhaps.

Oscar is making considerably more progress, we assume. A romantic dinner by the pool where he entreats Connie to stop worrying about Roselena, and them promptly brings up the possibility of her sister going to jail if the father of Luciana decides to press charges. (Oscar, way to ruin the moment!) He quickly recovers from that faux pas. They decide to let go what they can't control and wend their affectionate way up to their separate hotel rooms. He offers to keep her company so she won't miss him. She gently fends him off. He returns in a few moments because goshdarnit, he's a little nervous all by himself in his great big scary room. By now she's in a lovely blue nightgown, and happy with the way she looks. And so is he. A kiss, a compliment (you're beautiful!), a giggle. And we draw a veil. Enjoy! you darlings of a certain age!

Our other couple of a certain age, Max and Roselena—well, it's slim pickins' indeed. She's got her knickers in a twist because Max hasn't found a way to keep Rodrigo from trotting off to see Luciana again. And horrified that they had intimate relations. Max guffaws and says what do you expect from newly marrieds. And now they're divorced. Aren't you ever happy? BUT WHAT IF SHE'S PREGNANT!? And Max attempts at reconciliation and affection in bed are brushed firmly aside by our one-track minded frigidaire.

Well, if Roselena's worried, so is Paz. She's concerned that the Ice Queen might try to harm Luciana's baby if she knows of it's existence. But ultimately she decides that it's all in God's hands.

Upstairs, in the cold gray stone Torreslanda mansion, the discussion is a little quieter. Pato, Jana, Melissa and Rodrigo are all together. Rod's blue because the planned reconciliation didn't take. But he takes full responsibility for his fault in not listening to her and rushing to judgment. ( I'm ready to forgive and forget even if Luciana isn't!) Jana's excited about the comida she's planning and the involvement of Lorenzo, Luciana's brother. When Max and Roselena arrive, Max is happy to see the kids all together like a happy family. Rosa not so much when she learns Jana has planned a lunch party without her permission, and invited Boris to boot! But when she grudgingly allows that Boris can come, Jana gives her a spontaneous hug and kiss. Which Roselena  fastidiously wipes off as soon Jana leaves. (and this is a mother “who loves her children above all else”?)

If Paz is content to let the outcome rest in God's hands, Roselena is not. She wants to control absolutely everything and everyone, and will continue trying. And the less physical contact with anyone, the better! 

Minor events:
Lorenzo thanks Estelita again for all her help and Estela reminds him that with hard work and integrity, success is always possible. Marianita teases Lorenzo about liking Jana. But Estella warns him about getting involved with a Torreslanda; look what happened to Luciana. Estelita's daughter explains that she decided to come back home because 1) when she worked as a servant, the pay was good, but the man of the house tried to seduce her, and when she wouldn't give in, he threatened to report her to Immigration. So she worked in the fields and hard work it was. But once again, there was an Immigration round-up. She hid. Those who were caught were badly treated. She decided it was time to return home.

Linares plots his case against Max but also tells his colleagues that he's learned Luciana is his daughter.
And he gives Luciana a telephone call. Will she give him the possible pregnancy news?

Last scene of the episode: Next morning, Pato asks Matilde to get news about Luciana when she goes to visit her sister. Roselena walks in, overhears the request, and says she doesn't want to hear that girl's name mentioned in her house ever again! (Lots of luck with that Roselena!)

Dicho of the Day: Del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho. = Easier said than done!
( Indeed, I'm sure Luciana's name will continue to be mentioned in the house, no matter how much Roselena storms.)

  1. te van a salir raices = you're going to put down roots (Brigida yelling at one of the men setting up the table for Jana's luncheon party for seemingly just standing around.
  2. ya estuvo bueno = enough already! (Paz to Luciania when she quibbles about whether or not she's pregnant)
  3. Sentimientos encontrados = mixed feelings (what Paz is experiencing knowing her daughter may be a “madre soltera”.)
  4. con el alma en un hilo = worried to death (just about everybody at some point in a telenovela)
  5. usted me dice rana y yo brinco = Lit. say “frog” and I'll jump. Fig. Whatever you ask, I'll be happy to do. (Aldo, soft-soaping Vicky's dad.)
  6. yo que tú = if I were you.....
  7. por poco no vengo = Connie explaining why she almost didn't come on the trip with Oscar
  8. las castas = the upper-classes ( Paz discussing Roselena and her possible reaction to Luciana's pregnancy)
  9. se va a topar conmigo = she'll run into me! (Paz saying what she would do if Roselena tried anything)
  10. pura baba de périco = pure parakeet slobber (Lorenzo's buddy dismissing Aldo's promises of financial help in their business


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La Que No Podía Amar #157 (Mex 160-161) Monday 8/6/12

Perils Among False Brethren or Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. 

Parlour: Vainessa and Knave Skelator arrive with a checque and a notary to force Lord Rogelio to sell his share of the property. He calmly looks at the document and the checque and refuses because the manor has been declared an historic monument and therefore cannot be sold. Vainessa becomes angry and seizes his lapel, calling his argument “pathetic;” he seizes her hand, telling her she is not getting her way. Skelator attempts to support her, using the same epithets, as he has Lady Chatterley's authorization. Consuelo admits Lady Delia Morales who confirms the status of the manor, declaring that it cannot be sold.

Constabulary Gaol: Lady Chatterley crouches in her cell, continuing to feign greater mental illness for the benefit of the constabulary and for Lady Ana Paula and Squire Miguel, who stare in some disbelief.

Parlour: Lady Delia presents the plaque as Lord Rogelio smiles in a superior manner at his enemies. The plaque is authorized by the National Institute of Fine Arts and National Anthropology Institute. Vainessa seizes it, but the notary asks to see it and upon examination, informs Vainessa and Skelator that there is nothing to be done now; they cannot purchase the property. Lady Delia presents the relevant documents to Lord Rogelio and a copy to Vainessa, who departs with Skelator in a state of embarrassment.
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Abismo de pasión #103 8/6/12

Where we left off...
Dam was firing Gab. He really doesn't want to lose Brau as an employee. Braulio would like to keep his dignity and doesn't take the job. Gab is still fired.

At the Quinta
Elisa is pithed! That b/witch didn't take the money and her aunt wants to throw her out! Lucio finally gets around to telling Elisa about the will that showed up. Everything was to go to Steffie and Augie never made another will. And if when they married Carmina and Augie combined their assests, then she gets half. Elisa assumes she'll get the other half. Well, no. That half gets split with all surviving relatives: Carmina and Elisa. Here's the breakdown- Elisa 25% Carmina 75%.

Carmina comes to rub her 75%  in Elisa's face. Elisa escapes to the office to cry, freak out about losing everything and to say "no puedo" over and over as she has auditory flashbacks. She stops and flahes back to her history with Gael. Maybe there is a way out!

Hacienda Harangue-O
Gab pays a visit to get his job back, but first he makes sure Fina is sticking to the "It was Elisa story." He's no dummy and knows Fina cooked it up to make Elisa look bad. He reminds her that she said it was two people and then plant the Gael idea, but he's all slick and makes it seem like her idea. Fina asks about ING and Gab plays dumb. Later when he tries to get her to pull strings to get his job back, she tells him no way. She can't contradict Dam, buuuut if ING were to magically appear in front of her maybe Gab would get his job back. It's pure beauty the way these two schemers dance around each other.

Dr. Tovar's office
Pal and Quique show us some chemistry and talk about the hilarious dinner party. He offers to get her some ice cream and she says sure! Elisa calls and says she needs her. Pal takes a rain check and yammers about trying to forget Gael and advises Elisa to forget about Dam. She encourages taking the opportunity when love knocks on your door. Pal does not hear Elisa say "what if it's with Gael?" (Quique was nagging.) PS: They've got a theme dammit.

Hacienda Harangue-O
Dam tells Flor he want to get the hell out of La Ermita. Fina did not take the news well and accused Dam of abandoning her just like Dad did. And she even supported him when Gab came whining to her. Dam thinks she trusts Gab more than him. Mama can cry and wail, but Dam is starting his life over with his wife and child. Be sure to savor the look on Flor's face. Priceless.

Bat Cave II
Gael takes Elisa to his "special place" (seriously, not code. It's a cave somewhere.) She cries some more and tells Gael all her woes. She's so alone. She can't take it any more. She needs someone to help her. She asks if Gael is really in love with her and if he would be willing to do anything for her. She says she wants to be with him. Once Gael is convinced this means 1. Let's get hitched and 2. She's not kidding, he starts to make plans. He wants Padre Lupe to marry them, so we have a three month deadline and 43 more episodes of angst.

The Only Inn in Fresno La Ermita
ING nags Gweedo. If he wants his proof, she needs money. Gab is threatening her life. She flounces out and is seen by Doc Tovar. She promptly faints. Doc takes her to his office and when she comes to she tells Doc Gab is making her life hell: he's robbed her, threatened her AND keeping her against her will.

La Cárcel
Lolita goes to visit Horacio before he is transferred to Campeche. She asks him if he has a death on his conscious. Gab made it seem like he did. Horacio tells her not to believe Gab. Lolita tells him that Padre Lupe thinks Augusto did not kill himself; that Carmina had something to do with it and that Horacio might know something. Horacio swears he knows nothing and tells Lolita and Elisa to get as far away from Carmina as they can. Footnote: Horacio's "my dad was a butcher" story was bunk. In truth his mother was a prostitute who died when he was nine, leaving him to fend for himself. Neither he nor his mother knew who his father was. He is transferred to Campeche, Lolita says goodbye forever and the bets for "heroic death" are settled throughout the patio. (Drat. I lost 20 pesos.)

Elisa comes home from the Gael's "special place" and Carmina asks when she will be leaving. Elisa tells her in three months...with her husband. Elisa won't say to whom but makes it clear she doesn't want Carmina there.


Por ella soy Eva #15 8/6/12: Oh, Why Did Such a Feller Have to Die?

Thank you, Ithabill, for posting the following recap. -Paula

Hi all. I've been watching Por Ella from the beginning as a replacement for La Que No Podia Amar, which sadly ends this week. I'll give this recap thing a whirl.

Tonight Helena admits to her father, Bastardo, everything that's gone wrong including having mortgaged the house to buy the travel agency. After snapping at his wife not to say stupid things, he tells Helena that he told her so and of the hundreds of stupid things she's done this is the worst. He orders her to move out of the house in the morning.

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Refugio Para el Amor #86 Mon 8/6/12 Rod Comes Close, But His Major Case of Foot-in-Mouth Disease Gets in the Way; Rosa Puts on Her Glad Rags and a Happy Face

In Het Het, Magda has just opened her door, and is as stunned as Viewerville to find Rod there. She doesn’t look the least bit pleased about her surprise visitor. Magda informs Rod that Luci went with Paz to Santa Lucia, a neighboring town. Rod asks if he can come in and wait. Magda shrugs and gives a non-committal “Make yourself at home.” She is nice enough to offer him refreshment and tells him what Luci went to Santa Lucia for—she won a contest (concurso) and got a grant! Then she catches herself getting too excited and happy as she speaks with the enemy. She’s sure Rod doesn’t want to hear it. Rod tells her that anything having to do with Luci is important to him. Magda looks incredulous.

In the market, the Gossip Girls are reporting to Luchita that Luci’s big, blonde, blue-eyed hubby is in town, likely to take her back to D.F. This makes Luchita very happy, as her rival for the affections of Don Aquiles will once again be out of reach. The Gossip Girls leave to investigate some more.

In the Cultural Center of Santa Lucia, Luci and Paz meet with the young woman who informed Luci about winning the contest. She’s brought the final contract for Luci to read and sign. Luci will receive a monthly payment (mensualidad) for a year, and they will buy her pieces. Her pieces will be on sale/displayed in four different cultural centers in the state. The first order (pedida) she has to fill is for 12 pieces. Luci and Paz are happy that Luci now has fixed work, and over the moon when they are presented with Luci’s certificate for finishing first in the contest. Paz is so proud (orgullosa/o) of her.

In the D.F. Aquatics Center, we have another proud parent. Pato has finished with his therapy and Max tells him how impressed he is by his tenacity. He’ll be here for him whenever he can. Pato says it does him good to have Max there. He asks where Rod is, but Max doesn’t know where Rod ran off to all of a sudden.
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Amorcito Corazón Discussion #79-83 Aug. 6-10

I’ve consolidated the action so its not in the order we saw it. Let me know if I’ve completely or slightly misunderstood anything.

Isa grabs Wigsy, the police arrive, and thankfully arrest her. At the police station, Gimme refuses to tell where Leo is. To our horror, poor Leo is in a ditch and moaning.

Lucia visits Zoe and is worried about Willy (his operation, she’s in denial about being concerned about him). She admits she’s grossed out by what she overhead Beba and Horny saying in regard to Willie. They go to lunch and meet up w/Sabrina, who tells Lucia what Zoe told her early no man is perfect and Willy loves her.

Poncho goes on his blind date w/Mayela. Things appear to be going well, she gives him a cake and since we know he loves food he’s ecstatic. He then realizes she’s 14 months pregnant (he actually says 14 which is pretty funny) and leaves w/the cake, of course. Later he goes to Fer’s to find Doris for a hug. He tells her about his “date” and I’m concerned there may be another baby kidnaping based on the look in her eyes. Doris wants to get that baby and pass it off as her own. Though the end result is a lie, I hope they ask for the baby and don’t steal it (even though Mayela will be a horrible mother and we know is willing to sell her child)

Willy wakes from surgery and has a nice dream about being married to Lucia and them having a baby girl. When he actually wakes, he asks about Tuqueque. Meanwhile, Lala and her co-madre are talking badly about Beba quite loudly (icky Horny is there too). Lucia finally goes to the hospital. Willy has been asking for her and Lala urges Lucia to see her son as she can see him later in the day. The family gets the good news that both patients are doing well. As Lucia approaches the door to Willy’s room Horny is there. Willy is drugged and is asking for Lucia, Horny never states who she is and keeps pawing our hero. In typical TN style, once Horny realizes Lucia is there, she kisses him to Lucia’s and our extreme displeasure.  Naturally Lucia leaves, running into the abuelas as she leaves. They notices she was acting odd but attribute it to Willy. Unfortunately they don’t know Horny is the true vampire not Beba. Willy talks w/his mom and she tells him about Lucia’s visit. He calls her and she thinks he’s in love w/Horny; Seriously, Lucia. When Horny visits him she asks why he is trying to get back w/Lucia; WITCH. He tells her regardless of their “agreement” he loves Lucia and will handle the situation in his own way. She reminds of their contract and how she will act crazy if he crosses her; Again I say, WITCH!

Doris, EWM and the two younger Mari’s are playing kiddie cards. Minnie returns and wonders what is burning in the kitchen. She reprimands Doris and EWM for trying to cook. The girls say they were dying of hunger and Minnie will make them some good grub (as oppose to whatever dear Doris was attempting to cook). EWM gets offended by Minnie, yeah, and goes to find Fer & Isa. Doris tells her the wrong way to go to find them.

Maristupid chats w/Knuckles, who telling her his life as a child (which is most likely a big ol’ lie).

Fer & Isa go to the ranch to look for her father. Sarita arrives just as the two are about to leave taking horses with them. I’m surprised Fer rides horses, he’s a city-sliker. What’s funny is that Diego is clearly pretending he cannot ride. The search party actually finds Gimme’s lover and to distract them he scares Fer’s horse. By nightfall they find Hector who tells them where he last saw Leo. Of course by the time they get there Leo is gone. Thankfully an older couple has found him and is taking care of him; this scene is a flashback to CME when Jero got found. Leo actually speaks and asks for his daughter. At the end of the episode, Hector is in police custody and keeps claiming he doesn’t know where Leo is. Isa & Fer vow to keep looking for him.

Ricky wants his antiques friend to speed up the restoration. When Ricky brings the artifact to Jorrible’s henchman, the latter refuses to pay Ricky for the work.

EWM goes to Jorrible’s and she tries to get a rise out of him by telling him Isa & Fer are together. He calls her on her obsession w/Fer and she leaves in a huff. Tomorrow - Isa & Fer might actually make a love connection.


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Por ella soy Eva #14 8/4/12: Love Hurts and Pluto Gloats

We start tonight with Helena at home with Silvia and Lalo. Helena is telling Lalo, JC won't be at his soccer game cause he is having problems and is moving to another country. Lalo doesn't beleive her.

At GI there is a meeting in full swing and the whole purpose of the meeting is to accuse JC of the fraud against GI. Pluto is providing "proof" at the meeting, Antonia's thesis, Pluto's work on the project, yada yada. JC pipes up the only one he stole from was Helena Moreno. She came up with this Playa project wayyyy before Pluto. He goes to leave, but Adriano tells him to wait, the meeting isn't over yet. The next "proof" JC is presented is the money transfers of 30 million dollars. Combine that with JC giving the Playa project to the competition (Helena) and it smells, looks, tastes, etc like FRAUD. JC swears his innocence and says he was entrusted with the Playa project and Ferni and Santi had nothing to do with it. Now Pluto brings in another "proof" one Senor Maxillian Montes, who Pluto asks if he recognizes anyone in the room. Of course he points to JC that's the guy. JC swears he's never seen him before. I think this Montes guy has some pics/proof of Juan in some hotel with Helena. JC swears his innocence and then points an accusing finger at Pluto and says he set this whole thing up. Antonia gets mad and says no way hubby did this. JC says this is absurd! He is getting his own lawyer to investigate these charges and he goes. Pluto is gloating.

Helena is in her office, crying her eyes out. She feels she was bamboozled by "Juan Peron" who is knows now as JC. He got his hands on her project and now she feels like an idiot. Lucia tells her not to blame herself, she couldn't have known who he really was. Helena is still crying when some clients come in looking for a honeymoon package. Lucia waits on them, they see Helena is upset and crying, but Helena blames the tears on allergies! Lucia helps them out and Helena picks up the magazines from the floor along with Santi's wedding invitation. She doesn't notice it on top.

Two police officers come to the front desk of GI looking for JC. They have a warrant for his arrest. Marcela goes to find him. Meanwhile, JC is in his office looking on his computer, and Marcela comes in, gives him the 411 about the cops that are there to arrest him and throw him in jail. JC sneaks out of the building to the garage and while a cop is ogling the girls coming in and out of the building, JC sneaks into his car and drives off.

Pluto is pithed that JC got away, and wasn't arrested and put in la carcel. Adriano can't beleive it, it is soooo bad for the business.

Santi and Ferni are upset too, Santi can't beleive it, much less that JC escaped.

JC has gone to his lawyer, one Lic Suarez. JC tells him he is innocent, but Lic Suarez says you should prove this in court. Lic Suarez will help him, and JC goes.

Helena and Lucia get a visit, and wait for it, it is the guys from the tourism board come to shut them down over this Playa bidness. Helena and Lucia are shocked, I tell you shocked! The clients see the lay of the land and high tail it out of there. Helena is very ticked off and she wants to know why they are shutting HER down. The guys tell her that she has to prove she was the one that orginially did the project. Lucia starts packing up the office and packs those mags with Santi's wedding invite on the top, which neither of them has looked at yet.

Adriano is in his office alone and he can't beleive that JC did this to him, when Pluto comes in all gloaty and sucks up to Adriano. Adriano tells him that the law will deal with JC.

Rebe and Antonia are in the bathroom at GI and Rebe is asking Antonia if she can beleive that JC did this. Antonia says that JC was always in like Flynn with Adriano and that JC is really a Don Juan and Rebe pipes up that he has done the wild thang with half the women that work at GI. Antonia asks Rebe if she is one of the ones that did the wild thang with JC. Rebe laughs and says no way, as if!

Pluto is in his office with Onesimo and gives him a pic of Juan to distribute to the media so they can catch JC already. Pluto is snapping his fingers at Onesimo telling him to git already. Oni goes and in comes Rebe. Rebe has come to gloat about that Casanova finally getting his comeuppance; they plan on going to her apartment in the evening, hot kissing and finger sucking ensue.

JC has ended up at Ferni's house. He wants to stay for the night. He can't go home to his place, or his parents cause the cops will surely go to these places first and he can't go to Santi's house either. Both Marcela and Ferni tell him no problem. Marcela is going to make dinner and JC is calling Helena but no answer.

The cops have come to Modesto's and Eugenia's house looking for their son JC. Modesto is way pithed and Eugenia thinks the gentleman are there with her contract and then she thinks they are the paps! She poses a bit, but Modesto tells her they are security guys coming to check the home security system. He invites the cops in, the cops are looking at Eugenia funny.

Pluto and Rebe in the tub drinking wine, eating grapes and gloating about how Pluto nailed JC with "proof" about the fraud and the missing 30 millon dollars.

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Por Ella Team is Experiencing Summer Scantiness.

Hi friends, As you know we don't really have a full team for Por Ella and due to summer shenanigans we're in trouble at the moment. I am going to be in Cincinnati and unable to blog Monday; Ezra is in Canada and I'm not sure he'll be home in time to blog Tuesday; Jim is at guitar camp and will not be blogging Wednesday. It IS possible Ez will get home in time, but I don't know, because I'll be gone when he gets back. ideas?


La Que No Podía Amar #156 Friday 8/3/12 Groundhog Day in San Gabriel: It’s Another Jail House Rockin’ Good Time for Miguel; It’s Gus’s Second Last Chance for Romance With AP; And It’s the Clink for Sinthia With the Clank of Real, Cold Grey Steel

Capítulo 156 -    

As we adjust our televisions and pop the tops of our favorite cans of adult beverages, Rogelio is literally taking flak from Ana Paula over the arrival of Cdte. Villafaña, who’s come to Hacienda del Fuerte to take Miguel to jail.  This time it’s not for a truck theft, but for the two accidental deaths of the pedestrians who bought it during the truck crash the over-tired Miguel had that long ago day--yeah, the folks whose relatives we thought Oh-Hell had bought off with compensatory damages, the paperwork-filing details with which that legal eagle, or rather the turkey-vulture, Bruno, was officially entrusted. Tears flow and eyeballs roll as Daniele rushes over for a permitted last kiss good-bye for Miggy; MentiRosa Rosaura moans over the family’s embarrassment and her health; and Miggy takes his road trip in the back of the police cruiser this time like a man.  AP is allowed out of the complex to follow him to the jail, but she refuses Ro-Hell to accompany her.  She hugs and assures Dani that they’ll find a way through all of this misfortune.
A few minutes later, it’s Rosie-cozy-interrupt-us as Bruno is forced to roll out of the sheets and Vanessa’s leg-locking, suck-face embrace. Rosie tearfully begs Bruno, as her business partner, to head to jail despite his no longer being Miggy’s mouthpiece—Miggy’s choice Bruno reminds her--to see what he can do to get her nephew released from jail. “—Pretend like you heard it in town and came to see what’s up.”  Bruno reluctantly agrees.  Click.  Vainy and he then share some muy big snickers without their knickers over Pau and Miguel’s continued legal misfortunes before heading to the police station.

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