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La Candidata, Wednesday 7/5/17 Capitulo 23: Teresa goes bonkers (or as I like to call it Regina Gets hit by a Triple Whammy!)

Regina and Gerardo continue to kiss, they give in to their passion, but Regina’s brain is racing a mile a minute and she stops and says this is bad.
“Sorry Gerardo, this is bad”
“This is good” says Gerardo
“This is what we both feel; this is the strongest thing we have ever felt”
“No, the consequences, did they see us?”
“I don’t care if they did, only you matter and my daughter matter”
Regina begins to explain that she can’t do this and uses Emiliano as an excuse. He needs her and she can’t do this.
“Also think about the war with Alonso, about the people in the senate, the people that need us”
“Those are just excuses”

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

La Candidata Martes, 7/4/17 Chapter 22: Regina Give In

Too often in our modern lives where appearances are everything one often loses sight of one's true feelings. Most shrinks will tell you that this is why they get rich.
  • D.D.
Chapter Twenty-Two: Regina Gives In

Alonso tried to tell Regina that he was the man who loved her and supported her, but she told him that for some time their relationship has not worked.
All the trouble, all the pain has been your fault,” he said.
No; that isn't true.”
Is this divorce about me or for Gerardo Martínez? That imbecile is all over us, near my house, in my face at all hours. He's responsible for you forgetting your values, your principles,” he said, shaking his index finger like a scolding parent.
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Monday, July 03, 2017

La Candidata 7.3.17 Chapter 21: Gerardo Will Do Anything For Regina

• Almiron orders El Cuervo to drop the gun but he refuses. He now knows that it was all a trap but Almiron warns him to cooperate or he will kill him and the rest of the police will declare that it was in self-defense. Cuervo obliges and Almiron chides him for killing a reporter, which is a serious offense in Mexico. He then orders his men to grab him and put him in the car.
• Emiliano, drugged out of his mind, tries to make out with Ximena but she pushes him away and goes to leave. Nayeli asks her not to, as things are about to heat up, but Ximena warns her that she could go to jail if something happens to Emiliano thanks to all the drugs she’s given him. She then storms out as Nayeli laughs.
• On the car ride back to the Senate, Daniela warns Regina that something is not adding up regarding Mario’s clandestine witness protection program. Regina tells her that it could be something so secret she doesn’t know about but promises to find out more. Daniela then receives a call from someone and answers immediately.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

La candidata Friday 6/30/17 Capítulo 20: Gerardo Attacks Ignacio

OR: Alonso Suddenly Becomes Befuddled When Trying to Define "wife beater" OR: Magda--the Monkey in the Middle-- Reveals Herself to Be the Snake in the Grass She Is

Action at the Government offices--

Cecilia questions Lorena her about her politics, studies and preparation so she can use the info to start introducing her to the public via the press. Lorena throws a wrench in the works: she is not sure she will be accepting the position. Lorena is surprised to find out that Cecilia knew that Larreta was not in favor of her taking the position and that the info had come via the Gov. Cecilia knows that Lorena and Larreta are lovers. Lorena rightly concludes that the reason for her being offered the position was just a ploy from the Gov to get to Larreta. Cecilia then launches into a pep talk telling Lorena it does not matter why she was offered the position but that she should take it for herself; consider it a reward because she has earned it. Who knows about Larreta? He could trade her in for a newer model any day. She should not turn the position down and then later be sorry for her decision. Later, Lorena gives Larreta the bad news that she is going to do something for herself. She will be accepting the Gov's offer. She does not care how this affects him. By the way, she would do anything to get that job.
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La Candidata Thursday 6/29/17 Chapter 19: Alonso Confronts Gerardo….in the Last 5 Minutes

Regina arrives at the office with her ear still reverberating with Alonso’s insinuations that Gerardo, promising to support her law is just using it to separate the two of them. She gets an update from Daniela on the resignation of De La Garza and Gerardo’s statements in the press. Daniela is worried that it might affect her image. Regina says there will always be scandals. What she really wants to know is if they can trust her friend (Andrés) on the police force. Daniela says they can. Regina will call Sra. Galindo and Dani can call her pal.
Omar shows up at the governor’s office. He tells Magda she must never speak of what happened the night before to Alonso or to anyone else OR else…He’ll take care Natalia never says anything and Magda must make sure Dr. Contreras never says anything either. Magda says to his face that she can’t believe he attacked his wife so savagely—he could have killed her. Omar muses that she might find herself in the same situation.
Alonso opens the door from his office to reveal the lovely décolleté Lorena, her interview over and a cabinet position in her purse. She’s glowing with pride. Magda shows her out and Omar goes in to talk to his son. He tells Alonso he thinks Magda is too old to continue in her job. He repeats this several times, to Alonso’s skepticism, remembering his mother yesterday, wondering why that museum piece, Magda was still in his employ.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

La Candidata Martes, 6/27/17 Chapter 18: Alonso's Attempt to Win Regina Back

Politics does make strange bedfellows and a lot of dangerous liasons.
  • D.D.
Chapter Eighteen: Alonso's Attempt to Win Regina Back

Alonso marched into his office, complaining that he was alone. Magda followed him, telling him he was not.
You have Cecelia. She's loyal. She's efficient. She plays on your side.”
Alonso looked up, but Natalia's arrival stopped him saying anything had he been inclined.
Good afternoon,” she said.
Magda gave her a cold look and got a dismissive one in return.
Leave us,” Natalia whispered. Magda obeyed.
Hello, Mother,” said Alonso as Magda left the office and closed the door.
Yes, your mother is now becoming a museum piece.”
Don't talk trash about Father, please.”
Don't tell me you're going to defend your father's actions against my lover.”
Ex-lover. It's better we don't talk about that, isn't it?”
You're right,” she said, not agreeing but not wanting more conflict than necessary. “Totally. I'm condemned by your father. That man wants to think he's the exemplary husband but in reality.... I don't want to talk about this. As soon as you've made your bid for the Presidency I will separate from your father.”
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La Candidata Capítulo 17; Monday, June 26, 2017: Regina Rejects Gerardo’s Love

At the hospital, Regina continues to grill her father Mario about his involvement with this healthcare scandal. He tries to pin it on Omar and says, “It’s just business.” Then she asks him about Cecelia. “Who is Cecelia, really Dad?” His machines start going faster and Mario starts getting more uncomfortable. The doctor comes in to scold Regina and ask her to leave because Mario is prohibited from having visitors because he is much too weak to handle any kind of stress. Reluctantly, she leaves his room.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

La Candidata Capitulo 16; Thursday, June 22, 2017: Pacheco Investigates Cecelia

At the Martinez home, while Emiliano and Ximena are making out on the sofa, the nurse comes running in to tell Ximena that her mother is out of control. Emiliano decides this is a good time to leave.

Gerardo and Regina are sharing a tender moment together and they move in for the kiss---which does not happen because Regina moves away and says she can’t do this. Gerardo says, “Don’t you want me to kiss you?” Regina says, “Yes I do, but the problem is, I can’t do it this way. I need to resolve the problems in my own life.”

Gerardo’s phone ring. It’s Ximena calling to tell him it’s an emergency with her mother. She’s going crazy, asking for Gerardo, and the nurse can’t seem to get her under control. She asks her dad to come home right away and he agrees. Ximena and Teresa hug and Teresa starts to calm down.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

La Candidata, Miercoles, 6/21/17 Chapter 15: Gerardo's Lie

At Ignacio’s house Regina explains to Alonso that she was going to call him as soon as she figured out what was going on. Alonso makes a snarky remark about how she called Gerardo instead of him. He then addresses Ignacio and says “give me my son or I will have my guards handle this issue” Gerardo tries to let level heads prevail and asks Ignacio to give Emi back to Alonso and Regina, and to go take care of his daughter instead.
Noemi is at an isolated area, without a car and is freaking out trying to call Regina.
Now in Alonso’s car, Regina is pleading to Alonso to take Emi to the hospital since they don’t know what type of drugs he consumed. Like always Alonso dismisses Regina’s concerns says that Emi is fine and “just look at him he is sleeping like a baby and is clueless as to the turmoil he has caused”. They continue to argue about what is best for Emi, Regina wants to continue to overprotect and Alonso want’s the hands off approach (yin yang).
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

La Candidata Martes, 6/20/17 Chapter 14: Mario's Heart Attack

Too much of a good – or bad – thing never leads to anything positive and nothing is more pathetic than an old man with too high an opinion of his own power... or prowess.
  • D.D.
Chapter Fourteen: Mario's Heart Attack (We're surprised; we thought he didn't have one)

Natalia got away from Omar, whose vileness knew no limit. He cursed her again as though he were unaware of how repulsive he had become to her.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

La Candidata Monday June 19, 2017; Capítulo 13: Regina will Present her Candidacy

As Susana is about to explain to Regina about her being deceptively recruited into this prostitution ring and forced into this life, held captive, who should appear but the super-pimp daddy himself, Mario Barcenas. Poor Susana is mortified to see him show up at Regina’s office door and put two and two together and figured out that pimp-daddy is also Regina’s daddy. Susana goes running and contacts Cecilia for help.

Mario wants to know what is going on and Regina briefly tells him. “Well did she give you names or places,” Mario’s inquiring mind wants to know. Regina tells him that they were barely getting started when he showed up and she got scared and ran off. “Well, maybe she will return,” says Mario. “So what are you doing here?” says Regina. Mario says, “I have something very urgent to discuss with you.” They go back into her office.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

QEPD Dead - Antonio Medellín at 75

Muere el primer actor
You'll remember him in his last role as the rich farmer who wanted to marry Ana Lucia in Tres Veces Ana.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

La candidata Friday 6/16/17 Capítulo 12: Omar Threatens Natalia

OR: "Mujer honrada, la pierna quebrada y en casa" (An honorable woman is at home with a broken leg.) This classic Spanish proverb is alive and well in the misogynist world of "La candidata".

Alonso accuses Cecilia of lying to him. He never told her to do that. Cecilia thinks back on it all. Mauro told her and she thought they were Alonso's orders. That is why she got close to Hernán; to control him. She asked him to withdraw the information he was going to publish. Alonso wants to know if Mauro also asked her to sleep with Hernán. Cecilia just looks at the floor.

A very upset Emiliano, in the middle of Hugo's medical emergency, calls Regina. He says he is at Hugo's house and Hugo is dead from pills he took. Hugo's mother is blaming him for it all. Regina calls an ambulance. Emiliano needs to stay put, Regina is on her way.

Gerardo gets home and Ximena is there in tears. She comes clean about lying to him the night before. Her mother was not home when he called and she ended up going out herself. She informs Gerardo that Teresa is up to her old tricks: she is asking her for money again. Furthermore, she said that Teresa wanted to make a pact not to tell him about it. Teresa also hit her. Then she started taking everything out of the house saying she was going to sell it all. She cannot/does not want to live with her. Gerardo discovers that Teresa followed Ximena back to his place and that Teresa stole his father's watch. He shakes his head in exasperation.

Natalia informs Omar that she does not want to/cannot get back together with him. Omar says it is her choice. If she chooses to leave him, he will kill her. He will not allow her to expose him in front of everybody. It is bad enough that she came to stay at their son's house. How much more is she planning on humiliating him? Natalia thinks he should be in prison for killing Javier. No, he will be in prison for killing her, the damned ingrate she is. Natalia threatens to scream. Omar doesn't care because nobody will come to her aid. The time has come for her to end her tantrum. Come home with him or he will kill her on the spot. He proves his point when he takes out a gun.
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Friday, June 16, 2017

La Candidata 6/15/17 Chapter 11: Emiliano Blames Himself For ….. (See Recap)

Alonso has Cecelia in his office. After flirting with him all day, he figures he has a right to make his BIG move, right there and then. After seductively kissing her he gets rough and throws her back so she lands on his desk. He approaches again and Ceci doesn’t exactly rebuff him, but states she doesn’t get involved with married men.

Meanwhile, Regina is approaching the governor’s office. Ceci hasn’t moved. Al looks at her not very seductively and orders her to remove her clothes, slowly. Ceci reaches for her zipper. Regie reaches for the door.

Hernán, who’s been snooping around the halls after hours, watched Ceci enter the gov’s office and now sees Regie at the door. He interrupts her movement toward the door and while she is distracted by wondering what he is doing here and his saying he wants to ask her some questions, he invisibly sends Ceci a text that the gov’s wife is at the door.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

La Candidata, 6/14/17 Chapter 10: Cecilia and Alonso's Rendezvous

Regina is chasing Emiliano down the hallway of the office; obviously he did not like being reprimanded for kidnapping Hugo. As she continues to chase him, Tere is casually coming out of Gerardo’s office and what do you know Regina bumps into the last person she should have bumped into. Tere takes this very opportunistic opportunity and begins to shower Regina with insults. “You love to steal husbands”. Gerardo who is behind Tere tries to hold her back and tells her to stop. Regina is paralyzed and can only watch. Gerardo asks Tere to leave, and she obliges but not before trying to land a punch on Regina. Wow. Gerardo tries to apologize to Regina, but all she can do is yell at him not to touch her and storms off.
Mario is on the phone with Cecilia, and he tells her that if she manages to help Alonso get out of the eye of the storm she will “earn a piece in heaven”, and as for what she did with the Regina/Gerardo pictures, that was good because “we always have to protect family”.
Mauro approaches Mario, Mario says
“I think we have Omar were we want him, look for Javier’s partner and find out everything about Javier Guzman”
Mario will have to get close to Natalia in order to get more info. Mauro then informs Mario that Natalia is at the Governor’s house because she had a problem with Omar.
Noemi walks in and Mario informs her that they are going to pay Natalia a visit. Noemi hesitates because she does not want to see Omar. Not a problem Natalia is at the Governor’s house.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

La Candidata 6/13/17 Chapter 9: Omar Orders Javier's Execution

• Regina wanted to tell Alonso everything about her possible candidacy but he didn’t make dinner and then he arrived with Natalia so she figured it’d be inappropriate. Alonso thinks they can talk about it now but Regina thinks that it’s an informal possibility though Alonso argues that it is one presented by the Worker’s Union, which is very important. Regina thinks he shouldn’t minimize his own aspirations to the presidency but Alonso already explained why. Regina shakes her head, she knows him and knows he wants to be president. She asks that he let her know, if anything, but Alonso tells her that some people think he should be but that doesn’t mean anything. She asks why he talked to Gerardo about it, if it meant nothing, but Alonso is more pissed that Gerardo told Regina about their conversation. She tells him that it wasn’t Gerardo and explains that Ignacio told Daniela, who then told her. Alonso nods but confesses that she is becoming unrecognizable, especially after she hid her meeting with the Worker’s Union from him. Regina also explained why she did so but realizes that Alonso only cares about the possible effects of her nomination on him and not because worries about her. She apologizes and promises that she will never forget that he is the priority. She storms off and Alonso asks why they always fight when they talk before leaving.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

La Candidata 6/12/17 Chapter 8: Regina and Gerardo Are Exposed

• Regina tells Emiliano that Ximena imagined an affair between her and Gerardo or thought they had one but it’s not true. She has known Gerardo since they were at the university together and he even knows Alonso like they know Teresa. Emiliano doesn’t think Ximena anything but Regina reiterates that she has a strictly professional relationship with him as a fellow senator in another political party. Emiliano asks if she’s sure but Regina is quiet.
• Alonso tells Cecilia that she has nothing to be sorry for but does ask that she go to him first should they have another problem. Cecilia nods and explains that she just didn’t want to be the source of any tension between him and Regina, who apologized for her behavior afterward, but vows to not let anything like what happened interfere with her work again. Alonso smiles and asks if she wants to take the day but Cecilia prefers to work though she needs him to forgive her for any trouble she may have caused. Alonso nods and asks her to talk to the newspapers so they don’t run the note that may implicate Omar. He then asked if she cried, and points to the bridge of her nose, which Cecilia quickly wipes away. She tells him that she was sad and angry but she feels better now. Alonso thinks that’s good and gets closer as Magda comes in and sees them.
• Regina reiterates that she is not having an affair and would prefer that Emiliano not talk to Ximena again. Emiliano wonders if it’s because she’s the daughter of the opposition and Regina nods, on top of her being a liar. She offers to take him to dinner but Emiliano reminds her that she has her nightly meetings and pulls away from her. Regina doesn’t fight him and leaves his room without another word.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

La Candidata 6/9/17 Chapter 7: Regina Apologizes to Cecilia

OR: How Regina Gets Thrown Under the Bus and Played 2X All in the Same Day

NB: the gov=Alonso=the gov

We start with a "mother and child" reunion between Ximena and her mother Teresa at the rehab center. Ximena has gone to visit her mother. They are both happy to see each other. Ximena needs her mother. Teresa will always be there for her. Ximena has a more pressing issue to address: she now knows that her mother was not merely fantasizing about her father being in love with another woman. Ximena tells her mother that her dad Gerardo abandoned her for the wife of the governor.

We are transported back to the vacant office/apartment Omar uses for his personal interrogation/detention center to witness Mario's triumphant return with his own band of thugs. When confronted by Mario, Omar accuses him of having committed two mistakes: meddling in the gov's business and in his grandson's business. While the two old codger mafiosi are hashing the matter out of who started it, Javier is taking advantage of being free of supervision and starts to try to loosen the ties that bind him. He frees himself and starts looking for a way out but the best he can do is to stash himself in one of many closets. Back to the main event! Mario accuses Omar of having it all wrong. Mario did what he did to just help out so his daughter and the whole country did not find out that Omar's son the gov had a lover. As for their grandson Emiliano, Mario just took an opportunity to get rid of a problem for him. Omar is not impressed and makes it clear that ALL business needs to be done through him and not through the governor. Mario justifies his acts again because they all could have been destroyed. Omar is not accepting Mario as their "savior'. Mario knows that but wants to take advantage of the opportunity to establish a truce. Hey, he won't even retaliate for what Omar did to him. They are all in the same boat; all pulling for the same side. Omar does not see that as a reality because Mario is pulling for Regina and he is pulling for Alonso. No problem! It turns out that there is really no conflict between them because Mario thinks Regina is brilliant but since she is an idealist and not a deal maker, she is useless to them in politics. It would be better for her to stay in the senate and for Alonso to get the real power in his hands. For Omar the conversation is over but Mario still wants a non-aggression pact/truce. They are family. They are business partners. He puts his hand out to shake. Omar finally shakes on it but still does not look convinced. In the meantime Javier manages to escape. Omar is angry and sends his goons in hot pursuit.
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Thursday, June 08, 2017

La Candidata, 6/7/2017 Chapter 6: Regina Against Corruption

Chapter 6: Regina Against Corruption
 After having blocked Regina’s Vehicle Almiron is at her window where he is informing her that her father has been kidnapped.        
     “talk to Don Omar and you will see that I am telling you the truth, I am sorry I can’t tell you   anything else” he rushes back to his vehicle and Regina gets out of hers, runs to catch up to Almiron.      
     “Almiron, please, please, please don’t leave me like this, please don’t leave me like this” she gets to his vehicle and Almiron is trying to make his point “Instead of wasting time interrogating me, your father’s life is at risk, talk to Don Omar”
Almiron looks extremely distressed and pushes the accelerator and bolts out of there…
Regina runs after Almiron but the effort is futile, with her high heels and well he’s in a car. She returns defeated to her vehicle, where she tries calling her father only to hear that the phone is outside the area or turned off.
Back at the San Roman home, Alonso can’t accept what his mother is telling him.
     “Alonso, look at me, I know what I tell you, someone is in danger, and all I ask is that you talk to your father”
     “My father would never do anything like that”
      “You need to separate yourself from him, don’t lose everything you have accomplished because of him, you will be an accomplice to a murder.”
     “Your father is a Mafioso; your father is a monster”
     “I will talk to him to prove to you that what you are saying is crazy”
      “I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t even know what to think” is the simplest lamest cop out he comes up with and leaves her at the door begging him to stop.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

La Candidata Martes, 6/6/17 Chapter 5: Mario is Kidnapped

Sometimes a person gets a major taste of his own medicine and that can be a good thing. It's too bad justice isn't always that on target.
  • D.D.

Chapter Five: Mario is Kidnapped

Mario was dragged into a building by two goons who had placed a black pillow sham over his head so he would not see where he was taken. His hands were tied behind his back, which did not prevent him kicking the metal desk behind him as he protested this treatment, one he would not hesitate to use on others.
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