Saturday, July 08, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, Capitulo 43 La Regia is back...and there is another bad guy on the horizon

Celso helps Estela, Ryan and Milton escape. They get to see where the other illegals are hidden. Laura whishes they could do something to help, but Celso says that the bad guys have too many connections, they can’t help them. Milton films everything and then they run.

Genesis and Steve are in luuuv. She’s sad about her brother.

La Tona is back home, hurting. She asks for Nina’s help while she recovers, but then she catches her searching for Laura’s passport.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carillo, #42, Jul 5, 2017: Desperate Measures…Drastic Results

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity

TomAss Grovels

(Mexican version only: As he retracts his fangs and horns, TomAss enters LetMe’s hospital room and slithers toward her bed. Seeing him, LetMe cringes and, as she turns away from him, begs TomAss to please not touch her because his touches become strikes ....) TomAss pleads with her to forgive him and that everything will be alright; she just needs time to think (really, mister? how can she think after you jolted her brain??). LetMe turns away and cries as TomAss leaves.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #41, Tues Jul 4 2017: Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble

Laura asks Paloma to look into her eyes. Paloma can't see any evil there. They hug.

Laura tells Paloma that the lies were a trap to catch her, like the story where they try to trap the prince(ss). Laura cannot leave without Paloma. Paloma asks if a prince will rescue them. Laura says the princesses will need to unite and liberate themselves from the bad guy with the sunglasses. It's a deal, and they rub noses.

Leticia gives Ryan the envelope with the money. She begs him not to send Tomas to jail. Ryan is grateful. Leticia is confused. Ryan takes the envelope and shows it to Joe. They surmise that the money is Danilo's, and Tom must have found it in the warehouse where he works.

On the phone, Danilo tells Horacio that he didn't ask Marcelino for help with their thief. Dani will have to take care of it himself. Horacio reports that he was on his way to Tomas's, but his car broke down. And Ryan followed him. Dani is worried that Ryan will beat them to the money. He scolds Horacio for telling Asdrubal about the money in front of Ryan. Danilo orders Horacio to have Natividad pick up the money at Furia and take it to Morgana's show. There's a cruddy warehouse there where no one will snoop around.

Horacio asks what to do with Tomas, but Danilo has already hung up.
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Saturday, July 01, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo Friday #40 If the real Batman and Robin were this bad...

Recap written by RgvChick and Kirby- THANK YOU!!
Laura returns to PsychoB's table and he shows Laura the check he received from the auction and tells her he didn't know what she had to do but that she wasn't with the "winner" for very long.

Next day--
LetMe goes to find Tadeo at the studio and scolds him for getting a job as a guitar player/singer. She tells him that he needs to go back to school and get some type of certification. She then goes to find Morgana and tells her how dare she give her son a job and that she knew she couldn't be trusted. Morgana tells LetMe that she was just trying to help and that she hired Tadeo on the condition that he go back to school..and that he has to show her his report card. LetMe calms down.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #39, Thurs Jun 29 2017: It's Worse

The guys at the restaurant who wouldn't talk to Emerson are more forthcoming with Ryan and Steve. Emerson is understandably disgruntled, but now they know that La Regia has been going around with Mr Green, who is running for mayor. They rush off to her next event.

Laura sings a song about the brave Latinos who leave their home and loved ones to look for something better. "We are all verses of a single song." She tries to follow up with a motivational speech, but Blake has Luisa cut the mic. Luisa tells the crowd there's a technical problem, then leads Regia off the stage by the elbow. The crowd is chanting "La Regia! La Regia!"

Steve, Emerson, and Ryan have a hard time getting near the venue because of the protesters picketing outside. They ditch the car and proceed on foot, but while cutting through an alley they run into someone that one of them previously had a rumble with, but I'm not sure who or when. Maybe it's the guy who harassed Genesis at the bar? He has his friends with him this time, so they brawl. It is very violent. Ryan fights like a Power Ranger, but the bad guy corners him and pulls a knife.

But then some angry Latinos show up and chase the "Yankees" away. The angry Latinos were on their way to demonstrate at Green's campaign event. Ryan's ready to go with them. Oh no! Emerson's been stabbed. But he still wants to go rescue Estela. Ryan must really be wound up, because he doesn't even think to argue with him. (And Steve is mad because he used his belt to fight one of the bad guys, and the bad guy took off with Steve's belt.)
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #38, Weds Jun 28 2017: Sold Out

Blake tells Laura that Paloma is the best way to hurt her. He calls for Luisa. Laura knocks him down. Luisa pulls hm out of there, and he says that Laura and Paloma will pay.

Mercy (still wearing that hat indoors) disapproves of Ryan being out of the hospital and trying to help Estela. He asks Mercy to call the lawyers who worked on his case (for killing Pedro Carrillo) to track down Rosario's sister.

Mercy is worried that Ryan is too weak to fight the bad guys. Ryan says that Steve and "someone else" is helping him.

Ryan's "someone else" is Danilo, but Danilo is reluctant to help - until Ryan says that they've got Paloma too. Then Danilo is on board with going to El Dorado - except that he has to pretend that Ryan is forcing him.

Laura tries all the usual ways to get out of the room. In the bathroom, she pries a towel bar loose, but Luisa is waiting for her. Their battle is extremely brief. Laura loses. Luisa calls "Johnson" for some "medicine." (Perhaps she means Johnson & Johnson. Hah! I kill me.) Luisa expresses a desire to [bleep] Laura's pretty face. She gives Laura a shot, and Laura goes to sleep.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #37, Tues Jun 27 2017: The Butterfly Effect

Danilo's Russian Roulette game is a dud. Natividad urges him to call it a night.

Blake meets with Senator Wolverine, er, Senator Logan, who assures him that the Justice Department will leave Furia alone in exchange for El Dorado's generous campaign contribution. Logan suggests that Blake leverage his entrepreneurial success into a run for Mayor. His blindness will work in his favor, and he'll improve the party's image. (I hate to ask which party this is.) Logan thinks that if Blake becomes Mayor, he can get Logan closer to the Governor and important people all over the US. (Sounds like Logan is a state senator, not a US senator, but he should still already have access to the guv'na.) Blake agrees to go for it. Logan says he will have to figure out how to win the Latino vote. (These two guys realize they're speaking Spanish, right?)

Joe meets with Chavalin in jail. Sounds like the police have found evidence against Chava, which will complicate his defense. Joe assures Chava that Estela asks about him every day. (She must be doing that during commercial breaks.) Chava says Estela has never visited him in jail.

Paloma, Rosario, and Paloma prepare to move out of the ranch. Danilo objects, mostly out of concern for Paloma. He offers to move out instead. She can have the ranch as payment for being La Regia. (Paloma asks if Ryan will be moving in. No, but she can ride the horse someday.)

On the phone, Blake tells BunMan that the charges against Furia will disappear. In return, Blake has a request that takes BunMan by surprise.
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Monday, June 26, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #36, Monday Jun 26 2017: A Pocketful of Ryan

Estela thinks she and Ryan need to break up in order to survive, and tells him not to make it even more difficult. He tries to get out of his hospital bed, but she begs him not to and says she loves him.

La Toña is still at Blake's place. She's tied up and wearing a gag, but Blake tells her he knows she's the one who tried to have Laura whacked. He understands why, but he reserves to right to be the one who gets revenge. He promises that he'll make Laura suffer until she begs for death. (He strokes Toña's hair creepily throughout this speech.) Unfortunately, Toña will have to wait here until he's done.

Luisa interrupts to tell Blake that La Regia is going to be on live TV. This is their chance to find Laura! They hurry out of the room where Toña is being kept. Toña struggles against the ropes binding her hands behind the chair.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #35 Friday, 6/23/17 Everybody wants a piece of Estela Carillo

Estela reads the note that Ryan got from El Dorado: they want his Furia shares and for him to break up with Estela
Ryan says he will NEVER leave Laura. She is forced to acknowledge that thanks to ED he is alive. But why would ED want to stand between the two of them? Wanting access to Furia is one thing, but why are they targeted as a couple? Ryan thinks that his brother might be involved, but Laura doubts it. Nevertheless, Ryan thinks that she should stay away from him.
Laura is thinking about talking directly with ED. Ryan thinks this is a situation that men should handle (huh?), but she is sure that women are strong, too. After all, the person who tried to kill her and hurt him was a woman, La Tona. Ryan asks for the truth once again. So Laura tells him how she used to work for La Tona as a prostitute. She believed Fausto's lies, but he just left her in La Tona's hands. The first few months Osiel used to beat her every day, but after a while she managed to convince them that she was Ok with her situation, even if she was broken inside. She remembers how at one point she wanted to call her aunt but La Tona told her that the old lady was dead. When Laura cried she was just handed over to some random guy.
Ryan is crying as Laura is talking. She tried to tell him once, at the restaurant. He is sorry she had to talk about the past, and he thinks Fausto is Paloma's dad. She denies it and wants to go. He asks her to come back, kisses her hand and says how sorry he feels for everything. She quiets him with a kiss.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo #34, 6-22-17, Ryan loses a round in the Cartel Tournament of Roses; Calao is out, QEPD

Anita, here, substituting for Alfredo, so he can enjoy his vacation away from the confusing life of Doble Agent Estela—oops, sorry, not a spy thriller. Actually, it should be called the Triple Life of Estela Carrillo or even the Quadruple Life of Estela Carrillo, most of which we know nothing about and are learning nothing much. Laura Oviedo is another case in point. She is also a mystery woman--with a child. A mystery so great there are people out there trying to kill her. So she hides with the new personna (with papers) of Estela Carrillo. This identity is beginning to unravel and though she takes the stage name of La Regia, no one is fooled by that little twist. In fact she’s in further danger since she, her voice, the gossip and scandal surrounding her are now front and center.

Part 1 of 3…Some scenes combined for the sake of continuity.
Assassination Attempt
A laser is trained on the middle of Ryan’s forehead as he starts his car in the Furia parking garage. Either the laser, the shooter or his van are off target and Ryan ends up shot in his abdomen (Miracle #1). The van takes off and Ryan falls out of his car. Security comes running calling for an ambulance, stat. (Miracle #2).

The Abused Covers for the Abuser with the Magic Word “Baby”
Tad, Maria and Lett’s duffle bags are packed and on the floor in the middle of Tom’s spacious living room floor. Apparently Tad has persuaded his mother to flee the house of her now escalating abusive husband (in name only, except for one time, cause she’s pregnant). Tom returns and demands to know what is going on. Lett tells him they are leaving him.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #33, Weds Jun 21 2017: The Fast and the Furias

Danilo taunts Ryan, "Now you've lost two Estelas." Danilo and Laura do a press conference. Dani shows off Laura's ring and says blah blah blah. Laura looks like she has a bug in her mouth, but if she opens her mouth a bomb will go off.

Steve tries to apologize to Genesis, but she says it's too late now - it's been a month. So now we know her statute of limitations.

Another Furia artist named Ausencio Granados grouses to Morgana that the press is more interested in gossip than in music. Morgana brags.

Milton comes along and has plenty of questions. Morgana is eager to answer, but the questions are for Ausencio. Oh holy crap, her boobs are almost up to her chin. I mean... I get that she's trying to maximize, but there is a limit. She warms up her voice hilariously.

Milton asks Ausencio some pointed questions about his narcos corridos (gangster ballads). Ausencio is evasive. He says sure he knows some Salgados, but they're not THE Salgados, they're just some guys from Guadalajara. He says he's got a bone to pick with La Regia for challenging him about his songs. This inspires Ryan with a great idea to end all of this forever. (Great! So, like, just five more episodes left, correct??)

So La Regia faces off with Ausencio in front of cameras, and they have a debate about the ethics of glorifying narcos, the false virtue of machismo, etc. Eventually Ausencio says something obnoxious that I don't catch, but it's something in the general category of "do you talk that way to your husband," and La Regia slaps him. (Just a regular slap, not a bitch slap. Unfortunately.) Danilo revels in the press's attention.

Tadeo invites Valdo to the house. Tom went to San Bernardino to see about a job and will probably come home drunk. No one else is home. Tadeo says he and Maria got accepted by a school and will start in a few days. Tadeo is nervous around Valdo.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #32, Tuesday Jun 20 2017: The Gift Horse

This is just a mini-recap. Don't hesitate to add details in the comments.

Laura and Ryan are still in the stable when Danilo comes home. (Steve tried to warn Ryan, but Ryan was ignoring his phone.) Dani doesn't catch them because Morgana has arrived to pick a fight with him. Steve texts Genesis to ask for another chance.

Laura sneaks into the house, while Ryan waits in the stable to get the all-clear. Before Dani can go into the house, Marcelino Salgado arrives with the horse. Laura comes outside to greet them, and her hair is miraculously dry!

Danilo makes a big show of gifting the horse to Laustela, in front of Morgana. Later, after everyone has left or gone inside, Morgana decides to harm or mar the horse. Steve sends Ryan the all-clear, but as Ryan tries to leave, Morgana intercepts him. He makes an agreement with her and tells Laura so, but doesn't tell her or us what that agreement is.

Joe tells Mercy he's one signature shy of a divorce, but is interrupted by a phone call from his wife. The kids want to see him. Joe says he's too busy with work.

Next day, the doctor tells Leticia that she might have a tumor, and on top of that, she's pregnant. But she tells the kids she got a headache from being nervous and angry. And she wants to know where Maria got the money to buy the phone. Did she steal it from her father? Maria says she wanted to punish Erasmo for leaving them. Tadeo and Leticia scold her for giving Mexicans a bad name. Leticia says Maria has to go back and apologize. Oh and Tomas hasn't come home yet.
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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #31, Monday Jun 19 2017: The New El Dorado

Danilo calls BunMan to tell him that Porfirio caught them double-dealing with Marcelino and is threatening to kill Palomita. He wants BunMan to call off the deal with Marcelino, but BunMan says that's crazy because Marcelino is throwing all kinds of money at them. Dani thinks Porfirio could be just as profitable in time, but BunMan doesn't want to alienate Marcelino. Danilo is emphatic that he does not want La Regia's daughter killed.

Let us pause for a moment to admire Danilo's one good quality. Time's up!

BunMan reminds Dani that he should be glad if Paloma is out of the way. That will take Ryan and "Estela" out of the running and then Dani can just knock up any old chick and get his 20%.

Dani really doesn't want anything to happen to Paloma. He tells BunMan she's locked up in a van and she'll be dead in an hour. BunMan tells him to quit wasting time and go find her, then.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

QEPD Dead - Antonio Medellín at 75

Muere el primer actor
You'll remember him in his last role as the rich farmer who wanted to marry Ana Lucia in Tres Veces Ana.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #30 Friday, 6/16/17 The worst idiot narco wannabe in history

Paloma and Rosario surprise Laura with a visit right outside of Furia Productions. There are a lot of fans there waiting to see Regia, between them Nina and Fausto, too. Fausto sees Palomita and says « mi hija » (did I hear right?)

Steve is trying to win some time for Ryan, who is still in the restaurant basement, dealing with the slowest computer ever. He finally finds some documents, but has to run before he's able to make any type of transfers.

Laura as Regia meets with Marcelino, the leader of one of the cartels – she promises that she was forced to sing. Danilo, aka the New El Dorado is also there. Laura is disgusted to see what new role Danilow is playing.

LetMe and Tadeo come to take Maria back to Tomass' home. She doesn’t want to go, but Erasmo says she can always come visit him, but can't stay for good. Maria reluctantly agrees to go, but wants to say goodbye to her dad first ; as soon as she’s alone, she steals the money she found the night before, because she feels that her father is failing her (or is it her entire family?)

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #29 6.15.17: Those Who Go Looking for Trouble are Sure to Find It

Webcam video is in italics.

• Danilo wakes up, grabs the rifle Laustela left and shoots at Asdrubal’s men as they burst through the door. He runs out of bullets and they shoot him in the left side of his chest. He goes down with a smile of his face.
• Mercy arrives home with Joe. She thinks it’s incredible that Ryan would reprimand her for her actions, especially since she’s now a widow, but everything is always her fault. Joe thinks he will forgive her eventually but Mercy doesn’t think so, especially after he already forgave and forgot Laustela’s fake robbery. She then grows quiet and admits that she feels dirty because of their actions but Joe tells her that it will take time, but they will get through it. He then kisses her.
• Laustela arrives with Ryan at his condominium and Rosario gives her a big hug before thanking her lucky stars that she’s okay. Ryan explains that Laustela has been through hell and back but was finally able to escape Danilo. Rosario nods as Laustela goes to get her some clean clothes so she can shower. Once alone, Laustela admits that she thought today was the last day of her life but Ryan proposes they beat him at his own game. Laustela would prefer he not get involved as Danilo is now a murderer because he killed El Dorado.
• Mercy wouldn’t want to give up her opportunity to be happy and Joe doesn’t want her to. He agrees they did wrong by Walter but that is the past. Mercy worries about what people will say when they are out in public but Joe doesn’t care. He does ask that she tell him if she doesn’t want to be with him anymore so he can leave. Mercy doesn’t think it’s that easy, especially after they’ve admitted their feelings to each other, but Joe reiterates that he will do what she wishes.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #28 6.14.17: Even the Best Laid Plans Go Awry, Especially with an Idiot at the Center

• Laustela reiterates that she only does as she’s told and Asdrubal lets her go. He then nods and Talisman stuffs a gun in Danilo’s mouth and asks if he kills him. Asdrubal prefers to call El Dorado first and pulls out his cell phone as Danilo tells them that El Dorado will vouch for him and explain what happened.
• Rita is cleaning the front porch when Fausto comes and explains that Laustela told him to come back in a few days and see if she could get him a job at the house. Rita tells him that she can’t help him because Laustela and Ryan are no longer together and she left to god knows where. She then leaves as Fausto curses his luck.
• Asdrubal talks to El Dorado and promises to take care of the situation. He hangs up and Talisman points a gun at Danilo’s privates as another sicario threatens to slash Laustela’ throat. She reminds them that she has a daughter but Danilo confesses that El Dorado was the one who told him to branch out in the first place. He suggested that he reach out to Porfirio and get rid of Marcelino’s cartel in Torre Blanca. Talisman then punches Danilo and Asdrubal chides Danilo for talking to El Dorado behind their backs, despite his many warnings. Danilo begs them to let Laustela go and Asdrubal obliges but reminds Laustela to keep her mouth shut or they will kill Paloma.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #27 6.13.17: How to Betray Cartel Leaders and Almost Get Shot

• Rosario and Paloma cheer Laustela on because she’s committed to Regia despite the circumstances. They all smile.
• Nina tells Fausto that his scar is almost closed but it got infected so he’s going to have a nasty scar. He thought they had taken good care of him at Mr. Blake’s but that was not the case. Nina is curious and Fausto explains that Mr. Blake is a blind white guy. Nina then gets ready to go, much to Fausto’s annoyance, since he wanted her to stay but Nina wants to go see Regia live, especially after she met her in person. She suggests he get dressed and go with her but Fausto wants her to come back afterward so they can have some fun. Nina suggests he pay her, so he can reserve her time, and Fausto halfheartedly does, though he chides her for making him pay since he thought they knew each other better.
• In the dressing room, Genesis tells Laustela that Ryan is on his way and the band members are almost ready. Laustela comes out, as Regia, and Genesis complements her attire and body. Just then, Danilo comes and Genesis leaves. He thinks Laustela looks gorgeous but a little sad. Laustela admits that she wanted to be a singer but the circumstances have made her less enthusiastic. He nods and requests that he open with a new song before handing her a piece of paper. Laustela argues that she didn’t rehearse it and it looks strange but Danilo wants her to learn it in 20 minutes and perform it as instructed.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #26, Monday Jun 12 2017: And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

There is no dish.
There is no spoon.
How can you eat your Hopeos without a dish or spoon?
Easy: pour your beer, wine, or milk directly into the box. It's moisture-proof! Then spear your cereal with a fork. Take a selfie and post it on InstaSnapFace!

Calao tells Danilo that El Dorado somehow failed to make a deal with Porfirio Pineda, el Baron, from the Los Altos gang. This is Danilo's big chance!

At the secret hideaway, Ryan asks Laura to promise they'll never be apart again. They kiss. She warns him that Danilo is dangerous - not so much on his own, but by way of the people around him. She doesn't want him to find out that she and Ryan are together. And she's worried that there will be a scandal about her being with Ryan and then with his brother. Ryan is angry, but Laura urges him to be patient.

At a bar, Calao carefully places his sunglasses under his hat. This is irrelevant, but I had to rewind three times to see what it was, so now you know too. For some reason, he and Danilo have come here to discuss the new client (maybe they're worried that his office is bugged?). Danilo wants to know what's the deal with this Porfirio Pineda guy, but Calao doesn't tell him much - only that he wanted to meet with Danilo. Danno thinks maybe El Dorado wants him to take up the clients that El D can't handle. Calao says in that case, El D will probably want a commission. Dani says no, it's HIS deal and he won't share! He asks Calao to set up a meet and not let BunMan know about it. He promises Calao a stake in the deal.
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #25 Friday, 06/09/17 Regrets, threats, and intolerable inepts (courtesy of RgvChick)

We start back with Ryan finding out that Laura is with Danilow because she’s being threatened with deportation and being separated from Paloma. Ryan Crazy Eyes Cabrera wants to go break his bro’s bones, but Rosario says it would be too dangerous for Laura. Ry wonders once again what makes Mexico so scary, but Rosario has spilled enough beans for now. He realizes that he has been acting like an imbecil with Laura but Chayo asks him to take things slow.

Laura doesn’t want to talk about Paloma’s dad with Mercy, since he’s dead. She says a tearful goodby to Paloma (I’m crying a bit, too). Then, in the car, she cries some more, thinking about what she’s been through with her daughter (saving her from whatever was threatening them in Mexico, crossing the border, playing together). Next thing you know, she’s back at the house, just when Mercy is about to take Paloma shopping and teach her to call her mommy (wtf!). She says that she just can’t separate from her daughter, it would be a terrible mistake. Mercy is a mom, she must understand. (Does she? She did abandon a child, right?)
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