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PEAM # 15: 3/29/13- Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be?


We start this epi with Chucho being demoted and the ransom demand of 50 thou for Sanson.

Jess is on the phone with Fern talking about Sanson and Ricardo, one of the three Sillies is hiding behind the wall partion, and he is all ears. Fern tells Jess she is only getting 5 % of that ransom and she so isn't happy with that. Their ultimate objective is to get Chucho fired of course! Jess wants her job back, of course. Sanson is barking, he is still in his prison, the bathroom of course, so Fern goes to quiet him and Sanson runs out. HA! Sanson is tearing up the sofa and the shoes and whatever his little mouthy pooh can get ahold of. Probrecito! Sanson that is, not Fern.

The Secretaries are all gathered, and Tablet Jefe is right, noone, but noone ever works, and they are talking about Sanson too. They decide to say a little prayer for the little pooch for his safe return. Awww.

Rog has gone to the storage in his house. He has determined he will use the "package" moola for the ransom to be paid for Sanson. He has a coniption fit when he sees the dresser is gone. Ruh Roh, he thinks he's been robbed! Later, he mentions the possible theft to his maid, and she informs him that in fact, Chucho now has the dresser, double Ruh Roh, cause if looks could kill, Chucho would be dead!

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Amor Bravío #157 (Uni 152) Fri 3/29/13 Indecent Proposal Or Step-Daddy Dio's Improper Papa-sition

Cap. 157 - Parte 1

Lo Del Pasado:

The Scoobies sans Aaron share an uncomfortable momento when Mariano, arriving at Viviana and Rafael’s house to pick up Ana and Camila, discovers that Daniel got there first.  He starts to butt heads with Dan (no need to pardon the pun) till Dan offers to leave and makes his exit.  Mar chases Dan out to the street as he heads for his car and starts giving him grief about not keeping his word to leave Cam alone—or, more likely, for himself—and to take better care of the wifey who’s probably been pining away the lonely hours at home.

Lo Del Nuevo:

It’s not just Camila that Daniel’s jerking around, gripes Mar, but Miriam!  “—You’re upsetting her greatly with your attitude!”  (Wrong family, isn’t it Mar?  You’re somebody else’s big brother.)  Dan has finally had enough of Mariano getting in his face and is all like, ‘Excuuuuuuuuzzze me, but what’s it to you, dude?’  “—I can understand your preoccupation with Camila, but Miriam?  She’s my problem, not yours!”  Mar says she’s been so great to him and Ana so he’s entitled.   (Let me get this straight.  A couple of cups of coffee, a few coos from Aggie, and some baking lessons while babysitting for Ana is all it takes for Mariano feel he’s family?  Go figure.)  Cam and Ana appear then and Dan finally gets a chance to make his exit.  

In the kitchen at La Malquerida, meanwhile, a tearful Piedad gets the empty nester talk from Hipolito.  Luzma’s got to finally fly on her own and Pie’s got to let her.  It’s time, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Pablo accidentally overhears that Luz is leaving the rancho and panics.  He flies upstairs and panics again when he doesn’t find her there.  He then races out to look for her somewhere on the grounds.

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Amores Verdaderos #98 Fri 3/29/13 Several Shocking Human Resource Violations Definitely Occured at Meta Imagen Today

Retaliation Termination      
Forcing Employees to Work Off of the Clock     
Sexual Harassment
Fraternizing with Subordinates

Consuming Alcoholic Beverages on the Clock
Victoria’s Office Meta Imagen Arriaga and Victoria are sobbing loads because they can’t think of a way to fulfill their lustful fantasies for one another without upsetting a majority of the people in their lives.  Victoria makes an executive decision.  So that they will remain chaste, Guzman will guard her body and Arriaga will guard Nikki’s.  The thought of having to work for Nikki makes Arriaga’s heart sink.  He cries harder as he walks at a snail’s pace towards the door.

(Anibal’s) Allotta Ballsvanera Bedroom Gilda the B/Sn/W/itch (there was no gun to her head) betrays her "friend" by telling Don Anibal that Paula is Guzman’s mother.  Anibal’s pride takes a heavy blow when he learns that he is not irresistible to Paula.

Park Guzman is forced to entertain a Ballsvanera by eating an ice cream cones in the park with Adrianna on his PTO day.  They are discussing how it’s a myth that men and women can’t be friends when Guzman takes an important phone call.  Anibal wants to see him STAT. 

Balvanera Mansion Sitting Room Nikki’s lapel and collar is made up of the carcasses of several multi-colored road-kill rabbits.  Nikki tells Kendra that she and Roy are getting hitched in one month.  Squealing and sporting her normal “hooker ensemble”, Kendra leaps from the couch and embraces her friend.  Naturally, Nikki’s bff will be her maid of honor.  Kendra’s all excited because she gets to wear a hot dress.  Kendra then shares that she’s preggers.   Who’s the daddy?  The married man?  Kendra confirms that she is indeed a selfish, man-stealing, HOmewrecker with absolutely no morals and is preggers by a married man. She will do the noble thing and never tell his family about the baby. Tomasina interrupts the intense conversation and asks if Nikki is hungry.  She’s also going to the grocery store and wants Nikki’s list.  Nikki start bitching about Tomasina being all up in her business and Tomasina threatens not to do a zodiac reading for Nikki and Roy.  Kendra wants to know what’s up with Tomasina; she’s a little familiar with you.  She’s like family and my mom would die if anything happened to her, says Nikki.  Kendra wheels are turning. 

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Friday, March 29, 2013

TELEMUNDO Y MAS, week of April 1, 2013

Happy holidays, everyone!  Here's a new page for the week ahead.

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Weekend Discussion: Novela Stars in Passion Plays

Since today is Good Friday, I thought this photo gallery would be appropriate.  This features Passion Plays by novela stars.  The first set -- from Paixão de Cristo --  is Brazilian, the second -- from Triunfo del Amor -- is Mexican.  Most CarayAmigos will recognize the actors in the Mexican photos:

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Weekend Discussion: Amor Bravío – Karmageddon Awaits!

What final fate should befall the evil ones in this tale of greed, lust, romance, and toxic family dynamics?
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Amor Bravío #156 (Uni 151) Thu 3/28/13 Amor Aburrido

I think Leo being carried out like the garbage he is is actually refrito from yesterday, but Mr. 5ft was walking through the living room when it aired tonight, so I wanted to share with those of you who are concerned about his general well being (and especially his snarky comments) that he finds it unfortunate that it wasn't one of those trash-compacting garbage trucks.

Daniel is surprised that Camila backs Mariano up in asking him not to be at the meeting with Dio.  He agrees, pouts, and tells Camila she can always count on him.  Mariano apologizes to Camila for running Dan off, but they agree it was necessary.

Natalia tells Luzma, in confidence, that Yago was only marrying her because her daddy threatened to kill him and gave him lots of money.  She feels incredibly stupid for believing that vile delinquent!  Luzma is now playing the "but he loves you!" tune.  Well, Natalia now knows that Dio is only being affectionate to hurt her mother. She's pissed that both her dad and Yago are such filthy rats.  Natalia is ready to get revenge now.  She'll tell her plan to Luzma, but only if she swears not to tell.  "They'll regret messing with me!" 

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Amores Verdaderos #97 Thu 3/28/13 We Will Always Have Paris. Or That Male Stripper Club.

* Lo refrito: lots of jackassery, jealousy and a big SLAP!

* Lo nuevo: when Vicky tries to talk some sense into Nikki for the hundredth time. Roy is going to be the father of her children and her companion for the rest of her life, so she should be completely sure about her feelings before marrying him. But Nikki is convinced that Rollero is the perfect mate for her, and he loves her despite of her bulimia! Don Aníbal overhears their conversation, and when he realizes that Neta wants to get married, he’s over the moon. My princess, you have all my support! Vicky is like “have you all gone mad?”

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lost Dog, Reward if Found

Happy Holidays, Passover and Easter to all who observe!!!

Rogue reminds Chucho not to harm a hair on the head of his precious puppy and gives him instructions on his booties and his blankets. (We already know how this is going to end up)

The Fussy Fuchsia Gals have welcomed Chucho into their circle.  They want to start fresh, they are a team.  He is a colleague.  Jessica is not too happy to hear that Chucho is no longer the enemy.  The ladies ask for forgiveness.  Chucho couldn’t be happier.  All for one and one for all!!!!
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Amor Bravío #155 (Uni 150) Wed 3/27/13 "Nat Now Knows, Yago is Yucky as Ever and Other News de Aculco"

Mena here, and I am back again burning the midnight oil.  Hold the page for me again, okay?  Viewerville has lots to say about life in Aculco and then some  ……. especially since these are the last capitulos of this story.  Your job is to keep the comment board open, that’s it, nada mas.

Sure, no problem……. Dum dee um dee dummmmm…  Hmmm, no harm in an aside …..   Maja tweeted – she wants a word with the mistress, pronto.  She wants her spot on the big pillow on the bed seeing as the big guy isn’t hogging it anymore……. Dum dee um dee dummmmm……..  Tweet to the writers- she wants them to lose the cute baby actress.  Dog’s don’t require union rates.

The Husband House that Daddy Dio Bought:  Nutty Nat stands in the shadows of the house listening to Yucky Yago and Dio discuss the contract that Yago is being forced to sign.  Yucky Yago is not sure why he needs to sign this agreement.  Dio explains that in the event that there is a mutually agreed upon amendment to their contract divorce between said subcontractor  Yago and his project  Nat,  Yago will give everything that he gained in the marriage  back, including the gigantic hideous watch he now sports.  Not only that, but Yago will be obligated to provide part of his future earnings back to Nat and the bebe.  

Office of the El Orphanage: Viv and Rafa are leaving the office talking to Aaron.  They explain that they have to wait for all efforts to find any other family of Roman’s to be exhausted.   Roman overhears and asks them if they are really going to adopt him.    They explain to Roman that it is not automatic, that a judge will have to decide if they can adopt him.  They also tell him that the officials have to be sure to check that there are no other families that would be better ones to adopt him and that he doesn’t have any bio family that would claim him.  Roman doesn’t understand and is impatient with what is sure to be an excruciatingly long process in his mind [viewerville is in full agreement with Roman].    He offers to talk to the judge himself.  Aaron tells Roman to have patience and Viv reassures Roman to look forward to the future and not worry.

Casita de Dan and Miriam (including Caridad and Agatha and any Other Number of Drop-Ins):  Ana and Miriam and Agatha are  baking cookies and sharing warmies and smiles with ever- present Caridad somewhere on the sidelines.   Dan has arrived and Ana asks Dan to take a photo of the four of them.  Agatha conveniently needs a diaper change and Caridad and Ana excuse themselves to handle poopie duty.  Alone together, Dan is explaining, again, about being late.  This time the reason is  because Agustina was recently transferred from el pokito to El Pokote.  Lucky for him this is sufficiently bad news  and Miriam focuses on the news rather than Dan’s lame excuse again.  Dan asks when Mariano is coming to take his kid home so that he and Miriam can go to the doctor appointment.  Miriam tells him that the appointment was cancelled because the doctor went on vacation.  QTH?  Dan insists that Miriam needs a second opinion – that she cannot return to Chile without it.  She disagrees etc.   Dante arrives to interrupt the back-and-forth.  He  gives Dan the bad news that the audiotape cannot be cleaned up by the local IT team and that they need to send the tape to the big city for work.

The Husband House that Daddy Dio Bought:  Dio is pleased that Yago has been following his orders like a good stooge.  But, Yago has still not come through on one of the requirements to stay present on this planet.  That is, he has not delivered Natty to Daddy by way of showing her complete devotion to him while abandoning her mamita Amanda.  Yago complains that no matter what he does, nothing has completely worked.  Dio is insistent that Nat really feels something for him wayyyyy deep down inside.  Yago’s brain springs a synapse and he wonders aloud to Dio that if Dio is such a devoted and caring father, why is he forcing someone to marry Nat against his will?  All things have a reason says Dio, attempting to be the teller of all things wise.  He explains to Yago that many years ago Amanda abandoned him and NO MUJER ever makes him look bad! Nunca!  Therefore, he is getting revenge on Amanda by robbing her of  what she cares most deeply about, the affections and loyalty of her daughter, Nat.  Nat has overheard enough as her eyelids can  expand no further without ripping at the seams and she sneaks out the way she came in.  She sprints down the stairs and across the lawn.

Pastures of La MQ:  Pablo and Rodolfo moon about not being among the happy couples Eleuterio and Dorotea and Piedad and Hipolito.

Casita del Dan and Miriam:  Dan vents frustration to Miriam and Dante that Isa and Dio still have no evidence against them that would put them in jail once and for all.  Dadnabit @#$$! Dan hates leaving La MQ (translation: Camila) with all this unsettled biz.  He assures Miriam (who of course inquires if this will keep them from returning to Chile) that they will still be returning to Chile.  Nonetheless, he is PO’d that his sacrifice has been for nothing. What sacrifice, asks Miriam?  Dante quickly adds, why the sacrifice of  nearly dying and drowning on his way to Mexico  [Viewerville suspects Dan refers to the giving up Camila sacrifice which will remain a secret from Miriam for now].  Miriam tries to calm him by telling him that Abe and Gaston will be working from Chile to do what they can to catch the bad guys in Mexico.  Dan huffs off and she worries to Dante about Dan’s attitude – that it seems as though he is being forced to go back to Chile (along with being forced to resume his husbandly duties) and she doesn’t like it one single bit.

The Big House:  Agustina is checked in with prints and pics and is left purpleless.  She has a new cellmate, Carmela.  Carmela welcomes Agustina saying that if she acts right and does what Carmela tells her to do, all will be well.  If she doesn’t, well, life will be hell.

Courtyard of La MQ:  The happy rancheros, Pablo and New Girl give a hurrah to the new bulls that have arrived.  Camila and Luzma walk up and Camila gives them the bad news that Agustina has been moved to The Big House.  Camila’s phone rings with seriously disillusioned Nat on the other side.  Nat is calling to offer her help to gather evidence against  Deceptive Daddy Dio.   Scene switches to Nat on the lawn of the house that Daddy bought as she hangs up with Camila.  Behind her she hears a voice!  She freezes – no puede ser!  She turns to see Dio standing at the top of the stairs asking what she is doing there.  Thinking on her well-balanced wedgies (finally) she tells Daddy Dio she was just coming to meet with Curtain Lady.   She smartly turns the table to ask them what they are doing there, hmmm? Ummm, well, the pair come up with some lame story about fixing up a surprise for Nat.  Daddy Dio wanted to take the opportunity of their upcoming honeymoon to load their house up with specially picked furniture.  Guau!  Thanks Daddy, she smartly says, going along with the story.  She tells him she loves surprises with a wink and a nod to viewerville.  Yes, thanks, Don Dio says Yago.  Nah, it is Dio’s pleasure to please the light of his eyes, Nat.  Oh, and no need to call me Don Dio, he tells Yago,  I am your father-in-law, after all.

Courtyard of La MQ:  Everyone is happy to learn that Nat is on the side of the good guys and will help them get Dio’s briefcase.  Camila also informs them that they must be careful while they plot against the bad guys.  She also informs  them that Dio will be visiting the ranch after dinner to talk to her.  Los rancheros  vow to punch his lights out if he tries anything.  Piedad tells Camila that she is praying to the Virgincita for a milagro.  If that fails,  maybe She will divinely deliver a bed for Dio and Isa in a concrete slab courtesy of the frustrated tourist site developers.

The Big House:  Agustina continues to get acquainted with Carmela.  Agustina confides that the experience of jail is horrible for her while Carmela asks if she expected it to be a castle.   Agustina claims she is innocent.  That is what everyone says, Carmela tells her.  No really, Agustina insists that she was a dope who was duped by her husband and when she became a detriment to him, he turned her in for fraud.   But of course, that’s men for you, Carmela exclaims in solidarity with Agustina.  Carmela tells her of her own story of betrayal by a man.   She says that one day she discovered her man was abusing their daughter and when she threatened to turn him in, he pulled a pistol on her.  Well, she decided it was him or it was us, and she decided to save us.  She shot him dead.  No regrets except for missing her daughter.

Courtyard of La MQ:  Hippo asks a favor of Los Rancheros.  He wants them to take care of Piedad and Luzma if anything happens to him in the plot to steal Dio’s briefcase.  Discussion ensues about this plan.
Kitchen of La MQ:  Luzma calls Dan to tell him that Nat has agreed to help in the plot against Dio.   She adds that after Camila and Mariano cenar, they are going to el hostal to talk to Nat about the plan.  WTQ?  Dan goes into jealous thought bubbles about Mariano and Camila spending time together.  He mentions his blood boils thinking about the two of them, even though he knows it is selfish.

Camila’s Cabana:  Trip down memory lane about Dan swearing they will never need to part, Agustina being led away in handcuffs and other tear-jerking scenes.

Botanica del Pueblo:  Isa buys some new magic herbs and she and the shopkeeper exchange recipes for a more potent brew that Isa can give Cayetano.  They decide it is better to add the magic herb drops to a hot toddy or something to strengthen its potency.  Isa leaves and receives a phone call from another random lawyer.  Isa informs him that she and her new husband want to update their will.  Random lawyer tells her that this is as easy as emailing a boilerplate form to her so she Cayetano can fill in the changes and all her his wishes and just send it right back for notarizing.

Courtyard of La MQ:  Pablo and Mariano walk and talk about Pablo’s troubled marriage and when she loves him and when she loves him not.  Pablo wonders about their future.  Cayetano shows up and gives them the good news that he has been to his real lawyer.  He informs them that his will now provides one fourth of the ranch to each son and his wife.  Pablo is happy to be included.  Mariano wonders if Pops did this because of what he told him about Isa’s sketchy plans.  No, says Pops, he just wants to do what is right and adds that Mariano need not worry that Isa is a gold-digger.  Isa, he tells the fellas, is in full agreement with this plan to share the ranch equally.   The words leave his mouth as Isa leaves town with magic herbs and a plot to do Cayetano in and take over the ranch in its entirety.  Isa has not learned to share.

Camila’s Cabana:  Camila talks to Viv on the party line.  Viv consoles her friend.  Camila asks how Viv is, btw.  Viv reluctantly fills her in on her good news that she and Rafa are working on adopting Roman.  Smiles and congrats. Something is going right for someone.

El Hostal:  Dante arrives and needs to talk to Teresa.  He tells her that he thinks they should try to have a relationship.  Teresa wonders about his love for Miriam.  Dante, who finally gets it, says that neither Miriam or Mariano love either of them so it is time to consider giving their new relationship a chance.  Teresa looks as though she is really considering this.  Viewerville has time to have a good look at Dante and approves wholeheartedly that this is a verrrryyyy gooood choice.

Dinner Table at Casita de Dan and Miriam:  Ana overhears Dan mention Miriam needing a doctor appointment and worries about Miriam.  Ana tells them that she remembers that her mom died as did the mother of one of her friends.  She has decided that no mom should die.  Miriam agrees, but tells Ana that sometimes, no matter what we wish, mothers or fathers or children die.  She reassures Ana that she does not plan to die.

El Hostal:  Nat returns home and arranges to meet with Camila later to help plot against Dio.  She tells her mamita that she has agreed to help the good guys.  Amanda acknowledges that this must be hard for her to do.  No worries says Nat, finally looking like she gets that Daddy Dio is not a swell after all.  She tells Amanda she loves her and rolls off to get to bed.

Jail for SubHuman Types:  Trash gathers trash to be deposited in the trash truck.

Dinner Table at El Rancho de BV:  Isa and Cayetano are having a nice family dinner with Yucky Yago.  They discuss the husband house that Dio bought. Cayetano tells Yago that someday he will have a piece of La BV to build his own house.  Yago is happy to hear this as he prefers to have something that is his own, not something that is a gift from his father-in-law.  Isa yanks mixes it up and adds that he will be happy to share his portion with Mariano, Pablo and her, in equal parts.  WTQ?!   Yucky Yago explodes upon hearing this.  He argues that Pablo isn’t even a full Albarran and Mariano has his own house already and wisely keeps his mouth shut about Isa’s portion.  Cayetano tells him he can do whatever the he@# he wants with his ranch.  Yucky Yago finishes with a temper tantrum and tells Cayetano he can keep his crumbs – he will go off and be an important rich man all on his own. So there!

El Hostal:  All gather for the powwow of good guys, everyone but Dan, that is.  Dan shows up to help plot against Dio. Mariano tells Dan he is not needed and to not interfere in Camila’s affairs any longer.  Dan looks crestfallen and looks at Camila.  She says nothing, suggesting she is complicit with Mariano’s  statement.

Jail for SubHuman Types:  Trash collects trash and throws it in the bin.  Trash climbs in after the trash and hides.  Trash waits for the scheduled trash truck pickup.  Trash is dumped into the trash truck and no one working at the jail is the wiser.  Trash thought bubbles to himself to an as yet unnamed mugrosa that is deserving of his revenge.  Trash takes a trip out of the jail to freedom.   Camera freezes the frame on the face of LeoSordido.


Amores Verdaderos #96 Wed 3/27/13 Beauty and the Beast, after the dance

The old: 

Vikki and the Big Guy, having at last owned up to their feelings, do a sweet, romantic turn around the dance floor at the male stripper club.

Soggy Paula opens her apartment door to Francisco while Adriana hides from view.

The new:

Paula's lament -- I did it for love!
Paula is disappointed when Frankie tells her he's there to talk about his father. Frankie can't stand to see Felipe getting excited about a reconciliation and then getting his hopes dashed.  Paula says it was a misunderstanding -- she meant no harm.  But since she has Francisco captive, she seizes the chance to sing her blubbery Song of Self-Pity.  By the end of it, Frankie says he feels sorry for her.  Yes!  That's what she wanted!  Because she is the Unhappiest Woman he has ever known!
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Porque El Amor Manda - Episode #13 - March 27, 2013: Pati and Chucho's lunch date makes Rogelio, Alma and Xochi jealous; Secretaries and Chucho: "All for one and one for all!"

By Recapper Jody

Chucho tries using rich, fatty foods to convince Eli to keep his real job title a secret from Vero. Eli can't do it - Chucho continues to beg and plead - tonight's his first night with Valentina, it's so very important to him and his daughter - Eli still refuses to keep secrets from his wife.

The secretaries are at the coffee station chatting about Chucho and the marketing meeting. Susanah tells them about how Chucho helped her pick out the engagement ring and helped her plan the engagement party. Xochi cries as Susanah continues with her positive comments about Chucho.

As Eli gets on the elevator, Chucho continues to beg and plead for Eli to help him, give him time. Eli stays silent.
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Amores Verdaderos #95 Tue 3/26/13 Inappropriate Liberties are Taken

Amores Verdaderos Cap 95 3/26/13— Inappropriate Liberties are Taken

Recap finished! Here are some preview screenshots.

Ewww! No, just no. Don't let Roy the Boy get too cozy with you, Nikki!

BEHAVE, YOU TWO! He's a married man!


Refried: Kendra-Ho tells the Furry Fornicator that she's expecting his bebe. He is not overjoyed. Victoria wanders into his office. Fortunately for the slutty couple they weren't doing anything incriminating. They make up some story about Kendra being there for business.

Kendra breaking the news to the Furry Fornicator that she has a bun in the oven.

Victoria spins some tale to Big Angel about writing a poem to hubby, because they're reconciling. Big Angel seems suspicious, due to the ambiguous, bittersweet content in the poem.

The New:  Victoria's friends Doris and Jocelyn visit Vicki at work. They're chatting animatedly. Doris is thrilled that they may end up being related some day via the marriage of their kids (Nikki and Roy the Boy).

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PEAM, Tuesday 3/26/13 (#12): Idiots on Parade

Alt title: "All of the Other Reindeer"
(Doesn't that sound like a great name for a horror film about murderous reindeer-zombies? The prequel could be "Reindeer Games" and the third one would be "Reindeer III: Season of the Witch," followed by "Reindeer IV: Rudolph's Revenge" and "Dasher Strikes Again" and then Rob Zombie could do a revival... or maybe I am delirious from chocolate withdrawal.)

(Seriously, though, thank you Blue Lass for the reindeer moniker to describe Avon's peanut gallery.)

Alma knows perfectly well that Rogelio would never have picked out that ring on his own - he can't even remember her birthday, much less her sign or birthstone! But Chucho insists that Rogue really wanted her ring to have a "special meaning," and sure, okay, Chucho helped him with that, but that was all.

Alma doesn't seem convinced. She asks, did he call all of her "friends," too? Because Alma knows that that wasn't Rog's doing, either. If it had been Rog, then only his friends would have been there. (Chucho gives Susana the credit for the invitations.) Anyway, Alma says, Chucho and Pati are her only friends! (Let's take a moment to contemplate how very sad that would be. Wait, no... friends with Chucho? I have no sympathy!) Chucho says it's an honor.

Alma says she fell out of touch with her old friends from school because she was too busy with work and career. She muses that perhaps it wasn't such a good tradeoff. "I was all alone until I met you," she tells Chucho. "But this is a day to celebrate," he reminds the theoretically radiant bride-to-be.

Not content to pester Pati only at home, Fernando stalks her at the gym as well. He is campaigning to be her next boyfriend. "You shouldn't be all by your lonesome. We can become another power couple, like Rog and Alma." Pati says not so fast - who says her relationship with Rog is through? A lot can happen between him and Alma. She didn't stay at his house last night. Besides, Fernando's already dating some secretary. "You'll never sip the refreshing drink of water that is me," she taunts.

Just to make sure that Fern is thoroughly humiliated, Pati adds that he doesn't have nearly enough money to be worth of the likes of her. Fern finally gives up and leaves her alone. Then she remembers Rog calling to ask about "lo nuestro" (referring to her status as perpetual booty call) and is so irritated, she blurts out "imbécil!", offending an innocent passerby.

What this girl needs is some inspiration. Coincidentally, Jesus arrives with Alma.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amor Bravío #154 (Uni 149) Tue 3/26/13 Gussie’s in cuffs, Hissie’s in a huff, and Nati’s heard ‘nuff!

Natalia has just had her blood test done and encourages a fraidy cat Yago to go get his.  He’s left behind his cell phone and kazam! She goes straight for it.  She sees Dionicio’s message to Yago setting up that appt w/Yago saying they’re gonna sign a contract – he’d better be there or else.  Yago returns and she quickly puts aside the phone.  Yago complains he was likely to faint from having his blood drawn.  The nurse tells Nati the results will be sent by email by tomorrow.  (eek!  What if Yago has an STD?).  Nati tries unsuccessfully to get him to come furniture shopping with her.  He explains he has an appt with a very important breeder. 

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Amores Verdaderos #94 Mon 3/25/13 She loves me, she loves me not... he loves me, he loves me not... i can't love her, i can't love him... i say lock them up together in a cell for 48 hrs

Odiosa and Anyballs on phone, she does not care about his health, it is too bad he did not die. She says a quick exit would be too easy for him. He deserves to keep on living to pay slowly for all the harm he has done.   (this woman has a grudge on Anyballs the size of Jupiter!) She hangs up with Anyballs. In comes her son Estefano and he is irate with her. She should not wish that (slow painful agony) on anyone. We learn from Stefano that she and Anyballs tried a relationship that did not work (it sounds more to me like SHE wanted the relationship but ANyballs dropped her like used goods)

At apartment, Bea and Dances with Guillo arrive to Paula and Cris. Cris takes Guillo away. Paula is very rude in a comment about Dances. Bea is upset that her mother treats Dances like this. Paula does not want Bea to suffer with such a violent guy like Dances. Bea denies Dances is any like Leonardo. Paula says you need therapy, you are repeating the pattern. Bea assures her she loves Dances and will marry him.

Vicky in her study writes ‘maybe it was a mistake, a misfire’. Tomasina comes to see her, says tomorrow she will meet with Opalina. What do you want me to ask her? … (seems Vicky would rather go with Tomasina)

Paula thinks to herself, won’t let my daughter make the same mistake again. She walks into Felipe waiting for her. He insists in them hanging together, she is not in mood for visitors. He is ok with that. She can still count on him for anything. He leaves, she looks back, rethinking his offer?.

At B kitchen, Polita, Gorilita and Angel are eating breakfast. JM standing by.

In comes angry Nil-son asking rudely about Vicky, then barks at Angel ‘is this the way you look after my wife?? (takes Angel’s plate off the table and even does it again when JM tried to return it, dragging JM into kitchen) You are irresponsible!!’ Nil-Son leaves mad, Angel is swallowing hard stopping himself from going after Nil-Son and slicing his tongue for JM to cook for dinner. (ok ,that was a bit graphic but FF idiot deserves it)
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Amor Bravío #153 (Uni 148) Mon 3/25/13

Capitulo 153: The Gathering Storm

Lo del pasado

Amanda and Natalia talk about Ileana's information; Daniel tries to help Amanda, who points out that Iagho's demeanor regarding their "engagement" changed overnight.  Camila fills in her staff about the happenings at the police station.  They talk about sneaking into El Diablo's lair to steal the briefcase. Camila thanks the guys, but dismisses this as too dangerous.

Lo de nuevo

La Malquerida, Dining Room:  Luzma suggests Natalia, whom El Diablo would trust. While Camila points out that may be the case and Piedad says that Natalia has known Señora Augustina for ages and Luzma says that Natalia is a good friend and would listen to her Hipolito points out the risk that she won't believe them and would blab to El Diablo, which would make matters worse. Camila is prepared to take the risk and talk to Natalia first thing in the morning.
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PEAM #11, 03/25/2013 – Do Surprise Parties Always Miss the Mark?

We rejoin the party scene at Rogue’s palatial home with Rogue snearing at the carne asada.  An inappropriate it seems guest, Fermin, reveals that he was invited by Chucho, much to Rogue’s disgusto he shows the guard his name on the list of invited guests.  But he further hovers around the roast beast, which turns out to be javelina.  The lip smacker further advises Rogue that he should have some better party food to go along with the javelina like chicharonnes and guacamole.  Another housewife in sweater type approaches Rogue who starts to ask who she, but then shrugs, don’t tell me, must be another Chucho invitee.

Chatita contends with Veronica who has to be told several times who she is, this is a good foil since Vero gives up trying to pry info out of her about who Alma the girlfriend is.
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend Discussion: Las Primeres Actrizes; Grandes Damas de Televisa

As I did a few weeks ago with the mature gentlemen who populate our favorite tales about love, hate, and the seven deadly sins, here I will present the great ladies of same.  Since this will be a handful of them presented in the same manner, I will do the same as before starting with the youngest of these fine actresses and age them in reverse:

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Porque el Amor Manda #10: What Do They Make at Avon, Anyway?

They Make Plans:

Rogue wants to throw a big ol' surprise engagement party for Alma but naturally doesn't know a thing about her, including who her friends are or her taste in rings, so he delegates it all to Doña Susana. Jesús sees her consternation and offers to help. He cops Alma's address book from her phone which she accidentally left on his desk and goes off with Doña Su and a big wad of bills. What could possibly go wrong?

They Make Trouble:

Paty tries to get info about the party by buttering up Jesús. Gosh, Almita says you're one super sexy secre, didja know? He gets all goofy-face but still doesn't tell her anything. She flounces off.

They Make Promises:

The weedy little cab driver comes back for his reward, and of course Chucho's pockets are still empty. He promises him something tomorrow. Unless tomorrow's payday, this isn't looking good.

They Make Progress:

Xochi calls Jesús and asks him out for coffee; he distractedly agrees. The poor chica is over the moon. Maricela eavesdrops snottily.

They Make Memories:

Alma sees Jesús blissing out over his CD of Valentina pix and sits down to watch with him. She reassures him that it's not his fault he missed her early years, and anyway he'll be there for her from now on. Not every family is happy, she says wistfully. She confides that she would like children herself but is afraid of repeating the mistakes her own parents made.

They Make Excuses:

Vero asks to speak with Doctora Deliciosa after Valentina's session and tells her she is concerned about her child spending time in that Big Bra environment. The Doctora says she sounds jealous. Vero protests, protests, protests too much.

They Make Command Decisions:

Jesús overrides Doña Su's philosophy of "the bigger the rock, the bigger the love" and insists on a simple ring with turquoise, Alma's birthstone. It's wicked ugly, but he's the galán, so we know it will turn out all right -- after a maximum of six months of malentendidos.

They Make Wishes:

Vero calls Jesús and demands to meet his chesty girlfriend. What's her name, anyway? "Alma..." he says dreamily. Rut-Roh.

In Other News:

- The three sillies are preparing a memorable practical joke for "la nueva secretaria." Xochi is not on board, and even Susana hesitates.

- Fer suggests to Xochi that they forget all about the incident in the photocopy room. Ya think?

- Vero almost catches Elías sneaking junk food, which he hides in a houseplant. It should be noted that he looks at it with more passion than he looks at her.

- Rogue arrives home to find a rollicking party in progress on his patio, complete with a roasting pig and a tacky little bald guy who says, "Jesús invited me!" THERE WILL BE FALLOUT.


Amores Verdaderos #93 Fri 3/22/13 Big Boys Do Cry; An Unexpected Engagement


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman. We have a really great epi this evening. We have secrets and lies all that is missing is the video tape, and we have a surprising development. So sit back with your Baileys , relax and join me on the Patio as I dish the latest on our myriad cast of characters.

We open this epi with Cris and the Angel in Angel's room talking about Angel quitting his job, Cris doesn't want that. Cris tells Angel he is her whole life and the kiss that wasn't really a kiss, just a forehead smooch and a cheeky smooch.

Next we have Guzmancito and Pau and she wants back in his life, but she is still dead to him. He can't forgive her for what she has done, Angel and Cris come in, but go right back out. Pau tries to get Guzmancito to understand, but he isn't having it and she goes, while our wonderful Guzmancito cries his tears and we on the Patio, especially Victoria from Texas, wants to wipe those tears off his face, *sigh*.
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Amor Bravío #152 (Uni 147) Fri 3/22/13 The Truth About Dad or Daddy Dearest Rules The Roost…For Now

Capítulo 152 
Partes 1-3

Lo Del Pasado:

Daniel has gotten Miriam’s agreement to see the doctor again for permission to travel back to Chile—when hopefully, Shady Doc is off playing an 18 hole round of golf that day, so that Mir gets to see his morally upright and totally incorruptible partner for that long-awaited SECOND OPINION  that Viewerville’s been hoping for.  Dionisio and Isadora are toasting to putting the finishing touches to their sinister plans for bending both Camila and Cayetano to their wicked will.  Cam will have to cede La Malquerida—and probably an amount of personal mattress space to Dio--and El Tonto de Yippee ¡Yai! Cayó will suffer a fatal heart attack after tippling back a couple of Issa’s custom Poison Passion potassium cocktails, a Viuda Negra house specialty.  Dio and Dora, the sexual sicko’s in this story, have plunged to the depths of degenerate debauchery after the aphrodisiac of discussing their murderous maneuverings.  Bwahahahahaa!!!

Lo Del Nuevo:

Natalia, with Yago the Yutz in tow, arrives at Daniel and Miriam’s with a wedding invitation for the coming Saturday.  The affianced couple meets Mir and learns that Dan and Fam are leaving to return to Chile on Sunday.  They’ll be there to say their good-byes to everyone, however.

Back in the bull yards of La Malquerida, Eleutario and Rodolfo are disputing the truth of what Ileana told Rod about Yago’s true and most dishonorable honorable intentions in marrying the deflowered damsel, Rodolfo’s little señorita gone astray, Natalia. Eleutario mentions that his fruit-seller friend, Leti, told him she saw Yago the other day picking some street walker up and driving off with her.  Rod thinks it’s some stupid third-hand gossip or something.  Eleu tells him La Leti had no reason to lie to him and knows he knows Nat and that’s why she mentioned it.  Well, then, Rod says muy hot under the collar, he hopes Amanda’s little plan works cuz that yutz doesn’t deserve her!

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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - Week of March 25

Have a great week! Over to you.

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Amor Bravío #151 (Uni 146) Thu 3/21/13 Amor Encarcelado

 Ileana tells Team Cayetano that Isadora has been putting drops in all of Cayetano's meals.  For now, though, the drops will just be water.  Rocio is anxious to have the drops analyzed so that there's finally proof to convince Cayetano with.  Ileana admits she's done a lot of stupid crap, but she hopes she's making up for it a little now.  Rocio hopes this whole experience will help Ileana adjust her attitude.  Mariano tells Ileana there's no resentment on his part.  Ileana hopes Pablo and Luzma will be happy together.  She even asks to give Refugio a kiss.  Slow mo hugs all around and sappy music playing as the allegedly reformed bad girl takes her leave.

Teresa is meeting with one of Agustina's cronies to gather some proof of her innocence.  Crony #1 says she knows Agustina, but they're not exactly BFF's.  Plus she's feeling deceived since Augie didn't get certified in Vegas.  Teresa says she thought she would, but she was deceived.  Crony #1 is also upset that she referred other people to Agustina.  Teresa promises she'll try to get everyone what they're due, but she really needs the woman to testify.  Well, hell no, she won't!  And what's more, Agustina should be grateful she's not planning to sue her, as long as she gets her money back.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #92 Thu 3/21/13 easier said than done... sweeping dirty little secrets under the rug...

Paula arrives at B house. Vicky goes to fetch Niki. Angel questions Paula’s new visit. She just came to sell Avon… jk… she came to teach piano.

In Niki’s room, FoyBoyRoy is miffed that the movie they watched is below par. And of course he has to throw another demeaning comment about Gorilita. Niki nips the subject in the bud saying Guzmi is uneducated gopher.

Vicky comes to get Niki. She does not want to take piano class today(isn’t it always the ‘just this once, pleeeeaaasseee!’ line?), wants to go get a welcome present for Tatito (Anyballs) instead. Vicky will be the piano student today instead.

Downstairs Angel tries to convince Paula to leave but to no avail. Niki, FoyRoy and Vicky come down. Niki and FoyRoy leave to go shopping. Vicky tells Paula she will be the student today, to Angel’s shock.

At KenDrat’s, Cris bit the bait hook, line and sinker, saying Dances is more violent than she thought. KenDrat keeps the play going and throws one last arrow telling Cris that Dances says she is a ho because the man she IS going out with is … wait for it… married??! … Cris is in shock. KenDrat says she fought her feelings. Cris suggests KenDrat talk to Paula, who was lover to a married man… KenDrat bubble thinks ‘stop saying stupid things!’ but thanks Cris for her advise. She is still afraid what Dances would have done if she were alone.

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PEAM #-9- Frisky Fern Gets Photocopied and Learns a Lesson in Self Defense Almost at the Expense of the French

Happy Spring!!!!!

Alma is approaching the driveway while Roge is trying to awaken a drunken Patti.
Alma notices that Roge is a little agitated and sees the broken glass and Roge’s disheveled clothing.  She asks what’s up, are you okay??

Alma asks for a rag and Roge will get one. He suggests a relaxing bath in the Jacuzzi. Alma calls him, he shouts, and it wakes Drunken Pati.   He warns Pati to be quiet or her head will feel the frying pan.  Why do you have the frying pan?? He was going to fry eggs.  Alma smells a rat.  She knows that he is hiding something.
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Amor Bravío #150 (Uni 145) Wed 3/20/13 " Dan Tells a Tall Tale etc."

Dear Dell,

Please hold this space for us while I finish the last page of the recap, okay?


Dear Mena, 

What else would I do since one of us monopolizes the keyboard alllll the time, if you know what I mean?  And while I have a minute may I remind you to take it easy on the WTQ?  You get a little overexcited when you hit those keys.  I know it is hard to believe some of the antics of these characters because they give me a headache too, but have a heart.  Whoever still wonders if computers can approach the brains of humans didn't watch the antics of a certain hunky lunk last night is all I can say.... Go finish up and post so that viewerville can be updated on hunky lunk's whopper tale he told Wife 2, Miriam. 

Sincerely, Dell

OK, Dell and I offer you the rundown on last night's capitulo....

Miriam and Dan’s Casita:  While searching for a blankie for baby Aggie, Miriam finds a pendant with the carved design of a letter C.  Closer study of the pendant reveals a little “sweet nothing” inscription on it.  Squinting her eyes and concentrating carefully, she wonders aloud….. whose name starts with a letter “!C!”….. hmmmmmm… What do you think “! C!”Caridad? Hmmmm…. I know….. “!C!”Camila!  That’s it!  Viewerville claps that she figured this out so handily.  QTH?  She sets her jaw firmly as she says Dan had better start explaining this, pronto.  [“Beeech”, adds Mr Mena.]

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PEAM - #8 - Mar. 20, 2013 -Woody and Jessie take a surprise trip; Miss OCD visits the barrio

Note from Recapper Jody: I have to remind myself not to take anything in this
novela seriously or personally, it’s a comedy. well, it’s supposed to be a comedy
anyway. At various times, the episode has become so pathetic the only thing I can do is
laugh and entertain myself with thoughts like “AVON spelled backwards is NOVA (NOVA)”.
Also, I’ve been renaming characters. For now, my new nicknames include:
Chucho -- Chuckles, Xochi -- Chachi, Fernando -- Woody. And now onto the recap...

Rog packs the money in the little case as he talks with his brother Woody.
Chuckles talks on phone with Vero. She tells him she's on her way to see his place. He
tries to talk her out of going tonight. She is determined and will see him at 6 p.m. sharp.

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Amores Verdaderos #91 Wed 3/20/13 In which Cris and Salsero get Ferrettied (Although Cris doesn't Know it Yet) and Roy Courts the Balvanera Fortune.

The old: 

On the gorgeous Cozumel beach, Kendra and a man in the front row of the audience exchange a conspiratorial look.

In the Balvanera kitchen, Nikki is a brat to Lili.  Lili stands up for herself.  Both realize that Guzmán spent a night away.  With who?

Kendra struts her stuff and poses, sometimes high fashion, sometimes soft-core.  The other models walk slowly in a white-clad zombie parade.  The camera focuses on Kendra and her ... er ... enhancements.  There is an almost hallucinatory composition of white and blue and beige -- sand, water, sky, white dress and blue feathers.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #90 Tue 3/19/13 Jealousy, bitterness, and . . . more jealousy

Amores Verdaderos Cap 90—3-19-13—Jealousy, bitterness, and . . . more jealousy

Seriously, we had a lot of jealousy tonight.

Summary (based on memory—you know how I roll!).

Feel free to add or correct recap in comments. (I know I can count on you guys!)

Refried: Big Angel doesn't get why Victoria didn't respond differently to his "confession" (of how there's a woman who has tempted him to stray from the straight and narrow), not realizing that Vicki HAS NO CLUE because he never said which woman was tempting him. "She doesn't know how much I love her" he says to himself (or some such).

The New: Big Angel packs his bags. He's outta there! But no sooner is he out the door than he's in again. He can't leave Vicki. Who will look after her?

He can't make a clean break!

* Meanwhile, Vicki has roused Thomasina (aka The Only Sensible Person In This Episode) from her slumber to rant and rave about Big Angel's "confession." "He's tempted to cheat on his wife with Opalina!" Rant rant rant. Thomasina looks puzzled, alarmed, and finally, amused by Vicki's display. She observes that Vicki seems . . . jealous. "ME!?!?!? JEALOUS?!?!?!?" Yeah yeah, Ms. Thou Doth Protest Too Much, yeah you.  Thomasina even astutely notes that Vicki is sounding just about as jealous and unglued as Christina does about Big Angel. Vicki is not amused by this comparison at all. Thomasina finally just lets it go, smiles knowingly, and says, "Well I know what I know" (or something) and leaves Vicki in her own puddle of self-delusion.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amor Bravío #149 (Uni 144) Tue 3/19/13 Roman is blessedly silent and Miriam learns her ABC’s.

Straight to the new stuff --

Amanda’s Hostal
Aaron shares a cuppa and some wisdom with Nati.  As all brides-to-be do, she sits with her notepad scribbling down wedding plans.  She’s very busy with the boda.  She originally wanted a small wedding but Daddy Dearest really wants the huge social event of the year.  Aaron wisely asks she wants.  (see how he does that Dr. Phil thing?)  She giddily responds she just wants the day  to be here now, she can’t wait to be married!  Aaron is happy because he’ll be able to attend.  He plans to leave soon after Rafa’s book release.  She’s sad to see him go.  He’s been very happy here and has found it an enriching experience.  He almost hates to leave but his peeps in Chiapas are waiting for him.  Amanda walks in and announces that through Daddy Dearest’s fault, Agustina’s been arrested!  Nati is all impactada, “Que?”

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PEAM, Tuesday 3/19/13 (#7): The Bleeping Perils of Fernando's Bleeping Package Bleep Bleep Bleep

Xochi stifles her rage as the other secretarias have the laugh of the century at Chucho in his ill-fitting uniform, a raspberry-colored wreck. Alma herself stops cold at the sight of it. Fernando joins in with some particularly withering comments and even takes a picture (and why does he want such a picture, hmmmm?).

(The secretarias are all so busy making fun of Chucho - do any of them notice the way Fernando dresses? He always looks like he's on his way to a "Miami Vice" fan club convention. That look was mockable enough even when it was actually in fashion. I think it's ten times more hilarious now.)

Alma rescues Chucho by inviting him into her office. Outside, Xochi offers to give the other secretarias the money she won on the bet (about whether he would get fired today or not) if they'll stop laughing. They pause for a moment as if to consider it, but they can't control themselves.

In Alma's office, Chucho half-jokingly suggests that the secretarias conspired with Cardenas and Fernando to get him this ridiculous uniform as revenge for his insulting remarks. Alma tells him it's really not that bad, but they both know she's only being nice. Chucho tries to be a good sport about it.

Then Alma says, "I know it's none of my business, but are you, um, well, are you gay?"
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Amores Verdaderos #89 Mon 3/18/13 A Confession (Kind of)

* Lo refrito: Victoria, the jealous Balvanera princess gets owned by Arriaga. “Yes, madam, you’re right, Opalina isn’t just my spiritual guide. Good night.” Vicky is impactada, and she deserved it.

* Lo nuevo: while Nikki is anxiously waiting for her BoyToyBoyfriend, the aforementioned young gentleman is in the middle of a threesome with two American girls (who surely won the award for the most horrible accent in a telenovela). He says he’s with his coach, and they are making arrengements to his next United States tournament. By the way, he hopes this time his beloved flaquita (skinny girl) will accompany him… as his wife. Neta gets a small heart attack, but manages to feign enthusiasm: oh, that’s great, she wants to marry him so much, and now she’s super happy. Really. Roy promises that as soon as he finishes there *yuck*, he’ll pick her up.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Amor Bravío #148 (Uni 143) Mon 3/18/13

Capitulo 148: The Trap Is Set

Lo del pasado:

Camila and Mariano look over the bulls; she seems in a good mood.  Daniel asks Augustina about the passports; she tells him they are most likely still in the briefcase she couldn't get. A reluctant Sherlock Juarez arrives – with four men – to arrest her on charges of fraud.

Lo de nuevo:

Parlour: Juarez says that the Associo por el Mejor Futuro claims she does not work for them; she says she signed the documents in front of El Diablo and Hissadora. Daniel says that they must be behind the accusation leading to this arrest.  Becerra tells her not to worry; they will get a good lawyer for her right away. Daniel tells her he will talk to Teresa about getting her a lawyer. She seems to realize that El Diablo is behind this arrest and thinks that this was an act of revenge.  Sherlock Juarez takes out the cuffs although he doesn't put them on her.
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PEAM #6 – 3/18/13 – Is He or Isn’t He? What? A Gay, A Threat, A Financial Genius

Keep your fingers crossed for a better second week that will keep our esteemed colleagues on board while this plot is sorted out. 

El refrito: Fernando threatens Jesus for wanting to leave after everyone else has gone but Fernando gleefully hands this ridiculous work schedule.  He begs for reason from the unreasonable so he can go see his daughter.  The famous paws tighten into fists as Jesus reviews his ignominious arrival before getting to Avon so he humbly says he respects his boss and asks for the same and return.

El nuevo: With plenty of free time for hanky-panky and no hanky-Paty in sight, Rogue taunts Alma with a romantic dinner invitation with candles and flowers.  She gives in and they go off smiling and together for a change.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #88 Fri 3/15/13 Strung Out and Hung Up On You; The Truthiness of the Pau; Would I Lie to You?


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, We have a new communique in the form of a Bark-O-Gram, that I had to get a dog whisperer to translate for me and here it is:

To The Patio Peeps: Thanks for caring about what happens to me/stop/ I have a new name/stop/Not happy with Monet/stop/Would love for people to call me Balzac as you Patio Peeps do/stop/ A gang of German Shephards and Pit Bulls stole my beret/stop/I am happy I found the Chefy Guy/stop/ He fed me premium French Bread and Gourmet dog food/stop/ He and the Angel hugged me and played with me/stop/When I see the Odious Sulphurous One I'm a gonna bite her/stop/Didn't know my Master had come to visit the Chefy Guy/stop/Maybe he'll come back/stop/Meantime lovin' it here and they are taking very good care of me/stop/ I have to toodle off now so many wags and kisses, Balzac XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Now on to the recap. We start this epi with Nikki cuttin the cheese and then hiding it and Ms Vikki and Tomi come in and she assures her Mami that she is super fresh and mega cool. Ms Vikki wants to know about the therapy but Nikki so don't wanna talk about it, stalks off and Tomi tells Ms Vikki she will go after her. The Angel has come in, feeling bad about keeping secrets from Ms Vikki, but she really doesn't want to hear it. She isn't hurt by what he did, now if Tomi would keep things from her, she'd be upset, but hey, the Angel is only her bodyguard, not her friend, got that? Yeah, he gets it, but doesn't wanna. Pobrecito!
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Porque el Amor Manda #5: Just Another Day in the Junior-High Cafeteria

Over lunch, all of the other reindeer continue to make fun of Jesús. The 3 Stooges needle him about his sexual orientation, and he responds vehemently -- "No, no, gay!" Unfortunately there's an awkward pause and all anyone hears is the last part. Off goes the rumor mill.
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Amor Bravío #147 (Uni 142) Fri 3/15/13 The Battle for Bulls’ Run, Round Two: Gussie’s a Goner

Capítulo 147

~~Parte 1~~

Luzma wants to give up her claim to Pablo for the sake of a love she cannot comply with.  So, amidst much soul-searching and serious sobbing, she unleashes the surrogate wife bomb on Mayalen who, at first, tries refusing Luzma’s ridiculous suggestion. 

Rodolfo, meanwhile, notices how agitated the spousally abused Pablo is as he’s saddling his horse for himself for once.  Rod’s job is to saddle the horses for his dueños and cannot allow Pablo to injure himself (further) by improperly cinching the saddle and falling off in mid-angry gallop. When Pablo yells that he can do it himself,  Rod offers a bit of free marital counseling.   “--Please her [dar gusto] instead, and give her what she wants.  Whatever it is won’t last long [temporal= temporary, short duration] and she’ll get over it soon enough.”  (H-m-m-m, I don’t think being subjected to surrogate wife-hopping is exactly what ol’ Rod had in mind, though.)

“—But what if Pablo doesn’t want to or worse, what if he does get hooked on me?”  It’s gonna kill her when he realizes there are other women out there to choose from and finally is gone, Luzma sobs, but their marriage is not working and it isn’t his fault.  He shouldn’t have to suffer like this!  (How about just suggesting Luzma ask her psych to double her meds and double up on her therapy sessions instead?  Hmmm?) .  Maya weakens a bit and then finally relents.  “—Are you sure this is what you want?”  Yup, assures Luzma.  She tells Luzma to count on her support then.  (Something tells me it’s more like inside she’s thinking, “--Just point the way and lemme at ‘im!”)   

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Friday, March 15, 2013


Here's a fresh page for your comments.*

*I'd tell you all to Beware the Ides of March but heck, it's almost over anyway. :)

Have a great week!

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Amor Bravío #146 (Uni 141) Thu 3/14/13 Amor Despedido

Agustina walks in on the face-sucking duo of Dio and Isa…in the bedroom!  She gives Dio one good smack for it, then starts telling Isadora off.  Isadora is unrepentant.  Agustina threatens to tell Cayetano, but Dio roughly pulls her back into the room and dismisses Isadora.  Before she leaves, she throws it in Agustina's face that she was ridiculous to think a playa like Dio would ever want her.  "Tell her all about our hot nights together under her roof!"  Agustina cries and asks why he married her if he never loved her. 

Out in the hallway, Isadora says it's about time Augie found out so she can have Dio to herself.

Agustina keeps yelling at Dio, about having trusted him, taken him to La Malquerida, put him above her daughters.  Dio tells her to shut it already.  She enjoyed being with him, so she can just cut it out.  Agustina demands to know how long he's been cheating on her.  Dio won't answer.  He's in the middle of a dinner to ask for his daughter's hand, and no one's going to run in that for him, so she can shut up the easy way or the hard way.  "What's the difference?"  Dio pulls out a tie and brandishes it in front of Agustina.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Amores Verdaderos #87 Thu 3/14/13 of beatings, hush hush meetings, and scheemings

Which one of these does not belong?

Thugs           |           Guns
Sunglasses      |          Hospital Beds

'I am sure! I always took care of preventing it'   (LOL!!! BWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)
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PEAM # 4-So Far The Qualities of the Avon Personnel- Silly, Immature, Rude and Horny

Alma is missing Rogelio, while Rogelio is doing the horizontal mambo with Patti.

Jesus is talking to Chatita about being unemployed.  He was offered his job but he doesn’t want to be a secretary. Chatita asks if he dresses like a woman with those bulky arms.  No, no, no.  He considered the secretarial job but he is over qualified.  Chatita tells him with all of the unemployment, his financial needs and needs of his daughter, he should be thankful that he has been offered a job.  Its better to have something to save than nothing.

The two small guards are stuck to Jesus who wants to speak to Alma, who just arrived to the office.  Sorry to says but the only thing that those two inept guards could catch is a cold.

Vero the zero, calls The Avon Company to find out what type of job Jesus has, because when she asked him about his job he hesitated.   She knows Jesus well and he knows when he is lying. Elias (the saint, because she is a real pain) doesn’t like the taste of the coffee and he gets a lecture about how coffee is not good for you. It’s a drug that irritates the stomach. (She is beginning to irritate me)  He can’t add sugar because it adds calories, and the milk should be skim. Vero asks for Jesus and the secretary doesn’t know anyone by that name.  Jesus enters the office, is scorned by the secretaries who were insulted by his secretary results.  The secretary, who answered the phone, asks for his name- Jesus- hmm.  She knew it, he was lying.  (Vero must eat peppers for breakfast because she is so mean.)

Jesus speaks to Alma and asks for her to forgive him in regards to how he reacted to the secretarial job.  Alma tried to call him by cell, but he doesn’t have a cell phone. He apologizes for acting like an ass.  He wants to know if the Executive Secretary of the Regional Vice President position is still available.  He has to stop saying perdon.

Vero remembers that when they were dating he always lied. (With her shining personality, I would wonder why)   Elias, the voice of reason, tells Vero that she should lighten up, maybe no one knows him because he is new.   She knows when he is lying and Elias wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.   Elias feels that he should be involved in his daughter’s life and Vero disagrees.   What a bitter bitch!!  He left her.  Okay Elias gets it, but they still have a daughter. She is stuck on the fact that he owes lots of back child support if he wants to see his daughter.

The three silly men of the office want to check out who this new secretary is.   Once again there is a lack of productive work taking place at a major company. They will ask the secretaries.  The hot pink suits were gossiping about the ruckus that took place yesterday with the idiot.  Susana doesn’t get Alma. The secretaries are hoping that the man is not hired.  He insulted them.  Yada, yada, yada. The three sillies couldn’t believe it and start asking questions.  They can’t understand why Ms. Alma received him as if nothing happened.  The 3 sillies are in disbelief.

Fernando is in the warehouse admiring Jessica’s legs while she works, trying to get a whiff.  Good news- she can come back upstairs, he spoke to Alma.

Jesus is hired as the Secretary.  A humbled Jesus thanks Alma for the job.  Cardenas wants Jesus to wear the secretary uniform- the hot pink (fuchsia) suit.  Cardenas tries to size up Jesus, but his measurements are off.

There is an electrical handshake between Alma and Jesus.
Fernando is going to help Jessica unpack her things.  Alma wants to know why Jessica is back, because Jesus Garcia is the new Secretary of the Regional Vice President.  Everyone is laughing.  Alma introduces Fernando because they are going to share secretaries.  Jesus gets a cool reception from 2 of the 3 secretaries.

In Acapulco- Rogelio and Patti are still honeymooning.  Patti wants to stay another day but Rogelio has to get back to work. He calls Alma, and is miffed because Alma doesn’t answer her phone. (Is he serious?)

Xochitil is the only one that speaks to Jesus.  Jesus asks who is the one that is shooting evil looks at him and is always in a bad mood- Susana, the Regional Director’s secretary and the other one is Maricela.

Jesus answers the phone to a rude Rogelio, who yells and curses at Jesus and demands to speak to Alma.  He is the Director, Jesus tries to transfer the call and it gets cut off which further infuriates Rogelio.  Rogelio wants to know- who is the idiot that answered the phone. (Rogelio, were you talking to yourself?)  Rogelio didn’t know anything about him being hired and wants him fired immediately.  Rogelio is quite bothered that Alma hired a male secretary.

A tearful Jessica is crying because she has been returned to the warehouse.  Fernando is confident that the new secretary will not last.  He will make his life miserable. 

Jesus felt bad and asked forgiveness for messing up the first call.  Alma tells Jesus to use the word perdon, sparingly.  He is to call her Alma.  Alma wants to know if Jesus needs any software.

The secretaries have been instructed not to speak to the new secretary Jesus. Susana is very bothered that Jesus said that he is over qualified.  Rule number one- no one defends Jesus.  Jesus will not be well received in this department and he will learn what secretaries are capable of doing. (Besides gossiping, acting immature and wasting time.)

Jesus asks for the password for the computer and gets the sarcastic treatment.  They tell him that the password is info Avon which is incorrect, Xochitil whispers- general03.  Fernando calls Jesus to his office.  He didn’t respond because Fernando called for a secreatria not a secretario.  Fernando acts badly and intimidates Jesus because he is his boss.  He orders Jesus to bring him a hot cup of coffee.  Jesus doesn’t know where the cafeteria is.  He asks the portrait of the Virgencita to help him and Xochitil points him in the right direction.  Jesus tries to make the cup while Susana watches.  She starts with her sarcastic remarks about how he should be qualified enough to make a cup of coffee.  He apologizes for his degrading remarks.  Susana doesn’t accept his apology.

Okay, I get it, he insulted the secretaries, they were hurt, and he apologized so let’s move on.  This silent treatment is childish.

Jesus brings Fernando his coffee, it wasn’t in his cup and Fernando has a hissy fit. Who knew that it was the giant neon green cup with his picture on it?  It was not hot enough, this time it was hot enough but tasted terrible.  The next cup was too cold,
Jesus wants to throw the coffee in his face and Jessica knows how he likes his coffee and offers her help, in her teeny weenie skirt.  She shows him how to make it sweet enough and hot enough.  She takes it to him.  He shows him how to fold the napkin too.  Of course, this time, it was perfect.  Jessica tells Fernando that the new secretary is aggressive and she told him what se heard Jesus says about throwing the coffee in his face.

Fernando interrupts Alma to tattle on the new secretary.  Fernando tries to fire Jesus and Alma tells him that he can’t fire him.  He tells her how Jessica told him what Jesus said about disfiguring his face by throwing coffee into it.  Fernando leaves the office since he didn’t get his way.  Jesus says perdon once again and Alma reminds him about the constant use of the word.  Believe it of not she has more important things to do, so she dismisses him.

Jessica thought that Jesus was fired, and Fernando tells her that Alma took Jesus’ side.  Jessica starts to cry once again.  Fernando is going to call his brother because blood ids thicker than water.  Rogelio is not a fan of the secretary either.  Fernando whines all types of insults towards Jesus and Rogelio is on his way home.
Alma sends Jesus to lunch.  He will bring her something to eat since she doesn’t have time to eat.  She is used to not having lunch. 

The four bitter secretaries are talking about Jesus as he enters the cafeteria.  His access is denied.  The three silly men allow him to sit with them.  They tell him that he needs to bless his food.  They join hands for grace.  They introduce themselves Gilberto, Julio and Roberto, I will continue to call them the 3 sillies.  They throw indirect insults about his manhood.  One silly asks him if he is from the other side and he takes it to mean that he worked in Chicago.  Another silly asks if he likes men, and Jesus makes it clear, that he does not to the enjoyment of the whole cafeteria, with the exception of Xochitil.

Coming attractions- Fernando is still calling Jesus Encanto, Patti is drooling over Jesus and Rogelio is not too happy.  Rogelio yells at a calm Jesus and wants to fight him


Amor Bravío #145 (Uni 140) Wed 3/13/13 "Push-Me Pull-Me Love All Around (Besides Breaking TN Ultimos Capitulos News)"

Old News del Pueblo:

Dio’s  Den of Dishonor:  Dio informs Agustina that they will be hosting an event at the house this evening – the asking of Novia Nat’s hand in marriage by Yucky Yago.  He demands that Agustina make it an affair to remember.  Agustina refuses to host if Isa is to attend because she cannot abide having Isa in her home.  Dio demands she will do as he says or she can pack her bags and …..  Agustina shrinks back and agrees to do whatever she needs to do to please Don Demon Dio.  Agustina thought bubbles her worries about how she will be able to keep up the façade of the host and housewife.

Living Room at La BV:  Cayetano and Isa arrive home after Isa has been freed from the pokey.  Isa complains she is tired and anxious to take a long hot shower after her ordeal in prison.  Viewerville is anxious that she don any other age inappropriate apparel than what we have been looking at for the last few days.  Bratgirl wanders in and Cayetonto introduces the two and they exchange pleasantries. For now.  Yago wanders in and pleads a big favor from Pops and the new missus.  He asks them to come with him to his future father-in-law’s place for phony pedida dinner tonight.  This is the night he will be asking Nat’s parents for payola er, her hand in marriage.  Cayetano hesitates, but Isa obliges, fake-graciously, leading viewerville to sniff a whiff of a rat in the vicinity of La BV.

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Amores Verdaderos #86 Wed 3/13/13 The Adventures of Rocky & Bull Twinkie, the Special Chutzpah Edition

Old stuff:  Polita and Lili  are sighing over Frankie, Lili silently and Polita aloud.  Jean Marie spies on Estéfano and Tomi.  [Why isn't Balzac barking like crazy?  What kind of dog is he anyway?]  Nikki is still trying to be honest with the psychologist.  Alas, much of what she believes to be true is a lie.  [But let us trust in the therapeutic process.  Right, EJ?]

New stuff:  Nikki tearfully confides to her shrink that her only true amiga is Kendra; and after being betrayed by the man she loved (that would be our boy Frankie), she is back with good old, dependable, wouldn't hurt a fly Roy. 

Clichés?  Yeah, but sometimes they help.
The psychologist talks about her unhealthy relationship with food. Nikki listens dutifully to the positive, love thyself message and agrees to do her homework: every day, she'll write three good things about herself or her life.  He warns her not to make any important life decisions until her illness is controlled. Vikki joins them at the end of the session and agrees to support the principles of successful therapy:  patience and persistence.

Jean Marie knows about the power of food too.  He plies Estéfano with a dessert so magnificent -- it's all in the quality of the wine and the vanilla from Madagascar -- that the two men lock eyes, joined by the magic of the moment.  Tomi gapes in wonder.

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