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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #35 Lunes 8/31/15

Chapter 35: Seeds of Suspicion

Doris had just finished telling Ari off about his “girlfriend” and shoved him off just as Max arrived. He came to the neighborhood to talk to Maria Dolores, but she put him off. He saw what looked like a party. “It's very important, about a lifelong friend,” she said. He backed off, telling her he would see her later because it was very important. She turned back to Doris, who was crying.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #5 Mon 8/31/15 Tania takes a trip and Pedro takes the Guilt or I'll fly Away!

Hey, everyone!  I’m going to try to be brief, but hopefully thorough.  Some scenes have been combined.

Pedro makes it clear to Tania that he is NOT pleased that she hired Fifi who is in the foreground busily mopping the floor.  How could she trust a perfect stranger in her home!Their situation is “delicate” and needs to be handled with absolute discretion!  Tania sends Fifi to tidy up her bedroom so she and Pedro can talk in private.

Fifi trots off happily enough but the privacy part is a fail as she blatantly listens just inside Tania’s bedroom as the discussion between Tania and Pedro ramps up.  Pedro is concerned that Tania has told Fifi too much about them and he doesn’t like it one little bit.  Tania thinks Fifi is sweet and charming and she needs her.  Noting Tania’s demeanor Pedro checks the liquor cabinet and then her breath and goes ballistic:  she’s drunk again!  Pedro lights into Tania for falling into the same vices again!  We’ve just met these two but any of y’all can fill in the blanks:  she feels hurt by his rejection of her and refusal to introduce her to the family.  She knows his family is conservative and she makes everything so hard by refusing to change!  Right now the family is at a difficult and important crossroads; the reading of the will!  Oh, that’s just an excuse!  It is not!  Tania thinks the reading of the will would be a perfect time for her to meet his family!
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Amores con trampa #110 and #111 8/31 and 9/1 Monday and Tuesday

I'm super pooped tonight and I've managed to hurt my my sleep. Typing seems to be making it worse. This is going to be pretty short, combined and crappy.

Rocio is in new clothes (I like it!) and is packing to leave. Santi helps with the suitcase. They begin the tearful goodbye. Rocio promises to always stay in touch. She's ready to go.

The twins waste water filling water balloons. Jacinto reminds them that they said at home they would conserve water. They remind him they are at school. They give him a good dosing.

Fac and La Pantera (RAWR) finalize the sale of her rancho. She asks him out for drinks.

Beto is in mope mode. He erased all of Rocio's pictures from his phone, but her memory is crystal clear in in mind.

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How can it be the end of August already? Anyway, here is your post for this week. Bajo is hot, hot, hot, the other novelas not so much but who knows what will happen this week. Enjoy the first week of September.

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La Vecina-Highlights and Discussion #50-54 Aug. 31-Sept. 4

Poll results!

Favorite Male:
Total votes: 6
Antonio: 2 votes (33%)
Padre V: 1 vote (17%)
Simon: 2 votes (33%)
Bruno: 1 vote (17%)

Female Character:
Total votes: 5
Sara: 1 vote (20%)
Magda: 1 vote (20%)
Natalia: 1 vote (20%)
Marina: 2 votes (40%)

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!?

Hola Carayites!

Last week on Caray, Caray!...

Oh, we are soooo out of the shadows.  Adios, La Sombra del Pasado and "Benvenuti!" Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse.

This week on Caray, Caray!...

Amores con Trampa  is coming to a close in late September, to be followed by Antes Muerta Que Lichita on September 22 (see below for more details).

Coverage continues for  Lo Imperdonable, and the team is welcoming a new recapper, AuntyAnn for Wednesdays.

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres and La Vecina round out the slate for Univision.  Talk about all things Telemundo (and more!) including Bajo El Mismo Cielo, El Señor de los Cielos 3, and Avenida Brasil here.

Here's the news we have about proximas...
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

To: Desperately Seeking a Recapper. Keep The Faith, Wednesday, 8pm, Lo Imperdonable, Univision, From: Your New Recapper....

Hello everyone! Starting this Wednesday, September 2, there will be a new recapper to the blog. I, also known as AuntyAnn, will be joining the Lo Imperdonable team. Please be patient with me. This will be my first time recapping, but I promise to do my best. I do get off of work late, so I will most likely be posting the recap very late Wednesday, or overnight into Thursday.
Thanks everyone y Hasta Pronto!

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #74 Fri 8/28/15 A Family Reunion

No Mauricio for you tonight.

 He’s taking a well-deserved day off and I appreciate the opportunity he has given me to try my hand at recapping after a rather long layoff,  so for tonight I’ll be your guide through this morass. Settle in, have a complimentary gin and tonic, and let’s spend an hour together as we enjoy watching other people suffer. I promise, no baby seals will be harmed.

What better way to begin than with Nanciyaga counseling and consoling Julio? Something for everyone. He’s fretting and regretting his strong feelings for Ana Perla. Nanci understands, she’s experiencing a similar situation with her patrón, Martín. He wants to forget her, but Nanci assures Julio that hope is like a weed growing by the river, it never dies, it thrives. Well whatever, Julio is pretty gloomy (agüítado) about the whole thing (how the heck does this bumpkin know a word like that?). Nevertheless, Nanciyaga ain’t giving up on her patrón. She’s gonna defy the stars (and presumably those pesky snails as well). “Patron belongs to me… only me.”

"Bippity Boppity Boo"

Ummm, OK, Nanci, as long as you have that machete, I’m not going to argue.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #34 Fri 8/28/15

We start with where we left off yesterday, Isela making the moves on weak old man Claudio, Ivana making the biggest error of her life and Max and Jerry rushing to the Quernavaca house to save the day. At the same time, Alma is reassuring Maleny that she and Claudio will do whatever they can to get her and Max back together.

Now for the good stuff...

Ivana passes out at the pool’s edge and Ursela, Dan, and Arango just stand their staring at her while the doctor and the butler act as if they care. Dr Medina feels her pulse and says they need to get her to a hospital, Ursela dismisses the butler, and they all just stand there discussing what to do. Ursela is clearly in charge, she tells the doctor that they will do nothing to save her. In fact, Ursela rolls her over into the pool. Dr Medina shows us that he actually does have some ethics and jumps in to get her out. Right then, the butler comes running over to tell them that Jerry and Max have arrived. This puts Dan in a compromising situation, so in order to not look like the uncaring moneygrubbing husband that he is, he jumps into the pool too to help the doctor. Jerry and Max will save the day!!!
But wait, Arango runs out to the gate and tells Jerry and Max that they took Ivana to the hospital and quickly leaves with them.
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La Sombra del Pasado Vocabulary

These are all the vocabulary words, phrases, and dichos collected from all the Sombra recaps.  A big thanks to the team: Eli, HellaShelle, Sara, and Lila!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #4 Fri 8/28/15 Muchacha Italiana viene a seguirme!

Greetings!  Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps to my inaugural MIVAC recap!  Yaaay!  Let's hit it!

Giana has collapsed in the lobby of the hospital while Fiorella screams for help!    Adela and Ray, Benito’s parents and perhaps on the maintenance staff of the building where they live, are at the hospital having tended to Ray’s sprained foot and they witness this pitiable scene.  Adela intervenes with the cold receptionist and demands a Dr. be found to attend to Gianna right away!  They will pay the bill.  A Dr. and Nurse rush out with a stretcher and load Gianna on.  Adela encourages Fiorella to accompany her sister!

We zip across town where Pedro is on the phone with Eloisa, his Grandmother and long-suffering Matriarch.  She scolds Pedro about holding up the reading of the will.  She is inpatient to get it underway because she wants this pack of greedy hyenas out of her house.  Pedro informs Eloisa that her beloved grandson, Osvaldo, has complicated the negotiations with the Italians.  Ah, she always said Osvaldo was a good for nothing!  Pedro will take care of cleaning up Osvaldo’s mess and contact the law office to read the will the following day.  Good, because Eloisa doesn’t want those vultures hanging around her another day!

The vultures yip and yap at each other at the table.  Present are Federica, Osvaldo, Sonia, Gael and Roxanne.  Roxanne takes exception with Gael referring to the maid attending the table as Simoncita and wonders if he does this because he feels inferior.  Well, if she would come to his bed he would show her there’s nothing inferior about him!  Osvaldo wonders if Federica wants to tell them something about the inheritance. . .when Sergio sweeps in and sweetly flatters the blushing Simona, asking her to please heat his food.  Now it’s time for Sonia to complain about Sergio directing his seductive powers at a "mere" maid.  Sergio turns it back on her:  it’s not his fault that she chose the wrong man as her spouse.  Osvaldo thinks Sergio would put his energies to better use in getting Pedro to the ranch already so the will can be read.  Sergio shuts them up.  If not for Pedro, they wouldn’t be drinking fine French wine, but tap water, and thanks to Pedro, the family business is not bankrupt!   Salud!  The vultures can’t help but drink to that!
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Amores con Trampa #109 Aug 28 2015: Dona Tomasita is back from WHEREVER... and Pantera meets Facu and starts her 'vengeance'... Rocio says her goodbyes

Beto tells Rocio he is discouraged of her, tells her to go ahead and pack her bags and get outa Dodge.
San Bartolo:  Porfirio asks his former wife for explanations for her fleeing.  Facu wants to know too.  She claims it was because Porfirio was unfaithful to her.
Lo Nuevo:
Facu is in disbelief… he knows Porfirio… She says Humilde had told her all about the other woman in Porfirio’s life. THAT is why I left! Because you betrayed me!!! (Facu is in full waterworks mode).  …   … So apparently Facu’s mom had been tricked/deceived into thinking Porfirio had been unfaithful to her. Yada yada…
Santee… he is reminiscing on Facu as a neighbor… who would have known that a country farmer had more integrity than most… never passed invoice on the 40 million pesos Santee owed him. How could he get those high profits from the Japanese investors?? I will pay him… even if it’s the last thing I do in my life I will pay him.  
Back to San B… Facu has heard enough… he is really ansi so he gets Porfirio’s blessing and his  mom’s too… and gets out of the room.  Porfirio assures his ex wife that his son and his grandchildren are the most sacred thing he had in life… Swears that ‘that woman’ was not his lover. (Billy Jean??)  (I have a vision of Porfirio doing the moon dance with white gloves and silver shoes)…  Porfirio explains that he was visiting Lucia often at that time because she was dying and he was helping her to get her paperwork in order before she passed.  HE kept on visiting Lucia until she died.   (his former wife is finally getting a reality check)… Porfirio proudly questions how could he even think of putting his family and the only woman he ever loved and continues to l…. (cuts himself short) in jeopardy!!  She apologizes. She claims she was made to believe that the man she loved deeply had been unfaithful to her. Forgive me. Forgive me.   (he pulls her up to her feet and kisses her)…  Sweeeeet (and I never thought I would see Don Ignacio kissing anyone in the mouth)…
At Carmona hall… Diego convinces Maria to let him in all the way to Carmen’s room… Carmen whines to her mom that she should not have let Diego in all the way before alerting Carmen of his visit.  Maria tells Diego that Carmen has not been eating… Diego tells her ‘I know you are stubborn….. well… persistent!’  but you also have to eat.  Carmen insists that she has to study. An 8 is not enough for her anymore. She will get a 10 in every subject!   She wants them to leave her alone, she needs to study.   (she is taking selfies the second they leave and she shuts the door behind them… )
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Desperately Seeking a Recapper

Patio peeps, sadly we lost a recapper on the Imperdonable team so we have an open spot for Wednesday nights, I would continue to write the recaps myself but I'm committed to MIVC on the same night and can't do two recaps in one night, plus I also have my regular spot on Tuesday night's, that's three recaps in two days!

This is where you come in! If you would like to recap you can have the Wednesday night spot! We can't offer much in the way of compensation, but we might be able to throw in some gold, because Novela Maven knows a guy that knows a guy, some good company on the patio and the opportunity to have first dibs when the new Salinas/Colunga novela rolls in later this fall.

Oh yes, you heard that right. Salinas, and Colunga sharing the same space! You dear potential recapper have a shot of getting on that recapping team if you join us on the LI team.

Please let us know as we really, really,really need the help!

*Discalimer, we really can't offer gold but we do have Salinas and Colunga, which some would argue are better than gold, especially Colunga when he takes his shirt off!*

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Yo no Creo En Los Hombres, Cap 33, Thu 08-27-15: In which Maleny is BSC and Ursula is colder than ice

Footsteps fall on the parquet floor, muffled only by the Persian rug the mystery man skirts in approaching the door. He opens it to reveal his lover, posed seductively, reclining on the sofa and waiting for him. She is not the mystery: he is. And he is…Ari. (Yes!) and he is clearly out of sorts. Upset about Doris, he strips and prepares to seek oblivion in the skinny arms of his lover…

But wait a minute, what about Max. He’s in his own bedroom and someone has strewn rose petals all over the bed. Who? And why?
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Lo Imperdonable #73 (Tel #74) Thu 8/27/15 How many times do the bad guys have to win??

I glossed over some of the useless chit chat and some of the scenes will be out of order. 

Emiliano is upset because Salma and Virginia don’t want Veronica getting any of Jorge’s money. Virginia thinks that Vero doesn’t need it, she already has a rich husband. Emi is upset to be reminded of Martin, yet again and Virginia is bothered by his reaction – is he still in luuv with Veronica, even if he proposed to her?
Emi insists that they should all accept Jorge’s decision and he feels completely disappointed with Virginia’s reaction.
They go back and forth on this several times, with Salma adding her piece of venom, too, until Emi decides to storm off, tired by the women's negative yapping. Virginia runs after him, leaving Salma  crying - boohooo - and here comes Nico to comfort her. He’s sure everything will be OK, they are such a great family and both Emi and Jorge adore her. Salma is worried because her fights with Jorge over Veronica have become even more heated then before. Nico gives her an awfully big and warm hug (Cougar alert), managing to relax her. She wants to go talk to Jorge but Nico tells her that he is already in a plane back to Mexico.

At the hospital in the city, Daniel tells Crescencio that Manuel will survive, but he still needs a long treatment and there is no saying how long it will be before he can move. Crescencio is determined to help his grandson no matter what.
Mariana overhears the prognosis on Manuel and later tells Daniel that she needs his help to move Pablo to another hospital.
Because of course that Pablo is in the same place and he needs an expensive operation to fix his hand. Mariana is more than willing to pay for it, even after Pablo reminds him that they’re not as close as they used to be. They see Crescencio and he sees them, too. They don’t speak, but nobody is happy with the reunion.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #3 Thu 8/27/15 Volare Woe Woe

Sorry. I just have to link to a video of Domenico Modugno's performance of Volare on the Ed Sullivan show.

Heck, let's throw in Dean Martin for good measure.

Fiorella has accepted Vittorio Dragone's e-mail marriage proposal. Vittorio is over the moon! His whoops of joy are heard across the restaurant (La Dolce Vita by name) and Benito comes running. Vito is so happy! He's always wanted to marry an nice Italian girl! Benito suggests that Vittorio ask Fiorella to come to the clinic to meet him. Vittorio is confused by this, but Benito kindly explains that Vittorio will need to check himself into a botox clinic in order to look like the foto he sent to Fiorella. Benito thinks he should slow down, but the old man has already taken care of everything. And Benito called Vito a vetusto! HA! He's got a young bride winging her way to Mexico right now! Vito invites Benito to the wedding. He tells him to dress as a page and have expensive rings. Ok, I don't remember, did Benito say something in episodes 1 or 2 to the effect of "if this girl agrees to marry you I'll dress like an idiot at the wedding"?

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #2 Wed 8/26/15 Tania has a bad day

Hi patio peeps, I'm so happy to see so many old and new friends on the patio! Please feel free to join the discussion and if you can I'd love to see everyone pick a name for our discussions on the patio (aka, the comments section) it's always much nicer to call someone "Bob" instead of Anon, you know what I mean? Anyhoo, below you'll find your recap, I'm still trying to figure out the characters names so forgive me and correct me if you catch me making a mistake!

We start with Pedro who is a total kill joy! Tania wants to hang out and chill but Pedro tells her he came to Italy to work and he can't miss  his meetings, she wants them to grab dinner together but he tells her he has to think about it, all in all he's not all that nice to her and the seed of dislike starts to grow in this recapper.
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Lo Imperdonable #72 Wed 8/26/15 He's still not that into you

Hi peeps, you get me AGAIN! As always I encourage ready participation, I apologize for the quick recap but I have to work on another recap and can't spend too much time on either! I'm glad to report that i did not need beer to get through this episode, my liver is a happy liver!

We are going to the big city:

AP wants to go to Mexico to look after her brother and the OG, but Raymunda does not want her to go, the city is full of bad people, just look at what the outsiders have done in town. Blanca volunteers to go with AP but Raymunda is dead set against it. Ugh, she annoys me. Any way poor Pablo gets thrown under the bus, Raymunda says that poor Manuel was probably just defending himself from Pablo and that Pablo shot him and then ran away like a coward. Blanca tells her that Pablo was not the one who was always armed and looking for fights, but Manuel has always been a violent snot (I added that part in). Veronica and Marty are going to Mexico so that Veronica can get more information about her past from Jorge and offer to take AP with them.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 32 Wed 8/26/15- A fresh look of despair

(Some scenes were merged out of context)

MD comes in the garage to ask Orlando what happened with Isela. Orlando who has  the Virgin Mary Cross on him  at first denies but later admits that Isela got abused.  But out of a sudden a distant shadowy figure lurks  ready to spill her tongue  "My daughter was not abused, she slept with a guy from happiness".  Shocks and screams ensue from Orlando and MD only for the Heifer to repeat it again "She is just playing you for a prince while screwing the rich guy for fortune. You will see soon enough just how right I am !" . Orlando tells her to piss off and later he  does some smacks on the poor brick wall ( Will his cross soon transform him into  the Devil's incarnate?)

Ursula is assuring to Doc Medina ( The one taking care of Ivana. He refused to help Ursula out.) that he should help Ursula out just like Claudio has done  less Good Doc wants to stay without his job. Arango smirks at the situation and sips a drink.

Claudio now in the hospital does not agree with Dan taking away Ivana from medical care but stupid Alma thinks that Ivana will be just fine in Ursula's Hell Care.  They later take Leo home into his beautifully decorated room by Clara but organized by Max.  Leo is very happy at the sight. Claudio wants to thank Clara for caring so much. The family has a short term happy-time and we all know that is not a good sign.

MD calls Isela to inform her that Orlando did not fall for the lies ala everything is just fine. But MD still asks Isela if she has an affair with Claudio. We later see that conversation cut for no utter reason.  Now MD and Doris are discussing how to get rid of dirt on a dress all while Doris grabs a chocolate. Espy wonders what's up with Doris . MD just says that she is feeling bad about Ari .  MD also believes that Ari is cheating on Doris with Maly.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Amores con trampa #107 and #108 Wednesday and Thursday 8/26 and 8/27

Jarifa is recapping tonight! Look for it in the comments. She's the winner of my dance contest! She can recap on a dime to any tune!!

(Forgive me for not having a video tonight.)


Lo Imperdonable #71 Tue 8/25/15 Ha,ha you got shot

Morning patio peeps, this will be a quick recap but I think I'll be able to cover everything! I ask once again that peeps post with a name rather than Anonymous (cause I like knowing who I'm talking to) and as always reader participation is highly encouraged!

Note: Recap might be out of order just to allow me to get through the process faster.

Charming info out of the assistant:

So Aaron continues his plan to get information on Veronica from Jorge's assistant, and it works! From her he learns that Veronica was adopted by the Prado-Castellos, that everyone knows she's adopted and that her parents were not hot stuff, her father was an awful drunk and her mother abandoned her to run off with her lover.

Again, how do people know so much about Veronica's past when no one ever talked to Magadalena or Aaron? And even if Jorge was aware of Veronica's parents past I doubt he would have shared this information with people outside of the family. Whatever, I'll roll with it. Aaron also learns that Vero is a good egg.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #31 Tue 8/25/15: Just A Marriage Investment

Ursula wants to know how Maleny got the money back from her playboy tennis coach.  Mal says matter of factly that she simply threatened him.  Ma says she had a hard time believing it when Arango told her as much.  Mal dismisses that and gripes that Ma didn’t lift a finger to stop her from shooting herself in the head.  Must be that Mama’s always loved her brother more.  Of course Daddy loved Mal more but since he’s been dead all these years…..So, she’s getting Max back now because he’s the closest to a man like Daddy that she knows.

Across town, Max and Maria Dolores end The Kiss.  Didn’t she like it?  Sure, but she’s damaged goods right now.  Ok.  He understands but wants a chance once she’s back in circulation.  MD says fine cuz who wouldn’t feel honored to have a man like Max seriously interested in her.
Daniel’s still with Ivana at the hospital lying to her about their having as many kids as she’d like once she is feeling better and they get hitched.

Back at the barrio, Max is now on the phone with Mal telling her that Honoria and family refuse to accept her “reparations”.  She says sweetly that he’s got to make them understand how badly she feels about the other night and to accept her offer.  He says he’ll try and hangs up.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #1 Tue 8/25/15 Ciao!

Oh, just look at all that beautiful blue water!  We're in Maratea, Italy, complete with lovely stucco houses with orange/red roofs.  Livia Brito in a wedding dress rides down a narrow street perched in the sunroof of a tiny blue car, waving happily.

Voiceover: Fiorella is my elder daughter.  I don't know a sweeter, more lively girl.  Everything is a party for her.  She always has a song on her lips and her eyes shine (resplandecen) with light.  She lights up the world with every step she takes and she makes everyone who knows her smile, no matter how bitter they might be.  But no one could be unhappy at her side, because Fiorella is like a spring breeze, a tree full of flowers, a laugh bubbling under the surface (a flor de piel)--a bellissima muchacha italiana (beautiful Italian girl)--full of life, who dreams of marrying and being very happy at the side of the man she loves.

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Lo Imperdonable #70 Mon 8/24/15 Honor

In which: 
Ana Perla Cries, 
And Marty Lies;
Manuel Triumphs 
And Pablo is Trounced.
Manny can hardly contain his glee as he tells the Old Goat all about Pablo and Mariana.  "They were together for years," he says softly.  "He was just having a good time with my poor sister."  And (as Mauricio astutely noted on Friday) the Old Goat doesn't take the news well.  He sinks down in his chair and gasps.  Manny smirks.

A loud, drunken Mariana ambushes Pablo outside his hotel room.  She tells him that since he wouldn't listen to her, she found someone who would... Marcial or Macario... she can't remember.  Fending off her advances, Pablo leads her to her room.
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The end of our tale La Sombra Del pasado 08/24/2015 #134 (Mx 136 Part 2)

My patio peeps! We've made it to the end, woohoo! Before I start my recap I'd like to thank you all for making this so much fun. My teammates have been the best and I'm honored that they let me join them on this trip. Diva, Lila, Sara and Kris, you are the best team members that a girl could ever hope to have!

Now to the recap!

Ladies, gentlemen, here's a sight no one ever thought they'd see: Candela is on her knees, crying and praying for Aldonza's safe return, she also prays for Cristobal- she prays for him not to kill his father because that's a crime that would follow him around forever. Then, she wipes her tears and a look of defiance takes over, it looks like she's decided that she must take action, more on this shortly.

Cristobal and Padre J are still searching for Aldonza, they ride off to meet up with Mel and the rest of the search party.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #30 Mon 8/24/15: Discussion Page

Urban Anthropologist has computer problems and asked for a discussion page and highlites if anybody can throw a few up.  If she can manage a recap we'll post it later on.  

Thanks to ViviDC:

 Part 1:

- Maleny's got a new hairstyle and a new attitude. She first goes to Ari and pressures him to give back every cent of the money her mama and Arango paid him to break things off with her. She doesn't have Max anymore and has nothing to lose now, so she threatens to accuse him of sexual harassment at the club if he doesn't comply.

- Ari folds, and has to ask Doris for the money back. He lies and says he's loaning the money to Orlando to pay for Leo's medical bills and his planned wedding with Isela. Doris breaks the news to MD, who now wants to go into business together. MD doesn't care. They can make it work and still be partners, even though Doris doesn't have money to invest right now.

- Maleny continues on her new tough attitude. She gives Arango a check to cover Ari's bribe money, and lets him know she is NOT as stupid as they think. Even in her drunken, hysterical state the night before and the night Arango picked her up from the club, she picked up on the non-boss-employee vibe between her him and her mother, and she knows their hiding secrets.

- Maleny then has a truck of new quesadilla stand supplies sent over to Honoria, much to Hon's, Fermin's, and Julian's shock.

- Esperanza is trying to forbid Clara from continuing her relationship with Leo. Clara is having NONE of that, and can't believe she and Leo are getting all this crap, when MD is about to get back together with that lying cheat, Dan. MD defends Clara and Leo's relationship to Espy. She then goes to the hospital and lobbies for Alma to leave the kids alone. Max overhears, and thinks MD has misinterpreted Leo's restrictions on visitors by the doctors as Alma being against the teen lovers. MD looks at Alma and tells Max to get clarification from his mama. Max once again tries to warn MD off Dan and says he'll be there for her. But she tells him to keep his distance, per his mama's orders.

- Max chews Alma out about her not trusting him, and betraying his trust by telling Maleny about his feelings for MD. He says he's lost his trust in her. Alma becomes distraught. Max and Leo also get suspicious when they see she called Clara's house from Leo's phone.

- To try to fix things, Alma allows Leo visitors from the hood-- Orlando, Julian, and a very happy Clara. The novios smooch happily. Alma leaves the room quietly. 

Part 2:

- Claudio calls Isela in the office and tells her he's staying with his WIFE and SON in the hospital and won't be coming in to work. Having earlier been taunted by Josefa that she couldn't be that great in bed, if Claudio wasn't trying to get her back IN bed, Isela is obviously upset he's being so distant. She stabs some papers on Claudio's desk as she says farewell, and looks up to see Maleny watching her with a very knowing look. They threaten each other to not meddle in each other's business. Isela won't reveal what she knows about Maleny and Ari, if Maleny doesn't mess with her.

- Alma has overheard Leo tells Orlando, Julian and Clara that he remembers perfectly that he raised the car onto bricks. They don't understand, since the bricks were to the side of the car. They think Leo must be mistaken, but he's certain. Alma gasps to herself, now certain that someone tried to KILL Leo. She's right, but this only makes her more determined to keep Max and Leo away from the folks in that hood. She doesn't understand why Claudio offers to lend Julian office spaces next to his own (as compensation for saving Leo), but he's certain he will be able to get Julian's help in convincing Leo to distance himself from the hood, and eventually Clara.

- Ivana's showdown with Susana ends in stalemate. Susana does back down when Ivana threatens to limit her access to money and luxuries to mere crumbs.

- Meanwhile, Dan and Ursula try to figure out Ivana's game in keeping the miscarriage from him. They decide Ivana still wants to marry him, but wants to get revenge on him in some way. Dan goes to see her the next day, confronts her about the miscarriage, and rushes her to the hospital when he sees she's in a bad state. At the hospital, he and Ursula plot their next move while the doctors do a D & C. Ursula prays she doesn't die, before they can get their hands on her money. The doc comes out and tells them that the infection was so bad, that they also have to do a hysterectomy. Dan plays to grieving father and fiance, and asks the doctor to let him break the news to Ivana. This is all kinds of wrong, and the doc holds on to his professional ethics for a minute, before he agrees. Ursula and Dan decide not to tell Ivana that she can no longer have children. Dan says it's even better now. No pesky kids to get in the way of HIM ending up with ALL the money. Bwahahaha! 

Part 3:

- Alma, Claudio and Max see Dan and Ursula. Max calls out Dan's hypocrisy-- playing the faithful fiancé, when he saw Dan macking on MD just the day before, and just learned from Clara that he's trying to get back with MD. Dan claims he was just seeing MD to try to help her with the lawsuit Ivana is bringing against her. Alma and Ursula confirm the lawsuit to Max.

-Clara happily reports her visit with Leo to Espy and MD. Espy wonders how Alma treated her. Clara says she was cold, but polite, and it’s all due to MD going to talk to Alma. The sisters hug. Espy doesn’t want Clara to experience the troubles MD is having with Dan’s family, with Leo’s family. Clara doesn’t think you can even compare the two situations. Espy relents and gives in to Clara’s happiness.

- Dan goes in to see Ivana after she wakes up. He lays it on thick with the tears about their lost child, and how he wants to try for more. He lays his head on Ivana’s chest, and she looks like she may be falling for his act.

- Max tracks down MD as she’s walking through the park. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him about the lawsuit. He wants to help her. She tries to shoo him away, and says that Dan and Victor (the shady lawyer) are helping her. Max is flabbergasted. How can she trust Daniel? He tells her to stop playing the innocent and admit that she wants to be fooled by Daniel! MD snaps back and asks so what if she does!? Max declares his feelings for her again, takes her face into his face, and makes the slow approach to her lips. She doesn’t resist, and when their lips finally meet, she becomes a full participant. Another dress bag is dropped and totally forgotten as she melts into Max’s kiss.



Amores con trampa #105 and #106 8/24 and 8/25 Monday and Tuesday

I've condensed a lot tonight.

Rocio is very upset about her conversation with Beto. Feli wants to know whats wrong. She tries to brush it off. Feli rightly guesses she's upset about Beto and asks if they fought. Feli knows Beto adores Rocio. Rocio doesn't think so. Hilda was in Beto's office. Feli looks a little down about that. Rocio asks if he likes Hilda. He changes the subject. He encourages her to talk to Beto. "Tell him how you feel!" Rocio is convinced it's too late.

Maria tells Fac that Florencio has left for San Bartolo el Chico. Fac looks suspicious. Beto thinks this is a good thing since it means Florencio won't keep bothering Maria. Esteban interrupts this family meeting to ask Fac why he's leaving for SBeC with Porfirio. There's business to attend to! Fac has a meeting with the Japanese investors. Fac wonders how long it will take to wrap up the meeting with the investors so he can get going to SBeC. Esteban thinks if the ladies cook a good traditional meal, only a few days. Susana quips that Esteban is making jokes and Perpetua agrees...but they're bad jokes (Did I catch that correctly?) The family leaves

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Welcome to a new week on the Telemundo page!  

A couple of reminders –

First, since we are the home to three different shows, it helps a lot when you put the name of the show at the top of your comment.  It looks like this:


How long before Carmina goes off the deep end? Maybe she already has...

Second, on this page we've decided not to talk about previews.

Have fun!

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La Vecina-Highlights and Discussion #45-49 Aug. 24-28

Highlights and Lowlights:
  • Padre V's trip to the Twilight Zone.
  • Sara signing a contract with the devil.
  • Sara hires Rosa.
  • Ric and Isa do the deed.
  • Ric and Pedro make a deal.
  • Cheo has a ring for Sara.
  • Fidel and Padre V's friendship grows.
And now for a Random and Nosy Poll....(And I'm not sure if they will work...)

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!?

Hola Carayites!

This week on Caray, Caray!...

We bid a fond? farewell to  La Sombra del Pasado  tonight.  Tomorrow we say "Benvenuti!" to  Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse.

Amores con Trampa  is coming to a close in late September, to be followed by Antes Muerta Que Lichita.

Meanwhile, coverage continues for  Lo Imperdonable, Yo No Creo En Los Hombres , and La Vecina.  Find discussions and recaps for Bajo El Mismo Cielo, El Señor de los Cielos 3, and Avenida Brasil here.

Lo Imperdonable needs a Wednesday recapper.  Sounds like the position has been filled!

Here's the news we have about proximas...
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Preciosa Perla-index

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #29 Fri 8/21/15: Amongst The Lies Various Versions Of The Truth Will Out

Parte 1

Susana has come to Maria Dolores with a version of the truth that best suits her purposes: Ivana is buying herself a husband and was willing to  fake a pregnancy in order to do so and to keep him Dan; Daniel never loved Ivana and Susana tried to convince her of it with the taped conversation. She lets MD hear enough of the taped conversation with Urrrrrsula to convince MD that they were in cahoots somehow.

At the same time, Max delivers Majorly Mad Maleny to her mother and deposits her there with Urrrrrsula and Arango The Arranger.  She waits for Max to leave: “—I’d rather they’d brought you home dead!”   “—Me , too!”  Well, there’s still time!”  Urrrrsula drags Mad Mal into her daddy’s former study/office, sits her down in a chair, and  pulls out a gun from the top desk drawer.  This didn’t kill your father.  It was you, with nerve enough to finish the job the coward couldn’t.    Mal tells her to shut up but Mama brashly continues.  “—Tell me at what moment you changed into a gutless wonder like him?  What were you thinking?  That by disappearing one night from home Max was going to take pity on you and go back to you?” 

“—So is this what you’d rather I do?”  Mad Malady de Maleny picks up the gun, cocks it and impulsively threatens to kill herself with it.  Arrango rushes over and manages to grab the gun away from her.  (A pity he’s so quick and able.)  Mal, in her frustration and anger, lets out with another cacophonous blast of certifiable bellowing, her reckless hysterical hijinks not having met with Mama’s approval.  No, says GRRRrsssula, Mal should have pulled that gun act in front of Max so that she’d have ended up appearing the sympathetic victim and not that seamstress!  Mal races out of the room and Mama Bear tells Arrango it was a lesson she needed.  “She’s turned into a spineless weakling just like her father and look how he ended up!”

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Lo Imperdonable #69 (Mex #70) Fri 8/21/15 Ana Perla Tries To Pull A Demetrio

The Old:

A fight ensues between Pablo and Julio. The two tussle and roll around on the ground. Julio threatens Pablo with a "Don't get near AP ever again or else." 

The New: 

Pablo tries to explain to AP that he broke up with Mariana. But AP doesn't want to listen to his explanations. Instead she slaps him hard right across the face. Poor Pablo.

Cancun, Mexico
On the yacht, Emi comments on how beautiful the scenery is. It reminds him of all the things he loves. **He daydreams of a seductive Vero inside the water at the beach**. Back in reality, Virginia tells him that she'll never forget this moment -- it's the happiest moment of her life. Emi asks Virginia to teach him to love her. Wait a minute ... now that's not something you want to hear from your future husband .. oh Emi... Anyway, Virginia tells Emi that she will teach him and she'll always love him because he needs to be with someone who loves him and not be out begging love from someone who doesn't love him. The two kiss .. and the kiss then turns passionate as they lay down on the yacht ... and well I think we all know what happens next ... but thankfully neither Uni nor the Mexican broadcast shows it ... 

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Amores con Trampa #104 of misbehaved kids... of a couple trying to revive the fire... of two grown men going on a scavenger hunt ... and a copter gadget on the loose

Refritos: The carmonas are enjoying themselves at the carnival, including bumper cars and the giant water bubbles in the pool.
Lo Nuevo:
Perpetua and Porfirio are playing arcade games, shooting games.  Actually, the whole family is there. Seems Abuela Perpetua is very comfortable shooting that gun… she and Porfirio keep teasing each other.   The game is over. Seems Susana won.  She beat Facu, Beto, Porfirio, Perp, Carmen and Jacinto.
Now they are in the roller coaster… Facu and Carmen at the front seat.  Facu is the one that looks the most out of place or ‘not quite in his trade’.  Jacinto looks scared or sick. Porfirio comments later that he did not enjoy it that much either. He jokes that she does not feel anything because she’s already dead (Yikes, Porfirio! That was not nice!)
Later on at office, Rocio comes to see Beto.  Beto is a bit cutting with her about the party at her house that she did not invite him to.  She tries to explain.  He says he got it that her family does not like him.  He tells her with tears that the worst thing that happened to him since arriving at the city was to meet her.  She painfully agrees… and apologizes.  Hilda comes in. RoCio asks him if he and Hilda are back together and he dryly says ‘none of your bidnez’.  Rocio leaves hurt.  Hilda tries to cheer Beto up.. but he says he feels ‘de la trompada’ (real bad).
Back at Carm house, Porfirio is at dinner table with family again arguing with Conchita and Perpetua about the boiled eggs.  Carmen runs in.  She is trying to fake like her punishment was lifted already… PSYCH!!! Maria and Facu tell her the trip to the carnival was an exception but she can’t even use her car.They demand her keys back. 
Back to the office.  Beto agrees with Hilda to go out to dinner together.  He leaves. Felipe comes back. He again is a bit sarcastic with he ‘support’ of Beto.  Felipe says its no secret to anyone that they have a history. Hilda says its no secret either that she is falling for another guy (Felipe can’t help but smile about that).
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La Sombra del Pasado #133 (Mex #136 Pt. 1) 8-21-15 In the Valley of The Shadow of HELL!

Greetings, my friends of the Sombra Patio!  Or, shall I call it the Somber Patio?  No!  I am not going out like that!  I’m going out with gratitude for all of you allowing me to guide you through the crazy lives of the residents of Santa Lucia these past many Fridays.  I am grateful as well for the company of so many witty, brilliant, funny, passionate, observant and eloquent people gathering here around this digital campfire.  I am grateful for my teammates, Eli, Hellashelle, Sara and our Captain, La Diva del Desierto, 5ft. Latina!  Thank you for letting me retell this story to you all in this, my first full time, from the beginning recap gig!  I got nothin’ but LOVE for alla y’all!  Let’s do this!

I’m going to tell things a little out of order and not go into my usual depth of detail and you will see why and I hope it’s ok.  We repeat a bit of that sweet scene when Valeria finds out that Hum changed his will before he died and El Santuario belongs to Eman and Aldonza.  She drops heavily to the concrete bench while Pru babbles about the impossibility of this turn of events.  Val speaks aloud as Pru tries to comfort her, “I always treated him so badly. . .I killed him and I will have to live with that until my dying day!”

Later we see Val lying down in her cell when her private hellish thoughts are interrupted by an insistent thump.  She sits up and . . .AAAAGH!  Her father, Humberto is standing outside her cell, his eyes blackened!  Val screams and instantaneously he is in the cell sitting next to her, his presence shockingly real as he watches her silently.  Valeria.  Freaks.  Out!  She screams that he is dead, he should leave!  Two guards rush in and restrain her while a white coat clad Dr. plunges a syringe into her arm leaving her mumbling and sprawled on the cement block bed.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, #28 Thu 08-20-15: The web gets even more twisted with lies

Refrito: Ari offers to help Doris with his savings. Orlando declares that he loves Isela and will support her, whatever she decides to do. If she’s pregnant and wants to keep the baby, they can raise it as their own. She accepts but wants to leave and get away from her mother. Max tells Maleny their relationship is over.

Nuevo: Max tells Maleny he’s in love with MD and she has a classic reaction. She cries (without tears). She accuses Max of cheating. He tries to explain that nothing’s actually happened between him and MD because he wasn’t sure of his feelings for her until now and because she’s still in love with Daniel. Maleny cries that it’s still cheating. And Dan hit her because of MD. Max says she knows that’s not true. She calls him a liar and a coward. Her brother messed around with MD for months, but now Max is trituando(=grinding, crushing, shredding. In general, destroying) the love they’ve shared for years for MD?! She knocks some stuff off of the table they’re sitting at and storms out.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #68 (Mex #69) Thu 8/20/15 Mariana Wrecks Havoc And Emi Pops The Question

(Filling in for Adriana Noel)

Clemente looking decent in a cheap suit visits Jorge at the PC offices and tries to get info on Veronica to no avail. He pretends to care about Veronica and tells Jorge that he would like to see his niece. Jorge replies with a "I'll think about it and let you know". Ha!

At the hospital, Virginia turns on the waterworks and plays victim. She tells Danny boy that she's "sacrificing herself" for their future and here he comes threatening her. He tells her it's no threat -- he's just being cautious because he knows her well and realizes that she isn't so indifferent to Emi. She tells him his threats are not necessary. He tells her that he hopes so and orders her to report to him from Cancun. He leaves the room. Virginia calls him an idiot. You got that right, Virginia!

AP, Pablo, and Gramps enjoy a nice family dinner at Gramps' place. AP questions Pablo about his reasons for getting nervous every time he thinks about his exhibition in New York. He tells her that it's because the exhibition is a fundamental step in his career and his future depends on it. Smiles all around. (Mauricio senses a storm coming...)

The next morning, Nanci walks towards Marty telling him that she wants to speak with him. He tells her that if she's going to continue insisting with the same thing then despite not wanting to he'll have to ask her to stay away. Nanci tells him that she has come to tell him something else and he has to listen. 

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La Sombra del Pasado #132 (MX 135)-Thursday 8/20/15

I always get a little misty-eyed when a show comes to an end and especially when it's my last recap. I'm glad I have Muchacha italiana to look forward to and I'm so happy that most of the team is staying on for it.

Eli, hellashelle, Kat and Lila- you are all the best teammates a person could hope for. I really feel like I've been a part of something special on this show.

Eli-your wicked wit is enviable. I wish I had just a smidgen of it. Your ability to compact the episode into such a powerfully funny recap leaves me amazed.

hellashelle-I groaned along with you every time your "nemesis" graced the screen. I totally stole your "long and short" of it a couple times and you were very gracious about it. I thank you for that. I hope I get to be on a recapping team with you again very soon! I hate that I'm too behind on YNCELH to join that conversation.

Kat-How do I even begin to thank you for all your support since DQTQTQ? I am honored and relieved that you haven't fired me.

Lila- I love your enthusiasm. Your love of Telenovelas and the characters in them shines through every line...and sometimes your hatred ;-)

*ahem* I'll get on with it then...

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Lo Imperdonable #67 Wed 8/19/15 Evil Manny

I'm very busy here so I won't have part two up until tonight or possibly tomorrow morning.

I also need to say something very quickly, I'll write more once I've calmed down and can properly expressed myself: I have been made aware of some comments that have been posted on the recaps comment section that are hurtful and offensive and which have really discouraged me. I can not believe what I have read and am now too upset to say anything more.

JackieV- welcome to the patio! And to any lurkers out there, come play with us! This thing is becoming dreadful and the only thing that might save it are the witty comments from the patio!

And now your recap:

  • We get more of Veronica telling Matilde and Maggie that she will never forgive her mother for leaving her in the hands of her father- she does not remember much from her childhood but she does remember his temper, his shouts and his violence.
  • Maggie and Matilde try to tell Veronica that she does not know what her mother was dealing with, but Vero doesn't care, her mother never even looked for her and she will never, ever forgive her, the topic so upsets her that she had to leave.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 27 Wed 8/19/15 - The Devil works Part Time

( Some scenes were merged out of context. Children below the age of 18 may find certain scenes disturbing)

Ivana in her Rant Mode announces bloody revenge on her enemies even if she is to ally with  Mole Jacinto.  Gerry is not fond of the scheme because Ivana was never that kind of person, she's in fact a great person . Gerry tries to convince Ivana to forget all this but she rejects so Gerry is outta there! At the exit he encounters with the Mole . The Mole glances Gerry with a creepy but satisfied look. When Gerry is gone, Jacinto's left hand shook as if he was ejaculating.

Ari is telling Doris that he was just telling Maly on phone that she cannot play tennis in the club anymore cause her Mommy Dearest sent Arango to threaten him over helping Maly suing Dan for abuse charges.  Doris didnt believe it but she did went to Orlando to confirm it. Ari is shocked that she trusts Orlando more than him.  Doris asks Ari to check on Orlando cause he was feeling bad over something.

Ursula informs Maly that she has talked with Ari saying that he cared more for money than for Maly.  Arango will give Ari money but Maly will have to pay him back after she gets married . Maly gets mad but Ursula says that this is Maly's mess. If Maly wouldnt have killed her father everything would have been fine.  Maly blames Ursula and Arango instead and begins crying.  Alma comes to console her. Ursula and Maly manage to convince Alma that MD is getting her hands on Max to get revenge on Dan. She has even told bad words to Ivana to make her abort.  Ursula advises Alma to convince Leo that staying in the neighborhood would be a very bad choice because the sisters are pure cancer.  Clara asks Alma if she can visit Leo but she rudely rejects her. She does not want Clara in Leo's company ever.

MD is apparently on a job interview but gets called by Espy over work stuff. In the end she does get the job alongside a bag of cloth.  She later goes  to some apartment and falls right into Dan's trap. He starts grabbing and kissing her. MD does kiss him too but later she relents. She tells him on the stairway that some battles are lost since beginning . This is just one of them.  Dan says that his family and Max put them in a trap. MD leaves but  unfortunately she has left her bag in the apartment as well UGH.   Dan begins spewing crocodile tears to himself but it's not like that we would care.

The Viper Josefa got visited by Claudio who is very worried  for Isela. She has not returned his calls.  The Heifer wastes no time in informing that Isela got raped by Orlando.  She feigns care and worry for her pretty virgin  daughter.

Orlando calls Isela lamenting that her mother treats her like that. But he still wants  to marry her.  If he knew his name he would kill him in moments notice.  She hangs up because Claudio comes in the room.  Claudio regrets what happened, he abused his position but Isela does like him. Her mother misunderstood her thats all.  Claudio tries to touch her but she rejects him. He looks with a regretful look between his eyes. Ari was also there so Orlando threatens to kill him if he ever opens his mouth.

Espy warns Hon to stop spending that much money because one day it may run out. Hon says that she wants to see Vermin work.  Espy doubts that anyone would give him work. Hon wants no mortifications though besides what will she say her son when Vermin has to leave?  Espy says to say that it was all just to help Vermin.  MD comes in and Hon gives her the blessing.  MD informs Espy what's up.  Dan even claimed that it was all Max's fault.  Espy is insulted by his cowardice.

Max frees up two colleges from Julian's prison and they surprise him . Max hopes that they will remain on good behavior.  He is heading out but Clara stops him because they would not let her see Leo.  Why did not he tell her? Max says that he was doing something else but they did release him from coma. He has also phoned Adrian, the lawyer who was supposed to work with Julian and told him of the situation off-screen .   Someone comes to give Clara the dress that MD forgot in the apartment.  Clara also asks if she could send an SMS greeting to Leo.

Ursula is counting money but she also hopes that Ari will not be demanding more dough . She wonders why her children choose lovers from the poor class. Arango laughs at that since the kids are repeating Ursula's history without knowing it. Ursula orders him to not tell anyone of the past and Arango promises since its convenient not to forget certain things . What a loving creep!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #131 (Mx 134) - Wed 8/19 - Take this villain…no, please, take him!

Here we go, my final Sombra recap!  Thank you to the entire recapping team for making this a fun experience, even when the show started to drag, and to the peeps on the patio for hanging in there with us and sharing your witty observations every day.  Y'all make the work worth it!  Now on with the show….

We get a recap of Sev committing almohadacide (thank you doris for that one!).  The machines beep and Sev shouts for the doctor, who declares Humberto dead.  No prob, Sev will tell the family.  Pru gets the call from him just as Valeria is being perp walked through the streets of Santa Lucia.  I'll spare you Sev's fake platitudes.  Pru is so distraught she actually asks him for help with Val.

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Amores con trampa #102 and #103 Wednesday and Thursday 8/19 and 8/20

The recap is provided by Jarifa today and tomorrow. Normally there is a fancy schmancy intro to her fabulous work, but ever since we started talking about coconut milk ice cream and coconuts in general I've had this song stuck in my head:

*(the recap can be found in the comments)


Lo Imperdonable #66 Tue 8/18/15 They really are too stupid to live

Quick recap because work is busy today!

  • Nancy is really confused, she feels like Martin is the man for her but she also has feelings for Emiliano
  • Montse at the request of Selma helps our favorite gold-digger get a job
  • Pablo's mom goes home but promises to return after the wedding to spend a long vacation in Mina Escondida. Yay, what every newly wed wants!
  • Claudia finally gets to see her frenemy Ginny who straight out lies and tells her that she and Emi are getting married.
  • Selma continues to block Claudia from spending even a second with her man child.
  • Julio, hot, beautiful wonderful Julio tells Pablo that bad seed Manuel has threatened to kill his grandfather and AP!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 130 (Mx 133): Little Ironies in the Night

You guys, it's been a pleasure. I've had such a great time recapping Sombra, I'm sorry to see it end. I want to thank the rest of the AMAZING recap team and everyone who sat on the Naughty Melon's patio for making my first recapping experience so awesome. For all of those reasons, and for all it's ridiculousness, I'm gonna miss this TN. On to the cap! (I'll edit later)

The Short of It: Everyone treads water as they find out Hum’s condition (not good). Sev takes expected advantage/action while Hum’s alone in the hospital. Pru and Val try to flee the cops. Also, Joaq tells Flavia he wants a divorce. 
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Yo no Creo En Los Hombres #26 Tues 8/18/15

Not home tonight, will watch and post a recap tomorrow. Scheduling this to go up right at 11:00 EDT so y'all have somewhere to discuss in the meantime. Hasta mañana!


Lo Imperdonable #65 Mon 8/17/15 You oughta be in pictures!

In which:
Disgusting Aaron exchanges fire with a cop.  Both are wounded and Aaron gets away.  More vindictive than ever, he vows to kill Vero.
Poor sick Ginny seems to have Emi where she wants him... or does she?
Marty seems to have Vero where he wants her... or does he?
It's movie night in Mina Escondida – pass the popcorn!
And Nanciyaga STILL doesn't get it.

Jumping right in with the new stuff –

In Mexico City, the police send for reinforcements in the hopes of catching Disgusting Aaron (thanks, Mauricio!) when he comes looking for Magdalena at the hotel.  

In Mina Escondida, Blanquita, Polo and Matilde join the picnickers.  There are smiling introductions and hugs all around.  Vero scratches inside her cast with a knitting needle – the itching is driving her nuts. (The knitting needle is getting so much play that I'm starting to believe it's part of the plot, like maybe Vero uses it to stab Manny in the eye the next time he drags his knuckles onto the screen.)
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bad daddy, BAD! La Sombra Del Pasado 08/17/15 #129 (Mx 132)

Cristobal wonders: why me?

Oh my. What an episode. Let's get right to it shall we?
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #25 Lunes, 8/17/15

Sometimes the truth can set one free. Right now it's just taking its time.


Chapter 25: Damage Control

An unseen assailant knocked out the bricks holding up the car Leo was working under. He shouted out in pain when the car fell on him.

Ivana now had to deal with her meddling aunt. She told her that Maria Dolores said that Daniel had no money. She demanded to know what Susana knew. Susana took an “I told you so” attitude and said she had proof. She played back the recording she made of the conversation with Úrsula in which she had called her out on their nouvelle probresse.
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Amores con trampa #100 and #101 Monday and Tuesday 8/17 and 8/18

We had a Susana and a Margarito sighting tonight! Margarito has gotten pleasantly plump and Susana is still with the fists at the ready...just like Fac. I think that may have been the funniest fight scene I've ever seen.

Well, played show. You totally psyched me out! That whole scene with Conchita finding the envelope behind the painting of the Last Supper was a DREAM!!! Porfirio wakes up from his nightmare screaming “You found my secret!!” What could it be?

Isa catches herself singing the theme to AI3! Just like me! She sends Peloncha out to get the newspaper. Peloncha grumbles about how old fashioned it is to read the paper. People use their tablets these days. She looks up to see Porfirio. She’s afraid and prays that God take her away...but not to Saint Peter. Porfirio gets flirty. Peloncha intones “cruz cruz cruz que se vaya el diablo y que venga Jesús” (May the devil begone and Jesus come!) Conchita makes her way to the hedges...and she is not happy that Peloncha seems to be busting moves on her “territory.” Porfirio asks Peloncha if she’d like to make him a good hard-boiled egg. Cochita flounces away with Porfirio following.

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Wow, things are busting out all over here. I'm not watching any of the current novelas so I was pretty surprised when I started reading the comments. All I can say is: try and have fun!

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La Vecina- Highlights and Discussion #40-44 Aug. 17-21

Instead of the usual "The story so far" post, here are some musical highlights. As noted last week, the album is available on iTunes.

Unless otherwise noted, Links are to a lyrics video.

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!?

Hola Carayites!

Last week on Caray, Caray!...

We are still in need of 1-2 recappers for Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, the replacement for La Sombra del Pasado .  The Gran Final of Sombra is scheduled for August 24, with Muchacha Italiana premiering on August 25.

Amores con Trampa,  is also coming to a close, in late September, to be followed by Antes Muerta Que Lichita.

Meanwhile, coverage continues for  Lo Imperdonable, Yo No Creo En Los Hombres , and La Vecina.  Find discussions and recaps for Bajo El Mismo Cielo, El Señor de los Cielos 3, and Avenida Brasil  here.

In general blog news,
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monday and Wednesday Recappers Needed! Synopsis-Muchacha italiana viene a casarse

Gran Estreno: Tuesday, August 25 7/6CST

From the desk of Diva, the team leader:

The Muchacha Italiana team is looking for two new team members!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Cap 24, Fri August 14, 2015- Maria Dolores and Ivana Get Their Daniel is Wakeup Call; But Will They Hang Up on the Loser?

~~Recapped by JDesdeNYC~~
Scenes combined so as to not annoy the recapper and reader

To Tell the Truth

Susana tells an incredulous Gerry that Daniel has threatened to throw her out of Ivana’s house after he and Ivana marry. Susana says she has to play both sides; while she will continue to pretend to support the Dan-Ivana marriage to Dan’s face, she thinks it makes no sense for Ivana to marry that worm and find out later he fooled her. Gerry still plays the “they should marry for the sake of the baby” card and Ivana shows up. Susana leaves and Gerry finally breaks it to Ivana that Maria Dolores wasn’t some “fling” (aventura) for Daniel.  Gerry saw MD come to the hospital, where Ivana was interned during her miscarriage scare, in her wedding gown looking for Daniel. Cara de impactada de Ivana.

Josefa still is angry and hateful towards Isela asking why she confirmed Honoria’s suspicion that she is messing around with Claudio.  Josefa plans to get rid of Orlando once and for all so Isela can focus on the “Get Claudio” mission.

The Lying Santibanez Come to Blows

Alma reminds Claudio of his responsibility to the Santibanez family, as a close friend of the dead Daddy Santibanez, so he can take care of the Maleny/Dan abuse situation privately. Speaking of the devil Dan and Maleny argue about Max insisting on reporting Dan to the police.  Maleny says of course she won’t report him but Dan insists Ari clarify and retract to Max that Dan physically abuses his sister.  Maleny says Ari can’t do that and neither will Max believe her if she says the accusation is false.  Mal says MD is going to run into Max’s arms as MD will not return to Dan after all the lies he has told.  Dan says he’ll get MD back by telling her Mal was the one who got the fake judge for the civil wedding ceremony.  An outraged Mal grabs Dan’s face and tells him no way she’ll allow Dan to lie on her like that.  She will tell MD the whole truth because if Max leaves her, Dan won’t get to be with Maria Dolores. The siblings push and shove with Dan eventually actually abusing Maleny.  The avenging Max sees the abuse firsthand and Dan only stops after Max sucker punches him. Max insists that Mal reports Dan to the police.

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Lo Imperdonable #64 (Tel #65) Fri 8/14/15 The Return Of The Veronica Sketch

Vero wants to know what "secrets" Nanci is talking about. Marty lies to save his butt and claims that the "secrets" are the ones about 1. Dim being his brother and 2. that Dim took his life. Vero now understands Nanci's reason for calling her la mala mujer. Nanci must also believe that Vero was the slut who had been with both brothers. Vero is really angry now and orders Nanci not to get near her or her hubby again. Then she turns to Marty and demands that he put Nanci in her place or she won't have her (Vero) around anymore. She then storms off on her crutches. 

Marty turns to Nanci and yells at her for going around saying that she loves him. Nanci tries to hug him and tells him that it's true that she does love him. But Marty backs off and tells Nanci that he loves his wife. Nanci says that what she says is true. The patron is still keeping secrets that when they come to light will separate him from Vero. 

Meanwhile, Ana Perla and Blanquita chit chat about Ana Perla's upcoming wedding. The wedding will take place before Pablo heads off to The Big Apple. Ana Perla will be accompanying Pablo as his wife on the trip and is worried that she won't be on the level of all those important people that will be at Pablo's exhibition. And Pablo did want the wedding to be AFTER he returns from The Big Apple.... Blanquita thinks Pablo wanted it like that so he could have more money and is sure that Pablo will sell a lot of his crappy paintings at the exhibition. Ana Perla will ask Pablo how she should behave and is excited about traveling with Pablo as his wife.  
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Why, if you weren't a woman I'd. . . .! La Sombra del Pasado #128 (Mex 131) Friday, 8-14-15

Good evening, good morning, good afternoon wherever you are my beloved Sombra Patio Peeps!  Let’s jump right in!

We get another view of that beautiful, candle-lit farewell to Padre Jeronimo.  We are up close and personal with all the misty eyes bathed in the soft glow of tens of votives , warm embraces and a view from above as the crowd gently parts as Padre walks amidst them and takes his leave. 

Right away we see what the evil lackey, Javier is up to:  he’s going to damage a gate holding back the waters of the huerta’s reservoir, flooding it and wasting this precious resource!  Uuuuuf!

Humberto has returned home after his conversation with Cris and confronts Valeria about her monumental lie that Cris is the father of her fetus.  Hum shouts his outrage and shame at her actions and, of course, Val tries to play the offended one!  She’s so tired of his complaints!  He never has anything positive to say to her!  How in the hell can he when she is always talking nonsense!  He can’t understand how she could lay with that good for nothing Abelardo!  Well, Pru protests Val needed some comfort after Cris dumped her and Val tells her to shut up because she (Pru) is to blame for all this.  It goes on from there but Hum manages to yell at Val that for once in her life she needs to take responsibility for her own acts though Pru IS guilty of covering for her all her life and he’s sure Pru knew about this!  Val yells back if he wants to help her he should tell her how to get rid of this g.d. kid.  Oh no, she’s going to have the baby and HE’s going to see to it!  Pru looks on with eyes as huge as those figures in the sad sack/endearing paintings from the 60s.  

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Amores con Trampa #99 Porfirio's ghosts are closin in on him... and Carmen needs to get off the see saw.

Refritos: Facu offers to Santee to sell him the stock now… or you are screwed up for good.

Mysterious woman talks on phone with Frankee… asks him how is the investigation going. He is about to leave San Bartolo el Chico but the Samarripa cousins are making it a bit rough. She remembers them. And gives him advice to watch his wallet.  She insists he needs to find Porfirio Carmona.

Meanwhile Porfirio tells Conchita that he has only truly loved one woman… his wife…  he has kept on living with the hope to someday reunite with her… his wife was everything to him. The only woman he has truly truly truly truly loved.   (seems even the rooster is tired of hearing him say the same line).

Lo Nuevo:

Santee and Isa atrive home to see Felipe on a really-fun-looking electric one-wheeler. They all talk that Santee just sold his stock in the company to Facu… Isa is ok considering they can live on the money he just got until the new company he is starting is operational. He whiles a bit about bureocracy and government being real slow in Mex for these things… (I have a feeling he has some other thing that is worrying him).

At Carmonas, Porfirio is dusting his last supper painting. Perpetua comes by and notices he is not hugry even for her boiled eggs.  He is acting strange and she knows it Maria comes by and Perpetua tells her about her concern about Porfirio. He is acting strange.  Maria undermines what Perpetua is saying. Perp wants to call the doctor.

Isa talks to Santee, she is talking a bit of nonsense, even tells him he should go find a job (yeah right, it will rain upwards before that, Isa) He talks about all the expenses and all the things she wants that cost money, even a lipo. 

At the gym, Estefi comes in. the trainer with beard talks to her, is a bit cold with her. Not a good day to get on her back.  She whines about Perpetua constantly scrutinizing her.  Estefi assures the guy that Perpetua might be smart but not as smart as her.  In comes the other woman and Estefi is running away from her and putting the guy in the middle. (not sure who this woman is but seems estefi owes her money or has tricked her into something, sorry have not watched much this week). 

At office, Felipe wants to talk to Facu about something, Facu has to poke him a bit before he opens his mouth.  Felipe finally does.  Wants permission to miss work, the end of year dance is coming up at the college.  Facu wants to hear more.  It seems there is some kind of king/queen of the dance contest where the winners can win grants/scholarships to go to  college overseas. 
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Capitulo 23, Thu 08-13-2015: Dance of the Rat Fink

Quick refrito: MD almost swoons into Julian’s arms after he tells her her marriage license isn’t real.

Lo Nuevo: Ari catches up Maleny as she drives her sporty convertible out of the hotel. He’s freaking out a little because her mom caught them together. She’s annoyed because he’s more worried about losing his job than about their relationship ending, but tells him not to freak--her mom has no idea who he is or even that he works; she thinks he lives off of Mal. Alma calls her and tells her to hurry over.

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Lo Imperdonable #63 (Tel #64) Thu 8/13/15 Let's get this party started!

Aaron tells Malena that their daughter has been adopted by a very rich family, after he decided to fake his death.

The new stuff
Pueblo NuevoIf the engagement is so pretentious, what is there left for the wedding?
Pablo’s mom has very nice words to say about her son – ever since his father died, he proved to be hardworking and well behaved, making her extremely proud. If Crescencio accepts him into his family, he will have nothing to be sorry about.
Abuelo is happy with what he hears, all his remaining doubts are now gone. He asks for the party ceremony to continue. Pablo starts his speech: he asks the head of the family to give his consent and then both he and Ana Perla kneel, while Crescencio gives his godly blessing.
Sorry, this looks so ridiculous.
As Pablo slips a ring on AP’s finger, Julio looks on in anger and then leaves.

In the city
Aaron hugs Malena, promising her that their daughter had a very good life. He kisses her (both Malena and the Patio can barely stand it). Malena wants some more information, but Aaron has shared enough for now. He wants some money to pay his debts. After she obliges, he’s out the door, leaving Malena to shake with disgust and with the realization that Aaron hasn’t changed one bit.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #127 (Mex 130) 8/13

Too short, out of order, mostly from memory, probably not coherent and needing lots of fill in.

The Fetus (Thanks, Eli!)
Cristobal is now well aware that the fetus is not his. He leaves the gynecologists office in search of Val but Juanita tells him that Val is in San Miguel.

Val is given literature to read about the procedure and paperwork to fill out. She cannot interrupt a pregnancy after 12 weeks and will need to have an ultrasound. Val assures the doctor that she is not that far along and will bring the ultrasound report from her own doctor. The clinic doctor explains that the clinic will have to perform their own ultrasound. It's required by law. To interrupt a pregnancy after 12 weeks could be very dangerous for the mother and is a crime.

Chris is waiting at Val's door when she comes home. He confronts her about lying to him. Of course he has no memory of "that night" because NOTHING HAPPENED AND THE BABY IS NOT HIS! Val says she doesn't know what Cris's father told him...ooops! Cris is cara de why am I the last to know?? What? Cris is incredulous. "My father knew???" Cris tells Val it's her OB/GYN who spilled those beans. Cris is greatly relieved that he will never have to see Val ever again.

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Lo Imperdonable #62 (Tel #63) Wed 8/12/15 "Party On While You Can, Folks, Because Your Happiness Is About to End!!!"

Quick Note:  Hi everyone, I'm back and happy to report that we made the move across country without a hitch.  First, allow me to give a quick shout out and thank you to the rest of our recap team for pinch hitting for me these past few weeks.  They all did a great job, as usual.  Also, I managed to catch up yesterday on my reading of all recaps and comments and in the process I realized (since I watch the Mexico broadcast) that at some point Univision combined two episodes, so that Univision's episode #62 last night was actually episode #63 of the original Televisa broadcast in Mexico.  I noted this in my title for any of you that read our recaps but watch online copies of Televisa's broadcast.

On with the recap.  Some scenes are combined.

Lo Viejo:  V-Snake feels awful, but it's no surprise.  Daniel warned her of the effect of the medicine he gave her to cause her a medical crisis and gain even more sympathy from her family.  She whispers to him a plan for squeezing all the juice out of this manufactured "crisis".  Vero tells Martin she has to go to Mexico City and can't wait any longer because she is worried about Malena.  Malena runs to the shower to wash away the filth left on her body by her rapist husband Aaron.

Lo Nuevo:

Martin promises Vero that he will speak with her doctor about going to Mexico City, but if the doctor says it's too dangerous for her, then he can't do anything about it.  She tells Martin she needs to go to their room to rest.  After she leaves, Martin tells Alfredo how happy he now is with Vero, but confesses he still has to learn to control his jealousy.  He worries that Emi still loves Vero even if he plans to marry Virginia.  Alfredo reminds him Vero loves him, but he needs to control his jealousy or he will lose her forever.  The doctor shows up.  Martin tells him about Vero's wish to go to Mexico City and the doctor agrees to examine Vero.

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