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La Sombra del Pasado #118 (Mx 121) 7-31-15 Emanuel FINALLY gets a hug!

Greetings, my dear friends!  Let’s jump right into our story.  Yesterday we ended with a cowardly, yet bold,  broad daylight attack on our beloved Silvia, right in the town square!  It was very shocking and painful for me last night and is no less so twenty four hours later!  Silvia screams and cries in pain for help as a waiter at one of cafes runs up and offers his apron and assures her the police have been called!

At this moment, Padre is with Eman offering him words of comfort and encouragement:  He is not the son of Severiano Mendoza, he is a child of God!   Essentially he tells him that Sev’s being his sperm donor is an unfortunate circumstance of destiny, perhaps a painful accident, but no more than that:  he should be proud of being Emanuel, only Emanuel because before God, none of us have a last name.  Padre leaves and Eman struggles but gives in to racking sobs.

Across town Prudencia confirms what I suspected.  Wearing a flaming red cape over black pants and top she answers the door and lets in the two scumbags who attacked Silvia.  They give her Silvia’s phone and show her a brief video they made of the attack.  Pru drunkenly chortles, tells them they did a good job and pays them.  Prudencia.  Enter thou the gates of hell!

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Amores con Trampa #89 Never mind an Eye for an Eye... a Lie for a Lie...will whoever is NOT LYING to anyone step forward??

Ok I was able to run this recap through before heading to church to help out. Here it goes...
Facu starts shouting and ranting about what he came home to find… first victim is Beto… he left him ‘in charge!’  then he wonders what Andres (Diego’s brother) is there… he points at Susana who instantly says ‘who, me??’  Facu yells for ‘Yoya’ (Carmen) but she won’t come downstairs… Maria and Facu have some news… Porfirio correctly guesses that they all are heading back home to the country.  Facu says that’s it!! After Perpetua rants at Porfirio to not get too far ahead and let them announce the news. Indeed, that is the news! From Facu and Maria… We’re all headed home!! (scan around gives mixed reactions. Andres sad, Beto frozen, Perp Porf very happy. Jacinto is still processing the info.  Facu asks for more of a reaction. The only one to speak is Porfirio who could not be happier (he is looking forward to reunite with some lady he left behind…)  Jacinto finally is ready to report… he is surprised, more so than when he learned about quantum physics…  Facu suddenly gets the blues… he is regretting having brought them over to the city… he thought it was for their good… but he realizes now that there is nothing more important than the love of family.

Isa in bed wondering where her pills are… she looks around.  Tries to calm herself down… she needs her S.O.S. pills.  She tries to tell herself she can’t take any more pills.

Porfirio says the eggs taste better out there in the country.  (LOL!!)

Maria notices Beto is sad… Facu and Maria ask him… he says he doesn’t know what will happen with his studies/career.  Maria says there are colleges out there too…  and about Rocio… (she gives him a kiss on cheek and hug… to cheer him up… works to a degree.)  Facu is still celebrating, but still yelling ‘Yoya!!!’ 

Yoya is still trying to get Francis and Diego out of her room… Facu and Maria come over and Facu wonder what Carmen was doing in her room with Diego. Carmen asks her dad to trust her. Nothing!  Facu then turns to Diego, who assures him he really loves Carmen and was not doing anything to her. Facu warns him that if something happens to her…. Diego reassures him he respects her.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capítulo 13 Thurs 07-30-2015 Will someone PLEASE tell MD what's going on?

Alma visits Max and Claudio at the office. She’s surprised to see Isela there. Claudio explains that Isela told him where Leo was, so she’s proven twice that he can trust her. Alma wants to know if he will help Honoria deal with Julian’s case. Max notes that his dad can’t really help because, as a judge, he has to remain impartial.

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Weekend Discussion: Karmageddon Comes to Santa Lucia (La Sombra del Pasado)

We're coming close to the end and the crap is flying so here is the all-important discussion of the Karmageddons awaiting the evil ones in our story. As usual we will ask the following two questions:

What do you think the writers will do to them?
What do you think they really deserve?

Contrary to my usual practice I am posting my thoughts in this article because of my current computer issues.
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La Sombra del Pasado #117(US, Mx 120) 7/30/15 I suck at titles

Felt like word salad to me tonight. It's probably must me.

Aldonza vows to find out the truth about her father's death.

The search party that looks a little bit like a possee looks for Em. Mudo finds Em's shirt draped on a branch.

Candela whines because Cris is not at her side. He cares more about Em than he cares about meeee!

Ren tells Aldonza that it's going to be hard to solve Ray's death and prove who did it. It's been years. And if she's going to accuse Sev, she might want to have some proof.

Em is passed out near the waterfall at El Santuario. I wonder if there are any outtakes from this scene. I bet they're funny.

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Lo Imperdonable #52 Wed 7/29/15 Just the Facts.

Hi folks,
I'm filling in for LatinaInMd today with a quick and dirty rundown of last night's events.  Latina should be back here next week.  Yay!

The police come to the cantina (the same ones who had previously locked Manny in the Cave Jail) and Ireri tells them Manuel has been up to his old tricks.  Inexplicably, they don't arrest him.  Nor does Ireri want them to.

On the phone, Ginny tells Dr. F that the pregnancy test was negative.  He's sad.  She rolls her eyes.

Dr. F tells Ginny that Vero is awake, had a terrible fight with Marty and wants to go back to Mexico.  Ginny tells him to do whatever it takes to keep her in Mina Escondida – even if what he does ends up killing her.

Despite Marty's vehement protests, Vero accepts Pierre's invitation to convalesce in his hotel.  Unlike Claudia, she insists on paying for the room.  Pierre tells Marty that he is no longer included in the invitation.  Marty acts like a jealous ass.  (How the actors kept from giggling during this scene, I don't know.)
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 12 Wed 7/29/15 The Clown seaps his glory

(Some scenes were merged out of context. .)

Hon goes to the hospital to check up on Vermin pleading for him to wake up in order to  save their son from jailtime and bullies. Vermin suddenly does wake up and the doctor says that he will be ready to testify in a few days. ( You know it  kind of sucks when an alcoholic has to save you from  a mess)

Appearently Dan called Victor( The crooked lawyer) who told him that only the family can visit him now. Dan chastises  MD for not telling the lawyer that Julian got beat up. MD is angry that Max got in between Leo & Clara but Dan advises MD to make Clara dump Leo otherwise Julian wont be the only one to end up  in jail. His parents would not accept Clara anyway.

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La Sombra del Pasado #116 (Mx 119) - Wed 7/29 - The more things change, the more they stay the same

Melesio agrees to try to get Cris to come outside, but it's going to be difficult if he's with Cande.  In the meantime, Aldonza and Don Camilo need to stay hidden.  Jacinto walks them off to one side.

Sev lays the guilt on thick, saying he's going upstairs to check on Cande and Cris should stay put because she needs him.  And then, for some unknown reason, he heads outside and drives off in the truck, never noticing Aldonza, Jacinto, and Don Camilo lurking by a tree.

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Amores con trama #87 and #88 7/29/15 and 7/30/15

Here she comes to save the daaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mighty Jarifa is on the waaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

She has the recap well in hand! Look for it in the comments.


Lo Imperdonable #51 Tue 7/28/15 Discussion page

My boss is out of town again and work caught up with me this morning, I'll have a recap for you all much later today...I've yet to see the episode and my phone is out of battery, I'll be back as soon as I can!


Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #11 Tue 7/28/15 Five SidesTo Every Story

Max grimaces during the little celebration for Ivana and Daniel’s engagement.  

That night Danny gripe at Mama Ursula for planning the whole thing and insisting on an engagement complete with the ring that she went out and bought herself for him to use.  (Better bite it to see if it’s real.)  Mama gripes at him for bringing the guttersnipe social climbing wannabe to their place to screw her.  “—That is the problem!  You interrupted me before I could!”  Maleny asks why he told Max what a lying, thieving tramp she was.  He tells Mal that it was the best way to protect both of them and their plans since it was obvious Max was interested in her.  Mama wants the Maria Deloris business over and done with.  Not gonna happen, says Danny Boy.  In fact, Mama is going to help him get her into bed with him or else!

Meanwhile, Clara asks MD why Dan didn’t show up at Rudolfo’s funeral.  "--Why he was arranging for the money to help Julian and then his boss had him stay at the manse with her and their guests the entire weekend."  Leo asks why Dan didn’t want her talking to his brother.  MD turns the table on him and says it was his brother who told her today he didn’t want anything to do with her.  (Yeah, but that conveniently avoids answering the original question:  did Dan really tell you not to have anything to do with his brother!)  Leo offers to intervene to clear up any misunderstandings but Mardi won’t allow it.

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 115 (Mx 117-118), 07-28-2015: Choose a title.

So many potential titles: We Are Fam-i-ly! aka Oh. Sh*t. aka Awwwww sh*t aka ….has hit the fan aka The Culpas Come Home to Roost aka Honor They Father and Mother may be the hardest commandment aka OMG You Guys! aka The BEST EPISODE EVER.

NOTE: This was clearly multiple episodes, but they left in all the good stuff! The short will be long, the long is crazy, the capítulo is not to be skipped. If you were planning to skip it, DON’T SKIP IT. WATCH IT. I’ll put up a short of it tomorrow and edit this, but I gotta get sleep and I wanted to post in case anyone is awake and needs to discuss because this eppy was JUICY!

Short of it...
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When bad things happen to bad people La Sombra Del Pasado #114 (Mx 116) 07/27/2015

 Hi patio peeps, below is your Monday night recap, a big thank you to Kat, AKA best team leader EVER for putting up a recap last week!

We get some footage from Friday night's episode, mainly Aldi telling Humberto that she's the one that will be talking to E-man, he had several years to man up and never did, she's also not going to give him the opportunity to lie to E-man.

Aldonza leaves and Humberto asks Adelina how Aldi found out that E-man was her brother. Adelina spills: Aldi had her fathers remains exhumed so she could have him cremated and spread his ashes in ES, when they opened his coffin only his body was there, she then questioned everyone and connected the dots. Ade tells him that she even went to see Sev, and Humberto tells her that Sev is such a bastard that he would never admit to being E-mans father.

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Lo Imperdonable #50 Mon 7/27/15 Ladies' Night

Last night the women claimed the spotlight.  The men?  Mere props.  Supporting players in some cases, obstructing players in others.  Verónica, Virginia and Magdalena were geographically apart but their stories were more intertwined than ever.  Nanciyaga and Matilde were both responsible for saving a life, though Nanciyaga was a reluctant hero.  (Even lightweight Ana Perla had a sweet, if parenthetical moment.)  And the Virgin of Guadalupe was a featured guest star.

Verónica – ow! that hurts!

Nanciyaga has grudgingly worked her leafy magic; Vero awakens confused and in tremendous pain.  Why does her leg hurt so much?  And her head?  Ay ay ay, what a killer headache!  And what's that crap on her brow?  Marty tells her about the fire and how she was hurt when a beam fell on her.  She has a broken leg and a serious head injury.  It was Nanciyaga who helped bring her back to consciousness.  Dr. F couldn't tell them when – or even if – she would wake up.  
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres #10 Lunes 7/27/15

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up. Heat makes it worse, too. You can turn on a computer but you can't always make it ovey your orders. Be back later with stuff to chew on.


Some, anyway.  Here is the first third:

Chapter 10: Bad Feelings

Part 1

While Fermin the Vermin was being hit by a getaway car, Maria Dolores was fading fast. Daniel the Weasel had plied her with booze until she was lying under him on the couch in the hunting cottage. He was the hunter and she was his prey. A cell phone rang. Maria Dolores recognized it as hers. It was Clara letting her know that Julian had been arrested. He was accused of killing Rudolfo. She said not to call Max and she would be right there. Daniel could not talk her out of that. Thank Somebody.
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Amores con trampa #85 and #86 7/27/15 and 7/28/15

The captions were off tonight, almost everyone was deep in the SBeC accent and my brain decided it didn't understand Spanish. I've recapped the first 30 minutes. I will finish it tomorrow when it's up on Hulu. The captions will hopefully be better.

There’s a rehash of Carmen taking down the casting information and Francis trying to goad her into a fight. Unfortunately, Carmen in unaware that Francis has removed the most important part of the poster. It’s a casting for models for a teeny weeny bikini line.

At the boutique, Maria tells Rocio that Fac is not the man she married. Rocio tells Maria that Beto told her about Maria left Florencio at the altar for Fac. Rocio asks Maria if she ever regretting leaving Florencio stranded at the altar. Maria gets uncomfortable and walks away. Both of them hear the bell announcing a customer. A man enters with a huge bouquet of roses. Maria thinks it’s Facundo, but it’s Florencio. He says “all these roses together cannot match the beauty of your face.” He hopes they can can at least make her ojitos de venado sparkle (I translate under duress because it sounds like crap in English: literally deer eyes. I guess I could go with doe eyes.)

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: El gran final de Tierra de Reyes, el gran estreno de Bajo el mismo cielo; El señor de los cielos 3, Avenida Brasil, etc – week of July 27, 2015

Tierra de Reyes is ending tonight, Monday, July 27, with a 2-hour final episode (9pm/8C - 11pm/10C).

The anxiously awaited Bajo el mismo cielo begins on Tuesday night in the 9pm/8C time slot.

Enjoy the week!

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What's up, Caray, Caray!?

Hola Carayites!

Here is your space for all the news that's fit to print about proximas, shameless plugs for current shows, community news, and anything you think might be of interest to your fellow telenovela fans.

What shows are ending?  What new shows are starting?  Got any recommendations for shows, movies, music, or books that may appeal to your fellow fans?  Let's hear it!  (Remember to keep it spoiler-free and gossip-free.)

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La Vecina-Highlights and Discussion #20-29 July 20-31

July 20-24 In Review: The Dick and Jane Version

Simon Has a Rocket

See Simon. See Simon build a rocket.

See Bermudez. See Bermudez interview Simon for a bank loan. See Bermudez decide Simon is crazy.

See Edwina. See Edwina gush over the rocket. See Edwina convince Bermudez to give Simon the loan.

See Simon again. See Simon buy chocolate for Edwina. See Simon ask Edwina out. See Edwina arrive late. See Edwina fall.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #9 Fri 7/24/15 A Date with Fate and a Twisted Date

Parte 1~~

The twist to the legal agreement, Maria Doloris and Isela learn, is that they lose their jobs along with the old pervert, Jacinto.  MD gives the bad news to the rest of the women in the shop.
Meanwhile, Esperanza learns of Julian’s gesture of offering to loan the money to Mardi for the rental space to begin a seamstress/tailor shop and refuses it in her name.  

Leo mentions to Clara that it’s obvious that Julian has the hots for her big sis.

Josefa fairly breathes down Isela’s neck as she makes a call to Max’s daddy, the Judge, to whine about losing her job as part of the agreement.   

MD is working late that night on the dress for Ivana when Max drops by to give her a bit of encouragement for the meeting the next day; she scolds him for accepting terms she and Ise “would never have agreed to,” and he leaves with his tail between his legs.
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #49 Fri 7/24/15 The one with the magical healing herbs

Hi. You get me again, for the third time this week, sorry mates! Anyhoo, I again kindly ask that you use a name so that we all know who we are talking to in the comments section, think about it, say you went to a dinner party and you're with a group of people you've never met, what's the first thing you would do? That's right, you'd introduce yourself. You don't have to use your real name, call yourselves whatever you'd like, I just want to know who is hanging out in the patio!

And now your recap. Disclaimer: Events are NOT in order.
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La Sombra del Pasado #113 (Mx 115) The Sombra begins to fade

Hola, mis amigos del Patio de la Sombra!  Let’s dive right in!  The episode felt staccato and that may be reflected in the recap. 

Adelina confesses her undying love for Aldonza’s father, the late Raimundo Alcocer.  Aldonza is surprised and realizes this is the great secret Adelina spoke of some time ago.  Adelina still loves Ray because he lives in her heart though she asks Aldonza to forgive her.  It feels like such a sin to have been in love with her own sister’s husband.  Aldonza thinks it is nothing of the sort and thinks her father would have been better off with someone like Adelina.  Aldonza wants her to proudly display the picture but Adelina says no:  it’s a torture for her.  The dead should rest in peace.

Gonzalo has apparently confessed his tremendous two-day old love for Flavia to Renato.  Renato is concerned that not only do they not have anything in common, but Flavia is not legally divorced from her husband who is also a business partner of his (Renato’s)!  Gonzalo thinks the pot is calling the kettle black but Renato disagrees.    Does Flavia feel the same?  She feels something but she’s confused and trying to sort through her feelings about her husband.  Gonzalo throws the Aldonza/Cris thing back in Renato’s face.  Gonzalo is going to exercise his right to try to win Flavia’s heart so Renato finally backs down as they realize they haven’t really greeted each other and hug. 

PJ counsels Jock that even if they get a divorce, in the eyes of the Church, marriage cannot be dissolved!  PJ says Jock should forgive Flavia, truly, from the heart.

Tomas and his father discuss the trumped up assault charges Pru brought against him.  He swears it isn’t true and they decide to consult Silvia.  That way Pa can get a chance to meet this wonderful girl!

Cande has a fit over Cris’s torn shirt and learns he ripped it in a fight with Renato over Aldonza.  She has her tiring pissy fit which we, unfortunately, can see and hear when we close our eyes.  To Cande’s screeched inquiry Cris answers, NO, he can’t get her out of his heart, much the same way that she can’t get PJ out of hers.  Cris leaves her to stew.

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Chrome feeds

As is pointed out in the sidebar, feeds do not work in Chrome.  As there are so many of us using Chrome, here are a couple of suggestions to get around that.

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Amores con Trampa #84 Facu gets deceived by Santee, Esteban and Beto so he misses the meeting with the investors. Florencio arrives at MC. Rocio and Beto strengthen their love in front of Hilda and Francis

The Carmona kids and Alejandra and Andres playing with the water and the hose. (was kind of cute Jacinto suggested playing without water (just hoses) to not waste water.
Isabel finds Jacinto building a fence or cage for animals… she asks if he will thank her for telling him what was happening (Beto and Rocio were getting married)…  Facu not so sure it was for the best… Isa asks if he ranted on Maria (put her in her place)…  Facu insists he does not want trouble or wars with anyone… Isa keeps getting close to Facu… he suggests she go back home… Isa tells him he can count on her for anything (and of course puts her hand on his face just as Maria comes out of the house and catches them)… Maria acts all proper/indifferent (you can keep him, I will give him to you for free)…  Facu surprised and does not appreciate being gifted around as if he were a box of candy…  Maria insists Isa can keep him… they keep going back and forth and Facu’s cap blows…  Maria leaves offended, Isa pulls Facu back and asks him ‘if I do accept that ‘present’ what would happen?’  Facu is totally taken aback she is even considering that possibility and runs in the house after Maria… Isa starts feeding the goats… lol
Rocio is confronting Hilda for Beto…  Rocio more than irritated and pushes Hilda back and Hilda falls on a guy who drops his food… Rocio apologizes to the guy… Beto begs Rocio not to get into fights with Hilda anymore…  Hilda suggests Beto will end up with her, who has no doubts or complications…  Rocio only came to the school to see Beto to tell him she loves him with all her heart. She saw everything, so she has no doubts about him… no one will separate them.  She wants everyone to hear that no one will separate them. She has a heart necklace to give him which reflects her heart that she gives to him.  Love you . Will love you always.  (sealed with a kiss)… Hilda suddenly feels very out of place or the odd man out.  Frances and her shadowgirls are there to witness the scene… Frances starts whinning that she does not know when the exclusive college became a neighborhood taqueria. Carmen also comes in. Rocio leaves and Beto goes on to class.
At office, Esteban wants Santee to sign some docs. Santee says he won’t be fooled twice, he will read the documents very carefully before signing.  Esteban asks him not to get in trouble by doubting Facu. Santee starts namecalling Facu (charro montaperros). And undermines the business savvy of Facu’s.  Then he starts talking about women when he looks at the Isa photo frame.  Then talks about Estefani and her flirting… and then Mireya with her ‘confusions’… but all that is over… Now all his efforts are aimed at the ranchero (Facu). And to recover what was his.  He expects Esteban to help him. Esteban not so sure.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capítulo 8 Thurs 07-23-2015

Not one to be ruffled by the appearance of the person she and her horrible spawn were just bashing, Úrsula breezes over to dear Susy. She promises to scold the butler for not telling them she was there and Susy notes that he didn’t offer her anything to drink either. Ah, well, no matter they must get going. Max’s mom, Alma is waiting for them to pick her up. Maleny and Úrsula nervously follow her out to the car.

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Lo Imperdonable #48 Thu 7/23/15 The one where EXPLOSIVE stuff happens

Hello, everybody!

I had a very bad morning, probably the worst in ages, so I wasn't able to watch the show or write a recap as I had planned. I'm extremely sorry and ashamed, but these have been difficult days for me, as I received a couple of bad news and more might follow (friendly advice: never move to France - it will suck the life out of you and then, when you finally come out for air, it will suck some more).

The one VERY bright spot right now is that my baby is doing just fine, which is the only thing that truly matters, but all the rest is a mess, so I didn't have the heart to watch the show.
I am so very sorry to disappoint you all, especially after Eli's two stellar recaps (btw, Eli, great job yesterday, too, you bring it every single time - thank you so much for your hard work!).

Please, if you can, feel free to include whatever you want about last night's show in your comments and later on I might have the time to edit this post and add your stuff, too.

Now I have to go struggle with some French bureaucrats some more, as my day is only half over and who knows what will happen next. If only I had a gold mine somewhere deep in the Mexican nowhere land to go hide...

Adriana Noel

Later Edit:

Thank you so much, Vivi and Anon 09:48, for giving us the highlights of the episode. It seems like I lost quite an explosive show.
I will add them here, so that anyone who comes to the post later on, can find them faster.
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La Sombra del Pasado #112 (Mx 113-114)

The Legal Bits-Em's Case
Padre goes to see Emanuel. They talk about the robbery. Em says it was worth it to save Solitario's life. Padre waxes all kinds of dramatic. Fight the good fight! It's the biggest fight of your life and Sev is the biggest enemy. You aren't just fighting for yourself you're fighting for ALL the little people Sev has trod upon. God is on your side! You will win! At the end of the road you will find your origin and your destiny and you will find it mounted on your horse EL SOLITARIO!!

Emanuel gets sentenced to prison. They are going to transfer him to El Reclusorio Laa Vigas. I'm pretty sure the sentence said he would stay there an undetermined amount of time until the judge made a decision(?) Throughout the episode it was made clear that that was code for "he's probably not getting out any time soon." Slivia says they will get him out. Em knows he has no defense. Silvia and Pato are hoping that Em's wanting to save the horse's life will at least get him a reduced sentence.

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Lo Imperdonable #47 Wed 7/22/15 Claudia suelta la sopa

Hello my patio peeps, you get me for the 2nd day in the row! I'm going to ask you guys for a favor, it seems like we are getting more people commenting on this show, but many show up as anonymous, if you can (and want to) would our new friends please sign up for an account so that I have something to call you instead of "Anonymous 20:13"?- if you don't want to sign up for an account that's ok, the box at the bottom before you comment allows you to put in a user name without having to sign up for an account. I just think it'd be awesome to get to know who we are talking to in the comments!

Now your recap:

The Old Goat and Family:

 Pablo gets grilled. He tells the old goat his story: he does not come from money, he is on a scholarship that allows him to pay his expenses, he has an art show scheduled in New York which should net him enough money to buy a house in Pueblo Nuevo. The old goat freaks out at the thought of Pablo taking AP with him but Pablo promises that he won't, he has no plans to move to the city. The Old Goat questions how Pablo will manage to keep AP living in the same standard that she's used to...sorry, time for a rant:

Dear Old Goat,

Your granddaughter has spent a life time being bullied by Manuel simply because she was born with a vagina, she has been treated as a second class citizen, and as a criminal who needs to be watched at all times to prevent her from what? Having a party in her pants? More recently she has been emotionally abused by your pig of a grandson and has been locked in a shed, oh and let's not forget that she's not even allowed to read because god forbid she should get any "ideas"- I'm pretty sure AP would gladly live in a hovel like Veronica's if it meant having some freedom, what good is all the money she has now when she can't even walk down the street without you and Manuel thinking she's going to start jumping the bones of every man in town?

End of rant. PS:I'm still counting down to your death!
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 7 Wed 7/22/15 A Mole To Remember

(Some scenes were merged out of context)


The boss gives Jacinto " The Mole" his liquidation papers because it's not like he will get a job anywhere now once the truth comes out. Jacinto suddenly stands up and declares WW3 on the Boss. He is still playing the same strings and blames his victims for his problems.


Daniel is apologizing to MD for their previous discussion but he doesnt trust Max and he doesnt want for any more bad things happening to MD. MD says that there are lot's of things that he can do such as guarding her bag  ( Note: It includes Ivana's dress for the parade) like a golden treasure. Daniel later tosses the dress away to a random female employee. The employee of an employee thinks that she stole the dress. They  plan to  sell the dress.

Jacinto comes to the company like nothing and starts his molesting spree on the poor women. The Boss comes at last but Jacinto doesn't want to move. The Boss does nothing , he doesn't even attempt to call security  WTH.

Maleny at the tennis-ground  is worried that Isela & Orlando will open their mouths but Ari assures her that they will not because once Max is done helping them , he might not see them again. Maly wants Ari to move to a new apartment but Ari has no money. Maly proclaims that she needs to marry Max ASAP.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #111 (Mx 112) - Wed 7/22 - Love sh-- yeah, not so much

Renato visits Las Animas to harass Sev and Cande for not putting forth any kind of search.  Sev says that if Cris doesn't want to be found, there is no way to find him, which Renato would know if he was familiar with the terrain.

Cris thinks that Aldonza's amorous attentions are proof that if they just run away forever, they can be together.  She insists they can't run forever.  She still thinks Val might be giving Cris the child she'll "never" be able to and it hurts.  Cris gets the impression that the piece of trash who raped her is still around and he has some ass kicking to do.  Aldonza denies it, but says she's engaged to Renato, so Cris backs off.

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Amores con trampa #82 and #83 7/22/15 and 7/23/15

Our next recapper needs to introduction.

She's the Wednesday Wonder and the Thursday Thunder. She's..........


*muppet flail*

Look for her recap in the comments :-)


Lo Imperdonable #46 Tue 7/21/15 Babies, soulmates, and disappointment

Hiii patio peeps, here goes a quick recap! Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I'll clean this up later!

I'm skipping the old and going to the new: (Events not in order)

Matilde gets the letter in which Veronica tells her that her marriage is not what she expected, Marty has shown his true colors and while she loves him and they've had some lovely times, this is not enough for her to stick around, she will wait until Marty returns from his trip, then she will travel to Mexico and start the divorce process. Veronica asks that Matiilde keep this to herself until she gets a chance to tell uncle Jorge what's going on. Matilde laments that Vero is too good to be suffering so much.

Matilde is shaken by the letter and left in tears, she calls Marty and tells him that they need to talk, they arrange to meet the next day at a cafe near the notary Marty is using to make Vero half owner of his portion of La Morenita. The next day Marty goes to the notary and finishes the process of giving Vero ownership of the mine- the paper work will take an hour and instead of waiting Marty opts to leave in order to meet with a very unhappy Matilde.
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La Sombra del Pasado, Capitulo #110 (Mx 111), 07/21/2015: New Scenery, Same Story

Sorry y’all, but this recap’s a little smushed and out of order, like a cookie in a back pocket. But I think all of the important parts are still there and also I'm still sleepy so let's jump in shall we?

The Short of It: Lola talks to Eman. Nothing useful happens there. She and Pato fight. She and Mel don’t find S/V, obviously. Val is once again staying at LA. Everyone in SL knows she’s pregnant. Adelina gives Pru whatfor in public. Joaq agrees to let Ray visit Flavia in DF. PJ tells Adelina he may have to leave SL. Cris and Al start on the check list of Cabin Reconciliations. Also, Cris’s horse is stolen.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yo no Creo en los Hombres #6 Tues 7/21/15 No karma anvils yet for Jacinto. Maybe karma pebbles?

All right, first things first. Hi, my name is Rain, and I am one of your Tuesday recappers! I'm in my mid 20s, live in the Midwest, and am a giant fan of anything involving pretty people, romance, and melodrama, whether it's in English or not. I am a huge fan of Asian dramas for this reason, and though this is only my 2nd telenovela, I'm rapidly becoming a fan of them as well. (Which is why the recent assortment of English subbed telenovelas Netflix put up fills me with glee.)

One caveat before we get started: My cable is weird in that the Eng subs don't work when I try to watch live, but they do for the On-Demand eps. Don't ask me why. The On-Demand isn't up yet, so I am working off my back up recording, the Spanish caps, and Google Translate for things that fly over my head. I sincerely hope I don't mess anything up, and I am so sorry if I do. I'd also like to thank CountxAlacran for sending me tips on what makes a good recap. I've tried to keep them in mind for this. But enough of my yammering. Let's get started!
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La Sombra del Pasado #109 (Mx 110) - Mon 7/20 - Santa Lucia Status Updates

Javier? The new flunky is dispatched to Simoneta's place to clean it out.  Why Sev didn't call those nice movers who helped him load the coffin table into the bed of his truck is beyond me.  Flunky pockets some jewelry while he's there.

She really can't stand being cooped up in the hospital, so Gonzalo offers to let her stay at his house until he thinks she's ready to be around large groups of people and/or travel again.  Flavia would like Ray to come visit her at Gonzalo's, but that's going to depend on her test results.

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Lo Imperdonable #45 Mon 7/20/15 Marty, get help!

The Sad Plight of Polo and Onix

Much of this episode centers on Polo and his dog Onix huddled in the tunnel of the abandoned mine.  The little boy tries to keep his growing fears at bay and remain hopeful although this becomes increasingly difficult as the hours pass and no one shows up to rescue him.  We cringe at a sudden shower of dust and gravel – is this tunnel going to collapse?  (Polo is more worried about the ghosts of dead miners.)  

He stands up suddenly and hits his head.  Yow!  And his foot is hurt.  Are he and Onix ever going to get out of there alive?  Who will save them?  Well at least they have a little fruit and water in the market bag he was carrying when he ran away from Manuel.  But he is really scared.  So very scared.
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Yo No Creo en los Hombres #5 Mon 7/20/15

11PM EST: It's a hot night in the Naked City. The heat feels like volcanic spume. The air is a thick hot fog with no relief in sight. The computer isn't liking it. Neither am I.

I'm still slaving over this when the steam leaves the keyboard, but this time you might get just the facts when I'm done. Until that's ready, you may want to examine the evidence in this case before I get there. See you when the smoke clears.

Dashiell Hammett

11AMEST: The heat is still on, but here's what I have so far. Hang on for the rest because these people are getting my dander up.

Chapter 5: No Truth Yet

Daniel was at the Duval house, trying to find out whom Ivana had eaten with that day. Honestly, she could do better than this creepy little worm who chewed gum like a cheap bookie. She started to describe the subject of her lunch with Max, but her aunt arrived just in time to stop that. Daniel changed the subject to a dinner invitation to dinner that night. Ivana told him tomorrow, knowing he didn't want to be put off. “Do you think you're the only man I've ever dated?” she asked. She started looking like she'd rather have root canal. “I just refuse to be hurt.”
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Amores con trampa #80 and #81 7/20/15 and 7/21/15

Isa breaks into Mireya’s office and takes one of the unlabeled pills followed by the eye crossing and boing boing sound effect blinking.

Later she finds the key to the file cabinet and steals Mireya’s files.

Beto interrupts Carmen while she watches her reality model program (they are eliminating contestants tonight!) Beto tells her to get gussied up. He and Feli have a plan for her to go out with Feli. Beto will tell their parents that he’s taking Carmen to the movies. Carmen thinks he’s the best brother ever. Beto wants her to remember that and not call him bad brother names anymore. Carmen tries to decide what to wear. Beto thinks something really modest is the best thing. Apparently he thinks an afghan would make a great date outfit.

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Here is your post for this week, the last full week for Tierra. Enjoy and stay cool!!

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Bajo el Mismo Cielo-index

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Cap 4 Fri July 17, 2015 or Everyone is Using Somebody

[recapper JdesdeNYC]

I'm JdesdeNYC. Like the name implies I'm from NYC. I usually watch and post on Telemundo tns. I have recapped for one of my favorites, La Patrona in 2013, as well as Los Miserables, another gem, in 2015. I also recapped for Por Siempre Mi Amor in 2014, which frankly was a disappointment. I'm long-winded to my enemies and detailed-oriented to my friends but from my recaps I make sure you learn some Spanish vocabulary. When I grow up, I want Cynderella's sense of humor, Urban Anthropologist ability to craft a story and LatinainMD's editing skills. Ok, al grano.

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Cap 4

Lo Refrito
Maria Delores tells mom Esperanza she won't hide her relationships from her anymore. At their public school Clara and Leo talk about their dads. Clara doesn't understand why Leo goes to their school since his father is a rich judge. Leo says he doesn't want to follow his father's or brother's footsteps even though it means he has to get a job since he doesn't have his father's support to go to public school. Clara says her father always supported his daughters and his family and now that he's gone everything had gone to pot. Mom is jobless as is Maria Delores (MD). "It's not fair," Clara says repeatedly, "It's not fair."

Lo Nuevo

Esperanza is paid by Orlando for her cooking. He gives her way too much and Espie tells him playfully she doesn't need his charity but his recommendation so she can get more work since she's now her family's sole provider.

Max and Isela meet up at Vera Duval and he asks Isela why she lied about MD wanting to sue Vera Duval (VD) for wrongful termination (despido injustificado). Isela says she didn't get a chance to talk to MD since after the funeral MD locked herself in her room to rest and she couldn't bother her then. The VD secretary waves Isela and Max into the chief's office where Jacinto looks like a vulture as usual. Max quickly  gets to the point saying Isela is suing for wrongful termination and for not getting severance (liquidación) as the law requires. Jacinto says Isela was fired for assaulting him and company rules say that is a fireable offense. Isela asks why Jacinto is still at the workshop if he always assaults female employees by touching them and with sexual innuendo.

The chief says he's not intimidated by Max as they are not just any simple workshop; they are a part of the Vera-Duval consortium and they won't allow a thief (ratera) or an aggresive person in their ranks (filas). Max says since they can't come to an agreement, he'll see them in court (los tribunales) where they have to prove their charges. Outside the chief's office Max asks Ise why she didn't mention the theft and assault accusations VD has against them.  Ise says she did hit Jacinto but only to defend herself after he told her if she didn't like the workplace conditions to go stand on a street corner. She also swears Jac is lying on MD and she would risk any thing (meter los manos en el fuego)to help MD. Max says Ise keeps complicating things by lying and hiding details but as he had already given his word he would help them he will continue to do so. However, his help is predicated on Ise telling the truth.

Gerry tells Ivana that MD left VD and it's a shame since she's the only one who can fix Ivana's dress. "And the whole collection," Ivana emphasizes, asking why she left. Gerry thinks MD left to go where they pay is higher and Ivana should pay her more to her back. Ivana says if they did that would show MD has no loyalty to the brand. Gerry says MD may well like the brand but says people work to get paid so Ivana should pay MD more. Ivana agrees.

MD is at a job interview and while the interviewer loves her CV and designs, he wonders why her last job was such a long time ago. MD mentions having worked for Vera-Duval as well and the interviewer wonders why she didn't put such a prestigious firm on her CV. MD purses her lips and smiles. The interviewer tells her to come back and see him when she gets a letter of recommendation from VD.

Jacinto calls Gerry and lets him know MD was fired for stealing and she and another girl are suing for wrongful termination. Gerry says this sounds weird and he's going to speak with MD. Ivana says no as MD is just a dressmaker, let the courts handle it. Meanwhile she expects the collection to be made with the same quality.  

Josefa beats the stuffing out of Isela when Ise tells her Max is balking at helping without MD's support. She even bites her and blames Ise for the damage she does to her face.

MD and Isela return Julian's money that Isela tried to make as coming from Max. MD tells Ise to sue VD if she wants but leave her out of it. Ise says MD should sue not for herself but all the female employees so Jacinto won't get away with sexual harrassment.

At VD Jacinto the vulture is interviewing a woman to replace MD and Ise. Of course, the interview cones with a side of sexual harrassment. He tells her she should put her photo on her resume as it's her best recommendation and only ugly women don't put their photos. He then caresses her face. (The photo thing is ILLEGAL here in the US thanks to the Civil Rights Act)

Honoria encourages Julian to be more direct in his pursuit of MD since she won't know his feelings from him just helping her economically. He insists he  has to make sure he has more clients and money to ensure if he's with her she won't fall into more poverty.

Danny-boy is at Esperanza's finally introducing himself when Clara and MD show up. After some resistance from MD, Danny and MD have a makeout session which Julian sees from his window and immediately feels sick. Danny also sends flowers to Ivana, one arrangement to her house and another to her office.

Maleny and Ari meet up for their skeezy rendezvous at his apt in the hood and Maleny complains about his place. Ari says he's giving her a taste of her own medicine for treating him like a cheap stripper. Although he isn't rich like her lawyer steady Max his tennis instructor job is hard, too. Maleny says she's only marrying Max because her family is broke and a marriage with him will secure her future. She and Ari can still see each other on the side. She'll even get them a love shack apt with cleaning service included. Ari's manly pride shows up as he balks at living off Max (vivir de la costilla de Max).

Max meets with Ivana for dinner and he explains what happened with MD and Isela at the taller: they weren't given severance as the law requires and they are suing for workplace sexual harrassment.

Orlando meets up with Ise and sees her injured face and goes to beat up Josefa for hurting the woman he loves. After helping to break up the ruckus MD decides to sue with Isela so Ise can get her severance.

Maleny is leaving Ari's and her car apparently got stolen.

Ise goes back to Josefa's and apologizes to her for causing trouble. Josefa asks Ise if she's slept with Orlando and she says no. Josefa says that's good because the only man who should touch Ise is Juez Bustamante, the judge they have to get revenge on.

Danny-boy goes to Ivana's and asks her to be his girlfriend.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #44 Fri 7/17/15 A Passionate Cleansing

I don't have much time today so this will be a short recap:

 * Thoughtubbling from Marty and Vero. Both are in different places but via their thoughts they recite the lyrics of the theme song to each other. Marty apologizes to Vero via his thoughts while Vero says that she can't forgive Marty this time.

* Marty via his thoughtbubbling knows that he doesn't deserve Vero's forgiveness. If only she knew how much he loooves her. She's his everything - his light, hope, beginning and end. He needs her respiration. He's sure that he and Vero will get back together. He will find a way for Vero to forgive him. The two will leave the past behind. Marty gets on the boat that will take him one step closer to the city. 

* Lucky Old Goat. Not only did he survive the operation but his shall we say intimate parts were left untouched. Now all he must do is take his medication and lose some weight. If he does all this then we'll have to deal with the old goat for a loooong time. Oy vey. The old goat is ready to head back home because he can't stand being in the contaminated city that is full of cars and shameless women. Die Old Goat. Die. Oh and he wants Botel to give him back the letter he had written for Ana Perla. No one must read it. Hmm... 

*  Emi tells Virginia that he tried to convince Nanci to let her come along to the jungle to meet her people BUT... Virginia "understands". She's ticked off though because Nanci said that she was a bad person. How dare she do that? Emi thinks it must have been Nanci's way of saying "Me no like Virginia". Emi changes the subject and tries to convince her to head back home but Virginia can't. Because she promised her aunt and uncle that she'd return with him.  

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Friday, July 17, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado #108 (Mx 109) 7-17-15 The return of Cris's spine and Val takes charge: Good vs. evil, lite

Sombra Patio Peeps!  Estamos en las Ultimas Semanas!  Let’s jump right in.  Some members of the patio have entreated the tn gods that Cris keep the nice, erect spine he sprouted last episode.  Well, our boy marches in to daddy’s office demanding to know where his lover, Simoneta is!  He cares because Simoneta is expecting his and Lola’s half sibling and Simoneta is Lola’s mother!   Sev doesn’t accept the child is his but Cris has learned aaaaall about DNA and this matter can be settled easily.  Sev finally says she is in San Miguel holding up her part of a bargain they made:   Sev claims that Simoneta had an abortion.   Sev shouts that Cris ought to be more concerned about his own unborn child than Sev’s.  Cris knows how to take care of his own business.  AND SO DO I!  Yells Sev.  Cris doesn’t believe Sev one bit and vows to leave no stone unturned until he finds Simoneta and he prays to God when he finds her that she is well.  Cris leaves Sev using his tongue to count his teeth.  (Igbo saying for laying something on another’s mind.)

From the Police Station Aldonza calls Hum to tell him Eman is in jail.  Hmm, looks like the same patient that left the office in indignation the day Hum through Pru out.  I guess his cough won out over principal.

Nava, Val and Sev (Los Tres Diablos)  are walking.  Sev tells Val to trust that Nava will get her momma out of jail and lock up that low life Eman.  They run into Aldonza, Renato and Silvia as they leave the station.  Snarls, yips and hissing ensue. . .Aldonza (the zorra) should be the one in jail. . .Pru is going to be sued for slander and defamation of character. . .Sev insults Aldonza’s virtue and she holds Ren back from charging.  After the three walk away, Val kvetches about how much she HATES Aldonza, Sev caresses her face and Nava looks at them like, “what the . . .”

Cris goes to the Santa Lucia Hilton to get some info on Simoneta.  The clerk gushes and grins right into the camera,  torn between whether to flirt with Pablo Lyle and telescope her continuing availability as a novela extra or actually play the part of the hotel clerk.  Pablo, not Cris, looks like he wants to burst out laughing.  Anyway, he gets a forwarding address for Simoneta but we don’t know if this actress will get another part.  Sheesh!
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Amores con Trampa #79 Friday July 17, 2015 Isa and Francis go from bad to worse... Estefi can't deny her 'evil nature' ... Santee tries to come back home but Isa won't have any of him.

Estefi convo with Jacinto… (we hear her thoughts) she feels bad she is deceiving Jacinto and all the Carmonas but she has to admit her mother was right, she does not know how to NOT BE bad. She knows she will eventually betray all the Carmonas.
Isa visits the Carmonas. Notes to Conchita that Conchita is dressed normally. Says some nonsense about Conchitas clothes getting worn out. Conchita isn’t buying, she feels GOOD there at the Carmonas because they treat her as family, something she never felt at the Velasco household.
At San Bartolo Florencio arm wrestles el Panzon. Hilda comes in and debriefs Florencio about the Maria, Facundo et al happenings. She says he should have some hope because his letter DID cause some impact on Maria. Hilda leaves and Florencio mumbles to himself ‘Maria will be mine again!’
Maria does receive Isabel at her house, although treats her very dryly. Isa has several ‘announcements’ for her. Perpetua went to threaten her in defense of Maria.  But Isa is willing to follow up on her earlier promise to Maria that she will leave Facundo alone. Maria is suspicious, and I am too. (good for you Maria).
At office, Beto congratulates Facundo (on staying away from Isa?)
Felipe catches with Carmen at school, wants to get together again, she has to check with Facundo (really? How old are you? 8?) Francis comes again to annoy Carmen and says Carmen dug her own grave. She threatens Carmen again yada yada… (maybe Francis should go to the eye doctor… not that Felipe is THAT ugly, but if she is all about appearance, does she really want Felipe over Diego or is this just a personal vendetta on Carmen and no longer about the boys?)
Conchita is a bit edgy serving Porfirio in the kitchen. He complains a bit about her rebellious attitude ‘Calmate! No es para tanto! Estas hacienda tormenta en vaso de agua’ (calm down, its not so serious! You are making a storm in a glass of water… meaning… its not that big a deal as you seem to make it)
Porfirio keeps calling her ‘yeguita’ (mare?)
Carmen admits she never felt for Diego what she has always felt for Felipe. All she cares about is Felipe. Are you happy now??  (too bad for her that Francis was recording this conversation and is planning to use that tape to her advantage)
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #43 Wed 7/15/15 "And to my grandson Manuel, I leave my second best bed..."

Technology and life have conspired against our beloved LatinInMd in small and aggravating ways today.  (No worries, she is just fine!) The upshot is that those of us who look forward to her Wednesday recaps will have to make do with what NovelaMaven can remember about last night's episode. 

Please fill in with additions, corrections, etc.

Marty and Vero – Dueling Passions

We join Crazy Marty and Vero in a full-blown Harlequin Romance moment.  He has just bested her in their duel and with one swift movement of his sword, has sliced off the top button of her blouse.  Will she be swept up in the passion of the moment?  Hell, no!  When Marty is off guard, she knocks his sabre out of his hand, picks up her own, and with its point at his throat, gains the upper hand.

Has he allowed her to win?  Probably.  She was angry before.  This makes her even angrier.  She is unwilling to listen to his explanations.  Their self-destructive dance has gone on too long.  It's too late.  They might have been very happy together, but now it's over.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 3 Wed 7/15/15 : Ari's wonderful day

Sorry for the delayed recap, my family had a 4 hour long power outage and later we were 2 hours without an Internet connection. Anyway despite the hissy rage here is the recap:

(Some scenes were merged out of context)

MD proceeds to break up with Daniel over phone because she has called him over and over but only received one call in return. If she calls now it's because ours is now Basta!  Daniel doesn't take it well which affects his driving skills thus he crashes into a lamp nearby. (Is this the final goodbye ,  the anvil of  a century? Let's find out!)

Hoe-Sefa points out to the maid of honor, Honoria that MD will never pay Julian any attention cause he is sick ( And his eyeballs also look like they're shortly falling out of the sockets but he is still a great guy) . Hoe-Sefa also reminds Honoria that Max came with other interests rather than actually offering help  but MD will choose him anyway. Hon forces her to shut it and it takes three tries till the Duck Tape Curse takes effect or not because Hoe-Sefa promises a sweet revenge to be had.

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La Sombra del Pasado #107 (Mx 108) - Wed 7/15 - Inebriated absent one's posterior

OK, the Tomas-Silvia outing is set for Friday and he insists on paying. He also offers to snog her on the park bench, but she laughingly resists…sorry all, but she looks like she's enjoying it…at least until Pru shows up to make a scene.  Don't be calling Silvia a "golfa!" (Three guesses what that means, and you'll only need one.  Drink!)  Can Silvia sue her for that?  I'd watch those court proceedings.  Pru calls Tomas her "EX-novio" and stands on the bench to shout out to all the passersby that no, he's her AMANTE (lover), because the lady here is MARRIED, is she not?  Even if it won't be for much longer.  Silvia's watching this in fascination.  Tomas calls her out for going to Aldonza's house last night and says she's a hypocrite because he's her AMANTE!  AMANTE!  AMANTE!  His unseemly behavior drives Pru away and drives Tomas and Silvia into gales of laughter.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amores con trampa #78 7/15/15

What time is it?

It's Jarifa-cap time!


Lo Imperdonable #42 Tue 7/14/15 I want a divorce!

Bullets again:

 Disclaimer: This show is already driving me nuts, cast your votes patio peeps, how long before I start my recaps with my classic "I wish they would all just die" line? I give it two more weeks, maybe less!

  • Cresensio is in Mexico City, he needs an operation to make sure his heart keeps ticking, Botel and the other doctor assure him that the operation has minimal risks, but that without it he will die (yay!)
  • Cres does not want the surgery because he is afraid he will die and he can't leave this planet while AP is still mad at him, he wants to have the chance to apologize to her for his past treatment, he is also not wild about the operation having to be preformed near his boy parts, Botel convinces him to go under the knife.
  • Veronica hears the conversation crazy Marty was having with Padre Juan, she's hurt that he feels he can't trust her, Padre Juan looks like he'd rather be anywhere else but in the Santelmo hovel, he tells them they love each other and that they can work through their issues.
  • Veronica and Marty argue-what else is new? She can't believe that he still does not trust her, why does he think she's a slut? Marty tries to explain that he has issues but Vero is fed up and does not stick around to hear his excuses, she goes to see Magdalena.
  • Magdalena tells her to give Marty a chance, they love each other and their love will help them overcome their issues.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #2 Tue 7/14/15: Of Good Gals and Gossips

Discuss here till recap up.  --tks!

Parte 1~~
Attorney Max Bustamonte has seen a woman in distress and lends her a hand –luhv at first site for the gal (Maria Delores) and the galán to be.  He steps as White Knight—his charitable deed for the day—and tells the detective to back of backbiting poor M.D. for now.   Copperhead Cop says until he can prove her story she’s suspect número uno.  

As for Maria Delores, how’s she going to pay?  He may be a terrific attorney but she just lost her job.  Skinny Boy Brotherly Friend (Julian) says he’ll take care of that and not to worry.  Then he tells his story to Max.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 106 (Mx 107), 07-14-15

Short: Pato and Lola are getting married! One of them’s happy about it. Tomás is back home and ready to do good. Pru is proud of her mob antics. Lola tells Cris about S/V’s pregnancy and disappearance. Eman gets arrested. He tells Don Antonio the truth about El Solitario, but Don Toño’s on his side. PJ says Cande would be the woman of his life…if he hadn’t become a priest. Ren(/Aldi) will press charges against Pru. Sev forges Cris’s signature to put El Solitario back in his name so that he can legally crush Eman.

Long: Adelina and PJ put Baby Aldi to sleep. PJ will try to figure out what happened with those crazy people tomorrow, but she should get some rest tonight. On the stairwell, Adelina fairly bursts: What’s wrong with these people?! They could’ve set the house on fire! They could’ve hit Aldonza or Dominga with one of those bricks! PJ doesn’t get the incredible stupidity either, but thinks Pru’s off her rocker and chances are she paid those people.
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Maybe it's time to leave town La Sombra Del Pasado #105 (Mx 105-106) 07/13/2015

Morning peeps here's your recap:

Humberto and his shrew

Poor Humberto, I think we can all agree that his life poor choices have finally caught up with him, his wife belongs in an episode of Cheaters and his daughter, well, she needs some serious professional help. Today, Humberto's wife shows up at his clinic and tells him that she will never give him the divorce and if he moves forward she will take him to the cleaners. She also accuses him of cheating on her with Aldonza, aka, her favorite whipping boy.

Humberto tries to talk sense into her but Pru will have none of it, finally, her crazy overwhelms Humberto and he drags her out of his office, Pru, ever the evil shrew starts screaming and asking him not to hit her any more, he tells her she is out of her mind and tosses her out of the clinic. This all happens in front of a few patients, Hum apologizes and asks Blanca to send in the next patient, but having witnessed the madness that patient leaves the clinic so fast that you'd think the place was on fire- the next patient does go in to see Hum but does not look too happy at having to see Hum.
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Lo Imperdonable #41 Mon 7/13/15 Can This Marriage Be Saved? - or - Crazy Marty Redux.

I love you, brother.  No, not you, my other brother.

Manuel pulls out a long, scary knife.  Yikes!  He has caught Pablo outside Ana Perla's window.  We've seen Manuel try to murder a man with far less provocation.  (Ana Perla herself is locked up on the other side of the house and unaware of the unfolding drama.)  "Kill me!" shouts Pablo, with more bravado than brains.  Before Manny can oblige, the padre shows up (thank God) and separates the two men.  He sends Pablo to the church and sticks around to try to talk some sense into the Manny.  He warns him that his hateful ways have alienated him from God and man alike.  Manny doesn't care – he'll take money over love any day.  And he tells the padre to watch his back – he's tired of him meddling in his life

Inside the house, Ana Perla is still sitting in her grandfather's locked bedroom, her dinner tray on her lap, while Julio pines on the other side of the door.  At last he works up the courage to tell her he loves her.  Unfortunately he chooses the wrong verb in this treacherous language.  Te quiero, he tells her.  This leaves room for Ana Perla to respond in kind.  "I love you too.  Like a brother."  [Oh crap, Julio.  You should have gone for broke with  Te amo.]

Ginny marks her territory while Dr. F fumes
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Gran Estreno Monday 7/13/15


I'm back. Here in Mexico City where the air is hot, the margaritas frozen, and the people at each other's throats.

A while ago I helped tell the tale of a disappearance, a stolen inheritance, a eunuch drug dealer, and two men in love with the same woman. Now I'm back because I've been told there is good and evil on both sides of the income spectrum and the men on both sides are just as skeevy in how they treat women.

Maybe somebody should tell them that the biggest bitch in the world is Karma. I'm not religious, but I can believe in that.

And while I like how easy it is to edit and copy stuff on the computer, the heat doesn't like my computer. So if I skimp on the dialogue from time to time that's the reason.

So sit back, cut a slice of lime, and get out the salt and the shot glass. This is hot off the press.

Dashiell Hammett
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Amores con trampa #76 and #77 7/13/15 and 7/14/15

While Rocio wasn’t looking, she swiped her phone.

She also delivered a letter from Florencio to Maria. Can Hilda just go away? Please?

Maria and Facundo Take One
Facundo literally stumbles onto the letter from Florencio. He confronts Maria and doesn’t let her explain a thing. Fac reads the letter. Florencio is still madly in love with Maria. In the letter he asks Maria to forgive him for showing up at her house. It’s just that without her he’s nothing. He misses her and wants a second chance.

Well, Fac is not cool with that. He wants to kill Florencio. And worse...he actually accuses Maria of thinking of cheating. Oh, worse! He actually wonders if Maria was starting something with Florencio before the Carmonas left SBeC.

This earns him a well deserved slap from Maria.

Maria stands her ground. She is not a cheater. Fac finally gets it together and begs Maria to forgive him. He was talking stupid. He wants to bust his own nose for saying it.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

La Vecina-Highlights and Discussion #11-19 July 6-17

15 episodes in and here's what we have.

Triangles and Torment
Antonio, Sara, Isabel

Sara, Antonio, Cheo

Antonio and Sara fell in love over a three day period. But Antonio is still attached to Isabel and Sara can't get rid of Cheo. Update: Now Sara is in the DF and Antonio is trying to shuffle her without Isa finding out.

And Sara's friend Bruno is convinced that Antonio is a player de lo peor. Update: And it only got worse since he found out Antonio is engaged.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Que Te Perdone Dios #123: Jail House Rock Meets The Never-ending Story Of Musical Chairs

 The real Ximena appears right after Macaria lies that Xi’s decided to skedaddle to more fertile and rewarding climes now that Fausto’s been reduced to living on borrowed time if not embezzled/burgled assets.  Macaria is WTF-seen-a-ghost impactada.  Just who the hell did she kill, she wonders?  

In town, Marcelino and Diego are asking Comandante Barragan (who's having as hard a time keeping track of everybody turning themselves in and going to jail for some horrid crime or other as Viewerville is) for 24 hours more so that Diego can arrange his affairs before turning himself in.  The Comandante says fine and that he’s arranging for Mateo to be released ASAPP. 

At the same time, Simona and Toño say their good-byes.  He’s going to do his time and then go to the seminary to become a priest, as we remember.  Sim won’t be an Abuela, but she’ still proud of the change in Tony, drastic as it is.  And, across the room, Teodora and the bald-as-a-baby’s buttocks de Max kiss good-bye.  He’s goin’  in the poky as well today.

Meanwhile, Dr. Duarte explains to Renata that his agreement with Porfirio Zarazua got Pat the means of destroying Fausto once and for all in exchange for artificially inseminating Xi-ella with Dr. Pat’s sperm.  He swears there was no sex involved whatsoever.  Can she forgive him?  Wel-l-l-l-l yes.  If there’s one thing Abigail has taught her, it’s love means never having to say you’re sorry (er…wasn’t that a different novella?)--love means forgiving.  And by the way, they don’t really know who is having his baby nor who he was really married to all those years.  What???? Pat has no idea what she means.  Ren explains that Xi has a twin sister.  She knows this because she saw them with her own eyes!  (Dun-dun-dun-dunnnn!)

Teodora returns home to find Ximena pretending to be Daniella needing to speak with her nephew right away!  Teo explains that Max has turned himself in to do penance for keeping quiet about all the crimes he knew his daddy’d done.  Danmena stops the masquerade and tells Teo to pick up her stuff and get the heck out of her home.  She’s only tolerated Max’s marrying a housekeeper because she had to but now that he’s gone to jail, hopefully he’ll die of leukemia there!  “—SCRAM!” 

Teo exits stage left and Padre Tomas enters stage right (or maybe that’s vice versa).  He wants to know if it’s true she’s expecting his child?  A child that will bear the shame of being a priest’s bastardo!  She says sure it is, Tommy.  Why not come with me and we’ll live free and easy.  No, he’ll have to talk it over with Dios first, he tells her.
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Lo Imperdonable #40 Fri 7/10/15 Cousins Doing Things Cousins Don't Do

(scenes out of order and some have been combined)

Marty has promised Vero that he'll control himself and listen to her before turning into Crazy Marty (™ NovelaMaven). (Let's take a bet - How long before he breaks his promise? I give him two days) He gets all lovey dovey with her and using his charms err kisses he's able to convince her to give him a second chance under the condition that he keeps his word and controls himself. First, Marty tells Vero that he would love to stay and be all lovey dovey with her forever. Then he tells her that he has to go work at the mine. Smooth Marty. Smooth. Before leaving, he asks Vero if things are a little better between them. Vero tells him that they are. 

Emi has seen Virginia at the cantina and he isn't amused. Usch! That's just what needed - for her to come slithering to town to asphyxiate him. He sits down and serves himself a drink. Virginia explains she had to come because his parents decided to travel to Cancun earlier than expected. They would have noticed he wasn't there and realized he was in Mina Escondida. Emi thinks Virginia ratted him and she denies it. She informs him that daddy is on his way over there. From behind, Daniel watches as Virginia talks with Emi and isn't a happy camper.

Pablo has showed up unexpectedly at Blanquita and Polo's door. Blanquita is reluctant to let him come in since 1. they aren't allowed to hang out with him anymore 2. it could cause them problems with her parents and grandfather. While Blanquita tries to close the door shut, Polo tries to open the door and let Pablo in. Pablo explains he came to see their mother Raymunda to talk to her and let her know how things are. Eventually, Blanquita lets him come in and she calls her mother telling her there is someone at the door. 

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La Sombra del Pasado #104 7-10-15 No cliff hanger, just more annoyance

Greetings, all!  There was essentially no review tonight and we get right to Val’s confession to Cande that she shot Aldonza and only regrets she failed to kill her!  Cande calls her stupid!  Val’s justification is that as long as that zorra is alive Cris will never have anything to do with her!  Cande counters that he certainly won’t when he finds out what she did.  Val reveals that she knows Aldonza is out of the hospital:  she was the one who called the front desk, not Cande.  Cande demands to know where the rifle is and Val runs upstairs to get it where she’s kept it hidden.

Tomas is consulting with the statue of a saint he’s dusting when Pru walks up and hears him talking about his latest amorous target, Silvia.  He drags her out of the church and refuses to answer her questions about who “is robbing her of his love!”  He is decidedly cold.  It’s over between them:  he tried to kill himself for her and she didn’t even show up!  He rejects her efforts to butter and kiss him up though he asks aloud amid her ministrations, “Why is the flesh so weak?”  Tomas gathers himself and pushes her away.  Pru tells him about Teresa “betraying them” and her threat to publish the intimate details of their affair.  Pru wants Tomas to shut her mouth permanently!  Does she thinks he’s capable of killing someone in cold blood?  Pru answers very quickly, YES!  As Tomas protests while admitting he has flaws but he would never. . .Pru meets his protests with suggestions of mayhem of a lesser degree, like breaking her knees.  He is NOT going to touch one single hair on a woman’s head!  His protests fall on deaf ears as she whips out her wallet to give him some monetary incentive.  Disgusted, Tomas finally leaves when Pru refuses to, wiping her slime off his face as he goes.

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Amores con Trampa #75 The Neanderthal is behaving even worse and Isa has found a new career for Mireya, who is not that thrilled. Rocio and Estefani bump noses... Florencio plays his last card.

Beto and Rocio repeat from Thursday. Rocio thinks marriage is just a paper. Beto surprised but he asks of she doesn’t want to marry him. Of course she does! He is willing to marry her anyway, even if they have to run away like his parents did. ‘I will marry you… because I will marry you!’
Back in SBeA Florencio punches Panzon but is nice enough to then help him with some ice on the eye and buys him a stake and sausage dinner because Panzon said the scare made him hungry (tragon). Panzon asks if Florencio will sit down with him but he almost gets punched again. Heck no!
Beto shows Rocio a picture of his family and says they will make their own family. They look soooo good together!  Rocio still a bit reluctant to just get married in hiding.  She asks Beto to really think about it. Beto says once we get married we’ll just tell them and that’s that! Rocio still thinks it’s a crazy plan. But he is the bravest guy she’s ever met and the one that accepts her as she is and brings out the best in her.  He assures her she will be his wife… and no one will stop that.  (smooch).
At Carmonas, its nighttime. Gusana is trying to cheer up Jacinto. They are a bit upset they can’t see Alejandra anymore. She’s their friend.  Jacinto even mentions some hypnosis plan.  He walks around and ends up saying its not a problem for the smarts, it’s a problem for the heart. He is downgrading himself saying he knows nothing about issues of the heart.  Gusana again tries to cheer him up.  She is even willing to lie to her parents, which would be a first for her.
In their bedroom, Maria asks Facu if they went overboard with Beto. He says no way. We have to stay strong in our decisions. For our family.  Maria recognizes Rocio and Beto really love each other.  Facu says that’s because you are getting close to her.  Facu even suggest Maria fire Rocio and hire a new sales help. Maria refuses. It would be like Facu fired Felipe.  No.   Facu changes the subject and says he likes when they talk things over and get agreement.  HE will never allow anyone to cause him to lose her.  We are together in this (boy, man, you are very selective in when it is convenient to have her around).
In the Velasco bedroom, Isa has put on a white rather dated nightie… Santee is almost losing his breath from all the perfume she put on.  She is lighting up some aromatics. Santee is worried they will burn down ‘da house!...  She keeps acting a bit strange, flirty… Santee asks if she took more pills than usual.  She is upset, she is trying, they went together to the grocery store and out to eat… she is trying, don’t you want us to fix our relationship?  … She then tries the nose rubbing flirting… he thinks asking her what she is pretending… she thinks a response you will find out soon enough and you will regret having deceived me. 
Back at Carmona’s, Beto is arriving, trying to make the least noise possible but of course he runs into some things downstairs. When Beto gets to his bedroom, Maria and Facu are there waiting for him.
When Estefani arrives in a taxi, Rocio has been waiting for her outside and confronts her, trying to find out what she is up to.  Rocio says the Carmonas are the nicest people she knows.  Estefani tells Rocio that she is behaving just like her aunt Isa, mentioning a crystal ball like trying to guess what everyone else thinks and plans.  Rocio still isn’t buying any of Estefani’s schemes.  Tells Estefani she destroyed her aunt and uncle’s relationship and now is trying to break up the Carmonas.  It is Estefani’s turn to not buy any.  Estefani cares about Maria like a sister, and ‘we both know Facundo is a man any woman would desire… but he is my ‘sister’s man!’  Rocio affirms she is also willing to do whatever to defend her relationship with Beto. Estefani lists her daily tasks as Mary Poppins: help Jacinto with his incontinence, helps Gusana with her problems at school, helps Carmen with the Ho-wanna be girls who bully her, and even Beto with the big problem he has with his dad… precisely because he loves you… and you will thank me.  Rocio says don’t butt in there, I will see how I solve the problem and I will defend Beto with nails and teeth.   Estefi says maybe you are too young to know that there are problems that nails and teeth will not solve…  Rocio just leaves after saying ‘you have been warned!’  Estefi asks herself why doesn’t anyone believe me?
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